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Good afternoon and welcome to the Results Show, the first


Not even the Premiership's winter break can stop us.


While the top divisions players are de-stressing from Dubai


to Dundee, it's business as usual from the second tier downwards.


Our studio guests between them have been on the books of six clubs


They are Steven Thompson and Tam McManus.


Now, let's say good afternoon to our reporters across the land.


Firstly, to Bryan mechanic Glock than who is watching a game between


Raith Rovers and Falkirk. Plenty of goals for you. Yes, it is Raith


Rovers 1 Falkirk 4. Raith in front through Chris Johnson early on but


goals have them well in command. Let us find out what is happening at


more on the. More on the scored once in each half through an own goal and


a Tidser penalty. Stirling has pulled one back, so 2-1 at the


moment. Off to Somerset Park where Kenny Crawford is watched Ayr. The


pars look to be extending their unbeaten run to seven games. Nicky


Clarke diverted Talbot's low shot for the first on 26 minute, that


became 2-0 on 3 3 minutes. That is the way it remains.


Off to Paisley. St Mirren at home to Queen of the South. As we stand


David more misery for St Mirren. They are trailing by a goal to nil.


That came on half-time. A fine effort. Rankin, the new captain of


Queen of the South set it up for Dobbie. 1-0 to Queens and as we


stand, Queens looking for their first league win since September


17th. Off we go to Hampden. Queen's Park. Fifth against second. It is


even at the moment with 73 minutes gone. Forth ring ham gave Queens the


lead. Russell's 13th of the season levelled at 39 and it is 1-1 at the


moment. From Charlie to the Championship and


lots of chat from our best guests. Where shall we start. Not St Mirren


Park. Shall we forgot about that today. Let us talk Raith Falkirk.


Tam. That is a surprise score line, is it not? Falkirk have been


struggling. They have been inconsistent this season. Raith


doing OK, there is only two points between them in the table, but


Falkirk to go there and look as if they are going to turn them over, it


is a big result for them. Raith are struggling. October 29th. I thought


bringing in the two Ryans, to today would have had a big impact. Two


dangerous players. They went a goal up. But it has been capitulation, we


have been listening and it seems all Falkirk, they need to keep picking


away at a play off place. The sides have been inconsistent. Neither won


for a while. Dunfermline, one of your former club, 2-0 up on another


team you used to play for. Dunfermline look as if they will be


unbeaten in seven. It could be better, within the space of a


minute. I can't believe he hit the second one. It is unbelievable. I


thought he is going to go straight down the middle. He did, the


goalkeeper put his hand up and it was a fantastic save. Unlucky the


second penalty. Another couple of teams who have been doing well are


more on the and Dumbarton, Dumbarton going into this, only lost three of


their last ten, more on the had a sticky patch but they have had


injuries and lost a couple of players. Dumbarton have been going


well. The manager is doing well given the resources, more on the


have been the stand out team for me, with the top to they have been


sensational. What a job Jim Duffie is doing. It looks like they will


get another three points. Steven doesn't want to talk about St


Mirren. Queen of the South. Three new sign, one of them Rankin, he has


made an immediate impact. I was looking at this before and I thought


it's a risk, just throwing them in but Queens have been on a desperate


run. Maybe desperate times call for desperate measures. He is probably


supper fit, Rankin, he has not been playing for Falkirk, he has came in


and a immediate reaction, Shetland up the goal. I think he will be a


great signing. What end did I say, Queen of the South haven't won in 13


games. September 17th the last one. St Mirren have a habit of losing


goals late on. You have to look at the more on the game at New Year,


where 93rd minute and lost that, it is, it is a poor result as it


stands, we might score before the end of the game. Results elsewhere


might not be that bad. If United lose. We need to start gaining, it


doesn't matter if they lose if we don't pick up any points. Airdrie


have been going well, away to Queen's Park today. Marc Wilson who


sat in that chair, he hasn't done too bad. He is doing well. Second in


the table. He has a good, I think Airdrie are full-time. I think they


have turned full-time. So they have a good advantage. They are sitting


top, the two teams. You get your players in, you can work with them.


Peterhead 2, Livingston 2. Livingston have lost the last two


game, two-2 away to Pete Herd. A couple of regular scorers on target.


McAllister for Pete Herd and for Livingston, I watch him every week,


the video goes through and Buchanan scored every week. He missed a


penalty but on the score sheet again. Two of the most prolific


marksmen. Both are extremely good players. ... I think they lost a


couple of players, I don't think the same amount of funding is available.


They have had a few good cup ties against ranger, maybe the money has


dried up. There has been a goal between the game against Airdrie and


Queen's Park. It is member Geevor, he was miles of space. Very calm and


Queen's Park. It is member Geevor, collected. Slipped under the


goalkeeper. What was that we were saying about


goalkeeper. Marc Wilson doing a great job? The


fifth of the Championship match, the first because it was played last


night. It was also the biggest -


between the division biggest two clubs - and with its biggest


crowd of the season. There was just a point separating


leaders Hibs from second placed Dundee United when they met


at Easter Road. Our reporter Liam McLeod has


the story of the match. This was a massive statement by an


irresistible Hibernian side and with no empty seats this result against


their only real rivals for promotion will send optimism through their


veins and that like to end this top flight hiatus. Cummings was the


headline grabber. In truth there were no failures in green and white


on the night, United were outfought. That will worry Ray MacKinnon as


they fell behind the Edinburgh team who will fancy their chances. John


McGinn came off the bench as he returned from ankle surgery,


McGinn came off the bench as he Scotland international scored the


best of the bunch. A cracker, a solo effort to ensure of the points. It


is not an iron grip on the Championship but it is a huge signal


of intent from Neil Lennon's men who begin 2017 as they mean to go on. We


will hear from the managers of Hibs and Dundee shortly, after we have


heard from Martin, he is watching Livingston away to Peter head.


What game it has been. Peterhead 2, Livingston 3. They thought they had


gone ahead, a ridiculous decision, a backpass, scored, he was flagged


offside, he should never have been offside. He got that third and


looked as though they will extend a lead. Retro technology there from


Martin, sorry about that, that is on his mobile. Let us hear from the


managers after the big match in Championship. Neil Lennon and Ray


MacKinnon. I couldn't have asked any more of the players from start to


finish. They were brilliant. Exhilarating performance. Great


intensity, quality concentration, and three great goals and there


could could have been more, against, very very good Dundee United team.


The game was lost in the first 20 minute, to go 2-0 down, we never


showed composure on the ball and the lose a goal after five minutes was


not the ideal start. You know, I said to the guys, so important when


you come to a place like to show composure, we didn't do it for 20


minutes and we gifted Hibs the the composure, we didn't do it for 20


game in the first 20s. All we have done is got a bit of a Kursk and


yeah, as, we have been saying that from day one, we just, we didn't


make this out to be a huge game, the biggest game because the next one is


Dumbarton away, and you know that is tough, o so it is a competitive


league, sometimes you can't create the atmosphere, but when you get an


league, sometimes you can't create atmosphere like tonight you can see


what it means to player and what it atmosphere like tonight you can see


I brings out. And they have really responded. Going into the second


half of the season you would be four points behind the leader, that tells


me I have a great chance of winning the league. Said that to the


players. Regroup, refocus and we make sure from every game into the


end of the season we give everything we can to try and get promotion.


That was the bosses speaking to Bryan after the match. Tam, you were


there, Neil Lennon says it was exhilarating, did you feel, hold on,


can you hold on to that thought. There has been a goal, you will


enjoy this. Maybe not. Sorry, it is 2-0 Queen of the South, a freak goal


in many ways, a grave save first of all from the goalkeeper. Got the


ball away, ball came back off the post, eventually it fell for Joe


Thompson, his debut on loan from Celtic, he had to tap into a empty


net. I am not sure it was offside. The linesman said the goal would


stand, stand it does and Saints are trailing two goals to nil. Where we


were? I made my boy go along to see that. Never mine. Done for cruelty.


The match last night. Neil Lennon said it was exhilarating, Tam, are


you still exit rated? It was a fantastic game, from Hibs from start


to finish. I spoke to Neil fantastic game, from Hibs from start


game, he said it was the best performance he has seen since he was


a manager there, I agree. I have seen Hibs maybe, seven or eight


times this season, they went 4-4-2, they played Connors behind Cummings


and Boyle and Humphrey on the wing. It was a change from the last 18


months. Great width. Humphrey, the first time he got the ball he left


Dixon on his backside. That was the catalyst, he went at them all night.


He really, he thunderstorm apart in the first half. That is where the


game was one. Hibs cruised the second half. It could have been 3 or


4. Could have been four or five. I am saying it is three because my pal


scored the third. Coming back from injury. He is the best player in the


Championship for me. Great for hubs to have him back, it gives Neil a


selection, where are you going to put him in? You have Cummings and


Bartley. Mechanic McGeouch, if he is going to keep this formation with


the wide player, because they have been narrow with their play, that is


the most dynamic performance of the season. Commons as well. He... It


will be interesting to see ho he fits them in. Does he need to, given


the strength of the squad? I don't think this minute they need Commons


to be honest. I think he is a good player, I thought he was quiet last


night within the game. I don't think McGinn coming back, you have Keating


coming back, he can play behind Cummings. I don't think he is a


necessity but Neil Lennon rates hip. We heard from Bryan interviewing


them last night, a while ago, we will hear from Bryan again, he is in


action again, watching Raith. Yes, it is still Raith 1 Falkirk 4. Not


as exhilarating a match as Easter Road last night. Nevertheless lots


of entertain. For the fans inside the stadium. The home fans thought


they were on a roll just after nine minutes Johnson scored the opener,


Raith without a win in the last eight games. Well, they took their


chance there when Johnson was played in by Stevenson.


a great at that time, they were dominating the game, however, as it


was, Ryan Stevenson, making his home debut this afternoon, he was


injured, with concussion. That changed the game, Falkirk hitting


back quickly, Myles Hippolyte with a stunning free kick. Bob McHugh


back quickly, Myles Hippolyte with a it 2-1. A neat turn on the edge of


the box before slipping the ball beyond Kevin Cuthbert. Then a double


forum Craig Sibbald just before half-time, one before and one after


the break, that has put Peter Houston's side on target for their


first victory in the last five games. This would be a massive win


for Falkirk. They are looking to try and push their way into the


promotion places in the Championship. We have played 87


minutes. 4-1. Richard Wilson is next, Greenock Morton against


Dumbarton. What is happening? It is still 2-1 Morton. They have had the


two best players the pitch in Nesbitt and Ross Forbes, who has


two best players the pitch in been pulling the strings in


midfield. Nesbitt's cross was turned into his own net by the unfortunate


Gregor Buchanan. Nesbitt was tripped for the penalty that Michael Tidser


converted. Dumbarton have worked hard and persevered, and Andy


Stirling pulled a shot -- pulled a goal back with a shot from here edge


of the area. It was deflected into the net. They are fighting for an


equaliser, but Morton are holding on. Time for Kenny Crawford at


Somerset Park. Yes, almost 90 minutes gone. This


Somerset Park. game has all been about taking your


chances. Both sides have had an equal amount of chances. Dunfermline


have taken there is, Ayr have squandered ears. The first


Dunfermline goal was on 26 minutes. Nicky Clark diverted a Jason Talbot


shot into the corner to put the visitors 1-0 up. That became two in


some style and 33 minutes when a corner was half cleared by Ayr,


allowing Dunfermline Wright Andy Geggan to hook the ball into the far


corner. His fifth in all competitions this season. I am


sweating a bit and it is not because of the action but how warm it is.


Thanks for that. I do not know what to say. Let's go to Paisley. Chick


Young has got the chills. It looks like St Mirren could be frozen out


of this division. They are trailing 2-0. Three minutes left to play.


Queen Of The South have killed this. St Mirren were the better team in


the first half. There was a magnificently worked goal on


half-time. 45 minutes. In June by new signing John Rankin, who played


in Stephen Dobbie. It was clipped over the goalkeeper to put Queen Of


The South ahead. 2-0 with another loan signing scoring the goal for


Queen Of The South, Joe Thomson, on loan from Celtic. It was a clever


shot and a great save from Scott Gallacher. Stephen Dobbie rattled


against the post and it fell for a tap in. There is a third. Queen Of


The South have a third goal. St Mirren all over the place at the


back. I do not know who got the final touch. It is all over for St


Mirren. They have been torn apart. The heads are down. 3-0. It minutes


had been played. Let's go to Hampden and Charlie Mann. To minutes left at


Hampden Park. It is very cold. The home side are holding on, 2-1. They


took the lead on 21 minutes, a great finish by Gregor Fotheringham. It


was a backheel pass the goalkeeper. Airdrie equalised and 39 minutes. It


was a good header from Iain Russell, his 13th this year. But the home


side took the lead. The free kick was given away by Daniel Boateng,


the Airdrie centre back. It was floated then and Ryan McGeever not


get past the goalkeeper to beat the home side 2-1 up. It has not been


Boateng's Bay. They give away the free kick, he has been booked,


substituted, and in the team line-ups, they have got his name


wrong. It is full time at the game between Petro -- Peterhead and


Livingston. INAUDIBLE


I do not know about you. I am none the wiser. It sounded like


he was riding a horse. Fill time scores are coming in. Let's join the


rather sweaty Kenny Crawford at Somerset Park. I am starting to cool


down. 2-0 Dunfermline. That is a full-time score. Ayr's Desborough


need for a striker goes on. They created lots of chances but had no


one to put it in the net. Alan Forrest, Gary Harkins,


one to put it in the net. Alan I can go on with the list of players


that Ms chances. Sean Murdoch in the Dunfermline goal either kept them


out or they were off target. They didn't -- the Ayr manager has said


how much he wants a striker at Somerset Park. Dunfermline also had


loads of chances and they took two of theirs. Nicky Clark and Andy


Geggan with goals. The second was a great volley into the top corner.


Dunfermline are seven games unbeaten in the league. They are thinking


about the play-off positions at the top rather the bottom. Thanks. Let's


hear from Brian McLauchlin. Full-time at Stark's Park, Raith


Rovers against Falkirk. 4-1, Peter Houston's side romping to victory


after going a goal behind after nine minutes. Chris Johnson played in by


Ryan Stevenson. Johnston clipping the ball over the goalkeeper into


the net. Falkirk equalised through Myles Hippolyte, wonderful free kick


into the roof of the net. The loss of Ryan Stevenson had a major impact


on Raith Rovers. Falkirk took the lead through Bob McHugh, slipping


the ball home. Craig Sibbald with a deflected effort, the ball going


through the legs of the Raith Rovers keeper, Kevin Cuthbert, for number


three. Craig Sibbald again, another deflection, three minutes into the


second half, securing three points for Falkirk. Peter Houston's Sagbo


five cleared of Raith Rovers in the battle for promotion. 4-1. The ever


generous Brian McLauchlin awarding extra points. Extra points for


anyone at Caparello Park? May be for me, but Greenock Morton at one of


the most impressive sides in the me, but Greenock Morton at one of


Championship this season. This 2-1 victory means they have now gone 12


games, 12 league games with only one defeat. It keeps them in third place


in the division. They were well served by Nesbitt upfront and Ross


Forbes pulling the strings in midfield. Gregor Buchanan turndown


in the first half. Michael Tidser converted a penalty for the second


goal. Dumbarton kept persevering and pulled one back through Andy


Stirling. But Morton had the composure to see this one out. 2-1


at Caparello. Another good victory for Morton. They are seven points


behind Dundee United. They have one game in hand. They are. I think they


have a possibility of getting closer to Dundee United. Morton have been


the surprise package this season. I saw them in pre-season. They lost


lots of players, Denny Johnstone, McManus, Bath. But Jim Duffy got a


couple of guys on loan from Celtic, McManus, Bath. But Jim Duffy got a


Nesbitt and the lad Lindsay. He always seems to find these gems.


They're having a fantastic season and they got to the semifinal of


They're having a fantastic season cup. Jim is doing a great job.


Bielik like they are competing for a play-off spot. They have been good


all season, they have not gone on a run. I like the player who plays up


front. He is injured. Yes, but he is exceptional. When you get into the


play-offs, anything is possible. Let's hear from Charlie Mann. It is


full-time elite one. Yes, Queen's Park in really good form. Just one


defeat in eight games. Another good three points for them and Gus


MacPherson. They have beaten Airdrie 2-1, and probably the right


scoreline given what we have seen in the 90 minutes. 922 minutes -- 922


people in the stadium. Gregor Fotheringham gave the home side the


lead, but Airdrie came back and equalise, Iain Russell's header his


13th of the season. Airdrie did start the second half better, but


then Queen's Park came back towards the end. They got the winner and 78


minutes, free kick floated into the box. Ryan McGeever was free and it


was a calm and collected finish underneath the goalkeeper to give


Queen's Park an important victory. They have lost three times already


this season to Airdrie. No Queen's Park are looking up the way more


than down. I do not know which way Chick Young is looking at the moment


but it is full-time in Paisley. I am looking at lots of the press St


Mirren fans. It has finished 3-0. I could not identify the school for


the third goal. It was a substitute for Queen Of The South who wrapped


it up after 87 minutes. Jack was for Queen Of The South who wrapped


shaking hands with the Queen Of The South players. It is a big victory


shaking hands with the Queen Of The for Queen Of The South, their first


in the league since September. They took the lead on the stroke of


half-time, fine finish from Stephen Dobbie. The second came from online


Celtic player Joe Thomson. Then it was Dykes with the third. St Mirren


were the better team in the first half but they fell apart after the


break. The misery goes on for them, anchored at the bottom of the


Championship table. The team were booed from the park this afternoon.


Massive problems from Jack Ross. Fill time. 3-0. Let's look at this


from the Queen Of The South point of view. It is a massive victory for


them. It is massive. They were on such a bad run. I am pleased to Gary


Naismith. Really? Yes, he is a good guy and a good coach. He has made


some changes in the window, bringing in John Rankin and making him


captain today. He had a pivotal role in the Gulf. On the radio it was


described as a masterstroke. It could well have been. Stephen Dobbie


is one of the best strikers in the league. He has got 11. I think only


Jason Cummings has more. You cannot give him any room in the box, he is


sensational. The confidence for St Mirren is so low. We have so many


sensational. The confidence for St young players in the team. The


senior players have got to lift their spirits. Being booed off the


pitch is never nice. They are detached at the bottom. I am


genuinely concerned. We are now detached at the bottom. I am


a new year and there does not seem to be this improvement we thought


was going to come. Queen Of The South can start looking up the way


once again. They are on 24 points, six behind Falkirk in fourth place.


It is not insurmountable. No. Dunfermline are getting closer.


They're one of the form teams in the division. We were speaking about the


penalties they missed. It is a big result Gary Naismith. I played with


Stephen Dobbie at Hibernian. I was surprised that they did not sign him


because he was at Bolton with Neil Lennon. I thought he would have been


ideal for them in the Championship. Queen Of The South give him his big


chance. I was surprise, no disrespect to Queen Of The South,


that bigger clubs in the division did not, in for him. A good result


for Falkirk. Peter Houston has been talking about the inconsistency.


They have not reached the levels of last season. They had not won a game


in four going into this. I do not think they will catch Dundee United


for second. Hibernian, after that victory yesterday, they will push


on. Falkirk need to get into the play-offs. They were excellent last


season in the play-offs. Only 90 bad minutes at Kilmarnock stop them from


being promoted. Falkirk will be in the mix at the top of the table.


Anything is possible. The and 25 points, only six away from Ayr


United, should Raith Rovers fans be concerned? It is very tight. They


are probably six points away from Greenock Morton as well. They are in


the middle. They need to put results together. No victory since October.


The manager might be concerned, especially after today. It is a


heavy defeat at home. Dumbarton lost a to Greenock Morton. They have only


lost three in their last ten games, but they are only two above Ayr


United, they are the part-time team in the division. Will that be a


factor as the season spreads out? It may be. I think Stephen Aitken has


done a fantastic job. The fact they are part-time means they will not be


as fit as the rest of the times. Ayr have been disappointing recently. St


Mirren have got to try and grab Ayr or Dumbarton and start pulling at


their man picking up points. Dumbarton have been brilliant so far


this season. In League One, Livingston stretched their lead


because they were winners and Airdrie lost. I think Livingston


were most people's favourites to win the league at the start of the


season. They kept most of their players from the Championship the


season before. Alloa Athletic in second place behind them. Liam


Buchanan is probably the best striker in the division. He will


score 30 goals no problem. Time for the classified results.


Now it's a big weekend in the English football calendar -


Manchester City thrashed West Ham 5-0 last night.


Manchester United were at home to Championship Reading,


managed by former United player Jaap Stam.


The holders comfortably through against Jaap Stam's Reading. Wayne


Rooney was the headline act as he opened the scoring in only the


seventh minute and in doing so equalled Sir Bobby Charlton's club


total of 249 goals. He was here to applaud in the stands. It was a


wonder Rooney didn't go past him. Martial made it 2-0 and while


Rashford's two goals didn't come until the last quarter of an hour it


was a straightforward passage through for the joint record winners


of the FA Cup. It is not often a goal for a


Manchester United player against Reading would be making the


headline, but as a striker, yourself, you have to applaud


Rooney. Do you. I can't understand how this guy gets any criticism.


That is him the top all time Manchester United goal scorer, he is


a top England all time goal score and... Peter Shilton closing in on


his record. He manages to get criticism from some quarter, he has


his record. He manages to get had to adapt the game. He has lost


pace, he can play a number of positions but he had an incredible


career. Yes. Absolutely. Also the instant when he had a beer after the


Scotland England game. It was all over the front-pages. You can't be


hung out to dry. It wasn't the first time he has been caught out having a


beer. It has been over the top, when you see his record, his record is


phenomenal. It speaks for itself. Let us go on to the 3.00 kick off,


Millwall against Bournemouth. A League One side against a Premier


League side. Millwall three Bournemouth 0 what a game for Neil


Harris's side. Morris son put them ahead. The Cummings scored a rare


goal in the second half. Ferguson rounded things off. Eddie Howe made


11 changes and was embarrassed here as a result. Millwall runners-up and


semifinal lists in the past, deservedly into round four, it


finished Millwall 3, Bournemouth 0. One Premier League club biting the


dust. Another one. Stoke City were at home to Wolffs this afternoon, it


was watched by Adam. Paul Lambert hasn't had much joy, he has some


today, a terrific performance from Wolves. The goals left footed shot


from doos in the first half and Doherty's first kick in the second.


Wolves had a player to thank for a brilliant save to keep Stoke out.


Lambert made six changes to his team but it didn't show and the 5,000


fans are going back down the M6 happy. It Stoke 0, Wolves 2. Derby


fans will be happy. They have knocked out another Premier League


club West Bromwich. I am interested in that one, one of the shocks,


Millwall beating Bournemouth. My old manager Eddie Howe. It shows how


important he takes the FA Cup. There have been a lot of games through


Christmas, there always is. A lot of teams make changes for the FA Cup


games and it's a gamble but it has not paid off for Eddie. Is the shine


off it a wee bit? I don't think so. Normally one of the big teams win.


Not in your day. Normally one of the big teams win it. It was the most


unbelievable experience, unforgettable to reach the final,


with Cardiff, unfortunately we didn't go over the line. I think the


money involved in the Premiership, dictates the team selection, I think


Bournemouth are down round about that relegation zone, and there is


too much money at stake, the Premiership is the be all, end all.


Some of the big club squads are that big, they can make several changes


without the quality changing too much.


Paul Lambert's Wolves are threw, what about Norwich City They were at


home to Southampton. Let us get that from Mark Webber. Neither side


wanted to replay, especially when Saints are in the second game of


three in eight days. It is their fault. They left Naismith unmarked


in injury time. It cancelled out two great goals from Southampton from


Van Dijk and Yoshida, 14,000 Norwich fans stayed away from in in protest


at the ?25 ticket. They missed a thriller. It goes to a replay.


The Careys rivals Ipswich Town were at home to Lincoln City from the


National League. That was watched by Jonathan. So close and yet so far,


there were Lincoln leaders of the National League, five minutes away


from beating Ipswich. Enter Tom National League, five minutes away


Lawrence for the second time. A shot from distance, knocked through the


goalkeeper's leg, that was enough to save Ipswich's blushes but this


happened 12 months ago. At the moment Lincoln supporters are giving


their players a standing ovation, 5,000 fans have enjoyed themselves


as have their players, I think that have another chance, the boos ring


out for Montano Castillo car THE, it finished two-2. On to news of


another national league side. And Sutton into the Fourth Round


draw for the first time since beating Coventry in 1989. . I hope


you can hear the applause because these guys have done themselves


justice, they might not have got us a shock but possibly they can still


go on and do something in the replay. They are be kicking


themselves because they had the chancings chances.


Will home advantage tell? I suspect Neal Ardley would have taken a draw


and a replay before kick off. Listen to this, because this has been


Sutton United's day. I won't ask about Sutton. We will


talk Paul Lambert's Wolves. A good win away for them. I am delighted


for Paul Lambert and Stuart Taylor, the assistant manager, who is a good


friend of mine. That is a good result to go Stoke. They would


probably have made changes, as you would imagine, but still a good


result. A different result for Norwich as well. Two all. Two


Scottish players on the score sheet. Good to see Naismith back to score


the equaliser. And they go into the next round draw, but what about


that, a protest at ?25 a ticket? Well, you can understand, you know,


there should be less price, the price should be less going into a


home FA Cup game, but you can understand the fans' frustrations.


As I mentioned the Premiership is on a break and won't be back until the


end of the month, after the Fourth Round of the Scottish Cup. So maybe


a good time for us to take stock of that first chunk of the season and


think perhaps about what lies ahead when the competition starts up


again. Maybe we should start with what we learned from this gentlemen.


A week ago. Seems as if it was ages ago. Rangers were sportsperson and


stunned Celtic. Kenny Miller and they dominated that first half


period but they lost a sloppy goal, again, how can you leave this man


with that amount of space from a corner kick? Knowing in the previous


Old Firm games he scored against you from a corner kick, it was terrible


and the second half Celtic upped their level, and showed their true


quality. When they equalised you could only see one outcome although


Rangers did have opportunities. I would say it's the best Old Firm


game I have seen in a long time. It was fascinating. Celtic 19 points


clear, a game in hand. The title race pretty much over, Dembele,


Steven highlighted him there. Scored a cracking goal. We read West Ham


are interested, price tag of 20 million has been bandied about. Do


you think they would be tempted to sell? I think they would have to be.


They signed him for ?500,000. That is a fair profit. Celtic are in no


position to sell him. There is no pressure. The week is won, they have


position to sell him. There is no plenty of money in the bank from


Champions League. He will score another 15, 20 goals in the


Premiership. I don't believe his value is much above that. I don't


know what Celtic are holding out for, they are under no pressure to


sell him. Rangers losing at home to Celtic last week, favourites for


second spot? Is it between them and Aberdeen? Aberdeen beat Hearts 1-0


in their last match. It has swung both ways. Rangers were on a poor


run. Aberdeen finished the year strongly, three straight wins. And


they came alive the last couple of weeks. Rangers were excellent, they


should have killed Celtic off. They had their chances to go one, two,


3-0 up. They didn't do that. The thing about Aberdeen, they have won


three games on the bounce after massive criticism. Derek was getting


all sort, went back to the team that brought success and the three


all sort, went back to the team that propelled them up the league and it


is going to be a fascinating battle. A game in hand as well. They do.


Well done to Aberdeen, round the Christmas period, picking up so many


points. St Johnstone, their last game, the year, they had a chance to


draw level on points. They went to Dundee and they were blown away a


bit. They were. It was a surprising


result. St Johnstone are tough to crack. They are hard to beat. Dundee


blew them away. Good for him to get a goal. He struggled with the step


up from League One to the Premiership. This was a sensational


strike. I do not know where this came from. In the end, it was an own


goal. This man has been a good came from. In the end, it was an own


signing for Dundee. He is causing problems. He is not scoring goals


but he is amongst that. Celtic for the title, Rangers and Aberdeen for


second, second and third, and fourth, Hearts and St Johnstone? I


do not think the legal change much fourth, Hearts and St Johnstone? I


from how it is no. St Johnstone might be able to challenge Hearts.


Hearts are in transition. I do not know if they can challenge Aberdeen


and Rangers for the second spot. I do not think the top half of the


legal change much. I was going to say. The top half. There is not much


between the last team in the top six, Ross County, and Caley Thistle.


Only a seven point spread between seven teams. It has been like that


all season. Seven is probably the biggest gap there has been all


season. Any team is capable of beating another. It will be


fascinating, up until they split. Fascinating to see which players


these teams bring in. It will be a vital transfer window. Ross County


normally like to bring in 56 players. Perhaps he will get his


cheque-book out. They are only 59 St players. Perhaps he will get his


Johnstone. With the squad they have got, Ross County, they will always


sign players in January, as we were touching on. Lots of clubs, the


budget is not there to in players. You are looking at loans, to get


players out before you can bring others in. I would worry about


Hamilton and Inverness at the bottom. They are both at the bottom.


They are the teams that could get detached. Hamilton are three behind


Kilmarnock at the moment. Kilmarnock have Kris Boyd. Other teams have


goal-scorers. I do not see where the goals will come from when I look at


those teams. Would you make a prediction? It is easy to say that


Inverness will struggle because they are at the bottom. You're right,


Inverness and Hamilton are the teams that will probably struggle. Partick


Thistle have picked up, they are almost on a false position,


struggling for most of the season, because they have been playing


better football than their position deserve. The Break interrupts


things. Aberdeen would not have wanted this break. I am sure the


Derek McInnes was desperate to get to Dubai. When he gets back from


Florida. For Aberdeen to be able to fly out to Dubai and get warm


weather training, it is fantastic. Partick Thistle are away as well


Tola manga. Kilmarnock have gone down to Newcastle. Gateshead. Not


quite as glamorous. What do you think of the break, would you prefer


to stay at home? It depends for how long and where you're going. If


you're going to Dubai, yes. If you're going to Gateshead? I do not


know if you were around back then. We went to Trinidad and Tobago with


Hibernian. Russell Latapy with with We went to Trinidad and Tobago with


Hibernian and we got the trip over there. Did you do any training? Yes,


at the end of the bar. Did you come back stronger? It depends on what


your manager wants to do. Lots of managers like to have a break where


the players can relax. Other managers want to work do. It sounds


like Ian Cassel will be working the Hearts players hard. You can relax


now. -- Ian Cathro. That's almost it for today


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