02/01/2014 Sportscene


Jonathan Sutherland introduces highlights of the weekend's matches in the new SPFL Scottish Premiership, with comment on and analysis of the week's main talking points.

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Oh, what an impact! Ryan Gauld could finish. Still Johnson. What a goal


that is from the youngster. What a strike from Jamie Hamill! That is a


beautiful finish. Good evening and a happy new year


from us all at Sportscene. It's been a cracking New Year of derby duels


in Scotland's top flight. My advice, to sit back and enjoy - in the


company of these two. Two halves of the Edinburgh derby


divide represented in full this evening - Michael Stewart and Kenny


Miller join us tonight. And it's in Edinburgh we start. Despite


languishing at the bottom of the Premiership on a negative points


tally it was two wins out of two this season for Hearts over Hibs.


However hopes were high amongst the Easter Road faithful. They packed


out the stadium this evening, with Terry Butcher in for his first taste


of Edinburgh derby action. Commentary comes from Rob Maclean.


Terry Butcher's first Edinburgh derby team selection not too


difficult. It is the same line up which beat Kilmarnock in the last


game of 2013. Illness depriving Hearts of Danny Wilson. Jordan


McGhee is drafted in. That tinge - saved by Williams. What


a chance for the young midfielder, on the end of Paterson's cross. Very


much on target. In from Craig and Jordan Foster's


heading crashing back off the bar. And that is the nearest thing to a


goal in the Edinburgh derby so far. Macdonald looks back with relief.


The tip over the top from Macdonald. It was the youngster, Jason


Cummings. The first Edinburgh derby of 2014 still goalless. Cairney


trying to do something about that. It is a great run and the cutback


and Collins had the shot and there were screams for a penalty.


Hanlon was up and James Collins scores the goal of his derby dreams!


61 minutes at Easter Road. Hibs are in front. A cluster of players in


the six-yard box and it was Collins who got the important touch.


A brilliant run by Smith and that is Paterson and that is in off Ryan


McGivern and it's all-square in the derby. 72 minutes gone, six minutes


on the pitch for Smith. Williams couldn't hold the shot. Paterson


with the follow up attempt. In off McGivern. And having levelled this


up, Hearts now fancying themselves to grab all three points. A great


run from Walker. Down he goes. McGivern was the defender involved.


And there is a yellow card out here. For the Hearts winger. And that


looks like the right decision. McGhee makes the challenge and


that's a penalty! And Hearts cannot believe it. Ryan Reevenson --


Stevenson wags his finger in the referee's face. Liam Craig, she Sen


minute - seven minutes from time with his seventh goal of the season


and it looks like the goal that has won the Edinburgh derby.


That is a stinging shot from McHattie and Williams solidly behind


this. Heffernan! That would have settled


it. That would have been the icing on the cake. It has flown wide.


Hibs close in on victory. And another chance! And Collins doesn't


quite know how he missed that. This would have made it 3-1. What a


chance. Our fans have suffered at the hand of Hearts and it is nice to


win a game. I felt we deserved the win. We dominated the game. Just


that bit of quality in the final third just wasn't quite there. But


we felt if we could persevere and keep on going, something would


happen. We did well to get back in the game. It was a difficult night


for us. They put us under pressure, specially on set plays. But we


battled well and it is a controversial decision that has cost


us a point. Fantastic to see a pulsating Edinburgh derby. Kenny


Miller, was it the right result? I think so. On the balance of play,


particularly in the second half, Hearts maybe started the brighter


teams, but Hibs came into it and there was only one team in it in the


second half. You have seen the chances that were created. Bigger


they may be aggrieved they didn't get more. It seemed like a whirlwind


start from Hibs, but you saw good signs from Hearts to start with?


Yes, there was no doubt Hibs were the better team, but the first sort


of five or ten minutes there was bits of play from Hearts like we see


here. A bit of an idea of what they were trying to do, without, far too


often there has just been aimless balls from the back. There seemed to


be good movement off the ball. This one here, a great cross from


Paterson and Tapping was unfortunate. That is something that


has not happened a lot for Hearts. But after that, Hibs were the better


team. We have seen some bad defending from Hearts this season,


the 7-0 hammering from Celtic springs to mind. How much was it


down to bad defending for the Collins goal. Well, I don't want to


be too critical, but the gap between the full back and the centre half is


alarming. That is something that has cost them this season. They have


conseepeded a lot of -- conceded a lot of goals from bad defending.


They're not picking nip up. You see -- picking anyone up. Collins is the


quickest to react and gets the goal. That is something that needs to be


rectified. It should have been done yesterday and it will need to be


done quickly. What did you make of the equaliser for Hearts? Well, I


couldn't see it coming. Hibs were the dominant team in the second


half. But Smith came on and he has picked the ball up in the Hibs' half


and he was direct. It is something that Hearts were missing all day. He


has beaten a second man too easily and had a fantastic shot and been


first to the rebound. But he has deserved that for being direct and


getting at the Hibs' defence. A poor goal to lose. In terms of the


penalty, let's look at that. Any doubts about the decision? No, I


think it is a penalty. You see there, it is his leg, he lifts his


leg and steps across Stevenson. If he was just to run across and shield


it, he would be OK. But he lifts the leg and it becomes a tackle. And


Craig dispatches it well. A great win for Hibs. To the first of our


matches from yesterday, and the match of the day was at Tannadice.


Dundee United and Aberdeen both impressive so far this season - this


New Year, New Firm derby probably one of the most anticipated in the


last 30-odd years. It would be a dramatic afternoon. Commentary comes


from Paul Mitchell. Fopp top top Another slew of changes for Dundee


United with seven players coming from for the side that lost in


Perth. That is a heavy challenge from Flood


and the yellow card will come out from Willie Collum. The winger


certainly wasn't going past. He accepts the booking willingly does


Flood. Paton goes down and reacts angrily


to the referee. Flood didn't think there was much in it. Flood just


catching his foo. A great atmosphere at Tannadice.


Pawlett for Aberdeen. The keeper saves. United causing their own


problems here. Dwelt on the ball too long.


Low into the box and Pawlett. A sore one for Gunning. He had to make the


block - at some personal cost! Good play from McGinn, determined down


that wing. Pawlett caught that well. Pawlett rifled it in. Pawlett


unmarked at the edge of the box. He really hammered that in. That is a


good stop from the keeper. Langfield has come wandering, his


net was unguarded and Soutar said thank you very much. It is his 26th


appearance and his first goal. It was gifted to him by Jamie


Langfield. Easy for central defender.


Paul Paton up against Pawlett. The arm came across but was it hard


enough to knock him to the ground? Pawlett thought so. The referee will


redress things with the yellow card for Paul Paton. He believes his case


without success. -- he pleads his case. That time it was Paul Paton on


Pawlett. Play on, says the referee. Well, he was wholehearted in his


challenge on Pawlett there. There was a movement of the arm and the


referee has given a penalty. Robertson came across. Magennis was


in the box. The question is, was it deliberate? His arm moved towards


the ball. Penalty kick given. Barry Robson drills it down the middle. He


beats Cierzniak and celebrates with the Aberdeen fans. He pummelled the


ball into the net, penalty scored. Great save from Radoslaw Cierzniak.


The goalkeeper flying across. The free kick was deflected on to


the goalkeeper and in by Peter Pawlett. The goalkeeper could only


push it away, and in stoppage time, Peter Pawlett looks to have won it


for Aberdeen with a header over the goalkeeper on the ground. Robson's


delivery, and the header gives Aberdeen the lead.


goalkeeper on the ground. Robson's delivery, and the header gives I


think we can play a lot better. It was a stop start game. Percentage


football at times. Disappointed with some of our passing at times.


Disappointed to lose the goal when we did. The keeper pulled off three


or four saves and you start to think it is not going to be your day. To


lose a goal from a set piece when they had not been threatening was


disappointing but the response was to reflect. To come from behind in a


game I thought we were in charge of in the second half, to come from


behind and win it at the death, I think we got the reward we deserved.


The players were outstanding in the second half.


think we got the reward we deserved. The players were outstanding Jackie


MacNamara might not have thought it was entertaining but it made for


entertaining highlights and Peter Pawlett with the winning goal. How


impressed have you been with him this season? He has been strong.


Yes. He has benefited from a good structure and shape to the team. He


has flourished this season. Last year he had problems with being


marked as somebody who went down easily, but this year he has raised


his game and become an influential player for Aberdeen. He is very


direct. We spoke about that already tonight. Was he targeted by Paul


Paton. For Paul Paton, what worked in his benefit was that Flood got


let off with something similar. He has two good feet. I have been


impressed. He was alert, getting in at the back post and he put in the


winning goal. The Aberdeen fans behind the goal. What we saw in the


first game, and this game, two stadiums where the fans were jumping


and it is great to see. That is what the players want to play in front


of. They were local derbies, which adds spice to the game. You want to


have a full house, to have the atmosphere, to have a fantastic


game, and on the highlights it looked a great game. It looked as if


Pawlett could have had three or four macro goals. He was at the heart of


everything for Aberdeen. Where do Dundee United go from here? That is


three straight defeats. They will definitely be in the mix at the top


end of the table because they have too many quality players in the


final third to be anywhere else. They are a talented bunch and they


will be back. 20 more to come. And we are back for more in a few days.


What do you do when James McFadden hopes to inspire you to a 5-1


victory over Partick Thistle? Drop into the bench. But who is to argue


with Stuart McCall, who masterminded his side's right to second in the


table? They looking for their fifth straight win in a row. May had taken


his tally to 15. It began with a moment of


controversy. Did this effort from McManus crossed the line? No, was


the decision of the officials. It struck the bar twice. The second was


definitely on the line. It remains 0-0. But this would be a match of


countless chances. Over 24 hours on, the frames of the goals are


probably still reverberating. Next to go close, Scott Brown, the Saints


youngster making his first start for the club. Iain Vigurs has an eye for


the pass, and Brittain knows how to score when he gets service like


this. -- Sutton. His 10th goal of the season. The tricky feat of


Lionel Ainsworth have been to the fore in recent weeks, almost leading


to goal member two, Carswell's effort locked on the line. --


blocked. In the second half, Motherwell sought to extend their


lead. Ainsworth with the direct run, and Vigurs was there to make it


2-0. He scored nine times for Ross County last season but this was his


first goal for Motherwell. It was not quite over for St Johnstone but


when the ball ended up at the feet of David Wotherspoon, he lacked


conviction. And by the time May had a chance, a combination of defenders


and woodwork kept him at a. At the other end, Ainsworth continued to


minister St Johnstone back line. Again, the frame of the goal


rattled. And it had barely stopped rattling when Hutchinson's header


came back off the post. Not that Motherwell gave up. And when the


ball fell to the feet of Ainsworth, always a chance of danger. The man


on loan from Rotherham United, for the fourth game in a row, on the


scoresheet. Motherwell well on their way to a fifth straight win. James


McFadden was back to something like his inspirational best in the last


game, and on freight brief cameo he got number four. These are heady


games once again -- heady days once again for Motherwell fans. I thought


we were as good as we could have been. In the second half we were


outstanding, creating good chances and playing some smashing football.


St Johnstone could have got a couple and we could have had more. It was a


good game from our point of view. Clinical again. We had chances as


well and we failed to take them. Disappointing for us. But Motherwell


were excellent. Disappointing for us. But Motherwell


were Motherwell lost in the Scottish Cup and then got hammered by Celtic.


And then they got five in a row. Explain that. It is something Jackie


MacNamara will want to be looking at. They are similar teams as well


and they will be competing at the top. The thing with Motherwell is


that the Albion Rovers game was a shock to the system and gave them a


kick up the backside. Clearly, it has pushed them on and they are


doing fantastically well at the moment. They are clearly in the


groove and Lionel Ainsworth, on loan from Rotherham United, twinkle toes,


that is for sure. He had an outstanding game. Stuart McCall was


saying he hopes to extend the loan. He is direct, quick, tricky. He


always seems to have an end product, whether it is a shot or a


cross. And he scored a fantastic goal as well. Here's one they will


want to keep hold of. That is something you look for, end


product. Many flatter to deceive, but everything he does has an end


product. I am pretty sure he will be going back to Rotherham -- back to


Rotherham. I have to ask you about Stevie May. He was not on the


scoresheet for St Johnstone against Motherwell but scored a hat-trick


against Dundee United. How impressed have you been by him this season?


Very impressed. 15 goals this season. He is still a young lad. He


will be looking to improve. To score that level of goal already, it is


definitely a fantastic achievement. I would not be surprised if a few


teams south of the border will be circling him. Certainly in January.


The Highland derby next, the first for the new Inverness manager, John


Hughes, still looking for his first home win since taking over from


Terry Butcher. Ross County were looking for their first victory away


to Inverness in over four-year 's. They have not managed a victory


against anyone in the last ten matches.


John Hughes sees no reason to change the Inverness team which lost 1-0 to


Celtic. There is a new name in the Ross County team, Jordan Slew, on


loan -- on loan from Blackburn, making a derby debut.


Back off the post, and Billy McKay. You had your money on the top scorer


tucking it away on the rebound. Scott Boyd fires Ross County in


front. And could they get the ideal start to the New Year and a badly


needed win? They are on their way. The shot was inflected off


Tremarco. 15 minutes gone and Ross County in front.


And Cooper scores. It is two in not much more than a minute. It is a


double blow for Inverness on Derby day. And all of the composure, and


Cooper just took his time before driving that home.


Straight at Michael Fraser. Lovely touch from Billy McKay.


Fraser made the save, and Scott Boyd tidied things up.


Ross Draper went in against Kettlewell. Was he leading with the


elbow? Well, he is leaving the scene of the crime. But it is a red card


for Draper. And a dismal derby day continues for Inverness. Two goals


down and one man down. Agdestein, the Norwegian striker,


with a good hit but just too high. Aaron Doran has got it over Michael


Fraser and nodded home in the 89th minute, to give Inverness a goal.


Fraser hesitated as he came off his line.


Credit to them. They came in and they hit us on the counter and it


worked for them. We were a little over committed and a bit expensive.


It resulted in us losing two goals. Disappointing. We have been looking


for the break and we probably got it in the first half when Inverness hit


the post. Then we were able to get the first goal. We have been waiting


for a number of weeks to get the first goal. We saw the confidence


after that happened. A fantastic win for Ross County. They did well by


bringing in Slew from Blackburn. Registered just in time for the


match. A big striker, what did you make of his contribution? From what


you see, he has ended up with two assists. He is a big lad. He will be


a target man. You see from the touches he has for the two goals, he


picks up a nice position there. He works himself in front of the centre


half. works himself in front of the centre


And has the awareness to flick it on to a team mate. This one is


fantastic play. Grat touch. He has the support. You need runners and he


has played a fantastic ball into the space for his team mate to go


through. It leads to a goal. That is what you need - your striker to be a


platform to get you up the park. And that second goal has everything.


Blackburn paid ?1 million for him at one point A massive win for Ross


unty. When you look at what they did last year, they set the bar high. It


was going to be difficult to reach those heights again. But this year


has been a struggle and Slew has been a big plus, because they have


struggled in the forward area. Somebody that will give them the


platform to get forward. We will accused of trial by TV, but we have


to look at this. The Ross Draper sending off. What did you make of


it, Kenny? It is a harsh decision. He has led up and his arms are up,


you always have to jump with your arms. I don't think there is any


real intent by sending his arm into anybody's face or head, I think it


is harsh. The problem is when the impact of the ball's very low, had


it been, he was higher up he may have been able to get his head on


it. But I don't think there was any intent, but when you raise your


arms, you run the risk of a red card. Next we're off to the top


flight Glasgow derby between unbeaten Celtic and Partick Thistle.


Plenty of speculation swirling around the futures of both Joe


Ledley and Giorgios Samaras, out of contract in the summer - Ledley


started, Samaras was on the bench. Partick Thistle were hoping for a


massive improvement after losing 5-1 at home to Motherwell in their last


match. New loan signing Lyle Taylor - just arrived from Sheffield United


and formerly a free-scoring striker at Falkirk - went straight into the


starting 11. Brian Mclaughlin reports.


After consecutive 1-0 wins on the road, Celtic were back in front of


their own fans. Pukki almost gave them the perfect start. Only denied


by Fox. Lyle Taylor made his debut for Thistle, but his herd was wide


of -- header was wide of the target. Fox saved again for Thistle. At the


other end, Forster still has aspirations of a World Cup spot with


England and saves like this from Balatoni, he may well make to it


Rio. Again he was called into action. Forster going the wrong way,


but somehow managing to still get a hand to Elliott's header. A terrific


reaction save by Celtic's number one. Neil Lennon hopes that Joe


Ledley will sign a new deal and the Welshman made the break through just


before half time. This was Ledley's fourth goal of the season. His 25


yarder creeping in between the keeper and the post. Pukki has yet


to win over the Parkhead faithful, but he came close with this effort,


but Fox again denied him. One final chance for the Jags late on, Celtic


famed to clear the corner. Lawless with the shot cleared off the line.


The danger still there and Elliott with the header just wide of goal.


Adam Matthews with the clearance as Celtic make it seven clean sheets in


a row. We had chances and you have to take them. I felt our strikers


were more attacking. We were deliepgted with the -- deliepgted


with the way we played. The performance wasn't great, but it was


a good result and under the circumstances a win. But we were


flat today. It has been coming for a couple of games. They're starting to


look heavy-leagued. So we -- heavy-legged and we will to assess


them before the St Mirren game and try and get a spark in there. Leddy


with the goal and speculation about his future. How important do you


feel its for Neil Lennon to keep Joe Ledley? He showed with his goals. He


probably doesn't get the credit he deserves for the, there is others


who steal the headlines. He is reliable and pops up with a lot of


goals and important goals that win games. I'm sure Neil will help he


can keep ahold of him. But he is an important player. Along with


Samaras. Equally important to keep hold of Samaras? Yes, over the last


few years big George has proven, he has scored a lot of goals in the


Champions League and Old Firm games. He has been a great acquisition for


the club. I am sure he will look to keep both. But with six months left


it gets to that stage where they can speak to anyone. Neil Lennon talked


of the flatness of the game and the stadium far from full. What can they


do about that? Not a great deal. They have got to wait until Rangers


get back until league, that is what drives them on. Neil Lennon talks


about the players, but you said the stadium is half empty. The players


are no different to the supporters, they're not as excited about the


league, because they don't have that challenge from Rangers. When they


come back, you will see a direct impact on the crowds and they will


come back. Would you agree with that, Celtic are showing signs of


missing Rangers? I think so. They would have missed them last year. I


know from being at the club, when you're at the Old Firm, you're


always playing catch up, one team will play Saturday the next the


Sunday. There is always that reaction. If the team wins, you need


to win to stay up with them. And if they drop pain moints -- drop


points. There is always something driving you on. With no disrespect


to the other teams, Celtic women win the -- Celtic will win the league.


We finish the night at Rugby Park, where the home side Kilmarnock this


afternoon took on St Mirren. A home victory would see Kilmarnock


overtake Saints in the Premiership table. Commentary comes from John


Barnes. afternoon took on St Mirren. A home


victory would see Kilmarnock For Kilmarnock's first match of the


year, Alan Johnson fields the same side that lost the last of 2013 to


Hibs. With Jim Goodwin suspended, Adam Campbell gets his debut on loan


from Newcastle. Slater! So close to his first goal


for Kilmarnock, slater there. Back off the cross bar.


Thomson is captain for the day. Dancing feet on the wing as well.


This is Adam Campbell - good strike and St Mirren are in front with 17


minutes played. Adam Campbell on his debut gets a goal, celebrating his


19th birthday yesterday - that is a belated birthday present!


A fine strike. What an effort that was from Rory McKenzie to level


things. He was involved in the initial move, linking with Johnson.


He just found that yard of space for the shot. And directed it beyond


Kello. A second of the season. Newton to Thomson. It looked


destined for the bottom corner until Samson's intervention. The former


team mates acknowledge each other's efforts. Newton set it up and it was


the right boot of Samson to turn it away.


Samson again to the rescue for Kilmarnock. The shot took a


deflection, the keeper saw it late. Kris Boyd! Oh, it looked as though


it was a great opportunity for Boyd just to put his side in front. Neat


skills by the big striker. It may well have taken a bobble as he was


about to pull the trigger. A chance for granger and it shame


off Slater and directed it wide of the target.


Muirhead, not a bad strike from the teenager, on as a substitute. It


swerved in the air. Through to Kris Boyd and a minute


into stoppage and Boyd scores! That will secure the win for the Rugby


Park side. It is a sixth goal in six games. His fourth in four against St


Mirren. His 12th of the season. He was onside. Played onside by


McGregor and he buried it in the bottom corner. Very disappointed,


but Wen you give a top marksman like Boyd an opportunity, that is the


damage he can do. I thought we handled him well for the 90 minutes.


Just not for the 92. The boys have had confidence. Stipes when you get


-- sometimes when you get beat you see the lack of confidence. But it


is good to see the results are coming. A good winning goal from


Boyd. But how important were the saves? You have got to make yourself


difficult to beat. Samson did that for his team for Kilmarnock. That is


a fantastic save from Thomson. He is going the other way and that is a


great save. There was a number of them through the game. A strong hand


to it and getting it away from the goals. Yeah, it gives you the


opportunity, the chance to stay in the game. Gary Harkins maybe giving


the ball away. He is off on loan to Oldham. But Kris Boyd, your old


striking partner, are you surprised by this rejuvenile lacing he has had


-- he has had at schizophrenia? -- at schizophrenia. He has had a tough


couple of years. But it is great to see him back a and playing. Now, he


has had a run, you are starting to see the best of him and he is doing


what he does best. He will get them every week if he has the chances.


Kenny, your situation in Canada is that the situation in the future.


There was stories of a move back to Rangers. No. Put you on the the


hotspot! I have got another three weeks of the break, where I'm


working down at Murray Park after a minor knee operation, I'm getting


back to almost full training. I will be doing that for a few week and


then back to Canada. Thank you. And here is the table as it stands.


Celtic remain 11 points clear. Hibs now into the top six as we have


seen Kilmarnock now above St Mirren. And Ross County move to within a


point of Partick Thistle. And that's it. 2014 is safely in through the


door and Scottish football continues to look much like it did in 2013 -


blooming marvellous as far as I'm concerned. We're back on Sunday,


thanks for watching. Until next time, goodnight.


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