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BBC Scotland's weekly round-up of all the action from the weekend's Clydesdale Bank Premier League games, presented by Rob Maclean.

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Last weekend's SPL goals total of 26 was the biggest in nearly 10


Aberdeen scored two of those 26 goals and manager Craig Brown is


here with Billy Dodds and myself, as we review this weekend's SPL


action. The pair of them have a relationship which goes back a long


way. I seem to remember this one didn't have a happy ending. We will


hear from them after we've seen highlights of today's SPL meeting


A Celtic team showing just one change from the 11 who started


Tuesday night's Champions League win in Moscow. Skipper Scott Brown


rested, winger James Forrest started. One change for Hearts as


well. Scotland defender Andy Webster record, midfielder Scott


take them back... Hears Charlie here. In a clash with Charlie


Mulgrew. That was brave goalkeeping. Play continued but it is the end of


of the situation. But Andrew Driver initially there by Andrew Driver.


But he gets away with it and goal. Commons did really well to


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 41 seconds


opening goal. It's a first in the space. He hit that with a fair bit


vital role in the Champions League victory over Spartak Moscow and


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 41 seconds


Couldn't quite find the target, perhaps in the dying seconds?


Andrew Driver with a chance. He Dragsic wide, he should have hit


Jamie MacDonald is OK. It looked bad at the time but the guy who


replaced him, Peter Enckelman, didn't cover himself in glory at


didn't cover himself in glory at tour. It's a great way to pass, he


doesn't even have to take a touch. He got power on it but he has been


littered by mistakes. It's these mistakes that people remember. He


has to make maybe 20 saves after that for them to forget about it,


but they keep on sticking with him. There's been a few. It's a shame


because he's had a good career but it was his fault for the goal.


didn't look as if that would be the only goal of the game because


Celtic had so much possession and pressure and chances. Gary Hooper


drifting into space, nobody picks him up at all. When the ball is


played out wide, Kris Commons cuts it quite well. He scored five last


time against Hearts and you expected him to score their. On


another day these go in. Celtic had so many chances they could have


scored. Three of four goals quite comfortably. But Stevenson, a great


shot for Hearts as well. This is great play from Celtic. I was very


surprised they played the same team. They were brilliant in Moscow. But


with international break, Neale would say, I can play them in this


game and then they've got a couple Given hindsight, Neil Lennon


probably would have freshened it up because there was a bit flat at


times. It's OK in hindsight. I think it's a testament to Hearts.


They've always given Celtic problems. They always play for 51


and make it very different. Maybe Neil Lennon thought he had to play


the best team. But they've won the game. You know your teams when they


play bad and they still win, you take that home. But they have a big


Poole. You would think they could freshen it. But the team did so


well in Moscow, on you go. Many will get a break. To me, they


didn't look too flat. I watched the game on TV and I thought Celtic


played very well. How much of a boost is it for Scottish football


that they are in the Champions League and are pulling back of


against Moscow? They are doing great, even better at Liverpool. He


played the right side of midfield against Liverpool, Pedersen. He's


up front there. A 17-year-old. What a player he is. And he could have


scored, it would have made for a different game if he'd taken the


coming from the other side on to his right foot, it would have been


back in the net. It was through two People talk about Hearts because of


the size of the club, being a top- six team this season, but a lot has


changed at Tynecastle. Will they make the top of? He I've ticked


them not to but... Does that mean they will? On their wage bill they


should. They still have a big squad of players. They've lost one or two


but they still have a good squad, a big squad and a talented group of


players. Some of the young boys coming through operate, Paterson


the example. Hibs have to be happy with the first couple of months of


the season, which continued with a It has on the whole been pretty


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 41 seconds


Kearney. It's 1-0 to Hibs. Doyle, who scored a cracker at Aberdeen


last weekend, flushing a head from the Kearney cross. Paul Kearney has


made such a big difference to Hibs they are currently at the bottom of


the SPL. Four points adrift of Dundee United. It is Colin Nish on


the offensive. Was Ian Davidson's cross? -- was he in Davidson's


It was Jim McAllister's challenge. Kearney had the legs taken from him.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 41 seconds


Griffiths. This one comes against David Wotherspoon. Role did with


Hibs were top of the lead briefly for less than 24 hours but you beat


them last weekend. Is it a bigger Trans formation in a team than the


Hibs we saw finishing last season? They have performed as a team


without doubt. Pat Fenlon does very well on the loan market. He's got


some good signings. The latest, Ryan McGivern from Man City,


absolutely outstanding. Came on against us last week, just after


half-time. He was absolutely first class. Great pace, good left foot.


Delivery terrific. You can't ask a ball from a full-back. I'm told


that is not an exception, that's the norm for him. He will be a


fixture in the Hibs team now. two players everyone is raving


about in a Hibs context were Griffiths and McPake. But two


Griffiths and McPake. But two others to grab the attention, they


are involved in all three goals here, that is Owen Doyle. I like


Kearney because at Thistle, you can see them in the circle. They always


hit the box. Doyle works hard. Kearney played central area for


Partick Thistle, but he always gets in the box. He wins the penalty. He


is wide left, he's getting in the box, he is forced to play wide left


to get a game at Hibs but he's He's done it again. So Wotherspoon,


Scottish under 21 player - he does very, very well indeed. Billy is


right about Kearney. He does not play in the wide position. He plays


more central, as he did for Thistle. He is competitive. Hibs, you are


right, they have transformed the team. They will stay at the top, or


near the top throughout the season. Is that part of them getting in the


type of player they want? He was under pressure. He gets results. He


another three points. Paul Mitchell in! O'Leary made the move to


deflect the goal. It's paid off. He certainly moved to deflect the


target. It his first ever goal for Kilmarnock. Kilmarnock lead after


plays well. I tell you what - he was lucky.


first time they have trailed all seconds from the start of the


second half and Aberdeen are level wrong way. It is the fourth goal of


the season and about -- Aberdeen are level.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 41 seconds


lead. 54 minutes played. A delightful chip in from Fraser. He


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 41 seconds


knew what he wanted to do. Aberdeen 3-1. The ball came in from Hayes.


He did so well, even to get there to make the chance.


three points. It's a fantastic finish for the first SPL goal of


the season for Scott Vernon. Kilmarnock could not get there.


That's a great finish by Scott Vernon. Aberdeen will take all


three points and their fine run continues. The Kilmarnock manager


said his team did not deserve to lose. Discuss? I am bias as well,


but I think we did enough in the game to get the result we got - 3-1.


There was a goal between the teams, maybe twoment Fraser is a fantastic


talent to watch, isn't he? He is indeed. This was by far from his


best game. He's had some sparkling games earlier in the season. Games


in which we didn't score, but he created numerous chances. You see


him here - it is interesting, he prefers to cross it with his left


foot. At that occasion he crossed it with his right. Young player of


the month for September? Certainly. He's taken the SPL by storm and the


way to that cross, as Craig was saying, usually by the left. He is


strong. I think he's so sharp and quick that teams struggle with him.


Is he the target for rough treatment, Craig? He probably is.


To be fair to kill far mock, I don't think they -- kill far mock I


don't think they set out to be have lent in any way. It is a tribute to


him, isn't it, the way guys try to stop him.


It is a compliment to him. There are occasions, in Inverness, some


hard tackling on him. That was a bit fierce that one. I don't think


anyone is setting out - there's Kearney - not setting out to injure


him or be violent. They find it difficult to stop him without


impeding him. That is getting free kib force us and yellow cards for


the opposition. He's so sharp. Of course you want protection. Some


of the players - these are big, solid defenders. Do you have


sympathy for defenders? Never. You talk to the wrong person!


There's no question, the one major thing about him is he does not take


a dive. He never goes down unnecessarily. When he goes down he


gets back up. He is brave. He has been warned you are not to put it


on. I see him quote as saying, if you are fouled you don't go down


unless you have to. There are some obgkaigs he is staggering on.


If you go down a bit - you don't want them to do that. You want them


to be honest about it. I never thought I would say this about


Gavin Rae, but three goals for him. Gavin was playing off the front


quite a bit and was good for a goal there. He's very versatile, Gavin


Rae. Niall McGinn, two with headers. He's not the tallest guy in the


world. He's a very good spring. He's got electric pace, so he gives


us movement. How promising are things - I know you will not say


Aberdeen will win the league at the moment - how promising are things


for the rest of the season? We want to improve every year. That was the


target. In recent times, we have sold five players. Very few SPL


clubs have sold five. We have lost five. They were all sales. Two guys


like Maguire. It is difficult to replace guys like that - we have


not bought anyone. We have simply gone into the market and bought


players who were out of contract. So, I think we have managed to


build a reasonable good squad. Hopefully it will get stronger. The


experience of Anderson of Rae, of Hughton and Vernon up front has


helped us greatly. We have some wonderful young boys. Before I came


to Aberdeen, there was a great supply of youths coming through.


You can see that, Fraser is one of them. The list goes on. Was the


goal off the training goal - is this one he has been practicing


with his knee? He acts well. I don't think he tried to put it in


the net, tried to put knit the area. I don't know what Craig thinks of


that one. He has punched it straight into the bodies. His


reaction, maybe a bit quick there. Credit to him, I think he's not


trying to no knock it back into the area. He will wish he pushes it


away from goal rather than into bodies and it caused a lot of


problems. Maybe a bit harsh because I thought


he should run backwards and put it over the bar. I am sitting in the


middle of the park with a dog out there, looking at that situation.


It was a good safe. You lose your sight in older age. I knew you


would repeat my age. You will repeat that tomorrow morning?


hiper critical yesterday. I am not a goal-keeping coach. I am looking


at it, trying to be as fair as possible. Up quicker, keep your


eyes on the ball, put it over the bar. Seems simple to me. Now the


only season question marks over Lomas as St Johnstone seem


ridiculous now - September's manager of the month was looking to


an SPL win yesterday at St Mirren. Lomas, taking manager of the month


award for September. This St Johnstone side looking to


side in front. It's all too easy - shrugs off the defender. It's a


cool finish that gives St Johnstone almost ended in the back of the


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 41 seconds


the start of the second half. The allowing St Mirren that kind of


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 41 seconds


are furious, they want a penalty five if you include their League


Cup result as well. What's changed? A little bit of luck, getting some


players back. Not great defending their, Hasselbaink is strong. I


think when you get confidence, it's a testament to Steve Lomas because


let's make no mistake, he was under serious pressure. Usually you lose


your game when you get voted manager of the month. You can see


the results. A big rush of confidence going through that club.


They've got a good look about them at the moment. I think the big


turning point was the Celtic result. I watched the four-game. -- fall


game. Peter was a good contribution in that match. They played


exceptionally well against Celtic. This is the gain you were talking


about. St Johnstone have lost a few players with illness that week as


well. They were under strength and yet they beat Celtic. They have


taken off since then. There's no doubt they've done exceptionally


well. St Mirren are a good side. Looking at the highlights, I think


St Murer -- St Mirren were a bit unfortunate not to get something


from the game. Aberdeen contributed to the early-season pressure on


Steve Lomas because he won in Perth. It all seems crazy now, that people


were questioning his future at the club. They are a few points off the


top of the league. We are only a quarter of the way through this


league. There's a long way to go. Things will change before the end


of the season. St Johnstone started in a different fashion, now they


are on this great run. By Steve Lomas, I hope it doesn't stop. But


I think they will come a cropper. you get huge confidence. It goes


through every player and the whole team. They seem to keep winning.


St Mirren haven't really made a lot, St Mirren haven't really made a lot,


a couple of penalty claims near the end. This one looks a Stone wall


against Robertson. It is. You would rather have the penalty. I don't


know if he is playing advantage. I'd rather have a penalty kick than


a cross coming into the box anyway. You've got St Merryn in the League


Cup quarter-finals. Great respect for St Mirren. My pal Tommy Craig


is now working there, he's an excellent coach. There's a big


improvement in St Mirren. They've got the injury to McGowan, which


will obviously upset them. He was a key player, they will have to do


well to get a replacement for McGowan. But there are a couple of


young players, McLean. They are a tough team. We will have a


difficult game in the Cup against St Mirren. Four good League Cup


quarter-finals coming up and the milestone match in the north on


Friday night launched this SPL weekend. The first of a top-flight


Highland derby. Inverness against team was the return to the midfield


after a three-match ban of Owain Tudur Jones. Derek Adams was able


to record his captain and the main striker McManaman, in place of


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 41 seconds


Shinnie can't get there. Ross has taken the credit for the


opening goal. Roberts was there, too, he seemed to go up for it from


the corner. It seems to have come off the back of frost Draper. Caley


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 41 seconds


Denied by Michael Fraser. What a the ball cleanly enough but then he


His first ever goal for Ross County came against Caley Thistle. He


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 41 seconds


Mikaele is going through. -- Billy McKay. Quinn caused the problem


Doran finishers with a sensational Borlee. Aaron Doran has won the


game for Caley Thistle. What a I was acting as your official


interpreter. The best part of 7000 there, how special of a night was


it? It was a great night for football. And then the type of game


we got, because I was expecting an old fashioned, physical Derby. It


never materialised. Inverness started particularly well. At 2-0


up I thought they should have had the game over. Then Ross County had


a brilliant second half. Aaron Doran's second goal sealed it.


was Inverness setting the tone from the start. It did have a big


influence in this match because there was really no looking back


for them because of their strong start. They were right in the faces


of Ross County. Draper had a bit of luck, Consob is back, but he could


have scored before that. The timing changed in the first half was when


they hit the bar. Suddenly Ross County came in. Inverness scored


their second slightly against the run of play, but I thought


Inverness were the better team and deserved to win it. You be


different - that you know the difference back-to-back wins can


make. Inverness have done the same thing. A fantastic result. His team


played brilliantly with him up there. I don't know the rules


because I haven't been suspended yet, but he's not allowed an hour


before the game in the dressing room or at half-time. They played


exceptionally well. Good credit to both teams. Excellent teams. They


are doing the north of Scotland proud. When we see the run that


Ross County had, it was sensational. Now it's been arrested a little,


they'll come back I'm sure. We will see in a couple of weeks' time. I'm


hoping that we can do what Inverness did to Ross County, but


it will be very difficult. A good game. Great quality. Some fine


goals. Aaron Dorrans's goal to Clinton was spectacular. Inverness


3-1 winners of that first of a Highland derby in the SPL. Going


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