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Jonathan Sutherland introduces highlights of the weekend's matches in the SPFL Scottish Premiership as early leaders Inverness entertain cup holders St Johnstone.

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Good evening, after the referendum we are back in the land of football,


were the only percentage that really matters is 110%, every decision is


contentious and acrimony on all sides is par for the course. A


weekend of footballing intrigue looks like this.


It is Watkins! Keeping it tight at the back throughout all of it are


these two. The header and the goal,. Miller,


the captain. There is the cup. Willie Miller has graced a few


studios and he's time and Darren making his debut with us this


evening. We start with the Dundee derby, both sides made promising


start to the Premiership season, would it be a case of yes city or no


sure in terms of the entertainment. Paul Hartley sticks with the same


starting XI as last week. Dundee United make one change to the team.


Ryan Dow comes in. Then the's last victory in a derby


match came ten years ago. Mackay Stephen. Penalty. Conrad was the


fender and he gets a yellow card from the referee. At full pace. The


touch of the right arm of Conrad. Mario Bilate, and Dundee United are


in front in the Derby. From the penalty spot. Claiming his second


goal of the season. Confident finish. He has done well, not to


make -- nutmeg on Payton. Roberts! Could only hit the side netting.


Creative play by the home side. McAllister under pressure again from


Rankin. Ryan Dow has got the yard of space. United are 2-0 in front. Nine


minutes into the second half and Ryan Dow. Clever footwork from the


United player after Dundee lost possession again in the middle of


the park and an excellent finish. Ryan Dow just teasing Conrad.


Goes to close him down. Free kick. In favour of the Dundee United


player. Offers his apologies. Preparing to swing this free kick


in. There is the header from Callum Morris! His first goal for the


Tannadice club. It puts them 3-0 in front. Terrific run, good


connection. And the goalkeeper was left helpless. The manager pleased


with the delivery swung in by Paul Paton.


Chance for Gary Harkins. The United player put his body on the line, it


was Keith Watson to advanced quickly to make the block. Paul Paton


preparing to swing in this free kick. There is Watson. And that is


the fourth. Dundee United in dreamland this afternoon against


their city rivals. Paul Paton again with a fine cross in, the goalkeeper


could not keep it out. Knocked it back into his own net but Watson is


the man that will claim it. Miserable first derby for Paul


Hartley. If that is another yellow card, it is. Konrad Is sent off.


Second yellow means red. Dundee are down to ten men. Smith just got


their ahead of Konrad. MacGowan again. Stewart. In the last


minute of the match. He has drilled that one into the corner of the net,


Greig Stewart. Nothing more than a consolation for Dundee. It will be


united sitting top of the Premiership tonight. I thought we


were excellent, organised, disciplined. The back four were


outstanding, Paul Paton was immense and the movement was good. We did


not do enough in the final third, did not work the goalkeeper, gave


the ball away at times in certain areas of the park and did not hurt


them. Superb victory for Dundee United.


Controversial penalty decision, but the Dundee United midfielders,


forcing them into mistakes. But it was an excellent performance from


Dundee United. The back four were superb. Paul Paton winning the ball


for Mackay Stephen. That is superb play. He goes at Konrad, there is a


coming together and the referee has to make a decision and it was a


penalty. I think it was a difficult one for the referee, but there was


contact. Ryan Dow, it was a good call, but United forced the mistake.


Put pressure on the ball, the quality of the finish from Ryan Dow,


he sets it up and slots it into the back of the net. Darren, from a


defensive point of view from Dundee, how disappointed will Paul Hartley


be with his defence? Very disappointed, Dundee have had a


decent defensive record this season so far, but you would not know it on


that showing. The first one, right in the middle. Middle of the six


yard box. It is a good delivery, but you need your defenders to be


attacking it, it is too easy and this second one, a centre forward


marking. Just switched off, watching the man running and the game was


dead and buried at that stage. Both of the sides have to do it again in


midweek at Tannadice. Is it simply a case that Dundee United have better


players? Absolutely. They have added to their squad, lost players during


the close season. Defensively they are looking much better than last


season. I thought there was always the tendency to have weakness in the


defensive setup but I was well impressed with them defensively


overall as a team and they have players that can go forward and take


opportunities. Special mention for ranking and Paul Paton. They were


superb, the pressurised the ball and the delivery from Paul Paton from


the free kick was superb. Both of them were outstanding. Celtic Park


has not been a happy place for Motherwell the recent years, the


last nine years, all games ending in Celtic victory. Commentary comes


from Rob Maclean. Six changes to the Celtic team which kicked off the


Europa League in Austria on Thursday night. Scott Brown and Kris Commons


left out, there is a debut for John Guidetti. Even much changed Celtic


is a big challenge for Motherwell who have lost four of their first


six games. Craig Reid has an important role in front of the back


four. John Sutton, the not for Iain


Vigurs. Lucky that came to him on his right foot rather than his left.


Possession last by Anthony Stokes. Driving forward. Gets a good ball in


for John Sutton. That stands Celtic heart in the 19th minute. -- stuns


Celtic Park. Ye invite goes with the short and Motherwell reckon he used


his arm but the referee says no. Fraser care. Gets through EZ DA --


easy John Sutton has missed an absolute


sitter. Look of disbelief on his face. And you can understand why. He


scored once, should have scored twice. Anthony Stokes. Callum


MacGregor. Anthony Stokes again. Virgil van Dijk! Brilliant save. He


got his fingertips to Van Dijk's header and turned this onto the


post, what they stop. -- what a stop. Craig Reid got that away and


it was a sore one. Back with Kris Commons! He struck it well. But


right down the throat of the Motherwell keeper. Celtic searching


for an equaliser. And it is Callum MacGregor with a great effort.


Matched by the save. Having some match.


Nir Biton. Celtic much better in the second half with 2/2-time changes,


here is one of them, Scott Brown, bearing down on goal, penalty


given. Motherwell are furious. -- 2/2-time changes. That touch enough


to send Scott Brown down. The decision already taken. It is Kris


Commons! Midway through the second half to make it 1-1. There will be


lots of debate about the awarding of the penalty, but no difference of


opinion about how it was taken, clinical.


Having levelled things up, Celtic will want all three points.


MacGregor. Scott Brown. MacGregor's shot deflected. It is another really


good save from the goalkeeper. Kris Commons. Lovely flick from


Scott Brown. And MacGregor! Just the wrong side of the post.


Scott Brown. Great ball in and the header. Just saved and that might be


Celtic's last chance. We deserved to win the game but we made ourselves


in a bad situation with a very bad first half. We struggled of the


second half to open them and we did it much better and we get a goal


that we deserved. In the end, 1-1 is not good enough.


I thought the lads effort, desire and determination was fantastic. It


is good to get a point. We will get to the 2 penalty incidents shortly.


One was given and 1 was not. You were there today. He opted to leave


some of his main stars on the bench in the first half. You see a marked


difference in the Celtic performance. That is something they


will have to get used to. For me, Scott Brown is the heartbeat of the


team. It was a different Celtic in the second half. He is the driving


force. That is why he is the captain. Celtic missed someone


driving at the back four. Did the other players need to step


up? There was nobody really going at the back four. White and I have seen


a lot of Motherwell fans raging at the penalty incident. -- I have


seen. His hand should not have been where they were. You need to give


Scott Brown credit. People talk about honesty and he is as good as


they come. I understand why they think it is harsh. If it is given


against you, you feel hard done by. Should there have been a penalty?


There is contact. There is a fellow outside the box. I think it is a


free kick. He is off balance. He goes into the box and it is little


touch again. In modern football, wherever there is contact in the


box... It is solved. In America I can understand why he gave it but I


can understand why the Motherwell fans are not very happy. He was


fouled outside the box. His momentum has taken him there. All in all,


with the first challenge, he is trying to stay on his feet and then


he went down. Aberdeen are still looking to find their groove this


season while the tawdry are looking to get their first point. --


Pittordrie. Jim McIntyre will not know his best


starting 11 yet. It has been lost, win, loss, when,


loss for Aberdeen so far in the league. He is offside. Elation turns


to disappointment in a split 2nd. McGinn was onside. Goodwillie was


offside. Good, strong play by Goodwillie.


That shot blocked by Brown. County already swimming against the


Aberdeen tide. A great touch by Goodwillie. There


is a flamboyant see about Aberdeen this afternoon. Red shirts swarming


around the county box. A good effort from Ryan Jack. He


does not score many. He got behind that with a strong hand.


He squeezed that through. He got it all wrong. That sums up County 's


season so far. He scored the winner against Aberdeen last season and is


wondering why his team are not in front.


Aberdeen are in front now! Deservedly so. Rooney flashing their


header past Brown for his seventh of the season. Much to ponder for Jim


McIntyre. Goodwillie! It is two. And that is very clever from the gain


then Goodwillie. It is two in two. The dons should be more than 2-0 up.


It might be more at the end of this move. A good save. A few of his


team-mates asking where the pass was. Once he saw the goal, only 1


decision to make for him. He put himself under a bit of


pressure, Jack. Just as he was about to release the past... Something to


say to his Aberdeen team-mate. They almost came to blows. Craig Thomson


is going to make a booking. He will but Ryan Jack as well. Not often you


see that. The 1st-time ball to Flood. Aberdeen have options in the


middle. It is three. 3-0 and that should be three points.


This has taken a big deflection. He has had a good game.


An awkward bounce. What a save from Brown! This is outstanding


goalkeeping. The skipper is unable to inspire his


team. Lang Field says. This should surely have been County


clawing one back. The last team to open their league season with 7


straight league defeats was Aberdeen in 1999/2000. Goodwillie in to make


it four. How has he missed that? County are clear. A great ball.


Goodwillie was wheeling away to celebrate before he hit it. Maybe


you want to play with the 2 up. Something that was reviewed pleasing


today. Enough good play from both boys to suggest it is something we


will look at it again. Not a lot of positives to take from today. Never


did our jobs properly. The game was done from there.


A really attacking formation. Goodwillie upfront and it certainly


had some effect. He does not play that formation too often. I thought


both players were outstanding. Goodwillie on this occasion setting


up Rooney. He should have put the ball into the back of the net but he


makes no mistake this time. The superb header. A training field


freekick definitely. Pollack moved out of the space and allows


Goodwillie to move forward. Not an easy header but he makes a right job


of it. I'd have a great chance here to round things off in some style.


-- a great chance. They did do everything right apart from


celebrate too early. It came off the post. I am sure they would be


embarrassed about that. Pollack, the player who impresses everyone. He


seems to become ever more important for the Dons. He is very direct. He


has an end product. There are not many full-backs or teams of


full-backs who will be looking forward coming up against him. There


is a lot of pace in the Aberdeen team. That is it for them. They are


taking advantage. Ross County is at a low ebb. Absolutely. A lot of work


to be done. Aberdeen were totally dominant. They were right at the top


of their game, full of pace. I have watched Peter Grow up through the


development stages at Aberdeen. -- grow up. It could have been more


than three. I'd never having scored their 1st Premiership goal last


weekend, could St Mirren managed their first points on Friday night?


-- having scored. The Saint Mirren manager brings in


two wingers. A challenge into the back but no


free kick. Unmarked in the box and that is 1 -0


midway through the 1st half. It was straight forward. The header was


down and away for 1-0. That pass was intercepted.


Callum Ball! An immediate impact from the substitute. It is only his


second -- be 2nd of the Premiership season for the Paisley team. It is


1-1. He continues the run and gets in


from behind. Having squared the game, Callan Ball was trying to win


it. A good save. -- Ball. Archibald with the glance of his watch inside


stoppage time, well inside stoppage time. The header away. Back it


comes. Up goes Ballotoni. The defender not very happy about that


decision. Four minutes added. Got away by capital F. That is handball.


That is a penalty. Osman is the player with his arm


raised. St Mirren get their first


Premiership win of the season. So badly needed. A natural reaction of


players to put their hands up. There is not a lot you can do. I did not


think it was a foul. I am pleased for the fans. They were very vocal


tonight. They sensed there was something on offer. Enough positives


to take into Tuesday night. You need to take your chances.


They're always needs to be 1 manager under pressure at all times. In


ATommy is a very good coach. He likes to play the game in the proper


manner. -- Tommy is a very good coach. Stating that his team is


playing well. They are doing everything right but not getting


results. He knows he needs to get results. That is a huge performance


and result. Coming so late, he would be happy enough with the point. To


get three points out of that game is a big plus.


St. Mirren have been struggling in terms of injuries. With Callum Ball


they have got somebody who can give them some presence. They have missed


that upfront. He has made an impression upfront.


It is good movement. He has come on and made his mark in the game and he


will be looking to start the next game. Come up from England and they


really need a presence up their missing Steven Thompson. Decent


movement here and gets his reward. Maybe not the best defending in the


world. She has drifted off the central defender and gone towards


the ball and earlier we saw him creating a bit of space for himself


with the good feet. That is another plus for Tommy Craig. After making a


mockery of the pundit's predictions, Hamilton were looking to continue


that. Before the game, we spoke to some very happy fans. Six games, 13


point and sitting pretty at the top of the table. I think it is


incredible where we are, top of the league, so far, so good. It is


points in the bag which we did not expect. Fantastic. Good to watch,


brilliant football going forward. Great start to the season, surpassed


all expectations, we hope to keep it going.


Player-manager Alex Neill selects himself in midfield. With Martin


Canning out, Scotland where is the armband. Kilmarnock make one change


to the team. New head comes in to attack. -- new head -- Muirhead. Not


too far away with that effort. Did well to turn and get away from


Connolly. Finding Muirhead. The goalkeeper had to be alert to that


one. Gillespie. There is Crawford. Good curling effort. Fine strike


from the Hamilton midfielder. Craig Samson could take no chances there.


Barbour sending it forward. Has got the better of Gordon. Good stop by


McGovern. The goalkeeper advanced well and made the angle difficult.


Kilmarnock picking it up in the second period. Just could not hit


the target. The head away and again. Challenge. Good ball in. Magennis Is


getting closer. He had McGovern scrambling there. Good stop by the


Northern Ireland keeper. He has already scored this season. Denying


there. Johnstone. That is a lovely through pass looking for McKenzie.


McGovern to Hamilton's rescue again. Terrific pass from the finish


International. Hamilton were the better team in the first half, we


were the better team in the second half. We were resilient when we had


to the and we finished the last 20 minutes with a lack of experience in


terms of age. I thought they held their own for 20 minutes and was


very pleased. We have talked a lot about how it has been a great start


for Hamilton but also a great start for, certainly in relative terms to


last season. A lot of people would have thought


with Kris Boyd moving on that Kilmarnock might have struggled, but


it is twice as good. It can have the opposite effect. Kris Boyd was a big


player for them and with him leaving, they have to step up and


they have done that, share the responsibility that the Kris Boyd


had but it has been a great start for them and they will be delighted


with that. Kris Boyd has gone but they have Magennis upfront. Not his


day yesterday, but what does he bring? Josh is tall, strong, quick,


good in the air but does not score enough goals, that is the week right


in his game. If you are playing one up, he leads the line, he finds


space well. Unfortunate but a couple of headers, but great movement and


gets himself into a fabulous position but does not get enough


power on it. Another cross into the box, a little bit unfortunate to put


it over the bar but he has got something and is still young enough


to add the goals to his armoury. He is getting into the positions to


score, he just needs one to go in and he can go on a roll. He is


getting on the end of things. Hamilton dropping points, Inverness


could reclaim top spot with victory over St Johnstone. St. Johnstone


struggling with various injuries. Draper. Watkins. Spinning away from


Eastern. It is Shinnie's cutback and Mackay's effort which is deflected


behind. Useful looking attack. Anderson got himself in the way.


The home team dominating possession and it is Watkins! His shot is


deflected off target. Still no reward for total domination in the


first half from the home team. Came off the head of Anderson and now


Watkins for Dolan. He has a look up and plays it back in. Marley


Watkins! He scores his first goal of the season. Inverness hit the front.


Right on the hour mark. A speedy counterattack and a cracking goal.


Playing a big part for Inverness, Aaron Dolan. Left out of the team in


the first few matches of the season. Having his same now. That is Mackay.


He and Wallace leave it to each other. Shinnie Cuts it back.


Christie! Two goals in five minutes and Inverness in a really strong


position now. The Saints keeper got his hand to it but could not stop


it. And it was an horrific mix-up between Mackay and Wallace that led


to that. Can St. Johnstone give themselves some hope? Mackay to


Miller. Now it is Lee Croft. Miller's Cross, Brian Graham! He


makes it 2-1. In his third game for St. Johnstone, his second goal and


that brings the game back to life. Miller. Brian Easton's cross. And


Morgan. Off-balance as he struck it, the substitute and he fired


wide. Lee Croft's corner. Shinnie Escorts it to safety. Was there a


push here, certainly looked like it. Sitting at the top of the league,


important we got back to winning ways against a hard-working St.


Johnstone team who always give us a tough match, not much between the


teams and grateful that we are back to winning ways. Disappointing to go


a goal behind with another mistake. Come back well from 2-0 to force the


issue and that is when we showed the true side of ourselves but just


saying to the lads, it has to be for 90 minutes, not just the last 20.


Marley Watkins among the goals, John Hughes was raving about him and he


has been a player who has been important for Inverness at various


times. He kind of plays off the right or left. He can drift into


space and what I like about him, when he gets the ball wide he tries


to get into the box to get on the end of things. He gets his goal and


in another clip he does a similar thing and does not get the goal but


is drifting in and off the lines and he looks like a good player. One of


these players that Inverness have been good at finding from the lower


reaches of English football, bringing in and finding their feet


in the Scottish Premiership. Another one is Aaron Doran. They play either


wing but not as wingers. Watkins likes to come into the park, starts


outside but likes to get involved in the game and into the box. He is a


great find. John Hughes working with him on a daily basis and thinks very


highly of him. John Hughes somebody that you know well and things going


well for Inverness right at the top. John Hughes likes his teams to


retain possession and circulate the ball. It is all well and good doing


that if you don't have a cutting edge, but they do have and I like


the way that John Hughes manages team. Thank you very much. The


Scottish Premiership table looks good for Dundee United fans this


evening. It is a busy week in the League Cup


and we have live football on Wednesday night.


Coverage of all the games on radio and online as well.


It has been a momentous week for Scotland but the love of the game


still unites as, stacks of it to come on Sportscene on the weeks and


months ahead. From all of us here, good night.


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