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Round-up of action from the weekend's Clydesdale Bank Premier League games, presented by Rob Maclean.

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In around the SPL in 40 minutes, that's us as we round up the


weekend of football for you. Celtic have put themselves back in the


title race over the last month or so. There were at home to Hearts


this weekend, looking to extend their SPL winning sequence to six


COMMENTATOR: Terrific football from Celtic. It is a wonderful goal.


Gary Hooper has found the bottom coming into the team. Hearts had


Robinson coming in, and two others. Celtic trying to make inroads. This


is Gary Hooper! Well, that is the best chance of the game so far. It


rising. He has looked fairly be in trouble. Georgios Samaras.


The Celtic fans are frustrated with the way their team has been going


in the first half. It was similar of Marian Kello. That was a good


league win here since 2007. They have one it in the League Cup since


then. -- they have won in the League Cup. Mulgrew did well here.


still awaiting his first start since coming back from injury.


Scott! Woodwork! As close as they have come! He has not been a happy


chappie, Neil Lennon, so far, on the touchline. And another free


kick which is easily dealt with by Wanyama! From a standing start,


Victor Wanyama scores his first Celtic goal, and what a time to do


it, 19 minutes from time. This did not look like it was coming. He's


playing at centre half just now, Wanyama! They're more relaxed


around these parts now. They might get a second. Georgios Samaras and


Anthony Stokes were involved in this, from the free kick. Hearts


will be despondent to be behind, Fraser Forster. The dying embers of


the game. Penalty! Handball against Victor Wanyama! Two minutes to go,


and what a moment this could be, not just today, but in the course


of the campaign. There's the back- heel from Elliott, Fraser Forster


thought he had got rid of it, Wanyama adjudged to have handled it.


I think they call this gamesmanship. Georgios Samaras claiming the ball


is not on the spot. Saved by Fraser Forster! Celebrated as if it was a


goal at the other end. They call this the right height for the


goalkeeper, but the save still had to be made. We are deep into injury


time. The referee blows for full- time. Celtic have won this. The


heroes, Fraser Forster and Wanyama. These two had an issue earlier in


These two had an issue earlier in the second half. Scott Brown,


getting back to his old self, by the looks of it. The gap was 15


points, it is now back to four. They're desperate they do not drift


further away from Rangers. You can see how much it wins to them at the


moment, six wins on the trot. games like that will keep them in


the title race. They might not have performed how they would have


wanted, they might not have replicated their form over previous


week's, but coming to this time of the year, it is about winning games.


They know that on 28th December, they have got Rangers at home, they


will fancy their chances at Parkhead. One man who has been a


top former for them has been Victor Wanyama. Kenyan International.


I think he's more of a defensive player. But it is all hands to the


pump when you're looking for a goal. Neil Lennon said, he does not even


do that in training. It is totally out of the blue. That can be the


difference between staying in the title race or not. People step-up


to the mark, people who do not normally do that sort of thing.


this a handball? I can see why it was given. When Wanyama goes up for


the ball, the penalty could have been given for the foul. He could


have catches him across the face. As the referee given it for


handball, or for that? I'm not too sure. But when you put your hand up,


you're giving the referee the you're giving the referee the


opportunity to give a penalty.. you OK with gamesmanship like this,


Georgios Samaras, and then Fraser Forster, querying where the ball


was placed. The FIFA rules are pretty vague, saying the ball


should be properly placed, no more than that. Yes, it is gamesmanship,


it is trying to put the player off. But when you're wanting to win


titles, you need your big players to step up. And Fraser Forster has


made a big save for his club. Interesting to look at the Hearts


team selection yesterday, John Sutton disappeared without trace,


no Andy Webster, is the Hearts team at the moment being picked for


financial reasons? You will probably have to ask the answer,


but you will not get an answer, because he does not speak to the


press. There have been question marks in the past about who's


making the decisions. But when you're making so many changes, it


is going to upset the rhythm of the team. Paulo Sergio is trying to get


a winning formula. It is no coincidence that the pay issue and


the bad results, to me, they go hand in hand. Sometimes you just


need a couple of results together, back-to-back, to pursue one of it.


There is no doubt they have got some top-quality players. Udinese


the won today to go top of the League in Italy. How will that go


in midweek? For me, they might as well go and have a go. There is no


point going and trying to be defensive. I would expect Neil


Lennon to be positive. From a few weeks ago, the position they were


in, it has all progressed, there on a winning run. I think he will be


looking forward to it. Motherwell were in Perth yesterday trying to


protect their position as best of the rest in the SPL. St Johnstone


have been edging closer, and they did this at fir Park in September.


Aside from being beaten by the Old Firm pair, Motherwell have suffered


only one league defeat this season, and this was it, 3-0 at home to St


Johnstone. Highlights of the rematch at McDiarmid Park coming up


now. This promises to be a fascinating tussle, fourth place


against third. On the attack, and it was a fairly weak shot in the


end, easy for goalkeeper Enckelman. On his less favoured left foot.


It's a cute ball, pandered decent effort by Murray Davidson. Pushed


away by goalkeeper Randolph. The best chance so far for St Johnstone.


Nicky Law trying to find room for the cross. He does well. And it is


tucked in from close range, a disaster for the defence. It


follows good work from Nicky Law. But Enckelman should have gathered


to that. Omar Daley Puts Motherwell in front. Murray Davids and


arriving late, that was so close to the equaliser. Brave from Davison


to attack this one. He does it so well, though. Inches wide. Omar


Daley Was caught late by the full- back there. But play continues.


Jamie Murphy rising, and doubles Motherwell's lead. It was a fine


header, planted firmly past Enckelman, and mother well in


command. Terrific ball in from Heatley. Murphy got in between the


two defenders. And the header was perfectly placed, no chance for


Enckelman. Picked up Omar Daley. He goes down under the challenge of


the goalkeeper. It is only a corner kick. Motherwell wanted more. The


referee says the goalkeeper got a touch on the ball. He certainly


seems to direct the ball away from goal. Difficult to tell. Stuart


McCall will be well pleased with his side thus far. Terrific away


form, four wins on the trot. That Randolph. They have been pretty


toothless without Yeah! Up front. Omar Daley Looking to test


Enckelman once again on his near post. He's full of confidence at


the moment, Omar Daley. Tom Heatley to deliver the corner. He plays it


short. Omar Daley, and a huge deflection. Jamie Murphy takes the


credit! It was Omar Daley's shot. Not sure how much Murphy knew about


this, it came off his backside, giving Enckelman absolutely no hope


of keeping it out. Motherwell have surely made sure of the points. St


Johnstone desperately searching for something. That pretty much sums up


And when that rising star of the media world K Flatley was sitting


there, he said they were among the best he had faced this season.


Yesterday must have been sweet revenge? For us, it was about


picking up points. That game was called off at half-time and we only


got a draw the week before. We had a good week's training, if there


was such a thing. We went good going in and they were up for the


game. I felt we played well first half with a couple of scares but we


managed to get ourselves in front. You'll say there should have been a


penalty but I will say Peter Enckelman got a touch to the ball.


Alan Muir had said he touched the ball. At the time, I felt it was


not a penalty kick but he was in a better position to judge. Jamie


Murphy has practised this one? didn't think he had a backside!


When what is going your way and results are going your way, these


things go against you. If you speak to Aberdeen or Inverness, these


things do not go your way when you're down on your luck. Do mother


will find it easier to perform away from home because that is now five


on the bounce on the road? It seems to be. We tend to score first. --


Motherwell. We have a lot of guys who are good on the counter-attack


and a lot of teams in the Scottish Premier League tend to be set up to


play counter-attacks. It has been good for us and people call this


our lucky strap. -- strip. I cannot remember so many away wins and one


season but to have it now. Even now, you are 10 points short of last


season's total and you have only played 17 games. How much credit


goes to Stuart McCall as some people wondered when he took over,


how he would get you to another level? Cake and that Archie had


done reasonably well. It was probably intimidating by Stuart


McCall to come in and knowing that they had done well. He has always


said he felt he could. He has brought in Omar Daley and others so


he has added quality to the squad. Even he I do not think would have


thought we were in the -- would be in the position we're in. We never


thought we would be here with this many kits -- points. We're just


enjoying ourselves. Inverness hauled themselves off the


bottom of the SPL last weekend. And were hoping to continue that upward


momentum yesterday at home to Dundee United. Paul Mitchell was


clubs at inside and a chance for Jonny Hayes! They take just 75


seconds to go ahead. A lovely ball across and a left-foot finish. Gave


him no chance. A good run, and the Mackie going forward and over the


top. He seems to be in trouble and Davies will be yellow-carded for


the challenge. Mackie steaming straight into him and Chris Hogg


knew he was in trouble. He is off, Cox is on. He goes down but it is


not a penalty. It looked unintentional. A quick start to the


second half. He said that the Cross, Mackie! Are just like in the first


half, Inverness Caledonian Thistle stand in the United with a quick


start. Dundee United in all sorts of heart


at the moment and have never come from behind this season. Armstrong


is past three, four. Goes down and they have a ball back through the


substitute, at Johnny Russell. -- goal. Great run from Armstrong and


a lover reaction from Johnny Russell. -- lovely reaction.


Plenty of time, slide City since it forward. A good flick on. A chance


for Armstrong at! He took it away from his own goalkeeper. Dundee


United have come from two behind to level at 2-2. More like a pass back


than a shot. United and Inverness are locked together at 2-2. Quickly


taken, a good ball in. Almost making up with -- for the own goal


with a goal at the other end. Through on to John Rankin, he says


it on to Gary Mackay. Johnny Russell had a chance! What a


comeback for Dundee United and the catalyst is Johnny Russell. A


lovely ball through, look at the left out here and it finishes well.


They trailed by two goals and now lead 3-2 with a double for Johnny


Russell. The United fans continue to make


noises. He could be in trouble if he goes for the challenge and he


has! At tackle from behind and a yellow card. He has already been


booked and will be sent off. Disappointment for David Davies and


Inverness. He will miss the match at Ibrox. He was pushing and


pushing and went for the challenge. I think you will know what the


wrath of Terry Butcher is like. Possibly a managerial master stroke


bringing on a Johnny Russell and an immediate impact. At 2-0 down, you


are often forced just to go for it. You think all was lost and may as


well just go for it. He has made substitutions before and they


probably will not have worked but on the day, Johnny Russell did. He


rewarded his manager's fate yesterday with two good goals. He


has all the attributes to be a top player. I think these two goals


will push him on. 3-2 win for Dundee United. As you say, he has


shown what he can do before, Johnny Russell. This goal coming up was in


again when David Goodwillie was still playing. He may be suffered


with all those hopes being expressed for him as David


Goodwillie's replacement. It can affect young players because


suddenly they may think they're better than they are. I do not know


him as a kid but it can sometimes happen. The media speculation goes


with it. Perhaps he is not ready for it. It is about scoring goals


as a striker and that builds your confidence and gives you a lift.


Well done, Johnny Russell and Dundee United. Craig Brown was


hoping a little celebration might be in order yesterday after exactly


a year in charge at bottom-of-the- league Aberdeen. St Mirren were at


quickly and they could not have got off to a better start. Scott Vernon


slamming the ball into the top corner after just 30 seconds. Quick


start to do not get much quicker. Isaac Osbourne Robert Kenny McLean


on the edge of the box and Fraser Fyvie provided the perfect ball on


which was headed in by a Rory Allen. 2-0 up after just 16 minutes. Then


came the contentious issue - was as if a handball from Kenny Maclean?


Nothing given and a goal back in 34 minutes. Did the ball strike his


shoulder or his arm? Scott Vernon was next going down in the box. As


definite nudge from the sin Mirren player but not enough for the


referee. There was contact made by Jeroen Tesselaar but was at a


penalty or a died or not enough are either? -- dive. There then


followed a free-kick which Craig Brown felt was soft but he did seem


to shove him to the ground. From all of 35 yards, a thunderous free-


kick to make it 2-2. Perhaps a slight touch from the keeper's


elbow held the ball over the line but a tremendous strike nonetheless.


Aberdeen tried to hit back. A messy incident innocent man in penalty


area. The shot was blocked. Fraser Fyvie then floated in what would


have been a spectacular goal. I get saved from Craig Samson to put it


round the post, hitting his head against the terrain and the process.


A marginal throw-in decision then went against Aberdeen weeding


Fraser Fyvie to say something. He was given a straight red card, a


disappointing end to another -- disappointing end to another --


The first time I saw Kerry McLean's Gall, I thought, there are enough.


Then I thought handball, now not so sure. I think you can tell by the


way his head dropped back, it hits him in the face. It has not been


spoken of since the game. None of the players complained. Good play


by Kevin MacLean in the first place to get beyond the striker and get


the ball. His arm is up. He is giving the referee the option to


blow for a free-kick but it went St Mirren's way. That made it 2-1.


This one made it 2-2, an absolute belter of a strike from Graeme


Carey. Could the goalkeeper have saved it? I think it was a


misjudgment on the keeper's part. We have seen previous three kicks


and Graeme Carey knows he can make the ball dipped and swerved. We'll


see some of them here. Danny Lennon said after the game that he works


on it and he'd get his reward by getting calls. That is good advice


for any young players - if you practise, it will come off. There


is a touch of Ronaldo about that one. He is obviously working on his


technique. He seems to be going through the wall or round the side


of the wall, making the ball move, so credit to him. Pat Fenlon had


his first half much as his manager a couple of weeks ago. He had the


full thing at Easter Road yesterday Hart. Chance for Rangers and Lee


Wallace. Flicked away. That needed a better cross from Lee Wallace,


after the error by Michael Hart. Great pass from Wallace. That's a


decent ball across. Stephen Whitaker coming in. Defended well


in the end by Ivan Sproule. It was a good cross. In his first home


game as manager, Peter mate, trying to get his point across. That was


three at home against Rangers. That's really good from Ivan


Sproule. And what a chance for Leigh Griffiths, just before half-


time! Ivan Sproule took on Whitaker and won that battle. But that was


poor from Leigh Griffiths. There was a shout for handball, but it


did not look like it. One or two Hibs players complaining. It


appeared to come off the chest of visits to Easter Road. And they're


proving forward again. Penalty kick. Michael Hart has been penalised


following the tangle with Lee Wallace. Their arms were linked,


but Michael Hart certainly held him back. It is a correct call, just as


it was moments ago to deny Hibs a penalty. Jelavic has not really


been involved in the match. But that perfect from Nikica Jelavic!


Seven goals in his last 10 coming into today. He serves the


goalkeeper the wrong way, it is perfectly placed, into the corner.


Paul Hanlon unlucky not to have scored here. That's a nice step-


over. The Rangers fans are happy with what they are seeing now. It


comes across, Jelavic! He got away from his man and helped himself to


his second double of the season. He got away from Michael Hart, and


that's a really simple header. Hanlon, that has taken a deflection.


McGregor has to go back. He has not been overworked today, but he did


been overworked today, but he did really well to get back following


his defection. I was at this game yesterday, Rangers were not at


their creative best, but it is about grinding it out, Rangers and


Celtic are good at it. Yes, Rangers have been renowned for it,


especially under Walter Smith, and Ally McCoist seems to have carried


it on. There's only three of for games a season where all the


players play to their potential. It is about picking up points whenever


you can. Maybe at times, they have not been dominating games, but when


you have got strikers like Nikica Jelavic, and players like Steven


Davis, that's the difference between the top two winning more


games than the rest, because they have always got that little bit of


quality. Someone always steps up to the mark and gets the points.


might have been different, yesterday, had Leigh Griffiths


taken his chance. This was in stoppage time at the end of the


first 45. You dream of a chance like this, don't you? You do, when


you play the Old Firm, there is a defining moment in the game, where


you think, it could have swung away. Pat Finnan said after the game just


as much. When you do have a chance, you have to be clinical. -- Pat


Fenlon. And Leigh Griffiths strikes a good ball, he would have been


very disappointed with that finish. This was Leigh Griffiths towards


the Rangers supporters, that has got to be inflammatory, hasn't it?


It is a little bit naive, we have got to put it that way. He has had


a little chance to get his name on the scoresheet, it is probably a


bit naive. I think he will learn from it. He's back up in Scotland


on loan, doing reasonably well. It is something the manager will have


a word with him about. Hibs had a great first hour of the match, then


conceded twice, and sadly for him, Michael Hart was implicated for


Michael Hart was implicated for both goals. Did he get himself in


the wrong position here? We have got to credit Lee Wallace for


gambling. That's the left back, trying to make things happen. But


that's the defining moment of the game, you get a penalty kick.


That's what Hibs were undone by yesterday, two set pieces, a


penalty kick and a corner kick. Probably out with fat, there was


not an awful lot between the teams. -- outwith that. His 13th and 14th


-- outwith that. His 13th and 14th goals of the season, which makes


That just underlines the importance of Nikica Jelavic to Rangers. Will


there be an important decision that has to be made in January, do you


think, for Great White? I suspect there will be, if it is not in


January, it will be next summer. -- Craig White. There was a �7 million


bid made in the summer for him. He has continued his good form. He


will be going to the Euro 2012 with Croatia. So, he is in demand. But


if Nikica Jelavic goes, that will be a huge boost to Celtic. Celtic


will not have to sell anybody, I don't think. So Rangers could be in


trouble if he goes. Why match which did not happen because of the fog


was Dunfermline against Kilmarnock. It was called off 90 minutes from


kick-off, did you agree with that decision? I think you can see the


reaction, by all accounts, the players were happy to go and try it,


and see if it went away. I understand the referee is making a


decision to look after the safety of the players. But if the players


do not feel under any threat, sometimes I think we have to go


with the players and management. Maybe the decision was made just a


little bit too early. If they had held on for another hour, before


the decision was made. Let's have a look at the Clydesdale Bank Premier


League before we go. It is still four points at the top between


Rangers and Celtic. Motherwell have increased their position of


increased their position of strength in third place, now seven


Tuesday night in Perth for the rearranged match between St


Johnstone and Aberdeen, that will We will have all of that action for


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