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Round-up of action from the weekend's Clydesdale Bank Premier League games, presented by Rob Maclean.

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After the latest Scotland roller- coaster ride came to an end, it is


back to the latest chapter in the And we're back after the break with


the best of a sensational Saturday in the SPL. 17 goals coming up. And


we'll hear from St Mirren skipper Jim Goodwin. First, the best of the


action from Rugby Park. And there was plenty of it with Celtic


bidding to bounce back from the Celtic. Celtic - four different as


well. Commons was suspended. In came up Cha, led Lee, and Stokes.


Celtic have lost their last couple of away games at Rangers and at


Hearts. They are looking to bounce back here. Cha, Stokes's! What a


chance that was. That is what has caused the problem for Stokes. They


looked ambitious to start with. Paul Heffernan, Shiels, 1 - 00.


Kilmarnock in front. A speculative long ball as well. Rolled into the


path of Shields. Kilmarnock again. Liam Kelly. Forster to the rescue.


Celtic began the match brightly, but now they are rocking. Shields.


Paul Heffernan is on side. And it is two! This is stunning. That is


debatable. Paul Heffernan played to the whistle. Suddenly, Kilmarnock


double up and Celtic are staring down the barrel again. It's Mulgrew.


It is a terrible back-pass. And this is Fila making it 3-nothing.


Mulgrew made a complete hash of that. James Fowler, but his debut


in 1999, scores just his fifth goal. Fit it is a good ball for Harkins.


Celtic really toiling. Paul Heffernan. Did not know much about


it. Paul Heffernan's goal was his ninth of the season. He has been a


good signing. His suspicion of offside. Forest. Taking the ball


for a walk. He has won the free kick. He will going to the book for


that. Celtic really need to start taking their opportunities. Mulgrew


or Stokes. It Stokes. It is brilliant. It is a stunner. Celtic


have something to graft onto with 70 minutes to go. Hammered in by


Anthony Stokes. Celtic have reduced their arrears. Kilmarnock looking


to get that three-goal cushion again. That was Paul Heffernan. He


knows whether goal is. He has taken on the mantle that salmon had last


season at Rugby Park. Matthews. No challenge coming from the comic


flair. That is Stokes. That is unbelievable from Anthony Stokes.


No right to score from there. Yakir lack could not get near it.


Suddenly, Celtic could not see --, then one goal of Kilmarnock. Neil


Lennon is roaring on from the sidelines. Forest. He has been


fantastic in the second half. He has won another free-kick. Liam


Kelly, the offender. Mulgrew! They have done at! Against all the odds,


3-nothing down at half-time, Celtic are level. -- three 2-0. Kilmarnock


will be absolutely devastated. Parkins. That is Paul Heffernan.


That should have been four to three. How often have canonic been 3-0 up


on Celtic. Not very often. -- Kilmarnock. Celtic have pulled at


right-back and are searching for an unlikely three points. This could


be their last chance. That is the last chance. Celtic are back from


the dead. What a big moment, potentially, in a Neil Lennon's


career as Celtic manager. So often he has dropped by, but you may well


have just saved his job, Anthony have just saved his job, Anthony


Stokes. I am used to winning games. As a player. We lost plenty last


season. I do not like this feeling at the minute. I am expecting more


from some of by better players than they have given me. Was that the


half-time team talk that may be saved Neil Lennon's job? Whatever


he said at half-time definitely did the business. Forest came into a


more central role and caused Kilmarnock a lot of problems.


grew up as a Celtic player. You know the expectations around the


club. Yes. I had five years there. I really enjoyed it. But like you


say, the expectations from the fans, they have to be up there winning


trophies season after season. Celtic fans will not be too happy


with the gap between them and Rangers. It was amazing how the


game developed. It could have been a lot different if Anthony Stokes


Stokes was very unfortunate. If it does not bobble up there, I am


pretty sure he would have scored. That would have had a different


outlook on the game. Paul Heffernan and Dean Shiels are two players who


know pretty well. They were instrumental in giving, Nick that


3-0 half-time lead. Yes. The two boys have done great since they


have been put together. I know Paul Heffernan from the Irish days. The


under 20 ones. He has a terrific eye for goal. Dean Shiels, I played


against him Dunsire the couple of times. Technically, very good. The


two of them together are her great. Hint of offside? For I think he is


probably just on. He is just levels. Kilmarnock would have been very


disappointed if that had gone against them. An incredible run


from James Fowler and a terrific finish. A great finish. Mulgrew


knows that Harkins is there, but he was unaware of phyla. He let them


back pass a bit short. Celtic did get the sort of response in the


second half they were looking for. Three goals in seven minutes.


Incredible. A terrific free-kick from Anthony Stokes. He has that in


the end. This was a terrific strike. There are not many players that


would take that on. Obviously, here, Charlie Mulgrew makes up for his


error in the first half. When it goes to 3-3, you expect Celtic to


get the winner. In actual fact, it was Kilmarnock could probably had


the best chance to win it and it was Paul Heffernan, who is so good


in these situations, who missed. Yes. He will be disappointed with


himself. He has been very clinical this year. That is one he will not


want to see again. Yes. A big chance. There is no respite for


Celtic. A big European tie coming up for them. They're in a bit of


form. It is a tough task for Celtic. It will be Live and Radio Scotland


on Thursday night. It is a tough task, but as a player sometimes, if


they're not doing too well on the league, it is good to get away and


have a cup game. Neil Lennon will be looking for Delap. Good luck to


Celtic in Europe. A trawl for them in the early kick-off meant Rangers


could go 12 points ahead of their title rivals if myth that a home


Naismith back after suspension. Illness have ruled out Sasser Pat


Archer and Julie Wallace took over at left-back. Just one cinch that


might change for some Mirren. Steven Thompson is back at Ibrox


where he played for three and-a- half years. Rangers looking to pick


up where they left off before the international break. Kyle Lafferty


chasing false bomb Mark McCausland uncertain in defence. That led to a


diving save from Craig Samson. St Mirren playing themselves into a


difficulties. It is Gregg Wylde's corner. It is Kyle Lafferty and it


is a smart save from Samson. Back in again and deflected behind. Kyle


Lafferty managing to escape his marker for the first chance on goal.


In from Steven Davis. Almost unnoticed! It hit just wide. Paul


McGann. St Mirren slowly starting to find themselves. Lovely pass. In


for Thomson. Punched away by a Allan McGregor. A really good build


up. A decent ball in from hustle back. Here comes St Mirren again.


The curling cross from Thomson is a big disappointment. That says


Rangers on the move. Up goes the volume inside Ibrox. Gregg Wylde on


the ball. A shot at goal by Davies. He has headed wide. Snatched at


this, did the Rangers captain. It was an inviting positions. Nikica


Jelavic is skilful and strong. Maurice Edu. Kyle Lafferty kept out.


Kyle Lafferty intending to get his own back, which she does. A real


chance for Rangers. That is Marc McAusland. That is Nikica Jelavic!


That is one to nothing. 2 1/2 minutes after the restart. The


Croatian's seventh goal of the season. It was all about the


persistence and the tenacity of Kyle Lafferty on the byline. Marc


McAusland's free runs went straight to Nikica Jelavic and it was


rattled in for the opening goal. Gary Teale on as a substitute at


half-time. That game of Maurice Edu. That is Steven Thompson. He is in


on goal. It is a great saving challenge by Stephen Whittaker. But


surely Thomson had to pull the himself, the defender, that he


could not hit the target. Whittaker's pass. Rangers looking


for the second goal. Naismith. At Jelavic. It was slightly behind


Jelavic but still it was great stuff. Great my challenge. And now


Rangers with the chance to seal things. Here is Davies. Options are


round the Captain there. He chose to go it alone. Of putting pressure


on his goalkeeper. Lovely play under pressure. Deep into stoppage


time, can they carve out one last chance. It is Steven Thomson. It is


one to one! Equalisers do not come much later. Simmering salvaging a


draw at Ibrox. -- St Mirren. The there will only be time to get the


match started again before the final whistle. A dramatic draw at


Jim Goodwin is with us. Describe the feeling after that. We were


delighted. We put a lot into the game and I think we deserved the


point. 55 % possession, that is remarkable. It does not happen very


often that the away team has that much of the ball at Ibrox. We


controlled the game for long spells. The goalkeeper has made a couple of


key saves to keep us in the game but I think we got our just


deserves. -- just deserts. Were you disappointed to go a goal down


after the interval. Yes, we were. We could have dealt with it better


when the ball came into the box. I was disappointed by the clearance.


There is you turning around and having a right good rant! I thought


he was tripped, but it has gone a long way since then. The response


to the goal from Simon Mirren was to the goal from Simon Mirren was


The Naismith went into a more central area and it caused us some


problems. But after that we got our composure back. The goal but one


you a point was amazing, not only because it was in the very last


minute, but also because it begins in your very own goal line. Yes, he


showed real composure there. It was a terrific ball from Poole there. -


- from Paul. It was a great moment to score because we would have been


very disappointed to have come away with nothing. There was never any


sign of giving up. Absolutely. We kept going to the end and playing


our way, passing the ball, and we are delighted with the result.


is St Mirren play in your way, lots of examples. Is the worry for you


but a lot of really good play in midfield does not happen -- does


not often enough bring an end result? We do control possession


quite a lot. We lacked a bit of a cutting edge at times yesterday.


This chance was very unlucky. Whittaker does brilliant to get


from where he was initially. there is the centre-back with the


pass, which is very impressive! if we had had a better break with


the ball, he could have had a go. It could be a great season for St


Mirren. You won against St Johnstone with one of your special


goals. It was great to score on that night and an important game


for us office the. It is nice to go on a good cup run. We have a very


tough game next week but we are delighted to still be in the Cup.


What impact has Tommy Craig had? A very experienced man coming along.


Does he share your footballing philosophy? Absolutely. He has been


-- terrific, full of enthusiasm and his training sessions are be --


brilliant. Motherwell have been enjoying their exalted position in


the SPL in between Rangers and Celtic. Will they still be


inviolate. It was want to zero after eight minutes. The goal


celebrations referred to the stick he had been getting from his


manager. Second in the SPL, Motherwell were dominant. Graham


Stack had to bat this shot away. What to make off -- of these


clearances? Again the keeper had to make a real fist of it. I have had


a fine season so far. -- they have had. In the second half of the


lacklustre lilac line was breached far too easily far too many times.


Graham Stack again to the rescue. It is easy to forget they have had


a five-game unbeaten run. This shot was pulled wide of the target. The


striker was looking for his 7th goal of the season but this would


not be his day. Graham Stack was one of the few Hibernian players to


be having a decent day of it. The imbalance between the sides showed


no sign of letting up. Motherwell were totally bossing the game.


Finally a chance for Hibernian worth showing came along, when


Danny Galbraith sliced wide of the target and Hibernian fans voiced


their displeasure all afternoon. Why have Hibernian relapsed? That


is the question a manager must find an answer to, and quickly. They


almost snatched a point but this would be a deserved defeat for


Hibernian. At Motherwell extend their lead over Celtic in the SPL


And they are playing with increased belief. They have won seven out of


11. I think they have surprised a few with their position in the


table. He has brought in some real quality players. It looked to be


going towards three off four. But looking at the way the match


developed it could have been a lot worse for Hibernian. Yes, the


centre halves seemed to be ball- watching. I think Graham Stack was


the man of the match and I think that says a lot about the game. I


know him from the Irish set-up. A great player. It was just as well


he was on form because otherwise it would have been a pretty hefty


defeat. Yes, he had to be on his game. That double save there was


outstanding. You have a fair bit of interest in that game obviously


because St Mirren play Hibernian next weekend. Yes, it will be a


difficult game. We have to carry on like we did yesterday and hopefully


take some momentum from the big performance yesterday. Dunfermline


started well on their return to the SPL but recently they have


He usually strikes the ball pretty well, Rudi Skacel. Andy Webster!


Hearts take the lead. The clearance went straight to Andy Webster and


he had the simple task to headed home. -- head home. Dunfermline,


just three points from five home games. A decent ball across. In


with the head of. He scored a great goal against Celtic last time using


the head. And nice past, Graham. That is a lovely little shimmy. He


cut the ball back to the byline. And straight into the arms of the


keeper. But this is better from the home side. Graham showing some good


skill. The Dunfermline coming forward. That is Paul Barnes. He


knew the mistake he made. Move too much -- too much height on the ball.


That is nice play from Rudi Skacel. On to Templeton. He is on the right


food. Rudi Skacel went it back inside but it opened up perfectly


for David Templeton. -- schedule wanted it. -- Rudi Skacel. He has


the ability to make something happen. It went straight that time.


Dunfermline trying to come forward. That is a poor pass a. Picked up by


temple turned far Hearts. On to temple turned, and it is Rudi


Skacel! It looks like he will secure Hearts' first away win. It


came back to Rudi Skacel, Templeton, Dunfermline were sitting pretty for


the first few weeks of the season, but you get the feeling they're


coming into a testing spell. Yes, they have been finding it tough for


the last Formica five games. They have any picked up one point in the


last five. They will be very disappointed. They conceded too


many goals and not scored. It is important they do not become


detached at the bottom. It is all very tight down there. The league


itself is very tight. There are a few wins a way of getting out of it.


He will be looking to turn things around quickly. What disappoints


Dunfermline is that they made a big contribution to their own downfall


yesterday. Both goals stemmed from mistakes, firstly Andy Kirk at the


near post. Yes, he will be disappointed. He will be


disappointed he did not do better. This pass got cut out. It did not


help matters. A good one two there. Paul Gallacher makes a great save


initially. He is hoping one of his defenders will help a mite, but


when it drops the Rudi Skacel that close out, you don't expect much


else. Hearts beat Celtic a fortnight ago, but there has been


inconsistency from them. Maybe not surprising when you change a


manager in the first few weeks. manager comes in with new ideas and


it takes time for him to get his ideas across to his players. Rudi


Skacel back in the side, he is a very influential player for hearts


and has done great. 12th February, or when Hearts last one away from


home. It has been an incredibly long wait. It was at Hamilton 2-0


that day. Stephen Elliott got both the goals. It has been 15 matches


to live one away game. It is hard to believe that it has stretched on


for that length of time. They seem to be getting things right now and


the new manager seems to be getting his ideas across to the players and


they're taking it on board. Would you expect them to be competing at


the top end of the lead towards the end of the season? Yes. They have a


big squad. He would expect Celtic and Rangers to battle it out. I do


not think anybody expected Motherwell to be this high up in


the table. We were all expecting hearts, Neddy, to challenge them.


But I do expect Hearts then -- had to be up at the end of the season.


The Aberdeen have an -- Aberdeen have an Old Firm double


bill coming up in the next couple of weeks and were looking for the


encouragement of six points out of six when they played Dundee United


2000 a bit. That's Russell! And Gonzalo is tipped it over. -- 2008.


After David could Willie's departure. Kari Arnason touches are


then! Be brilliant save from Fallon. But Gary Anderson puts it into the


roof of his net. Aberdeen are in front. - Mike Kari Arnason.


Aberdeen go ahead. Rob Milsom. Robertson. No penalty. Rob Milsom


has gone down. He does not look as if people did the Aberdeen


midfielder. -- book. Strange decision. Aberdeen free-kick, taken


by Foster. Mawhinney. And the Dons have a second. Their management


team is delighted. Aberdeen, who beat Dunfermline here a couple of


weeks ago, it looked as though they're going to continue this


recent revival. Nilsen and. More height and distance and the


clearance. It is awkward for Dundee United. Fallon. Considine. 3-0. Be


keeper made a hash of it at his right-hand post. He looks on in


bewilderment as Aberdeen get their third. It is a goal which will


surely seal the points. The Dons have only scored four times in the


league. They have now got seven in their last two games. Rankin. Rank


and's effort. It is awkward for Gonzalez. We have seen John Rankin


score from that kind of range with that kind of shot before. It just


drops just before it gets to the keeper. Armstrong back to Scott


Robertson. Armstrong. That is a good run. Dalla Valle was in the


back post. It is 3-1. The clock is against Dundee United, without


question. They have given themselves something to hold on to


here. Armstrong did so well, the The Aberdeen fans would have been


worrying about two straight games are good - like against the Old


Firm. They must be in a better place now. They seem to be on a bit


of a run, yes. Things are coming together for Craig Brown. He has


brought some players up from down south and things are clicking into


place. Three set-pieces, three goals, which then United will not


be happy about. Aberdeen are a big side. They are very tough in the


box. Dundee United's keeper is very good, but he will not be best


pleased with his contribution. was even worse. Juggling at him


from Andy Considine. He has been a very solid presence. He is a key


player. He will be disappointed with his day yesterday. It has been


a dramatic change around for Aberdeen. They scored four goals in


their last game at home to Dunfermline. They created loads of


chances. This was a Friday night game. They seem to have an


increased presence about them. Mehdi Rory Fallon has made a bed of


the difference tick alongside Scott Vernon. Rory Fallon will cause most


centre has problems. He has a big, strong striker. And there are good


players in around them. Things seem to be coming together for Craig


Brown. It is funny how the complexion can suddenly change. It


is all doom and gloom one minutes, then optimistic. Absolutely.


Optimists - a confidence has ever been. Aberdeen have the confidence


back. Aberdeen lost a lot of players over


the summer and he did think those are a lot of influential players


going out at the same time. Maybe they're hurting? I think you


mentioned four of the best players last year. Peter Houston, obviously,


is not able to go into the transfer market and replace these players.


He has to persist with bringing players through the youth team.


They have some good young players coming through, but it will take


some time to get things right. Derek McInnes does become the new


manager of Bristol City this week, he leaves in jobs and in good shape.


The Perth team were planning to prolong a great run of recent


results with yesterday's home game against bottom of the table


McInnes's last game in charge, they were determined to be sent off and


decent style. The strike force combined to great effect in the


12th minute. Despite slipping when he struck it, it was a great goal.


12 Austen Johnson's 18 goals soared by either send us a or Sheridan.


They made a massive difference. Inverness were disjointed to say


the least. Their manager would describe their season so far as


Jekyll and Hyde. This was most certainly hide territories. Since


Johnson dominated. -- St Johnstone. A second St Johnstone goal always


looked more likely than a Caley Thistle equaliser. Marcus Tabor,


who replaced the injured Sheraton, hit the post. Liam Craig denied at


the back post by Thomas pier. General approval for her Derek


McInnes. Lilian Craig was then teed up for a cross and the second half.


Once in their blue moon you see a Kevin in gold. We should have seen


one here. Terry Butcher would say afterwards his side played like 11


strangers he picked up on the motorways. As for St Johnstone,


they were the epitome of teamwork. This cross was only partially


cleared and Dave Mackay pounced on the scraps to make it to do nothing.


-- to to nothing. The former Dundee player but his second goal of the


season. The first had been the 1-0 winner at Celtic Park back in a


list. Since Johnson here with their fourth SPL win in five games. For -


There fantastic form of this leak coincided with their new strike


force. They are a very good team. Derek McInnes has done very well


organised. The two strikers up front are on fire just now. This


seemed to be linking really well together. There is a great


understanding. This is not great defending, but it is a great finish.


Terry Butcher will be quite disappointed there. It is a


striker's instinct. It helps when you have a defender who can do this.


Obviously he scored as one of Celtic Park as well. It was a great


finish. He is a key figure for St Johnstone. He is an integral part


of their defence. This is what it is all about. It is a bad mistake


for Motherwell and everything got punished. This is Sheridan. The two


strikers seem to be playing with a lot of confidence. There are


linking up really well. They have a greater understanding. Everything


they touch seems to be going in the back of the net. A lot of credit


goes to Derek McInnes. Yesterday's game might well be his last in


charge and you might be on his way to Bristol City. Yes. We're still


waiting to hear what is happening with that one. If Derek McInnes


does go, the St Johnstone team and supporters will be disappointed. He


has done terrific in his time. have played a lot of your football


down south. Bristol City, bottom of the championship. What sort of job


would that be? If he gets the job, he has a tough task. There bottom


of the league. He has to turn things around quickly. Bristol City


are in big club and have got two big clubs in that city. When he


goes down there, his aim will be to maintain championship status this


season and keep on next season. Let's have a look at the placings.


Motherwell have trimmed Rangers's lead at the top. Celtic are 10 off


And next weekend looks like this. We'll have all that action for you


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