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Round-up of action from the weekend's Clydesdale Bank Premier League games, presented by Rob Maclean.

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It is all about 45 minutes. All the Dodds and Jim Macintyre are with me.


Touchdown. He may have taken a deflection. That was brilliant.


That is a penalty. Celtic could not afford a repeat of that against an


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 58 seconds


Inverness team that scored six goalkeeper a lot harder than that.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 58 seconds


Neil Lennon would love to be indicates the use of an elbow. He


saw an elbow, but I don't think anyone else in the Crown did.


Samaras when down holding his face. The referee could not get the red


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 58 seconds


Anthony Stokes and how much did he finishing! That must be job done


this time. A double their from Stokes. He has got Celtic the wind


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 58 seconds


bay said badly wanted. -- the wind You have written a couple of weeks


aback about the referee. Is he optic it? I want Stevie O'Reilly to


get better. I am looking at in consistently over the last 18


months and I just feel as if he referees in the wrong style. What I


mean by that is that he brushes decisions. There are lots of red


and yellow cards. He is very officious sometimes. Looking at it,


the arm is our, but he has got it wrong. The thing is, he gets


upgraded games and there was a high one. He is getting too many of them.


Stevie O'Reilly should be doing a couple of Low were games to make


sure he is doing his job properly because right now, he certainly


isn't. I am sure Inverness will appeal that and you can imagine it


will be rescinded and will become a yellow card, but that does not


chase the game? You cannot be played the match and you don't know


what would have happened. Inverness were very well in it when he was


sent off. It was even at that stage and it has changed the face of the


game. I'd like to think that the appeals committee will overturn it.


That was the third red card of the season and when you look back at


the other two, its the situation of was it the player or the ball? Was


this an obvious goalscoring opportunity go? Three red cards for


Inverness this season - when any event justified? I think it is a


coincidence. That is why I did the column a few weeks ago. There was


no obvious goalscoring chance. I was at the game where Naismith was


brought down by Tokely. What happened yesterday as well, to be


honest, there is a case. It is not a conspiracy, it's just coincidence.


They had been unlucky. -- they have been unlucky. Celtic might have won


the game anyway, even against 11 players. It was a match they had to


win. You must have appreciated it. Yes. Stokes was in the right place


at the right time. He was sharp all afternoon. There is no doubt he is


a goalscorer. If you see some of the course he has scored this


season, they are fantastic. But is he better than Kris Boyd? I'm not


sure. Neil Lennon left him out and I don't know why. But Stokes is a


natural. He has the goalscoring instincts, the same way Kris Boyd


has. His game has changed for the better. Gin, you go to Celtic Park


on Wednesday night. How do trouble them and how do you can say then?


First of all, we have to make sure we can beat. Union -- you need


everybody attic. We need to keep our concentration. -- everybody at


it. Mother will have to get maximum points to hold on to a cheap share


of the SPL second spot. -- to a share of the SPL second


spot. Mother hell were right at home. An early free kick gave the


Motherwell after that 2-1 defeat at Celtic. Neilson with the cross and


it was headed home. They equalised just four minutes after going


behind. The former Blackpool striker Vernon got his 5th goal for


the season. And the second half, McArdle slung in a good try. Omar


Daley scored in the 53rd minute. The Motherwell fans go did former


boss Craig Brown throughout. -- goaded. Mother will now have six


wins from their last SPL away Motherwell have lost only once in


the SPL. Can they maintain it? they can keep everybody fit, they


have got a good chance. This what needs to be fit to maintain the


challenges that they face. They have got quality players. They are


always a threat. It seems almost unnoticed that Stuart McCall is


deepening beat Scott. Hughes is there on a short-term deal and also


at Omar Daley. He keeps finding them. He says it won't last and


he's always played it down. Their record is second to none. Daley


scoring that goal was brilliant. We know what Hughes is capable of as


well. The squad is really coming together. The pressure is on.


Dunfermline went into their international break with their


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 58 seconds


making his first serious save against his old team. That was no


claim, it came off Barnes. -- McLean. That was unconventional. A


glorious scramble. St Mirren are screaming for a penalty. The shot


was deflected. MacGowan with the shot at goal. It is touched away


again by the Dunfermline keeper who is having a very busy first half.


This may not have been going in but he felt he had to make the save. TV


has it. A chance to create something there. Hasselbaink to


acclaim. St Mirren have what they so richly deserve after 20 minutes.


-- McLean. Nigel Hasselbaink drew Galata of his line. -- off. Lovely


football. Hassell bank's cross. Foiled by Gallagher. This should


have been their second goal. I great delivery. A pretty miraculous


save that. Lennon would laugh at St Mirren's supremacy to be further


rewarded. -- would love. We are in stoppage time. Thomson. Hasselbaink.


He created the first and scored the second. That was left virtually the


last kick of the first 45 minutes. It was a blunder by a skipper


post and then! Dunfermline are back in the game. The keeper tried to


prevent that crossing the line, it was difficult to see whether it had


gone in already, it is 2-1. This man is a constant thorn in the


flesh of the Dunfermline defence. Another reflex stop for the


goalkeeper. Thomson threw himself at it. It was almost an own goal.


Dunfermline have not given up yet. Cardle with a fierce shot. Sampson


gets his gloves behind it. St Mirren hold on. It was a great


When you look back on their two holes yesterday, from a defensive


point of view from Dunfermline, presumably you are not very happy.


That's right. St Merryn really punish us. -- St Mirren. That is a


poor goal from our point of view. McLean Was having a great game for


them. I guess the worst one was just before half-time. Yes, I think


so. Again we were punished. They do play some lovely stuff, don't they?


They do, they do what Lennon wants them to do. They have started


mixing things up, sometimes they take chances, I think what has


helped them is that they have mixed it up, played and gone long in the


last couple of weeks. It is not hard to see where Dunfermline have


gone wrong. We can look at this chart which shows goals for and


goals against. We have given ourselves too much to-do in a


number of the Games this year. What I will say about the boys is that


they showed a lot of character in the second half. I think they gave


their opponents a bit of a fright. Dunfermline's 3 SPL wins have been


away from home. Yes. When day's score at they will win games. If


they can keep a clean sheet and be compact which they are capable of


doing, trying to keep things a little bit tighter, they want to


have a little bit of flair in the attack but when they get the weds


and the crosses in the box they can score goals. -- width. The North


Stand at East End Park has been shut down to save money on police


and stewarding, is that worrying from the playing side of things?


do not think it is just done Furman alone. If you look across Scottish


Football League teams are really struggling for revenue. There are a


few fans who are really unhappy because they have sat there for a


long, long time but we have to look forward. It doesn't sound like you


will be spending a lot of money on new players before the transfer


window closes in January? I do not think so! And a club that is up for


sale along with some of its top players. Hearts verses Dundee


spectacular this year so far. -- be a weak form. -- the away form.


Harks making all the early running. -- Hearts. Robertson is the air,


what a fine goal! That was greeted from absolutely nothing. Daly had


nothing but Roberts and to aim at. That diving header was exquisite. -


- Robertson. The des Skacel and an own goal. It is going to be chopped


off! He was offside. That was very, very close. Stephen is losing out.


Hearts can come forward once more. Here is my gallant. That might find


its way into the back of the net. - - MacGowan. That almost worked out


nicely for him. Good goalkeeping. Sergio confined to the stance for a


couple of weeks. -- stands. Here is Skacel again. The chance is not


entirely gone just yet. Perhaps Skacel could have played this


earlier to Templeton. It was a decent shot. Templecombe with ahead


the touch on the rebound. -- Templeton. Again it is really quick


feet from this man. Again it is round to Robertson. Skacel in close


proximity. He merely has looked like their best opportunity of an


all this afternoon. -- he really has. Rankin could not get hold of


it as he would have liked. The two former Kilmarnock men are linking


up. One way and then the other. Sutton did not catch that. It is


his first start since August, he will be desperate to make an impact.


He did not get hold of that at all. Skacel, and a nice touch for


Stevenson. Sutton is climbing, he felt he was being held down. His


arm was being held. United are looking for a killer second. Surely


that would wrap up the points. Daily on the rebound. Again that is


going to be chopped off. The assistant just about gets that one


If you are only going to score once every three years you have to make


it a belter. That is what Robertson has done. It was his desire to get


into the box. It was a fabulous delivery from John Daly. It was a


superb finish. You talk about the desire but you have to be fit and


you have to want to get there. The ball has to be pinpointed. To


execute the header and then your neck to put it in that corner I


think that is an unbelievable goal. Fantastic. I think both teams had a


goal chalked off which it looked on side to me. No harm done. This man


was banned from detectable area. We have seen a phone calls being made


on the mobile but they are not getting the signal. I know you are


seeing what is the use of banning them when they can still put orders


across. He is shouting down. They are going to have to make a ruling


on whether they can contact them or You have had a touchline ban this


season. How has it affected you? Quite a lot. It is very frustrating.


Big changes coming at Hearts. The club is up for sale answer are some


of the players. This is what Hearts had to say about it. It is going to


be all change. How do you see? Desperate days ahead. They realise


they are in trouble, financially. For what they wanted to achieve in


Scottish football, they were paying out too much money. I think


Vladimir Romanov realises he cannot run his business like that.


Hibs were at home to Kilmarnock yesterday and stand-in manager


Billy Brown was looking to bolster his claims to get the job on a


full-time basis. Here's how it went half. Pascali fired home of the


rebound. 1-0 down at half-time. At half timed Billy Brown make some


Kilmarnock. The header was comfortably saved. Dean Shiels was


also causing problems for his old club. Kelly kept the pressure on


and more often than not, it kept possession of the ball. -- HET.


Frustration for Kilmarnock's manager. No free kick apart from an


obvious foul. A similar situation afterwards further blackened his


loop towards the referee Stephen Finney. This wasn't the greatest


game. Fulmar not need to turn more of these draws into wins, but the


big question remains - was this result enough to earn Billy Brown


Will it be Billy Brown? He has got a wealth of experience and I think


he will do a brilliant job. He is a proper football man. Clearly, he is


being besieged by autograph hunters. That is sending out a message. Well,


three of them anyway and!. He would have wanted to win the game. Let's


cut to the chase. It would have been better for him if he had. They


had a poor first half. At least he changed things and they got a draw.


It wasn't a totally bad result. It depends on what happens in the


coming weeks. The bookies don't often get it wrong and they have


packed Finland as odds-on favourite. -- Pat Finland. He has done well in


Ireland. He was coveted by Dundee United a couple of years ago, but


it did not work out. I think Billy Brown is a good candidate for that


job and I hope he get it. -- get it. The first match for Steve Lomas as


St Johnstone manager shaped up as a tough one. A trip to Ibrox where


the Perth team haven't won a league played so Johnston this time. -- St


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 58 seconds


match this season. They are pushing as no Kiat sends it back in. That


was a great ball. -- Mackay. Saints continuing to travel well. They


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 58 seconds


the shot. - Matt Murray Davidson. A I don't think dropping a couple of


points constitutes a crisis, but the momentum could be last. Yes.


They still have a fantastic record overall, but you need to be certain


with home games. There is a new manager at St Johnstone. It wasn't


just all about Rangers dominating. Was this a model for what you would


like to do at Celtic Park on Wednesday night? You have to be


solid against the Old Firm. As you can see here, they had a real


threat on the counter attack and had some good chances. There were a


couple of good saves by McGregor. McGregor has made a few mistakes.


However, he knows how to get points. The acquisition of Steve Lomas,


fantastic playing career. He has been on the lower rungs of the


latter would be youth teams as well. Does he sound like the right man


for the job? Yes. He has a desire to get into coaching. He looks


hungry and motivated. However, that scarp looks a little bit tight!


Once he gets home and sees that, he won't be wearing it again! That


staff could tighten, depending on how results go! Is it a case for


Steve Lomas that if it's not broke, don't try to fix it? It is a good


club to take over. Probably the best squad of players they have got


their and have had for a long time. Le Saux into the radio commentary


yesterday, it sounded as if they defended really well, particularly


Anderson. Anderson and Wright had been key to St Johnstone. -- have


been. We had a stable base as well -- we have that stable base as well.


They are not out of it by any manner of means. Let us have a look


All that action for you next Sunday night at ten. Plus SPL highlights


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