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BBC Scotland's round-up of all the action from the weekend's Clydesdale Bank Premier League games.

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There aren't too many weekends when the Old Firm can't manage a win


between them. So a collector's item coming up, as we review SPL


Saturday. Highlights of all five matches. It is going to be a scrap


to the end. And that is what we are focused on. The job is to make sure


we stay in the league. More from Hibs manager Pat Fenlon in the next


45 minutes. First to Rangers' last match before the inevitable job


cuts kick in. An announcement is expected tomorrow. Hearts were


yesterday looking for their first Hearts. Joan Hammell has them in


Jamie MacDonald after this goal line clearance from Black. -- stray


Straight down the throat of the touched away by McDonald. A


pressure situation inside the six- on Bocanegra. Goian tech suit


quickly. Squeezed in for a Steven Davis! -- takes it. It has gone


straight through the goalkeeper, but Rangers not too bothered about


how it finds its way to the back of the bed, they lead at Ibrox, right


on half-time -- back of the net. The captain has made the


good opportunity to go a long way towards the sea in the points. --


Ian Black! That is brilliant! And that is a 1-1 at Ibrox, 30 minutes


after the restart. Rangers thought they had dealt with the problem.


Great clearance by Bocanegra, but what about this from Ian Black? It


has an explosive striker. Allan McGregor had no chance -- it is an


explosive striker. Rangers looked though you kiss and Grainger making


It is silent at Ibrox. Nobody around the ground seems to be fully


aware of what has happened. Goian has been booked for some wrestling


inside the penalty box on Andy Webster. He has given Hearts a


penalty kick. He was well placed, certainly, to make the decision. He


was looking at the two players and McGregor, but in goes the rebound.


-- saved. And the problems for Rangers pile up. It is 2-1, at


Hearts, and Jamie Hamill turns this I just can't believe I am sitting


here talking to you after a defeat, up to be honest with you. We were


all here to see a football match and quite frankly, I am staggered


that we got beaten. We are very happy with the result, not because


it is Rangers or it is in Ibrox, or because we didn't win the last five


or six games in the league. I excuse myself, but I don't want to


speak about their game as a sign of respect from my team for the


Rangers professionals, because of the problems they are in. At this


moment in time, we are wounded, no doubt about it, and there are


probably one or two people enjoying it, one or two people having a wee


flying kick thick, and I would suggest to them to have a right


that kick now because we will not be where we are there for a long


time. A fighting talk from Ally McCoist.


The impression I get is there is a lot of sympathy. Our think so, a


difficult time for everybody, but I think those people think and hope


they will come out of it. Support as well enjoy it at the moment,


because they have been on top for so long -- supporters, they just


so long -- supporters, they just so long -- supporters, they just


so long -- supporters, they just I think other clubs can see the


problem in relation to them. Yes, you can sit with Dunfermline and it


can happen right across the lead. It is a big revenue for most of the


clubs. Rangers have lost their last three matches at buy-backs going


three matches at buy-backs going back to the Cup tie against Dundee


United. The bash at Ibrox. Is it the off-field elements making


themselves felt on the pitch? sure it adding to it, but Ally


McCoist will think they should be performing better regardless of


what is going on on the pitch, particularly coming towards the end


of the season when people have been talking about players and other


staff losing their jobs. It can be unsettling. Other times, it can


galvanise teams, but I think the situation that Rangers are in, it


has been a shock for so many people. This is a special goal from Ian


Black. Would you fault Allan McGregor? Is he slightly too far-


McGregor? Is he slightly too far- out? I don't know, I think he has


out? I don't know, I think he has placed it really well. He has put


it into the corner away from him. I don't think Allan McGregor canted


too much. What about the penalty? A bizarre reaction, almost total


silence when it the referee pointed to the spot. Nobody could really


see too much wrong. But he is in a great position and I think as you


say, I thought he was giving a free kick a initially, but Goian isn't


facing the ball, he is facing the opposite way. The referee can't do


anything but give a penalty. think a lot of people missed what


went on. We can highlight the rest lying here. That is a fairly


regular occurrence at corner kicks -- wrestling. It is. But the


referee was so close to it and the fact that the player is not even


looking at the ball and has a hold of the Hearts player, the referee


can't do anything else. A poor penalty but it came straight back


to him. Rangers felt they could have had a penalty for a nudge, or


maybe more, are Lee McCulloch. don't think so, I think the Hearts


Matt Prior pushed his own player into Lee McCulloch and he has gone


down quite easily. Bat is the luck Rangers are having, it is going


against them at the moment. -- that against them at the moment. -- that


is. How difficult would it be for Rangers between now and the end of


the season in terms of motivation. A lot will determine on -- depend


on how many players are sent the -- shown the door tomorrow. It is a


massive club with big support and they want to win matches, but it is


about the survival and how they restructure the club going forward


and that is what the focus has to be on. They need to win games,


about Shayler the coast will be dreading that into the players, but


there is a bigger picture -- and I am sure and McCoist will be


dreaming that into the players. next big league game before Hearts


is the time guzzle Derby. They have gone five without a win, but that


was an incredible wind -- Tine Castle. He would have expected


Rangers to have got the wind, but going into the Derby, at that looks


after itself of. We will see next how Hibernian got on at home to St


Mirren after they opened up a three-point gap at the bottom of


the league last weekend. Taken down by Tom Soares and it is


a great finish. Roy O'Donovan! He finds the top


corner. It is three! It is a lovely ball. Davies and


delicious the top. -- Davison finishers the top. Here is Paul


Easter Road in August, should at least have but this on target. He


swiped at it a little early. -- put Griffiths. He was in behind the


defence. It was a tough one. Pat Fenlon wants to make Easter Road a


traffic around him, he must have seemed that later. -- he must have


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 72 seconds


backside of the defender doing the good save by Craig Samson. --


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 72 seconds


Hasselbaink is still going. It is But he is up for it. A good save


from Griffiths, intelligent play to pull it back but the goalkeeper was


Hibernian have and won a home game in the league at Easter Road since


September, which is not great -- haven't. But you are inching away


from the bottom. We are improving, the home record has not been good


enough over the course of the season, and that is why we are down


there and have to improve on that short term and long term, but


yesterday was a decent performance. Even in those highlights, it was


pretty clear you were doing a lot in and around the box and making


in and around the box and making Craig Samson look good. Yes, we


created a lot of chances from set pieces. That was a poor free kick


but Roy O'Donovan reacted well and it is a decent save. This is a good


And then a double save. Be us, good strike, good save from the


goalkeeper. He said it again at the near post, a very good game for him.


This is your record, I don't know if you want to look at this! You


are hoping to improve on this sort of win percentage but I think most


would agree it came at a tough time. You have got to look out


improvements, further down the road we can look at longer term but we


have got to improve the team, and over the course of time, there is


more confidence coming back in but the players deserve every credit


because they have been playing on the credit and they have put a fair


bit of work on the training ground and there are getting the rewards


for. You have made big signings but a total of nine players here. Was


changing the atmosphere in the dressing room important to, because


the players are becoming used to not winning? It was important be


brought in some experienced players. Different types of characters, the


club has been struggling for a couple of seasons and with a lot of


good, honest players and young players as well, they needed a pick


me up and a lot of players have done that. The atmosphere is good


at the moment but again, results will improve that. It will breed


confidence like any football club. Lots of people getting in touch,


many new you were coming on the show and a lot asking about Garry


O'Connor, he came on as a substitute but he has not really


featured yet. No, he had a bad injury so we kept him out. We did


not have much choice and obviously he has got a few things going off


the pitch we need to help him with. We need to keep working with him,


get him to be fit this he needs. He is a great goalscorer and he will


be very promising. He will be a big help for us. Other Hibs funds


asking about Lewis Stevens' contract, when you hold on to him?


His future it is possibly in doubt to where we are and we need to make


sure we stay in the league. He has been fantastic ever since I joined


the club but we need to make sure we get ourselves safe before we can


talk about things like that. massive crowd potential with Hibs


if you can get them going up? a fabulous club. And success is


about winning trophies. Everything is in place for the club to move


forward. It is about getting results on the pitch and getting


people back into the club. It into the Scottish Cup semi-finals would


be nice but you have to meet Ayr United, it will be a classic tie.


Are you looking forward to it? will be good, we will be bringing a


good travelling support. We beat Falkirk again yesterday so we are


on a roll so it will be a tricky Cup tie for us but we will go there


with an attitude, the right attitude. 3 o'clock on Saturday.


Dunfermline's quest for a win at East End Park continued. In with a


chance of next season Champions need reminding, they have yet to


win at East End Park in the SPL. They could really do with the


Randolph. Lovely technique here from Harvey from the and outside of


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 72 seconds


was heading on target with a make and burst forward. Murphy calling


for it. A call for hidden! Should have been a goal. It fell kindly


for him. And from that distance he on and again it is comfortable for


Randolph. Good execution from flick it over. That might well have


Another Dunfermline corner. I am get past Chris Smith? Michael


Higdon does not care, another calamity for Chris Smith. Michael


Higdon notches his 14th goal of the season and Dunfermline, having done


so well in the match so far, find What a strike! Motherwell's


sharpshooter double the lead. He didn't think twice before striking


out into the top corner. Motherwell look good for the. Now. -- look


am not sure Murphy was necessarily going for goal here but he almost


right foot. A run on for Jennings. Drags it a foot wide or so. Might


have taken a touch off Michael We have got the feeling that


Dunfermline have not been able to pick up the points, have you moved


a bit away from them? The look goes against you sometimes and some of


the goals you are conceding are poor but we are glad of that at the


moment. You need a bit of luck at the moment when you are down there.


We have had some good performances which have helped. That will be a


result you are looking for pretty quickly yesterday? A lot of people


say that but you need to focus on your own job and after the game


finishes, you tend to find out result. At the moment it is about


focusing on our own job and it doesn't matter what happens


anywhere else. Dunfermline have got problems with goalkeepers. Paul


Gallagher was tremendous for them and Chris Smith has come in and


that is a bad one to lose. The last thing he needs is me telling him he


should save it. It is not just about Chris Smith, that was him


punching into his own net. Iain Turner has been taken up on loan


but sadly for Chris Smith, this is him having a fresh air shot. It


would have been difficult have they got through in the cup. Against


your team on loan from Preston and I guess you are looking for a


goalkeeper to save that as well. gets a hand to it and you expect


him to save it but he has had a hard time and it is difficult for


him but if he can come through,... You have some seasons wake you need


to be strong. Two sides to the Michael Higdon goal yesterday


because terrific movement and a good finish from his point of view.


What has he got, Michael Higdon? will be able to take a look at the


goals, very few of them outside the box and he is a poacher. He gives


them a focal point and he has got pace but Michael Higdon is a big


part of how they played. You might want to turn away at this point!


Yes, a good finish and it is a good goal. He seems to have turned the


Motherwell fans his way. Yes, so I heard. I find it hard to believe


because he is a good player and it gives other players a bit a space.


Are you envious of Motherwell and the chance they have potentially to


overhaul Rangers, get into the Champions League qualifiers at the


start of next season? European qualification further down the line,


something you would like to do with Hibs? With a club like Hibs, we are


used to being involved in international football. The


recruitment policy of players has been good. They have got a good


team, we haven't changed it that much. They have got a system that


they believe him. Like mother well, St Johnstone are in with a good


chance of European qualification. They were at Rugby Park to play


Singh. St Johnstone striker Cillian Sheridan in the door shortly almost


inadvertently putting the side 1-0 in front. It was another cross from


Croft that had something soon after, just making contact and we will be


using Sheridan and contact before the end of this highlights, that is


for sure. As for Kilmarnock, they've threatened from Wayne cross,


hit the bar with his header. And the Belgian striker still looking


for his first Kilmarnock goal. Since then have a great chance to


score, Fran Sandaza or almost taking a chance of the hesitancy


between the goalkeeper and Michael Nelson. And sadly for some Johnson,


the duo were having one of those slightly off days. Dave Mackay, the


Penalty for Kilmarnock, and no complaints. Up stepped Dean Shiels,


and it was saved. Dean Shiels was then booked for a despairing swipe


then booked for a despairing swipe which caught the arm of the


goalkeeper and would prove to be an goalkeeper and would prove to be an


expensive booking. Another caution would come the way of Sheridan, for


blasting the ball into Row Z. The referee brandishing the yellow.


Then a moment of real controversy, Dean Shiels going down in the box


with Dave Mackay in real proximity. The referee, in no doubt, a second


yellow for simulation. And from the replay, no sign of any real contact


and Dean Shiels making a real meal of it. Time for a trial by


Sportscene Part two. Sheridan going down, the same decision by the


referee, a second yellow for diving. No goals, but plenty to talk about.


No goals, but plenty to talk about. Just when you thought it had gone


quiet, trial by Sportscene is back. The couple of dives, a couple of


The couple of dives, a couple of second yellow cards. Dean Shiels,


what did you think? I think the referee has got this one right. I


don't think there is any contact. The player has put his leg dead but


he has taken it back in and there is no real contact. His manager and


his dad reckoned it was first day out so that... Sorry, inside the


box and there was contact. I think he went down a fraction after there


was contact. There is no contact, it is not a penalty and a correct


decision. The referee balanced things up with a second yellow for


Sheridan. Liam Kelly was the Kilmarnock player involved. Same


again? I think so, I think the referee has got that right as well.


Sheridan has gone down and both players were looking for penalties,


which you can understand, but if you dared get away with it, there


is a punishment. -- don't. The so well done to the referee. Champions


in waiting Celtic were playing the in waiting Celtic were playing the


only other unbeaten SPL team in 2012, Aberdeen. The fixture was


brings back memories of an eight- Fortune A, at the back post. What a


finish. 4-3, game on. He has done it! Or this Aberdeen-Celtic game,


Craig Brown made one change to the team which drew at St Mirren last


weekend. Rory Fallon was included. Neil Madden, on the back of midweek


internationals, gave their first starts to his full-backs. Kris


Commons and Anthony Stokes were recalled to the starting 11. Paul


Mitchell with a highlight. taking the lead. Great strike by


Charlie Mulgrew. And a finger tip against Gavin Rae. He seemed to art


wrap his arm around, but she couldn't give a penalty for that. -


Anthony Stokes! Nicely finished by Anthony Stokes. His 8th goal by


Aberdeen -- against Aberdeen as a Celtic player. Good play by Kris


Commons, Stokes took it around the goalkeeper and finished really


Celtic. On to Stokes and back to Andre Blackman. He just got nibbled


at the edge of the box. A good call by the referee, just a touch on the


Goal for Aberdeen, the equaliser a minute before half-time. Gavin Rae


will take the credit but it will go down as an own goal. He shot was


deflected by Fraser Forster, whose fine run without conceding it comes


to an end. The shop was going wide and the touch was needed. -- the


shock. Aberdeen's last. Against Celtic was the 4-4 draw in


target. What a chance it was -- cannot put it and target. What a


through the middle himself. And he scrapes it wide. He did all of the


right things but it was a horrible shot. Neil Lennon and none too


pleased. It looks like he is to lay at angry, off came the jacket and


real lack of bodies on the edge of Don't do it, Neil. A surprising


result, because it was the end of Celtic's winning run, or not


because of Aberdeen's recent one -- run of not losing? I think Aberdeen


have been fantastic since the start of the year, it is a decent result,


I know they have changed a few players but they are in fine form


as well, but Aberdeen are hard to beat. Has Craig Brown done what you


have tried to do with Hibs, so let the fire and stop leaking goals, so


you have the chance to win games? - - solidify. I think so. We played


them just before Christmas and if we had won, we would have gone


point behind them and they have kicked off since then and not


looked back. It is about getting results when you are at that end


results when you are at that end and that is what they have done.


Craig will be disappointed by the Celtic goal, because Aberdeen were


looking pretty comfortable in possession. What Celtic do well is


they pressed the ball really well. Pressure on the centre-half and he


gives it away. Still a bit to do from here, it is not that easy, but


Kris Commons has a great weight of pass, and a good finish by Anthony


Stokes. That is what a big they can do if you give them the ball in


dangerous areas -- that is what they can do. You know what they are


capable of from a fortnight ago when it was five, and it could have


been worse. Yes, Kris Commons has not played too much this season,


but a fantastic ball and a great finish. The to Celtic for banks


featured from a negative point of view -- two Celtic full-backs. This


was during the Aberdeen goal. He switches off at right back and then


it ends up going up in off the other full-back. If he had got back


quicker, he could have tracked the run of Gavin Rae, but he didn't and


the ball has fallen into his path. Andre Blackman is unlucky, just


trying to block it. From a positive point of view, Aberdeen could have


gone on and won it. They did have a couple of chances, they should have


done better. Could they have had a red card, Aberdeen? This challenge


on the Celtic player. It could well have been. The Celtic player does


very well, he doesn't go down, he just stands up and is concentrating


on getting the ball and playing again, no rolling around. Celtic


inching ever nearer the title, having pressed have you been with


the job Neil Lennon has done? -- how impressed. He has been


fantastic since the start of last year when there was a lot of


pressure on them. They were behind Rangers at the start of the season


and there was a lot of pressure, 15 points behind them and now they are


21 ahead, so no matter what has happened that Rangers, it is


incredible and he deserves great credit, because it is a big


pressure job. Do you look at the things Celtic do and think you can


implement the bat at Hibs? You need the players first. As much money


would be nice. It is a fantastic football club, they have probably


got two teams, maybe three, that could play in the Premier League


every week and hold their own, so he has to be given credit for that


because that is a lot of players to keep happy. There should be Schelin


well and when you make the change, it doesn't change the performance -


- the ship is sailing well. Let's have a look at the Premier League


as it stands now. 21 points in it half of the table. Although enough


to keep Pat Fenlon happy because Hibs are now four. Away from the


bottom. We will be there tomorrow night for Dundee United against


Inverness. And next weekend, it is Inverness. And next weekend, it is


the quarter-finals of the William Hill Scottish Cup, which start with


Hearts against St Mirren. We will have comprehensive Cup coverage


have comprehensive Cup coverage highlights at 10pm. Before that,


two special programmes coming up this week. Jim Traynor investigates


the state of Scottish football tomorrow. And then Scottish


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