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Highlights of the weekend's matches. Aberdeen v Hearts, Dundee Utd v Partick Thistle, Hamilton v Ross County, Inverness v Hearts, Dundee v Motherwell and Celtic v St Johnstone.

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Good evening and welcome to Sportscene.


A spectacular opening goal! The shot is an absolute beauty.


What a finish! That is it, I would imagine.


Good evening and welcome to Sportscene.


Please do not adjust your sets, Jonathan Sutherland isn't putting


I'll try not to break your show - which tonight looks


Two Scotland internationals from yesteryear will apply


their forensic minds to that little lot later.


Say hello to Pat Nevin and Willie Miller.


We'll start in Perth, where Premiership leaders Celtic


travelled to face in-form St Johnstone this very day.


Steven Anderson and Brian Easton return to the St Johnstone defence.


Sam Scobey dropping to the bench. Sam Fisher cannot play against his


parent club. Two changes to the team that drew in Turkey.


What an opportunity! Only 60 seconds played. A big save by Craig Gordon.


Standing firm, to deny O'Halloran. A ruck of players at the back post.


Into the gloves of Gordon. Nadir Ciftci with a big opportunity.


Saved by Alan Mannus, but Nadir Ciftci should be scoring, here.


Mikael Lustig was lining up the shot. It took a deflection off


Davidson. Helped on by Mikael Lustig, and


Nadir Ciftci scores for Celtic. A really good bit of finishing from


the former Dundee United striker. It is only his third Celtic goal. But


this is much more like it from Ciftci, the control on-the-fly and


the clinical finish. St Johnstone have been on such good


form of late and now find themselves a goal down. Armstrong's corner kick


and Boyata's header is saved by Alan Mannus. Pretty much straight up the


goalkeeper, but a giant leap by Boyata.


Liam Carr is Chris Millar's for St Johnstone.


Gordon made the save. It had to be touched around the post by Craig


Gordon, who has hired important saves to make in this match, at


important moments. That is a double stop, firstly denying Davidson, and


then Wotherspoon. Michael O'Hara and... Warhol Arana,


and he put it wide. You can see exactly what was in his mind. He


raced into the box. He got his angles all wrong.


Lustig's cross is deflected. Ronny Deila would like another goal.


Callum McGregor's corner kick finds Boyata and Celtic have the goal


which takes them feel a whole lot more comfortable. It is only three


minutes into the second half. A bullet header from Boyata. 2-0.


O'Halloran, and deflected towards Davidson. Opened up for Brian


Easton. Great strike! So close to bringing the game back to life. It


was cleared, in the end, by Lustig. Brian Easton feels so unlucky that


he didn't score. What a mess, what a chance to crown


a masterful performance by Tom Rogic. He was well off target.


Lustig won the header, and now he is racing away, after winning the ball


back from Tom Rogic. Ciftci Seals the win for Celtic. Two goals from


Nadir Ciftci, to double his Celtic total. Curtains for St Johnstone


now. No way back. Great play from Ciftci. A double for Ciftci.


Overall, the performance was really good. Some thing that the players


should be proud of. It emphasises that you have to take your chances.


The first half, we were struggling a bit. A little bit lucky. But we had


a back four and goalkeeper that was very good. That was very pleasing,


when we talked a lot about the back four over the last year.


Second-half, when you get the second goals, you saw that the confidence


was coming and we played some beautiful football.


The man of the moment, Ciftci, doubling his goals tally in one


match? He's taken the opportunity, no doubt about that. Top-class


finishing from him, particularly the first one. The first one was


excellent, a fabulous touch, precise finish. Saints went for it and they


nearly caught Celtic out? I thought they played pretty well, they had


some really good chances. No arguing against that. Celtic had about two


thirds of the play, they had the ball a lot. As the game went on,


they looked more classy. But it is about scoring goals. Celtic have a


striker, in the form of Ciftci, who can put the ball away. St Johnstone


didn't have that. You are keen to point out Celtic's high line.


O'Halloran and has plenty of pace, and that's a high line. Ronny Deila


likes to play that, he likes to push up a little bit. But there were


quite a few times, this one is just good play, actually, I'm impressed


with that. Good goalkeeping by Craig as well. In the end, there were


opportunities, there were chances for them and they must feel a bit


disappointed they couldn't put one away. This is a fantastic strike


from Brian Easton. Left foot, a little bit unlucky. A bit


speculative. But he hit it so swiftly. Generally, their play was


good. They have been scoring goals this season. An entertaining team to


watch. 3-0 maybe skews the overall performance.


Ronny Deila picking up his back four? I was as well. Boyata was


great today. His attacking play was really good. He scores a great goal,


there. Fantastic. Great desire about that as well. Again, in the past, I


have said things about the centre-backs. This was clever, two


on one, but he doesn't live in. He does exactly what you should be


doing, giving yourself a bit of time. Allowing the defenders to step


back. The second one, the desire to get on the end of this. You know he


was having a good day, when two of them were closing him down, what are


you going to do? You could be in big trouble here. Celtic would have made


these mistakes in the past. This... Surely! That as a player playing at


the top of his game. It takes you a while to settle into the setup.


Celtic have had to make changes at centre-back this season. They are


beginning to get the understanding. Let's move on to


Tannadice, shall we? Home of Dundee United where,


with just four points in eight matches since taking over,


the honeymoon period is over Yesterday they faced


a Partick Thistle team chasing their third win on the spin,


all under the keen eye of our man Mixu Paateleinen makes two changes


as he looks for a winning formula. Thomas Cerney is back after a four


date absence. Dundee United, a run of one win in


15 league matches. Try that first time, but well off


target, Blair Spittal. It was a good ball through. Spittal with a hook


shot. United, still keeping up the


pressure. Dixon, too high. But his earlier


effort was blocked away well by Thomas Cerney.


Good turn, and Partick Thistle are in front! Well, he celebrated his


29th birthday yesterday, Kris Doolan. He celebrates his sixth goal


of the season today. It is his fourth goal in his last three


appearances for Thistle. Hit the post! Stephen Lawless's


effort may have actually taken a deflection to hit the post off the


boot of Souttar. Rankin, and the substitute could not


hit the target. Lee Lindsey, slipping as he tried to accept the


pass. Dundee United could not punish the Partick Thistle rearguard. There


is the problem, getting mugged off the boots. No wonder Alan Archibald


is shaking his head. Well, Gavin Gunning could not


deflect that end. Appears to be appeals for a handball


from Lindsay. In that shot, it seemed goal bound.


The pressure is still on Thistle and Cerny is happy to grab that one.


Partick Thistle are desperate to get this win, to make it three wins in a


row in the top flight for only the second time in 20 years. Cerny is


happy to grab hold of that one from John Rankin. Disappointed and


devastated, really. One incident, the defender the wrong side of the


player, has a shot, it can happen. If you want to defend solidly, you


know, it's unbelievable. It wasn't a great game of football, the first


half was a poor spectacle, I think it opened up in the second half. We


actually got the goal. We put in some OK stuff at the end, but it


wasn't a great spectacle. I think he was disappointed and


devastated, certainly by the result. The defending isn't good, closer


attention is needed to close down the tackles. It is a good goal in


from these striker, he has made a nice finish but as a defender,


closer. At the back?


You do your job. They do care enough, that is fine, as long as it


doesn't go further. They are doing it for the right reasons.


Like we are in Brussels. And afterwards. In actual fact, it


is not the worst sign. What is a bad sign is that, four -- 34 goals.


They restricted their opponents to one on target yesterday.


They are not scoring, that is united's problem, giving away soft


goals at one end and not scoring at the other, a recipe for disaster.


And this incident? Not deliberate, far too close to


him. Hands in an unnatural position. The


referee, I don't think, can see through the back, you are talking


about the assistant who is a long way away.


Making a movement like the defender with his feet off the ground, I


don't think that is anyway unnatural.


Alan Archibald was not delighted, he said it was ace Paul spectacle --


was a poor spectacle. Do you remember


the 26th of September? For one thing that was the last time


Inverness Caledonian Thistle Mind you, the team


they met this weekend - Kilmarnock - have won just one match


away from home since then. Did something have


to give yesterday? Christmas maybe a fortnight away but


it was an early gift for the Caley Thistle players thanks to shoddy


defending by Kilmartin. A tap in, a mix up between Balotelli and


McHattie allowed the ball to be cut back for Vigurs to slip it home.


Kilmarnock without a win in the last six but there was a chance for them


to get back into the game when Steven Smith went down. This effort


through -- flew narrowly over the crossbar.


Caley finished second in the Premiership and lifted the Scottish


club. -- Cup. Vigurs with his second of


the afternoon. James Vince and with a step over


allowing Vigurs a shot in off the post.


Kilmarnock had strong claims for a penalty turned away by the referee.


Hammill with the shot, coming away from the hand of Warren, play on,


said the referee. Caley Thistle almost make it three.


This effort into the side netting. Kilmarnock pulled one back,


Balotelli Beppe header, Connolly at the back post. Three minutes left,


Kilmallock. They had a chance of a point.


Connolly's second goal of the season.


However, it was to be Caley Thistle with the final chance of the game,


this long-range effort from Tansey pushed by bike MacDonald and all


three points state in the Highlands. A great first half performance, we


scored two great balls and did the business in the second half.


Kilmarnock came at us. But on account of the attack, we


were more clinical with our passing and could have scored another few


goals. We certainly need to start picking


up points. The boys are well aware of that.


We need to cut out the sloppy defending which is costing us


dearly. This is a critique of Premiership


defending. Starting with Kilmarnock.


This was a freak. These don't happen that often.


A miscommunication. They are too polite.


Freaks happen now and again. Nothing particularly wrong. This is a world


worked goal, take nothing away from the side.


The step over it. We watched the same from St


Johnstone. That was good football.


The first one was a stinker. Killy had a penalty shout. Perhaps this


was more clear-cut? I would think so, I thought it was


an excellent save. Warren throwing his hands up. Definitely an


unnatural position. It is heading for goal. The referee was in a


perfect spot to make the call. Acting.


No doubt in my mind it should have been a penalty, the arms are way


above his head. Narrow escape. Definitely. When


things are not going for you, you don't get calls like that.


Aberdeen and Hearts have a big date to look forward to next month


But that was far from their thoughts as they went toe


It was all about the battle for second place, in a derby fixture


that has produced many memorable moments -


1-0 Aberdeen and I doubt very much if there will be an easier chance.


1-0. The Aberdeen of 2015, another chance


for Pollock to impress, the only change to the team that won at


Dundee. Hearts first game for a fortnight, two changes.


A good start by Hearts. Paterson. Nicholson! He was unmarked beyond


the back post and he will be thinking he should have done better


here with what was a free header. The long ball from Taylor and it has


gone beyond Rossi. The ball was fired across goal, no


takers in the middle. But it was poor defending from Rossi.


An early ball in, and it came off the Hearts captain. That could have


gone anywhere. Thankfully, for him, it missed the target.


Header by Rossi. Hayes microbe with this snapshot taking it early, as


that clearance went straight to him. In from Hayes, a big chance for


Considine. And it went straight on Alexander.


Taking Hearts by surprise, taking the shop on, on the right foot, and


it was a good one. McGhee getting it back.


It is opening up for Nicholson, a great hit from the youngster. It


came crashing back off the crossbar, that could be the lift Hearts need.


Rossi heads it away, straight back and you had your money on Adam


Rooney scoring there. Well picked out, he timed run well but can't


quite believe he has put it over the top.


A great chance for Hearts top goal-scorer and what an important


save that is from the Aberdeen goalkeeper Ward. He was offside, not


flagged, a big chance for the breakthrough.


Nicholson with the corner kick, a free header for Paterson, blocked on


the line by Flood. Denied at the second attempt. Appeals for a


penalty from Hearts. McGhee reaches up a hand and


concedes a penalty four minutes from full-time, what was he thinking?


Can Adam Rooney win the game for Aberdeen?


He's scored his sixth goal in seven games.


12 for the season. Aberdeen have surely got the win they so badly


wanted to go seven points clear of Hearts.


I think we showed perseverance and I think with two strikers to win the


game. The first half performance, with dominance of the game, I was


really pleased. We had a forced change at half-time. A small


adjustment there. We started the second half well but we didn't have


the same control. I thought we deserved the three points.


Disappointed, we came up here and played really well. Created a couple


of good chances. We made a bad mistake for the penalty. We are a


club willing to give young players a chance, McGhee in his biggest game


in Scotland, that is football. I am sure he will learn from it.


A disappointing result but pleased. The winter has been wonderful bus


far for the Dons. They are back in form, their first


eight games of the season with victories.


They are scoring goals, not too many, Aberdeen, but they are back in


the mode where they can manage the situation and see it out.


The decisive moment in this match was described on the radio by Willie


Miller is a moment of badness. -- as a moment of madness.


If you see it from the other angle, he has had a look. He made that run.


Then he realises he is not there. I am not saying he should stick his


hand up. He has two timed his run and be


aware of where -- be aware that Goodwillie is not there.


Irrespective of that comic you should not throw your hand up.


He is thinking, I have spotted him there, he must be there now a couple


of seconds later, but he wasn't. He is a young player.


You are singling out Hayes for praise.


On the day, he was fabulous. A great couple of seasons for the club, his


general play is superb, prepared to take on players, delivering into the


box. Really difficult to defend. He is


willing to take on defenders. If he runs out of space, he is more than


capable of hooking them in. That worked viciously and he nearly got a


deflection. A wonderful cross for Considine who should have finished


it. Hayes, again, he is in the box, the King to get to the end of the


ball. His overall play has been wonderful.


You may not remember this, but Dundee were the first


Premiership leaders this season way back in week one.


But things have gone a little off course since then with just one win


Coincidentally, that win came against yesterday's opponents


Motherwell who had yet to win a home game under new-ish manager


Brian McLauchlin is your commentator for this one.


Mark McGhee makes just one change, young Ben Hall makes his debut.


Kevin Thomson has recovered from injury. He comes back into the


starting XI, as does Gary Ifan. -- Gary Irvine.


The cross, knocked away by Rory Loy. Scott McDonald! Motherwell are in


front. A hint of offside. But McDonald was there. The ball knocked


in by Stephen Pearson. McDonald, just six yards out, all alone, where


were the Dundee defenders? The home side, 1-0 up.


Pearson, in space! Good save by Scott Bain. Again, the Dundee


defence cracked wide open. Cross comes into Moult! Back off the


post! Clipped off the top of the crossbar. So close to a second goal


for Motherwell. Excellent play by Louis Moult. It was McDonald that


challenged. Mark McGhee the happier of the two managers. Moult! Number


two for Motherwell. Louis Moult, with his ninth goal of the season.


The Dundee defence again caught napping. Moult with a clinical


henna. -- Heather. Connor Ripley forced to dive low to


his right hand side. Hemmings, twisting one way and then the other.


That again, the near post header by keeper.


That again, the near post header by Louis Moult. This time, wide of


target. The defence just coping. Harkins, takes a deflection and ends


up in the back of the net. Gary Harkins brings the team back into


the game. Good play by Hemmings. Law, a little bit unfortunate. The


ball deflected off him and into the back of the net, beyond Ripley. Game


on. Stuart! He was challenged by his own


player. Gary Harkins. Greg Stewart, it looked like a free header.


Harkins got in his way. Law, with the free kick, excellent


stop by Scott Bain. Eventually out for a corner. Scott Bain doing


terrifically well. Stephen Pearson! That is a goal that


wraps up all three points for Motherwell. Pearson made the run.


His second goal of the season. Three points for Mark McGhee's side. I


suspect you would have to score more goals to beat them today. We have


let in occasional goals. We have not yet got to the stage where we are


let in occasional goals. We have not confident we will keep a clean


sheet. The two goals won the game. We scored a goal after about five or


six minutes. I felt, defensively, we looked a bit frail at times. A


better second-half performance, in terms of overall play, going


forwards. But we looked vulnerable today.


A first home win for Mark McGhee in his second spell as manager? I am


sure that will please him. The fact he scored three goals as well, he


will be more than happy tonight. I think it takes a bit of time for a


manager to get into a club and get his thoughts over to the players.


But I think that home victory, it certainly looks like he's getting


his message over. Three goals yesterday, more than a whiff of


controversy about the first? I would say not much. It comes into Stephen


Pearson, by the way, this is a great pass.


I think his heel is offside. But only his heel. It would take a


phenomenal decision for the assistant referee to spot that. The


strikers usually get the benefit of the doubt. Slightly offside, a neat


and tidy finish. Plenty of space, though? The question is the


defenders. Acres of space there, even though the decision is


marginal. Nobody closing him down. Nobody in close proximity. And he


finished it well. A lovely touch, fantastic finish. Stephen Pearson


got on the scoresheet, just like old times? There were not many people in


my years playing that were better at this than him. Nobody gets near him,


when he goes at that pace. Quite phenomenal. I don't say that


lightly. A lot of good players have been able to break into the box


late. At 33, he is as good just now as he ever was at that. He should


score a lot more goals than he does. He will get many more if he keeps


doing that and stays fit. Our final port of Premiership call


is New Douglas Park, where Hamilton hadn't won


a home game since September. But their opponents Ross County,


on the other hand, hadn't won a league match on the road


since the August. Here's our reporter Andy Burke's


story of the match. Just a point separating the teams


going into this one. Neither were in great form. Hamilton took the lead


through Gramoz Kurtaj. A superb counterattack.


There were now in the groove. The lovely passing move almost brought a


second. Gramoz Kurtaj forcing a good save from Scott Fox. Jim McIntyre


wanted more from his side and got it just before the hour mark. Jackson


Irvine's rocket almost brought them level, Craig Curran's follow-up did


the trick. A sixth goal of the season for the Englishman. Boss


Martin Canning felt his side should have had a penalty when Crawford


tumbled under a challenge from Jackson Irvine. The replay suggests


that the referee was right to suggest play on. The second goal


owed a little too long. The substitute Stewart Murdoch made the


most of the situation to get his first goal for County. Ross County


thought they had put the game out of sight with a third. Michael Gardyne


slotted home, but the flag was up for offside. Perhaps he was


unfortunate to see his effort ruled out. County were not to be denied,


adding a third in the 90th minute. Liam Boyce turned the ball home with


the aid of a slight deflection. A second away win of the season for


County, they leapfrog Hamilton Academical. I think we made the


goalkeeper working. We try to move the ball. You see with the first


ball, it's a good goal. At times, a ricochet can fall into your path and


it is something we need to do better, hitting the target more. We


have done well on our own terms. If you go away from home and pick up a


point, you can never be too displeased. We knew we had to get


our average of Windsor. To come to a tough place like this, on a surface


we are not used to, the players deserve fantastic credit.


A welcome when, and start of a benign run-off fixtures, all


winnable? They are good, strong, good at the back for most of the


games I've watched them. Players are front can find the back of the net.


They've got the opportunity now to go on a little run, after some


setbacks. Hamilton struggling at home, unusual, they haven't


witnessed in September? It's tough to explain. I would always expect if


you have got that sort of pitch, it should give you an advantage. Even


Jimmy McIntyre has said it is not a surface they are used to. Even he's


really excited about it. I am amazed, if it keeps on going, the


big thing is, they did just put their foot through the ball and


smack it generally towards the target. On those surfaces in


particular, it is the right thing to do. I'm just amazed they don't do it


more often. I don't think we have missed out any Premiership matches.


So we can take a Terry Butcher's at the league table.


Celtic, four points clear of Aberdeen at the top.


The Dons, seven clear of third-place Hearts.


Kilmarnock have dropped into the dreaded play-off place,


Dundee United, eight points adrift in the even more


To the Championship next in which leaders Rangers welcomed


Morton to Ibrox for the first time in the league in about 28 years.


Before the game, there was a minute's silence for Rangers


midfielder Arnold Peralta who was shot dead in his native


The Rangers manager makes one change to his line-up, Kenny Miller returns


to the attack, Nicky Clarke drops to the bench.


Rangers, on this run of one defeat in 16 league matches. They are


looking to maintain their place at the top. Lea Wallace, knocked to the


ground by, Tyburn near, swinging that one


income and that there is Kenny Miller! Rangers are in front after


only two minutes. Tavernier's delivery, and Miller pounced to


claim his seventh goal of the season. He outjumped everybody,


including the goalkeeper. Well, he is desperate for a second,


Kenny Miller. Good play again by Mackay and Wallace, setting up the


opportunity. James Tavernier has turned it into


his own net! Johnston goes off to celebrate. The Rangers defenders


can't believe what Tavernier has just done. He has been regularly


scoring for the Ibrox side. On this occasion, he has levelled it for the


opposition. Miller, good control, and blocked by


Pepper. Good, thoughtful play from Rangers again. Morton break it up.


Miller is certainly lively this afternoon. Good control and Pepper


throwing himself in front of it. Parried away, good, positive play by


the visitors. Johnston with the shot, the on loan Birmingham player.


He has been in good form, he's got six goals so far for Morton.


Waghorn, an excellent save by Grant Adam.


The goalkeeper did not get there initially. It was O'Ware's header,


initially. That a lovely, curling shot!


McCloskey puts Morton in front! 82 minutes played, is there a shock on


the cards at Ibrox? Excellent execution.


Cutback from Wallace, and that is Waghorn! Rangers have responded very


quickly. In the space of two minutes, Martyn Waghorn, claiming


his 20th goal of the season. Well into stoppage time, is that one


last chance for Rangers? And he just couldn't get over the


top of that one. They may have to be content with a


draw. A bad day at the office today. But


you saw that they never stop moaning. Frustrated, undoubtedly.


Lack of quality. But we move forward.


Most people might have thought Rangers can win it. Other than that,


I think the referee was great, it was a good game, we contributed to


it. Rangers dropping points again,


making a habit of it? A little bit, in the early part of


the season they were overpowering, that has dipped.


I think Rangers are losing their form just now.


So, folks, to Easter Road where Hibernian had the chance


to capitalise on Rangers dropping points.


They faced Alan Stubbs' bogey team, if you believe in such things,


Alan Stubbs makes just one change to the side, Hanlon comes into the


team. Miller's reward for a hat-trick was


a place on the bench. A nice little pass to Stevenson. Who


gives it ' Keatings who goes down under the challenge of Muirhead, the


decision is a corner from Kevin Clancy.


A clever pass from Keatings to set Malonga on the way who returned the


past. Keatings tries one and it almost crept into the net there.


Mightily relieved to see this slip past the post.


Great defending from Leahy. But the danger is still alive. Back


to Cummings again. Finally, they get the danger clear.


14 goals already, Cummings. Looking for number 15 there.


Cummings driving forward again. He has support in the shape of McGinn


who fancied a go and that almost found the net, Rogers got a touch on


it. Just for a second it looked as if it


had crept inside the post. McGinn driving into the penalty


area. That is a heavy challenge.


McGinn, sent off, straight red card. You see that often when a player


loses position but that is right over the top of the ball.


Fontaine wins the ball back for Hibs, now Cummings, what can he do


up against McCracken and he goes down.


I think Kevin Clancy has got that one right.


No contact whatsoever. Can Falkirk apply some pressure off their own?


Lofted into the box, well played by Fontaine. Vaulks picks it up.


Determined to play. There is Miller! The hat-trick hero


from last weekend does it again. Not one that Mark Oxley will want to


see again. A last chance for Hibs now as


Cummings goes to the line. Surely Hibs have snatched it in


stoppage time? Cummings has been trying to make


things happen all day, a clever flick from Anier.


I think in result and performance like that could go a long way within


our season, when you look back at the end and you think of a


performance and result, that was one of them.


We could have moved it a bit quicker, more than we actually did.


It was disappointing to lose a goal so late in injury time.


But it's no disaster. Alan Stubbs seemed quite pleased


with the outcome at Easter Road. They were playing with ten men,


Falkirk were a really good side. Psychologically it is a massive


help. His team played well. Let us look at


why they were playing with ten men, McGinn, a determined character.


He has a lot going for him, this young man, a determined character.


His momentum has taken him into the challenge, no doubt it is over the


ball. No doubt he had to see the red card.


I didn't think it was premeditated, the challenge. That is the way the


ball, the boy plays. Full of determination. His momentum took him


into the challenge. He had his back to the player in the


last second and twisted around. It is reckless.


But I don't think it was malicious. St Mirren, his former club, in


trouble, third bottom, Ian Murray resigning after the defeat away to


Dumbarton yesterday. Troubled times for St Mirren. They


have to go through the process again, look at who is available.


Do they go for experience, a young manager? They have had too many


managers in a short period. A big decision, who will be the next


chief. Where do they go from here?


The big thing is you will get lots of people wanting the job which is a


good thing. It is a struggling team. I wouldn't


say Ian Murray is a bad manager but it is a bad situation he finds


himself in, he should get other opportunities.


They have been through managers at a real rate of knots.


If you get the perfect young manager available you go for him. You take


everything on board. You see what is available. Maybe first initial ideas


aren't right. The natural thing is to go for experience. If you see the


right person, it may be you get 23 in at the same time, coach,


assistant manager, tough job. If he keeps taking his medication,


Jonners will be back next week. Oh, and on the subject of which,


next Sunday, the show is on BBC Two Scotland at 10:10pm,


so please don't be caught out. For now, though, it's thanks


to Pat and Willie.


Introduced by Jonathan Sutherland.

Aberdeen and Hearts look to steal a march in the race to catch Celtic when they square up at Pittodrie in the Saturday lunchtime kick-off. It will be equally tense at the bottom where Dundee United and Partick Thistle face off in a game that could go a long way to easing their respective relegation worries. Elsewhere form Saturday, Hamilton host Ross County, Inverness CT welcome Hearts to the Highlands and Dundee travel to Motherwell. There's a big game from Sunday as champions Celtic are away at St Johnstone. Also, selected Championship coverage.

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