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David Currie and guests discuss the unfolding action in the SPFL with regular reports from the big games, including league leaders Inverness away to Partick.

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Yes, good afternoon once again and welcome to the sports scene


referendum special. Business is booming. We are here to talk


football, football, and nothing but football for the next 40 minutes or


so. A six-game Saturday in the Premiership with a full card


elsewhere to boot, so let's look at the latest scores. Aberdeen against


Celtic was the lunch time match. So those, indeed, are the scores on the


doors. Let's push them open to get the stories behind them, starting at


Tannadice, it sounds like a rip snort of a match. What a game it has


been, two goals and a red card apiece so far. Ciftci scoring from


close range early on. But he was then booked, following a collision.


Antoine create scored the equaliser. But there was a provocative


celebration in front of the Dundee United dugout, second yellow card in


ten minutes and the inevitable red. It looked good for Accies when


Ciftci was guilty of guilt stupidity, getting his marching


orders for punching the ball in the net. Fojut went close to scoring a


second goal. At the moment Hamilton are heading to the top of the top


division on goal difference. Who would have thought that before a


ball was kicked this season? I was not aware rank stupidity was a


bookable offence. Seems like a couple of needless red card, if


there are such a thing. Celebrating in front of the opposition dugout,


which offends them, everybody charges out, it causes a commotion.


The two were involved in an incident with each other to get booked.


Ciftci, you have an extra man, and you punch the ball into the back of


the net and level it up. But it is about the two form teams. Both


managers should be relatively happy with a point. Jackie McNamara, as


the home team, they would have expected of one. Four goals at


Firhill for John Barnes to describe. Plenty of goals here at Firhill, the


scoreline is 3-1. Inverness Caledonian Thistle starting off


today as league leaders on 13 points. With the way things have


been going for them, they were unbeaten, they had not conceded a


goal, but they did this afternoon. They went ten hours seven minutes


without conceding. They had taken the lead through Alan Doran in the


13th minute with a low, driven shot from 16 yards. But Wallace with an


excellent strike as well in the 20th minute bringing it back to 1-1.


Abdul Osman scored his first goal for Partick Thistle from a corner


kick floated in by Calum Higginbottom from the right-hand


side. Osman jumped above everybody at the back post to head them in


front. Cali Thistle had a couple of chances before the interval to level


things up. Doran set up Billy McKay, but he delayed shooting. McKay had a


toe poked effort just over the bar, and an overhead kick he tried, but


it had no power in it to be the opposition goalkeeper. Early in the


second half, Caledonian Thistle created one or two chances, McKay


with a ball in, Watkins fired over. But in the 72nd minute, Partick


Thistle up there on the right-hand side, lovely flowing move, and


lawless involved, laid the ball back to Higginbottom from the 20 yard


rage, a right foot curling effort -- range. The scoreline remains three -


one with about 12 minutes left to play. You know me well enough to


know I am not the brightest, I was ogling pictures there of John


Hughes, Ryan Christie and another player, wherein Abraham Lincoln type


hats, they were celebrating a hat-trick of wins, player, manager,


Young Player of the Year awards. And straight after you going and suffer


what looks like it will be a defeat. Yes. Something had to give


eventually with Inverness. They have been on such a role of winning


matches and not conceding. When they score, Thistle, they tend to score


goals in clusters, three goals, four goals against Ross County. This is a


terrific performance, and what a win if they can close it out. Speaking


of Ross County, at home to Motherwell today, Andrew Thompson is


our reporter at Victoria Park. Motherwell are winning 2-0 after two


moments of brilliance. Both teams have been struggling of late, and it


is two sides facing off against each other here. I can just tell you Ross


County just got one back here, so that is 2-1. But Ross County just


scoring there. I cannot tell you who scored just at the moment I am


afraid, I missed the actual goal itself. But Ross County started the


game very, very strongly. They dominated much of the first half.


But Motherwell came back into it just before half-time. And they


dominated very much towards half-time. Just after the restart it


was to moments of brilliance really that gave Motherwell the lead.


Immediately after half-time, Vigurs broke the deadlock, a free kick into


the top corner leaving the county keeper with no chance. After that


John Sutton scored another amazing goal, chesting the ball down. Struck


a brilliant left footed volley right into the corner of the Ross County


goal. As I was saying, they have pulled one back in the last few


seconds from the voice, cracking one back in there. Very inconsiderate of


Ross County to score right in the middle of his match report.


Motherwell need a win after four defeats on the spin. Yes, against a


Ross County team who have lost all five, so neither team high on


confidence. Desperate to get somebody in goal-scoring form. Only


one goal on the opening day of the season. If they can hold on it would


be great for them. Under new management, Ross County, having got


the goal, the crowd will get behind them, little bit of time until the


final whistle, so it will be in nervous finish. Now to Perth,


McDiarmid Park, St Johnstone at home to Dundee. Another inventive set


piece as Paul Hartley's side have gone ahead. The corner was sent in,


creating real confusion for the Saints defence, and confusion as to


who got the final touch. Thomas corner certainly claimed, and


apparently it is his goal. It is a lead they deserve and they should be


out of sight here. Jim McAllister saw his effort deflected wide, and


Alan Manus pulled off excellent saves to deny Gary Harkins and Paul


McGowan. Harkins has been exceptional, pulling the strings.


Nothing from Saints going forward, and two players picking up injuries


in the past few days, so a real struggle for the home side here.


Tom, should Dundee hang on for a win or even a draw, they will be the


only side in the top division, incredible start. Great tribute to


Paul Hartley. His team have just taken seamlessly to the top league.


His management is very, very impressive. They are an attractive


side, Dundee. To go to Perth to win, if they do win, that is a big scalp.


He is a very confident guy, and creating something quite formidable.


They have not lost a competitive game this season, that is impressive


stuff. Richard, can you provide us with something impressive? Not sure


about that. It looked as though the deadlock would not be broken for an


hour, but there has been a rush of goals. Robinho had scored to come on


at five minutes after coming on as substitute. The shot flew across the


keeper and into the far side of the goal. St Mirren had enjoyed more of


the ball in the second half, but they kept spinning the chances they


had. In their hour of need, they were helped by Marc Connelly, he was


robbed of the ball just inside his own penalty area by Jim Goodman, he


played it forward to Maclean, who squared it across the goal, and Adam


Drury scored. Connelly redeemed himself, if you moments ago -- a few


moments ago he scored with a powerful header. St Mirren have


broken their duck but they are still chasing the game. Story of St


Mirren's season so far, plenty of the ball, but they cannot score.


Although they managed to get one today. But they need a win. They


need something on the board. Scoring a goal means nothing, they need a


point, something to build on, something to give them confidence.


Last season they did exactly the same thing, one point from the first


six games, and it looks like they will do worse this season. They have


turned it round before, but you try to convince the fans that will


happen season after season. It has been a poor start and if they lose


again, they will be rock bottom. They better hope Ross County keep


losing, it means there are two teams in that area. You are already


talking about a year long struggle against relegation. But as long as


you are not cut adrift, there is a chance you can get yourself away.


One that has already reached its conclusion, defending champions


Celtic at home to Aberdeen, and here is our reporter 's version of


events. Celtic got back to winning ways when they went from cruise


control to reverse in a second-half that made them in this narrow win.


Denny McGuinness will be disappointed by the goal is Aberdeen


conceded at the start of each half. After a brighter opening they fell


behind from the first Celtic on the game. Ambrose followed at goal and


it hammered in. That started the Celtic end and they dominated the


rest of the half with their new signings starting alongside


returning skipper Brown. It could have been three or four. The Dons


did not help their own cause, conceding another 24 seconds into


the half. It owed much to a big deflection off Logan as Commons


finally got on the scoresheet. Somehow Aberdeen snagged a lifeline,


good Willy heading home for his first goal for the club after good


work by Logan and confidant on the hour mark. They had a penalty appeal


waved away when the ball struck Commons's arm. That was waved away,


as were the Dons hopes of a point. First win in five to Celtic. STUDIO:


It a fist clenching there, it meant a lot to him. His team played well


for about an hour, and they were completely dominant, looking good


and slick. Scott Brown made a big difference in his comeback to the


team, first match of the season. Then it all flow of the flat.


Aberdeen became more adventurous -- then it all fell a bit flat. They


looked shaky. Ambrose was playing in the back for today. Aberdeen 12


headers in the six yard box. It is an important win for Deila. Did he


need to win? They are in the Europa League, the fans are not overly


infused, new players have come in, they have got to show they are


capable of taking Celtic to the next level. So it was really important.


Aberdeen were the challengers last year along with Motherwell. Celtic


have a fantastic record in the league against Aberdeen, the


expectation was they would take three points. You still see they are


a little fragile. Little bit of pressure and a couple of decent


saves but the big three points for Celtic. Aberdeen with just six


points from the first five games, but no need to panic or is there? No


need to panic, it is too early for that. I am disappointed with


Aberdeen, I think they are better than what they are showing. I think


they have more firepower. I understand why they do not score


more goals but they have attacking players. They have guys who you


thought would score goals, but they don't score. And it was a problem


for them last season, they did not score enough goals. That problem is


resurfacing again. There was one match last night in the


championship, Raith Rovers at home to Rangers, and it was a wee bit of


a one-sided affair with Rangers winning 4-0. Was it their best


performance of the championship season so far? For me the best


performance for quite a while. They took control of the game. Brilliant


header from Nicky Clarke. They never let it go. They helped themselves to


another goal. Bit of luck here with the deflection and over the


goalkeeper. But Raith Rovers at 2-0, you want to get a half-time, they


give the ball straight away from the centre kick, and Rangers with real


quality, 3-0, and there was no way back for the home side. In the


second-half Rangers added an extra one, on the cake. Big result for


them and Ali McCoist. Raith Rovers have had three good wins, but they


have also lost 4-0 at home to hearts and Rangers, and 4-0 away to Dundee


in the cup. Raith Rovers certainly not consistent. Four goals this


week, four goals in the last match for Rangers, they seem to be getting


there. Is it time critics laid off Ali McCoist? Every defeat at Rangers


is a crisis, I think he knows that. It is nice to be talking about


Rangers the football team for a change as opposed to the fiscal


basket case. Good goals there, and a bit of momentum at the club that


desperately needs it. It does need positivity. News about the share


issue, they did not get the 4 million they targeted, they got 3.1


million, and there were a lot of negative headlines all over the


place. I think it just tide them over. Rangers are still panting and


wheezing their way through the weeks and months. They need stability,


they need money. They will need another cash injection very soon.


Ashley, Dave King, we don't know who will appear, if anybody. Still a


troubled club, have no doubt about that. Full to the gunwales last


night, fans still turning out to see Rangers. Yes, what Rangers have is


this magnificent support, in numbers. But they need to mobilise


that, they need to get together. The gap between the fans and board of


directors is getting bigger and bigger and bigger, and until


somebody closes the gap and gets everybody moving in the same


direction, I don't see where Rangers are going to go with this. We are


moving in the direction of Firhill right now. Something is afoot in the


match between Partick Thistle and Inverness. It is a penalty to


Partick Thistle. Chris Doolin was upended, and he comes up to take it,


and it is saved. Wasn't the best of penalties, low to the goalkeeper is


right, but he did exceptionally well to get down low and make the save


and grab it away from the onrushing striker trying to get on the end of


the rebound. That would have finished that match once and for


all, wouldn't it? But it was a lame effort. It was a poor effort, not a


great strike and nowhere near the corner, so it does not deserve to go


in. You think how well Inverness were going, hadn't conceded a goal


all season so far, Partick have scored three and that should have


been a fourth, it was a real chance. Well it is all over, I believe, in


the championship match between Falkirk and Queen of the South, so


let's hear, without any further ado, from Charlie Mann. All over indeed.


I think the referee was pleased to get it finished because it was not


the best game in the world, I must say. A draw was about right between


these two teams in a game of very few chances. Most of them half


chances. Both goals coming in the second half. The first on 70


minutes, Gavin Riley's fourth of the season for Queen of the South after


good play from Daniel Carmichael, whipping the ball back into the box


and a good finish from Riley. But then for Kirk equalised with seven


minutes to go. It was typical of the game, a free kick McCreight Siddle


took it, there was a wicked deflection off Higgins and passed


his own keeper. Queen of the South, the board will take their time to


find a replacement for Jim McIntyre. James Fowler is the man in charge at


the moment and he will be reasonably happy with the draw, although the


rest of us might not be. Thanks. All over at Perth between St Johnstone


and Dundee, Kenny McIntyre? So the dream start continues for Paul


Hartley and the Dundee fans. There were 3500 here today to watch their


side pick up a thoroughly deserved three points. There was confusion as


to who got the final touch for the goal after another inventive set


piece. The stadium announced Thomas Harkins, but it looks like another


player got it. There should have been more goals of operations for


Dundee, as they passed up excellent chances in both hearths. Alan Manus


pulled off top-class saves to deny Harkins and Paul McGowan. As the


Saints, they were awful here today, failing to troubled the Dundee


keeper once the meantime match. Saint St Johnstone were awful. Tommy


Robredo said after the international break, they always seem to put in a


bad performance. Why does that affect some teams rather than


others? I am not 100% sure. It is the mentality of the players. Dundee


go and play really well, people say St Johnstone didn't play, maybe the


opposition did not let them play. Stevie May is a big miss for them


upfront. Great day for Dundee, they have taken to the top league like a


duck to water, brilliant start. I think it is full-time at Kilmarnock?


Yes, and it has finished 2-1 to Kilmarnock at Rugby Park. Familiar


story again for St Mirren with plenty of possession and nice


football but another defeat. It looked like neither side had the


confidence or the ability in front of goal to break the deadlock, Josh


McGuinness with a header lifting wide in the first half for command.


Maclean lifting a shot over after the interval. The game lacked a


cutting edge for an hour but then there was a rush of goals. Muirhead


finding the spark, coming off the bench and scoring five goals later.


- scoring five minutes later. St Mirren did not let them be dropped


and their perseverance was rewarded when Marc Connelly was caught in


possession inside his own penalty area by Jim Goodman, who said John


McGinn, and his cross was converted by Adam Shorey. -- Adam Drury. It


should have lifted them, but Connelly redeemed himself when he


hit a powerful header past the St Mirren keeper. A familiarly flat


ending for St Mirren, but a good winter command. It was all happening


last time we went to Tannadice, it has all happened, because it is all


over. A result that takes Alek Neel's side to the top of the table


above Caledonian Thistle and Dundee United on goal difference. United


manager Jackie McNamara will be frustrated that his team failed to


get the win to take them into first place, especially as the poor


defending was very much in evidence. Ciftci gave them an early lead, only


for blunders from a defender and the keeper to allow Tony Andrew and


Antoine career to put them ahead. Ciftci was sent off on 40 minutes,


stupidly punching the ball into the net having already been booked.


Fojut bailed him out with a headed equaliser in first-half stoppage


time. He almost scored again in the second half. Mickey Devlin headed


just over in the dying moments as Accies had to settle for the point


moving them into first place in the Premiership. Heading to Firhill now,


it is all over now. Inverness were celebrating a clean sweep of


manager, player and Young Player of the Month earlier. Today they


experienced another travel, with a negative connotation, conceding


their first three goals of the season -- another treble. Alan Doran


had put them in front, but Stephen Lawless in a lovely left footed


strike into the corner of the net. Three minutes later Partick were in


front, this time Abdul Osman at the back post getting his first goal for


the club with a fine header from a game bottom corner kick. Caledonian


Thistle missed a number of chances, Billy McKay, Alan Doran with efforts


that did not hit the target. On 72 minutes, Calum Higginbotham, after


some neat football around the edge of the box, struck a delightful


right footed shot into the bottom right hand corner of the net. The


scoreline could have been even greater because in the final minute


Chris Doolin was upended in box, that was a penalty. He did it


himself but it was well saved by Brill, low to his left hand side.


There have been 38 goals in the last nine matches at Firhill. John Hughes


will be ruined the awards jinx today. Our final full-time report


from the Premiership comes from Andrew Thompson, he is watching Ross


County against Motherwell. It is 2-1 to Motherwell, so a hard-fought


victory for the steelmen against a Ross County side still struggling to


find their feet this season. Under new manager Jim McIntyre, they


dominated much of the first half. Michael Gard and came close to


breaking the deadlock a couple of times. As has happened for them in


other games this season they failed to create many clear-cut chances.


Motherwell came back into the game just before half-time, and came out


of the chaps at 100 mph. Vigurs with an incredible free kick into the top


corner, and moments later John Sutton scored what could be a


contender for goal of the season. The Motherwell striker chested the


ball down on the edge of the box and fired a wicked left footed volley


into the top corner past the stranded keeper. County pulled one


back thanks to substitute Lee Boyce, he smashed the ball into the back of


the net from close range after being sent off by Graham Carey. County


came close to an equaliser in the dying seconds, but there was a good


save for Motherwell. So, Motherwell, who have struggled so far this


season, will get a real boost from this result. County, under their new


manager, can perhaps take some positives as well. A good day in


general for the Lanarkshire club is. Two of your former employers. A look


at the Premiership table, and Accies are top, can you believe it? You


would not have thought it after the opening day defeat against Inverness


but they have ground out results, they have not been conceding. To go


to Tannadice and draw with Dundee United, who are playing well, very


difficult to deal with the cat attack, another feather in their


cat. -- with the counterattack. They are building and building and they


have a wonderful cushion between themselves and the bottom two


already. They need to knuckle down and keep it going. It has been a


great start, they need to carry through the season. Dropping into


the championship now for the full-time report from Ron Maclean,


who was watching Dumbarton against league leaders hearts. Hearts have


never had a great deal of love towards Ian Mulley, and I don't


imagine that has changed, the former Hibs skipper is now the Dumbarton


manager. Masterminding a performance of real resistance for his team to


day against pars, who were looking to keep up their winning start to


the season. It was a performance of real spirit and energy from


Dumbarton, they really did spurn everything that is Hearts threw at


them. The closest Hearts got was a header in stoppage time from Sam


Nicholson, which came back off the crossbar. In truth they lacked


quality in the final third, Hearts, as they tried to carve out


goal-scoring opportunities. Chris Cain was impressive upfront for


Dumbarton. They are delighted, getting a standing ovation at


half-time and full-time from their fans, building on last weeks defeat


of Livingston. We can find out how the archrivals of Hearts fared this


afternoon. Substitute Jason Cummings was the


hero, scoring the winner in the fifth minute of added time. They


dominated the first half but struggled to break down the blue


Brazil defence. They stunned the home supporters with two goals from


Sean Higgins and John Robertson. Higgins also hit the crossbar but


with 13 minutes left, they were awarded a penalty as Jordan Forster


had his shirt pulled and the substitute hammered the ball home


from 12 yards. At that point, it looked like it would be a point


apiece, in the fifth minute of stoppage time, the ball was knocked


down to Jason Cummings, the first effort was blocked by the


Cowdenbeath defence had nothing they could do about the second attempt


past Thompson into the corner of the net. The cheers of the 11,000 crowd


were all from the Hibs fans. That is a rarity these days, cheering at


Easter Road? I did not think they had it in them, when they went 2-1


down, he was so chilled out, he said they would come back and win 3-2.


There is a fan, his 70th birthday, if he had to sit through a loss to


Cowdenbeath would have been too much to bear, at least Hibs showed some


character and steel that has been missing for so long. They are still


putting the fans through it though. Now we can bring you the classified


roundup. We will start with the Scottish


Premiership. That is have a look at the teams in


the tables. Hamilton should be at the top of the table on goal


difference and it has not been updated.


Hearts lost their 100% record today after drawing with Dumbarton.


Ayr United are the pacesetters in League 1.


I think that table is wrong I am afraid. Arbroath lost so they are


not the leaders any longer. I apologise for one or two


difficulties we are having with the tables but we will now find out some


more details about the matches down south, we start with Arsenal and


Manchester City in the lunch time kick-off. Where to start with the


story of this game, it finished 2-2 but either side will feel they could


have won it. Manchester City taking the lead with a brilliant breakaway


goal against the run of play, Sergio Aguero finishing off a Jesus Navas


pass will stop Danny Welbeck hit the inside of the post with his first


chance in Arsenal red after 12 minutes. Arsenal equalised with a


brilliant Jack Wilshere goal on 64 minutes and then took the lead ten


minutes later after Alexis Sanchez volleyed home with the side of his


foot to put them in front. Martin Demichelis with the equaliser with


six minutes to go was the last goal scored in the game but three times


Manchester City might have won it, hitting the post twice late on and


Samir Nasri had one ruled out for offside, correctly. A tremendous


game. One of the big matches down south today, another was at Stamford


Bridge, Chelsea against Swansea, the top two teams in the table. A


comfortable win in the end of Chelsea, winning 4-2, four wins out


of four, scoring 16 goals along the way, a very happy Roman Abramovich


in the stands. A hat-trick for Diego Costa, seven on the season for him,


all of his goals coming from the six yard box. Swansea started


brilliantly, they deserved more than an early John Terry own goal but


they did not take their chances and were punished. Loic Remy scoring on


his debut, he was a substitute for the ago cost. Jonjo Shelvey getting


a consolation late on but it finishes 4-2. I have Diego Costa in


my team, he has set the Premier League alight. -- my fantasy team. I


thought he was a fantastic signing but at the World Cup, I started to


wonder if he was a player you wanted to spend so much on but Jose


Mourinho does not waste Chelsea's money, with him in the team, I know


Manchester City still have the big-money but wait until he gets the


hang of it, he will be pretty good. Brilliant. That is just about it for


today, you can savour the choicest cuts of the matches and the


championship action tomorrow. The results show returns next week,


please join us then but that is it for today, thanks to Tom English and


Craig Patterson for their wisdom and occasional flourish of wit and


putting up -- and thank you for putting up with the rest of us.


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