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Round-up of action from the weekend's Clydesdale Bank Premier League games, presented by Rob Maclean.

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The big day is just one week away and we have some top festive


football fare for you in the next 45 minutes and some big talking


points. Was it a punch or a penalty? Should it have been a red


card? Answers from injured St Johnstone striker Killian Sheridan.


His current club tackled his own team in person today. Celtic trying


to keep their title challenge on track. But St Johnstone 1 at Celtic


track. But St Johnstone 1 at Celtic Park for months ago. -- St


Johnstone won. At the back of the net!


For the rematch, Steve Lomas made two changes to his team. Callum


Davidson was ill and Sam Parkin was on the bench. Kevin Moon and David


Robertson started. Celtic were without Anthony Stokes but Neil


Lennon was happy to say same again to the team which performed so well


in Italy on Thursday night. The save. It was a decent hit by


Samaras. Enckelman, guarding his McCracken takes the action over his


crossbar. It was a great ball through. Hooper could not directed.


-- direct it. Six straight wins in the SPL coming into today. Looking


floor. Trying to work past stayed down. That was a sore one


for David Robertson to take. There is concern here. David Robertson


got dumped to the ground. Majstorovic and casualty. He really


got thumped here. It must have felt Enckelman. Gary Hooper cannot


believe it. He thought he was opening the scoring. It was a miss


got the winner when they met earlier this season. Back To Black


wins again Celtic for the first time since 1998 for St Johnstone. -


- back to back. Another fine save from Peter Enckelman. Hooper met


the cross well. Enckelman denied Celtic are ahead. He has been


denied by the goalkeeper on several occasions. Peter Enckelman could do


little. Gary Hooper was the first to react. Wanyama tried to get


their head around it. Not a fun have taken this game. -- two goals


in four minutes. Samaras played it on to Forest. It was class C and


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 40 seconds


clinical and typical Celtic. -- Just one goal this season for


Georgios Samaras. He thought they should have been a corner. He just


should have been a corner. He just seemed to write of steam. Obviously,


frustrated to not be playing today. Jasper run out of steam. Did you


think they would get something. result was a better chance of us


getting something, but the corners killed us. We came out too much for


a free kick. Seven straight wins for Celtic. You played with Neil


Lennon and you are managed by him as well for a spell. Obviously,


this is important for him at the moment, because he was teetering


with bad results. Those bad results, and then another bad result after


all of that could have really put pressure on him. But he responded


and the team responded as he would have expected. He does not like


losing. Definitely not! No manager does. Or should. I have been on the


end of a few of his discussions. And Steve Lomas will not have liked


being on the end of those set pieces. All was a killer to lose a


corner. -- always. They are always easy to prevent. The free kick here,


maybe he committed too much for word. They did well keeping the


ball in with the back leg but if he had left it and let it run out,...


At this point, you are stretched. Especially with the pace. Samaras


Especially with the pace. Samaras and then Ki Sung Yeung. I would not


have been surprised at the goalkeeper kept it out, the way he


had been playing. But they are strong on the counter-attack.


strong on the counter-attack. Samaras, heavily involved. Celtic


fans love to hate him but he is in good form. Definitely. All strikers,


when you are playing with confidence, you feel untouchable.


And then if you go a few bad games, and the fans get on your back, it


can get into her head. I think he has proven what a good player he


can be. -- get into your head. were at a comfort break when Daniel


Majstorovic got himself injured. It sounds like a fractured cheekbone.


There is a sad irony that at the moment, he has been settling into a


solid game. He went through a shaky patch. Defence has been so crucial


in this could run. He will be disappointed, to get a nasty injury


like that. St Johnstone were minus key players today, Jody Morris,


Frazer Wright, yourself. It is a frustration because you got off to


frustration because you got off to such a great start. There were a


few games where we were flying, and then we had the international break


and I got injured and he got injured. It has disrupted it a bit.


When we were not playing and there were boys waiting to come in, I


think the lads could definitely do a job. Three finishes there from


here. But occasionally, you do pass the ball,! We are saying that we


the ball,! We are saying that we need to pass more before scoring.


He is trying to take the credit after that Pep crop -- pep talk.


When the thing he will be playing again? I do not know. I would say


between four and six weeks, so maybe another two or three. I will


have to see where I am at. And you are alone at St Johnstone is coming


to an end so there are question marks. You were on loan from


Bulgaria, what would you like to have happened? Are the in the


winter break? Their own the Christmas break. I should be on


holiday. -- they are all on the Christmas break. It is all in the


air. We will see what happens between now and January. Get fit


and get playing, basically? priority is to get training. To be


ready for January. Motherwell find it easier to win on the road. They


were looking for their first Fir were looking for their first Fir


Park victory against St Mirren Jennings. A booking for the


Motherwell man. I think he thought he was fouled himself there.


Frustration creeping in. Rightly booked. I think he was booked for


that as well. There is a punch in the stomach as well. I'm not sure


changed his mind or at least the assistants have changed it for him.


I think he awarded the penalty but Tessa la has been judged to be


Brilliant work from Jamie Murphy. He might have taken it on himself,


but selfishly passes to Higdon, who It has been an intriguing match. --


thumped off the line by Jim Goodwin. What a good try by Randolph. St


Mirren pushing forward. What an Motherwell have the breakthrough.


It is the former St Mirren man, Michael had done. Great work to


manage to dig out the cross. -- Michael Higdon. He came out


victorious, putting Motherwell in front. St Mirren will feel hard


done by to be behind. Jim Goodwin caught that be double A. It is an


equaliser for St Mirren! -- Court that beautifully. Darren Randolph


flew to his right but there is just no stopping an absolute rocket like


could not hit the target. He got around the goalkeeper, and that was


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 40 seconds


The sometimes seek retrospective action. Good though be in trouble


for the puncture on Steve Jennings? I think so. I think he is lucky


that Jennings has not gone down. He could have tried to make it worse.


I think there are a few naughty tackle fear that all built up to


one. Jennings got fouled. He got angry and the first person he saw.


It has been building up for something to happen. Motherwell


will look back at it and think to ended when could well have been


red-carded there and would have been off the pitch and would not


have scored that wonder goal later on. He was perfect. Any keeper is


going to save that. In the top corner. It is one of those. He


caught it full-on, perfect. Mirren could look back as well and


see the change of decision from Calum Murray. He gives the penalty


and then he gets the word in his ear that it is off side. What do


you think? Looking at the replay. It looked like his shoulder or


something. He was taken out, there is no doubt about that. When we


look at it here it is not conclusive but he does not look


like he is in line. I do not think it was in line. Not that you are


biased or anything? Totally biased! I think the linesman has got to get


something for that tackle. They tend to go to defenders more now.


You were on loan to Motherwell, are you impressed with what they have


done this season? Yeah, now they have been flying. We played them


away. They are eight points clear of us now. They have been brilliant.


Goal of the season contender in that game and there is another one


in the short lived in this one, Kilmarnock against Dundee United at


Rugby Park. The Kilmarnock goalkeeper was the star of this


match. First he had to keep out this slightly deflected shot from


John Rankin. There would be plenty more to keep the bell ringing early


doors. Then the United boss, Peter Houston, would later claim no one


could have complained if they had been for her-0 up after 15 minutes.


Best header was touched under the crossbar. It was a frustrating day.


The United captain felt it was four games without a goal. The alarm


bells ringing again early on. Kilmarnock finally got moving down


the other end. This man went down like a sack of spuds are under


tackle. Before you could say it was not fair, the crossbar came close.


They almost made the most of the chance. Then it was made in with


this play. But an unlucky final touch. The Kilmarnock No. 13th did


not finish. Then the tangerines took the lead in terms of the


number of times they had struck the woodwork! The United skipper has


got 12 goals so far this season but his luck was just not in with best


shot going wide. -- with this shot going wide. When it is not your day,


it is not your day! Dixon with the cross, the lay with the finish, it


should have been 1-0. There was proof that John Daly himself


absolutely knew that. After a few close calls in the first have how


about the real thing from James Peden? A definite contender for


goal of the season from be 23-year- old Englishman. The goal was later


described by the manager as world class. No one disagreed. That goal


came in the 31st minute. Just in time up popped Dixon to make it 1-1


and in terms of the number of chances made it was a. That and the


United at least deserved. Dundee United dominated in the first half.


It may have been a combination of bad luck and bad finishing for them.


You would have expected them to have a hefty lead after this? By a


absolutely. They had a lot of good chances. This was a good save. He


had a few. I think that was obviously be hard won. They were


really unlucky. John Daly would expect to score with that and maybe


this one as well, wouldn't he? I think so. Strikers have the days


where it just does not seem to happen yet on another day he could


have scored all three. I know what it is like. You will appreciate


this left peg effort which is an early contender for goal lobby


season, do you reckon? Definitely. It was the angle. You cannot really


get much more into the top corner. It was perfect. Is that one better


than this one? I am going to say yes because it is a left foot. I am


just going to be biased towards left-footers. What about this one


from two seasons ago? I think that one there is afloat. Certainly the


most so of the three. -- a fluke. And now Tuesday night in Perth.


From 55 yards! He scores! Hibernian are up against from Aberdeen.


Aberdeen have managed to get ahead of Hibernian in de SPL just in the


last couple of games. This will put some daylight between them. That is


a great ball. A fantastic pass from Galbraith. Heaslip did it through


four or corner. -- he slithered it through. That was for O'Connor.


They earn and got between beekeeper and the ball. -- there are none got


between the goalkeeper and the ball. -- Vernon got between. It is true


the poor defending from Stevens, you have got to see. Now Michael


Hart. To Fallon. Fallon could not find the target. Right at the back


post with Scott. Jason Brown was equal to it but Jason Scott did not


find the space at the back end of the Aberdeen penalty area. He is


appealing for a free-kick but he is not getting it. That is a good turn.


Penalty! Spiral with a challenge. - - Sproul. This has been deemed a


penalty kick. He scores! Hibernian are unhappy with the award of the


penalty. There was a booking for it as well. Aberdeen goal in front in


what is a crucial game. Was Stephenson caught by Paul? It may


be worse than that for the Aberdeen youngster. It is a red car. It is a


straight red for this young man. We could see why perhaps this Red Ed


had come out if he had made contact. Here it is. It seems harsh on the


face of it. 10 men are having to defend here. That is a corner, and


that his wife. We are looking at the space here that the Aberdeen


players have left. They have got more players in the park where they


are needed. That man should have scored. It should be 1-1. It is not.


He out muscled Foster. It was a good turn but the finish was not


there. Scott. When he is in there. Galbraith. That might be it. Head


in hands for Danny Galbraith. Loads of space. The incident which


decided the game was the penalty decision awarded. What do you


think? I would come back to that and say it is nowhere near a


penalty. From the other end you can see a dive. It was a pretty bleak


then dive and we should say. We need a compliance officer. That


displays it pretty clearly, doesn't it? I think so. Given what has


happened. I think there will be a lot of pressure for him to be


pulled up. Garry O'Connor got off because that one looked to be a


blatant dive as well. There was a two-match ban for this. You would


imagine there has to be a consistency about this. Was the


other died any less blatant than this one? I think both of them have


led to crucial penalties. I think that man will be watching and


hoping that his opponent gets pulled up as well. They do need


that consistency. It is a little bit inconsistent. We will have to


wait and see what happens. I wonder if the first man will be pulled off


for the died in the penalty but let off for the red card he got for his


challenge on Louis Stevenson. Was he not, when you look at the angle,


trying to block the ball? I think so. He was just trying to block the


ball. It had happened already earlier on in these season. With St


Mirren someone had tried to close down the ball. The manager was


telling his players to do this. This was a yellow for the challenge


on Christopher Clarke which seemed fair enough. Was that, was the


other challenge any worse than that one? I do not think so. I think it


was not a challenge, it was him trying to block the ball. I think


the two have done maybe, yellow cards, I think even the yellow card


was harsh. He was trying to block the ball, the clearance. It is just


Six points out of six for Aberdeen over five days. Do you expect them


to find a comfortable mid-table position? I think they will be


expecting than now. Two wins in a row will give them a massive boost.


I think they will be going into games with more confidence, looking


to get up the table. The latest sideshow at Hearts, where late


wages are the norm and the for sale sign has gone up his winner Andy


Driver's refusal to play. -- is winger. Can they cope with a new


winger. Can they cope with a new distraction?


There was drama before kick-off with Andy Driver dropped from the


hard squad. There when there is no longer winning -- willing to play


under Paulo Sergio. Despite this, Hart's caught off to the perfect


start. Stephen Elliott bringing festive cheer within the first two


minutes. Not that he was showing it. And despite the off-field turmoil,


Hearts looked surprisingly sure- footed at Tynecastle. David


Templeton Woods the Dunfermline defence to purposeful fact. --


worried the Dunfermline defence. Better work from Brian McGowan down


the left-hand side, turning the dumb Furman defenders inside out.


Before setting up the midfielder who put Hearts into a two goal lead.


Great play from a gallon. And the shot deceived the keeper. --


Magellan. Jim MacIntyre with plenty to think about. There was a


threatening header from Andy Barrowman, and in the second half


Marian Kello had to look pretty lively in the Hearts goal to keep


out Liam Buchanan. Overall, Hearts were playing like they did not have


a care in the world. Stephen Elliott rattled the side netting.


And David Templeton thumped in another effort that was palmed away


by Gallagher. The rumblings from the players are becoming


increasingly loud with an official complaint fouled with the SPL.


Despite that, temples and rubble and a thunderous strike to make it


3-0. -- Tim Bolton rumbled a thunderous strike. Hearts, with


troubles off the field, certainly in harmony on the street -- on the


field. Dunfermline look increasingly vulnerable at the


moment. By the end of the match, Hearts were pinging the ball with


swagger. Ryan Stevenson thumping goalwards. Paul Gallacher got


clobbered in the process. Nothing like a win to help lift the


Tynecastle gloom. Worrying times Tynecastle gloom. Worrying times


for Dunfermline. You probably have an ability to


understand more than most of us what is happening at Hearts. You


have played some football and Bulgaria and you will know about


ownership of a football club and what that means of it there. Owners


make all the decisions and sometimes they just pay players


when they fancy it. That's right. It is just the culture, the


mentality in Eastern Europe. You see it in Russian teams, it is


definitely unsettling. For it to happen here, I was pretty shocked.


For -- you never hear about that in the UK. It is pretty unbelievable.


What do you think about Andy Driver's disclosure that he does


not want to play for Hearts in a more. Presumably disillusioned not


just by a delayed wages, but by the way the club is going. I think he


is probably looking to make a stand, is probably looking to make a stand,


to tell the owners that they cannot just treat the players like this.


The players are training every day, and they expect to be paid. The


contract should be honoured. contract should be honoured.


Obviously, he has his reasons. it is a waste of a special talent,


as we conceived. He is a good player for them. Inverness have a


good recent record of making life good recent record of making life


difficult for Rangers. Let us see how they fare on Terry Butcher's


latest return trip. The leaders made two changes to the


team which won at Hibernian. Kyle Lafferty was on the bench alongside


Lee McCulloch, Sasa Papac and Alejandro Bedoya.


Andrew Shinnie is among the sobs for Inverness. Graham Shinnie


started. -- among the subs. Fresh-air from Jelavic. What a


Jelavic, with the arm. That is a great through-ball for Willie


Mackay. Bartley things he was being Bocanegra. The second half has


Thistle are upset. They feel this may well have come off Jelavic's


arm. In a stuffy match, Rangers Polish -- apologetic. This is


ominous for the Highlanders. Papac! Smacks the crossbar. Papac was not


even focusing on that. He was focusing on the goal. Saw for


Jelavic. Graham Shinnie with the the referee's call. The Rangers


fans are not happy that Inverness are playing on. This will be


controversial. It is 11! Andrew Shinnie against his old team. -- it


is one to one. Inverness take full advantage. Nikita Jelavic was on


the deck. Inverness, as is their right to do so, played on, and have


found the net. It is Won-Hee Cho. - This is Lafferty. Blocked, blocked.


He had a bet of a charmed life. He had the second of the


intermittent's here will stop the shot from Lafferty was blocked.


What an open second half it has been. They are in again. It is


Mackay. Wrong side of the post. Rangers are walking. Believe me


carry. MacGregor. -- Billy McKay. Lee Wallace. Where did he come


from? That goal would surely end. It did not go over the line. Lee


Wallace saves Rangers'. An incredible spectacle in this second


35. This is grade by Rangers. Lafferty. Out of jail! They are out


of jail big time, Rangers. Inverness could potentially have


been 3-1 up. At the end of the season that is the sort of game


which might count big time for Rangers. Definitely. They want to


get tighter between now and the end of the season. The definitely want


those kind of games. You can look at them and thing you have been a


little bit lucky, but if you want to win titles those are the kind of


games that you win. As you say, I do not think Rangers have been at


their best for a wee while but sometimes it is just about grinding


out wins. Absolutely. I believe that. Sometimes in championships it


is just about playing badly rather than being able to win. I think


Inverness felt that some of the decisions went against them in the


game. Do you think they could have had a penalty for handball against


Jelavic? I think that would have been kind of harsh. It was in kind


of an awkward area. Is this a better shout? I think so, yeah.


Maybe the fact he has not gone down or anything. I think it was amazing


just to stop in the box. He must have got a little bit put off.


this was Richie Foran heading in the free-kick from Andrew Findlay.


As we three's it here, I think it was just marginally off? I think it


was just the shoulder, slightly off side but it could have been the


benefit which clearly should have been given. The Rangers fans were


not too happy about the build up to the equaliser because Jelavic had


been down injured. I think as we had showed in the highlights,


Rangers could have knocked the ball out as well. I think they did have


that chance. It was a good cut back with a good finish from that man.


Following that, in good chances. You do not normally get too many of


those at Ibrox. Billy Mackay around the goalkeeper stumbled slightly.


Yes, it was a good run. He was just a little bit of balance. He was


definitely a little bit unlucky. And this man was just again a


little bit of balance, don't you think? Yes, I think so, he


connected well with the ball. It was cleared of the line. You can


only talk so long about being in a false position for it to mean


anything but Inverness do not look like a team who should be in their


position? Definitely. The definitely should have got


something from the game. They created chances. To lose the game


after playing so well to an Old Firm team is a little hard to take.


I think having had so many chances in the match it was maybe obvious


what was coming next, the killer punch at 83 minutes, Kyle Lafferty


and Rangers' won the game. Yes. Jelavic was brilliant. A good


finish from Lafferty. Terry Butcher would not be too happy about this


man charging out of the back line and leaving a hole? That's right.


He should have stayed and held the line. Jelavic is a little bit


smarter than him and quicker into the box. Is it heading for a photo


finish again do you think, between the Old Firm? I think it is looking


like that now, it was not a few weeks ago. Rangers dropped a few


points. I think it is heading that way again bill. Thank you for


coming in and weeding your Christmas jumper as well!


problem. Motherwell are eight ahead of St Johnstone. They are within


one point of the Perth team, that is Hearts. Aberdeen are now six


points off the bottom after a few wins. Christmas Eve matches look


like this. A variety of kick-offs. It is Hearts macro against


Motherwell. St Mirren against Rangers. -- Hearts against


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