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BBC Scotland's weekly round-up of all the action from the weekend's Clydesdale Bank Premier League games.

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We're still not finished, a long weekend in the SPL, you are about


to see highlights of the five games played so far. With Billy Dodds for


company, and this man. Just a desire to go and stop the


opposition scoring goals. Sometimes players need to be


inspired by their team-mates. Hibs captain, James McPake is with


We will start our round up in Inverness, they tested out their


squad strength to keep squad members fresh for the showdown with


Juventus in the week. Good news and bad news for Inverness on the


Celtic debuts for Israeli defender, Rami Gershon, and Australian mid-


Rossenttini has, the Highlanders in front.


-- Ross has. The Highlanders in front. A fine finish from Ross.


Aaron Lennon keen for him to get game time in front of Juventus,


Forster, but he didn't deal with it. This is almost like a box ticking


exercise for them. Commons, with a better finish.


Hammered home by the Scotland international. It came from an


Australian international. On a plate, and there is just no saving


plate, and there is just no saving to his right. The free kick has


been given by Craig Thomson for always rising that time.


Teddy Butcher has seen his side struggle at times, they lost to St


Mirren, and either side of that cup Fraser is not interested. It came


back off the elbow of the Celtic youngster. That is Gershon.


It's a debut goal for the Israeli. Celtic have turned this game around.


As they try to go 18 points clear at the top of the Clydesdale bank


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 68 seconds


going back down the A9. Celtic's second string effectively,


their second string is beating what on paper is their closest


Miku almost got his second and almost Celtic's fourth. Just the


just the nine changes to the Celtic side, pretty impressive show of


strength from them? It was very impressive. Although you were


seeing the nine changes, if you look through the team there is


still a lot of international players in the team. They have a


very strong squad, it is a tricky place to go, it is probably to take


away Celtic it is one of the trickyist places to go and get


points. Inverness came and beat Celtic at Celtic park, it is a very


good result for them going up there, especially with the changes and the


good fine form going into the Juventus game w no fresh injuries


to bigger players. It is four defeats on the trot at Inverness,


and far from panic stations, but it could be the season of their dreams,


they are still second? Those four results has taken it away from them.


But I have said it all weekend, I have been asked the question, I


think the squad, looking at over the season, they have had a


fantastic season. They have sat high up in the league. They have


some fantastic players. I think they are happy the way they are


playing. Terry will be saying keep it going, and get results playing


in this manner. The first chance for the Celtic fans to see the


likes of Rogic and Gershon, and both looking handy. This is Rogic,


coming from Australian football? does brilliant here. He goes down,


runs it to the defenders and cuts the ball back into a great area, it


is a great finish from Commons. Nine times out of ten when that


ball is there he's putting it in the back of the net with the


quality he has. It is a turn of pace, left, left, left, burst past


the defender and great cutback as well. You are looking at this one.


I know it is Gershon that scores it, but you would love to be attacking


that, it is a great ball there. stands it up great, three or four


in there that are looking to go and put their head on that, there is


not much work to be done to put that in the back of the net. There


might be a question over Fraser Forster over the Inverness goal,


but you can't deny the quality he has come up with. Is there a


concern in the Juventus game about lack of games? I'm not so sure.


He's proved how good a goalkeeper he is. I think he's a bit unlucky


there. Mackay is in his way. He's a bit blinded, can you see what he


can do here, in the Juventus game he will be ready and do his best.


He has been a star in the Champions League run. The season he has had,


he has got himself in the England squad. That tells you everything


you need to know. He has to be at the top of his game going into this


big game. He has missed five. Let's look he at what the Celtic team


might be on Tuesday night. This is your stab at it.


We're actually making the You think he will keep the midfield


solid. You have that attacking threat for Samaras to support


Hooper, a lot of people would want Commons in the female, but Commons


might come in if McGrew has to be leftback. If he's not fit. Injuries


apart, that would be roughly along the lines, to get some sort of


result against Juventus, whether it is a 0-0 draw, or there is enough


in that team to hurt them and get goals. Anything you would change


about that team? I think that the change possibly could be Commons.


Big games before in the Champions League that I have watched, he


keeps the ball. He creates things for Celtic, I think if there is a


change, it might be him, with the quality's got. I spi Billy is spot


on with the team, if it is spot on with injuries. It will be that team.


There you go, Billy spot on with the team. Dundee United, having


waited five months for a home win, thought they might get a couple for


some succession. They were against Hearts, best of the action with


Rankin has turned and got the shot away. Two minutes gone, Johnny


Russell puts Dundee United one ahead. He scored in the first


minute last week, takes a little longer to do. Good build up play. A


lovely touch with Johnny Russell, three Hearts players around him, he


still qees is squeezed the ball away. John Rankin's ball in.


Russell's great control, and Hearts ball, and Lucas came down very


awkwardly. That look like the end comes across to Ryan Stevenson, and


red cards him. The side-on view, Ryan Stevenson is having to be led


away by John Rankin. Stevenson left the ground and led with the studs,


he got the benefit out there, but in the end he doesn't get the


scores after 62 minutes. Dundee United are two ahead. Beautiful


move. He went the near side of the goalkeeper. It is the type of goal


that gets better every time you see it. Same can't be said about the


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 68 seconds


second goal of the season, having scored against Hibs, timed his run


to perfection, and United wrap up a Hearts fans reckon the outcome


might have been different had Ryan Stevenson not seen red for this,


after only 25 minutes of the match. I don't want to see people sent off


for this, but. Do you understand why he was? Yes, the foot is a bit


high, especially Ryan Stevenson, a good lad, I don't think he's a


dirty player. I have to say that's behind him on the blindside, and


he's unlucky, but the rules, we keep on saying this, by the letter


of the law, but very unlucky there to be sent off.


Will Hearts appeal it? I think they will, I don't know if they will be


successful. There you go. Of course some might suggest that willy


Collumis trying to balance the books, for not red carding Ryan


Stevenson in the Derby? unfortunate thing is he was the


referee in both the games. You are making a meal of that! Jo I didn't


want to go off with the Hearts fans, I got straight back up. That is an


unfortunate thing that it is Willy in both games. People will look and


say did he react to missing the one at Tynecastle earlier on in the sea


on, which I don't buy into that. I don't believe he's done that. I


think he's went with his gut feeling and his decision, he has


made the decision on the day. Whether or not that's right, that


was his decision, as it was in the first game. It must have been in


his head, I don't want to go through this again, I don't want to


miss it, maybe it is a quick to go through the same process of


TV evidence proving him wrong. He has been quick to react.


different are Dundee United under Jackie McNamara? Peter Hughes son


did a fantastic job, but the tail end, I don't know the intensity of


the play. This goal sums up, Russell closing the ball down, the


pace and tempo. Both on and off the ball. They have certainly shown a


bit of confidence. They beat Rangers in the cup as well. That


hadn't won a home game for a while, and won two in the spin. I just


think the intensity, nit-picking the Hearts defend remembers ball-


watching, but it is a fantastic goal. Every time you see it, it's


nice to watch. Sometimes, I mean, whether it was Jackie McNamara or


anyone else, sometimes a team get a lift any way from a new manager,


don't they? You do, you see a lot of teams with newer managers,


getting the first couple of result, you see teams doing it when they


are struggling, bringing a manager struggling, you have seen a bit of


reaction since they came in. One of the big pluses from a hearts point


of view is what Ngoo gives them, 20 years old, on loan from Liverpool.


And you can see massive potential here, can't you? For a big guy.


There is one thing he has, natural height, athleticism, strength,


power, but it is all sort of goals, we will see a cop of goals he


scores, long-range efforts, a real find. Young as well. He's unlucky


not to get a hat trick in this game. Eventually he gets himself one.


Would you be able to put him in your hip pocket in a month's time


in the Derby? Looking any time I have seen him he looks a handful.


He's big and strong. He's a couple of inches away from having three


goals yesterday. Look at this, he's just powering through them there.


And again, there is a great finish. He looks a real threat. It will be


hard to deal with when we play against him. Good players you look


forward to playing against, and challenging yourself against them.


It is the long range strikes, and power, sometimes you don't give


games away with quick people. He looks natural in the box as well.


The goal against Dundee United, that goal we saw there, just a


natural finisher. Dundee United, 3- 1 winners. One debatable red card


in that game. Another couple of red cards in the next one, of the non-


debatable variety, I think you will agree, as we watch highlights of


kal American knock against Motherwell.


Hammell. Barber thought he would try his


luck and got lucky. The deflection off Stevie Hammell with Randall


going the wrong way. Always a bustling presence from


Motherwell, nothing there. His kick is not 2350. Motherwell


still with chance here. Knows he should have done better, the


Motherwell captain. Good cutback from Law, Lasley off


attack alive. Kilmarnock get it away.


Real chance again for Motherwell. hat trick of clearances from the


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 68 seconds


striker! At one point it looked like he had him. Lasley should have


2-0 Kilmarnock, it is William Gross, Shields shows his approval in the


stands. The choreographed dance routine! He has had quite an impact


in a defensive role so far, will yap Yam Gross, put -- will yap scam


gross, great cross from Dayton. A frustrating afternoon for


in front of the referee. He's reaching for the red card. Fraser


five minutes. He has barely touched the ball. He didn't touch the ball


there either, that is why he's getting his marching orders, the


frustration showing from the Motherwell defender, it was a


terrible strike at Dayton, the challenge from the Motherwell


captain, and Dayton not at all happy, neither are the rest of the


Kilmarnock players, neither is the referee, Kenny McLean, a straight


red for Lasley, he can have no complaints, the Motherwell skipper,


it was a wild lung. That could have been very pain -- lung, that could


have been very painful for Dayton. Off the bar! It should have been 3-


0. Kilmarnock on easy street now against the nine men of Motherwell.


Effort. He have manager wants his strikers


to work back and do defending as well. You used to be a striker with


Livingston as well. I don't think Gross could have done more at


either end of the pitch? To be honest his defending in the game is


more important than his goal. You look at him, this one especially,


the reaction he got that back out. He did excellent. To go and a great


header again for his goal. He has done his fair share at both ends of


the pitch for Kilmarnock yesterday. Great awareness? Yeah, it was. As


James said, for both ends of the pitch. Great header for the goal,


but doing his defensive stuff first The in the front area he gets on


the post, the other one he's on the post and comes off it to get the


header on the line. Everything he did yesterday was brilliant.


don't know if Motherwell had something against James Dayton,


both red cards were for a swipe at the Kilmarnock winner. It is Fraser


Kerr? From that angle it looks bad, I don't know if that was intent to


go in and hurt Dayton there. I think he has just maybe mistimed it,


you can see by the rules it is a red card. He was on the pitch just?


There is no doubt, it looks terrible, but five minutes on the


pitch, just for me it is really clumsy. I always think he had his


eyes on the ball. I can understand why it was a red


card, I don't think it was intentional from the young lad.


Last Years of Edward Thomas one t looked like an overspill of


frustration on his part, maybe we can understand why. Earlier in the


game he had a couple of, the second one was a great chance to score.


it is, it is not going for you it is not going for you. There is a


chance when this one comes in, it pops it over, what you do then, is


you get frustrated, as you said, you fly into things like. That that


is cynical. He is a hardy lad. I'm wondering how he would analyse this


if he was sitting in a chair next to us. I think he will be


disappointed looking back on, that he has never come across to me as


that type of player, when he looks back on it he will be disappointed.


That is something we will be bringing up with him when he's next


in this very studio. The hopes of the Aberdeen fans haven't been


delivered into result, their team was unlikely to find it easy


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 68 seconds


yesterday against league Cup signed a four-and-a-half year deal


with Aberdeen. It has been a brilliant time for Aaron Lennon and


the rest of the St Mirren management team. That takes the


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 68 seconds


Mark Reynolds is getting a second yellow, that is a controversial red


card for the Aberdeen defender. The Dons are down to ten. (crowd


boos) It came at him a fair pace, he will be harshly dealt with there


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 68 seconds


I don't think he knew where the The Aberdeen fans raging with that


decision. He said play on. Aberdeen feeling


hard done by, they didn't get the penalty for handball, with Mark


Aberdeen keeper. He's better rating himself for trying to pass it back


along that horrendous playing surface.


That could have been another embarrassing moment for Jamie


embarrassing moment for Jamie Laingfield. It was a hotly-


contested red card, and same again here where Mark Reynolds saw a


second yol low, not in too many doubt about the first one.


first one he will put his hand up and say it is a booking, he as


unlucky. The ball goes up and he gets through, you see it there, I


don't think he will have any complaints about that. He only held


on to him for about five seconds there. I think that's why the pitch


is in the state is because there was a rugby international on it a


few weeks ago. How unlucky is that, it was a strike, he tries to get


his hand out of the way. To get sent off, are you joking? That's a


poor decision. Nobody wants to see that. I certainly don't. I don't


know about you. I think that was very harsh, I think he will be


disappointed, he as going to miss games for that, which I can't -- he


is going to miss games for that. I don't see if that is a foul. I


don't see where the ball hits him. He's doing the right thing, he goes


out to try to stop the block, his hapbtdz aren't out to the side are


-- hands aren't out to the side, they are not in an unnatural


position. It was unfortunate. games for handball in the box, and


firstly, a push by David Baron, not much in that? I wouldn't give the


penalty. Now Baron drops him, and there is a little reaction, late. I


don't thing that's a penalty. They would be unfortunate for that to be


given against them. I don't think anything is a penalty looking at


this. We will slow it down, I think that hits his back. It is good to


show these on a Sunday night. These are areas of the confusion from the


fans on the game, who think it is a penalty at the time. When they look


back at that one, which may not have struck McGuinness's arm at all.


And this one actually strikes Baron on the stomach or hip? It is a hard


one for the referee, they have to make the decision there and then,


it is easy for us we can slow it down and sit and watch it as many


times as we want. I think the other disappointing thing on that game is


when you see the Reynolds one, the other two didn't get given a


penalty. So if they are going to do that, there needs to be a bit of


consistency. I think that's maybe for me the disappointing thing in


that game. You mentioned the pitch, the ground staff don't like you


saying nasty Things about it. But I tell you what, Jamie Laingfield was


saying bad things about it. This was almost a megaembarrassment?


turns around and blames his defender for giving the pass back.


It is a nice weighted one. We were saying there was a rugby


international, in golf you don't want to see that, there is another


shot here as well. Quite funny. He got away with it. He had a couple


of great saves. I like that, he has had a few, I don't want to say they


were clangers, that is his nickname, a few mistake, it is nice to see


him make a couple of good saves. When will that pitch recover?


summer, in the last couple of seasons there was a few like that,


Motherwell was, you have to get to the summer and address it, whether


you relay it. It will be spler a bit of growth and then the --


summer and a bit of growth, and then the best of the pitch there.


This SPL weekend kicked off on Friday night, Dundee desperate for


some sort of platform against the team who came up with them from the


goes, but the referee says no to the penalty appeal. Looked to be


caught by the keeper, Douglas. There is the Clydesdale Bank league


Dundee captain, who booted this one waved away, this time at the other


end. Dundee convinced this came off the hand of the defender, Boyd,


Well, save number one not clever, but save number two, crucial. What


a chance for the German substitute It is the story of the season,


chances not taken, and mistakes the opening goal. Barry Smith knows


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 68 seconds


tells you it was agonisingly close, crossbar. Goal given. Lawson's


first goal of the season in controversial circumstances.


Chambers is the assistant who has given this. It was a tough call. Of


that over the line? It certainly looks to be. We don't have the


definitive angle, but that looks to be over the line for 1.0. Lawson


hammers the ball down the pitch. Gary Glenn gets there. With


virtually the last kick of the game, County make it two, they are about


County make it two, they are about to join Aberdeen in sixth place.


It is a while since we looked at some penalty claims, another three


from Friday night. He was seemingly caught by Dougs


last, an escape by Dundee. The only way the referee has let him off is


the ball has gone out the park and running away from him. Still it


could have been given. That struck the hand of Boyd? Not for me. He's


close, he's up tight doing what he should be doing, it happens that


quick, to give a penalty would have been hard on Boyd.


There are so many factors to consider when you are looking at


these, that one was blatant? thought the exact same as games for


the first two. That one you couldn't see it. Not making excuses,


but the one thing you would have to say is his hands are where a


goalkeeper's hands would be. That is a penalty, you can understand


why the first two are not given, that one was the stone wall variety.


As you were saying you were there for Friday night. What did you


think when the Lawson shot came off the down side of the crossbar?


wasn't sure, it is a hard one, the officials have got it right. You


see in the picture there, he's not in the picture, the linesman. Mr


Chambers, he gave it. He didn't really know, they were looking at


one another, he ran back the assistant referee, he decides to


run back the other way. The Dundee players are questioning him, you


can see from there it is over the line. I'm telling you, they guessed


it, but got it right. The rise and rise of Ross County is remarkable,


isn't it. I have to declare a bias, obviously when you look back and


you think that less than 20 years ago they were in the Highland


league. Five seasons ago they were playing in the second deviegs


vision, and now they are a -- division, and now they are a point


away from the top six in the SPL? You can throw in Scottish Cup


Finalists in 2010, they are a cracking team to play against, they


have taken nine points off us this season. They are a good organised


team, you see Lawson's striking, and they have quality players in


the team. Viger, s is another good player, players that are really


doing well in this division and deserve to be in the division. I


think the job der rack Adams has done is a great job -- job Derek


Adams has done, you are thinking it is a team coming up for a division


alone. There is a right good chance there. Dundee are 15 points adrift


at the bottom, any hope for them at all? That is it gone, I could hear


the despondancy in Barry Smith's voice in the interviews off the


radio. He will keep going as a winner and player, that is Dundee


going out. There was a called Cup Final play.


Let's talk about tomorrow night, any feeling of disappointment


tomorrow at the moment, because you started so well, you were stop of


the league at one stage, results more recently haven't matched up to


what went before. I guess there is a big picture to look at? When you


are looking at the league table you can look at it in two ways, we are


still in the mix, we have a chance tomorrow to go joint second. The


desappointing side is we have had four or five chances to go second


outright, we have not won the games. When you take in the last couple of


seasons we are progressing, and doing well. This season we are


still in the cup. We had a tie away to Kilmarnock, it is a great chance


to get back. In the league we are up there, this is the top six for


the football club is our game aim - - our game this season. For me that


is underachieving. The game since Celtic has to be a highlight?


beat Celtic, or even Rangers, when they were in the SPL, it is the


first time I had ever beaten any of them. It was a great day, and a God


performance for us. We could have been two or three nil up in the


first half. Great goal, doim Doyle had had a few chances that he was


unlucky with. That day showed the change from last season, being able


to hold in that league in that game with a lot of pressure from Celtic


when last year we would have crumbled. Nobody mentions the lack


of Scottish cup success at Hib, you are on the way again, with a couple


of good wins. This one in the Derby. I didn't play that day, but being


there, seeing what it meant to the fan, to put Hearts out, and in this


one as well. It has been two tough ties, to be fair, we have had.


Another one coming up. We are hopeful that we can go to


Kilmarnock and get the result. We know how hard. I expect it was a


shock geeing Gary Diegan doing that? I have known him many years


and never seen him have a shot and score. Was it a penalty? No, I


think you have seen maybe five or six of those. It was Jews tins when


Ben Williams did this? It is always luck, Ben has been saving them


every time this season. In terms of tomorrow night's games, you are


going for a hat trick of wins against St Jones ston, two wins


against them already? Yes. We know how good a side they are, and they


can beat us. We are confident, we are always confident at home. But


it is a game where we need it start picking up points again. We haven't


been winning enough in the league recently. We need to get back to


winning ways, and we need to do that tomorrow. It is up to you to


finish best of the rest, outside Celtic, and it is up for other


teams as well? It is there for almost everyone this season. It is


great for everybody else. But we would love to be sitting six or


seven points better off, but we are not. We have got to get back to


winning games and make sure we are high up the league come the end of


the season. And when you look at the table, this just underlines how


tight it is. If you take Celtic and Dundee out of the equation, there


are just those eight points between second top and second bottom.


It is a tight league. Look at us, we are five points above St Mirren


in 11th place, we go there next week, depending on tomorrow night's


result it can be cut to two point. It shows you how tight it is, good


for Scottish football, not so good from the teams playing it. It is


good for efrp else watching. next burst of SPL action begins


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