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BBC Scotland's weekly round-up of all the action from the weekend's Clydesdale Bank Premier League games, presented by Rob Maclean.

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It has been forecasted that Celtic would be in the League of Their Own,


but it hasn't quite happened. Weekend highlight coming up and the


thoughts of Steven Thomson and Pat Bonner. Let see what happened at


the Celtic versus Dundee United unmarked to. He has to get that on


target. -- he was completely Celtic. Collins spreads it wide.


Another glorious opportunity for Celtic and again, it is headed wide,


himself. Not good news for Neil Lennon. They are in Barcelona on


and the striker who is usually so it deadly. He could not halt flood


macro's effort. -- he could not in Celtic colours for Miku. He


celebrates with the fans. It was a lovely move. No danger of offside.


Celtic now have the advantage. That might have earned them a yellow


card, but I don't think they care He had only one idea and that was


a minute or so of regulation time to play, but it gives them


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something to cling on to. Can Aigrette come back from Dundee.


That could kick-start their season. Absolutely. The key for them today


was John Daly has been playing centre half and he has been playing


really well. It made such a difference. Dundee United looked


very impressive. A all the credit must go to Dundee United. I think


they learn from Celtic's game in midweek against St Johnstone. They


obviously watched that game and thought, we cannot allow that to


happen. The first half, they had three in midfield. They tighten


things up. They didn't allow Kris Commons in at all. In the first 20


minutes of the second half, they pushed forward. Armstrong was found


on the left-hand side and he is a different class. They started to


give Celtic will problems. - that will problems. They lost two goals


and came back. Remarkable. This was a quality finish, wasn't it? Yes.


Miku was on the bench. He came on and should really good composure.


It is a composed finish as well. Miku really needed that goal. You


know what it's like when you are at a big club and you get your first


goal. You can then continue to kick on. There was some resistance here


for Watt. There was, but what a great finish. He has a lot to do.


He has one thing on his mind. He is direct and straight. He sends the


defender the wrong way twice. There is a lot of power in the shop.


The goal keeper fell back a bit. That thing about Watt is that he


has a lot of confidence. He is only 18 years old. I'm not sure if he


can leave the line yet, but he does have potential. Well, he got a goal,


so he is doing all right. Would you be critical your team? Neil Lennon


wasn't. Well, Charlie does run back on at the goal line, but you have


to give credit where credit is due. When Dundee United equalised in


stoppage time with a cross from the left, it wasn't as if Celtic have


not been warned. There was a cross a couple of minutes about from the


left. Ambrose, unfortunately, I think he was going for the ball.


They are getting deeper and deeper and they ended up within about five


yards of the goal. John Daly's movement is very good. The lead


must come from the second centre half. Goalkeepers tend to get


caught by the near post because of the angle of the ball. You are


right, John Daly is getting across. You see him diving for the ball,


trying to clear it. What you expect on Wednesday? When you come up


against a quality team like Barcelona, it is going to be


difficult. They will keep hold of the ball for fun. Add in Celtic


will use -- I think Celtic will use the game today as a lesson. You


have to be strong and keep your lines tight to play against


Barcelona. They need to communicate and pass on. You cannot be


offensive against Barcelona. I know it is a home game, but you have got


to set in against them. If you try to be expansive, you will be three-


0 down before you have even called Your breath. -- caught your breath.


They have a fantastic record at Celtic Park. All the best to them.


Now want to St Mirren. The League Cup semi-finalists were hoping to


stick care of another loss against Hibernian. -- stage career of


second attempt. Good interchange from the strikers. Ben Williams


sending it long. A mistake at the back, a chance for Leigh Griffiths.


Clips the inside of the post. Others could not get there. Leigh


Griffiths pounced, realised he had to go himself. Jim Goodwin follows


through. It is going to be a yellow card. It will be his eighth of the


Maclean. Against the goalkeeper. Could not find his way past the


clear. Down to Kenny McLean. And in! The header away came from Tom


Taiwo. It fell on to Kenny McLean. He has had some stunning goals.


That is another one. Guided it beautifully low into the corner. He


scored midweek against Aberdeen and Leigh Griffiths. 1-1! For a 4th


straight game, Leigh Griffiths gets his name on the goal scoring sheet.


A good clever cross. And the confidence of Leigh Griffiths. And


a little hug and high 10 for the goes for gold. Leigh Griffiths


equals his Hibs goal tally for last season. Goal number 11 of the


season. His second of the afternoon. Hibs have come from behind to lead


at Easter Road. The two-goal hero is Leigh Griffiths. Player checked


there by Jim Goodwin. The referee did not see it. Goodwin came in and


checked him. If that is a yellow card, he is going. Alan Muir comes


across. Jim Goodwin sarcastically applauding. But he has been sent


off. Griffiths on a hat-trick? Denied by the post. Griffiths


clipped it up beautifully. The goalkeeper was stranded, no


doubt. Hibs unbeaten at home in five SPL games this season. Leading


here by 2-1. Leigh Griffiths. The whistle has gone, it will not count.


He is denied a hat-trick. The offside flag of David Watt on the


far side. The whistle blew before the shot was struck. Saints in


search of an equaliser. Some good headers away. A mistake! With the


shot, but Ben Williams with the I thought Steven Thompson should


have scored. But look at the transformation compared to how Hibs


started the season. Just scraped Goal difference keeps them from the


top. How good was Leigh Griffiths? Absolutely superb. I told him that


at the end of the match. He was the difference between the two sides.


He is just at the minute. -- he is just one fire at the minute. If he


is only what �150,000, you would like to think someone like Hibs


would get the deal done. Teams in England will be watching and


someone snapping them up. He is capable of playing at high level.


There is pressure on Hibs to keep them? Of course. There is no


question that his ability is what keeps you going. He has the


technique, movement, all of the things that makes someone a striker.


The mentality is something people questioned. I think that has been


fixed. He has shown maturity this season. He is an unbelievable


talent. I think he will be knocking on the Scotland's Watson. What did


we think of the second yellow card for Jim Goodwin? No doubt about the


first one. -- I think he will be knocking on the Scotland squad soon.


There does not seem to be much. But when you see the replay, I think


Jim Goodwin lifted his elbow. not think he has done anything that


warrants a yellow card. It is not the referee that gives it, it is


the linesman. I think he was unfortunate to be sent off. And he


went down holding his face, I do not know why. He is a competitor on


the pitch. I know him as a young one growing up. You know him as a


colleague. Yes. He is definitely not a dirty player. You could call


it exuberance. But the referees need to make decisions. Something


was seen. The wrong decision for me. We should catch up on your career.


One of the goals of the season? Not the most acrobatic overhead


kick. The crowd going crazy makes it. Sewage -- should you be doing


that at this stage of your career? Probably not. It would be best


being so close to the end of the game. And you are superman died? --


your Superman dive? I must point out, only goalkeepers can handle


the ball. I cannot explain it. did look bemused there. I have


seen... I have seen people do that. There was no reason to do that.


could be a reserve goalkeeper? Perhaps.


Kilmarnock won at Celtic Park last weekend. Inverness were midweek


victors against Rangers in the League Cup. They went head-to-head


at Rugby Park. Some hotly-debated impressive wins over Celtic and


Rangers. The last few days in buoyant mood. Andrew Shinnie goes


down. The corner kick has been given, which should not have been.


Firing it wide. A good first touch from Rory McKenzie. A good shot


away. That young man looked lively. A good challenge by Michael Nelson.


But Andrew Shinnie! Caley Thistle had the breakthrough! It is not


good defending by Kilmarnock. But lovely play from Billy McKay,


setting up Andrew Shinnie. Having scored at Ibrox on Wednesday, he is


continue. Rory McKenzie wanted a penalty there. It is difficult to


tell. It is a penalty kick. Inverness Caley Thistle have a


glorious opportunity to double direction. Goes for the gold.


What a strike by Liam Kelly! A hero at Celtic Park last weekend.


And he is on the scoresheet once more. A quite tremendous drive that


An attempt from Sutherland. Cameron Bell takes in down. -- takes it


down. It is a penalty kick and Bell is off. Draper was certainly clean


through. The penalty is given. And scored by Billy McKay. Bell's


replacement could do nothing to stop that. Kilmarnock behind once


more. Not exactly decisive defending from Caley Thistle. They


seek to hold on to this 2-1. It is pushed away to safety. Kilmarnock


desperately searching for the target. The goalkeeper relieved to


see that fly over. Can Kilmarnock find a late leveller? Inside the


box! But just sliding away from Inverness nine games unbeaten. How


deep -- how good have they become? Scoring every game played. Andrew


Shinnie is having an amazing season. And some young boys on loan. They


are looking incredible going forward. And their coaches keep


them solid defensively. And the two boys from down south, protecting in


the back, and Inverness looking very good. I would not be surprised


to see them in the Firth of Forth area at the end of the season. I


think they are the real deal this year. -- in the third or the fourth


area at the end of the season. you think that was a penalty?


not think so. At this angle, there could have been some touching.


he goes down straightaway, from the point of contact, but he takes an


extra step, which makes it dubious for me. Yes. When you are running


at pace, you can lose your balance and it looks awful when you are


down. And the referee can be filled by that. This was Andrew Shinnie


moving at pace into the box and a penalty given against Michael


Nelson. Great play from Andrew Shinnie, but Michael Nelson's body


comes forward in true Andrew Shinnie -- into Andrew Shinnie. I


think he knows that it is a penalty. Are considering an appeal against


the red card shown to Cameron Bell. The rule is there now. If it is a


penalty and he is taken down, there could be a goalscoring opportunity.


Is there contact? Does there have to be? If he does not try to step


over him, there will be contacts. - - contact. Cameron Bell threw his


hands up in the air. The player would have to jump over him. I have


been there before and it is difficult for the goalkeeper,


concentrating on the ball, momentum going forward. You skies have to


knock the ball away. Absolutely. The voice of a goalkeeper. Right at


the end of the match, an interesting incident. He shakes his


head on the pitch there, says nothing to the referee. And


reported on a sarcastic retort. Defining sarcasm might be difficult.


Yes. Managers cannot win. If something is said, you could be up


against their SFA. He will make a point that, and I think that is


being made, of appealing against the red card. I am not sure if he


has a case. Once you go towards the referee, what ever you do, you


could be in trouble. Early-season relegation favourites


Dundee went into their home game against Hearts with only one League


win to their name. Mind you, that win did come against the Tynecastle


furiously claiming for a penalty and you can see their point.


Brilliant! Of Dundee are ahead midway through the first half.


Although concerns about the penalty claim have gone now. They are in


front against Hearts. Problems for A real chance for Dundee to get


themselves in front, but they could League Cup semi-finalists try to


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 60 seconds


unpunished. Hearts chasing an believe he didn't get a touch on


They will need to beat teams other than Hearts. Yes, but there was a


fantastic game. I was surprised that Hearts last. I was watching


them during the week, and even though they were down to 10 men,


they put in a great effort. It probably showed on them yesterday


because they struggled a bit. But Dundee and Barry Smith will be


delighted. They needed a result from somewhere. Fantastic result


for them. You do not want to be thinking too much about how good


that is for Dundee. What was eight is now five. There will be looking


at that and thinking, we are only five points away from second to the


bottom. The League is really tight. I am looking at it the other way.


Two wins and we could before. The League has not even that yesterday.


The story of the Motherwell versus back after their midweek thrashing.


Jamie Murphy was in the right place for Motherwell. Minutes later, the


home side almost allowed Motherwell a second. The pass to the keeper


was not great, neither was the striker's efforts. A good ball in


from Stephen a claim. -- Stephen MacLean. Murphy was eventually sent


on his way. He still had plenty to do though, but there was little


resistance from the St Johnstone Defence. There were chances for


both sides in the second half. Nicky Law finished off a move he


started. Darren Randolph was tested. He did well to get the hustle back?


chance. That did not spark a late rally of St Johnstone. Instead,


Murphy went in search of his hat- trick. Motherwell are back on track.


St Johnstone are hurting after This doesn't happen often enough.


There is a lot of talent, but it is not brought to the table enough.


is not a defensive masterclass either, is it? Not a tall, but for


Motherwell it was issued to win. They need to get back to the


consistency they showed last year. Jimmy has the technical ability, a


really good ability, but he really needs to build his strength. He has


lovely composure here. He has plenty of time to think about it.


Sometimes that is about then. I love about the third goal for


Motherwell from Nicky Law is that he was halfway down midfield and he


could have stayed there. What a goal. He is a hard-working player.


You don't see him in this position very often, but what a great finish.


He get in there with great composure. He finishes it really


well. Good refereeing as well. Absolutely. A bad day for St


Johnstone, but they have to look at the big picture. They have had a


fantastic run and it is difficult to maintain that level of


performance, no matter how many games you win. There is always a


blip. Yes, it took a lot out of them, the game midweek. It is vital


they pick up again after this because they could find themselves


down at the bottom. Aberdeen lost at Celtic Park and had not suffered


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 60 seconds


What was he thinking? Ross put him goal. Reynolds got the final touch


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 60 seconds


on to this. Ross County had the but it doesn't really seem to be


Stephen Ross, 19 years of age with a finish of an experienced


professional. Can't be done. Reynolds was tried to get back.


What a good goal that was. Much to league games. Derek Adams leading


the way from the touchline for Ross County. Chris Clark for Aberdeen.


Last chance, perhaps. The Dons look as if their undefeated run is


A lot of games are won in Dingwall. They had 6,000 fans. That is double


the crowd there was at St Johnstone. The Highland teams are bringing a


lot to the lead. Absolutely, especially when there is a local


lad. The defending from Aberdeen was very poor, but there was a


great finish. A good strike across the goalkeeper. Aberdeen will be


defended with their -- will be disappointed with their defending.


They have that combination of players up front who are doing well


for them. There is a question as to whether John should be it up there


as well. He has shown he can deliver. Fraser is also doing well.


At the back, I think it is a bit of improvement. No cause for panic on


the back of that defeat. So, Celtic are top of the SPL on goal


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