14/02/2016 Sportscene


Jonathan Sutherland introduces highlights from the weekend's action in the SPFL. Featuring Celtic v Ross County, Dundee v St Johnstone and Hamilton v Dundee United.

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Sportscene's invite lost in the post...


This is what they're missing out on tonight.


Bafta kicking themselves over on BBC One.


The leading lights in the studio tonight, Steven Thompson and Stuart


A difficult few weeks for the champions.


Defeat to Ross County in the League Cup and an uninspiring


victory over lowly East Kilbride in the Scottish Cup.


Ross County the opponents once again.


The manager has reverted to type with the line-up. There is a home


drink asked home debut for Sviatchenko, Gordon is restored in


goal. Andrew Davies is injured. His armband goes to Quinn. His place


goes to Robertson. Celtic began that League Cup


semifinal 13 days ago on fire, got that goal inside 30 seconds. They


have begun positively here. This is Griffiths. Denied goal number 30 of


the season by Scott Fox. The red card really did change the


complexion of that last tie. Stefan Johansen, the won the player


of the year cleric -- last year. Fox does enough. Mackay-Steven began his


career at the stag is. You could say he is a lucky. -- unlucky. This is


better from County. Haven't really been seen as an attacking force as


yet. This is Irvine. I am sure Gervinho would have played


that threw in his mind, scoring against his old team. -- I am sure


Irvine would have played that through in his mind. Gervinho loses


out, that is Stefan Johansen, and it's going to come through to


Griffiths. -- Gervinho loses out. You can't convert. He knows he


should have done. A despairing dive from first Quinn, and then Fox, who


couldn't believe his luck, as this is pegged straight back at him.


Tierney, trying to torment Franks. He has got the cross in. Its


Griffiths! It is 1-0. And it is dirty for the season. -- 34 the


season, for Celtic's number nine. A wonderful finish from Leigh


Griffiths. Here comes Celtic again. It's going


to come through to Mackay-Steven. He is claiming a corner, goal kick


only. He will be annoyed he hasn't hit the target here.


Stefan Johansen worked it to Sviatchenko, a second chance here


for Celtic. It's a clever ball, Boyata makes it two. That could be


game over. Well, it's a lovely ball in by Stuart Armstrong. Scott Fox


won't be happy with his positioning. He is caught out at the front post


when Armstrong crossed it in, and Boyata did well. It is 2-0.


Celtic, without really turning it on, are deserving of the lead that


they have. County have barely laid a glove on them. It was a poor ball


there, it has allowed it to be slipped through for Gardyne. That


could have gone anywhere. Celtic are so comfortable, that a County goal


could change things dramatically. Reckord pinches it back for County.


The shackles are off a little bit since they went 2-0 behind. Craig


Gordon wasn't sure. Still, it is County. It is well over from


McShane. After frustration for the visitors, it might have been bending


in Tommy you know. We gave them a yard, they got closer, the first


half we started to get closer to them and we were quite good in the


second as well. Passing could be better. To lose the goal just before


half-time lets them relax a bit, lets the crowd relax a bit because


the crowd will start to get on their case and obviously again you are


hoping to get that 70 minute mark and then maybe have a bit more of a


go at it but in that game we lost another poor goal, which we should


defend. It's been a difficult couple of weeks, a 2-0 victory against Ross


County might give them a bit of breathing space? He certainly under


scrutiny. Celtic were not at their best, yesterday. Quite a lot of


their players underperformed but they got their result. Ross County


wherein the game for large periods but again, Griffiths, his 30th goal


of the season making the difference but just before half-time. Celtic


didn't run away with it. It's been a tricky couple of weeks for Ross


County, a difficult match midweek against Hearts, so maybe feeling a


bit lately? Possibly so, they didn't perform as well as they would like.


They lost goals just at the wrong times, just before half-time is a


killer for them. Anything they got yesterday would have been a bonus


for them but they have had a good season until now. They need to kick


on and solidify themselves in the top six. How positive should Celtic


fans eat? There was more dynamism in the attacking midfield, supporting


the attacking play yesterday? They were trying their best to get


forward in numbers. Here, you see they win the ball. It's really


intelligent run from Mackay-Steven, from end to end, probably should


score and open up the bottom corner. But Celtic attacks well. This is a


really good chance. Griffiths will be kicking himself. He does


everything right, goes around the keeper and doesn't quite get his


angles right. Absolutely, Leigh Griffiths with 30 goals for the


season. Look at this, Celtic have so much attacking talent, they can


attack at pace. They have Armstrong, Mackay-Steven, Griffiths, Tierney


and the fullback areas, so much pace. I think at home in the big


open spaces especially when they go a goal up and the other team have to


come out at them it leaves counterattacking. You look at the


pace, they will always be a threat. There is still the sense among the


Celtic fans, the crowd wasn't the best Celtic crowd, questions over


Bonnie Dowler but with Aberdeen playing tomorrow the pressure goes


in Aberdeen to see if they can get a victory which they will now need


against Inverness, to keep pace with Celtic. Yes, Derek will look forward


to going to Inverness. It was Inverness who stopped the great run


at the start of the season when Inverness beat them, but it will be


a good bit of business in the window, Church has come in, a good


player. Nip and tuck, when you play a day after the pressure is on


Aberdeen to win but it's a game they can do so. Aberdeen are on a great


run but Inverness always difficult opponents for Aberdeen, it seems?


It's such a difficult venue to try and win. Aberdeen are in a position


where they have to win every game, and with Celtic already having won


yesterday puts that bit of pressure on them. I think they are capable of


rising to the pressure. It is interesting for us.


Next to Fir Park, where Motherwell took on Kilmarnock.


Killie caretaker boss Lee McCulloch back at one of his former clubs


These sides with just one league win between them in 2016.


The Motherwell captain makes way in the starting XI. Kilmarnock


caretaker manager Lee McCulloch sticks with the sides who drew 0-0


with Rangers in the Cup last time out. Chile haven't beaten Motherwell


in the lead in the last five attempts. -- Dalmarnock. Both sides


know defeat today will leave them in the relegation play-off spot.


Kilmarnock currently occupying that birth, as things stand. That ball


was clipped in towards McGuinness. It tees up Kiltie, deflected, just


drops the wrong side of the post from Kilmarnock's point of view.


Nice holding play from McGuinness, Ripley was scrambling to get across


to it. That is calm play from Stevie


Hamill. Driven into the penalty area, a sure saved by Ripley. But


let off for Motherwell. Sloppy play on the edge of his own box by Gomez.


Had a couple of nibbles, once he got into the penalty area it was


straight at Ripley. Stevie Smith and Craig Slater over race, Slater,


touched over the bar by Ripley. A decent strike from Craig Slater but


the Motherwell keeper would expect to save this one. Stevie Smith to


have a go this time. Up, and over the wall, a terrific save from


Connor Ripley. A beautiful free kick and a save to match. Delivered in


towards McManus. Just over the bar, that a big defender got high but


couldn't directed goalwards. Stevie Hamill took him off the ball,


Kilmarnock play on Slater switches the blade towards Stevie Smith. It's


a great cross the back post, Kiltie! Greg Kiltie gets Kilmarnock the


lead, and it was a terrific move. That's a fantastic cross from Smith.


Kiltie there to supply the finish. The goal-scorer, Kiltie, coming


forward. A nice path towards Craig Slater, allowed to drive out the


Motherwell defence and scores. Craig Slater doubles Kilmarnock's lead,


and it really was all too easy. Kiltie slipped it passed to Slater,


nobody tracks is run from midfield. It was allowed to travel and he


picked his spot. MacDonald looking to fashion an opening for


Motherwell, finds Pearson. Johnson's slides his effort into the side


netting. A rare sight of goal for the home site. In fact, there was a


couple of Motherwell players waiting on the cutback, that never arrived.


Kiltie has found some space. McGuinness. So close, the number 34


Dalmarnock, Josh Magennis, just couldn't directed that on target. --


the number three, for Kilmarnock. Almost falls to Frizzell. Not too


far away. Powerful drive, just angled away at the last moment.


Three minutes of injury time Motherwell have defined something


here. What a chance that was. Really should have scored from there. It


just about sums up Motherwell's day. The most important thing today was


the point Gore on the board. The way they play, especially second half,


created chances, Motherwell goalie made a good few states today.


Gretchen Acra saves. Could have been one or two more. Delighted with the


performance but it's only the start of the hard work. By far the worst


performance we've had since I've been here. I always remind people, I


was brought here not because we were flying but because of what needed


doing. Occasionally we will have setbacks like that and setbacks like


the run we have had recently, but we have to find a way out as quickly as


possible. It's up to me and the coaches and players to dig ourselves


out of it. Lee Clark will be the new Kilmarnock manager, he's the former


manager of Huddersfield, Birmingham City and Blackpool. Is he the right


man to keep Kilmarnock safe? I hope he is. He took a difficult job on at


Blackpool and struggled a bit. Good record at Huddersfield, good


experience. He will be going into a buoyant dressing room. He's got


terrific results, 0-0 at Ibrox in the cup and a good 2-0 victory at


Motherwell. That is the thing with the league with, like, they lose


against Hamilton then pull out a victory over Motherwell. And so


tight fairways virtually nothing between fourth and 11th. They've


been getting better results away from home this season, Kilmarnock,


yesterday was a huge result. Still a lot of work to do to make sure they


do not finish in the play-off spot. One bit of business he did was keep


hold of Greg Kiltie who played a big role yesterday at Fir Park. He is in


the number ten slot, it helps to play with a centre forward like


Magennis restructures the game. He goes and becomes an actual striker.


Great ball by Stevie Smith. He's in there, poor defending by Motherwell.


Get in between the left-back and centre-back. He is in acres of space


because Magennis can stretch the game. Motherwell are deep. Runs off


the back here. Gomez. Again, running in. Could have slipped. Really good


goal by a highly rated youngster, Slater. Kelly playing in that area


gave Motherwell a lot of problems. Pace in the wide areas and Magennis


upfront. Great play from guilty, not by Motherwell. He was Manager of the


Month, then it has gone pear shaped, what has happened, they are second


bottom of the table. Mark said it was the worst performance since he


has been there, in previous games last minute penalty against Dundee,


it was never a penalty kick. I was at the Partick game, last-minute


deflection, even Inverness in the cup was last minute. They haven't


been playing badly but results and confidence will get affected. What


they've got, and it's a good thing, they go to Dundee United on Tuesday


and when you've had a really bad performance as a player you want to


get back out on the park and it's a huge game for them on Tuesday. Quick


question about Lee Clark and he's coming from English football. How


difficult will it be for him to come straight into the Scottish game?


Difficult moment for Kilmarnock. He will have done his homework, he will


know the Scottish game if he is applying for a job in Scotland. It's


a difficult task, he's probably aware of that. He's faced a


difficult task before, certainly at Blackpool, and he will come


positive. Scottish Cup replay with Rangers on Tuesday night.


Well, every game is huge for Dundee United these days


as they desperately try to claw their way to safety.


They were away at Hamilton Academical -


one of the sides they were hoping to claw back into the mire.


Hamilton looking to pick up where they left off with that big win at


Kilmarnock two weeks ago. Without suspended McKinnon, the replacement


is grand Gillespie. Dundee have won two in a row and now three out of


four, hoping the trend continues. Guide about get a second chance for


United. -- Demel. There is John Rankin. The shot saved by Michael


McGovern. Gordon and Devlin were frantically trying to throw


themselves in front. Got the shot away but not wide of the keeper.


Donaldson gets away from Doody Emery. Continues to battle his way


forward. Hit the deck. No penalty. There was a little tangle outside


the area. Inside he looked to trip himself up.


Given away by Gillespie. And now Ryan Dow striding forward. Threading


through. Good challenge. The full-back doing his job, tucking in,


to get that clear. Glancing header, Donaldson. Looking


to squeeze that in from the tightest of angles. At the back post. How


United would love to win this game. Ali Crawford's corner. Powerful


header away. Imrie. Saved by how a Shima. Ball ends up


in the back of the net but it's not going to count. --:


still goalless at New Douglas Park. Free kick and a booking. Foul by


Devlin on Billy Mckay. No complaints about the yellow card flashed in his


face by referee Steven MacLean. Pretty good effort, certainly in the


context of this game, from John Rankin. Skimming the top of the net


on its way over. Imrie sets off away from Demel, gets


past Payton. The midfielder has concealed it -- conceded a penalty.


Hamilton Aki 's could claim all three points. Ali Crawford. And it


is saved. -- Hamilton Academical 's could claim all three points. Not


the greatest of penalties, right down the middle, but credit to the


Japanese keeper for making the safe. John Rankin with the long throw.


Fire across goal by Rankin, away by Devlin, Demel's shot blocked. Devlin


again doing the defensive duties. Demel twice denied late on. It just


won't go in the net for old United. They want to turn one point into


three. Good goalkeeping. They want to turn one point into


goalkeeper... And Hamilton scrambling to get that clear.


Handball by Devlin, who has already been booked. And the inevitable has


happened, second yellow card. For Devlin. Hamilton and this with ten


men. Very little between eight or nine teams, it was the case again


today. Not a lot of quality. We battled well, for us it is four


clean sheets in the last five. Had we scored the penalty we would have


been delighted. We lacked a little bit today, we were not as sharp


passing wise as well. At times we should have passed it better. We


didn't. Gave the ball away too cheaply. You get days like this and


now we go forward. It finished 0-0. It's getting the big screen


treatment. Was that a better point for United or Hamilton? Hamilton, at


this stage Dundee United need to win games. If the penalty goes in, and


often don't get any, it's something to build on for United, it is four


clean sheets out of five for them. United have to clean sheets on the


bouts, they are improving as well. You were impressed by Hamilton's


defending. Hamilton were superb defensively, third clean sheet in a


row and individually, Ziggy Gordon was this star man. Found himself


almost playing like a sweeper, allowing both centre halves of


Hamilton to get as tight as they wanted. If I play this on, you can


see on a dozen occasions Ziggy anticipated, read the game, cleared


the danger, like an insurance policy for the two centre halves. Dundee


United played an awful lot of long balls to Billy Mckay upfront, it's


not where he want it against a six foot to centre-half. We watching


week in, week out, very consistent, he likes a challenge. He is a


warrior. For a kid of 22 he has played a lot of games and has good


match experience. He can go higher. He's played 124 games. You see


really good challenges here. The two centre halves going tight. If I


pause it, he's already given depth to the game. The centre halves in a


bit of a cluster here. The key is reading it, his positional awareness


through the game is superb. He gets over. Crunching tackle. He likes the


tackle. This one for me is the best of the game. As the ball is played


up he has a decision to make. Dundee United have three men in attack,


Simon Murray about to make this one through the gap. If he gets through


there he is one-on-one with the goalkeeper. Eddie has to keep an eye


on both players. What he eventually does is superb, keeps possession,


reads the game, another crunching tackle. It was indicative of


Hamilton and Ziggy's performance. He is a Hamilton Academy graduate, he


is on contract. Will other clubs take an interest? I'm sure they


will, but being 22 they will be a thief. He proved in his game he can


play centre-back as well as right back. He good leadership qualities.


This is a perfect example of his leadership qualities, last minute of


the game putting his body on the line for the team with a superb


defensive header. Hamilton after the 8-1 defeat at Celtic, he has been


working on defence and it's working. Dundee 12 adrift at the bottom of


the table and play Motherwell at Tannadice on Tuesday, do they have a


glimmer of hope? It is a must win game for them on Tuesday. For they


went... If they could get it down to six points, it's doable, they will


think they can still do it. They have to start turning draws into


wins. Other well second bottom of the table, United will play them


three times between now and the end of the season. It'll give them hope.


I think Dundee United candidate but they have to win on Tuesday. If they


don't, it's over. Remarkably, it's over two months


since St Johnstone's last win Would the blood and thunder


of a Tayside Derby clash with Dundee inject some life into


a faltering season? Paul Hartley goes with the same 11


who drew 0-0 with Dumbarton in the Scottish Cup. St Johnstone looking


to halt an alarming slump in form. Tommy Wright has changed Marie


Davidson and Simon Lappin, coming in for Craig and Miller. Dunfermline


know victory can take them above St Johnstone in the table. Didn't get


hold of it, the skipper. May have preferred this on the left foot.


Pulled the shot wide. Things can break here. Swanson running out of


defence. He has support in the shape of Fisher. Just fires over the top


of the crossbar. Dundee were caught short at the back there.


Fisher couldn't find the target. Swanson driving in the defence. He


goes down, no free kick given. Launched forwards towards Hemming.


Strikes... Just fires across goal. Gary Harkins in the middle felt it


should have been square to him. Harkins busting a gut to get it.


Hemming 's went himself but pulled the shot wide. -- Hemmings.


McGowan, whose effort is blocked. Nice play from Ross. Stuart again


gets a shot away. Carried. He is read what just now, Hemmings,


Player of the Month in January. He was on hand to knock in the 17th


goal of the season. Simon Lappin will look to deliver.


It's easy enough for the Dundee keeper. He wants to get things


moving. That is a great kick out towards Hemmings again.


Got enough behind it. Hemmings is the man causing all the problems for


Saints at the moment. Well played, Danny Swanton is still


going. Looked for McClean in the middle, I don't think that was an


attempt on goal. Strong running from the midfielder. I think this was


intended as a cross. Danny Swanton almost got the ball


back, it will come to Wotherspoon. Almost came to commence. Was he


being held there? -- Cummins. Danny Swanton is at the heart of a lot of


the best work. Hemmings is free again. The Dundee striker is through


on goal and that is an emphatic finish. Wonderful finish from


Hemmings, the vision was had to pick out Hemmings. A striker bursting


with confidence. 2- 02 Dundee, no than they deserve. -- it is 2-0, to


Dundee. Dundee have things exactly where they want them now. -- they


have the Saints exactly where they want them now. Back off the


crossbar, Nick Ross with the follow-up. Eventually Saints at it


clear. Greg Stuart almost finished the match air. A great run, very


unlucky -- Greg Stewart. He almost finished the match here. Conrad can


only half clear it. That is parried, but he got enough


of a strong arm on it, the Dundee keeper. Fisher, towards Sutton, who


couldn't react quickly enough. That is cleared away. Fisher will


have a strike deflected. He had to get that over the bar. The initial


strike didn't look too dangerous, but the deflection almost took it


goalwards. I feel we are playing well and just let the guys go and


play in the final third and enjoy their football. Some have an


excellent combination. I thought McGowan and Ross were brilliant in


the two sets tonight, you can see that they are a good team on their


day. We are disappointed obviously but we started the game well. There


probably wasn't much in the teams in the first half. We had great


opportunities. Fisher and Wotherspoon had opportunities. But


the first goal is always vital in these games and recently we don't


seem to getting that. Another tough night for St Johnstone, who are


struggling at the moment but a great win for Dundee as they rise up the


table. You were there on Friday night, Hemmings was at the fore.


Gary Harkins like contempt Leigh Griffiths. Is that something you


agree with? Possibly so, Hemmings is playing at the top of his game, full


of confidence. He is a strong runner, left-sided. Your first goal


shows the kind of striker he can be. It was a good move by Dundee, good


football, it comes out to Ross, who was good on the night. I love the


shimmy from Stewart, he takes it on his good side, his left side, and


Hemmings follows it up as good strikers do. He showed he can be a


penalty box striker. Swanton gives it away, a great ball by Harkins and


it puts them through. Still a bit to do, confidence, strikes, power, a


great finish. I think it is his 12th goal, a phenomenal return and he has


been a star man this season. A fantastic showing from cane


Hemmings. How worried should St Johnstone fans be? Quite worried,


they haven't won game since December the 5th, and they are really


struggling. They look flat. I think losing O'Halloran, he gave them the


extra edge up front and terms of pace. Dave Mackay out injured for


the rest of the season, it doesn't look good. They need to get some


form of result to give them a glimmer of hope, something to hold


onto and turn it around because when you are on these runs it gets worse


and worse. There was a lot of chat about this incident involving O'Day,


some people felt it was a stamp. What is you think? He'd done is on


him and stands on him but I would say to anyone, wherever you go, if


you try and jump over something or jump over anybody, I have stood over


people on training, there is nowhere else for his legs to go. I don't


think for one second that has been deliberate. There is no doubt he


stood on him but I did in the back garden today just to prove a point,


I went to jump over the ball. As I was landing I tried to put my legs


somewhere else. It's impossible to do. Who did you practice on? My


little boy! He needs stitches now! He can't get out of the way, I


promise you. I agree, immediately after his hands are up gesturing to


say he didn't mean it. I don't think there was any malice in it.


Time for a look at a slightly remarkable Ladbrokes Premiership


With Aberdeen not in action until tomorrow, Celtic have reopened


But look at that - from Ross County down to Motherwell


All those side just separated by seven points.


Dundee United still with it all to do.


To the Championship, and Rangers were looking


for an eighth League win in a row against rock-bottom Alloa.


All the talk before the game about the Alloa pitch,


which had recently been narrowed by nine yards.


The lines that Alloa have been making headlines, this is their team


lines. Hetherington comes in. Our first Rangers start for O'Halloran,


the same for Forrester, the two players have dropped out.


Sliding it through for Forrester, so close to the opening goal. It would


have been his first goal, had it gone in. Clever curling effort.


Waghorn drags his effort wide. A big opportunity, and he knows it. To get


Rangers ahead here. We are not used to the sight of him missing chances


like that. Off the crossbar. Twice, Rangers


have struck the frame of the goal now.


The blue shirts are flooding forward. A good save Scott


Gallacher. Got his body in the way. It denied the man who has been a


prolific goal-scorer for Rangers this season.


Tavernier tries to force the ball in, not the best of clearances. Not


the best of efforts that goal. Not just missing the target, Andy


Halliday, this might have gone out of the ground.


Burton O'Brien with the free kick for Alloa. Dougie Hill's limping


header, needed a touch over the top. From Rangers' goalkeeper,


Foderingham, a corner kick, Alloa. In it comes from Megginson. Jason


Maas course for Alloa Athletic. Bottom leads top by 1-0 -- Jason


Marr scores. I think his header took a touch from Lee Wallace on its way


in. Foderingham threw up a glove but couldn't keep it out. Andy Halliday


is looking to spark a rapid response. O'Halloran squeezes in.


The overhead kick from Forrester goes wide of target.


As Rangers look to get this game levelled up. Andy Halliday, a lovely


pass. Now Billy King. Beaten away by Scott Gallacher. Stern resistance


here. From Alloa Athletic, looking to cling onto this 1-0 lead.


Tavernier with the corner kick, all the way for Danny Wilson. It was


goal bound from the central defender, and it's the latest in a


string of impressive saves from the one-time Rangers goalkeeper, Scott


Gallacher. Another important header away, but it keeps coming back. The


work, it is Scott Gallacher again -- need work. Standing big in the


goalmouth and blocking this from O'Halloran.


Rangers using the full width of the pitch. And O'Halloran scored his


first goal for Rangers. An important one as well, get them back on level


terms. They must have been wondering what Wood if they were ever going to


find the net. -- they must have been wondering if there were ever going


to find the net. Finally, they have done. The cross spinning awkwardly


inside the penalty box. Tavernier, off the line from Jason Marr.


Effective at one end and equally effective at the other. He took a


step back here behind the goalkeeper, so important. Andy


Halliday floats it in, Tavernier, and Scott Gallacher looks to have


the final say. Another terrific save from him. It stays 1-1.


Rangers are utterly dominant but having to fight back for a 1-1 draw.


How concerned should Rangers fans be about that result? They have scored


three goals in four games, which is like them. The biggest problem all


season, they have not had many, is the ratio of goals to chances


created. They have loads of possession, create numerous chances,


but they haven't taken as many as they should be doing. Great


goalkeeping yesterday but some poor finishing as well. Scott Gallacher


started Rangers and had a great day yesterday, although Rangers had


loads of chances. He was inspired but Rangers should have get -- had


the game out of sight in the first half. They created numerous


opportunities and were wasteful. Although it was brilliant


goalkeeping from Scott Gallacher, Rangers had 72% possession which you


would expect, over 20 corners in the match, so they completely dominated


the match but again, their conversion rate for the chances they


are creating isn't as good as it should be. There was chat about the


narrow pitch. It did look noticeably narrow, nine yards, and it did make


sorry contest and spectacle. Was that a factor, how much of a factor


playing on the narrow pitch logistics? The players say it is not


an excuse afterwards because they created opportunities. They played


on Alloa, the worst plastic pitch, they go to Kilmarnock on Tuesday


night which is not bad and Queen of the South next Sunday, a decent one,


so three plastic pitches, they will be looking to get better results as


they go on. Alloa are playing within their strengths and well within


their rights to narrow the pitch. Yes, it helps them to be more


compact. You need look against Rangers but they were resilient.


Alloa play safe fight to stay the Championship.


So with Rangers dropping points in Alloa, could Hibs capitalise


in the evening match away at Livingston?


-- commentary from Liam McLeod. It is back to lead business for


Hibernian. They are under pressure here. Foderingham's bawling. This is


Buchanan. -- ball in. A nice little attack this, by


Livingstone, who are looking for a first win since Boxing Day. More


than half the crowd made up by the fans this evening, looking to


capitalise on the fact that Rangers dropped points at Alloa. It wasn't a


good first touch. Just got away from him. Dagnall still searching for


that first goal for Hibernian. It is laid off, not 1 million miles


away from the Irishman. Cummings was there but so too was


McCallum. This was an awkward one for the goalkeeper, he had to be


brave and in tricky conditions as well.


Hibs have lost just once in their last 25. Phenomenal run. They have


the chance to close the gap at the top of the championship as well.


Here is Paul Hanlon. And it up for grave. -- hands it up.


That has prevented a certain goal for the Hibs captain. They have


competed well, as Livingston. The last victory was a very impressive


one. They hammered St Mirren 4-1. Not dealt with at all.


White! Pressure is still on. Saved by the crossbar there. Eventually,


it out for a corner by Hamlin. The goalkeeper did enough.


Livingston kept the pressure on. That is unlucky. Home has not been


where the heart is the Livingston this season, just one league victory


here. Cummings goes for gold, it's easy for McCallum.


Charlie Telfer. Miss judged by John McGinn. Can't get there. Lovely ball


in here by Telfer. Trying to hold out here. They


deserve at least a point from this game. Here is Darren McGregor.


Decent enough hit as well. From the big defender. It's haven't done


enough to warrant three point. The shape... We will... I was happy with


the players, they put in a great shift and I think we could have took


three points at the end. I don't think we deserved more than what we


got out of the game, don't think we did enough to get three points, so


from that point of view I'm glad we've got something out of the game


rather than nothing. We just dipped below the level we have probably


been out for a long time. I can't be too critical on them because they've


been so good. Rangers dropping points. Does it have to go down as a


missed opportunity for Hibs? They will kick themselves because they


had a massive incentive going into the game knowing Rangers had drawn.


Too many of the players didn't reach the outstanding levels they have


done this season. John McGinn has turned into some player for Hibs.


Could he be on the fringes of Scotland selection? He's been a big


noise at U21 level. He has been discussed, he's on the radar. Couple


of double-headers coming up in March. We will watch his form. We've


got an eye on him. Words you impressed with his effort? He seems


to have found another level, he's consistent this year. To me he is


looking fitter and stronger than he has ever done, future the


impressive. Big game against hearts in the Scottish Cup.


Do you fancy Hibs or will Hearts be too strong? Terrific cup tie, Hibs


deserved to get back in the game. A good game to watch. Hearts have a


slight advantage in not playing yesterday, the game being off,


energy might be higher. If it's half as good as the first game it should


be a cracker. Fantastic match at Tynecastle, how do you see it going


at Easter Road? I think Hibs will fancy themselves to win on the home


patch. At half-time in the first leg I can see it's getting back into the


match. They showed unbelievable character and desire and fighting


spirit. They passed the ball around. If they show the same desire as the


second half, every chance they can win. Evinced in held Rangers


earlier, holding Hibs, there. -- Livingston. Can they maintain


championship status? Yes. Glenn should school, Hibs will be


delighted with yesterday's point because Livingston were the better


side. With Hibs and Rangers


both failing to win, could third place Falkirk


gain some ground? They had failed to win any


of their last four games ahead On a cold frosty pitch, Falkirk were


clean to bee keen to bring the warm, fuzzy feeling back and Blair Austin


put the Heath on Raith Rovers in the 14th minute. -- put the heat on. Lee


Miller with the incisive assist. Just two minutes later, that one,


fuzzy Falkirk feeling would drop in temperature by a feud agrees, Danny


Rogers with a fine save from Mark Stewart. Corner kick to Raith. When


the ball eventually came to the edge of the area, Blair Olveston's


attempt at clearance came right back of James Kraken. And somehow


slithered into the net. Smiles all around for Raith Rovers. Could


Falkirk rebound from this moment of misfortune? The answer was yes.


David McCracken with the header. Falkirk on a role once again. Albeit


the final touch possibly coming off a Raith Rovers defender. Then it all


went wrong as far as Falkirk were concerned. Benedict is with a


defence winning pass. There was Mark Stewart to supply the cool finish. A


replacement shirt after the player drew blood in an earlier incident.


An eventful day for Kyle Benedict has ended prematurely as he lunged


in an miles. A red card from the referee John Beaton. And a point


shared. It's been a sticky run for Falkirk


of late, can you see them making any sort of impression on Hibs and


Rangers? They are well I thought they would be an where they will


finish. They've done a great job. When they go into the play-offs they


will be a match for anyone, it'll be a difficult game whatever against


Falkirk. Good run of form right now for Falkirk but they've had a great


season to this point. Can you see them bouncing back? Their


consistency has been brilliant, team spirit, they have really impressed


me. They will finish third in my opinion, but they've had a great


season. I've not bet against them in a play-off game. Can the Saints make


a last gasp dash for the play-offs was, it would have been helpful to


win yesterday. I think we can but we need to put a good run together now


between now and the end of the season. We've got Dumbarton at home


on Saturday, which is winnable. After that some tricky games,


Rangers, Hibs and Falkirk. Thank you very much indeed.


If you're up at this time of night watching Sportscene


on Valentine's Day, it probably says all you need to know


If it's any consolation - we love you.


Scotland's Grime Scene Queens have to deal with.


Every single day in this job is completely different.


Introduced by Jonathan Sutherland.

Sportscene has action from the SPFL. Champions Celtic will be out for revenge against Ross County for their recent League Cup semi-final defeat. There is a Tayside derby as Dundee host St Johnstone and rock-bottom Dundee United will be looking for another win in their unlikely fight for survival away to Hamilton. Elsewhere, Hearts face Partick and Motherwell host Kilmarnock. Also, the race for promotion from the Championship intensifies.

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