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BBC Scotland's round-up of all the action from the weekend's Clydesdale Bank Premier League games, presented by Rob Maclean.

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The Scottish Cup last weekend was a shock-free zone. All the SPL teams


still alive pending this week's fourth round replays. And all 12


back in league action this weekend. Highlights coming up and we will


hear from Hearts manager Paulo Sergio. Let's start at Tynecastle.


An amazing game and Paul Mitchell An amazing game and Paul Mitchell


watched it. The referee get us underway here at


inside. Early corner for Hearts. Zacchaeus kiss has broken away. --


Zaliukas. Marius Zaliukas with a very simple task to knock it passed


Samson. MacGowan goes through. The referee says penalty. If that is a


penalty, Zaliukas is of. The referee goes for the back pocket.


His last involvement in the match is to take down Paul McGowan. Great


ball through from Kenny Maguire and -- Kenny MacLean. MacGowan takes


the penalty. Am Paul McGowan equalises. His 6th goal of the


season. Steven Thompson has scored. 18 minutes gone. Really good header.


What a goal. He is so capable of doing things like this. Was there


are push in? Nestled in the corner. What a romance this has been. Same


Mirren come forward again. Thomson thinks there should be a corner.


There will be a goal kick. Readies Gatt will Carroll said. Hearts have


gone ahead. They had been dominated by St Mirren in the second half,


but the throw-in allowed Hearts to get the ball in. Seen Mirren were


shell-shocked here. -- St Mirren. Hearts press again. Hearts have the


lead. He can shoot. He has! He has scored his second hat-trick for


Hearts. Craig Samson warned be happy at this. -- will not be happy.


Incredible game. Danny Lennon must be wondering how the score can be


like this. St Mirren's frustrations continue. Stretched to ten men.


Thomson could not trouble the goalkeeper. Sampson gathers. That


could be a pass back. The referee says yes. He was caught after words,


but it was a pass back. Hearts have a chance. Seven on the line at


plaster goalkeeper. That is the 5th for Hearts at Tynecastle, despite


for Hearts at Tynecastle, despite being down to ten men.


Were you worried when you were 2-0 down and Salyut is it was sent off?


At that moment, you think that anything can happen. -- Zaliukas.


We had to change our strategy and the position on the pitch. We had


to find solutions to fight for the results. It is possible it is not


for the first time that happens that a team with one man down wins


the game. At that moment, I was very focused and speaking with my


assistant about what we do to try to change this situation for us.


is that something you can practise? Being down to ten men? Of course.


Sometimes we have people who cannot attend training sessions. Sometimes


we try to recreate situations as a well. Readies Tatchell is a


terrific player. Three strikes on his left foot from outside the


his left foot from outside the penalty box. There is no doubt. He


has the capacity to shoot. He is one of my maybe best players. I


accept that today, of course, we have to speak about the old team,


but I am pleased for him. -- the whole team. Their defensive work


and the responsibility that he takes. He made a fantastic job


yesterday. It is easy to see and talk about a player, but I never


talk about a player, but I never liked to do that. Everybody does


this job on the pitch. It is for all of the team, even those who did


not play yesterday that the credit should go to. Of course, you have


to speak about Rogalski tell because he scored three fantastic


goals. His contract is up in a fortnight. Can you keep them for


the rest of the season? Of course we want to keep him. I think he


wants to stay here as well. Sometimes you can read things in


the newspaper because it is someone's job to write that. But I


believe he will stay with us. believe he will stay with us.


You're not happy about the yellow card shown to Ian Black in the game


yesterday. He tried to trap the player, didn't he? We can see the


player is still playing. He does not arrive to make a fault as I


think it is too much for a yellow card for that. I was angry with


that because this yellow card takes Ian Black from an important game


Ian Black from an important game for us, the one against Celtic.


Maybe he is paying because he has some kind of reputation. But if it


happens right now, that does not allow me to do my job and tried to


change the situation. Try to change M? Tried to change them. I think he


is improving the lot. In the last six games, he has had no yellow


cards. He is focused on football. I believe he can be very useful for


their national team, so why give him this reputation when I am


trying to change this. It is hard for me and it is hard for him. It


is unfair. I was angry with that. But the referee spoke with me and


he was fantastic when he did that because I was screaming wife. I


have to accept them and I respect him. But I suspect -- that I


believe that was a mistake and that is hard for him -- hard for us and


the team because Ian Black will miss an important game. You said he


has been good in the last six games. You have had a great run of results


You have had a great run of results with lots of things happening off


the pitch which could be distracting you from the main thing.


But look at these results. You are up to third place in the lead now.


I am not too concerned about third place. I know that St Johnstone and


mother well have played less games than ours. -- mother well. But I am


not concerned about that. When we had problems three months ago, we


were improving a lot. We beat Celtic at home. We lost against


Rangers at home, but I believe we should have won that game. We


played well. In that moment, the problems started to happen every


day. The first impact of all of those problems was very hard to


deal with. We tried to put things together and people believed that


things can change in the future. So we took some time to react. Now we


have the same problems, but I think Do you ever know what is going to


happen next, as Hearts manager? never know. I am positive and I


believe that the people managing Hearts are responsible people and


they know they have to put things in place. Sometimes I read in the


newspapers that lots of people are seeing it is a sad situation and


this may be helps to bring people together. I cannot agree with that.


The situation is bad. The way we deal with that is what makes the


difference. Sometimes even that credit people want to take from us,


from the group, from the players and technical staff. The people who


work with us every day, it is our credit to get results. Meanwhile,


we are living with these kind of problems. You can say nothing


different about that. How much good the squad change do you think, by


the end of January? Are you worrying about what that might mean


to the squad? It is a very, very tough month. For me January is like


90 days because it never ends. I believe we can lose two or three


players by the end of the month. People can come with the money and


we will lose the players because we need to sell and everybody knows


that. We need to sell but we are not just going to give the players


away. We need to sell because we need the money. The will not be


giving them away for free? course, some people might think


they can come in on the last day of the transfer window with a little


bit of money and think they can take when they want. No chance?


That's right. The player who turned down Rangers' pre-contract offer


then turned out against them at its Rangers were minus their injured


goalkeeper. They did have one man back after suspension. The headline


man. He has been in the papers all week. He has slipped through but it


is off side. That was a good run by the Spaniard. A bit too early. Well


off. He finished it well, though. Davies. That has come right through


to Healy. Healey scored in each of his last couple of Rangers games.


He was not expecting that. Anderson lost flight of it. It goes Rangers


way. Here is Aluko. Jelavic to his left, the this to his right.


Jelavic! There is the breakthrough for Rangers! St Johnstone are


raging. Rangers took a quick free- kick. It was Davies who took it


initially. Aluko scampering forward. Jelavic is of side there, Callum


Davidson playing him on. David Healy was in an offside position.


It is the quickness of the free- kick that St Johnstone are not


happy about. It is 1-0 to the champions. Aluko. Good skill by


Aluko. Jelavic. That is Enckelman. Callum Davidson is involved. This


is a good move by Aluko initially. Jelavic denied. A local having such


an inconsistent game. The this. He is going to get the corner. The


referee is changing his mind after originally giving an goal kick.


That is off the line by Robertson. Good skill by Aluko. He is


ambitious. David Robertson, there he was. Nice hat! It is Liam


Craig's ball. It is then! And out of nothing! St Johnstone are back


in the game. Ocker Mecca From B Liam Craig cross turned end to his


own net by the USA international Aluko. Healey. That is Winkleman.


Wallace did not go anywhere it Hearts. Had he done so, Rangers


could have been back where it hurts. It is a free-kick to Rangers. I


challenge on Jelavic. McCoist knows that Rangers cannot afford to drop


any more points. Jelavic is the air! Rangers are back in front left


tend to goal. What a save it was from England to be fair but he


The Rangers substitute. This is for Jelavic. Shouts for a penalty, but


he has not getting an. Blocked by Craig. Mackie will clear. No spot-


kick, says the referee. Davies. Worth the effort. That would have


made the points absolutely safe, if made the points absolutely safe, if


they are not already. Rangers were 15 points ahead of


Celtic in early November, now they are two points behind. Are you


surprised by the big change at the top of the table? It is not normal


to lose such a big difference and so quickly. Rangers have lost that


advantage from Celtic. They have lost such an influential player in


Steven Naismith. He plays very well. Also, he has a special spirit which


he shares with his team mates. I think it was a great loss for them.


The St Johnstone manager was not The St Johnstone manager was not


too happy about the first goal for Rangers. He reckoned that the free


kick was taken from the wrong place and the referee should have called


it back. What do you think? First of all, I should say that I don't


like to do that. The referee has to take decisions in the moment. And


we sit here and watch the replay, it is easy for us. It is in front


of them. He has control of everything. I think the players


have lost their focus in that moment. Then the lost a goal.


Jelavic scored both goals for Rangers yesterday. How important is


Rangers yesterday. How important is it that they keep them? The very


important. A team that wants to fight for titles should not lose


players like Jimmy Smith or Jelavic. -- players like Steven Naismith or


Jelavic. A were the lucky that they did not have a player sent off


did not have a player sent off yesterday? Did this look like


another yellow card for obstruction? Like I say, it is


unfair to the referee to make these kinds of analysis. But compared to


the other one he had before, I think this one is worse than the


other. If he had a yellow card last It was not exactly a relegation


eliminator at East End Park yesterday but there was certainly


the potential to make a difference in the drop zone. It was shaping up


to be a straight fight between the two teams to escape relegation.


Yesterday's Head to Head was high stakes. Alastair Lamont has the


highlights. Joe Cardle will be the man to put this one into the


Hibernian box. The keeper is beaten! Dunfermline have the lead!


The Hibs defence stood and watched. Jim MacIntyre will be delighted.


Martin Hardie Corals one. Brown hurled himself to be left to keep


that one out. -- curls one. A good block there. Griffiths! And it is


an equaliser for Hibernian. Leigh Griffiths with his 6th goal of the


season. That might have confused the defender. Leigh Griffiths


fairly a rifle this one past Ian Turner. -- rifled. Barrow man goes


down. He felt he was shoved the air. -- shove there. This man has shown


good energy throughout. He takes on the short, that is a good effort. -


- the shot. Griffiths with a neat turn. He did not really get hold of


that shot but it is good skill. He has looked lively throughout.


Cardle will keep at one end. He goes for the shot when he might


have been better served putting in across. -- a cross. It is bowled


out to Callum Booth. Griffiths for Garry O'Connor. And it is Garry


O'Connor with a 12th goal of the season. Lovely link up play between


Griffiths in the corner and no chance for Turner to keep that one


out. Hibs have turned around here. That man was completely unmarked.


Fortunately for Hibs they had a defender on the line to turn it


away. Willis took Buchanan at the back post and it is an equaliser.


It is Liam McCarron the substitute. Dunfermline have plugged away and


they have earned that second goal this afternoon. It is all to play


for at East End Park. A lovely cool finish from Buchanan. How will Hibs


respond to the loss of that equaliser? Here is Griffiths. The


shot is away and it has gone past Ian Turner. A disaster for the


Dunfermline goalkeeper. A second goal of the afternoon for Griffiths.


Hibs immediately respond to take the lead once more. Can Dunfermline


somehow clawed their way back into the game? -- clot their way -- claw.


Hibs looking for what would surely be at teller 4th goal. Garry


O'Connor may well be the man to provide it. He is up against Potter.


He goes down in a heap and he is going to be booked for that. Potter


leaves his leg trailing. He did go down rather dramatically, I am not


sure that did him any favours. That was a big win for Hibs, I know that


might not be great for anyone from Hearts? I do not have enemies in


football. It is a sport so everybody should be in it to win


but we respect our opponents. I want Hibs to be a strong side.


it help Hearts F Hibs are a strong side? We want to beat them but when


we play against them we do not want them to be weak. We want to beat


them because we are stronger and better but I think Hibs is a good


team. Hibs have good players. and rivalry is an important thing?


Of course. It is so important. The Old Firm, the rivalry between us


and Hibs. Aberdeen and Dundee, it is fantastic and people enjoy this.


Aberdeen at home to Kilmarnock, Jonathan Sutherland can talk us


through it. Let's be honest, this was not a classic at Pittodrie.


Kilmarnock had the edge in terms of chances. This shot was just guided


over the goalkeeper. The creativity on show resided mainly with the


away side. This handling was not pristine. Not the greatest


defending from the new Aberdeen club captain. Aberdeen were looking


to continue and up turn in club fortunes. Into the second half and


Kilmarnock continued to look the more likely. This man has been


racking up the goals of late and he almost managed to continue that


here. With two goals from his last four games he was clearly confident.


Aberdeen almost scored thanks to away would header from this man.


But the keeper was alert to the danger. The more clear cut chances


were coming Kilmarnock's way. This perfect pass did not lead to a


perfect shot. Not the most perfect game of all time. 0-0 the final


Before the game, minutes signed -- and minutes' silence for Bill


Dickie could died on Tuesday. -- Sometimes all at effort to keep the


ball in is not worth it. Omar Daley took full advantage here. Ryan


Esson made the save. From Tom Tay Lee's corner, Ryan SM Cos some of


his own problems. However, the ball ended up over the bar. Next up, a


moment of possible embarrassment for this defender. Calls for a


handball. The Spanish defender remains poker-faced. Johnny Hayes


was the captain. He tested Darren Randolph. The average age of the


Inverness players was just 22 years old. The more experienced


Motherwell side... Motherwell chance their arm with another shout


for handball. The fingers were pointing at Kenny Shiels a. --


Gillet. The referee waved the claims away. Gregory tardy was


looking for his 8th goal of the season. -- Gregory Tade. What I


call this was. -- a goal. Victory call this was. -- a goal. Victory


for Inverness. Motherwell slipped to 4th.


As soon as you finished with the game against St Mirren yesterday,


do you start thinking about Inverness next week two yes. That


is the way we work. After one game, you think about the next one. We


have to work a lot to get ready to go there and make a good result. It


is always the same story. I have to listen to everyone who is talking


these things that I can't understand. People talk about


Inverness being hard and it is frozen. It is this and that. That


is the first thing we have to change in terms of mentality.


Playing in Inverness should be the same as playing at Tynecastle. It


is one pitch, one referee, 1 ball, two teams. I believe they are a


strong side. They have a team with a strong spirit. They are people


who will fight for every metre of the pitch. We have to be ready for


that. After that, if we are able to do that, every single game, in the


end... That courage and that spirit and this philosophy should be there.


and this philosophy should be there. I hope we can do that next week.


Rangers' lunchtime win in Perth yesterday took them back to the top


of the SPL. From 3pm, Celtic had the chance to reclaim pole position


if they could win at home to Dundee United.


Eight Robbie Neilson returned after injury for Dundee United. Armstrong


was on the bench. Back out wide from Rankin. Good ball in. Garry


Kenneth had the shot. Which produces a great shave -- a great


save from the goalkeeper. A couple of chances for Dundee United. Gary


Hooper! It is his 16th goal of the season. Celtic ahead after 12


minutes. You had the feeling that was how this was going to end up.


The shot curled past the goalkeeper. Peter Houston serving a touchline


ban. Decent ball in. Safety-first from a Garry Kenneth. Short corner.


United have switched off. Victor Wanyama makes it two. His third


goal for Celtic, this 20-year-old. He was completely unmarked here.


Two goals in four minutes. Celtic are cruising. Now Brown. Anthony


Stokes! Great strike. Plenty behind that one. Their goalkeeper is happy


to tat that one over the top. Missed by Samaras and Kenneth. Free


kick given against what could not have been much more than and nudge


from Dylan. On stalks. -- on Anthony Stokes. Early second half


chance for Charlie Mulgrew. It is fumbled by the United keeper. That


did not look too difficult. Uncertain hands. Samaras. Great run


from Samaras. I could hit as well. Beaten away by the goalkeeper. A


fierce straight from Samaras as Celtic looked to extend their


advantage.And is conscious that his team needs another goal to make


things safe. -- Neil Lennon is conscious. Great hit from 30 yards.


A lot of movement on this away from Fraser Forster. Clipping the inside


of the post. The complexion of the game changes. 2-1. Adam Matthews.


Set off on our run. This looks really promising. Back for Brown!


Anthony Stokes got in his way. The skipper is furious. This was a


chance. All Celtic players collided. Down goes Matthews. That gives Paul


Dixon a chance to get the Seine for Jon Daly! What a chance to make it


2-2. Jon Daly must surely feel he should have scored here. What an


opportunity to square things up. Ki Sung-Yeung. Four Matthews. There is


Samaras! That could have tied things up. The diving header from


Samaras. Which he could only direct Samaras. Which he could only direct


straight at the goalkeeper. Celtic are top of the league. Did


you look like the best squad in Scotland at the moment? At this


moment, I think they deserve the position where they are. I think it


is the fault of Rangers because is the fault of Rangers because


they make lots of mistakes over the last few weeks. They have lost a


lot of points. Celtic are playing very well. I think they deserve


what they have at this moment. you like Victor Wanyama? Fantastic


player. Only 20 years old. I think Celtic will win a lot of money with


this young player. I guess everyone would like to find a player like


this who is on the 20 years old. He is so strong. He does not play like


he is 20 years old. He seems to be more mature by six years are


something. He seems to have that experience. With all the power that


he has, I believe Celtic has a very good player for the moment and a


very good deal. Have you enjoyed your five months in Scottish


football? Does it feel like five years? Absolutely. People make our


problems. But we're fighting for that. I never have an easy job, so


we fight. It is easy to quit and took to go home. Doing that, for me,


that is for cowards. People in Edinburgh make my life very happy.


We Portuguese people are always proud because we received people in


our country very well. But after say the same for Scottish people. I


feel very comfortable in Edinburgh. I have a lot of support. The Hearts


fans are fantastic. Always behind us. I believe there will be at


least 2,000 people there in Inverness supporting us. We


appreciate that a lot. In a moment like this was all the troubles that


we're living, all those problems, the support of our fans is so


important for us. All people who work around me in that club and not


even the players, but those whose names you don't even know, they


make my life easier and I am very happy with that. I can say that


five months for me does not feel We will have all that action for


you next Sunday night at 10:45pm on BBC One. There are SPL highlights


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