21/10/2012 Sportscene


BBC Scotland's weekly round-up of all the action from the weekend's Clydesdale Bank Premier League games, presented by Rob Maclean.

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Out of the international break with a weekend's worth of 21 SPL goals


to show you. St Johnstone midfielder Chris Miller at Aberdeen


legend Willie Miller are here. First, to Tynecastle for Hearts


from their head gnocchi suffered a fortnight back. -- they a knock --


the head knock he suffered. Paul Mitchell was at the match.


Motherwell, moving forward, Jamie Murphy gets the shot away. It is an


early corner kick for Motherwell. Jamie Murphy has scored in only one


the curling shot from Andrew Driver. Good play, good takedown from


strike from the Arsenal back -- Hearts full-back. Stunning,


unstoppable strike, Darren Randolph with No chance. And John McGlynn is


delighted. Motherwell come Oliver Goode, a recent record that


Tynecastle. That is on to Keith Lasley, Michael Higdon was calling


for it in the middle. Humphrey, just taking Danny Grainger out of


away. There was a shout for hand partner, but Jamie MacDonald was


from Novikovas. That is another good, angled ball from Motherwell


more space for Chris Humphrey, and it is headed away by Andrew Webster.


That was a heavy challenge, but referee Willie Collum shakes his


head. Motherwell had a good shout Grainger sitting off him. And


Higdon - good effort. No goals in his last two. Motherwell, again,


already seen one stunning strike this afternoon, Ryan Stevenson


his shoulder, but Humphrey does well, and Michael Higdon! Danny


Grainger had to be aware just how quick Chris Humphrey is. Michael


Picton to streak with the shot. -- Higdon too straight. John Sutton


scored five times for Motherwell against Hearts, but he was just


the line from Andrew Webster. He peeled off on to the line, he read


path of John Sutton. Callum Patterson on the angle, or an over,


it was a chance for the second goal. it was a chance for the second goal.


-- up and over. It was a happy end for a week where the cash did not


flow for Hearts. Is it difficult to know where Hearts are going to end


up at the end of the season? probably is. They are in an unusual


financial situation, they have Fatah cut their squad and are


having problems paying wages, although it is not affecting team


spirit, but the squad is smaller than in the past. There are still


questions for Hearts to answer this season. Back-to-back defeats for


Motherwell - any cause for alarm? don't think so. The squad is strong,


they have got some good players. That was a quality strike from


Danny Grainger, wasn't it? It was, it was fantastic. The defenders


have got to make up their mind whether to close someone with his


quality down. Which you thought Motherwell for not reacting more


quickly? At the time they are probably hoping that at that sort


of range, is he going to put it into the top corner? He does have a


history of striking well from outside the box. Perhaps the


defender just made the wrong decision. To sit back and not


closed him down early enough. know about his ability as a former


team-mate of his at St Johnstone. You us, he strikes the ball very


well, as you can see. This is a more on that the right leg, he cuts


inside and strikes it very well, Allan McGregor will not forget this


one in a hurry, against Rangers. Fantastic strike, that it has won


up. That was a collector's item from Danny Grainger. Motherwell


manager Stuart McCall reckoned his team were worth a point. Most


managers do think that. Should they have had a penalty kick? There was


a lot of talk about the challenge on Michael Higdon. The big striker


goes up for it. I am not too sure what is in his mind, is he trying


to take it on his chest? Andrew Mercer has every right to go for


that ball. -- Webster. I think that is good defending. He saw the


opportunity. Michael Higdon has waited on the ball. He was waiting


to take it on his chest. And Andrew Webster powered up past him and it


is a great defensive header, for me. He anywhere else on the park you


would probably get a foul, but in the box, for it to be a penalty,


there has got to be more contact. It was not given, and Hearts 1, 1


Ivy 0. St Johnstone hope to bring back echoes of the 70s against


Kilmarnock, stringing together five straight top-flight victories for


the significance of the home win. St Johnstone almost got off to a


great start. And the defender was at it again, Cammy Bell in goals


did well to kill with the the shot initially but could not keep out


the header. Davidson, the scorer. Cillian Sheridan came close for,


not, but the effort from the former St Johnstone man hit the woodwork.


After the break it was about St Johnstone. Cammy Bell was back to


his old ways, after being out for a broken hand. Michael Nelson set up


a chance forcing Johnson, who sent Nigel Hasselbaink on his way. --


Hasselbaink had been quite quiet apart from that effort, but then


there is a warning for him to look away now, he got the ball back from


Dutchman, perhaps not his finest moment. But he kept battling away,


perhaps with that Miss still on his mind when he made his run and opted


to have a go himself. His frustration was plain to see. With


the clock ticking, Gregory Tade handed Nigel Hasselbaink one more


chance to redeem that missed, and Distin, success for Nigel as a back.


He did a little jig to celebrate. And there was a player pile up to


follow. Good skill from Gregory Tade. And with his earlier miss,


Hasselbaink no doubt relieved to see discoing end. Kilmarnock then


worried St Johnstone, grabbing a goal straight back, but it was


merely a consolation for James Fowler. And now Willie Ormond is no


longer the last manager to lead St Johnstone-5 straight league


What has changed apart from the points total? We are getting breaks


in front of goal and taking chances. Not a lot has changed in training.


The confidence is back, and it has proved that way. Could you be in


contention per-second place? don't know, there is a long way to


go in the league, there are lots of other teams that can catch us. But


we have got ability. Just a matter of weeks ago, questions were been


asked about Steve Lomas, and now, he is a hero. I was at the Celtic


game and they look good and then went one down, but they have got


back and played some very good football and have gone on an


amazing run for St Johnstone. Steve Lomas has had them playing well.


Duly came they did not play well as against Aberdeen. -- you're only


game. So, it has been a great run for St Johnstone and they are


thoroughly deserve to be where the matter. -- where they art. You can


see the belief growing from game to game. Yes, that is a couple of


goals he has had this year. And this was where it all kicked off,


with the winner against Celtic. You badly-needed points at that stage.


This game, it was more important to get the victory. We held on, then


we got back into it. What do you think of the St Johnstone squad?


is strong. Steve Lomas has put together a strong side. They have


got options right through the squad, they are powerful and can play


football. Watching Gregory Tade, his energy and work-rate against


Celtic was fantastic. Nigel Hasselbaink can this chances, but


he can score them, as well. might have got some serious earache


from his manager if he had not scored that later goal. I do not


think Nigel will want to see this again. You think that he is going


to put it in, but he goes with the wrong foot. And it gets away from


him. He is in a position to miss it, shall we say. And the reverse


position, if he squares this, surely Gregory Tade scores. Gregory


Tade will be frustrated. All he needed was the square ball and he


can stroke that into the back of the net. He gets himself into


positions. He does not score with every chance increase, but that is


an opportunity for a striker to put the ball in the back of the net.


think Gregory Tade a thought twice about not passing to him, there.


Nigel just steps round the goalkeeper and tucks that away


nicely, and he deserves that, because he worked hard for the old


game. Five victories in a row for St Johnstone. It is hard to believe


that Dundee United were goal has in the SPL right through September.


United were trying to rediscover that scoring feeling against


into the swing of things. -- United. They have been in cold storage


after losing so heavily at penalty area. Mark Miller there. He


is right down their throat. United Rankin. United are back in business.


John Rankin draws first blood not getting it. This was a superb


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 142 seconds


winning the game. That was a good ball. Has John Rankin gone for the


In look like a great game. Well Aberdeen be setting their sights on


that second spot? Absolutely. They haven't lost any players and they


have got a number of bright youngsters coming through as well.


The game yesterday was a fabulous game. It was a fabulous absurd for


Scottish football. Both managers playing with three strikers up


front and there were chances galore. It was enthralling. Is it no


coincidence that the return of McGeown has coincided with Aberdeen


climbing the table? Since he has been back, he has added the goal


scoring touch. He is a clever player and he has got a lot of pace.


Dundee United are still second from bottom, but they eat played like


their old selves yesterday. Absolutely. This strike was


wonderful to watch. What defenders do not want is a player running at


them. A fabulous strike from John Rankin. John Daly is being played


in central defence, but Johnnie Russell seems to play his best stop


when he has John Daly around him. Absolutely. It helps with the


goalscoring. You don't expect United to be at the bottom for too


long, do you? Absolutely not. could gain. Ross County have had


three straight defeats. They didn't fancy for in a row at home to Hibs.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 142 seconds


lucky bounce. -- he gets a lucky His third goal in three games.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 142 seconds


Question marks over the goalkeeper there. Just onto the roof of the


and off the top of the crossbar. So close to his second goal of the


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 142 seconds


just couldn't finish. Time running It was your team that ended Ross


County 13 monthly grant. They needed that yesterday after losing


twice. Absolutely. When we beat them, we were down to 10 men. They


put a lot of pressure on us. It is a great win for them. A good goal


for McManaman. Would you expecting to kick on from here? There is a


classic free kick. All good strikers anticipate and they get in


there behind the defence. Ross County should get a lot a credit


for the work that has been done. It is a difficult place to go to.


Nobody likes going to Hibs. don't you like it? Everyone knows


they will get a difficult game when they go there. Hibs fans should not


be too distraught because it has been amazing for them. This year


there have been flying high, although the fans will probably not


be happy with, but they'll just have to wait for the next game.


SPL leaders squared up to St Mirren. Looking to get the build up right


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 142 seconds


Ambrose is comfortable with the Celtic. That is some celebration! A


big blunder by it Scotland squad keeper Sampson. Made it easy for


Ambrose. Celtic have played little more than half an hour and this is


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 142 seconds


target. Celtic threatening to it straight at Fraser Forster.


Steven Thompson misses the target and cannot bear to look. He knows


from Izaguirre. Then the reverse pass outside to David van Zanten.


That bust time in from Jim Goodwin, Thomson had a flash at it, it is a


good try, and it is just too high. Watt - 550! -- 5-0. And Natural


born finisher. That was a top quality ball from Izaguirre. And


the grounds of agree afternoon. The corner kick from Charlie Mulgrew.


That was some header for Victor Wanyama, who could not have been


St Johnstone the only team to beat Celtic so far this season - will


bustle? Anything can happen. Barcelona are one of the best teams


that anyone has seen. I hope that Celtic go out there and put on a


good show. How good is Victor Wanyama? How complete a player is


the 21-year-old? He has got pretty much everything - strength,


finishing, he just puts his foot right through the ball to finish.


He is a very good passer of the ball and a great asset plays as


well. He looks up and gets it on to the right foot and cowls that into


the far post. Top-notch strike. what is he like to play against?


Very difficult. He has all the attributes you want from a modern


He can certainly head the ball as well, that is for sure. He almost


got his hat-trick with that bullet header. St Mirren must have gone


into it thinking the same as St Johnstone, beat Celtic in between


the international break and the Champions League match, they our


felt some confidence but made too many mistakes. So St Mirren will be


disappointed with how they defended some of the goals. But, to repair,


Celtic took their chances. -- to be fair. We have spoken about an


exciting Kenyan 21-year-old, and there is an exciting eight-year-old


Scotsman who is getting more chances in the Celtic first team,


and he is taking these opportunities. He is great to see


him getting the opportunity, and he is certainly taking it. His


movement is fabulous. He is full of running as well. Importantly, when


he gets into the box, he has got a can this and he is able to sniff


out charmed -- chances -- he has got calmness. It is not easy for a


youngster to take those chances that a big club like Celtic. He has


got to get himself into that position. He is looking for it and


snuffing out chances. When he gets that's jazz, he certainly buries it.


-- that chance. There is a buzz about Celtic with and that European


victory in Moscow. They have an unlit, young players and Inter


nationals, everything bodes well for them just now. He has taken no


chance exceptionally well. And the celebration is absolutely wonderful.


He is so agile. That is a gold medal performance. Absolutely


impressed with it. Definitely 9.9, isn't it? I can remember some


impressive goal celebrations from years gone by. It was a title-


winning year ago. I think you are allowed to be happy when you have


just won the title. I tried to throw in a back flip, as well!


was a back flop. I would have to agree! This needs explaining from


the St Johnstone point of view, a pilot after the goal by Nigel


Hasselbaink. The goal was a modern take on some elders dancing, and


the pile up has become a trademark. -- some Elvis Presley dancing.


did not get involved? I am going to get some stick about that.


Inverness had a trip to dens Park with Terry Butcher's side hoping to


make it three victories on the make it three victories on the


downs. -- bounce. Dundee were not done a good run whilst Caley


Thistle were looking to make it three victories on the trot. The


visitors went ahead after four minutes. Rab Douglas came to the


shot, but the ball came off him and into the path of Billy Mackay.


Friday night became great night for Dundee as Inverness doubled their


lead three minutes later. Gary Warren at the back post. A bad


start for the home side to have not won at dens Park all season. But


then there was some neat and then breathe play between the Nicky


Riley and that set up Colin Nish. Great finish with Dundee back in it.


Three goals, only 13 minutes played. That seemed to spark in the into


life, then another lovely ball four or Jim McAllister, only for the


goalkeeper to smother his ever. There was plenty of shouting from


the Dundee manager, if only there was something for Barry Smith to


shout about. The Caley Thistle keeper thwarting Colin Nish again.


At 2-1 up, the short run Ross deeper crashed back of the bar.


Frustration for Draper. Inverness had the chance to wrap up all three


points, when Shane Sutherland was chopped down, then the boos as a


former Dundee loanee took the penalty. Andrew Shinnie scored his


7th goal of the season and was involved in setting up the winner


for Billy Mackay's second of the night, giving Caley Thistle their


second win on the grounds whilst They under the tops calls in the


SPL having doubled their tally in at the last three games. Dundee at


the bottom of the league, but they still have a lot to play for.


changes in the summer, big personnel changes at Caley Thistle.


Is that brave by Terry Butcher in what he did? He was getting some


stick, for a while, and getting rid of was tautly, looked like it might


come back to haunt him. Yes, he's a experienced players, players who


gave lots of their print -- playing career to Inverness, that the fans


enjoyed watching, so that was a brave decision, but he has looked


at his squad, he has got a fair bit of experience, and decided he is


going to be big enough to make these changes. He has gone into the


market and brought in players from down south, and put together a


squad that is looking like it can do something in the SPL. They have


built up a head of steam, it is like a smaller version of what


seemed Johnson have done. Confidence is massive in football.


You can see that, they are playing with freedom, scoring goals, if


they keep that form going they will have a chance of a top-six spot.


you fear for Dundee, five points adrift at the bottom? You have got


to. They found themselves in an unusual position, with no time, the


way, to prepare for the SPL. They might have got to take the


opportunity to come in but have not had that preparation. It is a big


jump coming up from the First Division. You fear for them a


little bit. I'm sure that Barry Smith and the Dundee supporters


will hope they can get the odd result, but at this time it is


looking rather bleak for them. There table looks better for Celtic


and Dundee at the moment. St And those that five-point gap


between Dundee and Dundee United at the bottom. We have a look at the


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