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Live coverage of the Scottish Communities League Cup final between Celtic and Kilmarnock, live from Hampden Park. Commentary by Liam McLeod and Craig Paterson. Kick-off at 3pm.

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Great things are achieved when people come together. The strength


of one becomes the strength of thousands. Aspirations beyond


A community exists to give everyone a voice. To give everyone belief.


If a community shares the same Kilmarnock in front of! This is


remarkable! It is brilliant, may At last, the breakthrough for


Kilmarnock. The Scottish communities League Cup final,


Celtic versus Kilmarnock. The annual Scottish football prize


giving start right here. It is the Scottish communities League Cup


final here at Hampden. Both teams looking to get their hands on the


first silverware of the Scottish season. Kenny Shiels and his


Kilmarnock team have arrived here at the National Stadium for their


big day out. With lots of plaudits for the way they play, can they


upset the odds. For Neil Lennon, it could be the first step towards a


treble and they could clinch the title as early as next weekend.


They are looking to extend an unbeaten run in domestic football


which has stretched for 26 matches. Celtic and Kilmarnock getting ready


for the League Cup finals. With me in the studio the former Celtic


striker and Craig Levein as well. Former Kilmarnock winger Pat Nevin


completes a studio line-up. Let's get the former Kilmarnock defender


Craig Paterson in the commentary box alongside Liam. The a fantastic


day for it. Celtic are looking to continue this unbelievable domestic


record which stretches back to October when they lost against


Hearts. Looking for what they hope will be the start of a domestic


treble. It is a very familiar- looking Celtic's side. Such a


strong side. They are on a fantastic run and that is why they


are red hot favourites to lift the first trophy of the season.


Kilmarnock have been up and down all season. When they defend well,


they play well. They have beaten Rangers home and away. They went


down narrowly at Parkhead. They are capable of producing a shock.


they manage to beat Celtic this afternoon it would be the first


time they have won the League Cup. Celtic looking for their 15th


success. There is one game that had been played already today's. It was


the Edinburgh derby. Hearts have Highlights of that and all the


other SPL football tonight at 10pm. Let's talk about the big match here.


Looking at that line-up for Celtic, maybe the any big decisions for


Neil Lennon was whether he would play Georgios Samaras. He has


played him on the left many times this season. He has decided to


leave him on the bench today. He has gone in with a strong midfield


with Joe Ledley on the left. Mulgrew is at left back which gives


him a bit of height as well. Samaras is fresh if he needs them.


Well Kilmarnock come here with the only planning know which is to play


passing football? I think they must do. If they play more defensively,


I don't see much firepower for them. The problem is, they might not be


able to. If Celtic play well, you might not be able to stop them. It


is a worrying for Kilmarnock. Except for the fact there is no


expectation on them. Craig, would your money today be going anywhere


other than on Celtic? It is a two horse race. Celtic are the


favourites. There are certain things, Nick need to do well to


have a chance. One of them is ball- retention. The need to be able to


keep the ball, particularly early on in the match. An early goal for


Celtic, this sounds silly, but an early goal for Celtic almost


finishes the game. Kilmarnock need to stay in the game for as long as


possible and give the good players chances to get in that last third


of the pitch. The only time that these two have ever met in the


League Cup final before was in 2001. It was shortly before your arrival.


This was pretty special. This was Henrik Larsson's hat-trick.


great man himself. It is remarkable to think it was 11 years ago. It is


a Cup final today, and anything can happen. Celtic are on the cusp of


doing something very special. Neil Lennon and this group of players.


This was the first trophy on the way to a Martin O'Neill treble.


There will be no talk of the treble in the dressing rooms. It will be


one trophy at a time. They have a tough game against Kilmarnock. They


have a semi-final to look forward to. We know the league is a


foregone conclusion, but it is one trophy at a time. When you get to


ahead of yourself and you start thinking about trebles and


everything else, the fans will talk about it because they are excited,


but that is when you slip up. saw the bleached head of Neil


Lennon there, the player lifting his first trophy on the way to 10


medals. As managing expectations in a player help when you get to


management level? It Neil Lennon is progressing well as a manager, it


has been proven the seasons. It is another thing for him to cope with.


For both Old Firm teams, the trouble is a very important thing.


He has to manage his team's expectations and his own. He is in


a job where you do not get to make mistakes. Everything has to be done


properly and I really must commend him on where he has got his team to


us. I know the players will not talk about Troubles, but this game


here, they are odds-on favourites and strong favourites to win the


Scottish Cup. -- talk about trebles. Do come Marwick have to hope Celtic


have a bad day? That is exactly what you would normally say it in


this situation. I have watched Celtic have a few bad days recently,


but they still tend to wins. They almost have to have a very, very


bad day. Kilmarnock have to make sure that the centre-backs when the


ball. Even by Neil Lennon's standards, this has been a bizarre


build up to a cup final when you consider he was at the funeral of a


friend. Then he had a day in court giving evidence in the trial of two


men plotting to kill him. It has been a difficult couple of days,


but my whole focuses on the team. It was good to get back to the


normality of my job on Wednesday. I have got something to really look


forward to at the end of the week. We looked at the three games,


Dundee United, Kilmarnock and Rangers. Three pivotal games. We


came through Dundee United well, and now we have the first trophy to


I was walking down their thinking, if this gets any worse I will hand


in my resignation. I was thinking, there is no point ranting, it just


makes some valid points. In that 45 minutes, we found the spirit. When


a team has spirit, they can win The team showed in the second half


what they can do, and since then we have been able to get a sieve --


consistent level of performance. Since November until now, it has


been quite strange, the turnaround. It has been big. Obviously, it has


been good for us. We obviously believed in what we were doing. We


never change the personnel, we never panicked. Rightly or wrongly,


and at the time people said it was wrongly, we had total belief in the


players. We also know we cannot slip up, we cannot get complacent


I think will Monica is a very good team. They are one of the teams in


Scotland that like to pass the ball. -- I think Kilmarnock. One thing


come arnica are capable of doing is keeping the ball. We will have to


be mindful of that and try to press them in areas where we are not


We will not sit and wait for a counter attack. They will play the


game and enjoy it like we are going We are not allowed to talk about


that. To talk about the trouble would be disrespectful to the rest


of the teens. But being in all these competitions, it is only


natural people will ask you about it. I am not saying we're going to


win the treble, but we have a good chance. It is not so long ago that


game at Rugby Park. Was that the Neil Lennon team talk at half-time


which saved his job? His players certainly went out in the second


half and should they had spirit. They look in really happy team.


They look as if they get on with each other. Ultimately, that will


lead to great results. They go 3-0 down, and it was a massive turning


point in terms of coming back. They have gone on this remarkable run.


26 games domestically undefeated. It is obvious this particular game,


you were thinking, let's just get back in the game, let's shows


buried. For them to come back at 3- 3, was a great achievement and has


led them to this unbelievable run. From there tonight, an incredible


transformation? Yes. There is a certain logic, Neil Lennon has been


in the job for nearly two years. The turnaround in players has been


significant. When you get a team together and start trying different


formations, it sometimes takes a little bit of time to hit the right


formula. Maybe it was an that day, maybe the final thing missing was


that belief. That has maybe been what has made them go on from there.


They have been mightily impressive. They really have. I think their


European performances have improved as well. Neil Lennon was in a


difficult position and it shows the character of the man. And you now


look at the squat, and the value of that squad must have gone up by


tens of millions of pounds? players are so far ahead of anyone


else in Scottish football. One of the things we talk about is how


well Neil Lennon has done, from his personal life to what he has done


on the pitch. He has built a really good squad. There are all sorts of


pressures around these managers. Even hipper, if he is out, it is OK.


Even with the full-backs, there is great cover their. And no fears for


them. The only fear they have is, I'd better play well or I will be


out. There are plenty of players who will feel disappointed, but


that is what you want as a manager. It is another reason why Kilmarnock


It may be Mother's Day, but it could be Father's Day for


Kilmarnock manager Kenny Shiels, it is some turns out to be the Hampden


match winner today, as he was in the semi-final. We have been


speaking to them. I am not here to be popular, I am here to be


successful for Kilmarnock Football club. For their family album


reveals an interesting picture. I am asked a question from the


media, it is important I am straight for with those guys.


Shiels has been making headlines on the pitch. There is a connection


there, the relationship, but in between games it is a professional


business. We don't want anything else other than to be totally


professional. We try to treat everyone the same, there is no


difference. The way he wants to play the game suits the way I play


it on the pitch. Taking away the fact he is my father, I needed to


look at the start of the season to find a team that was going to suit


the way I played. But will strong family values be enough to beat


Celtic? There is a lot of pressure on Celtic because of the treble. If


Celtic players don't perform the way they know they can, the trouble


could be gone. It is a terrible back-pass! This is quite remarkable.


Talking about being unplayable, there are times they have been


terrible this season. I'm sure they know that themselves and we have


got to hope we catch them on an off day. We will be doing everything to


make sure they don't play well on the day. I want to give him 100%,


that is a given in any Cup final. If they are really hot on the day,


they will win the Cup, but we can't deny that. One thing we will do is


we will come out and play. Celtic will know what is going to be a


decent game of football with two teams trying to win the match.


can't imagine those two are always that serious when they get together.


He is a bit of a character, isn't he? What do you make of him? He


provokes different reactions from different people, doesn't he?


very honest and he says what he thinks. Sometimes we bite our


tongue and don't say what we think, and that is one thing about Kenny


Shiels - if he feels one thing, he will just say it. For you guys in


the media, he is great value for money. I think he has been a breath


of fresh air. The Football has been really good, probably the reason he


got the job is he has continued the way Kilmarnock play. I like him, he


is a decent guy and good entertainment. He has played down


Kilmarnock's prospects Today, which I suppose you would expect him to


do, but privately thinking something else? We were all agreed


beforehand, was set in Neil Lennon that they would win this easily,


and also I think he is saying to his own players as well to just


relax. You would expect 3-0 at half-time, but actually the last


game at Celtic Park, when Celtic's four 2-1, Kilmarnock were by a long


way the better team for 60 minutes. They were fearless, they passed the


ball brilliantly. If Kilmarnock come out and play with that belief


again, that is their only chance they have got. The only way they


will do that is if the manager is confident with them. We hear the


things in the press, but here is very relaxed down there. He knows


there is no pressure on them. do you get out Celtic? What will


his philosophy be? What are the weaker areas within Celtic? There


are no weaknesses really, but for me every single player in


Kilmarnock needs to play well, not to get nervous, to want the ball


inside areas, show people what a good player you are, don't be too


intimidated by your opposition number. Show respect on the pitch


but you have got to feel you are as good as them. Kenny Shiels will be


telling them to enjoy it. Kilmarnock are not expected to win


the game today so he will be telling them to enjoy the occasion,


to have no regrets. To come off the pitch at the end of the game not


thinking I could have done this, I just switched off for a second,


concentrate for 90 minutes and anything could happen. Seeing Paul


Heffernan's name on the team-sheet will give Kilmarnock a


psychological boost. He is a smart player, isn't he? Yes, and it is


important for the rest of the team knowing they have somebody in the


team who can score goals. I played for a long time that Hearts with


Robinson, he would score, and the amount of times he did you out of a


difficult situation. He has got a good history of scoring goals. He


has played in the leagues in England and takes opportunities.


The extra man in midfield that Kilmarnock have got, I think if


they can get Harkins on the ball in the last third of the pitch, Paul


Heffernan is a clever player, he can be fed in and he will get an


opportunity to score a goal. They have got to get people up to


support him though. I have played him in that country many times.


When you haven't got possession and you are up against two big centre-


halves, you have got to have people picking up the ball. He will need


Dean Shiels and Harkin to support him, otherwise it is very lonely if


you have no support. He does have that ability to bring other people


into play, and that will be key for Kilmarnock. They it is the only way


they are going to get hold of that caught. They need to be brave, just


like the people bringing this Cup out today. I also think we


shouldn't forget the fact that Dean Shiels is an important and an


intelligent player for Kilmarnock. Just looking at the Celtic line-up,


the name of Charlie Mulgrew jumps out at me. We have spoken about


transformation in Celtic's fortunes this season, he was in Craig's team,


what a player he has become. Yes, a player that can play in a number of


positions. He can play pushed up, in midfield, centre-half, left-back,


wonderful left-foot. Takes great dead-ball situations. He was a


young man at Celtic when I was there, who moved to Aberdeen, and


he responded. He said that he could play for Celtic and he is now one


of the first names on Neil Lennon's team sheet. James Forrest is


another exciting player today. in training he has showed himself


to be at least at the same level as the other players, which is


important, and he showed a confidence and maturity. His


technical ability is not in doubt, but his decision making, his


majority are the things I have been impressed by it. He has made that


jump into under 21 football, even though he is still a young lad.


is when you start discussing the Celtic names that you realise the


scale of the task facing Kilmarnock today. As I say, the word that


keeps coming back to me is fear. I played most of my career in England.


When we went to Celtic Park for the first time, some of those boys


looked fearful to me and I have not come across that in my career


before. That is the power of Rangers in the past, and hopefully


in the future at some point Celtic as well. They don't seem to have


those fears. It is a joy to watch James Forrest, and he is one of


those players, you can happily say the fact he is making good


decisions. When I interviewed Neil Lennon on Friday, I asked him about


whether going into the business end of the season you have to refocus


on getting the big prizes up for grabs. His response was "why change


anything?" because he is in the middle of an incredible run. If it


is not broke, why fix it? Samaras knows his way around the football


pitch, nose in terms of where he plays, and Neil has options. There


is no need to change anything. They are up on the cusp of doing


something very special, the trouble. They don't come around too often,


but it is one Trophy at a time, obviously starting with today.


is the Scottish communities the League Cup final at Celtic against


Kilmarnock, and we are almost there. So Elphick will look forward to


playing us because they will know it is a decent game of football


with two teams trying to win that. The thought of losing the Cup final


The Scottish communities League Cup final. Your commentary team, Craig


Paterson and Leo -- Liam Macleod. The first of their trophies was the


one they are hoping to end the day with today. Their opponents in 2001


were also Kilmarnock. The school of thought is that with the league


title signed and sealed and Paul Cook delivered, Neil Lennon is


three games away from a piece of history, what they will be hoping


is 3 Hampton dates. -- Hampton. Kilmarnock have been up and down


all season, going from the sublime at Ibrox to results such as a 6-3


defeat. Those fans coming to the stadium will hope it will be an


improvement on their last two Cup finals when they were destroyed in


2001, and beaten by Hibernian. That an afternoon this is for him. His


compatriot Kenny Shiels of Kilmarnock, his first full season


in charge of the club, but he has led them to a national Cup final.


Craig Paterson with me. This will be some afternoon, Craig. In


particular for some of those who have not played in the national


stadium before been a final. It is a fantastic occasion to be here, to


be involved. The players will love this book they will want to go home


with a winner's medal. The way Celtic are playing, Kilmarnock have


got to get in their face and match- up, especially at the start of the


line-up. Joe Ledley looks back into midfield. It is such a strong line-


up. Georgios Samaras reduced to a place on the bench. Liam Kelly has


an important role as the sitting midfielder. Paul Heffernan, the top


scorer, has made it. Gary Harkins take charge of his first final. The


33-year-old teacher has refereed called Firm derbies. This will now


sit on his CV. The 66th League Cup final is about to start. Kilmarnock


yet to taste League Cup success. They have an opportunity this


afternoon. They have had opportunities in the last 11 years


and it has not happened for them. Saturday 15th October it was the


moment of Celtic's season so far. It may only have been a point they


picked up from their opponents today, but coming back from 3-0.


That game followed their last domestic defeat against Hearts.


Neil Lennon has since got on to say he may have quit had they not


salvaged that a drop. Now the Celtic boss stands on the edge of


greatness. Kilmarnock will do their best to prevent the travel


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 47 seconds


in the game. Scott Brown has been in good goalscoring form recently


and was not shy about having a go! League Cup final defeat against


tested to do so this afternoon. -- centre half's. Liam Kelly is going


to have an important job. He has got to protect centre-backs. Stokes


and Hooper, some of the link-up is of today to the one that drew up in


Inverness last weekend. Fowler and confidence instilled into them


chances. Clear your lines. Talking of instilling confidence, Bell in


the Kilmarnock goal was out quickly to smother the effort from her


goals, in a cup final you cannot afford to. There is a lesson. Do


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 47 seconds


Celtic have their first corner of the afternoons. Celtic are trying


to lift the pace and get balls into the box. They really should be one


keeper gives Gary hipper a good League Cup meeting between these


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 47 seconds


two. Just one Kilmarnock win in the way this game is panning out right


now us. They are getting themselves hemmed ins. They cannot make passes


and the ball just keeps coming backs. Kilmarnock do not want to be


puts a bad ball into the box. There have been a couple of testing


corners already in the opening the game yet. Danny Buijs is going


to sit inside alongside Liam Kelly to protect the back four as. But at


the moment Kilmarnock's problem is would have been a one-on-one with


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 47 seconds


the box. It just was not good so far. He had time to play the


ball wide, he looked up and passed in going forward rather than


season. He only just made it having only trained a couple of times


before the Cup finals. He had a Kilmarnock. There will be plenty


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 47 seconds


happening ahead of them they go back to go forward. Sissoko has


been heavily involved so far. from the glaring mistake, he has


has got bogged down in the middle of the park. Kilmarnock will be


quite pleased the way the game is off. He has just got to stand up


there, Charlie Mulgrew likes to swing his leg around. Free kick.


Charlie Mulgrew, one of the first names on Neil Lennon's team sheet


this season. He has played just about everywhere except up front.


He was playing midfield a couple of weeks ago at Pittodrie, equally


comfortable there as he is left final, in a game which went into


extra time. Gordon would have liked that all just a bit further ahead


Kilmarnock for interview. That was far better. Delivery into the box,


then you have got defenders under think that is with his left boot.


He may have taken a knock. They referee was quickly calling for the


Visio to come on, so obviously that means he has taken the saw one. He


has, to the back of the ankle. Dutchman arrived in the summer, and


he came with a good pedigree. He was a regular starter. It is a


worry for Kilmarnock. You don't want to be losing players early on.


They will give him a couple of minutes to try to run it off, but


they can't afford any passengers out there against Celtic. Dean


Shiels taking this one for can see Sissoko gets around there,


but good defending from Celtic. second corner in quick succession


for Kilmarnock. They are just taking no chances, as Dean Shiels


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 47 seconds


takes the corner again. Away by that. He wants his team to pass the


ball, to keep possession, and they have just given the ball back to


Celtic. On the second October, that was the last time Celtic lost a


domestic game. They did lose to Real Madrid at the end of November,


but since then they have been unbeaten. They dropped points at


Aberdeen a couple of weeks ago, but apart from that it has been


bit. The first 10 minutes, totally dominant, causing all sorts of


problems. You can see Neil Lennon coming down to give instructions.


He will not be happy with what has time but Dean Shiels almost played


Heffernan is not the biggest of men but he is strong. He holds the


ground, waits for contact, goes down, get his team a free kick.


Danny Buijs will not be able to continue, Lee Johnson is replacing


him. I guess it is a like-for-like change, pretty much. They it will


be interesting to see if they will be doing a bit of rejigging. They


do like to have the two men at the Kilmarnock's best spell of the


match, this last few minutes. they're getting their confidence


now. A few men on the ball, looking like they are up for the challenge.


They have dragged themselves back Shiels with the snapshot. He does


not have an awful lot to look a mat, but he hit that well and didn't


miss the post by much. As you can see, he just didn't get his foot


quite round the football. No bend on it, but close. We recently back


in the Northern Ireland set-up, Dean Shiels is having a good time


Cup win when he was at Hibernian in 2007. It didn't stop him enjoying


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 47 seconds


would have relished the ball but defending should still be


defending. If in doubt, get the ball forward. Kilmarnock will take


just now do you think? Kenny Shiels? We doubt the doubt. Had


Kilmarnock on the back foot, missed a great chance, but for the last 10


minutes it has been even Stevens. Kilmarnock are growing in


confidence and getting men into the box. Beyond the quarter Mark,


Celtic versus Kilmarnock in the Scottish communities League Cup


game at Rugby Park in October. This is Dean Shiels, the stabbing tackle


Celtic fans. The ball was a poor one any way from Gary Harkins. He


was on the run, looking for the ball into that area, but the final


pass was poor and he lost his this man, Stokes for the season.


The big question is, Matthews is there but is his grooming for the


ball? Stokes has his head down. If he gets a good shout, I am sure he


would play the ball ahead of him. Celtic have James Forrest who


started on the left, Brown has moved to the right hand side, with


Wanyama in the middle. The referee Hampden Park, Sissoko. -- calm man.


Sometimes they are so relaxed on the ball. You can't afford to get


to play, despite the offside flag was up when he gave it away to


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 47 seconds


Hooper. He has just gone too early. Stokes. Sissoko gets rid of it,


only just. What a save that was. That was sensational because Scott


Brown does brilliantly in a wide area, but fabulous skill to create


the room. You get a quality ball in? You bet, and that was fantastic


across the goalkeeper. What the save. Now look even more difficult


for Cameron Bell. 10 x but, that is what they tell you. The


goalkeeper's body was moving one way, the ball coming back, that was


a sensational piece of goalkeeping. They have turned the screw a bit,


Celtic. Gordon blocks the Adam the shop window, a second loan


spell at Kilmarnock. He knows he will struggle getting -- struggle


to get into the Chelsea first team but Anthony Stokes was very close


to him and nobody else named any kind of run to get to the back post


area. -- made. He has got a phenomenal record, Gary Hooper. 22


goals last season and 20 this he keeps the pair of them on their


toes. Neither will want to lose that contest. Nothing to separate


final third, but they can't make the breakthrough. We have played


almost half an hour. Celtic have found another gear. They have


picked things up and the game is now being played in the Kilmarnock


half. Handball against Liam Kelly, Scotland Under 21 international.


complaints when you're on his up. - behind the ball to defend his


Charlie Mulgrew free kick. Anthony Stokes against James Fowler at the


back post is not a match up piece of goalkeeping. A terrific


break from Kilmarnock, defending a set-piece. Look at the number of


bodies they got forward. Dean Shiels wanted to come on to his


right foot, his stronger for it. Good save. It bounced awkwardly in


front of Fraser Forster as it came towards him. Shiels has looked the


most likely up front for Kilmarnock. He is playing behind Heffernan.


Sissoko! Off the line! Stokes was there. Normally he is up the other


end of the park, Anthony Stokes. He did the job that time, right on the


line. The header was powered towards goal by Sissoko. He did


well, he stayed there. He did not get dragged off the line and made a


good clearance. That is the only problem with zonal defending. If it


is cut back to the penalty spot, Sissoko and Nelson will win headers


in there. And couple of major warnings for Celtic in the last


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 47 seconds


Kilmarnock players, but could not goalkeeper, testing Fraser Forster.


Well, Anthony Stokes doing the defensive duty this time. He has


the advantage of having players on the goal line. Many clubs don't


have a player there and they lose Fantastic defending and it had to


be. The advantage of having long legs. If you go to ground, you have


to tie in the tackle perfectly and Hooper gets in there... He was


actually offside. Good play by Celtic again around the edge of the


box. Charlie Mulgrew fancied a shot. not really got into the cup final


yet. 35 minutes gone, but he did show there, one on one, he has an


extra bit of pace. Fowler will have to back off, he does not want to


technical area this year. He was banned from the dug-out last year


when they lost to Rangers after can't allow a long throw-in to come


into the feet of the striker. Somebody has to stick their head on


handball. Celtic do have a corner. No penalty kick, the arms are down.


He was trying to make a block. It was going towards the goal keeper


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 47 seconds


anyway, Celtic quite happy with a and downs. A couple of decent saves


and then it kind of goes flat again. Basinas we get a goal, things will


really liven up. -- as soon as. The question is, who will get the first


goal? The passing has been off from both teams at times. Both teams


noted for getting the ball down and playing. But it is a cup final. If


you lose the ball, you go hounding. Hard to do it for 90 minutes, but


when the opposition are in possession, don't give them a


He lifted the Scottish Cup, of corner. Has Cameron Bell got


another touch on that? An absolute beauty from Scott Brown. It is


right in his stride and he can't hit this any better. The goalkeeper


just got a touch. He has. That is an unbelievable save from Cameron


that is exceptional. It was hard to tell he got a touch because the


ball was going at such a pace of the boot of Scott Brown. A terrific


save. Incredible. We knew Kilmarnock would have to have


players in top form. I tell you what, at the goalkeeper is there


already. That came battering towards him from Brown. That is


three times he has denied Celtic this afternoon. Hooper first, then


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 47 seconds


Good covering from Adam Matthews. The minute you know your defenders


are in trouble, the full-backs have tucked in behind the centre-backs


SPL level. The former Dundee and Partick Thistle midfielder.


excelled in a couple of cup-ties against Rangers. People knew then


he could play at this level, but the aforementioned Hawkins. A foul


on Mulgrew. Great pressure from Gary Harkins. He knew Charlie


Mulgrew was under pressure and refused to make it easy. Harkins


kept hounding him and just clipped his back leg. Free kick. In his


mid-twenties, Gary Harkins. He started his career at Blackburn,


but he had spells at Blackburn, Bury, Huddersfield and Grimsby


before returning north of the two or three Kilmarnock defenders


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 47 seconds


save from Forster. Another warning to Celtic. The final minute of the


first half, there will be one minute added done of stoppage time.


Stokes, and it is blocked. Again, coming back into the game. Gary


Harkins has been instigating most of that - no coincidence. No, but I


have to say, in the first half the performance of the two goalkeepers,


three great saves from Cameron Bell, and two great stops from Fraser


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 47 seconds


0-0 at half-time, and we are no closer to knowing who will take


this trophy at the end of the afternoon. Let's speak to John


Hartson, Craig Levine, and Pat Nevin. It is a difficult first half


to assess because both halves have had phases of the game in which


they were both claim to have had supremacy. Yes, I don't think the


Celtic manager will be overly pleased with their performance.


There have been sloppy at times, their passing has not been crisper,


but Celtic have had three great opportunities when Cameron Bell


made world-class saves, then it looked like Paul Heffernan was


going to score for Kilmarnock. Both teams have had spells during the


first half. Kilmarnock will be happier, I would imagine, at the


moment, and that will have reignited belief that they can pull


off a shock here today. Yes, of course they will be the happier


team. Celtic were strong favourites to win this game, and for


Kilmarnock to get to have time without having dropped any goals is


important. I have seen Celtic do that to other teams before the


half-time whistle, a tremendous chance for Kilmarnock to go ahead,


which would have been a shock. looks like the Celtic players are


about to get a rollicking. I don't know how harsh he will be, I don't


think Celtic have played in any way badly. They have had opportunities


and they have not played at their very best. I don't think they have


linked as well as they have linked before, and that is maybe where


they are not doing their very best. Scott Brown has been brilliant


today, and used in a number of positions. At the end, he was stuck


out on the right to stop Ben Gordon going forward. I don't think we


have a man of the first half award, if it was it would probably be


Cameron Bell, wouldn't it? This look at the head of the centre-back.


Even the bottom half of his hand was on the ball, and he pushed it


around the post. So Stokes can't do anything more than that. It was a


great cross from Scott Brown, a powerful header right in the corner,


and Cameron Bell has no right to say that, keeping Kilmarnock in the


game. Look kink out the window, the minute he made contact with his


head, I thought it was a goal. don't know how he did it because he


was slightly behind it. It was a fantastic save and it was slightly


behind him when he went down. As a goalkeeper, he is loving it, he


knows it can be his day. He will do everything he possibly can. It is


what Kilmarnock need as well. If they are going to cause an upset


today, their goalkeeper needs to play the game of his life. He has


made three great world-class saves and that is what needs to happen


today if Kilmarnock can win this trophy. Sometimes it can be


relatively comfortable for a goalkeeper, but Scott Brown really


struck this well, didn't he? Yes, they were going man-for-man all the


time. He doesn't take a touch, no thought other than putting his foot


right through it. That is a difficult one to keep on target.


The ball is moving incredibly quickly. It is an instinctive


movement, he threw his hand up and managed to tip that over the bar.


Ray is a sharp reactions, John. and I am not quite sure it was


going in. It is only when used lower down. I knew you would spoil


the moment! The goalkeeper still has to do his job, and in the end


it will go down as a great save. the other end, Kilmarnock have been


creating chances. For the first 10 minutes it looked like Celtic were


going to take over but that is not what happened. I think we can all


agree, this was breaking, particularly down the left side.


Gordon was getting down there regularly. Each of the players,


they will all have a go when they get any opportunity at all. Paul


Heffernan is a big man, he can get down there. They managed to get up


in support. This was a header when he was surrounded by defenders.


This clearance was a bit unorthodox but he managed to get it away.


is the one he was speaking about just before half-time. A massive


jams. Yes, it falls to Their tellers man, their main goalscorer.


You want it to fall to Paul Heffernan. I have to say, I think


Forster get himself out really well. He makes himself big, narrows the


angle. That was injury time in the first half, so if that goes in we


have a proper game, but it was a great save. We saw the positive


side of Sissoko. He could have scored the opening goal of the game,


but he might just have gifted the opening goal of the game as well. A


sloppy start? I know what was the first thing he did during the game.


Centre half's should not get too fancy at the start. That was his


first touch of the game. You are thinking wait a minute, don't do


that because it can lead to sloppiness. It is dangerous because


it leads to that sort of thing. We all want to see centre half's


playing it out from the back but there is no excuse, madness.


Talking about changing games and giving teams a lift, if Hooper


scores, they can go on and win comfortably. He made a great save


and that gives Kilmarnock a lift. Kilmarnock have had a lot of joy


down the left side. It has been a true game of confrontation between


the pace men - James Forrest and Ben Gordon of Kilmarnock - and a


lot of time Gordon had a lot of joy. Yes, he had a lot of pace, but his


running has been an aspect of this game. Desperate to get forward. He


is a left-back, supplying the width on my left hand side. Is asking a


question at that time of James Forrest, who does not really want


to track back 70 yards. I believe that is why he changed wings, I


think that is to make sure Ben Gordon did not take advantage down


the left onside. Maybe he will not have so much defensive


responsibility. That was a real success for Kilmarnock, if Celtic


are trying to make switches to compensate for something they are


doing. You have to say well done to Neil Lennon again, he spotted the


danger. Anyone can spot a good centre-forward, but when a lot of


the dangers are coming from the left full-back and you need to stop


it, and all you have is a winger who doesn't particularly enjoy


defending, you have to change that. The sadness for Celtic is that he


probably feels better and more central. Having said that, we have


seen him down the wing. He was not too sloppy there either. It has


been a good game, potentially a very interesting tactical game as


well. Giving the full backs freedom to get up and down the pitch Line,


is that a dangerous game for Kilmarnock? Particularly against


players like Hooper and Stokes. Sometimes they play a little bit


close together. At times you had one of the central midfield players


dropping in the gap between them. In some regards, it is a dangerous


game to play. What it has allowed is Ben Gordon to create things at


the other end of the field. Sometimes, what you do on one side


has an effect on the other side of the pitch for you. Kenny Shiels has


made this conscious decision to attack. Sometimes, when you attack,


you will leave one full-back back to lead 3 against two but he


decided to rely on one of the midfield players. It makes for an


open match and I have been pleased with what we have seen so far.


it is the day to gamble. I should know about that! Harkins and


Johnson have done well, so they have played a game of three against


two and Kilmarnock have created chances, done very well in the


first half. They have probably exceeded expectations of them, but


in the second half the job is only half done. It is a case of if


Kilmarnock can concentrate, Celtic will be very dangerous, and there


was no doubt Celtic will create chances. It is just whether


Kilmarnock can withhold the pressure. One name not mention too


much has been Gary Harkins, who has been very influential in the game.


He is a smashing football player, he has a very clever footballing


brain. He played one great pass, a diagonal ball putting them in the


match. He started a little bit slowly but he has gradually become


a bigger influence in the match. Kilmarnock have laid the


foundations for a Cup final upset, but I guess Kenny Shiels will be


stressing to his players it is only a foundation. He will have done,


but that moment at the end of the first half will have given them a


huge amount of confidence. Paul Heffernan played a lot of balls


over the top. We have talked about them as a team who want to play


neat and tidy football. They believe in his praise, but will he


last 90 minutes doing that? Not too sure because he is coming back from


injury and may not be match fit for the entire game. Another thing,


when he goes out, he has to make sure Harkins is behind him. That


was not happening, but near the end of the first half they has started


to get in touch a little bit and the SPL earlier. An early kick-off


had since his short-term signing and the victory was rounded off


right at the end. Highlights tonight along with highlights of


the three other SPL matches played over the weekend, and highlights


from Hampden as well. Paul Hartley and Mixu Paatelainen will be in the


studio tonight. In the League Cup final battle of wits between the


two manages, always interesting to so bloodied their demeanours on the


touchline. -- study their demeanours. Neil Lennon, for a lot


of that first half, was cutting a pretty agitated figure. What will


be the theme of his half-time team talk? Celtic could have played


better, but they have created chances. They could be two or three


goals up if it wasn't for the goalkeeper's performance. I just


think at times at the back, they have been a little bit sloppy.


Heffernan has got in far too often. Celtic are normally watertight at


the back and they don't give chances away. They have just been a


little bit sloppy. 26 games unbeaten, they are on a great run


and sometimes you expect more from them, especially with everything at


stake, talk of the treble and everything else. The manager will


not be lambasting the players, but he will say they can do more. Let's


sharpen up with the passing, takes some chances and do a bit more.


is a fine line sometimes because if Gary Hooper has scored in the first


few minutes, we probably would have had a completely different game.


Yes. To be fair to Kilmarnock, we talked about them having composure


and coolness in possession and they have certainly had that. They look


like a team that believe they can score. We knew it would be


difficult for them, but the way they've played, they look like they


are here to win and all credit to them. They are brave. Bravery,


fearlessness, they have shown that. Whatever happens, they can walk


away with that feeling. One thing I would say, if Celtic score first, I


think we know who will win this competition. If Kilmarnock score


first, it is still open because Celtic can come back. Important


that Kilmarnock do something in the first 20 minutes. It is dollars


halfway through in the Scottish Communities League Cup final. --


dollars. Back to the commentators. It has been a tale of two


goalkeepers so far. The story of the 66th Scottish League Cup final.


Kilmarnock have not won a match since they went to Rangers and won


a month ago. Celtic have only conceded four times in their last


19 games. In fact, it is only nine conceded since they lost those


three to Kilmarnock in October. It is utterly miserly, that Celtic


defence. The second half is under from the first half. Gary Harkins


started to get himself into the have had too much to say to his


players during the interval. Her no, he would have been happy enough.


They were getting good players on the ball. Try to get Dean Shiels


more involved. Celtic will have looked at Gary Harkins at half-time.


He was picking holes. It will be interesting to see if one of the


managers decides to go after this and maybe promote somebody from


midfield forward early and try to touch, James Forrest, was not good


enough. He has to get his foot around this. I think he wanted to


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 47 seconds


chip it to the back post. Right Brown. To be fair to Adam Matthews,


Scott Brown made a run to go along, put the brakes on and then came


back. Matthews was concentrating on between these two group since


October 2008 when Celtic won 3-1 a Rugby Park. That is not that long


ago. Scott Brown is the only surviving Celtic player from the


starting line-up that night. Garry Hay, James Fowler were injured that


sitting this one out. He was gloating on The Social Network


website yesterday about the rugby. will be a yellow card for Fowler.


The very man that Kilmarnock would want on the end of this chance,


their best finisher, can't believe he gets through. Pick your spot. A


complete miskick. It almost turns into a pass. An incredible miss.


You would fancy him to hit the back of the net from there. Kelvin


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 47 seconds


Wilson did get back, but the Right on the line! Charlie Mulgrew


making the difference by driving past players and then the defence


has to reorganise. It has come off somebody's arm and the referees has


right on the edge of the box. The referee is absolutely right. This


remains a real opportunity for Celtic. That 3-3 game at Kilmarnock,


when they tried to get back into the game, Anthony Stokes from this


kind of area struck it right in the top corner. Both he, Stokes, and


Mulgrew, scored in that 3-3 game. Stokes got two, Mulgrew got one.


Stokes Mr situ in the first half as well of that game. -- Stokes Bay


Goal-kick. I think the referee doesn't see enough of the challenge.


Sissoko may have stood on the back of his heel. You have to be careful


in the box. That is not a penalty kick. An arm in the back, that's


all. If you give penalties for that, you will see 10 penalties every


Neil Lennon, but at what point does frustration come into it for


Celtic? You have a good bench for Celtic. If they are not happy with


the way things are going, you have the ability to change things by


going to the bench. A good foot on the ball, Wanyamah. But then he


tripped over the player who was falling. Very difficult for


referees to know what is and what wide area. His first touch was not


good enough and he was close down. It came off the scent big defender


corner. The centre-backs can get Anthony Stokes coming off the line.


He was slow to come out. Well onside, but didn't hit the target.


A similar situation to the one Kilmarnock had against Rangers


earlier in the season. Anthony Stokes given 10 out of it -- 10 out


of 10 for his save in the first half, but you have to get out in


Way right now. Kilmarnock are scrapping for absolutely everything.


Dean Shiels just waits for the challenge and gets his team a free-


kick and another chance to get the set-piece for Kilmarnock. Everybody


Celtic just managed to scramble it clear. Decent delivery from the


wide areas causing problems for moment. Ki Sung Yeung long will


come on. Neil Lennon trying to freshen things up more than


anything. They have been a little bit the lethargic. Interesting to


see who comes off. Ki Sung Yeung is a wonderful player, maybe he wants


somebody to get their foot on the ball. At the moment Kilmarnock are


knocking Celtic off their stride. They can't get any fluency going.


Thomas Rogne is the player coming off. Joe Ledley, left-back, Charlie


Scottish Cup final last season against Motherwell. What a goal


fourth official today. He looks like potentially being the referee


for the Old Firm derby next weekend at Ibrox, again that if Motherwell


drop points on the Saturday at Kilmarnock, Celtic could win the


SPL title. Neil Lennon has moved victory that -- Victor Wanyamah


substitution has an immediate Celtic, better passing. It came to


James Forrest's feet, but blocked kick. A similar corner, straight to


the hands of Cameron Bell. He has been rock-solid in everything he


has done this afternoon, where the writ is clearing with his feet or


if needed to settle this. This time last year, Celtic were on the


receiving end that day. They are on Scott Brown, it is that word go was


talking about earlier, frustration. He stepped across the ball, you


just need to get on with the game. They did come together, there was a


tangle of legs and the referee got involved but it was good strong


defending. You are allowed to do it these days. Scott Brown obviously


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 47 seconds


not too impressed. He is in his change in look for Celtic right now.


-- in luck. Charlie Mulgrew taking sitting back a little bit.


start to get behind the ball and it becomes a habit. You have got to


keep hounding Celtic. They have done it so far, Kilmarnock can't


afford to drop off the pace. He it the best form he has had since


arriving at Celtic. He came initially on loan four years ago.


Paul Heffernan just clipped the back foot, and Wanyama bite the


dust. You know what is going to happen there, the referee is going


to call for a free kick. There have been games this season that Celtic


have managed to win convincingly. They have been banging the goals in,


or the ones as well where they have been narrow victors in games. They


have had to grind drizzles out. Joe but could not find the target.


has gone for power and missed by a couple of yards. Cameron Bell


asking where the centre halves were because it cut them right to open.


It was a simple ball from Hooper to Joe Ledley. Someone has got to pick


them up. You can't allow time to take a turn and take a shot at goal.


It is not a fixture generally that just one in the last 41 against


Kilmarnock half right now. I bet very few teams have kept James


Forrest and Anthony Stokes so quiet for so long. What's an opportunity,


and again Cameron Bell was there. Straight to the goalkeeper. He


timed the room perfectly. You can see it is onside. It is a brilliant


cut inside, and he goes for power whether it is Celtic or Rangers,


the other teams have to ride their luck a lot if they are going to get


chances, they will dominate the ball and dominate territory under


normal circumstances so you have got a hope the plan you set out


with this afternoon works. You have to hope you don't lose your good


players through injury and if there is a break it might just go in your


James Forrest is a smashing player. He has an old head, he knows what


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 47 seconds


he is about and he is on form. done, they just need to


understand why the linesman is waiting for the referee to tell him


which way to point? It does not fans' frustration. They are


dominating but they are missing chances. While it is 0-0, nerves


will start to seep into the crowd, it will be interesting to see which


team react. You get nearer and nearer the goalkeeper, trying to


defend. If you are going to win the game, you have got to take the


initiative, be strong, and go jerseys back, there is very little


room. With the defender right behind him, difficult to get a


week it would be a travesty if Neil Lennon and Celtic do not win the


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 47 seconds


treble, but it is their job to stop coming up here against Ben Gordon


by the looks of things. This was Bell again! He is having a great


afternoon. I don't think this is the most difficult save he is ever


going to make. The kind of form he is in today, he was not going to


get beaten by that one. Still Celtic come, and still they can't


for the corner, but only a throw-in. Charlie Mulgrew wanted a corner,


Wanyama did get something on to it. That will be a foul on Lee Johnson.


Kilmarnock just need to settle down. Don't be taking this quickly.


Celtic will be raising their level, getting balls back. It is causing


problems for Kelly. Cameron Bell has answered every single question


asked of him in the League Cup a good place to be giving away


fouls. Gary Hooper is going nowhere and Sissoko battered writing to him


and gave away a free-kick. Another chance for Celtic did get centre-


backs in the box and put pressure on. If you have a player going away


from goal, shepherd him in that direction. Dieter van Tornhout, the


Belgian striker, will replace Gary Harkins. He had a spell just before


half-time when he was becoming influential in the game, but he has


been pretty quiet apart from that. He will not backtrack all-day. If


the legs are starting to go a bit, we spoke before about it. Get fresh


legs on. He can backtrack and tried to cause problems for the Celtic


defenders. The big Belgian may well have started today had Paul


Heffernan not made it with that groin injury. At the moment Gary


Hooper is receiving treatment. Van turn out on. Denied a starting


place, but he has got the last 17 minutes at Hampden Park, plus, if


needed, extra time. His first duty will be to get back and defend his


free-kick. Charlie Mulgrew, they keep giving him opportunities. But


Celtic can't find a way past because of a clash between Michael


Nelson and victory the man Aoyamar -- Victor Wanyama. It is a tangle


of legs, no chance of a penalty kick. Victor Wanyama is OK. Only


Hibernian and Atletico Madrid have shut Celtic out since that draw at


Adam Matthews went down. The Kilmarnock supporters are raging.


big decision by the referee. Dean Shiels was definitely onside. But


the referee had to decide there was no problem. Anybody who watched


Bolton against Tottenham Hotspur yesterday has got to realise that


the referee has got a thing safety- first in these things. I don't know


how bad the knock was. He doesn't actually see it properly, the


referee, but from his point of view, other end of the park to further


infuriate the Kilmarnock supporters. It is a mad rule when you are


attacking in the left wing area, you have two on two, and the ball


Ledley. No way Joe Ledley can get out of the way of that, but the


referee can't allow him any advantage. He stopped a pass with


the arm. It looks like it comes off the arm so he decides it is a free


just cut across its lightly. You know you will be closed down. He


just didn't hit the target. The first touch was good, half volley,


a difficult skill. He cut across it and it went slightly higher.


hasn't scored this season, Liam Forster. Matthews had little chance


way himself. A corner kick has been given. The linesman on the far side


had no doubt it was a corner. Kilmarnock have a chance to get a


ball into the box. He tried to take on the goalkeeper at the near post.


13 to go, stay with us. This could go either way. Dean Shiels will


take the corner. Not a great one, to deal with that and he did not.


That could easily have fallen to Kilmarnock player to knock into an


empty net. Michael Nelson was on the deck inside the Celtic box.


might well be a knee in the back. Definitely a collision. He had to


come a long way off his line. You're looking at your goalkeeper


to take this one. Right in the kidneys. You sound like a man who


has had one of those before. Yes. 6 ft 7 in two goalkeepers pack a


punch! -- inch. 12 minutes to go. How will this pans out? It is so


interesting now. You are looking at the manager's. Do you think they


would rather go to extra time? If you lose a goal now, you don't have


a lot of time. I wonder if Neil Lennon, with Samaras and Commons on


the bench, might think about making a change and going for it. He will


make a change now, Neil Lennon. is sought. You don't want to start


taking of centre-backs at this stage. Danny Buijs went off earlier.


It will be difficult for him to carry on. Kenny Shiels might be


forced into a reshuffle. Gary Hooper is sacrificed and on comes


Samaras. Michael Nelson looks like he will be OK. It was not a good


day for Hooper. From that early chance all the way through.


might have had a field day, but take nothing away from the


Kilmarnock defenders, they have played well this afternoon against


He still has Cha Du-Ri and Kris to play a part now. You have to


control them, you have to stay believing that you can win this


competition today. The minute you start to go negative and invite the


opposition on, that is when you from Charlie Mulgrew. Down the left


side. He has driven and driven, he can't see a pass so he keeps going.


The final touch took it away from him. He has been fantastic for


Celtic this season, Charlie Mulgrew. A lot of people did not think he


would get anywhere near the first team when he left Aberdeen. He has


been brilliant for them this season. Samaras pulled to the deck. They


are beginning to put the pressure on. Charlie Mulgrew has set the


standard. The fresh legs of Samaras gives you something. Another chance


for a free-kick. Anthony Stokes took the last one. He drove it


halfway up the wall. A definite free-kick. Despite the fact it is


left of centre, I wonder if Charlie Mulgrew fancies this. Johnson goes


into the book -- he joins Johnson Mulgrew or Stokes. One thing for


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 47 seconds


sure, it will take something Kilmarnock left back. Heffernan


took a pain-killing injection at the beginning of last week -- a


pain-killing injection for the groin injury he suffered at the


minutes to go and Kilmarnock have taken the lead at Hampden. They


have stunned Celtic and they may well have ended their treble hopes.


It is a brilliant goal from Kilmarnock. They showed ambition


for top see how many men they have got in the box as they moved from


back to front. It is easy for players do not make up the ground.


Four in the box. The Belgian bullets at home. Fantastic goal


from Kilmarnock. Finished by a terrific header. Quite incredible.


Van turn out on as a Suffolk -- second half substitute, a few


moments ago. He has given Kilmarnock a real chance of winning


the Scottish Communities League Cup. for the last five minutes. They


will throw at the kitchen sink at Kilmarnock, you can guarantee that.


Celtic will drive forward, they will throw men forward. Kilmarnock


will be forced into a rearguard action. They have defended


magnificently, they will have to do Joe Ledley. He has not had his best


day, that's for sure. You are putting on a winger to replace a


midfielder. It makes perfect sense Hampden Park. They are in dreamland


right now. Kilmarnock make a change. Kroca will replace Sissoko. Sissoko


doesn't look like he is moving too well. He might have tweaked a


hamstring. He becomes a liability and Kroca has to come on and try to


see out this last five minutes. Kilmarnock have the ball exactly


referee has given. James Forrest is on the deck. He has taken a whack.


He has thrown himself in for the ball. Two committed players. The


follow-through has caught him. It is the follow-through, one on the


ankle. He is in the international team as well, you don't want him


have just made their final change with Kris Commons coming on as.


They are a goal down as well. Celtic are in the closing stages of


the League Cup finals. This is the first piece of silverware are about


to slip away from them. Is it about to go to Rugby Park for the very


first time? James Forrest does not look happy down there. Three


Celtic are still at Ten. It looks like it could be a game over for


James Forrest. Even if Celtic are to force extra time, they could be


down to 10 as they were when they It went across the keeper. The


question was asked. What a game the keeper is having. Two minutes to go


by the referee. James Forrest is back out there, but he is hobbling


about. Celtic are virtually down to ten men do. Four minutes to go oh,


five minutes to go to save the day. The foul goes the way of Kilmarnock.


Kelly will be an absolutely no hurry to take this free kick. Babel


milk it for all it is worth. Most people in the newspapers could not


see where Celtic would slip up in their quest for the clean sweep. At


the moment they are slipping up right here this afternoon.


Kilmarnock fans are absolutely minutes of stoppage time. Samaras


gets a free kick. It's a crazy challenge. All that does is allowed


Celtic to get the ball into the box early.


TIM HENMAN:'s last piece of silverware came in 1997 when they


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 47 seconds


Make sure they do not have nicked time! -- writer at the end. That is


a huge decision by the referee. Is there any touch at all here?


Anthony Stokes next to the ball. The referee who is coming down the


back there, I tell you what, it is hard to tell from here. Less than


two minutes, Celtic have less than Charlie Mulgrew. Do Celtic have


goal-kick. You cannot afford to waste a chance like that. It was


easy for the Kilmarnock's defenders away. He has given that to


Kilmarnock. Surely it is done? Kevin Shields looks on, nerves


jangling. It is a goal-kick, but time is up and Kilmarnock have won


the 2012 Scottish communities League Cup. A sensational result!


Silva for Kilmarnock. An incredible end to this games. Dieter van


Tornhout is the hero. At the other end, perhaps as big a Hero Cameron


Bell. Pulling off save after save Kilmarnock have won for the first


time since 1997 and Kenny Shiels, along with his players, have


written themselves into Kilmarnock folklore. Quite incredible! Very


few saw this coming. Supporters were not coming year and a


confident mood. They thought Celtic would be too strong. Take nothing


away from the players out there in yellow. The goalkeeper had an


absolute blinder, but everyone did their bit for Kilmarnock and that


is what they needed today. They will now go down in history as the


team that took the cup back to TIM HENMAN:.


Cameron Bell taking plaudits from his team-mates. Kenny Shiels is in


Every single one of those Kilmarnock players will be


recognised at Rugby Park for years, decades to come. Craig Paterson is


man of the match. Congratulations. I feel very emotional at the moment.


Brilliant, fantastic. Kilmarnock has not won in Glasgow for 15 years.


We did it for the manager. We want him to have a new contract, so


hopefully he will. These fans came more in hope than expectation, did


you dream it was possible? Everybody dreams, but we were


realistic. It was a big task of, but the boys were fantastic. I


thought we deserved to win. certainly had a few saves. Is that


one of your best performances in a Kilmarnock shirt? I thought one --


the save in the first half was one of the best I have ever made. It is


brilliant to win the cup, amazing. I will lead to go and join your


team-mates. You are the man of the match. An incredible performance


from Cameron Bell. A very emotional Kenny Shiels. Kilmarnock are taking


that the cup back to Ayrshire. Quite incredible, Celtic 0,


Kilmarnock 1. What a remarkable 90 minutes for Kilmarnock. And all


those supporters packed into the National Stadium, they will still


being that stage of disbelief so. There is Pascali, unable to play


because of injury. He will revel in the moment. Will that little-known


Belgian who has shocked Scottish football, what a result at Hampden.


Kenny Shiels is hugely emotional at the moment, as you would expect at


the end of that sort of outcome. Celtic's unbeaten domestic runner


which stretched through 26 matches is brought to a shuddering halt by


Kilmarnock. The expressions on those faces tell you everything.


The treble is author for Celtic. They will have to refocus on


completing their title when and hope they can complete a double by


winning the Scottish Cup as well. The moment it is all about


Kilmarnock. That late winner from Dieter van Tornhout and then that


massive decision later. The referee said no to Anthony Stokes penalty


claim, and Kilmarnock will surely lift the League Cup. John, it is


remarkable? It is a fairy-tale for at Kilmarnock. They were excellent


and created two of the game's best chances. Gary Hooper had a good


chance in the first half which she normally takes. Celtic were sloppy


in Santos goal. Their passing throughout the day was not as crisp


as it normally is. Neil Lennon will be very disappointed with this


performance. What about the penalty that was turned down? I think it is


more about talking about Kilmarnock just now rather than Celtic. We


spoke more about Celtic before the game because they were favourites


to win the match, so we should do Kilmarnock a service here and talk


about the play today. They passed the ball well, they created


numerous opportunities and you could not argue that they didn't


deserve to win the match. We San Neil Lennon looking at a few


snapshots of that penalty incident. We will speak about that later, and


now is the time thought Kilmarnock. And what a fantastic achievement.


It is a fantastic moment for him -- for them. It is a special moment


for everyone, but for clubs like Kilmarnock, everyone will remember


this. Every fan will remember this. It is great that Italy macro is


there as well. Great moments for them, and they will never forget


this for their entire lives. keeper pulled off half-a-dozen


fantastic saves. Every save he made give the team more confidence. Five


or six minutes to go when they got that crucial goal. Maybe not the


mother of all cup upsets, but certainly a massive surprise as


Kilmarnock come out on top against a Celtic team. Pascali, cruelly


robbed of a place in the Cup final squad. Kilmarnock will receive the


The land -- League Cup will be handed over to the Kilmarnock


players. Joining the likes of Ray players. Joining the likes of Ray


Montgomery and Gus MacPherson. But this afternoon, Kilmarnock are the


2012 Scottish Communities League Cup winners! What a moment for them.


And what a moment for the club and indeed that man, Kenny Shiels. His


first full season as Kilmarnock boss. He has led them to silverware.


A phenomenal achievement for the Northern Irishman. As a young coach,


he took Ballymena to a cup final. He won the Ulster Cup with Colraine


and was within a point of the league title with them as well. But


this has surely got to be his this has surely got to be his


proudest moment yet. They may well have come more in hope than


expectation, the Kilmarnock supporters, because Celtic have


been on such a great run. A first defeat in 26 matches. They have a


trophy ripped away from them by these guys. The club captain Ong


crutches, an incident with Kroca Crockart is at the back. -- Kroca.


Even the guys who have not been used this afternoon will remember


this for the rest of their lives. That man is the hero, Peter van


turn out. Not many people would even have been aware of him before


he came onto the pitch this afternoon. His name goes alongside


the likes of Paul Wright in the record books. It may well have been


an up-and-down season for Kilmarnock this campaign, and


although the top six looks like it does away from them, it won't


matter now. Every club in the SPL outside the Old Firm would take


silverware over a higher league position. What a boost for the club


as well. A couple of seasons ago, they were in a last-day shoot-out


to avoid relegation. They avoided the drop. Less than two years later,


they have won the League Cup. The first time the club has won it.


These moments stay with you forever as players. Craig Paterson is still


with me. You have won trophies. This will be the best day of their


footballing lives. They don't know if they will ever be a hero again.


Never mind as a winner, just at Hampden. This is absolutely


fantastic and they should milk it for all its worth. It doesn't


happen often. When it does, make it count. This will be a fantastic


weekend for Kilmarnock the town and the players. It has been a


brilliant day and a brilliant performance. Dean Shiels and Ben


Gordon. Dean Shiels got the winner in the semi-finals, the son of the


manager. Ben Gordon on loan from Chelsea. A special cheer for the


goalscorer. Danny Buijs had to come off early in the first half. He has


got hold of the truth it. Cameron Bell, too. The man of the match.


STUDIO: It was one of those days where Kilmarnock needed all the


constituent parts. They needed to perform out of their skins. That


box was ticked. They needed a goalkeeper on top form. That box


was tipped as well. Celtic not quite firing on all cylinders.


Kilmarnock on League Cup winners, Congratulations, you what the


Kilmarnock hero. How does it feel? It is nice, but it is not only me.


Everybody is very happy. If you can score the winner in the final of


the Cup, it is a personal achievement, but still it is for


the group, the fans, everybody, that we made this today. Talk me


through the goal that you will remember for a very long time.


feeling is incredible. For me today, like I said before, it is the third


time. It is my birthday today as well. I don't think I can give


myself a better birthday present. Happy birthday, congratulations.


Thank you. I don't think birthday presents come any better than that


one! The winning goal for Kilmarnock. He has played just the


handful of games for them. But easy to get your tongue around his name,


but it's on the lips of those Kilmarnock fans. You know the words


to paper roses. I will not sing them! I arrived at Kilmarnock after


they won the Scottish Cup. A couple of players had massive Scottish Cup


tattoos down their legs. That is what it means to you. Let's hear


from Gary Harkins. Unbelievable scenes behind you, can you believe


it? It is different class. Everybody is singing, it is a great


day for everybody. So proud of the boys for getting the winner.


what point did you believe it would happen? We believed from the start.


We knew we were good enough. On our day we have proved it, we can score


goals against them. We did that. is going to be quite a night the


rude boys. Is it something that has been coming this season? Kenny


Shiels has been an inspiration. have played some really good


football at times and sometimes not got the result. Today we defended


brilliant. Yes! Let's have a quick word with Dean Shiels. What the day.


It is a great occasion. We had a good game plan, we set out to do


the job and we knew we would create chances. A real feeling of belief


even before this game. We believed we could win. Our two games in the


lead again Celtic, we took great belief from those games. We know we


can beat anybody in this league. It showed today. How inspirational has


your dad being? He has been the main source of inspiration for all


of the lads, not just myself. He made us believe we could do it. His


knowledge of the game and the fine detail of how to beat the


opposition is second to none. We deserve it, it has been a long


winter. Not many people gave you a chance, enjoy it. Thank you.


heard right at the start of the show from father and son on


Mother's Day. Kenny and Dean Shiels, a delighted son and very proud


father as well. He played a pretty smart PR game in the build-up to


this. He said what everyone believed, which was that Celtic


were favourites to take the first leg of the treble and if they did


well, they would have the trophy. But he always believed this was


possible. Don't believe that for one second, that will not be what


he told his players. He will have told his players that you have


already played Celtic and more than matched them a couple of times this


season so we need to do it once more. His players were a great


credit to himself and he was a great credit to his players. You


can see the faith they have got in him. His game plan worked today. We


spoke at the start of the game, John said... I don't think he will


ever have a better match, Cameron Bell. Let's hear from James Fowler.


Captain Fantastic Four the day. How big the victory was that? Massive.


I don't think we have won this trophy before. We don't win many


trophies so we are delighted. You can see the fans, it is great for


them. Well deserved over the 90 minutes? I thought so. We played


really well in the first half. Second half they came into it a


little bit and created chances. But we created as well and we got the


winner. It looked like the game plan paid off. Yes. We played well


against Celtic and Rangers this year. A form recently has not been


great, but we knew we had to stick to the game plan and we would


create chances. There seems to be a fantastic team spirit at Kilmarnock.


You need that. Maybe we don't have the same quality as other teams,


but we have stuck together and we have shone through. Congratulations.


Cheers. Kilmarnock are milking the moment as well they might. League


Cup winners against Celtic by 1-0. A match that looked like it was


heading to extra time until birthday boy Dida van turn out came


off the bench to head in the only goal of the game. Let's hear from


the man himself, Kenny Shiels. Coming up any moment now. Very


briefly, how big a victory was that for this club? Fantastic victory


for the club. Celtic are a fantastic team and to come here and


beat them and not concede a goal and the whole tournament, it is


Dieter van Tornhout's birthday today. He these things happen. We


are taking the cup back to Kilmarnock and I know Celtic will


prosper, they are a young team and they deserve so much credit for


what they have done this season. Everyone was talking about the


trouble. It put pressure on the Celtic players, it was a little bit


unfair. But we used it to our Struggling to put it into words at


the moment, Kenny Shiels, and that is understandable. Those fans will


be heading back down the M62 77 shortly and it will be party time -


And leads hear more for my guests. We spoke about the great Celtic


turn around this season that started at Rugby Park. The other


part of it we mentioned was the fact that Kilmarnock would take a


lot of belief from what they did in the first half of that match.


have to give massive credit to Kenny Shiels and Kilmarnock today.


It is their day. Celtic will be here again, they have been here in


the past. Kilmarnock got the breaks, they got a little break at the end


with the Stokes penalty. I thought there was contact, but I don't


think we should make excuses. Celtic, over 90 minutes, were


second in a lot of areas. Celtic players are normally on top. They


have been on such a great run. You can't keep missing chances and you


can't keep thinking somebody will produce some magic. Over the peace,


Kilmarnock, for me, did enough, with a little bit of luck and a few


breaks, they created chances. They caught Celtic on-and-off day, they


got a bit of luck. Their goalkeeper was magnificent. You have to give


Kilmarnock massive credit. We have raved about Kilmarnock and rightly


so. What about Celtic? What went wrong for them? They missed chances.


Kilmarnock took their most important chance. That is football.


You can talk all day about who controls the game and who has the


most chances. When it comes down to it in certain situations, if you


score the goal that matters, the rest of it isn't really important.


I know we will bisect it, but for me, Kilmarnock... It wasn't a smash


and grab. This is typical. Look at the man to play as they committed


forward. Six players in the box. 10 minutes before the end of the match.


Celtic might have underestimated the challenge of Kilmarnock. Celtic


have accumulated 41 more point than Kilmarnock in the SPL. For that of


people, it was a foregone conclusion. None of us gave


Kilmarnock a chance. We all fancied Celtic, but we also knew if


Celtic's mind was not right and people were thinking about the


treble and they were sloppy, like they were in the first half,


Kilmarnock always had an opportunity to win. That point, I


agree with Craig, I don't know if there was a great deal between the


teams. There was a brilliant goal. A fantastic goal. I don't think


you'll see but across this season. I don't know how you can do


anything about that. As a centre- forward, you would have loved to be


on the end of that. A great goal. don't want to take anything away


from Kilmarnock. Had one of those chances been taken by Celtic, they


would have run away with it, I'm sure. Possibly, but the belief kill


one it showed, it is important we come back to that. -- Kilmarnock


showed. They were not holding on towards the end, trying to take


into extra time. They committed players forward. They had used all


their substitutes. They tried to win the game in 90 minutes. They


have had a game-plan, they went for the win late in the match. The


The word that springs to mind his bravery. Also the way they defended


and passed the ball out from the back. They did it the whole games.


Sometimes you get lost in this, maybe one team has underperformed


to allow the other team to win. I think we have to be a little bit


more or enthusiastic about Kilmarnock's role in the games. The


tried to control a game. And the goalkeeper played very well. But


they were very positive throughout the match. Some of Cameron Bell's 6


were outstanding. This comes right in the first minute. From Gary


Hooper in the very first minute. If that had gone in, as Celtic could


have gone on to win. From Stokes's header is another fantastic saves.


For me, that is what Kilmarnock needed today. That is why Celtic


players play for Celtic and Kilmarnock players play for


Kilmarnock. But take nothing away from the players and the managers


today. But it is Kilmarnocks day today. But I will reiterate, Celtic


will be here again. They have to make sure when they come back here


that they are fully focused. League has been a bit of a


disappointment for Kilmarnock. I know Kenny Shiels plays things down,


but they would have hoped to have been a top have team at by the end


of the seasons. But a day like today changes the complexion of the


seasons. They will look back on this as one of the great seasons of


their history. These guys walked out on that pitch today as


Kilmarnock players, and they were proud of that. They are a


Kilmarnock legends now. It has changed how they are thought of in


a certain part of the world for the rest of their lives. They will


remember that forever. A lot of those Kilmarnock fans do not get


here very often. The last time that they were here they got hammered by


Hibs. This is a bit of real happiness for the EMS. -- for them.


Going back to that first minute when Sissoko tried to play that


ball across and I thought, what on earth are you doing? I thought they


would panic, but they kept trying to play out. What a moment near the


end for the referee. You would not wish this on your worst enemy,


having to make this decision right at the end. My first thought was


that Stokes had missed the opportunity to pull the trigger. We


have watched it over and over again. I do not see contact. It is hard to


tell from here, whether there was contact do not. We cannot actually


see both players' legs. I think Stokes has missed that first touch.


I think he is slightly clipped. Where the problem comes from, Stoke


delays his dive. I think there is contact and he takes another half a


step and then he goes. I think that is why the referee has gone for the


dive. To be fair, I think there was a push earlier on. You need a bit


of luck with the referee now any gains. You need decisions to go


your way. That is a tough one. If a referee does not know the his


contacts, he cannot give a penalty. Again, we are clutching at straws.


We're trying to make excuses for Celtic's poor performance. Stokes


had an opportunity. The players that you had on that pitch, all


attack minding players. Samaras came off the bench. They never did


enough to win the game. Kilmarnock got a bit of luck. They got one or


two decisions and a massive decision at the end. You do wonder


whether the referee, who was behind this, had the best view on the


pitch of it. If you were looking from behind we do not assume a


defender going in from the back had clipped him? The rules of the game


are that you cannot give it unless you see contact. I cannot see


contact. You just wonder why he did not get a shot there. We are


talking about a final here. Celtic were really strong favourites. I do


not call Cameron Bell making great saves luck. You have to attribute


that to great play. Yes, Celtic were below par. They had to be for


Kilmarnock to win. Let's hear what Neil Lennon thinks about it.


have just had a look at the incident which, for you, will make


you feel distraught. You have had a look at that penalty incident


again? That is a clear penalty. Nelson made no contact with the


ball. Anthony Stokes was clear on goal and about to pull the trigger.


It could have cost Nelson a red card, I do not want to see people


sent off, but you talk about big decisions and big games and that


one has gone against us. You do not seen any clear cut penalties -- you


do not seek any clear cut penalties like that. By looking at that again,


it did not look as if you had time to pull the trigger. He is keeping


the ball under control, he knows where the defender is. He is about


to slide it towards goal. We deserved better today. We must to


some really easy chances. We dominated the second half in terms


of possession and chances. Maybe your name is not on the Cup, but


decisions like that at big moments should be called correctly. For me,


the referee got A1 completely wrong. You had the misfortune to date to


come up against a goalkeeper in excellent form. The save he made


from Stokes first half was top drawer. The one Gary missed earlier


on was a great chance for him. Anthony Stokes had the whole goal


to hit and the second have and he headed straight to Cameron Bell. He


did make some great saves, even the double save at the end. I cannot


remember two making too many forays into our half, but that is Cup


football and the like to congratulate them. I would not say


they deserve that on the day, but they have had the luck of the Cup


today's. How disappointed were you about losing a goal. --? I have not


seen a goal, but you have to stop the cross. It cannot going between


the goalkeeper and defence. It came from us losing possession in the


Neil Lennon did pay tribute to Cameron Bell. It was a string of


superb saves from him. Right from the start of the game, a sign of


things to come. Normally Gary Hooper, you think would score there.


He is normally very good there. 22 goals this season. Stokes does well


here, he cannot do any more. It is a powerful header, bottom corner.


That is the best says. This is the whole reason I cannot say Celtic


were poor today. I think they made chances and on another day they


would have cruised in. Having a good goalkeeper is good play. So


often in the past we have expected teams to wilt, and Kilmarnock


didn't. Even this is a decent chance for Stokes. He creates the


space for a left-foot shot. It is a weak shot. A good height for the


goalkeeper. They created plenty of chances, but if you do not take


them there is always a chance the opposition was score, which is


exactly what happened. Kilmarnock wanted to keep the game alive to


will the closing stages and then when it. Their goalkeeper needs to


play at the top of his game to win it. When I say a little bit of luck,


I mean luck with regards to Celtic players not being quite as deadly


as they normally are. Gary Hooper got taken off. Stokes Mr a chance.


That is what Kilmarnock needed. last word on Neil Lennon's reaction


to having seen the penalty. obviously thinks it is a Stonewall


penalty. Craig does not. I think there was contact. It could have


prevented them from going on and winning the treble. Again I go back


to saying that I still think during that 90 minutes Celtic should have


had enough about them to win this game comfortably. We cannot be


going back to a decision. Yes, it is massive in terms of where it


takes Celtic, but within the ranks they should have done enough today


to beat a Kilmarnock side that they have 41 more points than in the SPL.


Delighted for everyone associated with Kilmarnock. Pat, one hopes


what develops for this - but with this for Kilmarnock will be the use


this as a platform to get even better. Unexpected things have


happened all the seasons. In the wider sense of the Scottish game,


Celtic will win everything for the next few years. Maybe this will


give hope to Scottish football and that would be a good thing.


Celtic v Kilmarnock

Scottish Communities League Cup Final

Live from Hampden (kick-off 3.00pm)

The first major Cup Final of the season sees Neil Lennon's Celtic take on Kenny Shiels Kilmarnock at the National Stadium. Celtic last won this trophy in 2009 with a 2-0 victory over Rangers. Kilmarnock have yet to lift the League Cup despite five final appearances. These two teams last met in the final in 2001 with the Glasgow side running out 3-0 winners courtesy of a Henrik Larsson hat-trick.

The league meeting between these clubs at Rugby Park earlier this season proved to be a dramatic encounter. Celtic were 3-0 down at half-time with Neil Lennon's job hanging in the balance. However, after a rousing half-time team talk, Celtic recovered for a share of the points and then fought their way to the top of the league over the following weeks. On the way to today's final the Parkhead side defeated Ross County, Hibs and Falkirk, whilst the Ayrshire club put out Queen of the South, East Fife and Ayr Utd.

Presented by Rob Maclean with Craig Levein, John Collins and Pat Nevin

Liam McLeod and Craig Paterson are in the commentary box.

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