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Highlights from the fifth round of the Scottish Cup. 2010 winners Dundee United take on St Mirren at Tannadice Park. Including a review of all the weekend's action.

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When it comes to this stage of the Scottish Cup, it is a hard task to


guess what the outcome will be. It is 2-1 Aberdeen! Last year's


runners-up, Hibernian is, did not expect to fall flat against Raith


Rovers. And lead to's Albion Rovers continue to defy expectations.


Albion Rovers scored a second. And today, Dundee United last tasted


Scottish Cup success in 2010, but Jackie MacNamara makes sense his


young sparks produced more against St Mirren at this stage, with all


cards on the table, anything is possible when it comes to the magic


of the Scottish Cup. Good evening, we are dealing with a


double dose of Scottish Cup sports scene -- programme Krug on and


tonight is no different. But Nevin and Steven Thompson joining us. And


his side would round up this weekend with a showdown against Dundee


United. The side Dundee United famously beat last playing the


Scottish Cup seven years ago. And the team from the east is not


lacking in support. They are at the far end, these other bodies. It goes


to Ferguson. And there it goes, St Mirren have


won the Cup. Jubilation of the St Mirren players and their


supporters. They are overjoyed. The underdogs have done it.


With history repeat itself or with United emerge victorious?


Commentator Paul Mitchell. All four divisions being


represented. Two top division sides so far, there's guaranteeing about


and with either competition is unfolding, would expect an extra


spring in the step. United want to prove they can dazzle after shining


so brightly with a stunning November and early November, St Mirren need


more players to shoulder the goal-scoring burden shouldered by


Steven Thompson. Dundee United held by Partick Thistle 21-1. Farid El


Alagui steps onto the bench as Ryan Gauld returns.


John McGinn was booked in both games against Queen of the South than


suspended. Paul McGowan, Kenny McLean and Eric Djemba-Djemba makes


his St Mirren debut. And stop with the Paisley Saints,


his agenda may be to secure a World Cup place with Cameron, but his


dreams may propel St Mirren pass Dundee United today. And at a time


for Ryan Gauld, two substitution appearances in his last three, back


in the starting line-up. And Steven Thompson, 13 goals so far this term.


Certainly the danger mark. Craig Thomson is this afternoon's man in


the middle. In the last three matches, the


victorious team have found the net four times.


The request is more of that, please. And bouncing off the boot their


Jason Naismith. Mark Wilson will come across this left-hand side to


take the first corner of the match. Gary Mackay-Steven had started a


run. A solid header away by McAusland. A good sliding challenge


by Paul Paton. Safety first from Darren McGregor.


Thompson, taking it down, but Cierzniak putting it away.


Almost a decent ball, but Gauld did not get there. Steven Thompson was


onside. And came through and tested the fingers and hands of Cierzniak.


Paul Paton, working towards Gary Mackay-Steven, and effective from


Conor Newton. A chance, but a good hold, Stuart


Armstrong breaking through at the edge of the box. Robertson has


already is there not as he will cause problems down the left-hand


side. -- has already served notice. Great tracking back, taken by Marian


Kello. Eric Djemba-Djemba, already one, might get a quiet word as he


wants fast. Great play into the box, and a terrific recovery challenge. I


wonder if you will be happy enough, Danny Lennon, and his Cowdenbeath


side against Dundee United in the League Cup, Cowdenbeath on the wrong


side of a 5-1 scoreline. Ciftci across, straightened by Ryan


Gauld! -- Street in. Dundee United take the lead after 21 minutes.


Djemba-Djemba could not fear the challenge, he feared a yellow card


coming. Good acceleration by Nadia Nadim G, and Ryan Gauld was another


head of the defender, the first goal for Ryan Gauld here, his seventh of


the season. -- good acceleration by Nadir Ciftci.


A penalty has been given. He was right behind the challenge, Paton


and Wilson look at each other. Kenny McLean into the box, and the two


challenges together may have been innocuous on their own, but Mark


Wilson certainly comes across with a bump and St Mirren have a perfect


chance to get back in the match. Kenny McLean has been successful


from the spot once season. -- this season. Steps up, cool as you like.


The goalkeeper the wrong way, the penalty into the right place and St


Mirren are level, 26 minutes gone. That is how to take a penalty kick.


He was turning away before the ball. Dawn into the corner. -- gone into.


Wonderful control, good save, Marian Kello. He had to look lively here,


great ball in to Gary Mackay-Steven, decent control, ball into the


ground, always making it difficult for a goalkeeper, but Marian Kello


saving it well. Great touch, sliding in was John


Souttar. That is a great ball, and a


wonderful save as well, Ciftci doing the right thing, back across the


goalkeeper, but Marian Kello realised it to, a clip all in, and a


good wave from Marian Kello. Armstrong putting the ball across,


the held up -- the header as well was delicate, but denied.


The first have to comes to a close. Ryan Gauld got the final touch to


steer United ahead after 21 minutes. The penalty calmly tucked away to


bring St Mirren level. It is level at half-time.


And at the start of the second half, Dundee United have reached the water


finals in each of the last four seasons, twice into the semifinals


pages against the Mirren, who have been at the quarterfinals in five of


the last six seasons, will something give this afternoon and go to a


replay? St Mirren, something of the replay experts, seventh of the last


11 Scottish Cup dies ending with replay is. -- replays.


Rankin with a good run, but Marian Kello guarding his post. Quickstart


to second half Dundee United. Rankin causing the problems down the left.


Nice play. Djemba-Djemba had a little nibble, and I'd yellow card


-- a yellow card. Jim Goodwin trying to can someone down, but


Djemba-Djemba just backing into Robertson.


John Rankin taking too long, breaking out wide, and Gary


Mackay-Steven thundered across. United camped in the area. Turned


away again by Marc McAusland. And up temples start to the second half


Dundee United. -- up temp. Got the crowd right into this game.


Kenny McLean missing at the first thing, like to play in a second. --


at the first time, getting to play a second.


It was pressure, pressure and more pressure and eventually Dundee


United find a way through! And Nadir Ciftci, with just one goal in his


last 12, strong with the header, an absolute onslaught from Dundee


United, and in Mirren simply could not clear the lines. Ciftci down to


Gauld, deflection across, and Gary Mackay-Steven bladed up and Nadir


Ciftci did the rest. Out to Gary Mackay-Steven was fortuitous, the


header simply powerful, Dundee United back ahead, Nadir Ciftci the


scorer. Not the start to the second half Danny Lennon imagined. Once


more from his side now. -- wants more. The pressure is telling again.


Ryan Gauld almost finishing this type of -- finishing this off.


Always looks to be in control, and Marian Kello, important fingertips.


United continue to look like you are -- looked the likelier.


Led by Marian Kello. He drew the defender. A wonderful chip across. A


bit more height, who knows? The free kick will go against Gary


Mackay-Steven. He will have to be careful, they are starting to mount


up, the fouls that he has conceded. Denied by the diving figure of


Radoslaw Cierzniak. A great delivery from Gary Teale. Steven Thompson's


header had power. The goalkeeper flung himself to the side. Paul


Paton is furious with the decision. Just enough to bowl over the player,


Kenny McLean. Just driven wide by Darren McGregor.


He is a centre-half with silky skills, he brought it down


beautifully. Plenty of power. A bit unlucky.


He ran into Darren McGregor, there was nowhere for the defender to go.


The Dundee United fans think it should have been a penalty.


Great action at the end of the match. Dundee United wanted a


penalty, did not come. It opened up for Ryan Dow, but Marian Kello keeps


St Mirren in the tie. John Rankin goes down, but there is nowhere for


Darren McGregor to go. If that is given, it is harsh. It will be an


interesting quarterfinals, all four divisions represented.


They will not have time to take the throwing, it is joy for Jackie


McNamara and Dundee United. It was the onslaught at the start of the


second half that for the difference. Dundee United win on the day and


take their place in the quarterfinal of the Scottish Cup. It finished


2-1. We had enough chances to kill the


game, some good chances in the first half, and Marian Kello made a couple


of key saves, you are maybe thinking the worst, but I am delighted to be


in the next round. They click a bit more in the final third. In terms of


the football we have played, we had a feud that failed to bring that


level of performance today. Unfortunately, it is such an


important game, and you do not get a second opportunity. It is not an


easy draw, no matter where we go. Stranraer, it will not be an easy


place to go, they will make it tough for us. Inverness, we would be


looking for revenge. It is a cup tournament, if you want to win the


cup, you have to beat everybody in front of you. I do not care who


comes, we just have to beat them. A fantastic result for Dundee


United, they through to the quarterfinals for a fifth season in


a row. Commiserations, what was your summary? We had a poor first half,


we were too worried about Gary Mackay-Steven and Stuart Armstrong.


We were dropping deep to cover them and we let John Rankin and Paul


Paton dictate the match. Andrew Robertson and Gary Mackay-Steven had


a field day. In the second half, they put us under immense pressure


for the first ten minutes, and you could tell the golf was coming.


Then, they scored, we were under such pressure. In the last 20


minutes, we brought Gary Teale on, excellent to get him back, we


thought we might create something, but too little, too late. We did not


deserve anything. Were Dundee United he deserved winners? Buy a decent


distance. Whether they would get it back, or when they would get it


back, they got it back today, up until 75 minutes, they were the


better side. Ryan Gauld went away, but he came back. The dear city


drifted around, both of them involved.


They got to the byline so many times. It is the willingness to get


forward. We talk about the Dundee United players, Ryan Gauld needed a


lift of confidence after his difficult times, and that is a


brilliant goal. It is a great front post run, he had a good match. St


Mirren got back into the game with a penalty kick. You disagree about the


merits or otherwise! For me, it is a clear penalty. The referee is in a


wonderful position, Kenny McLean is driving with the ball, and Marc


Wilson hangs out a leg. That is where the hit happens. He has


already passed it. Has he brought him down in the box? He has run


directly into the player. It is a tough one, the referee was in a


brilliant position. He did get in the right position. But have a close


look. He placed the ball, he makes the pass. A quarter of a second


later, he is brought down. I concede your point, but I think he runs into


a group of defenders. I do not blame the referee for giving that. They


will call it a score draw! We mentioned now the seat -- Nadir


Ciftci, he has become an important player. Yes, they are all very good


footballers. I was worried about him beforehand, they were losing


confidence, but not here, the confidence was great. I am sure


about the cross. As a striker, you love that cross coming in. But you


are going to talk about defenders. It is the ideal pass, Sean Kelly


could have defended a bit wetter, opened his body up, and put Nadir


Ciftci of, but for me, I would have done the same, you get on top of the


fallback, you do not let him have the opportunity to jump, and it is a


simple goal. Before Christmas, we raved about Dundee United, they went


on a fantastic run of form, then after Christmas, it fell apart.


There were signs today that they have got the flow back. The players


getting confidence, and one of the best ways is to play one and two


touch football between each other. One touch, two touches, quick. The


defenders have not done anything wrong, and it is a great tackle to


stop it. When they were doing that, that is them back to their best. The


speed of the break is fantastic, they are coming at you from a dozen


different angles. Nadir Ciftci's movement is excellent. It is a


wonderful save. He is doing that week in, week out. How did this


affect the way St Mirren played? We were awfully deep, and when we got


forward, we did not have any numbers forward, because we were


concentrating on stopping the quality players. That is a wonderful


pass, and another great save. They are all good footballers, they all


have good vision and touches, at their best. We allowed them to play


today. In the last game against them, we did not allow them to


play. There was a chance for a St Mirren equaliser, it hit your head.


I knew I had made a good connection. It is a good height for the


goalkeeper. I would try to head that down into the ground. I got the


first bit right, but I needed another foot or so lower, and it


might have sneaked in. It was flat cap Sunday for a lot of St Mirren


fans, Eric Djemba-Djemba arrived in a storm of publicity with the fact


cap. St Mirren fans decided to copy his style. How was his debut? As a


former Manchester United player, you will get attention. He is lucky.


Have a look at where the ball is when he makes the tackle, five yards


away. He is not 100% fit, he was not moving quick enough. It is tough,


though. To get shoved into a top game, he did look off the pace. He


has got obvious quality. He is not match fit, he has not played a game


in a couple of months, he has only had three or four days training. The


sartorial choices have made a huge impact, have you got a flat cap?


Unfortunately not, but Pat does. Does it affect his nickname in the


dressing room? Not yet. Is everything nickname? We need to come


up with something. You were a St Mirren fan when they last won the


cup. This could be your last season, maybe next season. The most


frustrating thing, when Celtic were put out, it becomes wide open.


Anybody in the quarterfinals can win it, as we proved last year with the


League Cup. It was an opportunity to put ourselves in the quarterfinal,


but we did not bring enough to the game today. It was a fantastic day


yesterday, the magic of the cup very much in evidence. We start with the


Premiership sides, and there were one or two scalps along the way.


Celtic were unbeaten in their last 18 against Aberdeen, but they have


not beaten them in the Scottish Cup at Celtic Park since 1951. Not the


type Aberdeen wanted, the toughest one on paper, but not the one Celtic


wanted either. A brilliant goal from Anthony


Stokes! A wonderful touch, he battled the ball in. Celtic have the


initiative. It is parity at Celtic Park, Celtic


have finally ceded a goal, and his Russell Anderson who volleys


Aberdeen back on level terms. It is to cut -- it is 2-1, Aberdeen,


he too bored to the game on its head. A wonderful finish. What a


pass to open it up for Peter Pawlett. In off the woodwork.


It is a good ball in by blue to -- by blue -- by Van Dijk, but put


away! Considine of the post, but it stays


2-1. A glorious afternoon for Aberdeen, putting the holders out of


the William Hill Scottish Cup. A famous success for Aberdeen and


Derek McInnes, their second massive victory in the space of one week.


Obviously, you have to respect every other team that is in it, and there


will be seven other teams in that quarterfinal with the same


aspirations, just good to be in the fight.


Hibs continued their love, hate, mainly hate relationship with the


Scottish Cup, but the fate of their travelling supporters would be


rewarded. Superb breakthrough for Raith Rovers! Additives Kevin Moon


who has got them off to a flying start extra mark --!.


Striking from here, lovely, from Sam Stanton, and Hibs with a quick


response to follow behind. The second Raith Rovers goal


additives Dougie Hill that has put his side back in front! -- and it is


Dougie Hill. He is up, Hibs level once more, and Michael Nelson!


It is in the net, additives Grant Anderson -- and it is Grant


Anderson! Wonderful delivery and a wonderfully improvised by Kedah --


improvised back header! Everyone just what does that looked


against the crossbar. And tremendous victory from the Championships died.


Grandmotherly, the ex-Hearts of Midlothian man, steers his side into


the quarterfinals. It looked like business as usual


when Aaron Doran put Premiership Inverness Caley Thistle 1-0 up


against Stranraer, but on the stroke of half-time, the League One side


won themselves a penalty, and Martin Keighley and convicted, 1-1 at the


break. -- and Martin Grehan converted. In the second half, it


looked like another shock in their hands, Jamie Longworth with his


second goal of the season and Stranraer on the verge of a famous


win, but that feeling lasted about a minute, Billy McKay, who else, with


the Inverness equaliser and a replay for Stranraer. A tough game, just


one shot of beating the bigger teams, giving it one shot and we


will give it another go. Forfar Athletic had claimed the


League Cup scalp of Rangers at Station Park back in August, but


Premiership side, St Johnstone, were too much for their hosts.


Flexed in, and it is Stevie May! Good save, but Frazer Wright knocked


it in! Tried this straight -- tried the


strike, and a great effort, but off the bar.


First start for Michael O'Halloran, his first goal and St Johnstone are


at 3-0. Fantastic result for Aberdeen, and I


do not think many people saw that coming, and the two water finals --


two Cup finals will be at Celtic Park. I disappointing not to at


least make it to the final? It is the fact they will not be in either


Cup vinyl, and a real shame, because you think of the utter domination


Celtic have of Scottish football at the moment and they will only have


one of three major trophies at the end of this season, and quite


surprising, and to be out so early, I was quite shocked by it. But the


one team I thought who would have given them a game would have been


Aberdeen, more than anyone else, and the teams put out before hand looked


at Aberdeen and said they had a chance. One of the most memorable


goals scored by Grant Anderson of Raith Rovers.


What did you make of this? If he meant it, it is the nominal, not


sure if he is heading it onto an area behind him, but off the back of


his head, and if he meant it, it is wonderful. I greatly add to put it


weird he put it, an orthodox, but well done. -- great to put it where


he put it. Raith Rovers not the only club


booking a place in the last once. There would be at least one


part-time team in the quarterfinals of the Scottish Cup and it would be


Dumbarton who would edit over the Alloa Athletic wasps. Colin Nish


with the only goal of the game as the sons of the rock reach the


quarterfinal stage for the first time in 35 years. And it might have


been even more convincing for the visitors when goalkeeper Scott Bain


crumpled Chris Cain in the box, but Scott Bain would redeem himself,


before painless experience. -- before pain was experienced.


League One Rangers took on League One Dunfermline Athletic at Ibrox.


A free kick for Templeton. Weird he is dangerous. It comes to Dean


Shiels and Rangers have the early initiative! Club said in, additives


two for Rangers and two for Dean Shiels! -- clips it in and it is


two. That is a third! No doubt surely


about the outcome of this earth round tie. Rangers come forward.


Looking to steam-rollered Duncan at the start of the second half, which


is what Lee Wallace is doing, Dean Shiels tells him to leave it and has


his hat-trick! After they are spectacular,


giant-killing of Motherwell in the previous round, Albion Rovers would


get a spectacular stroke of luck against then house in Europe, Ross


McMillan with a spectacular foul of an own goal -- against


Stenhousemuir. And Gary Phillips put the league side firmly in control.


2-0 up and Albion Rovers stilted conceding they will -- still to


concede a goal, and a chance to change that, but failing. Albion


Rovers celebrating reaching the quarterfinals of the Scottish Cup


for the first time in 80 years. They are favourites now, but again, we


will take it as it comes, you want to dream big and why not? We will


give it our best shot. The draw of the Scottish Cup finals was made and


here it is... I am delighted to say, as if by


magic, the manager of Albion Rovers has joined as in the studio,


congratulations, thank you for joining us. What were celebrations


like? You'll Hibs went on long into the night, judging by some of the


text messages I got this morning. Everyone was ecstatic. What about


this joy you have with Rangers at Ibrox? What does that mean to the


club? Financially, are fantastic left in terms of what we can


generate, and I looked at it from the footballing side of things, and


my priority after the run we have been on is to get us in the best


shape to get something from the game. You have not conceded a goal


in your Scottish Cup run, unbelievable, and Gary Phillips such


a star, getting that first goal against Motherwell to beat them,


such a massive result for you guys, and he has followed it up yesterday


with another strike which was really important. What is he like, how


important has he been? He came from junior football, was playing with


Largs the soul when we signed him and he had a season last year. --


Largs Thistle. He is adjusting to playing professional football and


you will get a series of games with his performance level is a certain


level, such as against Motherwell, when he is performing well, and he


is becoming more consistent, managing himself through games a lot


better, and he has the ability to go further if he continues to develop.


And the brass tacks, how much of a payday will this be for Albion


Rovers at Ibrox? I will leave that to the chairman, but it will do a


lot put us on a better fit. If that has a knock-on effect


financially in terms of allowing me to bring in a British quality of


player, then hopefully that is something we can benefit from next


reason. At least six figures? Depends that


you put the decimal point. You will play Rangers who beat Dunfermline


4-0, a hat-trick from Dean Shiels, and how much of a challenge will


this be? A massive challenge, we have played them before when not


quite settled, but we are more organised and disciplined


defensively and will make a much better game of it this time and make


it more competitive. How much of an achievement is this for Albion


Rovers, in League Two and in the final eight of the Scottish Cup?


Brilliant, the message has to be go and enjoy it. Regardless of what


happens at Ibrox, enjoy the occasion, and try to do your best,


but a phenomenal achievement to get to the quarterfinal, brilliant to


think they could get to the semifinal and win at Ibrox, and I am


not sure whether or not--... It is a frame of mind, and we want to say


anything is possible. There is one expectancy when it is a team won


league above you, and anything is possible, and with the right mental


attitude, we have a chance. The Scottish Cup being the most wide


open for years. Astonishing, and even before the draw, this looked


like a good Scottish Cup for Rangers, getting a draw that suits


them, and this one does, if they can get past the mighty Raith Rovers to


the semifinals, and a home game as well, looking good for them, but in


the end, we are talking about money, but in the end, you are a football


man, it your players will think of one thing only, and do a job. And


there is a chance. Good luck, James. Thank you, and that is it, it is


back to league duty next weekend with the results show on Saturday


afternoon. And Premier ship highlights on Sunday night as well.


If they are half as good as this weekend, we will do all right, 19 is


remaining in the most open Scottish Cup for years, from here, good


night. -- nine teams remaining.


Jonathan Sutherland presents highlights from the 5th Round of the Scottish Cup as the 2010 winners Dundee United host St. Mirren at Tannadice Park.

Jackie McNamara's young United team have been winning plaudits for their attacking football this season. Now they're bidding to reach the quarter-finals of the Scottish Cup for the fifth season running.

St. Mirren have also made it to the last eight for the past three seasons and came through a tricky replay against Queen of the South to reach this stage.

Plus a review of all the key action from one of the most intriguing weekends of the season.

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