20/03/2016 Sportscene


Highlights of the weekend's matches. Including Celtic v Kilmarnock, Aberdeen v Motherwell, Hearts v St Johnstone, Hamilton v Partick and Ross County v Inverness.

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Hello, good evening and welcome to Sportscene.


COMMENTATOR: It is unbelievable! A spectacular opening goal in the


Derby! It's an absolute beauty! Is this a bit of history? It is!


What a finish! And that is it, I would imagine.


Good evening, it's been another dramatic day in the Ladbrokes


premiership. Another weekend of stunning comebacks, shock results


and unpredictable outcomes. Also tonight the unpredictable views and


analysis of our guests, Pat Nevin and Steven Thompson. One thing we


could predict was a tasty and Dundee derby this lunchtime. A season of


contrasting fortunes, Dundee so often in the shadow of their


tangerine rivals aiming for a top six finish, United at the bottom of


the table still dreaming of a great escape. Today looked like being


pivotal. Commentary by Paul Mitchell. COMMENTATOR: It's a third


different goalkeeper in a third game for Dundee or might it. That's the


only change from the side that played last time against Motherwell.


Dundee last last time against Hearts but Paul Hartley stands by the same


11 saying they played well and they are sent out to do battle today.


Dundee find the way forward. I think both players have committed a


handball there, Stewart to Donaldson, back to Stewart. The


handball there, Stewart to throw. Tangled up with Conrad. The


referee says play on. That's a great flick. McKay. He could become the


first Dundee United player to score in for straight derbies since his


predecessor Glenn close. Ross plays it into the middle. It's back to my


guy won. It's a chance Dundee through the legs of the keeper. And


Gunning cannot give it out. Dundee take the lead. Hemmings is the


goal-scorer. A powerful shot by Paul McGowan set up by Stewart. He was


onside. Donaldson slow to get out and Dundee are ahead, Kane Hemmings


with a very confident finish. Dundee United rocked slightly. It comes


Stewart and this space again on the left, Hemmings is inside. Hemmings!


It's 2-0 to Dundee, not the cleanest finish from Kane Hemmings and that


Mackie celebrates once more. Brilliant run from Stewart just off


the shoulder, it's given onside. And the low ball across. He almost


missed it. It came off one foot, and then Kane Hemmings. That would have


been embarrassing if he had missed. He didn't. 2-0. Dundee United


struggling at home to find points. A case of mind your feet. Would and


Dixon. -- Fort Stewart and Dixon. To Rankin. It's a brilliant ball by


Rankin. He plays it to McKay. The keeper is in trouble. It's a penalty


kick. Denying an obvious scoring opportunity, it's the law, and


Steven McLean applies that. Scott Bain, who could make his Scotland


debut on Thursday night in Prague will take no further part in the


Derby. A great ball by John Rankin. McKay stumbled and was taken out.


David Mitchell will have to come on and the substitute who came on for a


substitute is substituted! Is Dundee debut. Against Billy McKay. If he'd


stood still he would have saved it. Billy McKay gambled on movement from


the keeper and Dundee United are back in the game after 51 minutes.


Food for thought for Paul Hartley. There's an awful lot going on. Good


save from Mitchell. Strong left hand. Deserves congratulations. He


gets up really well. That's a terrific stop. That's a miss by


Morris. Dundee could kill it. Ross. Hemmings in the middle looking for a


hat-trick, that's a poor ball from Ross, wasteful. Gunning. He opens


the middle, the ball is won by Billy McKay. Dundee United have come from


to goals behind to level and Billy McKay is the scorer. The keeper


should have stayed where he was gone he couldn't get a connection, Billy


McKay made sure nobody would stop him. What a comeback from United.


What a derby day in Dundee. Mixu Paatelainen is in an ongoing battle


with the Dundee fans behind him. They are not singing now. He is


explaining to Tayside's finest! The corner. Gunning. A great save by


Mitchell. Donaldson! That was for the win but a great save by


Mitchell. Donaldson could have buried this. We are very much alive


and kicking in this relegation fight, you are, aren't you? It's


still possible, a long way to go. We are disappointed that we only took a


point today. It could be applied that is the most important, we


should have won 2-0 but decisions change a game, the keeper sent off,


down to ten men, you just can't plan for that. You don't see that coming.


I felt they threw everything at us and I felt we dealt with that.


Possibly the last Dundee derby for some time. Full of drama and


incident. Pat, it leaves us asking the question, where does this leave


Dundee United in terms of the great escape? Management they are still in


it but it gets harder, they need to put a run of wins together. Because


of what happened today, it was pretty hard. I can only imagine you


are feeling pretty buoyant about United's chances? A huge moment in


the match, Scott sent off, was at a sending off? A pivotal moment in the


match. For me, definite penalty. If you are going to get on the end of


this and score, as covering defender he's well away from goal, I'm not


sure that deserved a sending off. It completely changed the flow of the


match. Extraordinarily harsh, we agree on that. Mitchell makes his


debut in very hot circumstances and he was excellent catching things, a


great one-handed stop, yet it was bittersweet for him. Another


tremendous catch. He was taking pressure off the Dundee defenders


who defended very well. This is the one where he collides with his own


player and it leads to the goal. Yet in the last seconds he pulls off a


fantastic one-handed save. Donaldson should probably have scored from the


rebound. I think a draw is the fair result. Are you optimistic about


Dundee United's chances? They are only seven behind now and with a


Dundee United's chances? They are game in hand they could stick it to


for, it's feasible. A point gained or to dropped? They will be


disappointed yet as Paul said if you lose but your centre-backs, you've


travelled all the way across the road, away from home! And the fact


that you still get a point and you're still going in the right


direction, I think they've got to be you're still going in the right


happy with that, good point. A great derby. Celtic arrived at the park


for the Saturday lunchtime kick-off. They were looking to extend their


lead at the top of the table to for points for a couple of hours.


Kilmarnock at the bottom of the table in need of points. They have


drawn both times with Celtic this season. A big blow to Kilmarnock as


an injury to Josh Magennis and the skipper is out for the season.


Celtic give a first Premiership start to cousin Richards. He


replaces Gary Mackay-Steven. Celtic are chasing a fifth title on the


trot. Griffiths. On the edge of the box, Griffiths! Screaming for a


penalty. The referee says No. His shot struck the arm of the grounded


Ashcroft. On the move, Calum Haggett boffin. He's made a sprightly start


for Kilmarnock. Looking for Kris Boyd. Good effort. And a good save,


Kris Boyd was well picked out and the effort was very much on target.


The touch from the Stig and McGregor races in. And it is a deflection. It


could have gone anywhere. That could have gone in the Kilmarnock net


easily. It span just wide. And this is the best chance of the match so


far. The Danish defender wasn't able to snap it up. Kris Commons, and


Kilmarnock could be an to something here. And Carl Higgins of them


follows it up but he's off target. follows it up but he's off target.


-- config in both. Gordon to the rescue. The past does not find a


Roberts. Hodson intercepting. Hodson! So close to his first goal


for Kilmarnock. It all seemed to open up for the full-back. And that


was just off target. Roberts with the Celtic corner kick. And it is of


the line. Right place, right time the Kilmarnock. -- for Kilmarnock to


deny the Danish player. Mulgrew with the free kick. Another penalty


appeal again against Ashcroft. Griffiths. Roberts. Balotelli's


header. Leigh Griffiths. He fancied himself.


And is frustrated that he missed the target. So often he has bailed


Celtic out this season. The teenager on loan from Manchester City,


Roberts, whose cross blocked by Hodson. Callum McGregor. It is Tom


Roe get! -- it is Tom Rogic! It's a rocket from Rogic! And it keeps


Celtic's title defence on track. It is a massive moment in the


Premiership season. In the 90th minute. And it is the return of the


Ronnie Raw! It's the best way to win sometimes. We don't play well but we


fight, and the fans was unbelievable today. We could give them something


in the end and it will be a moment to remember for a long time. With


experienced defeat, I have experienced defeat as a player,


coach and manager Andy and I think this is the hardest one because if


there was a team that deserved to win it was us with a shout that


without a shadow of doubt. Just absolutely devastated to have lost


the game like that. Par delightful Ronny Deila. Killie played some nice


stuff. They did try to play football. They were looking for each


other, they did not panic when they were on the ball, nice little


triangles. And you know, that's really neat, tidy, when a team is


down the bottom of the league you don't expect them to get into good


positions. Also you have to make sure that you can tackle and do the


ugly stuff as well and don't panic. Look at this.


Has the fear factor gone for playing at Celtic? Partially. I have to give


something to Lee Clark because he's basically said, go and enjoy


yourselves. There's maybe no expectation they'll win. Teams


think, we can get something out of them, teams will try that every time


they possibly can when they see a slight weakness and there are


weaknesses there. It wasn't a great performance but they get three


points thanks to this wonder goal? Yes, an incredible goal. Kilmarnock


deserved something from the match and it was a cruel way to lose he


was not expecting this. It's a goal worthy of winning any match. You


could see what it meant to the players, they were giving absolutely


everything. If they continue to give that endeavour and level of effort


in the coming weeks, they could possibly get themselves out of that


second bottom spot. Could be a big goal in terms of the title race.


Well for so long in that game against Kilmarnock and Celtic looked


like giving Aberdeen hope. But the pressure is ramping up. We were at


Fir Park. Kennedy comes into defence for


Motherwell. Only one change for Aberdeen as


Reynolds replaces will be son, he's on the bench, meaning Considine


returns with Shinnie moving into midfield. Church. Support from


McGinn. Logan on the overlap. Breaks back to Jack. Good handling from


Ripley. That's what you call a strong hand.


Kennedy. Moult winning the header. Moult again. And back off the post.


Neatly off from Scott McDonald. Johnson. Seemed to be impeded by


Considine. The Dons are in front one minute


before the international from McClean's first from the penalty


spot this season. Seventh goal of the campaign. Ripley guessed left,


McClean put it down the middle. Aberdeen in this fine run of form,


one defeat in the last 17 league matches.


Is there another chance before the interval? Church. In towards McGinn.


Good save from Ripley. He advanced well to deny the Northern Ireland


international. McGinn teasing Ainsworth. He's done


well. Miskick by Church. Breaks for McClean. Ripley standing firm once


more for Motherwell. Neat save. Ainsworth. Johnson. Moult. McDonald!


And Motherwell are back level. The Aberdeen defence couldn't deal with


that as Johnson knocked it back across from the initial delivery


from Ainsworth. Moult caused problems. Little Scott McDonald


jumped highest. McDonald's 12th goal of the campaign. McDonald gets it


down for Johnson. Oh, advantage taken and Motherwell


in front, two goals in the space of two minutes! Reynolds and Brown


didn't deal with it and Moult knocks it in for his fifth in his last five


appearances. Robson coming on to replace


Considine as Aberdeen go chasing the game.


Here is Robson. Barry Robson's in trouble. Straight


red card. He's only on the park a matter of a minute and that


challenge with the arm into the face of Scott McDonald, his one-time


Celtic team-mate. One of the shortest appearances for an Aberdeen


substitute and it won't please the manager.


Manage Donald. Good movement from Johnson. Fletcher is in the middle.


What a real chance that was to increase Motherwell's lead and put a


real dent in Aberdeen's title chances.


I thought Aberdeen did deserve to be ahead, at least one goal better in


the first half. I felt we were just the first half. I felt we were just


- I talked about it before the game - I talked about it before the game


- lacking a bit of belief that we could go up against them and press


them. In the second half we changed the shape a bit more and it was a


terrific performance. Even with ten men, we kept McGinn up with Church


and created bits and pieces. We still felt there was something to be


got from the game but it shouldn't have came to that desperation from


us. We've beat ourselves today. Big result for Motherwell, big result


for Aberdeen for all the wrong reasons. They beat themselves, and


it was poor defending? Uncharacteristic from Aberdeen who


this season have been defensively brilliant. Nobody tracks the run


from Johnson at the back post. He puts it back in. When it bounces,


Aberdeen have enough men there but no-one reacts. McDonald reacts first


and it's a good header from his point of view but poor defending.


This one again is really slack from Aberdeen. When the ball gets played


over the top, Reynolds has to put that in for a corner. The keeper's


caught a wee bit of possession as well. When the ball bounces,


Reynolds hesitates, kick it out. Have Aberdeen blown their title


hopes with that scoreline? It's not over but they have given themselves


a real mountain to climb. I don't see Celtic slipping up twice and


it's a difficult task. Last week we picked out Robson as a steadying


influence in the Aberdeen line-up, this wasn't very steadying, was it?


It's a moment of madness. It looks quite bad in full speed, in slow


motion, it probably looks a bit worse because he has a look first.


Gets worse every time you see it? It does. He's let himself and the


manager down. You don't have that kind of fighting, you shouldn't have


that kind of fighting. That was a moment of madness and he's let


everybody down. Motherwell up to fifth, what can they aspire to this


season? Well, they can possibly get a European spot. Unbelievable. The


season? Well, they can possibly get turnaround they have had in the last


six weeks has been fantastic. It has been a massive turn around and full


credit to them. They are doing well. A week on since Ross County's


victory, they have a match with Inverness. Rob McClean watched this


one. Four changes to the team which drew in Perth on Wednesday


The best part of 6,000 inside the Global Energy Stadium. It's some


atmosphere. Foster. Great save. Good reactions.


Storey. Polworth. Off target. Diverted on to the cross bar.


Divine. Dealt with by the Ross County defence. Irvine's flick. Now


Boyce. It's powered clear. Big chance! And he can't quite take it,


the Ross County midfielder. And he knows how big an opportunity this


was to fire the League Cup winners in front. McShane gets it back from


Gardyne. Boyce had the chance to put the team in front on Derby day. Just


got too much on the header. Fraser. McShane loses out to Draper.


Big chance on the counterattack. Polworth! Inverness Caley Thistle


are ahead. Polworth's rifled the shot past Woods. County lost


possession midfield and were punished.


Polworth with the up and under helped on by Hughes. In goes Draper


and it's 2-0. Inverness are raining on County's


parade. It's all gone horribly wrong for Ross County. Can Ross come back


from this? Lofted forward by Draper. Controlled by Storey. What a strike,


what a goal! Ross County are screaming for handball. He reached


out a couple of arms, Storey, as he pulled this out of the air. No


handball given. It's a thunderous volley which explodes past Woods in


the county goal and it surely now means no way back.


Inverness threatening again. Storey holds it up. Tansey. Kept alive. And


Polworth! So close to number four. Inverness in the end on Derby day


winning bay distance. I think we were OK first half. It's


about taking the opportunities. We never done that, that's what


Inverness did, so they deserve the credit. Apart from the first minute,


but even in the first half, there was a break away from Irvine, we'd


hit the bar before that when he hit the post. It was end to end, we


settled down, delighted for the fans that we win the match.


Defeat for Ross County but a week on after their historic victory at


Hampden they paraded the League Cup. Really proud for the fans that have


been on this journey for 22 years, some of them, some for 52 years. Toe


get to this stage and to parade down the high street of the town, it's


wonderful. It's great to show it off to the


fans. A great day for all to be involved. When you are younger, you


always... I was luck you be in the right spot.


Great scenes in Dingwall. Controlled in midfield of the match


and not letting go really? It's a Derby game so it's always going to


be hard-fought. They always are. But if a team really wants to win,


generally they are the team who'll win it. Now, Ross County for here


happens this week, next month, the month after, this has been a


phenomenal season for them. Even though it's painful losing a Derby,


yes, they got a bit of luck because they didn't play particularly badly,


particularly in the first half. Even at this moment I'm still smiling -


no, I'll change that - I'm finally smiling for Ross County. It's taken


a week, I'll accept that! That's quite painful. I really hope it


didn't spoil the celebrations because wow, did they deserve that.


Maybe it's a lazy assumption to make but in terms of the League Cup trick


I have, that's a huge peak for Ross County. The danger now you would


imagine is they may fall away from that. When St Mirren won the League


Cup, I don't want to remind you of this, they only won one match in the


next eight? Thanks for bringing that up! They've


had emotionally draining week although Inverness deserved to win


yesterday. Ross County in the second half did not take their chances.


Inverness have won in the last five derbies in Dingwall. They needed to


make a big statement because they have been tiring a little. They have


although I think they are clear of any relegation worries, they could


push into the top six. Next stop Tynecastle, Hearts with hopes, the


commentary from this one is from Paul Mitchell. Hearts won in Dundee


last weekend, now the captain is injured, Blazej Augustyn returns and


Anderson makes history by becoming the player with the most career


appearances for St Johnstone. Passing the record set by Alan Main.


Liam Craig with the corner. Davidson with the header! And that is simple,


it's a cheap goal for Hearts to lose and it's a great start for St


Johnstone. Murray Davidson. Brian Easton could not get there. Davidson


said thanks very much. Better play from Hearts. Trying to find a bit of


width. They have options, and Alan Mannus making the save. Judged this


really well, Juanma. Former Hearts boss Gary Locke watching. Liam


Craig. Comes in a game, it bounces up and it's happened once more.


Murray Davidson helps in Salford game! Davidson has doubled his goal


tally for the season in the opening 21 minutes in Time Castle, with to


simple headers. Poor again by Hearts. Alexander just couldn't keep


it out. Smith. Trying to find a way Hearts. Alexander just couldn't keep


through, repelled once more. Takes the touch. Driving on. It's back to


Jordan McGhee. Alan Mannus getting down on the right hand. They've


touched this onto the post, it was clever, Jordan McGhee was inside.


That's a great stop. St Johnstone haven't travelled well of late and


Kirk they are enjoying this at Tynecastle. The defence again, Kris


came. Blazej Augustyn looking comfortable, Alexander came out


well. Craig, the architect of the to goals, and it goes again, Anderson


and McLean. Hearts were looking for offside, Steven McLean had a great


chance of the header. Hearts were nowhere when it came and Anderson


missed it too. Far, far from happy. Nicholson floating it up. Walker.


What a goal that would have been from Jimmy Walker. Never lacks


confidence. The header came back to him from McLean. Took it first time.


Hearts still struggling to get into this and find a way through. A good


challenge. To Liam Craig! What a hit from Liam Craig. Alexander died, I


am not sure he would have stopped that if it had nestled in. Doing


enough to pressure Hearts. Inside it comes, Jason Cummings did well, it


goes on to McLean, and St Johnstone are building again. Fisher on the


overlap, it is played through, and to Fischer. And it's a first senior


goal for Darnell Fischer. 3-0, for St Johnstone, a beautiful ball from


Wotherspoon, perfectly weighted. That's so confident for your first


goal in senior football. I'm really proud of the players and how well


they played. I think we dominated from the first whistle to the last


and not many teams can do that. We didn't give a lot of chances, to


waste to goals is not good enough. We've worked hard on it recently.


Pat, I do not think even the most hardened St Johnstone fans saw that


coming. How did they do it? I was impressed because they did something


I wasn't expecting, they pressed really high up the pitch, against


Hearts who were not expecting that. I've watched a lot of that in


England, certainly Liverpool have done it, this is absolutely fine


comic he has closed him down, but done it, this is absolutely fine


that one is closing as well. They have absolutely no where to go. If


you know when the ball that height up the park you've only got about 25


or 30 yards to get yourself into a great position, and they almost get


a goal from it. In the first 20 minutes they were brilliant. A


simple long ball and look at what happens. There are surrounded, five


of them, all lively, all keen to win the ball and they do, but they don't


give up, the ball goes wide, I'm going to chase it down. To do that


you need to keep on top of it. It doesn't look much but they score


from the corner. This is a good one near the end of the game that I was


impressed by because obviously they are leading 2-0. What do you do in


this situation? That's an easy ball, they think although it isn't easy if


he makes a run. If he chases down and asks the question and they did


this all the way through. If a mistake happens, which it does


suddenly they are in the goal again. Release will be from Hearts, good


anticipation from Steven McLean. Lovely work from Fischer. He wasn't


marked. Schools with a shot across. I give him the benefit of the doubt,


it was a shot! Pat, has surprised the youth of the level of success is


it was a shot! Pat, has surprised St Johnstone enjoyed against Hearts?


Amazed because Hearts are generally good. You don't expect a bouncing


ball from the corner. You never work against that. And it happened twice.


St Johnstone attracted well, really up for it. I would however ask a


question later, the ball comes in, it's in the six yard line, most


keepers, are you going to come through? Will you be static on your


line? I think he probably should have come for that. Bodies in the


way although you have seen goalies taking the bodies as well. They


didn't from that situation, others went and attacked and they kept on


going, another opportunity there. I'm not impressed with that at all


because no one is getting close to him. And the keeper is on his line


again. There's a big gap behind, does he come for that not? Not


blaming the keeper. The Hearts defensive line is wrong, they are


too deep and not a straight line, defensive line is wrong, they are


and this time the goalie pulls off a great save. That's why not harsh on


him because it's a great save and he wasn't helped by his defenders, they


normally defend better than that, Robbie Neilson was the first to flag


them up. If you are going to make the stakes them all in one game. I


suspect they lose another full sometime -- if you are going to make


mistakes. Hamilton Academicals had not won a home game physics months.


mistakes. Hamilton Academicals had Could that unfortunate statistic


change against Partick this -- they had not won home game for six


months. Partick Thistle didn't get going in the first 20 minutes. This


rather summed things up. For Hamilton Accies the opposite as they


went in search of an elusive home win, and Greg Docherty, the


19-year-old, made no mistake. A second goal of the season for him,


and Accies were ahead in the 11th minute. Six goals so far this


season, this player was looking for a lucky number seven, not this time.


Greg Docherty was again causing danger, he passed the ball and there


was a good finish. The decision for side, it looked tight, but and


looked right. 1-0 ad hoc time. In the interval Partick Thistle


regrouped and five minutes into the second half they were level Lawless


with the cross Mathias Pogba with the equaliser. Accies tried to get


back in front. This one fired over from a tight angle. With 15 minutes


left to play Mathias Pogba had the chance of his third goal against


Accies but it was not to be. But it would be Partick Thistle stay.


Substitute Chris Doolan with the cross, and there was a wry and


Edwards to score the winner. The Australian had only started due to


an injury to Liam and Lindsey in the warm up. Not a bad time to score


your first Partick Thistle goal. Very frustrating. Second half we


conceded a poor goal. I don't think we competed well enough. I don't


think our keeper had a save to make. At any level that is poor. First off


was special, they played at an intense tempo and we did well in the


first 20 minutes. In the second half we started well. We thought that we


could score goals and then we got that goal. Hamilton are bottom of


the table and they can't win at home, can they stay up? They are


the table and they can't win at going to have to start winning.


They've been inconsistent, they went last week at Inverness and at


They've been inconsistent, they went half-time yesterday they must have


thought, we will get back-to-back wins and put this home losing to bed


and then they conceded to sloppy goals. It must be frustrating. I


think they will stay up. You think so. Not long to go. In terms of


Partick this'll few people thought they might struggle, could they make


the top six? That may be pushing it although I wasn't one of those who


thought they were struggling. All through the season and have thought


there has just been enough there, they have scored from various parts


of the ground. Mathias Pogba would help if he scored more regularly!


They seem to get draws and a win when they need one. As kind of liked


the way they play. I've never worried about them. The top six


would be a bonus, they have done just what they needed to do and well


done. Itsy tree interesting. Let's look at the table. The smack it is


done. Itsy tree interesting. Let's hugely interesting. Celtic are now


for points clear of Aberdeen with one game in hand and a vastly


for points clear of Aberdeen with superior goal difference. St


Johnstone for. Motherwell fifth after that victory over Aberdeen. A


real scramble at the moment for the top six. At the bottom Dundee United


now seven points behind Kilmarnock with one game in hand. Friday night


in Falkirk would get the Championship off to a flyer. Rangers


the visitors, first versus second, a night to remember. Aaron Muirhead


returns to the Falkirk defence as McCann drops to the bench. Rangers


have made to changes, Billy King making his third start for the club


as Michael hologram and Harry Forrester dropped to the bench. But


McMichael Holland. Rangers not beaten in the last 15 matches. The


whistle has gone for offside. It was an exquisite finish. He was onside,


Muirhead played him on. The official ruled it out. Rangers have started


very lively. That's a lovely pass. In to Miller! And Kenny Miller opens


the scoring in the seventh minute. His 16th of the season. Good


football from Rangers. And Miller makes it three goals in his last to


appearances. Halliday. Miller. Terrific through


pass. Wallace looks up, sees McKay and it's 2-0 to Rangers!


We've not hit the ten-minute mark yet.


Terrific pass from Miller to set Wallace on his way and it was the


easiest of tap-ins for Barry McKay. Darting forward, King. Good running


from McKay. Chance for the third. And it's away by Muirhead. Lovely


counterattacking play again by Rangers. McKay on side and he


couldn't get a proper touch on the shot.


Neat ball. O'Halloran. Rodgers is there to make the save. Narrowed the


angle. Oh, a caerk!


An outstanding strike to get Falkirk back in the game -- a cracker. It's


a sure contender for goal of the season that, outside the right foot,


top corner. Kiernan. Given it away. Round the


keeper and he's tied it up! And he has a celebration to match the goal.


It's now 2-2 and the former Livingstone player who scored


against Rangers early in the season does it in Falkirk colours!


Concern for Mark Warburton here. McCracken is up. Can't get to it.


O'Hara. Good ball in. Falkirk have won it! In stoppage time. They've


come from behind. It's an outstanding turn around. O'Hara's


low ball in. McHugh unchallenged peeled off his marker. Falkirk 3,


Rangers 2. Anything can happen, 2-0 score is a funny score, we have


mentioned it many times, we hit the first goal in the second half and


took it forward from there, the substitutions work in that the


substitute scored the second and third, so delighted for them. An


unbelievable come back from Falkirk. Peter Houston must have been the


happiest man in the world with the Peter Houston must have been the


substitutions he made? The three things managers like, they love when


their team score from set pieces, they love it when they make tactical


substitutions and when they come on and do that sort of thing. They'll


celebrate with a glass of wine! Defending is not great, quite


simple. They were the secret that not everyone knew about. That is not


the case now, everyone knows. They are playing brilliant football, they


are great at home. They play away from home very well. They are


in-form. In terms of Rangers, the way they


started the match, it was a blistering start, you thought it was


going to be a cricket store at one point? It really was. They had a


tremendous first half. Should have been out of sight, but the second


half performance, they dropped their own standards, the standard they set


as players and the standards Mark Warburton sets. What can you tell


us? No, they have not dropped their standards a lot this season, they'll


win the league comfortably. They'll be disappointed but they'll go on to


the next game. In terms of Falkirk, their season gets better and better


doesn't it? They've been fantastic. A special mention for the goal of


the season. Terrible month for Hibs. They've lost their three


Championship matches. Victory away in the Scottish Cup midweek to


Inverness steadied the ships. Could they keep it going away to Raith


Rovers? Midweek cup victory midweek aside,


it's gone horribly wrong for Hibs of late. Things look to be on the up at


Starks Park as they were fired into the lead.


Raith are firmly in the play-off mix and they were level% before half


time. Not quite enough to raise a smile.


Getting to that stage of the season when players who haven't put their


bodies on the line. Stokes denied a second.


Early in the second half, it would get worse for Hibs. Stuart with a


goal to put Raith into a lead. The goal coming in the 53rd minute.


At this point, Hibs probably thought it couldn't get much worse as they


searched for an equailiser. Coming up, a nightmare miss from Jason


Cummings. A moment to forget for the Hibs top


scorer. It rather sums up how things have


been going of late for Hibernian. Cummings was subbed on the hour


mark. Off the bench came Chris dag national, off the wood work came his


header and off the boil Hibs rite now -- Dagnall. All the games


against Hibs very really close. The game was even. Most have been even.


Maybe we got a wee bit of luck there tonight with the one that came off


the bar. We deserved the win in the end. It's not about fatigue, it's


about concentration, not letting your man get a run at you and then,


if that does happen, then defending the second ball is better, we just


didn't do that. Here is the table:


Zblefr had a moment like this, as a striker? Probably quite a few.


Excellent season, has Cummings. If anything, he's concentrating on the


ball because it's bobbling. He gets a really good contact on it,


probably too good. Would have been better mis-hitting it or letting it


bounce off the shin. It's an absolute sitter. Fantastic result


for Raith? It is. Fantastic credit to them, to be clear in fourth place


is fantastic and the manager's done a great job. What on earth has


happened to Hibernian? I'm sure the a great job. What on earth has


manager will have come up with a couple of ideas. They are


manager will have come up with a to play OK. They didn't play


particularly badly. They certainly created a good few chances which we


watched. If they keep on doing that, they come to the end of the season


and there's every chance they can still get up. It's going to be


difficult because Raith Rovers are no mugs, Falkirk will be there too.


Let's look at it in a positive sense, it's going to be exciting.


Pat and Steven, thank you very much indeed. International Day of


Happiness, believe it or not. Always something to smile about in Scottish


football if you look hard enough. From all of us tonight, good night.


Introduced by Jonathan Sutherland.

The best of the action from the Scottish Premiership, including Sunday's Dundee derby at Tannadice. Elsewhere, champions Celtic are away at Kilmarnock, Aberdeen's attempt to wrestle away the title sees them up travel to Motherwell, Hearts take on St Johnstone, Hamilton host Partick and Ross County entertain Inverness in the Highland derby. Also, selected Championship action in the race for promotion.

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