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Highlights of the 1st leg of the final play-off for the last spot in the Scottish premiership.

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Good evening. As the latter months of the Premiership season passed,


Hibs' dismal form saw them plummet down the table as they finished


second bottom in the play-off place. Tonight, the first half of their


battle for Premiership survival took place at New Douglas Park against


Hamilton Acadmical. With me to review the first leg of this


Premiership play-off this evening, Michael Stewart. Let's get straight


to the action. Unlike Hibs, Accies went into this match with their


tails up having seen off Falkirk in the play-off semi-final. Commentary


comes from Liam MacLeod. Alex Neil has resisted the urge to


pick himself, but he brings back Antoine-Curier. He was a subat -- he


was a sub at the weekend. The onus on Paul Heffernan for Hibs, can


Cummings up front with him. Neither wanted to be playing tonight. Hibs


certainly didn't. Accies would have rather won the title. It is a very


different kind of second chance for these two clubs. They played their


respective seasons at different levels, but Accies have scored twice


as many as Hibs this season, including the 10 they banged in


against Morton. It is 180 minutes to decide which team will be team 12 in


next season's Premiership. It must have been a long ten days day for


Terry Butcher and everyone associated with Hibs, since that


defeat to Kilmarnock. Cummings has drawn the free kick.


Alan Maybury, 35 years of age. I bet he didn't think he would be seeing


this kind of pressure at this stage of his career.


Robertson! He is very unlucky. Both he and his boss with their head in


their hands here. Hamilton uneasy in defence. Wonderful play by Stanton.


It broke back to Robertson. The woodwork prevents Hibs going in


front here. Antoine-Curier is waiting in the


middle. A very tight angle there though. A difficult take and an


excellent move between Andreu and Keatings. Eventually Antoine-Curier


doing well to do anything better than that.


Harries has won -- Harris has won the corner. Liam Craig over this


one. In it comes towards Robertson.


Surely it will be tucked in. But it wouldn't have counted, Bobby


Madden's whistle blows and Robertson is left frustrated again. It was


blocked by his own man Heffernan. It came off his hand as it was bulleted


down wards. Antoine-Curier was on the line too. Barry Ferguson, the


former Scotland and Rangers captain watching on, his home town team.


Hibs are without a win in so long, since they beat Ross County if


February. Hamilton have only lost one of their last 15 games. Cummings


goes for goal and that is a stunning start for Hibs! They will feel a


heck of a lot better now. A massive moment in this play-off final


provided by Jason Cummings, with his first for the club and what a time


to get it. Well, he has just lashed this past Cuthbert, who didn't have


a hope really. Sized it up and thundered it beyond the Accies


keeper. The first goal could well be crucial in this tie and it has come


for Hibernian and by the left boot of Jason Cummings. Delight for


Butcher and no wonder - the pressure is huge. Accies have not found


goal-scoring this season. No one has scored more than them in the


Championship last season, including Dundee, who went up as champions.


For weeks things have not been falling for Hibernian and suddenly


Williams makes the save. Excellent goalkeeping from the Hibs No 1


there. A crucial intervention. Accies cannot afford to concede


again before the break. Mackinnon is not going to get a chance to bear


down on the Hibs defence. Cummings has given Hibs a priceless 1-0 lead


in this play-off final first leg. Cuthbert couldn't get anywhere near


it. It was all about the pace and power from Jason Cummings. At half


time it is Hamilton 0, Hibernian 1. We are about to find out what Accies


are made of the last time they failed to score was when they lost


in February. Hibs last away victory was Boxing Day at Ross County.


Remember, without a win in their last 13. He would have been much


happier in the dressing room at half time on this occasion, Terry


Butcher. That hasn't been the case a lot recently.


It comes to Cummings! Was it over the line? Was it over the line? Yes,


it was, says the referee, who consults with his assistance and


Cummings doubles up for Hibs! That will go a long, long way to


Premiership survival. A dream evening in Lanarkshire for young


Jason Cummings. Great play from Hibs. Missed by Robertson it. Came


kindly to Cummings. That a definite goal. Despite the best efforts of


Ziggy Gordon on the line, he couldn't prevent it from crossing.


Hibs are two to the good. The assistant referee on the near side


saw it perfectly. It is well over. It is Accies nil, Hibs two.


This is from Routledge. It took a touch on its way through. Accies


corner. Happy days, for Terry Butcher. He knows, the Hibs fans


know, relegation just isn't an option.


Another deep corner kick. It's won. It's headed just past.


Canning won the initial header. Just knocked past the post.


Another good challenge from Stevenson that time for Hibs.


Stanton, grains his chances. Such a long season for both these teams.


Hibernian started in the Europa league qualifying away back in the


middle of f July last year. Looking for space to shoot. Good ball


through for Ryan. Good save, Ben Williams. Great goal keeping. --


goalkeeping. Slammed the door on the face of Ryan. Well onside. Paul


Cairney prepares to come on for Hibs. He has single-handedly edged


them so close to safety now. A goal in either half. They are singing his


name, and little wonder. A pat on the back from Paul Cairney. He


hasn't played much recently. This is Scotland, outmuscling


Cairney. He wants in the middle. Just outside the penalty area. A


spill from Williams. Crawford shot causing the hub Hibernian number one


problems here. Williams gets away with the spill. 90 minutes have been


played. Four being added on at the end in stoppage-time, only for


Hamilton to try and get something back from this game. Otherwise they


are heading through to the capital with a task almost as tall as


(inaudible) out for the goal kick. Looked for a split second as though


it was going to break to him. Lovely reverse pass from . -- Andreu. It


was Scotland going on to it. It was his final touch.


Canning, back to his keeper. Cuthbert. Seconds remaining. Of this


play-off final, first-leg. The referee has checked his watch.


It's not quite job done, but they are almost there are Terry Butcher's


Hibernian. A goal either side of half-time, from 18-year-old Jason


Cummings. His first two goals for the club, they are priceless goals


for the club. Hibernian are on the brink of Premiership safety. They


will now head into Sunday's second-leg at Easter Road with a


two-goal cushion, thanks to that man. It finished here at New Douglas


Park, Hamilton Academical 0-Hibernian 2. 2-0 to Hibernian. We


asked Terry Butcher how much he enjoyed tonight's match. It's


horrible on the sidelines watching it. So much is at stake. We are not


doing this and that. Odd -- all of a sudden Jason scores. Not used to


scoring two goals and keeping a clean sheet. The boys in the


dressing room don't know what to do. It's a lovely feeling. Not being


blaza about it. It's a situation we love being in. The players came back


after the Kilmarnock game. Their attitude has been spot on. I said


before the game they have done remarkably well in terms of how they


bounced back. It's testament to them, because they did that, it


showed tonight. It wasn't to be on the night. We are disappointed. We


felt particularly in the first half we played really well. The better


team and created opportunities. Then on the counter tack you get in


trailing. I can't fault the players. They worked their socks off. For


large parts of the game we controlled the ball. I thought the


decision-making could have been better. The first goal and the


second goal, I thought I took them well myself. The players help me and


the gaffer, they believed in me and the fans believed in me. I knew it


was coming. Now the first goals have come in, I hope they will flood in


for me, hopefully, fingers crossed. Job done? They are a good side. We


have to be professional treat it as 0-0 and get on with it. We are


playing at Easter Road. It will be a bumper crowd. The fans will be


cheering us on. Lovely surface much we want to make the most of it and


enjoy the occasion. Make sure that we play well and finish the job off.


Hibs taking a massive stride towards Premiership safety with that result


this evening. Michael, they deserved it, you have to say that? Yeah. I


think over the piece that you wouldn't argue with the fact that


Hibs were worthy winners. You heard Neil Feltham I will tonne controlled


the ball for large swathes of the game. They maybe did. In the fine


third they lacked a cutting-edge. They didn't put Hibs under pressure.


Hibs have tethered towards second bottom place in the Premiership.


There was a difference about them tonight, wasn't there? A bit more


character. Robertson, early on, symbolised that shift, would you


say? Robertson is a massive player for Hibs. They missed him with being


out for a huge period of time. Good quality. Passing into the top


corner. Unfortunate. You see that with his instep. Unfortunate it


didn't Nestle in the top corner. Right through the game you said he


had an influence and impack on the game. He gets a booking. Box to box,


he is a box to box midfielder. Put tackles in. Wanting to help the team


out and have an impact on the game. He gets flagged for a free-kick.


Paul Heffernan did his best to miss that opportunity when she a good


finisher. Trying too hard at times? There was an impact in the game


there. They wanted to do well. That has been missing in recent weeks for


Hibs. No doubt about who was the star tonight, Jason Cummings grew up


a Hearts fan. It didn't work out for him in football. He game a gardener.


Tonight he sows the seeds for Hibs staying in the Premiership next


season? This is a fantastic strike. I know people will question, you


know, whether the goalkeeper should have saved that or not. I think it's


just that it is such a good strike. When you look at this, it dip as


little bit. Look how quickly that comes off his boot? In the back of


the net before you know. It you get a good picture here. The keeper, the


ball is almost past him before he gets a chance to react. It was so


quick. Butcher was loving it. Of course he was. Not often you see


that recently. . No. Jason Cummings coming to the forefor Hibernian.


They needed a goalscorer. You were impressed with the second goal? It


was fantastic. Heffernan gets into the corner. He fires the ball


across. It takes a deflection off the defender. Robertson making an


effort to get in the box. Look at that. Fantastic compose sure. Not a


great angle. Pushed out wide. A question mark here with Heffernan


whether he is offside. He doesn't let it affect him. He gets on with


the game. When he gets to the corner here, fires in at the box. Robertson


comes in at the top of the picture. Determination to get on it again.


Look at Cummings? That is a tight angle. Three defenders and the


goalkeeper between him and the goal. Dinks it over the goalkeeper. A


height and angle where none of the defenders could get to. Clearly over


the line. Real compose sure. With someone so young and having scored


one goal early in the game, great to see that from a youngster. He grew


up a Hearts fan be could be the saviour for Hibs tonight -- but he


could be the saviour for Hibs tonight? There has been a shaft of


light from a number of the youngsters. Stanton, they are


putting in performances, sometimes they have no fear. Cummings showed


it tonight. He was on top form. Two fantastic goals. It was strange


tonight. A lot of people had Hamilton as favourites. They were


coming off a good run of form. Hibs had been absolutely dismal of late.


What did you make of Hamilton's overall performance? As I said


earlier, you heard Alec Neil saying it, they kept possession of the


ball. They huffed and puffed a little bit. This was their best


opportunity. It never looked like they were under control or Longridge


could get the strike in. You question whether it was the pitch.


Sometimes the ball slides away. It never looked like it was in his


grasp to get that. Another example of horrendous defending from Hibs


that dogged them. Antoine-Curier couldn't convert on it. They knocked


it around nicely. That killer touch was lacking for them tonight.


Lacked, as you say a killer touch in the final third. Unable to crack a


Premiership side? This is good football here. To be honest, we will


get a better angle on this one. It shows horrendous defending. Look at


McGivern. Right in front of the two centre halfs. Couldn't get it back


in the net. Good play from Hamilton, they lacked the killer touch in the


final third. If you want to get promoted to the Premiership that is


vital. What does it mean for Terry Butcher, it has been an awful 2014,


since he came into Hibs. He didn't smile much, but it would have meant


so much to him? He was light hearted after the game. A horrendous 2014.


For him, he has been desperate to get to the end of the season and get


changes into the team so it is the team he really wants. His team. That


is something that is reminiscent at his time at Inverness. You haven't


seen much of that recently? You haven't. That typifies how much of a


tough time it has been for Terry Butcher at Hibs. Thoughts now to the


game at Easter Road. A lot of people will say the tie is virtually over


because obviously Hamilton had their advantage at home. That is now gone.


Hibs have a 2-0 advantage they will be expected to see this home and


dry. Do you see it being pretty much plain sailing? It will not be plain


sailing. The next goal will be massive. Hibs have not had a good


record at home for a number of seasons. There is that expectation.


There is pressure now everybody is talking about that, the game is over


already. The next goal is vital. If Hamilton got the first goal of the


game at Easter Road, there would be pressure put on Hibs. The supporters


would get nervous that will ill filtrate through to the players. On


tonight's showing they have to perform better. As I said before, in


that final third they have to find a kill touch in that final ball or the


strike on goal or Hibs will be comfortable. Are Hibs staying up? I


think Ithink so. . There is plenty of football still to come on the BBC


pre-World Cup this season. The second-leg of the Premiership


play-off, as we have been talking about, is on Sunday at Easter Road.


Join us for highlights of that, 10.00pm on BBC Two. Then a week


tonight, we have live football for you on Sportscene. Nigeria verses


Scotland from 8.00pm, life live from Craven Cottage. That is it for


tonight. A case of the second Cummings. Jason the saviour tonight.


Terry Butcher's side half way to Premiership survival. From Michael


and from me, until next time, good night.


# I'll never let you down # I'll be what you're dreaming of


# I will never let you down... #


Highlights of the 1st leg of the finalplay-off for the last spot in the Scottish premiership.

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