10/11/2013 Sportscene


Jonathan Sutherland introduces highlights of the weekend's matches in the new SPFL Scottish Premiership, with comment on and analysis of the week's main talking points.

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Good evening. We have had a splurge of gold this weekend. Last week,


just eight, tonight, almost three times that number plus four red


cards and one potential incumbent manager sitting in the stands. In


terms of the goals, Steven Thompson joins us in the studio, so too does


the former Hibs midfielder Stuart Lovell. It is at Hibs that we start


tonight. All week long the question had been would Terry Butcher take


the reins at Easter Road, with the added spice that Inverness


Caledonian Thistle were the visitors this weekend. As it was come


kick-off time Butcher was in neither dugout. The commentator is John


Barnes. Jimmy Nicholl makes one change to


the side. James Collins returns to partner Heffernan in attack. No


matter whether it was Terry Butcher or Maurice Malpas that selected the


team, they stick with the same 11 that beat Kilmarnock. Willie Mackay


looking to add to his nine goals so far this campaign.


The referee points to the spot. Shinnie nudged by James Collins. A


good, positive play by the fullback. He earns his side a penalty. Nick


Ross. Cars -- Caley Thistle in front. Ross's first goal of the


season after 14 minutes it comes. Williams got a touch to it, but he


couldn't manage to keep it out. Terry Butcher looks to have donned


his civvies today to take place in the stand to oversee his present


team and possibly his future team. A transfer number two, an excellent


finish by Billy McKay. He is now into double figures for the season.


It was great play by Shinnie to set up the opportunity. He still had


work to do from the angle. But Billy McKay delivered the perfect finish


for his 10th goal wrist campaign. Controlling things in the technical


area for Caley Thistle. It has come off the post. The


interception, dollar and really could have taken it on himself and


had a shot but unselfishly looked for Billy McKay and a sigh of relief


from the Hibs goalkeeper. Blocked by the boots of Ben


Williams. Billy McKay looking to get his second of the afternoon and it


was the Hibs goalkeeper who blocked him. An interested spectator, Kenny


Millar, second from the left in the bottom row. A one-time Hibs striker.


It is Jordan Forster up from the back, going close there. Is he


claiming for the corner? He rose well. Inches away. Is this the last


match in charge for Jimmy Nicholas -- forgery Nicholl as caretaker?


The Hibs players are appealing for a penalty. They believe the goalkeeper


took out Forster. I good ball, excellent defending by


Shinnie under extreme pressure from Collins.


He is appealing for the penalty there. Maybe he did seem to have a


hand on his back and took that the jersey. It would have been in the


soft category. Caley Thistle really have bossed


this game. A fine block by Hanlon to deny Billy McKay another opportunity


to increase Inverness's lead. It was a fantastic performance, started the


game brightly and once we scored the two goals we were romping for a


while. We needed a goal to get confidence and unfortunately it did


not work out like that. It was always going to be a struggle in the


second half but confidence is low anyway and the last thing we needed


was a couple of early goals. Whatever happens with Terry and the


two clubs we have a decision to make, until then...


It was insipid from Hibs, you would have to say, but all eyes on Terry


Butcher yesterday. Is it inevitable, do you feel that he will be the next


manager of Hibernian? The bookies would suggest is a done deal. I


wonder whether Terry might feel that he can take Caley Thistle a little


bit further. There is no question if you compare the two clubs, Hibs are


bigger club than Inverness Caley Thistle, always have been. I would


suggest they always will be. Nevertheless there they are sitting


second in the table with a Cup semifinal to look forward too


against hearts, which after what happened last season they will want


revenge -- Hearts. This is a difficult decision for him. I don't


think it is a done deal. It is not a no-brainer, like some people


suggest. Do you think it is a matter of time, could it happen tomorrow? I


think he could. You may see it tomorrow. Terry loves his life in


the Highlands and he is a very ambitious person. He has been up


there nearly five years now and I think he maybe feels he needs a new


challenge. Playing devil's advocate, sticks in the net Caley Thistle la


on a great run this season and yesterday they were much better than


Hibernian -- Inverness Caley Thistle. It would be mad to take the


Hibs job, wouldn't he? Managers like projects, we know that. They don't


often get the chance to see them through to the end. If you are


making comparisons between the two teams now then obviously the


sensible choice would be to stay where he is. Nevertheless Hibs is a


big club, you can't get away from that.


He is an ambitious guy, some guys have viewed it as a poisoned chalice


in the past. I am fascinated by what decision he comes to because he


really enjoys his time at Inverness and he is well looked after. What


about the point at Inverness he is Lord of the manor, he calls the


shots in terms of the footballing aspect and at a Bernie and he will


be working with Rob Petrie, who presumably will want his say on how


things go? I think the interesting thing is that Terry works as a team


with Morris and Steve and I do say if he is going to go to Easter Road


he will want those guys with him. People are saying, why has there


been a delay for him taking the job at Hibernian? Perhaps that is the


reason, he wants to make sure if he goes there he goes there on his


terms and gets the opportunity to work with the backroom staff he


knows and trusts. I quit --. It will be interesting. Jackie McNamara's


young side always liable to put on a show. Motherwell's recent form a bit


up and down. Goals always a possibility at Fir Park and it


finished 2-macro-2-macro in September. There was a minute's


silence in memory of the Faurlin conflicts across the globe. -- in


memory of the fallen, in conflicts across the globe.


A quartet of changes for the Motherwell side, and unfamiliar back


four, It comes in for Ryan Gauld.


Motherwell had a chance to clear, they didn't do so. The goalkeeper's


punch was poor and although he got a touch, it ends up behind him. Ryan


Gauld with a fourth goal of the season, neatly up and neatly in. Not


the start he was looking for. Francis-Angol isn't under pressure.


-- is under pressure. Paul Paton, 2-0 to Dundee United and


Motherwell are a mess at the back. Paul Paton schools for the first


time for Dundee United and Francis-Angol under severe


pressure, really should have cleared his lines. In the end it was pulled


back, came off comments. Paul Paton with a header in. Dundee United two


ahead and Motherwell are far from happy.


Sutton, on his weaker side, trying to get Motherwell back in the match,


John Sutton. A good hit, plenty of power.


United keeping up the pace. That is deflected, a really good save.


Robertson was always going to drag it back onto his left side, the


goalkeeper at full stretch there. United, just one loss in the last


seven, are flowing again. A great pass into Ryan Gauld, and


even better finished. Great football from Dundee United. 64 minutes gone,


a double for Ryan Gauld. The finishing touch, perfection from


Ryan Gauld. His first-ever Dundee United double and they look set for


all three points. He sends it wide onto Robertson.


That is the way to finish the game. Andrew Robertson, who scored against


Motherwell at Tannadice. The does the same at Fir Park. A wonderful


performance. The best performance I have witnessed from an away team at


this ground. Sometimes you think you could have done better, but they


have had a good run of form away from home. Took Celtic all we lost


week and I think they showed today for sub you only have to look at the


strength in depth on the bench to see what they have got. I thought we


were excellent. The team had a desire to get forward and help each


other. Disappointing, the above chances that we did not take a but


even to come here and create those chances, against a strong Motherwell


team, that has won five games out of six at home, that was a massive win


for us. Stuart McCall was very confirmatory


about Dundee United. Every week, we were -- wax lyrical about Ryan


Gauld, but it was the engine room of this United team that made the


difference. Yes, Paul Rankin deserves a mention. You need two


players playing their position to allow the front four to flourish.


They all do that. It is ironic that those of them are meant to be


holding midfielders. They are in the six yard box looking to finish. They


do this job very well. They press, and then pop it off to the guys who


can give them a cutting edge. They did their job very well for Dundee


United Jess today. They allowed the front four to win the game. --


yesterday. Just how good a side can they be, than the United? Brilliant,


and the scary thing is they are getting better as the season goes


on. Motherwell yesterday had three of their normal back for out and if


there is one thing you do not want to meet at this time in that


situation is Dundee United going forward, they are frightening. At


this moment in time they are a frightening prospect. Stewart, you


said that it could have been even more. Ryan Gauld, we talk about him


quite a lot, just how good can he be? He has got a touch of the Messis


about him, very low centre of gravity, he takes a break positions.


He needs to be given the ball in areas that he can hurt teams, and


Dundee United have found a way to get the ball in to him and allow him


to do his stuff, and he is flourishing in a team that is set up


perfectly for him. Things looking increasingly bleak for hearts as


they started the day on a less than inspiring -7 points. Eight league


games without a victory, and the last victory had been against


Aberdeen at Tynecastle back in August. Commentary from Rob Maclean.


Ryan Jackson itching to holding midfield role for Aberdeen alongside


Willo Flood. Gary Locke cannot make too many changes. This is a team


that lost at home to Saint Johnstone.


That was flicked on for Stevenson. Stretching out the right leg to make


the save, Jamie Lange field for Aberdeen. The corner kick from Barry


Robson. And Niall McGinn. Aberdeen ahead, midway through the first


half. Haas did not deal with the corner kick. Jamie Hamill with the


shot. Barry Robson blocked it. He's going to get a yellow card for


encroaching. He disputed, but he did take a couple of steps forward.


Robson slides it through for Pawlett. Skipping away from the


challenge from Wilson, then firing the ball across goal. That was


close. In, from Robson, and goes Zola, and Considine has the shot


lot, Dylan McGowan blocks the shot on the line and screams for a


penalty from Aberdeen. It took a deflection and reared up in the


direction of McGowan on the goal-line, appearing to strike him


on the face. Barry Robson, for Aberdeen. Peter Pawlett trying to


drive through. Mounting pressure on the Hearts goal, and that there is a


penalty. That surely struck the back of Meguid. --McGhee. And saved by


McDonald, good goalkeeping. Maybe justice done.


Hearts, looking to break with Jamie Walker. Jason Holt is bundled over


by Robson and there was going to be trouble, it is going to be a second


yellow card. For the midfielder. He looks aghast, but he will have to


take the long walk and Aberdeen are juiced to ten men. -- reduced. That


is touched over by Jamie Lange field -- Langfield. Johnny Hayes fires it


in and Scott Vernon. Almost making an impact from the bench. A neat


touch and a neat save from Jamie Macdonald. Danny Wilson is the


target. Jamie Walker is around Langfield and it is 1-1 at


Pittodrie. Nobody reacted quicker than Walker. Flicked on for Walker,


Newsround Hector, he turns it back and Paterson scores. They have


turned this game completely around have young Hearts. Paterson scores


and it is 2-1 at Pittodrie. Lovely pass. And Walker can set Paterson. A


big chance. And he just could not stretch far enough. Powerful header


clear, and now, Hearts on the counterattack. Jamie Langfield who


was up for the corner kick has to sprint back. Here, Hearts again. And


it is Stevenson mother blockbuster, to finish things off at Pittodrie.


-- with a blockbuster. The comeback is complete. Hearts have beaten ten


man Aberdeen 3-1. It was a fantastic performance, especially in the


second half. The sending-off changed the game a little bit. Every time we


look forward -- we went forward, we looked dangerous. We were not happy


with the second half performance last week but we have responded well


today. The handball on the line from McGowan, it has been five or six


yards before the ball fires up at them, whether it is difficult for


him to get his arm out of the way, that has denied us a goal, and


Richard have been a red card and a penalty kick. No doubt about that.


That was a key moment in the game. Let's have a look at these penalty


incidents. Jamie Hamill on Peter Pawlett. I think he kicks the back


of his leg. He tries to kick the ball but kicks the back of his leg.


I don't think that is a penalty. This is the handball from Dylan


McGowan. Look how many Aberdeen players appeal for it. They all see


the same thing which is that his arm goes up, maybe to protect his face,


but I think that does look like a handball and a red card. Not


convinced? No, but you have to look at the position of the referee.


Whether he has been influenced by the ones that he had not given...


Referees do not do that, do they? You can see why Derek McGuinness


would be disappointed with the second one. He was full of praise


for the Aberdeen performance. He said that they played comfortably


and well, but then went down to ten men with the sending-off of Barry


Robson. I don't think Barry can have any complaints with this. Referees


are told that if a player encroaches, don't forget, it is


direct, that there is a nailed on yellow card. I have a lot of


sympathy for Barry Robson. He is trying to check is tried and let him


go. I know that referees are told the book someone when a player is


impeded when in a promising attacking move. He is trying to get


out of the way, almost. I do not see that as a yellow card, that was very


harsh. Was that necessary for Pastor comeback into this match? -- for


Hearts to comeback. This was a wonderful touch from Walker. And a


lovely finish. He had an excellent match. Setting up the school, as


well. It was a massive three points for Hearts. Aberdeen, defensively


are magnificent, so you have to credit them, what a finish that was.


He's getting used to scoring these types of goals now. Hearts are going


to need many more results and performances like that to stand any


chance of escaping relegation. We have had some good results of late.


And the cup victory at Easter Road, but they still have a monumental


task on their hands. Still, a lot, to turn things around. Hearts,


making inroads at the bottom of the table. What about the teams in close


proximity? Partick Thistle had managed just the one win from their


last seven Premiership matches. They were also still without a victory at


home in the league. Add to that they went into this one off the back of a


4-0 thumping at Aberdeen. They had beaten St Mirren back in August but


that was when Saints manager Danny Lennon had been under severe


pressure. A sense now that things were on a


more even keel, with St Mirren having won two out of their last


three games. With the story of the match at Firhill, here's Brian


Mclaughlin. This was not to be a day that Partick Thistle fans or players


will want to look back on with any great relish. This challenge on John


McGinn by Stephen O'Donnell worthy of a yellow card. From the free


kick, the goalkeeper Scott Fox could only parry that effort around the


host for a corner kick. The ball, dipping and swerving towards goal.


From the corner kick, who else but Steven Thompson with a bullet header


to put Saints in front? Clinical finishing, but questions about the


marking. Many were surprised when Marian Kello join St Mirren last


month. But he has proved to be a top-class addition. On this


occasion, foiling Kris Doolan, as Partick Thistle look to get back on


level terms. The home side had plenty of possession but struggled


to break through the Saints rearguard, and when they did, Marian


Kello was on hand to save the day. Then they were denied what seemed to


be a clear-cut penalty, with the shot from Higginbotham heading the


outstretched arm of Jim Goodwin, but play with on by the referee, much to


the dismay of the Partick Thistle players. Then there was more woe for


the home side. Another yellow card, followed by a red for McGinn. No


doubt in the mind of John beaten. And St Mirren soon made the extra


man pay off. Newton fired the ball through the legs of Scott Fox. The


ball made by the pass from McGowan, and cool finish by the on loan


midfielder. The home side kept pushing forward, with James Craigen


having an effort on goal from outside the box, but again there was


no getting beyond Marian Kello. McGinn had been a thorn in the side


of the home defence all afternoon. This wally, just wide. -- volley.


And Ben Thomson finding space and time to fire home his second and the


third force in Marin, of the afternoon, taking St Mirren up to


ninth place in the table. So They are delighted, in terms of


the way they went about their business the discipline and shape,


they carried out their game plan. They have the rewards they deserved.


They stops the ball travelling, that is what he did, he wasn't close to


any of them. The shot was about ten yards away from him hitting it so I


have no idea why the proper decision wasn't given. A great win for your


side yesterday. We will talk about your goals shortly but first the Jim


Goodwin hand ball. Even you must admit this should have been a


penalty. I have no defence, really. It is a blatant penalty. I can


understand why Archie is furious. It is blatant, if you are Partick


Thistle via you are very frustrated. A few strange decisions tonight,


that is maybe the most blatant hand ball. Handballs seem to follow Jim


around. He was harshly dealt with with a hand ball given against him


in a semifinal of the Cup at Hampton and there was no question he was


dealt a harsh blow -- blow that day and maybe this is look going his


way. He dodged a bullet yesterday. Two great goals, it must have felt


good. It seems a real change of mood about St Mirren. What has happened?


There has been a lift around the place, we have managed to get form.


Yesterday in terms of what the manager said, our organisations and


shape were spot on. When you play against Partick Thistle they will


have a lot of possession of the ball and they like to play through the


lines of midfield but we dealt with it well, closed down spaces in the


final third. We caught them on the counter on a few occasions but it is


a big turning point, the penalty not being given. 3-0 was flattening --


flattering? There was a goal -- there was a man sent off, it was a


professional away performance from St Mirren. Tough for Partick Thistle


yesterday. Partick have been a breath of fresh air to the


Premiership this season. A lot of good young players. They have made a


good start. Having a sticky patch now. I am sure they will click with


a win. After a disappointing night in the Champions League await Ajax


in Amsterdam, Neil Lennon took his side up north to Dingwall. Not


entirely happy with the Saturday lunchtime scheduling, it is fair to


say. As for Ross County they were hoping for the sheer novelty of


completing a fixture after their last two matches were abandoned.


The Dutchman has a debut. Melvin De Leeuw goes up front.


Celtic have responded to European matches very well this season so


far. They are keen for that to continue. That was Virgil van Dijk.


We have seen him stride forward from defence already this season.


Account T corner. They haven't been able to impose themselves so far. --


County Court. Virgil van Dijk! He is off the back


now. His manager is delighted to see the Dutchman gets his first goal for


the club. He has threatened a couple of times already in this game.


Finally, he makes the breakthrough and Celtic lead in the Highlands as


we creep towards the half-time interval.


The wits of the left-hand post has denied Scott Brown. Celtic looking


for their second. It is another and it is another for


Virgil van Dijk. He is using his head.


He has given Celtic 2-0 lead. A tall order for County now, although vague


did win 3-2-macro last season but Virgil van Dijk got his first in the


first half, his second in the second.


He is being replaced by Ivan Sproule.


Ivan Sproul. They are back in it. Within a minute of coming on, the


Northern Irishman Ivan Sproul breathes new life into Ross


County's afternoon. Out of nothing, Ross County are back


in the game. Celtic are stunned by that Ross


County goal. That is Joe Ledley. The two goal


leaders restored within a few minutes. Joe Ledley's first goal of


the season. He got ten last campaign. It will be relief for him.


Mark browbeaten for the third time. -- Mark Brown, beaten for the third


time. That is Joe Ledley again! Celtic


four, is Joe Ledley School six seconds, just three minutes after


his first and that is the pick of the headers. Wonderfully taken by


the Welshman. Into the corner, away from Mark Brown.


Neil Lennon with -- will be delighted with the reaction his


players have given him from the defeat in Amsterdam. Almost a


hat-trick. Roberts had the initial effort and Ledley so unlucky. He


reacted first. We played well from start to finish,


we freshen things up in terms of personnel and formation. There was


zest, energy and quality about us today. It has been a frustrating


time in terms of set pieces and we had four in one game which is


incredible. It has been a very good day and we keep the unbeaten run


going. Defensively we haven't done well enough today. The cross ball


into the box, that is something we need to improve on. It has been the


story of our season. We have been working on it but individually we


have to do better in that case. How have you enjoyed your time in


Scottish football so far? Very good, still unbeaten in the league. That


is where we want to stay. Very happy, of course, after this. Virgil


van Dijk amongst the goals. He has looked a class act since they


arrived. We talk about him possibly forcing his way into the Dutch


international squad. How impressed have you been with him?


Very good defensively, a big, tall physical player. A wonderful header.


He is getting better with every game. If you have been given the job


of matching Virgil van Dijk, you have to stay with him and he loses


the run very early and does not stay with him. He is trying to get back


but it is too late. A couple of good finishes from him. Neil Lennon will


be delighted because we have talked a lot about Celtic creating chances


and games. Sometimes struggling to take them in the matches. At set


pieces as well, Neil Lennon has spoken about how he has been


frustrated with the lack of scoring from set piece opportunities but


yesterday they got it right. When they have Charlie Mulgrew who


delivers good ball and on the back of that they have great height in


their team, looking at the guys playing yesterday, Virgil van Dijk,


6-foot, another tall lad they have, Ambrose, it is hard to match up and


I know that Derek Adams will be frustrated but you run out of tall


players eventually. A tough day for Ross County but it was tough for


Celtic mid week in the Champions League against Ajax. They did not


show up compared to the games they have played so far. They were not


too happy to go to Dingwall for the early kick-off but it seemed like


the sort of performance Neil Lennon would have been delighted with.


Yes, five changes to the team and Celtic have a squad dealing with


that situation. It was a tricky fixture for them and it keeps their


unbeaten run in the league going. It was a superb performance from Celtic


yesterday. Celtic very much out in front. There is an international


break coming up but Sportscene never rests. We are back on Friday with


highlights of the Scotland Hyam Wash the Scotland-USA match. Join us for


that. On the same channel we have got live coverage of the away


fixture against Norway a week on Tuesday. Join us for that. If form


is fleeting then St Johnstone are moving in the right direction. Turbo


powered by the top end of the team tandem of Stevie May and Nigel


Hasselbaink. The duo have been a revelation with me being talked


about as a potential Scotland international in the not too distant


future -- with Stevie May being talked about. They want two out of


their last three games so perhaps Allan Johnson's side were not


without hope. When the going gets tough you need


your defenders to stand up. Nigel Hasselbaink opened the scoring after


24 minutes. If anything the Kilmarnock defending got worse.


Stevie May making it 2-0 just after half an hour. Jackson Irvine took a


tumble in the box and got booked for diving by the referee. That yellow


card would prove fateful, the second half. Jackson Irvine was booked


again, this time for a foul on Chris Millar. Really hard to say if he got


any contact with the ball. But he got his marching orders. Against the


ten men the class of Stevie May really began to tell. Chris Milburn


again found himself on the turf. Michael guidon -- Michael Gardyne,


in the box. From the spot. No mistake. Stevie May with his 11th


goal of the season from 18 appearances, 3-0 to St Johnstone.


The Kilmarnock fans were not happy, chanting Johnstone out and there is


only one Kenny Shiels. They did have a touch of fortune when Sean


Clohessy made it 3-1 but there might have been more goals for St


Johnstone. This effort cleared off the line. Tommy Wright was pleased


with what he was seeing and after picking up the ball, Caddis was


appended by Darren Barr. -- up ended. It will be one of those


yellow cards of the fateful variety. Little doubts about the merits of


this one. From the free kick, Stevie May went mightily close to getting a


hat-trick but there was a fine save. This was a bad day for Kilmarnock.


The fans are not happy with Johnstone and Johnston, chairman and


manager. They finished the game with nine men, Darren Barr shown a second


yellow. Kilmarnock's second bottom of the table, their lead over Hearts


is down to 13 points. The two goals came from longer


passes from deep and with Nigel's pace and Stephen's pace, that could


be a problem for defenders. We started well, passed the ball well


and to lose a goal in the way we lost the first goal, you can't do it


especially against these players. They were looking for the ball


behind and it is far too easy. Tough times for Kilmarnock but a fantastic


run for St Johnstone, four wins in a row. We talk about it week in and


week out, Stevie May, Nigel Hasselbaink partnership but you know


Nigel well from your St Mirren time together. It has clicked for them,


hasn't it? It has. They have pace and


directness. He is finding more consistency. They have not just got


pace but strength, both of them. He shrugs off the defender and composed


finish from Nigel. He is starting to did bring it into his game. We had


Callum Johnstone suggesting that he could finish second in the table,


but why not? It is a brilliant race for second when you consider that


Inverness Caley Thistle have had a great start the season, been there


from day one but Dundee United are getting motoring now, have had a


good start of the season, Aberdeen obviously St Johnstone, any one of


five very difficult to call. Terrible play at the back from


Kilmarnock for the first two goals of the game, in a sorry place at the


moment. The fans getting on their backs as well. Yes, they are, it


never really helps. He got a shout to leave it, it is a good finish. It


is difficult. The fans are disappointed. When you're on the


pitch and things are not going well, confidence is down, the last thing


you need is the supporters getting on your back. They are trying to get


up into the lead. It is better to be behind them. It seems to be early to


be falling for a change of manager, doesn't it? Ella Bob and it is the


world we live in in doubt, get rid is the mantra. I hope they stick


with him because as we have seen with St Mirren, it was a personnel


at six -- it was a perfect example of whether Danny Lennon was the


right guy and they have had a great run and you have to stick with your


guy and give him a chance. Lets see what that means in terms of the


table. That is what the new Scotland top


will look like. There is Terry Butcher, they talk about the scope


speculation that he might join Hibernian sooner. What about his


sartorial choice? He looks like he's auditioning. I quite liked it, quite


smart. Maybe it is what they were in Edinburgh. If this doesn't happen


and Terry Butcher doesn't go to Hibs, that is a disaster for the


Easter Road club, isn't it? They have to make preparations for the


possibility he might turn them down. I don't think they have a second


choice, we will find out in the next 24 hours. You think it will happen?


I think it will, there has been too much going on for it not to. Who


will take over at Inverness? At is an interesting question. That is it


from us tonight. No Sportscene next Sunday but we return to league


action in two weeks time. Let's hope for another eruption of goals then.


For now, good night from all of us.


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