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BBC Scotland's round-up of all the action from the weekend's Clydesdale Bank Premier League games, presented by Rob Maclean.

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The story of the SPL weekend is coming up. You will see the


highlights of all six matches in the next 45 minutes. Billy Dodds


will do the talking that, starting with the match he was at yesterday.


Bottom of the league done Fairman it struggling to -- there is a


Rangers team try to recover from It is a goal for Dundee United, and


you have to say that they deserve that one! This is Paul Dixon. What


of space to zero! -- lot of space. 2-0!


Former Rangers defender Macmillan are lined up for Dunfermline


against his former team. Chris Smith was in goal, with Ian Turner


still injured. It and will cousin's return for Rangers began, and the


one change to team Sol Lee McCulloch deployed as a striker. --


McCulloch deployed as a striker. -- Daniel cousin's. He has an this


read that completely. He may fancy this himself here. He is unlucky.


Kirk. Berkeley brings down Buchanan. David Graham hits the post, he


comes back to Kirk, and it is saved by Alan McGregor. Rangers started


the brighter of the team and it is unfair one who are impressive at


the moment. That is heard! It is 1- 0. -- that is it hurt.


Rangers trail to Dunfermline. That is thanks to Andy could. He is the


top scorer for did fair one. -- top scorer for up Dunfermline.


Sone Aluko. They want a reaction quickly.


Healey, one to one. They went behind for long.


David Healy gets Rangers back into the game. It broke kindly for him,


but he does not care. Needed to the Rangers fans inside East End Park.


-- neither to the Rangers fans. That is McCulloch, and Davies! They


were stunned by the Dunfermline goal. McCullough. He is going down,


a challenge from Mark care. It has Brilliant, what a finish! Wayne


McCullough playing as a striker, an emergency striker for Ally McCoist.


He does not have anyone else. He does the business for his boss.


A change of pace by Davies. A really good run. Plenty of plea in


the middle. Healey. McCulloch! He was easy in the end for Alan


his troops on. They have a real battle on their hands. -- in that


MacIntyre. Sone Aluko. That is a terrific goal. You cannot argue


with that. He has endeared himself to the Rangers fans. He has beaten


the line by a local. -- by Sone Aluko. Sone Aluko was the seal on


the line. He picked out the initial header.


That is a great save. But Salim Kerkar is there, and it is four.


Salim Kerkar on the field for two minutes, scored his first League


it from being five. it from being five.


Rangers are back in form. You were there yesterday, however


impressive was that from Rangers? It was an impressive response, they


went a goal down as well. They went out of the Cup with a whimper


against Dundee United, they go a goal down in this game and that is


when the question-marks game. Rangers's key players came to the


fore yesterday. They were under pressure from done from one as well.


There was a shot against the post, and the goal that I get -- that


Andy could scored. It was really good from in Davy Graham, from


across the pitch. Once he gets here, great pace and a great strike. He


is unlucky. Canon went down, you can see his left knee catching him.


They were lucky to get away with a penalty there, Rangers. Perhaps it


would have been difficult, as Dunfermline to go in front. You are


looking at the defence, it is not a great defending, but it is all


about the quality of the cross. Because this was right across the


six-yard box, with pace, the defenders do not want to touch him.


It will put it in the net. It was a great start with Dunfermline.


Claimed Wayne McCullough up front work wonders, didn't it? What of


options, everything that they had been missing. They tried to place


reunited last week, but they could not. He has a handle on this first


goal, and an awareness once he gets there. He spots the runner, and it


is unlucky for Dunfermline. You can click it into his chest and he is


strong. I do not think it was a free kick, that which led to the


goal. He is aware, knows what is around him. Was to do, Lee


McCulloch, but he catches that one. Real presence about him. As I say,


it is on the deck, it is in the air that you go to score goals. He has


such an awareness. You see here, strength, braces team into play. He


is everything they were missing against Dundee United. He has


played as a striker before, but in the situation he was -- in the


situation Rangers are in, he is a great find. What a flick this is.


This is what allowed -- this is what allows Davies to do something


he has not done in a few weeks, perhaps months, get himself up the


pitch. He finds himself a goal threat. Now Rangers have options.


Perhaps this league title is not over. Many people think it is, I


think there was a big response from Rangers yesterday. Should he have


been called into action last Sunday at Ibrox? You see when Ally McCoist


look at that, whoever has come up with the thought and put him in the,


the havoc he has caused, maybe have options. Now they have McCulloch


and Lafferty coming back, they have cousin, they have Healey, something


I said a few more weeks ago, where a Rangers could to get the goals


from? Now they have options few map -- they have options. Daniel Cozens


will be in action soon. This is what he was capable of at his first


spell with the club. At the age of 35, does he have enough to offer?


There is no doubt he has quality, this was his best game for Rangers.


He believes Celtic that day. He has quality and strength, you just


wonder who they will pair with whom, will it be McCulloch and cousin?


Will it be silly and McCulloch? Lots of options. I said a few


months ago, cousin was not a great signing. The predicament traders


are in, it was a great decision. can Rangers hang in there? A they


still serious contenders? For. Still with an Old Firm game to play,


things are not great, but you can only look at the response they got


yesterday. There is a real realisation from them yesterday, a


free keep going the way be are going, on or off the park, we will


for the title away. They are not ready to give up Bonet just yet.


There was 11 way Neil Lennon wanted to mark his 100 match at Celtic,


with an ex p will win. -- with an with an ex p will win. -- with an


freedom of time Castle to make it the nil.


Gary Cooper with a simple finish. Celtic were unable to play that


same team we scored four against Hearts in midweek. Daniel


Majstorovic took over four at the regular. The central defensive pair


for Hearts were drops, with Essen and old Williams and Sutherland


drafted in. Sampras threatening early on.


Hearts defenders getting there body in front of the ball here.


And for more growth. There is a whiny Amer. That was close.


Matthews pass. It gets away from him. Down he goes. No chance of his


half-hearted penalty claim have been held up.


The header flicked to Hooper. Matthews. For Brown. First time for


James Forrest. This looks promising. Very promising! Old Firm match


winner Joe Ledley strikes again. His seventh goal of the season.


After Brown's pass played in, a forest, and at the end a tap in for


Joe Ledley. 16 minutes gone, 1-0. Charlie Moore grew, a good strike.


Him -- Charlie Mulgrew. There was a lot of movement on the


ball. Good work from Joe Ledley. James Forrest shifting through the


tears. Charlie will groom with the strike.


That was late. -- Charlie Mulgrew. It looked inviting, but he was


looking for the shot at goal. Quite the way by Essen. Lots of pressure


from Celtic. Looking for goal Williams. There is Mulgrew. Sliding


in, Steve Williams. Free kick given. He seemed to get the ball and it is


going to be a yellow card as well. Bemused, I think is the look.


Powerful and pacy and it took to Celtic players to stop him. To


allow last-ditch challenge and it will be a red card. Judge not to


have got the ball first as he slipped through the back of Johnny


tapped into the side net. Inverness with their one-man advantage are


looking to make it count. A disappointing finish, this one.


Adam mates on the set-piece. -- Matthews. Stuck on the goal-line by


Williams. It will be a second yellow card for at the Inverness


defender. He is off. Besides are neck Ross. -- Nick Ross. The


youngster hangs his head. A real opportunity for a late equaliser.


Brown. One of those mesmerising runs. Terrific play. All it lacked


was the finishing touch. It looks as though one call is going to have


to be enough to extend Celtic's Celtic wondering if they will


appeal against that red card. I am not sure they have an awful lot of


the TV evidence here to back them up. Be coverage is nothing to do


with us, we should point out, although we do broadcaster. Johnny


Haynes just want -- runs away here. He is not interested. It do not


think they have conclusive evidence if he has the ball. I think if he


looks at any he's, he will have spotted it wrong. He thinks that Mr


a pitch has played it. Will they get with it, I am not so sure. They


have been unlucky there, Celtic. was raging last week because he


felt his team did not turn up. This time, did it meant we did turn up.


They were much more competitive. They had a fair bit of the ball.


When the chances came their way, and there were a couple of them,


they did not make the most of it. He will be pleased it was the


better performers. Look at the bodies in the box, you do not


always get those time and the chances. This one, Nick Ross, the


one thing I'll say about both chances is that you have to hit the


target. If you have options in the box, you have to goal across the


goalkeeper or pick them out, but you must hit the target. Terry


Butcher will be pleased with the performers. Celtic did not play


well. It was better than last week. Celtic, we have spoken about


Rangers winning the title, the do not always play well. When you're


not playing well and you are still getting the three points, that has


also taken do is to keep winning games. That is 100 up for NEWLINE


and since he took over. -- Neil Lennon. It has not always gone


smoothly but he has turned it round. As I had said, they have had their


heard moments and he has had to turn around. He has turned it all


around and nothing but credit for him. Eight he should be pretty


happy with his record, but he does not want any more slot. A those are


the goals that took Celtic to the League Cup final, last season's


Scottish Cup final, a comprehensive defeat of Motherwell and Neil


Lennon with his hands on silverware for the first time as manager. You


do wonder, don't you, whether he might just have his hands on


another three trophies this season. Certain has opportunities. What


ended up at slip ups is the key games, the finals, the semi-finals,


the key games like Inverness in the last game, the one that they lost


the championship in the last season, that is the ones that he will not


want any more slip-ups in. It is impressive reading his records are


for. Motherwell were planning on holding their -- strength in the


hold on for a place at. -- restaurant in the hold on third


sides Swinney last met in December and so it proved again. Steven


Thompson will think he should have done better with his early effort.


The striker was on form but after a cross, he just could not trouble


Randolph. Go home side enjoyed most of the early pressure in fact,


Thompson again involved but his goal-bound header was cleared by


Jennings. Stuart McCall will be asking why the former Rangers man


was left unchallenged. His man on the post saved the day. The home


side's hopes were up and they pressed on. And Gary Teale and


burial are delivered. -- newly delivered. He sure it may well have


been deflected, but run-off was alert to tip over. Mother will have


the first a claim for a penalty dismissed. Some good build-up play.


But we are going down more in hope than expectation. Stuart McCall


obviously had words at half-time as his side came out flying. A menace


on the left. Sampson did well to penalty claim had a little more


substance. Lot looked across, but it was countered. Was it his hand,


there will, and was a tap-in at the? It was close range, not a


badge out. The referees is no. Peter and drabs by a sense of


injustice, they were on the hunt for a winner. Once again, there is


Taurean winner was pulling the strings and pulling the trigger.


Fantastic fit work, Sampson again equal to the task. It would be one


last chance as the clock ticked to Nell Tunnell. This time at cheeky


cross. To nil-nil. Did he mean it?, it did not matter because it


Since beating Rangers on Christmas Eve, they have not won. It is


frustrating because they are playing such good football and


moving it around and the expectation is good and then when


they get there, they are not getting enough calls. When you


getting at emitter of play and removing it slightly, you want


something at the end of it. They are not getting that. The strikers


are top quality -- strikers that get the goals will cost money. You


need someone that is up their scoring regular it. That is why


some barren have failed to pick up more points. Could they be


vulnerable on Tuesday night in the Scottish Cup replay. They have lost


up there before, so they will not be looking for to that trip. They


would have liked to get it over and done with. They will be glad to be


in it, but it is a dodgy place to go to get a cup result. We spotted


in the coverage what looked like a good turnout from the mother will


fans and it should be, because of the results that they had been


having. Doing well in the League, playing some good football. Not far


to travel. I was quite pleasantly surprised to see a good mother will


turn out yesterday. With them from one having lost yesterday lunchtime,


had had the chance of getting away from bottom spot. They were at home


from Aberdeen and Paul Mitchell was good header by Doyle. It was


impressive. He nicked the ball through his leg and hit the shot.


That is a good save from case and run. -- Jason Brown. Wotherspoon


rolls the ball at, a chance for Osborne. A good move for heads,


great construction of play. -- a could have chosen. Tried to drag


the shot in himself. -- perhaps. A lovely goal from -- a lovely goal


ahead. Right across and what a -- behalf. Aberdeen's top


goalscorer could not get on the end of this. It look like a decent


easy enough for Graham Stack. Stack It comes back on. A shot deflected.


It may yet -- get me had been been ahead as players's hand. A


Two goals in his last five, but As a manager as you always start


from the back and say, if we keep a clean sheet we can possibly win the


game. It is a mini revival, still a long way to go and still one point


above the relegation zone. They are playing under pressure every week,


Hibernian. Craig Brown was a controversial choice. Were you on


that panel? I did not fought on that one. Aberdeen are unbeaten.


Was that they justify it on board ahead of Neil Lennon, who won


everything? I can see why it was given. And Neil Lennon should win


it if he has won every game, as he won a team of before. Sometimes you


must look at the progression of the team. I was worried for my old team


at the start of the season. Craig Brown is getting together some good


players. He suddenly turned the game around. They are unbeaten


since the turn of the year. Slowly climbing of the league. Now looking


as though they could finish top six. I think it is really good and I can


understand why they got that award. I am really pleased for my old team,


the way they have turned their fortunes around. It will not matter


much if they lose on Tuesday. a big one, isn't it? I know that


place better than anywhere, they will get a decent crowd there. It


is the old traditional cup tie. It is a special place to play football.


If Aberdeen do not turn up and play well, Queen of the South could


shock them. They are playing well and will organise that the moment.


The couple of high profile handshakes were noticeable by their


absence yesterday, one failed to materialise at Rugby Park.


Kilmarnock were hoping for a win publicised spat between the two


managers. He has been snubbed by his counterpart. Perhaps looking


for a reaction after their 4-0 home defeat to Celtic. Other than that


they have been in decent form. The former commander player has


been sized to the deck in front of the come on up a bit. It is a


yellow card only. Jamie Hamel is into the big as well.


That is good play by Fowler. That is a great ball as well.


Command a court to be in front. We have had to turn up in the box


waiting for the foul the ball. He could not have asked for a better


opportunity. Jamie Macdonald was there. It may


have clipped the top of his crossbar.


So socle rose high above Andy Webster.


That is a sore one for Hamill. He is booked, onto a second yellow and


is gone. Shields corner. It got eyes on the


line, but it was put in. Paul Head remonstrate, -- Paul


Hedman and strikes. Despite the best efforts on the


line from Ian black. Kilmarnock are in front. Hamill.


He got away from them Gordon, but he cites his former team-mate to


the debt. -- but he cuts his former team mates to get.


ball in towards say so. The Late, Late Show from Hearts. It has come


from absolutely nowhere. A great ball in. He was at the back post to


guard the header towards goal. Hearts have rescued a point. There


was no handshake between the managers before the game, and once


again after that. Exactly the same. He is not interested. He does shake


the hand of Dean Shields, Kenny Shiels's son. Something said


afterwards as well. A kerfuffle. So much of the chat


about that game centred on the war of words between the two managers


after Kenny Shiels questioned Paulo Sergio's acceptance of the orders


from above about team selection. Wide remit as a manager is to


select the team. If the chairman into fears then am off, because you


have to have principles. It is either back me or sack me. It is a


case of sticking by your principles. case of sticking by your principles.


case of sticking by your principles. There is no way I would have a


chairman to me what players did it. Did you shake his hand? His hand,


his neck? It is OK. He may have a future on the club


comedy scene. Kenny Shiels's hand was left in fresh air as he looked


for his handshake pre-match. It was not happening post-match either,


when it was declined by the Hearts manager, who then went on to shake


hands with the manager's son, Dean shield. Obviously had a word in his


ear. Pass it on to the old man, I think that was there. Is it


entertaining? Is it embarrassing? bit of both. I thought it was


entertaining, but it is a little bit embarrassing as well. We do not


want to see it. It is one of those things were Paolo Sergio for me


should shake his hand. He has said he is angry, but he had a run-in


with Jimmy Nichol as well. Isle of Kenny Shields in terms of, he is a


nice man. A very nice man when you go, he has done well for us. He is


then a few interviews. He is very approachable. He is not a funny man,


so he should stop being funny. He is not Kevin bridges or Billy


Connolly. There must come a time when he knows he is robbing people


the wrong way and he must look after his own team. He had a goal


at Ayr United as well, is he not guilty of just saying what he


thinks? Some people say it is honesty, but I am being honest, I


do not think he is funny. He must look after his own team. I do not


think he would have a terror Park... He tore apart grimy's men, she


would never seek and tear apart Neil Lennon's men or Walter Smith


when he is in charge. He must be careful. Great expectations for


Dundee United on the back of their performance at Ibrox last Sunday,


how would a fair guess St Johnstone?


Kilian Sheridan made a big impact Kilian Sheridan made a big impact


off the bench with an equaliser at 10 Castle last weekend, and started


this weekend in preference to David Robinson. Peter Histon did not have


the toughest of team selection decisions, he started with the 11


who kicked off last Sunday's Kenneth. It was not too far away


from Davison. Almost made the most of his lucky ricochet. Just a foot


or so wide. Paul Dixon from the corner. He has missed it! That is a


calamitous goalkeeping. It's just trickled into the net. Dundee


United have a somewhat fortuitous lead.


That is a lovely ball for the craft. They get there before. He now does


it past him. What will the referee decide? He will book Beecroft. He


feels Croft was guilty of diving. As you will see you. That is


dreadful from Croft. Here comes a croft again. That is a decent


penalty claim from the looks of it. The referee is not interested.


Dickson for daily. A lovely ball from delay for Gary Mackay. Caddy


pick-up a team-mate? It is Callum Davidson into his own net. Two own


goals for St Johnstone. He later's leader is doubled. Great play from


Dili, then Mackie and Stephen. Deverson looks like he could get


out of the way of this. He just diverts it into his own net.


Using great pace once more. Could this be united's third? They could


save. Another great turn of speed back in its now. He United's


defence stood and watched as Liam take's ball was Coleman. I feel he


should have come for that one. Anderson scores for St Johnstone.


Mackay Stephen MACKAY. That is brilliant trickery. Here is Rankin.


That is just sensational stuff. One can almost finished it off. Still


United's press. So close reunited's third. He is such a threat in the


air. Dixon. Johnny Russell at the back post, and it has crept in. He


could not get there. Johnny Russell did not look favoured to win this


ball at the back post. He guided a brilliant header past the keeper.


Dixon's delivery is excellent as well. 3-1 United lead. Dixon.


Another good looking cross. John Daly with the header. And


frantically past her in common. -- emphatically past the goalkeeper.


United are 4-1 up. Delay before Russell. Through nicely. He is


chasing, another mistake in the St Johnstone defence, and a tap-in for


the substitute. It is his first goal in the United should. And he


surely will never score a simpler one. -- first goal in eight United


shirts. United are on easy street in injury-time. Is there to be a


consolation for St Johnstone? It is a good save. He came through a


crowd of players. He could only crowd of players. He could only


have seen this late. It is a good save.


I feel as if I am mentioning Mackay Stephen the most weekend now. They


have unearthed a big talent. Another one. Hm. Honestly. We all


know about his pace. The set-up that goal. Look at how quick he is.


He has an awareness and is so intelligent. One about this?


would break my ankles if I tried that. It is amazing. It is up there


with Eden bt D. If he plays like this, you just wonder, how long can


you hold on to him? He has every attribute. He was two years at


Liverpool. I think he had a hit in today problem at the time was held


him back. If you're at Liverpool in the first place, you have something


special. Yes, and sometimes you do not fulfil your potential until


later years. At 22, he has really come to the fore. You see his


delivery last week at Ibrox and that wonderful skill yesterday, the


cross is that he is picking out and the goals that he is going, the


complete package. Talking of top deliveries, have Dundee United


given up hope of keeping Paul Dixon's contract? They would do


well to hold on to him. If they were going to, they would do would


have been done by now. They have realised he will go on to bigger


things. He set up one of the goals at Ibrox last week. Another top


prospect. St Johnstone must best back from that. They have a cup


replay against Hearts on Tuesday. Well the goalkeeper be lost? I feel


sorry for him, I think mentally he is looking at him and thinking,


c'est que care at the end, it was a bathing kick. -- see his kick out


at the end. We will be working together, I am not sure it is wise,


on Wednesday night. Bear United versus Falkirk. The battle of the


losing League Cup semi-finals. -- here United. I was very impressed


with then against Celtic. It the hard won and I can see it going to


extra time. extra time.


Before we go, you would radically still bad Premier League. Four


points in at between Celtic and Rangers. Motherwell at a six-point


advantage in third place. Dundee United taking Aberdeen's place in


the top six. Not much movement in the bottom half of the table. But


there they are a point better off than Dunfermline.


Confirmation of the midweek matches. Those three replays. And the


rearranged match between Falkirk and Ayr United.


SPL next weekend. All Saturday games.


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