13/03/2016 Sportscene


Jonathan Sutherland introduces highlights of the weekend's matches in the SPFL, as well as Hibernian v Ross County in the League Cup final.

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Hello, good evening, and welcome to Sportscene.


It's a spectacular opening goal in the derby.


The League Cup final, the Premiership title race,


Both League Cup winners twice in their illustrious careers,


Would this be the biggest moment in Ross County's history?


Or would Sunshine On Leith ring out come the final whistle?


Hibs welcome bag Marvin Bartley and top scorer Jason Cummings from


suspension having missed last weekend's Scottish Cup quarterfinal.


Lewis Stevenson was man of the match is a 19-year-old when Hibs last won


silverware in 2007. For County, Paul Quinn featured in the League Cup


final 11 years ago for Motherwell as a substitute. Michael Gardyne played


when County lost the Scottish Cup final in 2010.


Jason Cummings is unlikely. He forces the same from Gary Woods. It


was a great effort. He pulled the trigger and almost catches the


keeper. It is a good save from Gary Woods.


Henderson should do much of the Baltimore in wins. What can Alex


Schalk conjure up? He only has Gardyne. I can tell you


Schalk conjure up? He only has touchline. Irvine does well. They


can slip it through to Michael Gardyne who is onside. He puts Ross


County in front in the final. It is a wonderful finish from Michael


Gardyne. From our Hibs point of view, defensively, they will not be


happy. Hibs give the ball away in the middle of the park. Jackson


Irvine times the price to perfection. It is a good tackle, but


it falls perfectly for Michael Gardyne to roll in. The easiest goal


he will ever score and he has done it in a cup final.


Jason Cummings has got the ball. That was from John McGinn. I think


that was going wide, but Gary Woods did not know that. It is a decent


save. Jason Cummings was trying to get more elevation. His first touch


is good but the goalkeeper takes no chances. The fifth corner kick for


Hibernian. Liam Fontaine. In the chances. The fifth corner kick for


nick of time, Liam Fontaine blasts Hibernian level. That is a


magnificent strike. David Gray gets the flag. He is going away from goal


and he gets good power. It goes past Gary Woods.


County are standing firm. They are under the cosh a little bit.


Henderson, Anthony Stokes has work to do. It is a good turn. He is very


close to giving Hibs the lead. He does well to hold off the defenders,


just looking for the turn. He goes for the near post, just wide. Brian


Graham is under pressure from Marvin Bartley. What has partly done to


Brian Graham? Brian Graham is going to cut across him. It is a good


sport from the referee. -- Marvin Bartley. This is Schalk, he asks the


question of Mark Oxley. He comes up with the answer. Foster, it has been


forced then. It is not going to count. It is a hanging bowl. The


goalkeeper is standing. The player gets a run. Goalkeepers are well


protected. Yes. Michael Gardyne, has he got the


final ball? Schalk is there. That must win the League Cup for Ross


County. The final minute of the final. A Highland


County. The final minute of the Ross County football club. Michael


Gardyne does the work down the far side. The ball comes in centrally


and when it falls, he cannot miss, Alex Schalk in the right place at


the right time. Liam Fontaine tries to clear and he sets it on a


the right time. Liam Fontaine tries for Schalk. He cannot believe his


luck. They may have won the cup. Liam Fontaine's effort. That would


have been quite something. This would have been some finish.


have been quite something. This skill, but straight at the


goalkeeper. He is so unfortunate, and still we play on. Oxley has


goalkeeper. He is so unfortunate, up for it. It would not drop. It is


all over. It is another Highland coronation. Ross County have won


their first major silverware. If we did not know it already, the


Highlands is officially a Scottish football hotbed. For a club that


until the summer of 1994 spent in existence in the Highland league,


this is the most special moment. You said before this game it would be a


theory tale. You are living the dream. Some up your feelings. I am


thrilled. It was a tough game. I thought Hibs were the better team in


the first half. We were more of a goal threat in the second half.


Crucially, we scored at the right times, we scored against the run of


play. Our goalkeeper and defenders made good blocks. Equally, we were a


real threat. I am delighted that we've got the trophy and we will


take it back to Dingwall. have spent all but seven of their 22


seasons with a net the top tiers. -- within. It is Ross County's League


Cup. This will trump the lot. The dream


has become a reality. It is massive, the club, the supporters, you work


so hard for your career. You sometimes think, when are you going


to start seeing the benefits? Days like this are massive for me and the


players. We are grateful we could put on a show. This has been such a


roller-coaster of emotions, cup runs, cup disappointments. This is


the best victory of my career. Phil runs, cup disappointments. This is


credit to Hibs, the rigid runs, cup disappointments. This is


were the better team in the first half.


were the better team in the first good account


were the better team in the first think we deserved it. I think it is


fair to say the greatest day in the history of Ross County.


fair to say the greatest day in the Thompson, what will it mean to the


club, today's match, and how they are feeling now? You know how they


are feeling. It was an amazing day for Ross County. What they have


achieved in the last ten years has been staggering, everyone from the


chairman to the players and the staff at the club. It is incredible.


It emphasises the importance of the Highland clubs in Scottish football.


Both cups are in the Highlands. It has been a dramatic change in the


last 20 years in Scottish football. Also a dramatic change in terms of


formation for Ross County, 3-5-2? It was unusual. When I was Rangers


manager last year, we went to Hibs was unusual. When I was Rangers


and we played the same way. It lets you get two upfront. Because they


are playing with a diamond, not out and out wingers, you can play the


likes of Gardyne. Some clubs have done it recently and got success


with it. It worked today. Great scenes at the end for Ross County. A


massive day for them and a massive performance from Jackson Irvine in


midfield. He was everywhere? This is the opening goal, it was a sloppy


pass by Thomson. There was nice weight on the ball. All day, he was


in a battle against McGinn. They came out on top. He is very fit, he


is a box to box midfielder. He was a good acquisition. It was his


strength. Lots of clubs, Motherwell, Kilmarnock, they wanted him. But


they got him. He was outstanding. Credit to the chairman of


they got him. He was outstanding. get that sort of player. You need


the manager they see it. This is composure. This is the goal. He


takes it down on his chest, and it is a nice pass. Man management is


key, but obviously recruitment. You need to have the backing like the


chairman has done. That was a soft moment? It was bad for Fontaine?


Yes, he will be disappointed. If he leaves it, Ross County will score at


the back post. He should have probably tried to clear with his


right foot. Hibs put so much into probably tried to clear with his


today. They will be disappointed. These were the thoughts of the


Hibernian manager, Alan Stubbs. We have made some mistakes that have


contributed to our downfall. No blame will be pointed. It is not a


contributed to our downfall. No nice way to lose. On another day, it


could have been different, but unfortunately not today. We need to


take strength from this, we cannot let it affect us. We have a lot to


play for this season. Today, yes, they will be disappointed now, but


they have to make sure they do not have this feeling again. And


outwardly, there will be questions about the bottle of Hibs.


Disappointment today, it is a massive season for them. They play


Inverness in the Scottish Cup replay on Wednesday. They could be sick of


Highland clubs? It is hard for them but they have to refocus. Alan


Stubbs pointed out that they have such big games coming up. They have


a quarterfinal on Wednesday. More importantly, they have nine cup


finals in the league after that. In the last five games, they have lost


four and drawn one. They have not played Badu -- badly. They should


have got extra time today. They will have to regroup. It was individual


mistakes. How difficult will it be for them to regroup, it will be


tough? It will be difficult, but they have a good squad. They have


people that will be desperate to get in on Wednesday night, they will


want to get into the semifinal and back to Hampden Park. Ross County's


day for sure. To the title race


in the Premiership. Celtic began the weekend one


point clear of Aberdeen. Ronny Deila's side at Firhill


for a Saturday lunchtime kick-off Alan Archibald makes two changes for


the side that lost 2-1 to Aberdeen during the week. Gary Miller and


Kris Doolan comment. Mathias Pogba drops to the bench. For Celtic, or


only one in force change, Stefan Johansen is injured, and Nir Bitton


replaces him. That is a decent cross. There is


Leigh Griffiths. Tomas Cerny eventually gathering that one. That


was a good save by Tomas Cerny. He was moving to his right and he had


to change direction. Alan Archibald can be relatively pleased with the


way his side have started the match. Sean Welsh, cleared by Callum


McGregor. That sets up nicely for Liam Lindsay. Craig Gordon has to


pull off a pretty fine save to deny the centre back. It was a lovely


strike by Lindsay. It was a good tight for Gordon all the same.


Sviatchenko brings Lustig into play. Through for Leigh Griffiths. A nice


touch for Kris Commons. He just slipped as he went to shoot. That


caused the ball to rise a few inches higher than he would have liked.


Partick Thistle very much in this match. Chris Doolan trying to put


them in front. Not past Craig Gordon. He did exceptionally well to


create the opportunity but couldn't poke it past the Celtic keeper. Gary


Mackay picking up. Managers to dig out the cross. Griffiths. One touch.


No surprise, Griffiths has put Celtic in front on the stroke of


half-time! He did extremely well to get the cross away. Lee Griffiths


half-time! He did extremely well to puts it past the goalkeeper for a


35th goal of the season. That is some strike rate. Celtic ahead.


Wallace. Callum booth. They could do with early equaliser in the second


half. Lawless. They made a good first things in the first half find


half. Lawless. They made a good themselves behind. Stephen picking


up now. Booth is well out of position. McGregor is allowed a


runner. That is a fine goal from Callum MacGregor. Celtic strike


early in the second half. They might put this game bed already. McGregor


taking full advantage of the gap created by Booth's 's absence.


Richards. Fred sit through four Griffiths. He gets the ball


backwards. Still a chance. He tags it well wide but Cerny keeping


Partick Thistle just about in this game.


Partick Thistle just about in this and Richards could not catch


continue. WHISTLE


He's pointing to the penalty spot. He has penalised for what appears to


be tugging. The arm comes out. There was a bit of contact there. He


believes it was a penalty kick and no


believes it was a penalty kick and get back into this match. Sean


Welsh. He taxied past Gordon with some aplomb. Out of nothing, Partick


Thistle have a lifeline in this match. They looked dead and buried.


A poor goal from their point of view, throw in. The second goal, it


came at a bad time for us. We became stretched. It was a battle in the


first half and we took our chances. You have to be prepared for it and


the boys are hungry, I can see that. I'm very happy for the team.


the boys are hungry, I can see that. three points for Celtic. Griffiths,


35 goals for the season. His almost doing as well as you did in your


best season, Stephen. He's not quite that good but he's been absolutely


sensational. He's actually transformed himself in the last 12


months as a player and now looks far more focused on his performance


levels and is bringing their every single week. To say he's an


important player would be a massive understatement. This is an early


chance to get in the match, cross from McGregor, who had a good match


as well. An intelligent header. He waits in the box and a fine save


from the goalkeeper. It is properly the only chance Celtic created in


the first half. The second, it probably should have gone over the


goalkeeper. I want to highlight the amount of space and time the Celtic


players are given here. Look at McGregor. There's nobody within five


yards of each of the players. This is one minute before half-time and


Partick Thistle done well is one minute before half-time and


0-0. But, unfortunately for them, slack marking from the throw in.


They do well to cross from here. slack marking from the throw in.


thought Griffiths was going to try and kick it but they misjudged the


flight of the ball badly. When the ball lands, watch Griffiths, he


never takes his eye off the ball once and when it's on his left foot,


you would fancy him to score all day long. His game has improved. His


link up play, left foot, right foot, heading, we think is going to play


for Scotland now. The whole nation is crying out for him to get a


chance with the Scotland team. Can you guarantee he will start against


Denmark? There's only one man who can guarantee that and that's


obviously Gordon. It would be a surprise if he did not start, the


way he is playing. If I was a Celtic supporter, I would be concerned and


hoping he doesn't pick up any suspensions or injuries because he's


key player, he is their main man playing in central role. I don't see


anyone else filling that and he has playing in central role. I don't see


improved on his heading, right side. He is all-round and he's plenty of


confidence. McGregor has had his problems off the field with a


drink-driving conviction. Yes, that's two goals in two games and he


was impressive yesterday. I thought he played well. Partick Thistle will


be disappointed from a defensive perspective. He gives it away and


Celtic into the attack at speed. When he runs with the ball here, if


I just pause it now, you can see Celtic now have a passing


opportunity to Griffiths and Kris Commons. He gets drawn to the ball


which makes Gary Mackay's pass easier. Look at the amount of space


McGregor has here. An unbelievable amount of space to go through the


keeper and what happens is Welsh and Gregor go one-on-one and from this


point in time, he's only got one thing on his mind. He goes on to his


right foot. He dives in. One thing as a defender, always tried to stay


on your feet in the box. He doesn't. It's a great finish from McGregor


who had a good game. What is his best position? He's another one who


complain number ten. Anywhere in the middle three, left, right, or in the


centre. He came back from Notts County and had a good run there.


We've had in the Scotland squad. He's adding goals to his game. He's


giving Armstrong out of the side. If you can get on the ball, he can play


with confidence and go with both Wales. -- ways. It was a nervous


finish in the end for Celtic. Was it a penalty for you? I thought was


very soft. Celtic should not been in this position in the first place. In


the second half, they could've been 4-0 up. It was an awkward penalty.


The referee is given the opportunity to blow his whistle. Laws takes on.


He grabs slightly with his right arm and then his left. It doesn't alter


Wallace's body position. I definitely thought it was soft. It


wasn't a penalty for me. I think the referee sees the left on goes out by


don't think it was a penalty. In the end, it didn't matter but I thought


it was definitely soft. So Celtic throwing down


the gauntlet to Aberdeen. Could Derek McInnes' side rise


to the challenge once again in their 3 o'clock kick-off


against Kilmarnock? Aberdeen are boosted by the FAQ


McLean and McGinn aback. Smith is back. He comes in for Kevin McCarty.


Lee Clark looks for his first win. The last time Aberdeen won a match


by more than a single goal it was against Kilmarnock, it was 4-0 at


Rugby Park. This is Kenny Maclean. So very nearly celebrate the


Scotland cap with the opening goal here. McDonald was well beaten by


the strike from Maclean. Killie desperate to edge away from Dundee


United at the bottom of the table. McGinn is enough. McDonald thinks it


was a save. Should McInnes of school, though? Johnny Hayes, his


ball across. A great ball in from Johnny Hayes. Barry Robson swings at


him. Chris Taylor! He gives Aberdeen the initiative at


Pittodrie. Robson set up the winner at Partick Thistle in midweek.


Kilmarnock have begun the second half positively. McKenzie. It is


McInnes. It is 1-1! A sensational start to the second half for


Kilmarnock! Logan and Brown at sixes and sevens. It is McInnes to damages


Aberdeen's title charge. Robson's delivery. Aberdeen desperate for a


winner. It is McGinn excavation work they hit the woodwork for the second


time. One point is not enough for Aberdeen. They need all three from


now on. -- it is McGinn! . McInnes puts it just passed. Nervous stuff


from Aberdeen. Maclean. He goes down. Hayes. The referee is


not interested. Lee Hodgson on loan from MK Dons.


In the Aberdeen attack today. Great ball in by Hayes! Logan turns at


home! At huge moment for Aberdeen. Logan and Aberdeen, he marks with


ago. -- a goal. Consider dying. Here comes McGinn. Logan does


ago. -- a goal. Consider dying. Here normally does at the back. That's


his main job. Lee Clark, still waiting for that victory. Can they


salvage a point? Finlay. Can he do his club a favour? The Celtic


defender rose highest. They do struggle to put teams away,


Aberdeen. A chance to do so here. It They do struggle to put teams away,


is into the side net. They had to win, it given Celtic 's result in


the lunchtime kick-off at Partick Thistle. Aberdeen doing enough to


win this one. Kilmarnock looked like a good site


today. I thought we deserved to win the game. We played better than


them. If we take the chances, it might be more relaxing for


everybody. In the first I had more faith the players than they had in


themselves. They played with aggression in the second half. They


caused us problems and we're disappointed we didn't get something


from the game. Another crucial three points for Aberdeen who looked like


they were going to dig it out every day the moment. Do you feel they


need to play and basically win every game to win the title? Pretty much.


Every week they are asking questions and every single week they are


delivering at the moment. Three very hard-fought teams and they keep


delivering. They are going to have to keep on delivering. And start


showing self belief. There are showing great determination and


yesterday was another example of it. One player is doing that, delivering


weekend and week out. One of them is Shinnie. He's been impressive.


McInnes made his thoughts known midweek. Yes, he's played numerous


McInnes made his thoughts known positions in the park, and I think


he settled into that position again now, his strongest, he's been in the


squad but you can only pick so many and Gordon has been trying to do


that. He can tackle, get back he's got good pace and had a great


delivery of the ball and a lovely left foot. He can think himself


unlucky he is not involved in it. With both full-backs combining?


mentioned Logan getting in the back there. And here, it's good defending


in the end. They certainly get the full-backs on and create lots of


chances, Aberdeen. They are finding ways to win the game. There may not


do their best of the 90 minute that find their way to win three points


and that's down to the management team. Former Scotland international


Barry Robson recently came back into the fold at Aberdeen on the pitch.


How pivotal figure could he be in this final furlong of the season?


late stage in the season. He's missed most of the season, but


good player. He is composed and you can't give him space and time on the


ball because can't give him space and time on the


passing. He creates opportunities. can't give him space and time on the


in his locker. A little nutmeg can't give him space and time on the


He is a talented player. He could be a big, big player. Quality passing


into a good area for Aberdeen. He could be a big player for Aberdeen


into a good area for Aberdeen. He in his closing stages because you'll


bring quality and he's a big lead in the changing room and off the pitch


and This was a meeting of two out of


form teams, neither with a victory in the past four matches in the


league. Hamilton had showed for a penalty early on. Darian MacKinnon


felt his shot struck the arm of Lewis Horner, but the referee


disagreed. The last meeting between Lewis Horner, but the referee


the sides was a seven goal thriller at the end of


the sides was a seven goal thriller never likely to be a repeat here.


Liam Polworth firing over after Inverness Caley Thistle first sight


of goal. Hamilton were victorious yearly early in the season and they


took the lead on the mark. Grant Gillespie slipping in Carlton Morris


who fired past Fon Williams to put Hamilton in front. Three of Carlton


Morris' goals this season have come against Inverness. The visitors had


a chance to double their lead, but Williams prevailed in the one-on-one


against Docherty. There was little to hearten John Hughes, but his side


almost fashioned an equaliser. The high ball into the box caused chaos,


and Nathaniel Wedderburn was unable to supply the finishing touch.


Darren Lyons man in the right place to sit Hamilton. Still, Inverness


priced, Andy Redwood was not willing to award a penalty for this. We're


not getting the rub of the green at the moment. Some decisions are going


against us. We're getting decisions. It is just going against us, in the


back of her net from a breakaway. You need to stand up to that and use


it as fuel to give you the determination to get back to winning


ways. For us to be on top for the first 70 minutes, we played well. I


thought we were deservedly ahead. We have maybe got some breaks that we


have not been getting lately. Inverness put us under pressure, but


I thought we were defensively solid. So many chances in this match at


I thought we were defensively solid. dens Park. The gifted feet of Greg


Stewart almost created an opening for Kane Hemmings. A touch from


goalkeeper newly -- Neil Alexander was vital as Hearts lip to keep a


fourth clean sheet in a row. Down at the other end, Jordan McGhee rose


highest. It looked like Hearts had taken the lead, but the offside flag


was up. The score stayed at 0-0. A great move from Dundee then carved


open Hearts. Paul McGowan with the shot, brilliantly saved by


Alexander. Dundee were far from finished. Kane Hemmings played


through Greg Stewart, and his cutback found Cameron Kerr. But his


shot failed to find the target. Dundee would pay for their


wastefulness. Djoum with the through ball, and Jimmy Walker with the


skill to beat the goalkeeper and find the net. Jimmy Walker with his


fourth goal in five games. find the net. Jimmy Walker with his


real rising star of the Scottish game. A slick Hearts move then saw


real rising star of the Scottish Juan Mata write his luck. Dundee


keeper Scott Bain with the sort of save that has seen him called into


the Scotland squad. -- Juanma tried his luck.


Then the big moment for Dundee to try and take something from them --


from this game. Rory Loy, but the keeper came to the rescue. European


football for Hearts looks a certainty as they are well clear in


third place. They had some opportunities, and so did we. It was


a good game, lots of action. We are bitterly disappointed. Today was


important. If we want to stay close, we have got to come to Dens Park and


win. Aberdeen and Celtic have won by one goal and that is what you need


to do to stay at the top of the league. Another good win for Hearts,


but a massive win for Hamilton in Inverness. You felt that Inverness


should have had a penalty? Yes, I think it is definitely a penalty.


Without a doubt it is a handball. The player has his back to the play.


If his hand is not there, Inverness have a header on target. He goes


down holding his face because he knows it has hit his hand. You could


say he does knows it has hit his hand. You could


because he has his back to it, but his hand is in an an unnatural


position. It should have been a penalty. What do you think Wes and


acting kit is a penalty. Those are the breaks that John is talking


about. The referee has got to have clear eye line. In terms of Hearts,


in third place, they will be playing European football next season, nine


points behind Aberdeen. They have a game in hand and Aberdeen, they play


them twice before the end of the season. Have they got the chance of


catching them? Yes, I really young back four played yesterday. The


goalkeeper, Alexander played well. Dundee had good chances, but they


are on a roll. They will have believe they can do it. They will


certainly get European football. Is Jimmy Walker on the Scotland Raider?


Yes, him, Nicholson, Paterson. I have always liked Jimmy Walker. He


has come back into the setup after injury. He is playing well and


always on the radar. Dundee have the derby match next weekend, a massive


game for both clubs. We will hear about Dundee United shortly. What do


you make of Dundee's form. They were going well but they had that


difficult game against Rangers. They wanted to show a reaction after that


game at Ibrox. It was a humiliation. They played well yesterday. They


will think they should have scored a goal. But they did not. They are


hitting bad form with only four games to go until the split. They


have drawn too many games. Last season they got into the top six in


the last game. They can still do it. Friday night was all


about the relegation battle and Dundee United's continued


attempt at the great escape. Louis Laing is sidelined with a


groin injury, so Josh Law comes into the team at right back, in the only


change for Motherwell. Problems in the goalkeeping department


change for Motherwell. Problems in that Szromnik lines up between the


sticks for Dundee United. that Szromnik lines up between the


Morris and Coll Donaldson coming to the defence. It will come to Scott


McDonald. Is that over the line? It is a miraculous save. Scott McDonald


surely had to score, but give some credit to Szromnik. That is to


reflect save. -- that is a great save. That is a clever ball inside


to John Rankin. Anier, it is in the net, but the flag is up on the


to John Rankin. Anier, it is in the side. Click to the back post


Dixon. But Anier was just offside. Connor Ripley


Anier. A stunning strike from Henri Anier. He was the hero with two


goals against Ross County in the cup and he has done it again. Our


fantastic opener and a and he has done it again. Our


one from Dundee United. Brilliant from Anier. Dundee United lead, 1-0.


The switch of play from Ryan Dow towards Paul Dixon. That is a good


strike. Connor Ripley had to be towards Paul Dixon. That is a good


alive to that. It was a fizzing strike, bouncing off the wet


surface. The goal keeper did well to get behind it.


That is a nice first-time ball from John Rankin.


That is a nice first-time ball from Ripley is in to make the save.


That is a nice first-time ball from was a


Motherwell defence was caught out. Connor


Motherwell defence was caught out. was cleared. That is a strong


challenge was cleared. That is a strong


gives a free kick. He certainly won the ball, Ryan Dow, but it was a


strong challenge, too the ball, Ryan Dow, but it was a


Crawford Allan's lighting. the ball, Ryan Dow, but it was a


towards goal. It is the equaliser for Motherwell. Marvin Johnson is


the man who is celebrating. That is a sore


the man who is celebrating. That is stoppage time. It was a clever


header from Marvin Johnson. Szromnik may feel he could have done better.


That is a loose pass. Louis Moult spreads the play. Marvin Johnson


That is a loose pass. Louis Moult on the loose, running at the United


defence. He has a go, against the crossbar. A terrific effort from


Marvin Johnson. crossbar. A terrific effort from


but so close to number two. Motherwell have been a different


proposition since they got the first-half equaliser through Marvin


Johnson. They have had the better in the second half. That is a nice


pass. Motherwell take the lead through Louis Moult. Marvin Johnson,


once again instrumental. There was Moult to tap home 17th goal of the


season and take Motherwell into the top six. It was a classic game of


two different haves. We were top six. It was a classic game of


fortunate to be level at half-time. We did not work hard enough. It took


half-time to sort that out. Fortunately we got the goal. We were


level and did a platform to win the game. In the second half, we worked,


and it was not as joined up or fluent as I would have liked, but we


put lots of work into getting the results. We deserved the victory. In


the first half we should have scored more goals. We had good


opportunities. We were not sharp enough with our passing or


finishing. It cost us in the end. Really important for Motherwell. A


friend official, Scott McDonald, but should they expect the call from the


compliance officer for this? I think it is a red card. You will know that


himself. You can have your arms high to get leverage to jump, you can


hold people off, and I do not think it is particularly violent, but his


elbow is up, and 100% it catches Thomson on the nose. It is not the


worst one I have seen, but by the letter of the law it is a red card.


That was a pivotal point. Dundee United were 1-0 up. If Motherwell


lose a man, you think that United have a chance of seeing it out. I


was at the game and I did not think there was much in it, but it


obviously catches him on the nose. There could be action against him.


Keith Lasley looks like he will be out for a while. Stephen Pearson is


out for six weeks, I believe. They could use experience. To compound


the United narrative of misfortune, a free kick given against Ryan Dow.


Questionable? Yes, I was at the game and my first thought was it was a


good strong tackle. He wins the ball and carries on. I do not see


anything in it. Once the free kick has been given, when you have three


centre-halves, six foot plus, there is no way that Marvin Johnson should


be winning the header. It is a lovely goal. The goalkeeper takes


two steps forward and he cannot recover. Was it a free kick for you?


No, it is a brilliant challenge. You have got to look at Ryan Dow, he is


not the sort of player that will go over the ball. He moves his foot so


a foul and it was a pivotal moment. a foul and it was a pivotal moment.


-- it was a pivotal moment. Dundee United had dominated. Dundee can do


without Paul Paton getting suspended. This should have been a


red card. He is frustrated because they are losing. He has a Laxalt. It


is a clear kick. The referee is in a good position. -- he lashes out. He


expected a red card. He put his hands up. It was frustration but it


is a red card. And all that leaves


the Ladbrokes Premiership table Celtic remain one point clear


of Aberdeen, although the reigning champions do have a game


in hand and far superior goal Hamilton level on points with


Inverness. Kilmarnock remain eight points


ahead of Dundee United. To the Championship,


and Rangers had the chance to extend their lead at the top


on Friday night as they entertained Before the game, Ibrox remembered


Rangers hall-of-fame goalkeeper Billy Ritchie, who


passed away this week. Rangers make one change. Michael


O'Hara returns while Rob Key misses out through suspension. One change


for the Morton side which lost to Celtic last week. Bobby Barr returns


to the starting line-up. Miller. Mackay. Wallis on the overlap, as


usual. Lovely move by Rangers. He was so close to finishing it off.


Wallace and Miller combining. Need to play. Breaks for Miller. A chance


now. Deflected over the top of the crossbar. Managing to get the merest


of touches from Miller. Wallace. Kenny Miller a game. Morten


break it up. Bobby Barr is off and running. He has done well. Good


effort. Morton are in front. It is Denny Johnson on the scoresheet once


more for the 12th time this season! The striker from Birmingham City


getting on the end of that one. The visitors are in front at Ibrox.


getting on the end of that one. The Something to concern Mark Warburton.


There is Kenny Miller! Rangers are on level terms. Two minutes before


the interval. Kenny Miller's 14th goal of the season. Excellent play


between the two defenders to steal at the front of a goal. Rangers have


only suffered one defeat in the last 20 matches. Here is Mackay. He


grabbed the ball. Rangers are now in front. A bit of good fortune with


the initial touch. But there was no disputing the finish. Miller.


Johnstone. Trying to curl it. Wallace got behind it. He is there a


game, the Rangers goalkeeper. Johnston trying to pull his side


level with that effort. Folding up to the task.


level with that effort. Folding up from promotion to the


Lee Wallace! from the Rangers captain. He swung


his boots back at it. Outstanding from the Rangers captain. He swung


effort. He killed it into the top corner for his eighth goal of the


campaign. Rangers coming forward


Miller inside him. Shields is there, as well. Shields. Breaks of the back


of the goalkeeper. Miller! The flag is up for offside against Kenny


Miller. He thought for a second he had his hat-trick. But when the shot


came in from Dean Shiels, Miller in the central area, just offside.


Rangers victorious once again and that means they are 14 points clear


at the top of Ladbrokes Championship. 14 points of Falkirk.


Hibernian have two games in hand. What does Lee Wallace have to do to


get to the Scotland squad? I have so much respect them not only as a


player but as a person. He is outstanding. Even last season, it


was fantastic in the dressing room. He has fantastic linkup with Mackay


down the left-hand side. He gets forward but his delivery is good.


down the left-hand side. He gets Good quality. And again, he can


count himself fortunate not to be involved.


count himself fortunate not to be great desire, as well. This is a


fantastic finish. We've not seen him doing that much.


We've seen in that position a lot during games this is


position. You can see they are exposed. It's a rebound and there's


nobody in the left-back position. That's the one thing you would say.


He is given a free role to get forward. Maybe the players should


cover him better. It's something they have been aware of late.


They've had a lot of clean sheets. I think it was a one-off. Elsewhere,


Falkirk drew 1-1 away at Dumbarton. A result that leaves them very much


I think pretty clear to see he off for blocking the shot.


I think pretty clear to see he stepped up to score a penalty


I think pretty clear to see he 56th minute. But it wasn't over. In


injury time, Danny Rogers. Penalty 56th minute. But it wasn't over. In


kick. And it would mean 56th minute. But it wasn't over. In


steps up to give Dumbarton a share of the points. It finished 1-1. In


the mix for the Championship of the story of the day has been Ross


County. Congratulations to them. From all of us on the Sportscene


team, until next weekend, # Fairy tale, my favourite fairy


tale # Our love is a fairy tale and it never has been told # Before.


Four. Four.


Jonathan Sutherland introduces highlights of the weekend's matches, including Hibernian v Ross County in the League Cup final, with Ross County looking to win their first major trophy and Hibs seeking silverware for the first time since winning this competition in 2007. Plus action from the Scottish Premiership as champions Celtic look to maintain their lead at the top.

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