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BBC Scotland's weekly round-up of all the action from the weekend's SPFL Scottish Premiership games, presented by Jonathan Sutherland.

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Scottish Premiership season and what are sure we have got for you


tonight. Shock results, managers under pressure, plenty of goals and


a cracking atmosphere of the Edinburgh derby. Steven Thompson and


Pat Nevin with me tonight. After a night dominated with boardroom


battles, time to focus on the football. Big pressure on the


Edinburgh derby. One hearts fan was in Dingwall as Partick Thistle hit


the road. Inverness rolled into town. After there you go exit, the


St Johnstone side meet Kilmarnock. And so to Edinburgh for the first


capital derby of the season and already high stakes with all for


both sites. For Hearts 15 points adrift at the bottom of the table


after going into administration. Points desperately required. As for


Hibs, no shortage of doom and gloom with the future of the manager under


intense scrutiny after the defeat in the Euro elite. -- Europa league.


Capital concern for both teams going Stevenson. He is in some pain. Jamie


MacDonald will just not that out of league so that Stevenson can get


some treatment. It was a block tackle involving vine. Immediately


Stevenson clutching that right knee. The early indications are not good.


Chested down. McGavin. Robinson. Fiercely competitive in that


midfield as you would expect. Gary Locke with 3/21 is in his keynote.


-- in his team now. This time it is Jamie Hamill who lives on the task.


It is all kicking off. There was the impact which decked Hamill. That


came off the head of Danny Wilson. Rowan Vine with pretty much the


first shot on target in the Derby. They had Ernie and manager is not


too impressed. Hamill has his shot blocked. Trying to keep it alive is


Callum Paterson. That is a foul. Robertson all over David Smith. A


clumsy challenge. It sets up Hearts with their set piece opportunity. It


is going to be yellow for the hip Ernie midfielder. Jamie Hamill.


Deflect it! Good save by Ben Williams. That has been the most


threatening thing in this match so far. The Hamill short taking a


little touch of the soul of Craig's route. Thompson probing at the


defence of Hearts. Looking for a dream derby debut call, James


Collins. -- call. Hamill. Good fit. Ben Williams made that look pretty


easy. Well stop by Hamill. -- we'll strop. McGivern immediately making a


difference of the bench for Hebburn Ian. Scott Robertson with a flying


header. Danny Wilson, the Hearts cup in meeting that challenge and


ensuring the header went wide. In from Liam Craig. Collins. Again of


target. When Tudor Jones was not far away from this. If you had got a


tart that could have been diverted on target. The Ernie and having some


joy down the left-hand side with McGavin. Thomson. Rowan Vine.


Collins again trying to find the room for a short on goal, which he


did, and not for the first time in the match, the new signing did not


get enough on this to trouble Jamie MacDonald. That is well won by


Collins. Lovely touch. This is good build-up. Liam Craig, from TU. The


best chance of the match so far. It fell to the Hebburn Ian substitute.


He was leaning back and missed the target. A big opportunity for Hibs.


Dylan McGavin with the throw. Delete the liberty. Callum Paterson makes


the Derby Day breakthrough. How good does that feel for heart? Terrific


persistence from McGavin. There was quality written all over the cross.


The quality that has been lacking from the game. It is an explosive


shot from the striker. Hearts hit the front and that is how it feels


for the manager. It is a special moment for the teenage Patterson.


Craig. Nelson. Amlin. The header just dips over the top. He found


himself a little bit of room. But he was unable to steer this down.


MacDonald had to watch it going over the top. A pass to Nelson. Rowan


Vine into the box. An effort that is well wide in the end. Sliced off the


outside of his right boot. The raw inside Tynecastle which tells you


Hearts have won the Derby. It is a huge result for us. As I said to the


players earlier we have got to try to win as many of the games as we


can to stay in the division. It is a real boost for the team, the longer


you go without winning the belief can feed away. That's right. After


last week I did not get too disappointed that I will not get too


carried away today. Did you see any positive signs? Of course I did. We


gave away a poor goal last week. Probably the only chance they had


today he scored on as well. What is your message to the Hebburn Ian


fans? -- Hebburn Ian fans. They have been great. I be sticking with you?


been great. I be sticking with you? You would have to ask them. It was


pretty robust. What about that challenge on Ryan Stevenson? In slow


challenge on Ryan Stevenson? In slow motion that is really harsh. I think


you should not have your studs showing for a kick-off so the


referee was right to get the cards out. I think that is a striker 's


tackle. It is dangerous and you have got to hope the injury is not as bad


as it looks. In terms of heads as an attacking force, what was the take


on then early on? They were punting long balls but to do that you have


to have the quality on the ball. A striker once the ball into his chest


so he can get control. I think he was the best player on the field. He


dominated the heads strikers. He really looked completely on top of


his game. For me there is a clear that can be of international class,


he is someone we can use going forward. I was really surprised that


Hebburn Ian were so robust. If you are older and have more experience


and you are more powerful, you might as well use it. The problem was, it


was not working. We focused on the heads long ball technique. He chased


it down to some effect. It made a bit of difference when McGivern came


on. He came up the park a little bit more. He passed it down from the


left-hand side. I also think vine should get out the left-hand side.


The ball bounces you just before him, it is a difficult one to take


but you would like to think he could hit the target. It was a fabulous


goal, wasn't it? It was a great goal. He managed to steal our yard


and to get that into the call as he has done is a fabulous header. What


I love is an early ball into the box. You like it early because that


is what strikers do. You would only get that if the ball was played in


early. Do not underestimate how fantastic, he has not got time


there, he just quips it in to the danger area. He is not an orthodox


striker but it was a massive win for Hearts. It is a huge win for them,


especially at a time when dealers much doom and gloom of the pitch.


Within a couple of months the deficit could the gone. How much


pressure now on that Fenlon? Can he now hold onto this job with heads?


He could. A lot of people will be upset by the 7-0. I defeat against a


very young Hearts side. The fact they are six of those players in the


under 21 squad. The other team's fans will expect them to be beaten.


If it was me I would be giving him more time because when you are given


time to buy in players and competing together, I like the look of that


midfield. I like the look of that. I do not think it is time to panic. We


will see what the fans think about Aberdeen. Can they keep the


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 43 seconds


momentum going? Over to Fir Park opening minute. It is two goals in


crossbar and a way it goes. A good work. You are never sure what you


are going to get with Zola. He was unlucky not to open his Aberdeen


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 43 seconds


mercy. A great move from Aberdeen. McManus took him down. A deserved


equaliser for Aberdeen. 61 minutes goal. A great header. No chance for


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 43 seconds


indicating a Tarka. -- he is minutes to play. 3-1 to the Dons.


thought it was a foul. We should have been given a free kick. I am a


little bit aggrieved with that. 2-One, you still have an


opportunity. I am not blaming the last decision, that is not why we


lost the game. As I say, the penalty killed us off. A fantastic


win for Aberdeen. Let us talk about the Motherwell goal. Was there a


foul in the build up? A think their cause. Henry Anier jumps into


Shaughnessy. My question is, why is he in so close. Shaughnessy is now


out of position. Henry Anier is clearly onside. It is a great


finish. That was a great start for Motherwell. That goal came within


the first minute. Let us look at this penalty. McManus had a bad day


at the office, there was no doubt about it. The second one was


contentious. The position is good and there is definitely a poor back.


He spotted it and it is definitely a penalty kick. You cannot argue


with the referee. So many people are backing these teams as


potential second-place teams. How big a win is it for Aberdeen?


great win. It is difficult to win at Fir Park. The new players opt


sensational. There have been some great signings and there is of real


positivity about Aberdeen. The fans are coming back in droves as well.


I totally agree with Aberdeen. There are some fabulous players.


Zola is brilliant. A big game for Aberdeen next weekend against


Celtic. The season is up and running and the football does not


stop. After the midweek international, the SPFL will be


back. We will be giving you the result on Saturday and also next


Sunday at 10:25pm on BBC One. After their 0-0 draw at Inverness, there


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 43 seconds


was talk of making things harder. striking play as usual from being


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 43 seconds


flight last season. They would like to at least equalled that. I think


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 43 seconds


with that Wilder tent. You would match right there. Graham Shinnie


went with the Left fought. -- left foot.


We were a bit sloppy in possession. All credit to Inverness. There were


a lot of mistakes and we were quite nervy. We have got a belief that we


can win matches and that has been installed in the players that were


here last year. The newcomers have added to that as well. I am very


pleased. Inverness were brilliant and deserve to win. You play them


last weekend. What makes them such an effective side? There is balance


in the team. They have physical players that can mix it. They have


a front three out of very creative. They also win the ball back very


quickly when they lose possession. It is normally under five seconds.


When they do win the ball back, they then break at incredible speed.


This is a great reverse pass here. They are an impressive team,


Inverness, and I think they will continue to be so. Yesterday,


Jackie McNamara probably finding it difficult to get the team to gel


properly. He has lost quite a few players and they had been important


players. If you lose the likes of Russell and Daily, it can be


difficult. They are not the same team. John Rankin is an important


player. Yes, and he was taken off. What do you make of that? He has


got fire in his belly, but you don't really do that. He is


obviously angry. Everyone has to get together after a loss like that


and it is hard for the youngsters. from Glasgow for the long trip north


with a point already under the belts. Ross County were still


without the suspended players. After without the suspended players. After


the opening day draw, the same 11 were sent out again. Commentary from


John Barnes. Corner. It is not into the back of the net. Partick


Thistle's first goal in the Scottish Premiership. It comes from the left


boot of Chris Dylan. The easiest of tap ins. Brian McLean should be in


control of that situation. That is not the best of credence from Mark


Brown. Lawless to the gate. Mark Brown makes amends from his error.


He apologises to the defenders. James Kagan so close to getting a


second. He has given it straight to Stephen Lawless. He is off and


running. Following up is Lawless again. Terrific finishing there by


Stephen Lawless. Brown making the stop initially but Lawless knocking


it then eight minutes into the second half. This will picking up


most of the balls in the midfield area. -- Partick Thistle picking up


most of the balls. Lawless 's Square and the easiest of tap ins. Stephen


Lawless claims his second and Partick Thistle's third. It is the


build-up again from Reagan and Brannigan. Lawless onside knocking


it in. Gordon. Graham Keeley on the left foot. He took a deflection and


Co will go all back. It did come off Sean Welsh. Keeley will claim it. He


now gets a free kick. Good stop by the keeper. It did come off the wall


which makes it an even better saved by the goalkeeper. Welsh. Sinclair.


Higginbotham. He ruled up again from Thistle. A from Higginbotham. The


flag was up, just offside. As he got in behind the County defenders.


Sinclair linking well with Higginbotham. Higginbotham trying it


himself and he has found the bottom left-hand corner. The flag is up.


Offside claims the assistant referee. It certainly was not Baird


in the middle of all he looked to get a touch. A fine strike by


Higginbotham. It is the best performance we have had in the site


since I took over as manager. final goal was disallowed, what were


your thoughts? I had a look again and I think it was just one of those


things where he was not too sure about it. The same thing happened


last week at Perth. It is a hard one for referees. They seem still pretty


complicated. Should that goal that we just saw that was not a goal, it


shouldn't have stood? I think it should have. What it says is that if


a player gets in the line of vision of a goalkeeper then it should not


we allowed. We can see in the freeze that the striker is not in the line


of vision. It is a tough one to do. I think they have got it wrong.


one is similar. In the past they would have given that goal.


bigger picture was that Partick Thistle won this match 3-1. You


would think they were going to get a tough game against Ross County.


Stewart Brannigan and Lawless really combining to delete effect. -- to


delete effect. Both players are very good, I would add Higginbotham to


the list as well. Good vision, good on the ball. When you describe those


sorts of layers, we do not have many of them in Scottish football. It is


not a great deal of Partick Thistle so far. That is the players at least


working together up front. It is important to know, it might be


offside, but he knows where he is. That is great vision. That is


understanding and working well with each other. It is absolutely


brilliant to see dad. Whether they can keep it going, that is another


question. It might be early to discount Ross County but the manager


said it was the worst game since he had been in charge of Ross County.


The foundation of the success last year was the mind of points the won


in Dingwall. I was surprised with the result. Ivan Sproul and


written, they have some good arrears owed. St Johnstone's Europa League


adventure came to an end midweek as they lost out. Good day if yelp's


all-time top scorer help them at Rugby Park? There was transfer


speculation over striker Stevie me who started for Saints. It was back


to league business force on Johnstone who were no doubt looking


to banish the painful memory of their European disappointment.


Dalmarnock were out to rob salt in the winds. Heffernan was at it


again, with a little help from the St Johnstone defender Steven


Anderson, he was through, but the visitors had it covered. Although St


Johnstone looked tired team, they had their chances. Edwards with a


ball into wards Rory Fallon. Mark O'Hara got there first. The visitors


came close again. Chris Mellor's ball in found Stevie me. He is


wanted by English league one side Peterborough. Up the other side and


Alan Mannus had to look lively. Paul Heffernan tried his luck with a


glancing header. Manas was called into action again. Bar trying to


head home the corner but good reactions from Manas will stop


another header, this time forcing Johnstone, Cambs Scobie with the


Gallipoli for Rory Fallon who was not too far away. Next up, a ten


minute spell which was arguably the most exciting of the match. The


visitors felt they should have been awarded a penalty. The St Johnstone


players certainly thought so but your protest where waved away by the


referee. Was there I can't at the goods on? Dalmarnock ventilated a


brilliant chance with a lovely ball for Kris Boyd. Sublime control for


him but the post prevented the opening goal. Then it was


Kilmarnock's earned for a penalty claim. This one looked a bit more


obvious as this shot hit at hand. We carried on and the ball hit the


posts again. He lives the penalty claim once again. An incident the


referee waved away. Obviously they are frustrated by the penalty


decisions. From when I was standing the boy obviously had his hand up


obstructing the ball. From Thursday night the emotions we went through


missing the penalties. We know to a man we can play better than what we


did today but I think it is important when you don't play well


that you get something out of the game. So we were glad to get a


point. What do you think of that? think both were soft claims to be


honest. I do not think freezer could do anything, I do not think he was


aware of it. One word, deliberate. I have seen them not getting when they


should have been given but I have also seen them given and the player


being boot. I do not see the sense in that at all. And that the other


end? Again it is like pulling the jersey but this seems even more


slight than the Motherwell one. I find it difficult to see anything


clear there. If you look at Davidson. It is the further away


one. There is a little pub but not much at all. Really difficult times


for the referee there to have a look at that. We have turbulent times in


Scottish football. Let's see what the back pages look like. That is


the Scotsman. They go with the pressure writing on Pat Fenlon. The


Herald goes with much the same, focusing on the problems facing Pat


Fenlon. Not pack heaven! This is the sign. Going with a Rangers story.


Rangers �22 million is gone the sea. The Rangers story rumbles on and on.


And the Daily Mail or with the Scotland /England game that is


coming up on Wednesday. Wayne Rooney possibly facing Scotland on


Wednesday night. The daily record do the same, rue is not ready for


sports. -- for Scots. A huge debate about how much Scotland can hope for


after Croatia. There is no doubt they are up for it, there is


confidence coursing through the squad. Our lads are the top of the


game and the English do not take it quite so seriously. It is the


possibility that might happen. They are topside. If the way the best and


we play our best, they went, it is as simple as that. In the Croatia


game everyone was expecting Scotland to get a hiding but we won that and


now we go down to London with her spring in our step. It was a great


performance at Croatia and it would unite to build on that. To come back


with a win with the incredible. you think we will take this game


much more CD sleep than Roy Hodgson's side? -- seriously.


Strachan will get them all clamped down again. Cant down again. --


Hamed down. Just watching tonight. Billy Mackay was my goal reminded me


of Gascoigne's against Scotland. Quick question, it should read ring


back this fixture every year? think so, I used to love watching it


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