17/08/2014 Sportscene


Jonathan Sutherland and Pat Nevin present highlights of the weekend's SPFL action. Including Celtic v Dundee United, Partick Thistle v Dundee and Kilmarnock v Ross County.

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The second weekend of the season already.


There's absolutely no let-up in the momentum.


Tonight's Sportscene is jam-packed with great goals, red cards


Fizzy drinks and pancakes still not quite


But it's been a gruelling pre-season for our guests.


Pat Nevin and Dundee United's Mark Wilson are here,


After their rollercoaster ride in the Champions' League already this


season, Ronny Delia's side finally got their Premiership season up


and running with a slightly low-key victory at St Johnstone midweek.


For their first League match of the season at Celtic Park they


Two wins out of two, top of the table.


COMMENTATOR: What a strike. Six points. Top of the table T can't go


any better than that. Wednesday we are top of the league, 9 out of 9.


That would be amazing. Never surprised how well they play. They


are a dream team. We are hoping we go back with the three points.


Fergus McCann was a divisive figure in his time here but he has nothing


but warmth from the Celtic crowd these days. The history books show,


he made it all possible. Rowany dealier was dealt a three-match


blow. Am broes is coming in at rightback, a player was injured in


the warm-up. There is a debut for Denayer on loan from Manchester


City. Jackie McNamara goes for the same team for the third game in a


row. That means mid-week hero, Marrow


Balati stays on the bench. Oh, almost a dream start for the


champions. Back on home turf. McGregor, who is a top scorer,


almost got his fourth. Ambrose losing out to Armstrong. An


open start here. A wonderful ball from Armstrong. And MacKay Steven


can't finish. Two huge moments in the opening couple of minutes here.


What a pass it was from Armstrong to release Mackay-Steven. Commons'


corner. In four minutes into his Celtic


debut, Jason Denayer, the 19-year-old from Brussels gives


Celtic lead. Dundee United breached for the fist time this season after


a couple of clean sheets. What a finish from the centre half. Stokes


delivery and that's Commons. And it is two.


Again, there is a huge question mark over the Dundee United defending at


another corner. Commons didn't have to do much to score that. Peyton and


Rankin were the two United players closest to him. -- Payton.


Paton has been pick-pocketed bio-Hansen and it is three for


Celtic. Dreadful again for Dundee United -- from Johansen.


Johansen getting away from Paton and finishing well. Celtic smelling


blood. They are looking more like themselves here. And Berget hits the


crossbar. Well, almost four and we are not even at half-time. McGregor


and a lovely reverse pass. Celtic in again. Commons. Well, that was


Cierzniak, saving initially from Stokes. Commons thought he was about


to gobble up the rebound. He was so happy McNamara with the defending in


the first games and he goes for goal. It is wonderful from a neutral


point of view to see Craig Gordon pulling off saves like that, but it


is frustrating for Ciftci. Well, Mulgrew claiming that. Was it the


most wicked of free kicks you have to say? I'm not sure it took a touch


the it looks like Stokes' goal. McGrew reckons it is his. But it is


4-0, Celtic. Here they come again. Stokes. That's Cierzniak's and it


could have been worse. But for the pole, he's pulled off a couple of


decent saves in the second half. Dundee United haven't won here since


Boxing Day 1992. It is certainly going to continue and there's


another. Well, we knew a while ago that it was going to continue but


Berget adds a fifth. His first for the club. What a big result for


Ronnie Delia. Here is Rankin. Oh, it took a


deflection and United are back. There will be no clean sheet for


It is consolation - if you can call it that when you have already


conceded five. This is Forest. The Celtic sub. Oh,


he has pulled up as well. He has managed to release Kayal. But he has


pulled up. Looks like a hamstring. A problem for him. And it's Berget,


and it is six. Well, a horror story of an afternoon for Dundee United.


Celtic running amok. They've demolished the terrors. The optimism


of the early season flattened already by a rampant Celtic. I think


football should be fun to watch and play. It is fun to have the ball and


press and create things. The first 60 minutes was good enough. We


created a lot of chances and defended well. And it was a good


performance. I lost four goals to set pieces. It doesn't matter how


good you play or the team plays, if you don't do the fundamentals you


will be beaten. Especially, coming here to lose three goals in the


first half, when they are up and when everybody wants the ball, it is


harder for the players. Celtic ruthlessly demonstrating the gulf


that exists between themselves and the rest. Mark, you missed out


yesterday, you are still three weeks away from but that must have been


painful to watch. I felt for the boys. It could have been so much


different if we'd taken a chance in the first minute but when you go to


Celtic Park, you need to take your chances. We didn't and Celtic turned


on the style and passed it well. All their big players turned up. It was


a great show for them but a horror show for us. Celtic seemed to click


into life yesterday, Pat. We'll look more into that in a minute but


Dundee United, a few defensive frailties. It is a new-looking


defence anyway. It is tough for them because Celtic as you say were


playing well. But Celtic play well but it needed Dundee it play badly.


Have a look at this. Both these players block each other. A block is


a good idea in a defensive position but you block the opposition, not


each other. That's great ball in from Stokes. Magnificent. Zipped N


once again, a good block at the back. Zorb zipped in. I'm not sure


Mulgrew gets a touch but that's incredibly hard to defend. That's


Amoruso broes. That's awful. -- that's Ambrose.


You don't know how to react from that. It takes good play from


Celtic, but it also takes bad defending from Dundee United. But


I'm sure they will get better. Let's talk about how Celtic clicked into


life. It has been difficult for them at times. And suddenly a good


performance, how did that happen? I haven't been jumping on any


bandwagons saying they are having a nightmare. It is very, very early in


the season. This sort of stuff is what we have seen from them last


season. All through the middle. Loads of stuff from Stokes and


Commons, picking up in great positions. Delia asking them to


close up high up the pitch. He wants them to do that. They are already


getting good opportunities. You were talking about the slick passing.


Especially when you have the big pitch and the are inis on it, it


makes it more difficult -- big pitch and the rain is on it. All the good


stuff goes through Commons in the middle of the pitch. Examples like


this, little one-twos which are very hard to match when they were on the


form they were yesterday. It isn't just them two. Them two - you talk


about them, picking up the boys more often than enough and Griffiths to


come N it is a shame because there are a number of players that played


well yesterday. Sad to see Forest pulling up. He is another special


player for them. Look at this, the numbers getting into the box there.


I mean, it is the Celtic way. You go and attack and you go and attack in


numbers. And it doesn't matter if you score one, two, or three, you


want four, five, or six and if Ronnie continues doing that, he will


love it. We saw in the papers about how Ronnie Delia's banned drinks


from the training ground. He wants them to look like a Champions'


League side and get them ultimately fix. They came up so short against


Warsaw. They have a second chance. How do you see them getting on


against them. It is another unknown quantity. I think we will be better


prepared. It is a further week or two down the line. They'll take


confidence from that performance yesterday, but I fancy Celtic to go


through.k having the second bite of the cherry they'll look up to it. It


is going to be looked at tomorrow. Do you think they can make it to the


group stages? I don't think they will overcome the decision so I


think it'll go ahead. I this they can, because they are A, into their


stride, they are playing the way the manager wants them to and they are a


good team but the biggest thing, they are back at Celtic Park and


it'll take a good team to stop them there.


It's safe to say Motherwell are still to sparkle so far this season.


In contrast, they took on an Inverness Caley Thistle side


starting to shine under the stewardship of manager John Hughes.


For Inverness, they are forced to make one change from mid-week, James


vint failed to recover from injury, so Watkins is included in the


starting line-up for the first time this season.


A slack passback there. Here's Ainsworth. A good header away by


Warren. A fine piece of defending by Warren. It is a lovely curling


effort there from Ainsworth. Neat football in the middle of the park


again from Caley Thistle. Here is pansy.


Tansey. You would think Motherwell should


have scored. Watkins there with a crunching chal frequent David


Ferguson. Christie was in there. He was on the end of that cutback from


Watkins. Fine defending by the teenager. Neat football again. It's


Tansey taking over. What a strike that is. Terrific effort there from


Greg Tansey. Well, he scored three goals last season. That's his first


of this campaign. He won't hit another one any better.


And Motherwell desperate to get themselves back level in this


encounter. Here's Erwin, looking for Kerr. He seemed to be tripped there


by Meekings, just outside the box. The referee is not interested,


though. It certainly looked as though there were contact there from


the Caley Thistle defender on the ankle of Kerr.


Caley Thistle are off and running again. Here is Aaron Dorrian, the


substitute, teasing the fullback. Do -- Aaron Doran.


Oh, a spectacular effort from Aaron DoraN. Wonderful piece of skill. He


just found that yard of space to curl it beyond the goalkeeper and


that will secure the three points for Inverness and a place at the top


of the stable tonight. First half I felt all the hard work


we had done in the closed season, it had come to fruition in that first


half. We were slick, passed it well. Ball retention very good. Created


enough chances to go and win a couple of games and you are sitting


thinking to yourself, you are getting a bit frustrated. Thankfully


we came up trumps before the break. Sthoo we were not anywhere near the


level where we were last season. We have to get up to that. It is our


job as a staffing group to work hard in training. Build a bit of


confidence. We know we were under par today. We don't become bad


players overnight. That team are testing my patience and nerves. They


leave it to the 90th minute to score the second goal but well worth the


victory that's for sure. the second goal but well worth the


victory that's for sure. I think they were probably a bit


critical of Inverness Caledonian Thistle when John Hughes took over


and tried to change the style a bit at the end of last season but by the


looks of things it is bearing fruit? It looks like it has come together


now. He got stick last season for trying to change the way they play.


Inverness like to battle and play long balls under Terry Butcher but


John Hughes has come in and he has his own philosophy. Great passing


there. Slick stuff. He has stamped his authority on that team. And much


more enjoyable to play in a team that's passing the ball. It follow


on from last weekend when they got a 2-0 victory at Hamilton be aies.


They seem to be enjoying their football -- at Hamilton Accies.


Nchtss when you are a football player, you enjoy playing football.


When you are asked to play it long t gets boring You can see it is paying


off now. A good start to last season. Pat your old Motherwell side


are struggling. They beat St Mirren but seemed to be struggling for


form. At the start of the season, I feel the same thing, I think - this


is the season it has to happen Mo well. They have so many changes, and


lose so many good players. -- Motherwell. Every season they get


back up. I look at it again and I think - it might be. Do you know


what, I think it might be a surprise. I think the manager is


great and he will get them up there, but he has a battle. This is a poor


start. Everyone's favourites


for relegation next - unless you After their opening weekend defeat


to Inverness, Alex Neill's promoted side bounced right back with


a midweek victory over St Mirren. Manager Alec Neil drops out of his


own team after a groin injury. He replaces himself with Crawford.


The saipts have appealed against the captain's red card on Wednesday


against Celtic, so he is available. Adam Morgan, on loan from Yeovil


Town will try to fill Stevie May's boots.


Mackay and Morgan. With Saints losing the ball and McKinnon has got


Hamilton away in a counter here. A decent position comes to McKinnon.


And in it goes. Or has it come off Anderson on its


way through. But McKinnon will claim that. It is his goal and it is


Accies in the driving seat here. Very blustery conditions for the two


teams to put up with. A typical summer afternoon in Lanarkshire.


This is decent build-up from the hosts. That's kraufrd.


Excellent save by Mannus. And it had to be. To keep out that piledriver


from Crawford. A lovely slipped ball through there


and it is Hendrie's effort off the line and it is Anderson. An


important intervention from the Saints' centre half. Hendrie thought


he'd doubled Accies' lead. Still Saints come. They look better in the


second period. Wotherspoon across and Canning knocks it off his own


cross bar. Gordon tried to mop out. It does go behind but how fortunate


was Martin Canning here. Here is Gary McDonald, a former


Accies player. On as a sub. Wotherspoon will fancy this. Well,


he has every right to go for goal himself. He found himself in a


wonderful area. He is capable from there. Tommy Wright, Callum


Davidson, are pondering things right now. They are under the cosh again,


are St Johnstone. That's off the line by MacLean. It was Canning's


header. Snr well, that's going to come through to Mannus. But this was


another one off the line. We saw it in the first half and this time it


was the attacker, MacLean, the man who scored the second goal for


Saints in the Scottish Cup final. That's going to come right back at


Accies here. It is Wotherspoon's ball in. Well, McGovern got it half


clea. It is still alive. This is Millar. Wotherspoon will get a


second bite at this. That's Mackay at the back post. Imrie did enough


to put him off. Well, Dave Mackay wants a corner here. It ma well have


come off Imrie last. Accies think they'll win T Andy Ryan. The


Hamilton fans in the main stand thought he had won it there. A


second goal would surely do that. That's MacLean. He tees it up for


Wotherspoon. Canning blocks and McGovern makes the save. MacLean's


effort and he claims handball against Tena. It's not forthcoming


and St Johnstone had running out of time. It looks like a second


successive defeat for them. We only managed one goal which was


unfortunate. A game develops. A team as good as St John stone will have a


good spell. We defended for our lives. I thought we should have had


a penalty at the end. If you don't start well, it is difficult to come


from behind in this league. That proved to be the case today. The


second half was a lot better. It is something we must take into next


week. I always said they would stay up.


The second goal in a row. That the will happen. McKinnon with the goal.


Interesting story. Not the best saint John stone defending either,


you would have to say. -- St Johnston. A fantastic story. He


starts to move here in his own half. He gets up with play and supports


the play, but as I say a fantastic football from where he comes from.


Junior football. It shows you, guys playing there. Something to aim for.


And he is getting his chance at 28. It is not rye deal defender. -- not


ideal defending. But well done for him for sticking


it away. Tough sometimes for St Johnstone. The hand of God, the hand


of Jesus. Shouts for handball. Was it a penalty A handball and in the


box. But look at this. Can he get out of the way of it? No, it is too


close. It is in the box, I wouldn't give a penalty here. The reason


being is - when you go out, watch his left leg, he goes out to tackle.


If your left leg is out, your hand comes out to balance. If you don't


put your hand out to balance, you will fall over. That hand for me is


not in a natural position. For someone who is tackling, it is a


perfectly natural position. Every week we get a different position.


Yesterday West Ham got one against them for the same thing. We need to


get this cleared up. Some referees give them. Some don't. What do you


think of Accies this season, Mark? So many people have decided they


will be the weakest team in the division. That remains to be seen.


They are going great guns. A mid-week victory over St Mirren a


great result for them. Definitely. They are obviously still on a high


from the way they finished off last season but to go to St Mirren and by


all accounts they played very well. You know, a fantastic goal there,


but they played very well and passed the ball well. A great result. An


ideal start for them. One thing that will help them greatly, is that


pitch. If you are used to playing on their home pitch every week and


playing on that surface. However good you say it is, it will actually


help you, if you are playing on that. Funnelly enough it -- funnily


enough, it helps a night, neat passing style. Maybe Hamilton


players are not getting the respect they deserve. They got up in the


play-offs but they are showing that they have what it takes. You get the


respect with the results. As simple as that. If you are a player and


people write you off, you are delighted. It is great fun. You


think - we have nothing to lose, we'll go and show them. It is not a


lack of respect me talking about the pitch, that's the facts, it helps


you when you have a different pitch than everyone else.


Next to Dens Park, where home side Dundee were hoping


to continue with their solid start back in the top flight.


Two games played, they'd both finished as draws.


Paul Hartley's side were up against Partick Thistle.


The Glasgow side had started their own Premiership campaign with


a midweek goals rush against Ross County.


The captain, Kevin misses out for Dundee. Winning your opening game of


the season 4-0 would suggest the correct starting line-up was picked.


Alan Archibald thinks so. Same again for Partick Thistle.


He goes for the byline. A cross. Should have been an opening goal.


What a great chance. A terrific cross for


A great start from Partick Thistle. Flanagan had a chance with a header.


On to hikingin Botham. -- Higginbotham. Back to Gary Fraser.


The opening goal comes after five minutes. Phrase and all the power


from Danny Fraser. He scored mid-week against Ross County. Two in


two games. That's a stunner. Higginbotham play it is wide. The


cross is decent. Flanagan in with a chance. Done -- Bannigan with a


chance. Dundee are causing their own problems.


high. The top of the crossbar, you always have to watch with Harkins


around. He is always capable of scoring from there. Harkins. The


quick ball back. Fraser will lose out. McAlister. That is a lovely


finish! From the 17-year-old. His first in the top flag of Scottish


football, sliding past Fox. Lovely finish. Harkins plays it in. And


directory says penalty. -- the referee. He certainly conceded the


penalty, that Bush on McPake. And that is a yellow card for Fox. This


could cause a problem. His hand was out. The referee says this is a red


card. It does not matter how hard you had somebody, if you raise your


hand, that is precisely what will happen. And Paul Gallacher with the


save. The birthday boy comes up trumps. What an interesting game.


McAlister. MacDonald! Paul Gallacher with the save. Called into action


again. We had a very good first half and we


moved the ball very well. We created a number of chances. I think we had


that chance after two minutes so we are disappointed. We could have won


that in the end but full credit to Partick Thistle in the first half,


we were off the pace. The response was excellent, we kept having a go


and we had a great goal. Overall, I thought the second half was


excellent. What was your take on 87 being set of? We will have to see


that again, the referee said violent conduct. The goalkeeper just put his


hand up to push someone away. The referee said, enough of that. Let us


go straight to that incident. Betrayal by sport is not just the


preserve of Goodwin. Did he deserve to go? I am not convinced that was a


penalty in the first place. That was quite soft. But the referee has made


the decision. Look at that. It doesn't matter how hard you had


somebody, if he had somebody in the face, you are going. -- you hit. But


from this angle. That looks like a little slap. But as soon as you


raise your hand, one yard from the referee. They used to play together


at Celtic, they are mates. I do not think there is any malice in that.


Gallacher replaced Fox, like a large part of last season. Celebrating his


birthday today. But you don't see Partick Thistle appealing that.


There is no -- no way in the world you will get that, you raise your


hand and you are going. But he is not being horrible to him. Paul


Hartley was raising about the new talent. He has a new contract. What


do you make of Dundee this season? I think they will be OK, they have


bought very well, you have got Harkins, Ferry, lots of Premier


League experience, so they will be OK the season. Will they stay up? It


is good for United if they do because the derby is fantastic to


play in. Not the best of starts for Ross County.


Two games, two defeats, just the one goal scored.


Could their new players gel in time for the visit of Kilmarnock?


Allan Johnstone's side themselves have a new-look forward line.


Two changes to the Ross County side that was beaten at Firhill. Incomes


Balk and De Leeuw. Former Liverpool striker Ngoo makes his debut for


Kilmarnock. He lost it and won it back. That was a good strike,


deflected. And not far from the target. The first real threat from


Ross County. Carey. But wobbled a bit. And Samsung juggled it. He got


that at the second attempt. The free kick. Ross County trying to do with


it, not quite... Ngoo, he was onside. That was a chance for


Kilmarnock to get themselves in front. Good work from Connolly but


good goalkeeping, in the end. Another set piece. And that is


Connolly's header, pulled away by Reguero. That was living. And that


was well saved. -- living. Add the header was there. -- and the.


Reguero stuck his -- stuck his hand up. But he failed to judge this,


Magennis scored his first goal for Kilmarnock. McKenzie. Magennis gets


the better of Boyd and fires wide. They are certainly creating chances,


Kilmarnock. Just one taken so far. Slater. That is the open goal. And


he was happy to accept the invitation. And his first goal for


Kilmarnock. Gloriously unmarked. 2-0. Quinn. Jervis. That was a good


ball. And Boyce gets one goal back for Ross County. They were looking


down and out. That gives him just a little fragment of hope. 98 minutes


from time. That makes it 2-1. Uncertain defending from Ross


County. That was trouble. And Reguero bails them out. With the


block on Ngoo as he threatens to do more damage. It was good to get on


the scoresheet, that was a good performance. Josh got the goal. But


overall that was a very good team performance. You lost two headers


from the centre of the box. We have to stop the ball in the box first of


all and then stopping the ball getting into the attacker. But these


things that individuals have to deal with and we could have done better.


They were bad goals to lose? They are, they had enough warnings. When


the ball was in the box, stop Ross County if you can. This is Connolly.


Nobody has made any challenge so we have had the warning, maybe next


time... Again, similar area. Magennis at the back. There were


enough players, you cannot make a better chance than that. OK, what we


will try next time is leave him alone completely! That must have...


You walk away. There are enough, he is a winner, not a defender, but he


has been completely left. His mates are thinking, what on earth are you


doing? The good thing is, that is easy to work on and Derek can get


them doing that. But don't give easy goals away at this stage. And that


attempted save from Reguero... What about Kilmarnock and the


strikeforce? Ngoo, Magennis, that is a new look. How well are they doing?


They will be OK. Like Dundee, good signings and lots of firepower, good


for the men to get on the scoresheet. That will give them a


lot of confidence. I think they will be OK the season, they have changed


the pitch, which might help them or it might not. You never know. They


will be OK this season. Disappointed? For me, yes. I am not


a fan of that pitch, it should be grass. But I can see we clubs do


that, cost-effective. Time to dip into the Championship


now and we start with The first ever Edinburgh derby in


the League outside the top-flight Bragging rights plus precious


Championship points on offer. At a pulsating Tynecastle


for us was Rob Maclean. Parts of a goalkeeper crisis. Scott


Gallaher twisted his ankle so Jack Hamilton has given his debut in the


derby. Hibs have a defender injured, Nelson takes his place. The


goal-scorer last weekend, 170 macro with the kick out, helped on by El


Alagui. And the referee is pointing to the spot. Jack Hamilton is


various, he claimed he got a touch on this. And Hibs have a chance to


get themselves a head. It is the skipper, Liam Craig. From the spot


and he puts that wide. That was a big chance missed. He did not seem


to make good contact with the ball. McHattie. From Nicholson. Was he


tripped up inside the box, --? He reckons. The penalty is waved away.


Billy King's corner. Foster gets it clear. Back in by Gomis. Michael


Nelson hand that dangerous header. That was a smart save from 170


macro. -- 170 macro. Prince Buaben. The advantage was played. Well, it


might not be a yellow card the first time around but for the second


offence, clattering in to Holt, Robinson has been booked. Another


corner. Hibs clear it. What a good strike that was from McGhee, the


young full-back. He controlled that so well. Sam Nicholson with the


nutmeg on Scott Robinson. It is Nicholson! That is a spectacular


opening goal in the derby. From 75 minutes, this match has been pretty


forgettable. It certainly explodes into life with a moment of top


quality. First that not make, then that sizzle from Sam. -- nutmeg.


Hamilton. Down he goes. Penalty. That is a second yellow card for


Robinson. Hibs are one man down and they might be about to go to


Goldstone. That was the hand into the chest. Enough reason for woolly


column to say penalty. -- Will Collum. And that was the perfect


penalty, into the top corner. And he sets off on his celebration. No


chance for 170 macro, but was placed with a goalkeeper was not going to


get to it. 2-0, parts. Robbie Neilson on the brink of a derby win.


He has missed a great chance! To bring this game back in July. Jack


Hamilton makes the save but he really should not have stood a


chance. Dan goes Nelson, holding his face. And across comes a referee


with the red card. He threw out his right arm. Into the face of the Hibs


defender and his matches over. Back it comes from Nelson. That is Danny


Wilson. That was a great spike. Really good goal in stoppage time at


the end of the match from El Alagui. And he scored but that earlier


header, this could be very interesting. As it is, the former


Falkirk striker scorers for 2-1. That was more jittery than it was


for Craig Levine, the Director of Football. Hearts looking to soak up


some time. Did Stevenson stamp on Walker? That was an angry reaction.


I thought it was very tight and competitive and there were lots of


tackles. The majority of it was very tense


and it was a full house and a bigger atmosphere and a lot of pressure on


both teams. Once again dies down after 67 minutes, we had players


that could cause problems and Sam showed that, he has great technique


and ability. He can produce things like that. I did not think there was


an awful lot in the game, I thought we were controlling that. I did not


think they were hurting us at times. We have probably a bit of discipline


that has cost us. The penalties, but was obviously a penalty, that was a


good strike but it is disappointing. It really is. Great result for


Hearts, that was a scrappy game, packed full of controversial


incidents. And Jack Hamilton, the third choice keeper, thrust into the


controversy right away. Was that a penalty? It is interesting. It looks


to me like he gets the touch, here. But second decision for the referee


but I think he gets the touch on that. That was very harsh. I didn't


expect the penalty to be given. He has dived really quickly but to be


fair, I would not expect the penalty given. I think he was unlucky there.


Let us look at the penalty. It was not his finest hour? It wasn't. A


lot of players are looking ahead and not looking at the ball, he does not


look at the ball at any point. And the reason they are doing that is


because they do that keepers can move along the line a lot so they


are trying to wait for the keeper to move but you had better make sure


you catch the ball right when you do that! And he got it wrong. But lots


of other guys have got it wrong. It was slightly unfair on Hearts


because it should not have been the penalty. Typical blustery Derby,


crying out for a moment of magic and Sam Nicholson produced? Yes, it was


not the best of games and it was crying out for that little bit of


quality. The same here, he looks lively but just there, he finds that


could of space. Lovely little nutmeg and that shows the confidence and


the boy. That is a blind moment. Great goal. No, that was a fluke!


No, that was brilliant. And this one, again. That has been bundled


off the ball. We were chatting and I think it is a yellow card, to be


honest. This is how you take a penalty kick. Really strong.


Especially if you are one go up, it is easier for them, less pressure.


That was definitely a penalty and the referee got that one right.


Hearts held on for the victory and by the early favourites for the


championship? It is still early doors. To call back. But a very


impressive start, you could not get harder games, Ibrox and then the


derby. It is fantastic for Neilson. Sow will be missed. Do you see


Hearts as it was organised? Yes, good start, they look very strong.


But there's a problem you have with Hearts and Hibs, a lot of dependency


on one striker, both teams need another striker who will get if you


goals for them. If they can do that, they can challenge Rangers. OK.


It was a Friday football start in the Championship this weekend.


Falkirk against Rangers at the Falkirk Stadium.


Falkirk were twice behind against Cowdenbeath. The same again for the


site. The former Rangers player has three goals in two games this


season. Lee McCulloch moves into midfield. The skipper fancies us.


Over the wall. Denied by Bell. Excellent goalkeeping but that was a


very good play from Alex Cooper. Almost hit the corner. McCracken!


That was a great save. Boyd was on the line to get that away. Falkirk


twice close to the breakthrough. Great reaction from Kris Boyd. Cammy


Bell went low, strong hand. He kept that scoresheet blank. Such a very


long throw. They will have to get back. MacDonald showing good space.


They will hold on. Looking for options. MacLeod is available. With


the shot! The deflection and the breakthrough! Heartbreak for


Falkirk, celebration from Lewis MacLeod, this might go down as


uncle. -- as an own goal. No celebration from the Rangers in


Britain. But he did bad shot. He will take the credit, although that


is an own goal, for me. Falkirk frustrated. Clark has scored! Nikki


Clarke gets his first of the season. Great play. It was on target, but


Nicky Clarke had to make sure. He scores and will wrap things up for


Rangers. It seemed unlikely. Just 20 minutes ago. That is Clark, he sets


up McCulloch. Offside, but will not kind. -- that will not kind. He will


be disappointed when he sees a flag. Clever work to send the ball back


onto McCulloch. 2-0, it stays. Rangers getting the victory but


Falkirk had chances? I suppose it was marking to a certain extent?


Against a decent side Rangers, who will find you out? Go back if you


yards, he does not go back and look at the space he leaves. He walks in


front and you don't have a problem. If you do that against Rangers, they


will punish you. Falkirk were slightly the better side but Rangers


know how to grind it out. And they did. We do hear that phrase, there


is so much criticism of the style that Rangers play at the moment.


Even from their own fans. Do they need to solve that? To win the


championship this season? What can they win it despite that? I think


they will still win the championship. But it is always nice


to play good foot while you are doing that. The fans are paying


money, they want to be entertained. McCoist is delivering championship


after championship so I am sure he will be happy. But it is nice to


watch good football and the need to supply Kenny Miller and Kris Boyd. I


am sure they will finish the season as champions. Falkirk played very


well the other night. Can you see any side outside the big three


making a big push for promotion? Raith Rovers and Queen of the South


started really well! I don't think Rangers or parts or Hibs well, other


teams can get in there because it will make mistakes. It is open but


Rangers will win it. Thank you very much.


You can always get extended highlights and continual updates on


the ever-changing world of Scottish football at the BBC Sport website.


Sportscene Results is back next Saturday and we're back, same time,


Until then, from all of us here, goodnight.


Pat Nevin joins Jonathan Sutherland to discuss the weekend's action across the SPFL.

In the Premiership, Celtic play their first competitive home match of the season against Dundee United, with Dundee welcoming Partick Thistle. Kilmarnock make the trip to Dingwall to face Ross County. In the Championship, there's action from today's Edinburgh derby, as well as Friday's clash at the Falkirk Stadium where Rangers were the visitors.

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