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Highlights from the quarter-finals of the William Hill Scottish Cup as Dundee take on Dundee United and Hibernian face Kilmarnock. Presented by Rob MacLean with guest Billy Dodds.

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equaliser! Anthony Stokes makes it to to want to Celtic.


Pick that one night! They have a goal back! Paul Heffernan with the


goal! How about that for a finish? Game set and match for Dundee


Last night in our first brush with the quarter-finals we saw how


Celtic and Falkirk claim their places. Tonight we will painting


the whole picture for you and show what happened in the Dundee derby


and the Action Pack Meeting of Kilmarnock and Hibernian. I don't


that many of us expected a lot of goals at Rugby Park today, but that


with the Permian arriving on the scene six years later, but this is


just the 7th time they have gone head-to-head in the Scottish Cup.


Beaded meek in last season's 5th round. They beat Aberdeen in the


last round. They beat Hearts in round four. Kris Boyd remains on


the bench. The team is the same DUP 1 -- is the same one that started


against Hibernian in the league. Scott Robertson won the Scottish


Cup with Dundee United in 2010. Leigh Griffiths has scored three


against Kilmarnock this season, and monsters 19 for the campaign. Well,


he had an injury ravaged her to the campaign, but he has hit the ground


running. 11 goals this season so far. Up against Leigh Griffiths, he


has 19. The referee is 31 year-olds John Beaton. This promises to be a


Fenlon, over what happened in their Cup last year. Kenny Shiels has


already won silverware. So, a Hibernian free kick. Matt Done has


that wasn't too far away. It is the first corner for Hibernian. Sissoko


Doswell, gets his head on the ball, the quarter-finals for Hibernian,


seldom misses, and he doesn't miss this one either! That is his 20th


of the season. That is a goal at that absolutely nothing. At


clearance by Jeroen Tesslaar, headed back, and he is there? Leigh


Griffiths. Absolutely brilliant finish. Hibernian and Pat Fenlon


are delighted. He has that speed and composure. Where would they be


without him? Leigh Griffiths, nicknamed sparky, has sparked


Dayton who slams it past Ben Williams. James Dayton Thomsen his


second of the season. One a reply from the home side! Taken by


William Gross, because this was a fantastic effort. The man who is on


his stones, James Dayton. It is all level! It is came on at Rugby Park!


is all about the mistake from Cissy go. Matt Done knocks home for


Hibernian his first for the club. Cammy Bell has been yellow-carded.


I am not sure that is something he said or not. That is an absolute


nightmare. Poor touch. All he has to do is knock the ball into the


empty net. That is what you call self-inflicted. From no pressure at


all, you give the goal away and they have shot themselves in the


the way past. How unlucky is Paul Heffernan? That is great skill to


create the room. That is so unlucky. Six inches wide of the post. Just


Eventful, to say the least. Leigh Griffiths gave Hibernian the lead


after 15 minutes. James Dayton equalised. Then a terrible mistake


from Sissoko set up Matt Done to restore the Hibernian advantage.


something out of it. Hibernian were looking for a free kick just


outside the box but they didn't get it. Leigh Griffiths refused to give


it up. How he gets through there, I it down. It is a really awkward


ball for him. But he has the ability to do that. He times his


a penalty! It is at push and Kilmarnock have a way back in.


not sure that is the referee or the linesman that gives this decision.


It is that fantastic effort and a great save by Ben Williams. Lewis


Stevenson must have put his hands on his back. There is so little


contact their to make a huge decision like that. The linesman is


When for power and that a dog. It is 2-2. -- and it paid off.


Williams has saved a lot of spot- kicks this season, but Paul


Heffernan goes straight and with power and it is in the back of the


the grid at, but he turns it in anyway! Absolutely incredible.


Straight down the middle. Sissoko wasn't as fast as leave -- as Leigh


Griffiths. He refused to give up and he eventually got his reward.


It is incredible the number of times he comes up with the goods.


Strip ball, get some sort of cross the centre back. Sissoko turned


away, the goalkeeper can get back. Leigh Griffiths has been a wonder


for Hibernian this season and yet again he produces on the biggest


occasion. I absolutely incredible from Leigh Griffiths who has scored


more than half of the goals for Hibernian this season. That is


for Ross Barbour. For the challenge on Griffiths. You have to say that


was a definite goalscoring opportunity in. I think the referee


was left with no option. Young Ross Barbour is off. Leigh Griffiths


will have a chance with this free if you lift your arm mind that -- a


kick. And the man of the season puts them into the last four. A


hat-trick from Leigh Griffiths! Seldom has a player made such an


impact as that man has this season on Hibernian. Some players panic.


He makes his mind up and picks his side and even if the goalkeeper


guesses right, you will not get near that. It was a brilliant


penalty. There was no chance for Cammy Bell. I think Leigh Griffiths


going off. The last touch of the game was to knock it into the net


for his hat-trick. It has been the Griffiths show again. A little bit


further down redemption road. His team back into the semi-finals of


the Scottish Cup. As he did last season. They have to look at that


man again, Leigh Griffiths, a hat- trick for him. It finishes


trick for him. It finishes Kilmarnock 2, Hibernian 4.


At no fantastic individual performance from you -- and a


fantastic. It is my first hat-trick in professional football. It was


nice to get the win and get back to Hampden. It has been a great season.


Where does today rang? It is up with the best, to score a hat-trick


and get into the quarter-final -- to get it in the quarter-final.


am disappointed, the way we would beat. If you cannot defend long


balls you cannot play at this level. Players doing really well and it


was one of those days. For the players and supporters and


everybody at the club, it was a great game and we showed great


character. We conceded the penalty. I would like to see it again.


gifted them girls. I do not know whether I will sleep. The more you


look at it, the worse it gets, straight balls. I have not seen us


defend as poorly as that. They have long-term pain because it


is so long since they have won the tournament. Leigh Griffiths. He was


immense. Leigh Griffiths was superb. It is going to be tough, there are


tough teams in there. No disrespect to Falkirk, I think her Bernie and


would like to draw them. -- Hibernian. It is a good opportunity


if they get the right draw. Their defending made a contribution to


have this went today. Definitely. He said he did not know why he


would sleep. They did not have to work hard for the girls. Leigh


Griffiths scoring his first Griffiths scoring his first


professional hat-trick and he will not score an easier one. With this


goal, he did it well, getting it under control. But as the ball is


played up the park, he has to give cover to his centre back and he


switches off. You could look at Sissoko, but you have to look at


Griffiths and the positive. It is a great finish from James Dayton and


a great strike. And a fine save. That is not a bad finish. You get


told to following and maybe he has not an James Dayton house. It was a


penalty box nightmare that handed Hibernian the second goal.


would think after the Aberdeen game, Cammy Bell, he might not have... It


was a terrible pass back. Against Aberdeen, when it should have been


a penalty, you would think he would learn. Horrific. There are players


on him. It was a catalogue of errors. Horrific defending. It is


difficult to know who to blame most. It's is close to half-time and 1-1.


They want to play that sort of football but you do not throw it


out at that stage of the game. You kick the ball up the park and go


from there. Maybe go into half-time at 1-1 rather than conceding.


was horrific for Kilmarnock. If it had finished 2-2, house or would


they have felt about this penalty? There is not a lot of contact. When


he realises he is not getting it, down he goes. It is a good save. He


is on his toes. He has asked the question of the officials. He got


one for the team. It is a soft penalty. As a striker... And with


Williams saving, it was emphatic. He blasted it and gave him no


chance. Here is another long ball down the


middle. Griffiths. He spins in behind him. He let it bounce. It is


a cardinal sin as a defender. The reaction of Sissoko. He does not


sensed danger. He turned away. You have to credit Griffiths for


reacting the way he did. To hire up, too wide. Griffiths, brilliant. His


pace and reaction. But he gets to high art. He let it drop. He does


not react. Where do you start? There was so much. They will sit


there are Monday having a meeting that will take three hours. Maybe


he will just forget about it. Sissoko must learn. This sequence


of events that led to the goal that finally killed off Kilmarnock. The


red card. It had to be for Ross Barbour. I played against Leigh


Griffiths. He is a lone striker. He gets position between the centre-


backs. It was a good ball forward. The referee made the right to call.


You have to be braver than that. It is above his face. The man in form,


he was electric all day, giving them problems behind and showing


composure when he gets there and when he gets the chance of the hat-


trick. It is a perfect penalty. Nobody would say that. I like to


see Leigh Griffiths scoring the way he did. Unbelievable strikes the


season, longer-range efforts and during the week, a little flick.


And inside the box, reactions. He will keep on scoring goals until


the end of the season. 22 so far. You played against him defensively


for Dundee United, how far could he go? I am surprised that they have


met him come up on loan. They obviously need to score goals,


walls, and he could have been a man to keep them in the Championship.


He likes to score the long-range shots. The goal strikers like to


score. My last time there was a Dundee derby in the Scottish Cup,


Billy Dodds played and scored. It was back in 1991. United cross the


road today for another road today for another


road today for another the Scottish Cup is separated by a


sentry when Dundee lifted the trophy for the first time in 1910,


few would imagine it would be their only success in this competition.


Dundee United last got it in 2010, changing their manager mid-season,


just as they have done this season. It is all change as the meeting


here three months ago with new There is a starts today for Stuart


Armstrong. They shake hands. John Brown welcoming the fans. It is


well known they are separated by 200 yards geographically. United


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 55 seconds


have been streets ahead this season. Johnny Russell is watching on. That


is a man who would love to be out Dundee United. At first goal for


Brian Maclean! Simple ball in. Nobody marked improperly. Lewis


Toshney was supposed to be there, but lost them. Rab Douglas came


that did not conquer. It is the same old feeling for Dundee, there


for Dundee and Jim McAllister celebrates! He steadied himself


beautifully for the left-foot shot. Great let run into the box.


Radoslaw Cierzniak only had the slightest of touches. Dundee would


have been fearing the worst when they lost the opening goal, but


their back on level terms. Rab Douglas fell like swinging on the


play. Since the goal, Dundee have He was already going down when John


at that. It came off Davide Grassi, not to cross by Lewis Toshney and


there was a great opportunity by Mackay Steven! He scores against


Dundee for the very first time. He hit his shot low past Rab Douglas.


Willo Flood on to Armstrong, denigrate run by Gary Mackay Steven.


The finish was unstoppable. Lovely ball inside and dispatched. Perhaps


Rab Douglas will be disappointed. The new Scotland boss, Gordon


if Radoslaw Cierzniak knew exactly where he was positioned. He did not


down to that to turn it behind. Good passing from Dundee United is


but has already seen three goals. Willo Flood sent it in. But pushing


going on. The referee decides enough is enough. Half-time at dens


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 55 seconds


at the decider got momentum back, down well. Really good roof. It


took a slight touch of Brian Easton. I am not sure John Brian Kidd us


United! The best move of the second have. Lovely ball forward by Richie


It is bad enough when United try to Beachy, but we knew her own


Davide Grassi went down, had a little kit -- kick out at Keith


Watson. The yellow card is flashed at Davide Grassi. It will be a


Dundee players dropped to their knees. The United players salute


the victory. Disappointment for John Bryant. For the second


consecutive time at these sites have been drawn together in a


Scottish Cup tie, it is the men from Tannadice who progress. Dundee


United just had that little bit I thought it was very frantic and


many times not pretty on the eye. All credit to Dundee, they cost us


a lot of problems, particularly in the first half. People can say Hugh


did not defend the free kick well, but it shouldn't have been a free


kick. There was nothing in the game. In the first half both games at


opportunities. And the second at that was pretty even. We're just


disappointed because of the officials do your job then we would


have a replay at Tannadice. Dundee were probing all game. It could


possession and did well but I thought our defence was solid.


Radoslaw Cierzniak made a lot of good saves but overall the defence


was very good. He did you enjoy the game? Not particularly common know.


It wasn't a great game of football to be involved in. The atmosphere


was fantastic but it wasn't the great game of football to watch. I


don't think our performance was up to much but we managed to get the


win and we're in the next round. D'you have sympathy for Dundee?


they give everything they had. Thankfully for us we had a couple


of good goals. If Dundee player like that to the end of the season,


there will pick up a few results. They clearly feel that it shouldn't


here. What do you reckon? I didn't think it was over the line, but


having seen its, it looks over the line. I think they will probably


feel hard done by. They still have to defend the free kick a bit


better. Rab Douglas probably had to do better if he was coming out


there. But you have to give credit to the ball in. The that was a big


John Brown will realise that his team have got to defended better.


Rab Douglas should have come earlier and make his mind up. It


wasn't great defending from Dundee. Things like that can change games.


There was a lot to like about the technique, they were positive. Jim


McAllister didn't even have to take a touch. Maybe Armstrong could have


That was the best move of the match by Dundee. Stuart Armstrong will


probably look at that and think you should have made his -- should have


there. Maybe the two defenders could have reacted better, but Gary


Mackay Steven has so much speed. Rab Douglas will probably be in the


dressing room tonight and say, I could have done better on both


those goals, I wasn't at their best today. Dundee United. At their best,


but the quality and technique that they should from the free kick and


for that goal really shone through. A lot of attention is Sharratt on


Gary Mackay Steven and yourself. What do you think about Stuart


Armstrong? He seems to be emerging at the moment. A lot of attention


goes on Johnny Russell and Gary Mackay Steven because of his


ability to run at the ball. I think Stuart Armstrong is a fantastic


talent and can go all the way. For the second goal, he had a lot to do.


The weight of the past for the goal And the Orange were the are by


recent weeks. They brush the shocked their. They do things nice


and simple, then it works, but sometimes it is better just playing


the pasta you see. You can see it on this occasion, just played the


ball wide left again. Today I thought they had a lot of


possession and kept the ball well in good areas. Probably rush in the


final pass. Sometimes, when you're down there and up against it, you


tend to do that. You may be make the wrong decision. If they play


like they have to day with a bit of quality in the final third, they


We have the best bits are the same We have the best bits are the same


We have the best bits are the same in. First blood to Celtic,


favourites for the Scottish Cup lead early on in their quarter-


final. It was a great ball from James Forrest. Joe Ledley sneaking


defending. St Mirren do not care about that. The Portuguese with the


leveller. He is proving to be a thorn in the side of Celtic this


season since he arrived in the opponent and you cannot be doing


Stokes. 2-1 for Celtic. It should have been a goal kick. It was the


short corner to Hooper and back to James Forrest. The Irishman takes


onside because the defender had not got out. Grant picked out Blair


Alston with great composure. And it falls for Blair Alston. Pick that


looked like they were going to be denied again but Ryan managed to


Taylor has run his heart out today. This will be a yellow card. Tempers


two-footed challenge. Jonathan Page two-footed challenge. Jonathan Page


is shown a straight red. The toughest red card decision.


Ryan scoring for Hamilton and giving them hope they could take


them to a replay but what an opportunity he had. He was


effective when he came on. He will not want to see this again. We were


talking about it. It was a great ball in. He it is one of those that


can come off you. You have to can come off you. You have to


concentrate. It was a difficult chance. It was probably coming in


on his back foot. He needed to concentrate and keep it down and


hit the target but he is leaning back. How good was the strike from


Blair Alston? It was cracking. They think they have clears the danger.


Technically, it is a fantastic strike. Knee over the ball. He


keeps it down. He looked to be in an awkward position. He controls it


brilliantly. The two at the edge of the box do not do too much wrong.


Moving towards, but it was doing the right thing. To get it that


lush the way he hit it must have been brilliant for the Falkirk fans


watching that sailing into the top corner. It was an important win for


Celtic. Cruising towards the title, it keeps the season alive for them


for a bit longer. They are flying away in the league and have their


eye on the Scottish Cup. James Forrest did well with the first


ball. Joe Ledley finished off well with a header. And the second into


the corner. It looked like it came back off James Forrest. And it is a


corner and they switched off. have still to show you the best of


the action from yes P L games played. That starts with Hearts


played. That starts with Hearts played. That starts with Hearts


against Motherwell. -- Scottish Michael Higdon. James might fat and


again. Somehow it ends up in the back of the net and Dylan MacGowan


is the man on the line. It was an attempt to clear the shot. Into his


own net. It is Adie's -- disastrous They showed good instinct. Gary


Locke. Trying to get back into it. So many chances. But last, they


take one. John Sutton, he wanted it more than the Motherwell defenders.


from the Ross County players. That was a fierce drive. This is the 4th


meeting between the sides. Ross County still to record a victory.


David Raven to the rescue for Iain Vigurs on David Raven. David


Raven is not happy. Neither are the managers! That was a terrible


challenge from Iain Vigurs on David Raven. It is usually a friendly


rivalry, but tempers flaring. Mihael Kovacevic, he likes to


rampaged forward. Just wide of the post. It was good play from the


Graham Shinnie. The referee booked him for diving. Andrew, his brother,


tries to protest. Furious with the outcome. The referee in no doubt.


Evangelos Ikonomou seemed to catch Evangelos Ikonomou seemed to catch


Evangelos Ikonomou seemed to catch him. Was it outside of the box?


It was a handy. A piece for the Highland pair. -- point apiece. Two


weeks away from the League Cup final. They have lost five games in


final. They have lost five games in a row and minus a manager. They


a row and minus a manager. They have problems.


They have. We keep going on about them but something turns up. Every


few years, nearly every week. Experience in that team. If they


get experience and a solid back four... I would not rule them out.


A when you look at the league table, Ross County and in the best, in


with a right chance. Lots of teams will be thinking that. They have a


game in hand on other teams and will look to push on for top six.


It is getting down to the business end where we need to pick up three


points. We have been saying we need to win games and not draw games. We


have drawn the last two. It has knocked us for six. The next four


games, they are massive for us. We start on Saturday at St Mary and


the -- St Mirren, if we can get three points. Your Scottish Cup


moment of the day. Leaving defending aside, this boy today


showed composure, desire, willingness to run and reaction,


and so although it looks a scrappy goal, to run over the top and shows


strength and realise what is roundabout and showed that reaction,


it has been his day. Your moment of the day? Pub in the final whistle.


The relief of getting through after a scrappy game -- probably the


final whistle! What are you thinking about the draw coming up?


It is a one-off game. We will take who we get. We will see what


happens. Celtic will be the favourites. They have the biggest


squad. If we get them in the semi- final, we will fancy ourselves on a


one-off game that we can beat them. You have recent memories of winning,


can at its by you? -- cam that inspire you? Of course. We won and


we have great memories. We have younger boys coming through the


youth system at and hopefully they can go on and experience what we


felt that day. It would be a mistake to underestimate the


underdogs? Celtic have proven that before with Ross County. We have to


remind them about that. Falkirk will once Dundee United or


Hibernian. That is it. The draw will be at lunchtime tomorrow for


Highlights from the quarter-finals of the William Hill Scottish Cup as near neighbours Dundee and Dundee United meet at Dens Park looking for a place in the last four of the competition. The day's other game sees last season's runners-up Hibernian travel to Rugby Park to face Kilmarnock. Presented by Rob MacLean with guest Billy Dodds.

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