22/09/2013 Sportscene


Jonathan Sutherland introduces highlights of the weekend's matches in the new SPFL Scottish Premiership, with comment on and analysis of the week's main talking points.

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Good evening. We continue to have an interesting race at the top of the


Scottish premiership. Admittedly, it is only September. We have two


interesting desks, never short of an opinion. Craig Gordon and Stuart


Lovell join us to discuss red card, angry managers and an early


contender for goal of the season. Plenty to keep you entertained for


the next 45 minutes. Sunday postal service from Dundee and Motherwell.


Will St Johnstone hit Celtic on the rebound? Have St Mirren saved their


best for Hibernian? Ross County and hearts. We start at Tannadice, where


a done deal to side on the up first Motherwell. Stuart McCall side


starting to find their Scottish premiership strike. They won their


last three matches. United were fresh from their Highland goals raid


against Ross County. What a chance that was. Right in


front of the goal. Zaine Francis-Angol is quick.


Half an hour gone. Terrific play from Zaine Francis-Angol. That was


emphatic. Good play and good finish. 1-0. Keith Lasley. Simon Ramsden.


Andy Robinson 's past. -- pass. That was pretty impressive from Dundee.


Keith Lasley, blocked. Nadir Ciftci seizes the opportunity to score


again. He rattles in his fourth goal for Dundee.


Andy Robinson. He is off. Nothing much standing in his way. Robinson


's first goal for them to you it. - - Robinson 's first goal for Dundee


to. Looks like Keith Lasley to strike


it. So close. Lovely skill from the DS if they. - - lovely skill from


Nadir Ciftci. Brilliant setup from him. Lionel Ainsworth, off the


bench. Spectacular from the substitute. But as Lord Chesney act


- - Radoslaw Cierzniak. I thought we had a far better second


half. I thought we deserved to take the lead. Disappointed. It is


probably a 2-point drop. I have two congratulate them from coming back.


Keith Lasley hit the inside of the post with that free kick. Four


goals, in terms of the spectacle of football, how good a match was that?


It was a great match. And no surprise, really. If I had been to


see any match in the premiership, a would hoping that one it was a


cracker. Lionel Ainsworth, what a strike. Would you have managed to


save this? I don't know, I doubt it. Plenty of space opened in front of


him, and he just thought he might as well have a go. It is a great


finish. What about the defensive


deficiencies we saw at times in this game?


That was a brilliant goal. It was kind of like the parting of the red


Sea. As a keeper, you would be too


impressed with having thrown at you, I take it? No. They will not be


happy with that. Next to the team with the best record in Scottish


premiership history. Inverness Caledonian Thistle. Terry Butcher


side have been a revelation, peering down from the top of the table on a


rest. Could they keep it going? They faced what was sure to be a tough


test away to Aberdeen. Leah McLeod was watching.


I think he was blocked by his own man there. Zola got in the way.


Peter Pawlett has started the season so impressively. Zola, Cammy Smith.


That was really strong from Dean Brill. The corner again. That was


concertante for is the referee has opted something. Good first half. No


goals. . And Dean Brill, again. Instinctive. Graeme Shinnie.


Draper, sidestepping away from Smith.


Jonny Hayes was caught late there. Craig Thomson has been busy this


afternoon. A wonderful finish from Scott


Vernon. His first of the season, and what a way to grab it.


Terry Butcher has forgotten what it is like to lose a match.


He was rewarded for his persistence. It gives us a chance to assess and


think, what didn't we do on Saturday, what can we do to put that


right in the future? A strange taste of defeat for Terry Butcher.


Not too tricky when you consider the start to the season they've had. I'm


sure before the ball was kicked they will have snatched their hand off so


they'll be pleased. Disappointing to lose and your winning run to come to


an end, but by all accounts they competed very well and one goal in


it, there wasn't too much to be disappointed about.


Great win for Aberdeen. Scott Vernon with the goal. He's been crying out


for a goal. How much will this mean to him? Strikers thrive on the


confidence from scoring goals. That's his first of the season and


the Aberdeen fans will be hoping that sets him off on a run now.


Unorthodox build-up? Yes, very scrappy and Inverness are deep


trying to defend their box. Take nothing away from the finish.


Absolutely no chance there. The back four to be out of the box.


They would have been able to deal with the ball in the box easier, but


credit where it's due. A big win for Aberdeen. So many


people tipping them for big things. They celebrated like this was a


massive win for them. They'll be looking to try to get the


second spot. Don't let Inverness get too far away


from them. There's a big win for them. They have experienced players


to come back to the fold to help strengthen the claim for that so


things are looking good for them. Plenty more football to Comptonite.


And we have live football for you on Wednesday night too. It's in the


League Cup. Aberdeen will be hoping to follow up the win over Inverness.


They are away to Falkirk. And still to Comptonite:


Two managers who know all about pressure. Danny Lennon, faces Hibs.


After their bright start to the season, St Johnston went into the


weekend without a within in three games. They were away to Celtic and


things didn't look too hopeful for Tommy Wright's side. Having said


that, would the Scottish champions be suffering from a Champions League


hangover? Heartbreak for Celtic. Goes into the


back of the net. Balotelli. The rebound goes in. It's AC my listen


2, Celtic 0. Celtic still chasing the European


Dream, but it was back to domestic duties, T Johnstone the visitors in


the East End. Commentary from John Barnes.


Celtic looking for a change in form after European matches. Failed to


win six of their domestic games last season played after European ties.


Six out of 12. Here is Matthews. His throw. Oh, and he has the shot.


And he gets the goal, his second for Celtic, his first start for the club


and it comes after ten minutes. His effort straight through the


goalkeeper. Mulgrew.


And Celtic 2-0 in front. Charlie Mulgrew on the score sheet once


more. That trusted left foot of his from 25 yards range.


May have taken a little nick off a St Johnstone defender.


Very alert and very productive and create creative on the right-wing so


far. Here is Stokes. Should have been a better connection. Good cross


in from Stokes. Seemed to come off the shoulder of the Dutchman.


Good switch of play from Stokes. So close to number three for Celtic.


They are well and truly on top. Weatherspoon. Good delivery in. Just


over the top. That effort silences the home


support. Mulgrew's corner. Stokes at the back and cleared off the line by


Maclean. Initially the effort looked to be


blocked. May. Millar ahead of him. Millar


with a chance and Parried away by Foster.


Mackay. Good spell for St Johnstone. Caddice and St Johnstone have pulled


a goal back with eight minutes left to play. And now Foster won't


release the ball and the referee is having to split them up. Mackay's


delivery in, got ahead of Van Dijk. The day after his 20th birthday,


he'll have enjoyed that goal, Liam Caddice.


Now St Johnstone are looking for the leveller. Maclean. He's gone to


ground. Looking for a penalty. But the referee was close to the


incident. McDonald. May. It's off the post!


McKay and Foster to Celtic's rescue. That may well have secured the three


points for the Parkhead club, that super save there by the English


goalkeeper. It wasn't a penalty, no, it's


rubbish. Steven has a tendency to go down. All players go Down Under a


challenge all the time. REPORTER: Easily? Well, listen, I've


a golden rule, I don't comment on opposition's players, so maybe Neil


shouldn't comment on mine. The managers having a spat there


over the Maclean penalty claim incident. Stuart, was there any way


this was a penalty or was it a dive? I was sitting on the gantry


yesterday and from 60 yards away I didn't think there was much contact.


When you see it on the slow-mo, there doesn't appear to be so. The


referee's done well to call this one the way he did because the


temptation is, you think they may have clipped heels, but I don't


think that was the case, it wasn't a penalty. Surprised that Neil Lennon


said he had a tendency to do this? I mean from the evidence, there was


little contact? I don't think he has a great reputation for doing that,


it wasn't a penalty, but the penalty did excellent there, he's in a great


position to call it and has made the right decision. That could have been


the difference many the game and I think that's what angered Neil


Lennon. That could have been the difference between one point and


three. Thankfully the referee got that right. Two teams now. He's a


penalty box striker and I would expect Pukki to go on to great


things. First goal against Hearts last week. Fraser Foster on the


other hand, was there any sense that he might have been at fault for the


St Johnstone goal? A little too close to his near post when the


cross comes in. The ball goes back, freeze it there, he's not


re-adjusted his position back into the middle of the goal. He might


have given himself the chance to get the cross, not saying he could have


definitely; but there was a chance if his position had been better and


he could have done that. Making the vital save at the end there,


match-winning contribution to ensure they get the three points. Ended up


being a good day for him. How do you define the Celtic performance? I was


there and they were utterly dominant for three quarters of the match, yet


St Johnstone almost snatched the point? Celtic should have been out


of sight by the hour mark. Jtsedz a couple of substitutions gave them


fresh impetus. Celtic were hanging on at the end kind of which is


bizarre because they were the better team over the 90 my opinions. --


minutes. To be fair to the Hibs boss, things are on the up. Four


matches unbeaten, 2-1 winners last week and sunshine on Leith


threatening to break out at Easter Road. These are pretty dark days for


Danny Lennon at St Mirren. Every week, his future is being discussed.


One point on the board so far. Could he finally get that much-needed


victory? Couldn't have gotten off to a much


better start for Hibbs or worse for St Mirren. This was Collins' second


in as many games as Hibs took a lead in the tenth minute.


Hibs paid £200,000 for Collins. The money looks like it might have been


well spent as he cracked in another effort that wasn't far off.


The home side were looking much the better side against the lacklustre


St Mirren, the shot from Hevron pushed wide by Dylan The green tide


continued to flow in a goal ward direction in the second half as St


Mirren tried to keep a foothold. Craig with the shot this time.


After the bad start to the season, they are now playing football that's


getting decent results. Heffernon made it 2-0, sealing another defeat


on St Mirren. The Paisley side were offering


precious little and Hibs might have scored again. This set-up from


Collins ruled out for offside. Robertson with the initial drive. A


moment of slightly nervous goalkeeping footwork almost led to a


goal of the season contender from Craig.


Suddenly life looks brighter foreHibs and Fenlon.


Grainger picked up a yellow card. Then, when he blasted this free kick


against maybury, it capped off another bad day for Saints, as he


was given his marching orders. Will Danny Lennon now get his marching


orders from the St Mirren board? You have to keep working hard and have a


belief in what you are doing. They worked tremendously hard and are


trying to form into game day. That's a big difference. Just keep


believing and having faith. I look at other managers who're under the


same pressure as last season. In terms of having a second half of the


season to turn it around, derrick Adams, one game in nine, but he's a


fantastic second half to the season. Lomas, who I think was one game in


four or something, we are beyond that now, but again he goes and


turns that corner quickly. Those both clubs are rewarded by having


faith in their manager and turning it around. I believe we can do the


same. We'll have our weekly Danny Lennon discussion shortly. Can Danny


Lennon take inspiration from Pat Fenlon who was under pressure at the


beginning of the season and who is now five matches unbeaten?


Absolutely. There was pressure for Fenlon with a slow start to the


season from Hibernian. The spotlight's moved on somewhere else


and I think Danny would do well to look at that and think, if we can


get a few results, turn things around, invariably, that may well be


what happens. It would be lovely for us to see, maybe go a whole season


without a manager getting sacked. That would be a refreshing change.


Unlikely I think possibly. But we shall see. In terms of the chances


there, Craig, it was pretty much wall-to-wall Hibs chances. A very


busy afternoon for this young goalkeeper between the sticks for St


Mirren. How impressed were you by him?


I was quite impressed. I was a nervous moment. They should probably


take that first time, but he still gets the ball away. I think he will


be very happy with his first start. It is a great start. Stewart, let's


talk about Danny Lennon. Next game for them we tomorrow, against


Aberdeen. Can he hang onto his job? It is quite obvious, they need to


get winning, and quickly. Hearts have stuttered a little bit. They


have lost their last three games. They are still in a position of


strength. Danny knows the game. All managers understand they are under


pressure to get results. More football to come tonight. It never


ends. Online, you can watch Scottish premiership highlights any time you


like on the BBC Sport website. Still to come: Probably yesterday 's most


in ten - - probably yesterday 's most entertaining game in the


Scottish premiership, Kilmarnock the visitors at Partick Thistle.


If hearts are going to move off the bottom of the table, Ross County are


one of the sites that inmates have their eye on. It has been a tough


season so far for Derek Adams side. They started the day 12 point and


head of a young hearts side, still trying to make inroads.


Ross County created plenty of chances early on. Despite their


efforts, the visitors went ahead. Kevin McHattie whipped in a goal.


Although the home side dominated for much of the match, hearts did


threaten. Callum Paterson got some luck there, but couldn't get it in.


It was a good effort. Despite being on the back foot, Mark Brown have to


look lively. It looks as though hearts were going to hang on. They


kept playing. Melvin de Leeuw did well. The goal came in the 89th


minute full is. - - the goal came in the 89th minute. The Ross County


captain provided the finish. Over the 90 minutes, I thought we


played well, created openings. I think we deserved to take something.


It was a kick in the teeth for us. It has cost us. That was a


fantastically true. It is a big blow for them. Difficult to bounce back?


It is up to them to bounce back. What will it mean, the second when?


They made such a mark last season. How much better can they get? I


think Ross County see themselves as a progressive club. Somebody has to


be that charging for second place. I think we all agree Celtic will


probably win the league. It was massive for them.


In a late plot twist, the last match of the night is actually one of the


best. Partick Thistle brand of attacking foot boat has an plenty of


plaudits and a decent haul of points. They were up against a cool


Marnoch side still searching for their first win of the season.


Aaron Muirhead. Patrick Little ahead. - - Partick Thistle head.


Sean Clohessy. It is a great cross. Mickelson failed to get the target.


Kilmarnock have levelled three minutes into the second half. Sean


Clohessy was alone for so long. Kris Boyd, well, we know what he can do.


Kilmarnock are starting to find a rhythm in the second half. Stephen


O'Donnell takes it away. Terrific cross over from Michael Gardyne.


That was certainly the pick of the bunch.


Hopefully, we can work on that. The boys were playing good football.


There have really beaded of contentious decisions this week.


What about his penalty decision? I think if you saw this anywhere else,


you would say yes. A little bit reckless and clumsy. I


agree. The goalkeeper is both played well


in this match. Scott Fox. That first one was really sharp.


This was also a good save. Craig Samson probably edges it. This was a


really good save. It is very important. Great save.


Let's talk about co-Marnoch. - - Kilmarnock. It is amazing what a


wing can do. Think about Pat Fenlon. It is just small steps. Try and get


a clean sheet, then hopefully work towards getting a result. Thank you


very much. That is it now. What does it mean for the table? Let's have a


look. ? in terms of the action. What will


the back pages look like tomorrow? We can have a sneak preview.


that is Lionel Ainsworth and that sensational strike. We have bled out


the bottom section. That is to make sure we do not spoil much of the


day. I think we all do she Celtic will


win the title. Who's using will be the best of the rest? I think it is


so tight. Inverness have had a great start. By burning them have been


doing really well. Motherwell, Dundee. It will be exciting. Thanks


very much. That is it for another week. Sportscene is back on


Wednesday night. We are back same time next weekend. See you. Good


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