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David Currie and Jonathan Sutherland present a round-up of the day's football results and discuss the week's big talking points in the Scottish game.

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Good afternoon. Happy New Year. And welcome to the results show. It is


not a repeat or a Best Of, it is the first live show of 12 Mac and


that is a manic Monday with five games in the SPL. Inverness against


St Johnstone was postponed because of a waterlogged pitch. You to


bring in a new year with us are the best pundits available, willing to


work on a public holiday! You Murray, and Pat Nevin. Let's find


out how the surviving lunchtime match went, it was the Edinburgh


derby at Easter Road, Hibernian against Heart of Midlothian. It is


nine Edinburgh derbies without a victory for Hibernian. The visitors


dominated the first half. And should have been ahead at the


interval. Ian Black took a penalty and Graham Stack save it. Hibernian


were better than the second half, chasing and harrying, but wet


behind with Ryan McGowan heading in despite a possible offside against


Elliott. The game exploded into life as Galbraith equalised for


Hibernian a minute later. It looked like being a draw at that point,


but Andy Webster and Rudi Skacel blasted home late on in front of


their fans as past continue to belie their off-field problems. The


on-field problems continue for Hibernian, who visit Dunfermline


next. But it was a happy new year for the maroon half of Edinburgh.


Hibernian's next League matches against Dunfermline on the 14th and


the match away to Cowdenbeath in the cup next week. Would you and


your fellow supporters be concerned about that? They might have scored


19 goals in the League in 21 games. Not scoring enough goals. I cannot


recall a shot on target apart from the goal. The lack of effort and


fight, and bake, which is putting it politely, because Hibernian was


my getting in about Ian Black. When it came to 1-1, Hibs had more of a


foothold in the game. But they did not have that little striker up


front. Problems for Pat Fenlon. Hearts seemed to be enjoying a


revival, despite players not being paid the of December salaries. Or


almost perversely, because of that. Perhaps they on the shop window


because the transfer window is open. Hearts players have showed a lot of


spirit, four games unbeaten and only lost one goal in those games.


I thought pass deserved to win. It was strange it took them so long to


score in the second half -- I thought Hearts deserved to win. The


players are due enormous credit, and the manager who has adapted, he


has adapted to the game in the SPL and is picking more appropriate


teams and tactics and that is paying Op. But Hearts have got good


players. The squad, as it is, is the third best in the country. That


is overlooked, given the chaos in the background. Them going on a


decent one should not be that much of a shop. Sue Celtic are going


further 10 successive victory today, the table toppers going to the


bottom club, Dunfermline. Let's see how it is going. Celtic will on


their way to their 10th victory in a row, here at Dunfermline. It is a


massive crowd and a good day out for the visiting celtic supporters.


Antony Stokes put Celtic ahead in the 18th minute. He looked up, from


20 yards, and sent it beautifully past Chris Smith for his 12th of


the season. Then a Charlie Mulgrew free kick floated into the heart of


the defence and Victor Wanyama was in the right place at the right


time with a great half wally for a second goal of the season. Second


half quieter, but the best goal of the game came and 68 minutes from


Charlie Mulgrew, a brilliant free kick from 25 yards out. The ball


simply flew past Chris Smith in the Dunfermline goal for Charlie


Mulgrew's 4th goal of the season. The only good point for Dunfermline,


their biggest home crowd of the season, and that its core warheads.


That the crowd is going to be cold comfort of Dunfermline fans.


Watching the match or in the studio, it is a fairly routine victory for


Celtic. The Dunfermline are working hard but when Celtic went 2-0 up


they were in cruise control after that. The wonderful thing about


Celtic, going away from home, they a plane or-2-4, playing four


strikers. And all those players are capable of creating more scoring


goals. No surprise that Celtic have their tails up just now. If they


can keep everyone fit and keep players such as Gary Hooper,


despite interest from the Premier League. No home victories for


Dunfermline this season and it did not look like that was when they


changed day. We have been talking about heads, who would be in


trouble of Dunfermline to stop shipping goals and find the defence.


-- about Hibernian. Week after week, Dunfermline concedes of course, and


that will be their undoing at the end of the season if they do not


find some decent defenders this month. We're having technical


problems getting Chip Young to report back from Ibrox, we have


tried carrier pigeons and everything! It is now 3-0 to


Rangers, with the own goal from Stephen Craigan, a goal from Sone


Aluko and the goal from David Healy. At Tannadice, Dundee United are at


home to Aberdeen. Dave Donaldson is there, with no technical problems.


It took Dundee United six minutes to silence the huge any support.


The corner from the right was not clear properly and Jon Daly, the


United captain, smack in a low shot from 12 yards. Dundee United


dominated possession and had a strong claim for a penalty turned


down. In the second half, Craig Brown put on more Hamann Chalali.


And with his first touch she headed it into the back of the net.


Aberdeen should have gone in front but John Milsom managed to direct


his header wide of the post. I had been reminiscing about the good old


days of the new firm. We have come a long way from those days.


seems like that was a cracker of a goal for Muamba Chalali. They have


not lost many games in this period, so well done to them. Up until now,


Aberdeen had been relying on Craig Berman scoring the goals. So much


has handed Chip Young a megaphone at Ibrox, and he is going to shout


as loud as he can with this Match report. It has been a very


comfortable afternoon for Rangers. Nikica Jelavic had failed a fitness


test, so they started with David Healy and Kyle Lafferty up front.


Kyle Lafferty got injured. David Healy scored the first goal just


before half-time to put Rangers 1-0 up, then Sone Aluko scored a fine


goal with some great passing from Rangers. Then a few moments ago,


Lee Wallace, with a thought, as the ball swung in from the right Hansie,


Lee Wallace met it right at the goal posts. I think it was Lee


Wallace who got the touch. Rangers, 3-0 up, and cruising. Going on at


the start of the New Year with three points. And it is a fine


afternoon and to under 44,890 be here at Ibrox. It does not sound


like a fine afternoon for Motherwell and their fans.


Motherwell's record against Rangers is abysmal. Interesting that


Jelavic does not play, Lafferty injured, Ally McCoist once a


striker. Whether Jelavic leaves will not bow stop David Healy on


his own up front. They need more support than that. It shows you why


Rangers need to supplement that forward Lennon January. Off to


Rugby Park, Kilmarnock against St Mirren, is it a mid-table cracker?


Let's find out., no one, St Mirren, one, at a cold and damp Robbie Park.


-- Kilmarnock 1. -- Robbie Park. Graham Carey what degree in


swinging corner onto the head of Lee Mair, who scored his first goal


for the club. That made it 1-0 to St Mirren. Kilmarnock equalised


with Craig Sams in saving a shot from Dean Shiels, but Paul


Heffernan drove home the rebound after an almighty scramble in the


St Mirren bourse. Just before half- time, St Mirren had a good penalty


claim with the way by the referee after Steven Thompson was bundled


over in the box. The second half has not taken off the were the


first half it. Dean Shiels had a free kick to Mark Kennedy, who


blasted over. Both teams have tried to play good football. You deal


with the type of football and these conditions, that there could still


be a winning goal. It shows you the character of both these sides that


that is a match that everyone looks forward to, the purists like


yourselves. I thought Kilmarnock were the better side against Celtic


recently. St Mirren have played it very well. Always impressed going


forward with Paul Heffernan and Dean Shiels. It is an impressive


team. There is a lot of good football being played by both sides.


You have been casting your eye over the big match in the First Division.


What was going to not playing, you have to make sure that if you are


just end them, like Falkirk and Dundee, that you eat up the pace. -


- just behind them. Higginbotham has booked them 2-1 up and they


need to win that game today. We will see if they can hold out,


Falkirk against Livingston. The early goal for Dundee against Raith


Rovers. Since they might have had a player sent off, things have not


gone well. So that is Hamilton holding on. The last one is Morton


against Ayr United, just above the drop zone, 1-0 up. A if you have


spent the festive season in a selection box and you might have


noticed there was an Old Firm match in between Christmas and New Year,


a result that could have a significant bearing on the


Championship, and a goal that never was. Jonathan will be furnishing us


with the wit and wisdom of the online community. Good luck with


that. Here is a remembrance of Was it saved on the line? And some


of this has knocked it over the line, but the offside flag is up. -


- Georgios Samaras has knocked it Just touched over by MacGregor from


There is no getting away from it. That was a massive victory for


Celtic. So will pick for an Jim Keir 67 says it was probably the


easiest 1-0 victory I have seen, and by far the worst Rangers team I


have seen at Celtic Park in my lifetime. Rangers fan and no


surrender says that, had that header by Lee Wallace con in it


would have been a different game. We had chances but we did not take


any of them. The focus has shifted to Rangers manager Alan a cause.


One Celtic fan says he has great pattern, but he is obviously out of


his debt. To see a swing of 17. Is truly astonishing, and could get


worse for Rangers in January with continual transfer speculation over


top scorer, Croatian, Nikica Jelavic. Left out of the team today.


Nacho Novo link with a possible move back to Rangers. An absolute


joke if true, says one at you. And I imagine some sort of transfer fee


Let's tuck about the match. This went predictably with form. It did.


Celtic are the stronger squad. If they have all their players


available, Celtic should enjoy it, especially at home. I think Celtic


deserved the win. Even though it was a dreadfully windy evening, it


was a great advert for Scottish football because it was exciting,


the right kind of excitement. Everyone I talk to after the game,


all positives, no moaning about anything. The wind was a big


problem. Was it or was it not over the line? More on that later. Now


we go to Tannadice. It has gone away of the visitors.


What a strike it was. It was from a full 30 yards. It hit the underside


of the bar and bounced the right side of the line for Aberdeen.


Talking about the Old Firm. That was Celtic's 9th win on the spin.


It doesn't seem that long ago that Neil Lennon was saying he thought


his job was going to be gone! got players back from injury,


players have found their form. It is all about momentum. Neil Lennon


always had faith in those players and they have repaid the faith with


the run they have been on. It would be wrong to say that they had been


sparkling in every game, but they are picking up results and momentum


is all-important. Let's go to Rugby Park.


Unbelievable. Just when you think the game is going to fade out,


along kick up the park, the St Mirren defence failed to clear its,


the ball was clipped into the top corner of the net.


Talking about Rangers, they were in wonderful form until about mid-


November then the wheels did come off. Or could you put that down to?


A lot of things. They lost the Steven Naismith. I think a lot of


people felt that there was a core of their Rangers keen that they can


do without hands Naysmith, Davies and yellow pitch. Losing those


players is massively important. Today was a massive day for Rangers.


Absolutely massive. Motherwell had been playing well, particularly


away from home. Today was massive for them. Are we looking at Mason -


- nee Smith as a better player now that he is out? He had a fantastic


start to the season. It shouldn't be the case that a team can miss


one player and it has such an adverse affect. I think that


reflects badly on the other guys, to be blunt about it. Rangers need


to find a different way of playing. They used to have a really useful


knack of winning games but not playing well. There are players who


can do that. Naysmith it is significant, it is a factor, but it


reflects badly on Rangers but it is such a factor, if that makes sense!


I would love to see... those strikers for Celtic are so highly


rated that the Premiership want them. They will hope that they can


keep on to them. If Rangers get seven, 8, �9 million for them, that


could give them a good chance. If he could get some of that the to


spend, he could stamp his personality on the team, which he


has not really had the chance to do, Neil Lennon. I would like to see


them staying. The squads the way they are, on 2nd January, he would


Germany be on to be champions? Celtic. A significant be stronger


squad? I think that. In early November, but would have seemed


like an nonsensical argument, but Celtic just looks stronger now.


Looking in the newspapers, the speculation is a people returning


flight Kris Boyd and Nacho Novo. But is not like-for-like? He is


going to score chorus - - a score goals in the Premier League, you


would have to say it would be Kris Boyd. He will score goals in the


Premiership. Once again, I don't like to see very good players


leaving the Scottish game because I love watching him play. I think


we're getting more top players now. When Nielsen - - when Neil Lennon


was going through a sticky patch there were questions about his


leadership qualities. Now Rangers fans are questioning Ally McCoist's


suitability. I am aware of that and wrote a piece about it, but I think


it is out of line. No unexpected though. Absolutely. But I think you


need to give these guys at least this season. The problem with Ally


McCoist is that the players that Rangers have brought in are not of


the quality but they need. Is that the fault of Ally McCoist or


further up the Jehan? I don't know. I think it is ludicrous that so


soon a manager find an sup under pressure by his own supporters.


full-time results are coming in. We are off to East End Park.


It is all over here. Celtic moved to the 10th league win in a row. It


really showed, the difference between the quality of these two


sides. There was a terrific first goal from Anthony Stokes after 18


minutes. From 20 yards out, he bent in a most beautiful shots for a


goal. Five minutes from the interval Celtic scored again. It


was much quieter in the second half, but Celtic made it a thirds after


60 minutes from Charlie Mulgrew. From 25 yards out, he hammered it


past the goalkeeper. Celtic spurned a few more chances in the second


half, but a terrific win for Celtic were still - -. Points for


Dunfermline will come against other teams in the division.


This Hibernian against Dunfermline match coming up, it looked fixed -


- it looks like such a crucial game. It does that like a very important


game. - - look like. I don't think these teams have much money to


bring in new players. This will be a big game, a huge game, and a very


nervous game. Now we head to Ibrox. Rangers fans might have been a


little concerned when they heard the team used because yellow pitch


was out of this side. - - Nicky T Rangers went about their business


in fine fashion. David Healy put them ahead after 35 minutes. A


second goal was a quality score. Stephen Craigan scored the third


for Rangers, it will go down as an own goal against the Motherwell


captain. A huge sigh of relief for Rangers from the support that


Rangers have started the new year with some intention.


What has Lee Wallace got to do to get a goal? A comfortable win for


Rangers. Very difficult after a wounding defeat on Wednesday, was


just important to win. It is just about getting to victory. They have


done that, so there is not an issue about spirit or morale. Full-time


at Tannadice. It was a lovely second goal but one of for Aberdeen.


both sides had chances to win it, but Aberdeen snatched victory with


four minutes to go with this superb strike from 30 yards.


Craig Brown was in the paper this week saying he wants supporters to


be proud of the team and not going home disappointed as they have done


so many times this season. didn't seem that long ago that we


were saying that Aberdeen could be in the relegation scrap. But there


a long way away now, 10 points above it. But as a good position to


be in. They can now start looking up rather than down. You want to


spread the goals around a bit more. For me, earlier on to were not


doing that well. They are showing a decent spirits.


Next up it is Rugby Park. There was a very dramatic finish


right at the end the kept the home fans very happy. Some Merrington


believes as the results of the corner, lean air scored a header.


12 minutes before half-time Kilmarnock drew level. Paul


Heffernan trawl home from 12 yards. Both teams made hard work of the


second half, both looking for a winner. The winning goal was a


great goal. It was a long kick up the park, from 18 yards out the


ball was just clipped over that St Mirren goalkeeper.


That result for Kilmarnock will take them up the result a couple of


places on goal difference. It is a very packed section of the league.


I thought: Margaret - - Kilmarnock would struggle this season, but


they have surprised me. Now, over to the Barclays Premier League.


Blackburn versus strokes city - - Stoke City. Rover has managed to


beat Manchester United just a couple of days ago at Old Trafford.


Let's see how they fare today at home frumps - - at home playing


against book. Two goals from Peter Crouch saw off Blackburn. Both


neatly finished golds after taking control on the chest and firing


past Blackburn. David Goodwillie gave Blackburn Rovers a lifeline in


the second half, registering his first Premier League goal. Steve


Kean was sent flying in his own technical area by Morten Gamst


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 214 seconds


Pedersen, which has a bit of light And a quick look at the league


tables. No change at the top, still two points between Celtic and


Rangers. Heart of Midlothian are up to 4th place after that victory


At the bottom Dunfermline still one Falkirk and Dundee had a chance to


narrow the wood of Ross County because the game was postponed.


Falkirk now just three points behind Ross County with Dundee


three.S father of. -- three points further off. Cowdenbeath still


clear at the top from Arbroath. Stirling Albion have moved off the


bottom. For four Athletic in the back markers in Division Two. --


The Barclays Premier League, the big guns in action so far-day,


Arsenal kick-off their match at 5:30pm. Norwich City are to 9th


place. Good victory for them, 2-1, Blackburn Rovers still in the


bottom three. Bolton Wanderers one point behind them with a game in


I do not tell you how Wolverhampton Wanderers had got on, they were at


home to Chelsea. We have a Match report now from and the James.


glancing header from Steven Fletcher was turned over by Petr


Cech at the very end. It brought to an end again full of controversy


and incident. Chelsea's first three.S in five games having a


three draws and that defeat against Aston Villa. The analysis tonight


will be about whether Frank Lampard should have been on the pitch, to


score the winning goal for Chelsea. He was involved in an incident at


the start of the game, he got a yellow, and perhaps should have got


a red. Other Premier League players will be looking at it and thinking,


I have been sent off for less. Towards the end of the game,


Stephen Ward got an equaliser for Rolls. But within moments, from a


ball across the face of goal, Frank Lampard caught the finishing touch.


An orchestrated Chelsea goal celebration for that first goal,


from Ramires. But they have sneaked at 2-1 victory against Wolves, with


a winning goal from a player who should not have been on the pitch.


Let's see what our pundits think of those goings on. If you think I am


going to say Hearts should have won at Easter Road, Hearts have gone


nine and beat him now. Aberdeen have been poor away from home, so


that victory at Paradise when United have been going well, and


that winning goal from Arnason, I am going to say that the result of


the day was that victory for Aberdeen at Paradise. Hibs have won


one game at home this season. But well done to Hearts for the victory.


Rangers needed to win today. And that was against Motherwell, who


are not bad away from home, so 3-0 Rangers, well done, that is the one.


You have probably had enough of was a chatting away. But I can take


away some more of your brain space with some promotional material. Rob


Maclean is here with all eyelids from their games today with


Sportscene and will be back with live coverage of the NBA is


Kilmarnock on Saturday. -- of Dundee against, and up. -- against


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