20/10/2013 Sportscene


Jonathan Sutherland introduces highlights of the weekend's matches in the new SPFL Scottish Premiership, with comment on and analysis of the week's main talking points.

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Good evening. In a week when Gordon Strachan's Scotland proved there is


life in the side yet, it is a burst to life. Arguably the best yet in


the history of the Scottish Premiership. Steven Thompson and Pat


Nevin joined me tonight. We start at Easter Road where Hibernian took on


Celtic. Fisher to McGivern. Kris Commons.


Six goals so far this season for Kris Commons. He tries again to test


the goalkeeper. Heffernan runs through, he has been given offside.


-- on side. Celtic will feel aggrieved that the flag did not go


up. Kris Commons is onside with a chance for the equaliser. Over the


top it goes. This man has been deadly in front of goal this season.


He expected that to nestle in the net. Brown onto Fisher. Fisher


posing with Tudor Jones. Samaras. The keeper kept it out. Samaras was


set up and put it straight at the goalkeeper. Stalks then not testing


the goalkeeper. McGivern saves the blushes of his


goalkeeper. Williams went wandering. Cookie took far too long to execute.


Nelson in on the sly to deny the arduous Samaras. -- to deny Georgios


Samaras. A tough afternoon for Heffernan.


Stalks denied. He scored half a dozen against his form -- former


club. He was onside. That's like the punch. -- Tudor


Jones lacked the punch. Just a little bit team. -- tame. That will


be a big king. Brian McGivern just caught for peace. -- booking. The


left back is off. Forrest attacking Craig, a chance for James Forrest.


That was brilliant! That is the equaliser next mission marked he


exploited this space left by McGivern being off. A stunning


strike. That was a terrific ball in. What a


save from Ben Williams. A great one-handed save. You're disappointed


when you are reading any game. We did most part of the game really


well. It did not appear to be offside, it was offside. I am this


appointed that the officials missed that. We had some marvellous


goalkeeping by Ben Williams. We could have won the game comfortably.


M Micro no doubt that was offside, how disappointing is that decision


by assistant? You will macro it is very disappointing. The referee is


this side. He sees the green and white jersey. Although it is only


about one yard it is no doubt that it is offside. I think Neil Lennon


is probably very right to be disappointed and angry. A great


start for Hibernian. We had the lead. How impressed where you buy


that goal? So direct and so fast. It is the technique he uses with the


outside of his boot, I would not dream of doing that. It was an


incredible bit of skill. That will do him the world of good in terms of


confidence. I was one of those not convinced by his form but watching


his piece in that game, he has absolutely got it back. Great news


for Celtic and for Scotland. Kris Commons looks like being out injured


for a couple of weeks. A lot of top after the match about the


physicality of Hibernian. What was your view? We could use euphemisms


like robust and strong challenges. One or two of them were over the


top. If you are not as good as the opposition player for player you


have got to find a way of winning. It might be that you have better


team spirit. Cannot argue with that one egg 's creation marked he is


understandably angry but there was no doubt that Neil Lennon and his


Time to pretend the sort of tackle we are talking about. There were a


lot of strong tackles but I do not think they were malicious. Perhaps


the fans still feel unsure about how it is all going. You will macro the


need to defend and I think they have defended very well. McGivern was a


classic example. The captain here. He keeps on moving. By the time he


plays at the last three Hibernian players in the fighting and


battling. That is what they have added to the game and the need to


keep going. Celtic only getting a draw meant Inverness could cut the


lead to a single point. It would be a memorable match to see the least.


This free kick. It has come to Draper. Greenhalgh. The woodwork


Spears Partick Thistle. That was a lovely touch. Terrific. This'll act


on the move. Dylan! That is a superb goal by the visitors. A wonderful


move. He finished it off, keeping it past the keeper. Inverness have been


the better side but the trail. Draper. What receive! -- what are


save. Doran was one of the Star sport Caley Thistle in the early


part of the season. That is his effort. Mackay turning it back for


Draper. It has been this saves that maintain the Partick Thistle need.


-- lead. Ross Draper leaving it for Aaron Doran.


Doran scorers! This goal is not going to stand! The referee comes


over to speak to his assistant. Controversy at the end of the first


half here in the Highland capital. Mackay's effort blocked on the line.


Lauren fine the net but it will not count. -- Aaron Doran found the net.


Warren scorers! Caledonian Thistle will see that justice has been done


here. Warren's first of the season has levelled the game.


This goalkeeper has had a lively afternoon. It might have just


strayed in the. There was a foul on the keeper by Billy McKay and again


Inverness are left frustrated and angry.


A good move by Partick. Good movement again by Dylan. An


excellent turn from Welsh. The ball is missed by the keeper and Partick


Thistle are back in front. It is Aaron Doolan again.


Inverness have to respond again. They are running out of time.


Partick Thistle look like they're going back down the a nine with all


three points. Scoring the goals was vital.


going back down the a nine with all three points. Scoring the I was


disappointed with the goal we lost after half-time. I thought the lads


showed great character to get back from that. I cannot work out why we


lost the game. We should have got a point or three. We had great


opportunities. We had a goal disallowed. In the second half,


there was a lot of pressure on the teacher. He got a lot of help from


the referee. -- pressure on the keeper. Starting with corner gate,


no getting away from it, a lot of the rules say that you have to touch


the corner. I think should stay. It was a stroke of genius. He it back.


I've seen teams do this before. It was a neat trick. The flag is still


down. No flag. The key thing, does the existence referee had knowledge


the suggestion that the Corner has been taken? Look at him here. He has


kicked it and he's having a word, but watch what he does now. He


pushes the Partick Thistle playback as if to say, you can come within


ten yards, because it's not been played yet. So the assistant, for


me, has said that the ball has not been played, even though it has been


played. He is saying, see, he's pushing the Thistle man away and


understand his position. The thing do not understand is why the flag is


not up. He has made a mistake by not raising the flag as soon. That is a


big mistake and it is a perfectly good goal. That was the problem. And


now he has flagged it. In the spirit of the game, sneaky or clever?


Sneaky and clever. OK. But not clever enough because it did not


count. I think it is perfectly fine because you do a dummy run at free


kicks, and you drag players around, it is all about doing that sort of


thing to give yourself some advantage. There is nothing wrong


with that and it is within the rules. I'm sure the Partick Thistle


players would have been raging if it had stood. Dooley got two goals in


the match. They have won a lot of plaudits, but had the lack of a


striker on a weekend, week out basis is a problem, but suddenly Dooley


has two. This was a tremendous move. A tremendous touch. It is great for


him to get some goals. But Partick Thistle are one of the best sides in


the division. They have been a real bonus to the Premiership. And a


horrible moment from Dean Brill. I think Partick Thistle adduce some


luck. And was that they are game on Monday and they were


luck. And was that they are game on Monday brilliant but they got


nothing out of it. I think they played well. -- Partick Thistle are


due some luck. I'm delighted to see a current player saying that it is


the best team in the league right now. It was a sora once-a-day


foreigners. It has been a long time since the Aberdeen Dundee United


fixture was referred to as the new firm derby with any real sense of


credibility. But with both sides looking good, a crowd of 12,500


gathered to see which of the rivals could take the bragging rights.


Despite a tiring week with the Scotland team, Ryan goal at -- Gauld


starts. You have to go back to 1998 is to find a game between these two


teams that ended without a goal. Good play from Stewart Armstrong.


Good anticipation. The first real test for the Polish keeper.


Shaughnessy should have perhaps got more on it. Trying conditions for


both teams. Awkward for the defenders. Craig Brown is a director


here these days. Watson! Jamie Lange field is relieved to see this go


past because the United support for this was in. From Watson. Gunnings


got the header initially. Aberdeen are looking to start the


second half positively. Calvin Zola! First blood! Calvin Zola's first


goal at Pittodrie. Aberdeen in front in the north-east derby. Brilliantly


worked. Cutting the United defence open.


That took a touch but Bobby Madden has not seen it. Stewart Armstrong


making that point. United are undefeated since the end


of August when they lost to Celtic. A lot of draws in there as well.


Ciftci has been a nuisance. Derek McKinnon, the former Dundee United


fielder. -- midfielder. A good spell there. Danny MacRae marrow did not


have a good spell here. United looking for the level! -- Danny


McNamara. Armstrong! That is a foul by Goodwillie. The best chance of


the game so far for the Tangerines. It was on a plate for Goodwillie.


You feel that he would have scored a couple of years ago.


Cross was dealt with by Cierzniak. Creeping in under the crossbar from


Johnny Hayes' delivery. Lange field was not getting there.


Keith Watson headed over. -- Jamie Lange field. Aberdeen picking up all


three points. I think we were playing in the wrong areas in the


first half. That allowed United to get a bit of football in the first


half. All in all, another clean sheet. We have had plenty this


season. Jamie's save made it that way. It is one of those games were


you get a real going over. Unfortunately, it did not go our way


today. I thought we passed the ball and cost them a lot of problems. The


luck they had was from free kick some foreigners. -- freak X and


corners. Local bragging rights up for grabs. Calvin Zola with the


decisive goal. How culpable were Dundee United in their own downfall?


We have all school and new school tactics. Look at the position that


Calvin Zola takes. Use going to run through the middle. Dylan and


Gunnings are back there. Look at the centre backs. They leave him alone.


That is the last thing you do. From the strikers point of view, it all


opens up. It was a great finish. It was a good move from Aberdeen in the


build-up to the goal. But they finished it well. Dundee United have


earned a lot of praise for the way they have been playing. If you look


at the style, it is not much about when they don't have the ball when


they do. at the style, it is not much about


when they don't have Every player out there is going to push. If you


push up the pitch, you want a transition play when you get the


ball back. If you close up, you will get the ball back. The best, this is


a lot of energy expended. They are young and they are young and they're


willing to do this. Look at how many Dundee United players are up there.


Four. He only has two options and he's going to give it away. Then


United have the ball back up there. That is fantastic. Bayern Munich are


doing it and Barcelona have always done it. Jackie McNamara looked at


that. That is a fantastic tactic. But it is hard work. Three great


games so far and three more to go. Next, St Mirren versus St Johnstone.


Danny Lennon defied the critics as his side beat Hearts two to zero at


a match in tank at all. -- 2-0. Ron Maclean was watching in Paisley. --


Tynecastle. Not surprisingly, this team came up


with their first win of the season at Tynecastle two weeks ago. Danny


Lennon says, same again. Tommy Wright's team were in sparkling form


last time out. Kevin McLean with a big chance!


Opening the scoring after just eight minutes. It is the dream start for


the Paisley team. And Maclean finds a gaping hole in the middle of the


St Johnstone defence. And was only going to be one outcome. It is 1-0.


Hasselbaink continues the run and sets up Steven MacLean! Want to open


the scoring and the second to square it off at 1-1. Good work from both.


It was on that plate to make it one-to-one. -- 1-1.


Hasselbaink! Good fit. -- good hit and a good save.


The flag stays down. Paul McGowan. St Mirren are back in front.


St Johnstone opened up by that long ball down the middle. No offside.


2-1. It is a great run from Chris Millar.


Hasselbaink! The fourth goal of the game. Two each. What a game this is!


Twice the Perth team have been behind and twice they have level


things up. -- levelled things up. It is a terrific run from John McGinn.


He stumbles. Stephen Thompson halted up. Kenny claim into the box. Then


he goes. Penalty. -- Kenny Maclean. Gary MacDonald is furious. He seemed


to stumble. A flying save. It was not the worst penalty. Great save.


May is a constant threat to the St Mirren defence. This time, wider


target. He is perpetual motion, the young striker.


-- wide of target. A red card for right.


Penalty and red card. It is McLean. And it is the-2. Kenny McLean's


second goal of the game. It looks like he is recapturing his form of


goal. A great ball in. Rory Fallon! He


sixth goal of the game. 84 minutes played. He is just off the bench and


he has an instant impact. Three goals each. This man is wondering


whether his team can hang on. Kenny McLean N and Stephen Thompson. In


the 89th minute. Hoping finally that this is the goal which settled the


issue. For -3 to St Mirren. People question whether we were soft out


there but we stripped right back to the basics in the last two weeks.


When you add all the little things together you get decent performances


and then results. I think we were the better team. We probably should


do better. They bounced back each time. Even with ten men they bounced


back. We showed a lot of character but probably shot ourselves in the


food with poor defending for the fourth goal. And that goal with


Stephen Thompson? That is not just a tap in. Then macro it was a strange


game. Every time we took the lead we conceded. You are running out of


time. It was a man off at that time. After an horrific start to the


season we are really starting to build the foundations to push on.


Hopefully we can make it three wins in a row. It must be massive for the


club and creating a better atmosphere. St Johnstone put a lot


into this match. There was this penalty decision. What was your


view? I think the Coventry called it really well. Both of them were


dragging at each other. -- the common today. If the referee is


going to get the free kick he has to give the red card. It was never a


penalty, was it? I am going to see it was a penalty but I can see why


Frazer Wright was disappointed. St Johnstone obviously shell-shocked at


the end. They need not be too worried about it. They scored three


goals away from home. With St Mirren winning the games consecutively


these days Kilmarnock were starting to stand out like a sword farm. --


sore thumb. When you have got Kris Boyd in your


site, you have got a chance. I header from the striker almost


leading to an early opener. Another high ball into the box lead for a


chance for Boyd himself. Guarding slid in and the ball hit the back of


the net. The SPL's all-time top scored with his fourth Premiership


goal. Ross County were finding the high ball into the box difficult to


deal with. Cleared off the line to stop the visitors going down. The


keeper did not have his finest moment but they kept the ball out.


In the second half will mark the new the victory was within the grasp.


Kris Boyd had his shot partially blocked. He was denied his fifth


goal of the season. It was not shaping up to be a great day for


Ross County but this great run saw them threatened danger. The


follow-up cross from Ben Gordon found ahead but it was touched over


the bar. Soon after, the two Dutchman combined. The county player


was denied. In the 71st minute Kilmarnock would find the clincher


and what a goal it was. Kilmarnock finally with the first win of the


season. There is nothing in this league, most of the teams are very


similar. With a little bit of confidence we will not be far away.


They are macro we did put them under pressure. If we score it becomes a


totally different game but we walk away from you with no points and


that is disappointing. A fantastic result therefore come on up. Jackson


Irvine makes his debut for Australia and then this strike and clinching


goal to get Kilmarnock's first win the season. To hit a dead ball into


that top corner would have been superb but a rolling ball, if Wayne


Rooney had done that people would be waxing lyrical for weeks. Was that


like one of yours, part? I wish! There is nothing between a lot of


the teams in this league. Little things such as a bit of confidence,


C if they can rise up the league now. -- let us see. They do have the


tools they are to rise up the table, do they not? I think they


have. It is not a lot between the teams in the league. That was not


the best goal Kris Boyd has ever scored but it is an important goal


for them. He will get more this season excavation mark and finally,


Motherwell, they have been in good form of late. The face by young


Hearts side bruised and bloodied. Hearts started the day on -7 points.


The home side dominated possession in the first-half but clearly the


Hearts goal. And this occasion it was a case of ball to hand. Hearts


were proving dangerous on the break. Jamie Walker. Goalkeeper blocked the


effort. The rebound defended over the crossbar. More of a threat in


goal during the second PDA. McDonald getting his fingertips to another


sudden header. Set pieces were proving to be a problem for Hearts.


Another corner. Callum Tapping proving that it does pay to have a


man on the post. With just over one hour on the home crowd were stunned


when Hearts took the lead. Ryan Stevenson had acres of space and


time on the left-hand side to drive forward, before filing the ball low


into the bottom corner of the goal. This was Ryan Stevenson's first goal


of the season for Hearts after returning to the side from injury.


Just as Hearts seemed to be on course for the first win since


August, the trump card for Motherwell was played. Just 18


seconds on the pitch and what are we to endure yourself to the home


support. -- what the way. With just eight minutes left, another set


piece and this time no reprieve for Hearts. Shaun Hutchinson again


getting the better of the keeper. What an introduction to professional


football for a demure? Absolutely. -- Craig Moore. It is a goal he will


remember for the rest of his life. If you take our performance into


consideration we are not far away. That was extraordinary, was it not?


Absolutely, he just walks onto the pitch and the ball falls for him. I


hope his family were there to watch that. He was getting called into


play for the under 20s today. He caught the ball ever so sweetly and


what we to make a debut. They are macro anything like your debut?


Unfortunately not! There is very little between the teams and in that


situation you cannot make simple mistakes. The going is in good


position but she ducks. They get away with this. When you have got


away with it once, do not do it again. He is on the ardour we and


what about his own man? If unique little mistakes like this it will


cost you. -- if you make little mistakes. Hearts are still stuck at


the bottom of the table. 13 points now behind Caol Marnoch. This is how


the fixture list looks over the next few weeks. -- hind Caol Marnoch. If


they had won that game they would be six points behind us but now they


are 15 points behind. It is very difficult for them to keep


motivating themselves when the gap is getting bigger. It seems


ridiculous in October to be talking about how the end of the season will


be at do you get a sense that Hearts are doomed to life in the


championship next season? Plenty of mad things have happened over the


years but sometimes it takes something special. With lots of


young kids they it is ultra-difficult. I am not writing


them off yet but I was thinking that it is a bad moment that they will


live to regret. Let us take a look at the table in fool. Let us


concentrate on the top. Time now for a look at tomorrow's


back pages. I am glad this one has been censored by the newspaper!


Iraq's will be like Hibernian is the message! -- Ajax. Only a win will do


for Celtic on Tuesday. Let us talk about that. It looks like a match


that Celtic really have to win, is that how you see it? I think so.


They are missing Scott Brown which is massive. They have a reputation


for producing big performances at home in Europe so I would not be


surprised if they got a result. The crowd are so important for them, the


atmosphere will be beer but they need a win. Absolutely, best of luck


for Celtic. It has been a cracking weekend of action. From now, it is


good night.


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