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Highlights of the first Scottish Cup semi-final between Rangers and Dundee United at Ibrox. With commentary by Rob Maclean, and analysis from Billy Dodds and Pat Nevin.

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Good evening. It had been dubbed by some as the game of the season, the


William Hill Scottish Cup semifinal between Rangers and Dundee United.


Could it possibly live up to the hype? United, Scottish Cup winners


in 2010. As for Rangers, in recent times they'd been virtually cursed


in cup competition. I write fitted free kick. It is a goal. The Rangers


fans streamed disconsolately from the stadium. Caley Thistle on course


for the semifinal. Game, set and match. Rangers' day goes from bad to


worse. Rangers have been beaten by Forfar athletic. -- Forfar Athletic.


There was always going to be an edge to this match this lunchtime. We'll


get the views of Pat Nevin and Billy Dodds a little later. But straight


to the action. A sizzling atmosphere at Ibrox. Your match commentator,


Rob McLean. at Ibrox.


There has been plenty of debate about the venue for the semifinal


and the allocation of tickets. Now it is time for the match itself. It


has turned out to be a home game for league one champions Rangers. How


will that advantage way against the different footballer level at which


these two or operating? Dundee United are top six Premiership team.


We are about to find out. Rangers can tout Cammy Bell and Lee Wallace


because of injury. Steve Simonsen please only his second goal --


second game in goal for Rangers. The teenage talents of John Souttar and


Ryan Gauld are recalled to the Dundee United team.


The referee is Bobby Madden. Rangers will have to move up a couple of


years after their performance last weekend. They lost to Raith Rovers


in the Ramsdens Cup final. Were they to deliver that sort of performance


today, it may well be no contest against Dundee United, who are still


in with the chance of European qualification.


Problems for Dundee United. Fraser Aird's cross was deflected behind


against Paul Paton. John Souttar is switched off. Sometimes he has the


tendency to overplay the ball. The header from Lee McCulloch. It is


hooked off the line by John Rankin. Bilel Mohsni tried to apply the


finishing touch. Just a suggestion of handball against Andy Robertson.


Fraser Aird with a good strike. The 19-year-old target just wide. --


tugged it just wide. The opportunity opened up, and it was worth a go.


The Dundee United chairman is a man of the people. Steven Thompson,


among the 11,000 United fans. Dean Shiels, and he has dragged the


shot wide of target. It is the best chance of the match so far. Dean


Shiels knows that he should have scored. He was onside. That was well


off target. That was a great challenge from


parole to. It is a free kick against Bilel Mohsni. -- from Peralta. He


was late. This could be dangerous. Stuart


Armstrong gives Dundee United the lead. It was not properly dealt with


by Rangers and they are punished. It is the 23rd minute of the match. The


header from Gavin Gunning. It caught Rangers out badly. It is hooked in


by Armstrong. It is his 10th goal of the season. It clipped to the base


of the post -- clipped the base of the post on the way in. Dundee


United are in front at Ibrox. Nadir Ciftci. It was a great effort. A


diving stave -- save by Simonsen. That is a really important save for


Rangers. Arnold Peralta. His passes deflected


behind, and Rangers have a corner. In from Fraser Aird. That is a bad


challenge by Paul Paton. It was not really a challenge she had to make.


He has conceded a free kick. There appear to be no immediate danger to


Dundee United. Ian Black swings it in. Radoslaw


Cierzniak flats at it. -- flaps at it. That was uncertain from the


United keeper. Nicky Law, looking to make something


happen for Rangers. It has come off the crossbar. Radoslaw Cierzniak was


totally caught by surprise. That was a great challenge from Gavin


Gunning. He blocked the effort on goal. Then the free kick was given


against Nadir Ciftci, for his challenge on Lee McCulloch. Radoslaw


Cierzniak was totally deceived by the ball into the box by Nicky Law.


Fraser Aird, onside. What a mess by Jon Daly. -- a miss. That is against


his own -- his old theme. Jon Daly seemed really surprised that the


chance came his way. He blazed it over the top. Two big misses in the


first half for Ally McCoist's team, Dean Shiels and Jon Daly.


Armstrong, Mackay-Steven, and Dundee United have a 2-0 lead in the


Scottish Cup semifinal. Again, it is a mistake at the back from Rangers.


It seemed to take an eternity to hit the back of the net. Away by Foster,


Ryan Gauld involved. The deflected shot by Gary Mackay-Steven flops up


in the air and into the back of the net. It came off Bilel Mohsni in the


end. Ten minutes from half-time. Dundee United are winning 2-0. It


was a wicked deflection. Did control from Fraser Aird. Ian


Black is fouled. That was Stuart Armstrong. I think he realises that


there is no case for the defence. Steven Smith with the free kick. It


has gone in. Rangers are back in the cup tie. Radoslaw Cierzniak got his


hand to it, but he could not keep it out. It has not been a first half


that the Dundee United keeper will want to remember. It was a good


strike from Smith, no doubt about it, but Radoslaw Cierzniak will feel


that having got across to it, he should have kept this out. He got a


good couple of hands to it, but the ball went through his gloves and


into the net. It is 2-1. That is a trip on Robertson by


Arnold Peralta. It has been an action packed first half. There was


a barge by Radoslaw Cierzniak. Bobby Madden did not think that was an off


the pulled the penalty claim. -- enough to uphold the penalty claim.


That was quite a first half at Ibrox. The belief of Rangers is


reignited with Steven Smith. He scored with a late first-half free


kick. 2-1 at the interval. feel they're back in the game.


Looking back as well on previous opportunities not taken.


Dundee will have thought they were in a strong position at 2-0 up. They


certainly have it all to do now again.


Armstrong! Sorensen hesitated. Armstrong unable to hit the target.


Great run from the midfield and Sorensen was slow in getting there.


McNamara's Dundee United in front at 2-1.


Moshini. Shiels into a threatening position. The free kick is given. A


couple of yards outside the box. It was Gunning's challenge.


A challenge which, in the end, trailed inside the penalty box.


Stevie Smith. Deflected. Really good goalkeeping from Cierzniak. He had


to adjust as the ball flew up in the air. You just wondered whether this


was going to drop in the net behind Cierzniak. He moved his feet


quickly. Armstrong flicks it off.


Armstrong. Watson. Ciftci. Ciftci was looking to get the all-important


touch. Needing a goal, Dundee United, to fuel a bit more


confidence about the outcome. -- to feel a bit more confident


about the outcome. Robertson. Gunning against Daly.


Ciftci around the goalkeeper and he'll surely take Dundee United


through to the Scottish Cup final! It's a horrible mistake by the


stand-in goalkeep goalkeeper and it's surely now game over. Ciftci


was not going to turn down that invitation to run the ball into the


net. Pf 3-1 Dundee United. Rangers


resistance is surely broken for the final time.


Mackay-Steven turning away from Law. It's great effort from McKay Steven.


Pf Mackay-Steven.


R Foul. Did Ian Black tread on Stuart Armstrong when he was object


ground there? There was a reaction from Armstrong. He was angered by


what happened there -- on the ground there? There was some sorting out to


do for Bobby madden. -- Bobby Madden.


Yellow for Armstrong, yellow for Black. There was the foul. Down went


Armstrong. And a little kick from Black. An angry reaction from


Armstrong as well. Rangers would do well to breathe


life into their game at this stage. Smith's corner.


Turn from Shiels. Back in from Smith. Moshini is there.


Free kick given for a push inside the penalty box.


Played forward by Shiels for Daly. Rangers giving it everything, but


the game has gone. Smith with the throw. Paton got his


head to it. Mackay-Steven. Ciftci. Might be


another goal here for United. It's Mackay-Steven and it's saved by


Cierzniak. The keeper. Dundee United are in the Scottish Cup final led by


Jackie McNamara. They've won the cup twice in the last 20 years, winners


of course in 2010, and they are back in the final. They are heading for


Celtic Park next month. Ciftci getting the goal which sealed the


win. It was a goalkeeping blunder of the highest order from Steve


Simonsen just as Rangers were looking to take the tie further. Big


disappointment for Ally McCoist. Dundee United head to Celtic Park


for the final. Final score at Ibrox, Rangers 1,


Dundee United 3. Pf Was it about chance-taking as much


as anything else, because Rangers had a couple first half then didn't?


Yes, had a few chances, the ricochet, then a goal from a free


kick, but I always thought that was a bit of danger with them in the


open play. The concentration before the game was crucial. We spoke about


that. They do carry a threat with the set pieces. Was it your goal?


Yes, definitely, I'm claiming it. I think he got a touch, but it was


going goalwards so I'll claim it. United were in a great position at


that stage tworks nil up and you looked like you were cruising? Yes.


We wanted to get our noses in early and fair play to Rangers, they came


back into it. Did the complexion of the match change when they got that


goal back just before half time? Yes, I think the end of the first


half was quite nervy and I think that follow-through into the second


half was into the second half. We then all had it in our minds that we


were true to the final. Did it take the mistake to settle it really from


their keeper? Yes, yes. It was a poor touch and the scorer was in the


right place at the right time, Ciftci. I ran up to the goal. I was


nearly celebrating before I scored but a goal is a goal, aisle taking


it. The celebrations are going on in the dressing roosm. It's our final


for a, first final for a long time. I take it you don't care who you


come up against in the final? No, we'll watch tomorrow and see who


deserves to get there and give it our best against them when we see


them next. I'm delighted for everybody connected with the club.


Delighted with the support today and it's great to be there. A very happy


United camp. Rangers don't give interviews to the BBC, so we are


unable to give you their reaction. It was a gripping match. The best


performance? I don't know about the best but I enjoyed the game.


Entertaining stuff. I thought it would get better second half but it


didn't. I knew there would be some drama at some point and there was


with the United third goal. I really enjoyed the tie as a whole. How


deserving were United to be winners? I'm not sure they were 100%


deserving. I thought Rangers played extremely well. The level of space,


it's a speed that I didn't see coming from Rangers. They were


fabulous, the effort they put in. The fans did well. You put that game


in the Champions League, there would have been eight players sent off,


but the ref allowed it to flow, making it a good game. I don't think


it's a 3-1 game, that's harsh on Rangers. There was a suggestion with


the first goal that Ciftci might have been interfering with play.


What do you say? He's walking out of the play there, but let's clear it


up here, Ciftci is looking away so he's not trying to take it in play.


Oes is the angle changed there? It's dead straight behind him, he's not


tried to change his angle so in a physical sense he's not interfering


with play but in a more subtle sense, other people might suggest


that he did. Do you go along with that? Yes, you see it as a gap


between Ciftci and McCullough. McCullough's pace is never going to


catch Ciftci anyway so there's nothing the ref can do to give


Rangers a free kick there. Rangers were much better today but still


defensively suspect? It's difficult for them. Centre halves can't make a


mistake. Look at McCullough. He's asking the players to come out with


him. Moshini is behind him and Smith is behind him a couple of yards. The


two centre backs are together. They are trying to go behind, but the


fullbacks are there. It's a simple ball over the top. It's not


complicated. This one, Billy, I think you agree with me, do of them


are a distance apart and Moshini is all over the place. The ball is


played in, that's the two centre backs out of the play. They are not


working their balance. They got away with that and because they get away


with it, get yourself back. Doesn't clear. It's a catalogue of errors.


The two centre backs are just way out there. Good play in the end from


Gauld? If he doesn't have his best game it's OK because there are


plenty of other strong players. Mackay-Steven for me was a really


special player today with his face alongside Armstrong. Rangers were


much b over overall than they have been of late. What were the key ways


they managed to put pressure on United? From set pieces was huge


from the start of the game. They applied pressure on the United back


four. You see McCullough's head header, Moshini is bundled off the


line. They can get the big players up alongside Daly. You can see


United are ragged and under pressure. Rankin smashes it clear.


They fire these balls into the box, no wonder with Moshini and co. They


didn't do that often enough, but when they did, they looked


dangerous. United are desperate there. When you get a free kick


seven minutes from time, you are 2-1 down and thinking, right, get up


there, get McCullough up, Moshini, Black takes it quickly, one of the


most experienced players, Robertson clears it, they are on the chase,


it's not a great way to pass back but Simonsen should deal with it.


The cup tie's gone. Horrendous for Simonsen but it's not all on his


shoulders? No. It's a tough one to deal with, but obviously it's a


mistake from Simonsen. Part of that is also for a player that's not


playing every week with those defenders and if you're into the


feeling of it, the natural feeling of playing in that ground, you put


your foot to it and you are used to it, but he's trying to impress all


the way through. I felt sorry for Simonsen at that moment. It was a


boiling whirlwind of a match from the word go and if rangers took do


huge chances earlier on, it could have been a different game?


Souttar went for the header, but he was out of position. I think the


ball stops there. It checks back before he is going to hit it. You


will not make that excuse to your manager. I am struggling for an


excuse here. I expected him to take it down, but the goalkeeper is


expecting him to hit it. You have got to get it on target. He makes a


great run. For me, if you are going to strike it with your right foot,


you should be taking the touch with your left foot. But he does not


handle it very well. I was listening to the radio this afternoon, and you


were saying that you felt that United were below par today, and yet


they still managed to beat Rangers 3-1. Rangers' performance was


excellent and they probably deserved replay if everything had gone to


plan. But these United kids are ruthless, they are clinical. They


were not nearly at their best, but they handled the situation well.


Both of those chances, Dundee United broke up the other side, and they


scored immediately. That is how little there was between the teams.


Just those moments made all the difference. If you are a Rangers


fan, that was a better performance. Do you feel short-changed that you


do not get that more of the time? They have one of the biggest playing


budgets in Scotland. You cannot drop your levels. You do not play at that


pace every week, so when you get the chance, you are not sharp enough.


All season, Rangers players have been gambling all season, dropping


their levels. It came back to haunt them today. Given the turmoil that


is happening with Rangers off the pitch, how important was it for Ally


McCoist that Rangers had the performance today that was full of


fight? I was speaking to Rangers fans after the game. They were very


positive about the way the team were playing, the vast majority of them.


But they feel that they have no luck, everything is going against


them. They feel like they have had years of bad fortune with the people


that are running the club. Today, Ally McCoist got a group of players


that fought for him. I think it would be very harsh for the board


and the media guys after works to give too much stick to Ally McCoist.


-- afterwards. You were asking at the start, how did the game was


that? It is one of the best ones I have seen all season. How much


pressure is Ally McCoist under? That will go a long way to use it a


little bit. But I do not have to tell you that Ally McCoist is under


pressure. He was beaten by Raith Rovers last week. Today was a


massive game for them. He is under pressure, but his team gave a


performance today. Perhaps this was Jackie McNamara's finest moment so


far as a manager. It gives them something massive to look forward


to. We have been speaking a lot about Rangers, so it is great to


speak about Dundee United. They did not play the type of football that


we have enjoyed watching this season. That was because Rangers


close them down so well in the first half. But they are vicious when they


get half a chance. Those kids, they have no fear. There is better to


come from them. It could be a fabulous season if they win the


Scottish Cup. But it is better to come for them in the years to come,


if they stay together. You take United today, do you fancy them for


the final? If Aberdeen get through tomorrow, which I think they will


do, I still fancy Aberdeen to do the double. But United, with that front


for Mike, and we cannot leave out Ryan Dow, they are clinical. -- with


that front four. It will be very interesting. And so the first


semifinal of the weekend is down. One more to go. It is a massive game


for us and the club. It will be a difficult game against St


Johnstone. It would be great to get to the cup final. Winning the cup


did wonders for our confidence. He is a big player for them. He brings


massive experience to Aberdeen. Russell Anderson. We are looking


forward to this, it is a great chance to get to a cup final. And St


Johnstone against Aberdeen is live on Sportscene tomorrow. BBC Two, on


air at 12:15, kick-off at 12:45. If you missed any of today's game, you


can see highlights on the website and during coverage of tomorrow's


second semifinal. Consequently, there's no Sportscene highlights


tomorrow night, which means you can all get to bed 45 minutes early!


Given what happened in the League Cup semifinal between those teams,


can you see past Aberdeen? I think they will get through the chi, but


it will be close. The semifinal was unfair and St Johnstone. Nobody


would grudge St Johnstone getting to the final. But they cannot be on the


chase the way they were in this game. They can be a bit more


cautious, because Aberdeen are their best when they hit you quickly.


Aberdeen will find space. That is what happened in the semifinal. This


is the classic, they are leaving space. If you give them chances,


they will take them. They have got quality all the way through their


team. To some degree, it is slightly scary for St Johnstone. I think that


they have to sit back a little bit. If they open up the game, the is


only one winner, Aberdeen. St Johnstone are difficult side to


beat. They were comprehensive winners against Raith Rovers. You


were there. Yes, they have a great team spirit. They have good,


hardened professionals. They can play as well, they have some flair.


But the reaction to this type of situation, losing that goal, it has


been excellent all season. They have come back really well. I think that


this player will be really important. I do not think he will


start, but if you come on late in the game, with his pace and his


directness, if you're going to be the team that is better for you --


better than you, player for player, that is what you need. Russell


Anderson has had a fantastic season, but he is not as quick as he


used to be. If you get Hasselbaink on him, one-on-one, maybe that is


one area where they can get some joy. You can lose the game in the


first half, but you will not win it. Taylor did that in a league game.


Partick Thistle took the lead. It left Russell Anderson exposed. St


Johnstone have to do the same. They do not have to chase the game from


the start. They can sit back a bit, and do what Inverness did. They need


to keep it going. Aberdeen managed a 1-0 victory over Dumbarton in the


previous round. Is the problem for Aberdeen that everyone knows how the


play? It is still hard to stop them. That is a great goal. If the


strike and is capable of doing that with half a chance, you are


struggling to stop them. Aberdeen have handled those situations. They


have gone one goal down and they have come back. But the best way to


beat them is to get them a little bit ragged. You both fancy


Aberdeen? If everyone is playing, and particularly Willo Flood Dan


Robson, I cannot see past Aberdeen. You get the feeling it will be a New


Firm final. It's 25 years since Rangers last beat Dundee United in


the Scottish Cup. That record continues. Congratulations to


United, and from all of us here, goodnight.


Jonathan Sutherland introduces highlights of the first Scottish Cup semi-final between Rangers and Dundee United at Ibrox.

Rangers will be hoping to get closer to the Tannadice team than they did in the same tournament last season when United ran out comfortable 3-0 winners. Commentary comes from Rob Maclean, with studio analysis from Billy Dodds and Pat Nevin.

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