24/08/2014 Sportscene


Jonathan Sutherland presents highlights of Celtic v Inverness Caledonian Thistle, Ross County v Dundee United, Aberdeen v St Johnstone and Motherwell v Kilmarnock.

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STUDIO: Good evening, the third weekend of the premiership season


already, six one or two surprise results and as always, a countless


number of talking points, controversial moments and goals


galore. A couple of top pundits joining us as well. They will be


crunching the numbers with us this evening. We begin with first against


second, Inverness began the weekend in pole position. Celtic in second.


Who would be top of the pile come the final whistle?


COMMENTATOR: What a strike that is! The 19-year-old from Brussels!


Spectacular effort! All of the headlines coming, the


Celtic line-up, it is easy for John Hughes and Caley Thistle, the same


11 starting again, two wins and a draw, no goals conceded so far for


the league leaders. No fewer than ten changes in the Celtic 11 from


the one that began in Slovenia in midweek:


Only Charlie Mulgrew survives from the start.


Shinnie we've set. -- weaves it. They thought that had gone in, as


did John Hughes, he has just passed from Tanzi. The skipper, Shinnie,


Williams... It is a bright start from the highlanders.


Highly ambitious from Tansey. But why not have a go? The Celtic boss,


with a big decision beforehand, to rescue the players ahead of the


play-off second leg. Tipped over by Dean Brill, the goalkeeper. Good


effort from Efe Ambrose. The likes of wild sick -- Twardzik in the


line-up. Teemu Pukki you is going to get a second bite at the cherry. --


Teemu Pukki. Getting the first bombs from his team-mates, Little wonder,


yet to concede a goal so far this season, Dean Brill, and 22 clean


sheets last season. Biting back, Twardzik. Hitting the deck...


Referee Matt and says no penalty. -- Madden. Celtic trying to make Caley


Thistle soph on the counter, Kris Commons can do that but he has been


denied by Brill. This was the penalty shout.


Christie, down under the challenge of wild Twardzik --.


-- Twardzik. On loan at Coventry last season, working some space...


Wonderful effort, and that time, the goalkeeper was beaten.


He has got his crossbar to thank for keeping the score line 0-0.


Top-of-the-line by Mulberry. Finding great space.


Celtic have not failed to score in a league game since December 29, 2012.


Griffiths got the only goal of the game for Hibernian that day.


It is one that puts the league leaders in front against the


champions. O Connell in for a start today, just his second appearance


for the first team. And it came bouncing back off him. Not much that


he could have done. Caley Thistle, fully deserving of


their elite. Getting it back to Collins, the


substitute. Great ball by Anthony Stokes.


Shinnie, Williams now... Looking for a second. He has been robbed!


Christie! Should have been two. The son of the Caley Thistle great,


Charlie, Ryan Christie had the chance to cement his reputation


there. Here come the highlanders on the


counterattack, Celtic all of the way up the other end of the park,


understandably, lock ticking down, Danny Williams moving through...


Cannot get past the goalkeeper. They are so close to a famous victory


here. We were unlucky on the goal but we


will take it. -- they were unlucky. Scoring against Celtic, for the rest


of the match, backs against the wall. We have got to think of


Tuesday as well, I think we got a lot of answers today. We have got to


work from there. STUDIO: Fantastic victory for Inverness, a lot was


made of Celtic playing the second string yesterday but how much credit


do Inverness deserve? Total credit, they still have top talent playing,


Celtic, Griffiths is there, Charlie Mulgrew, Commons... You have still


got to beat them, confidence is high, and the performance was


excellent as well. Nothing but credit for them. For the neutrals,


plenty of neutrals, glad to see Celtic dropping points as well. So


that it does not become a procession. I thought that they were


naive, making ten changes against the league leaders, who have not


conceded. Tough day for Owen O'Connell, he gave away the goal.


Was Billy Mackay definitely onside in the build-up? It is his movement


that does the young Owen O'Connell, showing inexperience. There is


nothing he can do about it. Clearly onside, Zaluska could do better. The


movement has done him. The goalkeeper has got to be brave, if


you are going to get anything on the ball, then you have got to take the


hit. I would apportion blame all with the goalkeeper than with the


youngster. Should Caley Thistle have had a penalty? I think so, I think


that this is a penalty kick. A defender should not stick out his


leg here. The first two angles are not great, but the referee is in a


wonderful position. It is not this angle, it is the next one... He is


hanging out a leg. He has caught him. You thought it was a wee bit


theatrical. That is why he never got the penalty. Should have been a


penalty? As soon as you do that you are in trouble. For me, a definite


penalty. Ronnie Deila left out many players because of the match in the


Champions League in midweek, Tuesday, usually important, how


confident are you that Celtic will go through to the group stages? I'm


very confident, Maribor will not progress. They did not -- I did not


think they were a good team when they played Rangers, I do not think


they are a good team now, basically have not progressed as 18. Massive


match for Ronnie Deila. Absolutely huge. -- basically they have not


progressed as a team. We will hope that they make it. Hamilton


academical have raced out of the blocks in the premiership, they seem


intent on proving everybody wrong, and it has been a good start the


campaign proving those relegation predictions wrong. I would rather


see us going down, trying to play good football then, playing good


football, rather than plain bad football and staying up. On the


ground, passing game, superb. COMMENTATOR: Following the red card


last week, the goalkeeper is suspended, Gallagher comes in.


Hamilton make only one change as they look to maintain their good


start to the season. Longridge taking the place of Henry. Gill SP


moves to full-back. -- Gillespie. Almost 50 years since the sides last


met in a top tier match in Scottish football. Early chance for


Longridge. A chance to put Hamilton in front. Denied by Paul Gallacher.


Lovely floated ball through. This is for the opener, Ryan Stevenson...


Straight at Michael McGovern. Expecting better from Ryan


Stevenson. Higginbotham, driving it in... The


pace of the shot taken off by canning. This was a lovely delivery.


From cleaning, for Stevenson, you expected the next bulge. -- Keenan.


-- you expected the net to bulge. Flicked a higher. Stevenson,


knocking it on, this is a chance for Gary Fraser. -- flicked high. He has


pulled it wide, but Thistle are pushing for the opener.


Excellent save by Michael McGovern, terrific flowing football this time,


from the home team. Looking for the bottom corner. Double change for


Hamilton: It is a game of headers at the


moment, year is Jason Scotland. Excellent ball, finding Danny


Redmond. He has a man in the centre. It is Ali Crawford. And it is Paul


Gallacher, to the rescue of this all, yet again. Looks as though he


was going the wrong way, still got a hook to it. Deflecting it wide.


Higginbotham. What a strike that is! Spectacular from the Thistle man!


They are in front with five minutes left to play! No hanging about after


the initial control. McGovern got a hand to it, could not keep it out.


Picked up by Redmond. Anthony Andreu! Within 90 seconds, Hamilton


are back level, it is a good strike from the substitute.


Crawfords... Pushing it through, Balatoni has missed it, it is Jason


Scotland! Two minutes into stoppage time, that will surely be the winner


for Hamilton! Andreu Scored the first and it is


another substitute that scores the second, the slip from Balatoni. And


he was punished. Jason and Tony played a huge part in success last


season. Jason has just recovered from injury. I have great options


and I knew that bringing them in would do something the team. Luckily


they got the two goals. We did not turn up today, we played into their


hands. We were the home side, I think we needed to take the game by


the scruff of the neck. STUDIO: Painful for Partick, heroic once


again for Hamilton. You tipped Hamilton for the drop, are you


sticking with that? It was not a tip, just a suggestion. Perhaps they


can inspire the pundits and prove us wrong. Nine points after that first


result, absolutely brilliant, confidence growing. They must fancy


themselves to not even get into the relegation play-off and it is


already that early in the season. Are you sticking by it? It is a long


way to go! LAUGHTER Jason Scotland and Anthony Andreu


coming on late in the match. It was the late late show. When they went


1-0 up they were probably thinking they had won the match but when he


seizes the ball, he's already the other side of the Partick


midfielder, they should be tightening up with the game at 1-0,


when the ball is passed, definitely on-site, and when he opens up his


body, lovely finish. From the point of view of Partick they will be


disappointed. They should be sitting deeper, seeing when you see it


here... They still have plenty of bodies back, there is not much


movement but I tell you what it is a fine finish, does not even take a


touch. Big blow for Partick. It all happened at the end of the match,


must have been so painful for Alan Archibald to be watching this. He


admitted that, they will be disappointed defensively, good


finisher and Jason Scotland, he has done it his whole career. Archie has


admitted that Partick were not at their best, and Hamilton were.


Resilient, that is the word that reduced. Start of the season for


Partick, not great, but they had the hoodoo from hell, they will not want


to see that comeback. When they thumped Ross County, that was put to


bed, but two wins and a draw would have been a brilliant start,


Archibald will be scratching his head. He used the word streetwise,


that epitomises it. Plenty of chat about the new kill Marnoch plastic


pitch and also about Motherwell's poor start to the premiership


season. Both elements would come crashing together this weekend. --


crashing. COMMENTATOR: Looking to build on


their victory against Ross County last weekend, but if kill Marnoch


are to do that, it will be without Slater and their new signing, who


are both injured. Motherwell have lost their last two in a stuttering


start of the season, Stuart McCall is satisfied, Ojamaa is fit enough


to begin, having rejoined from the injury list.


Muirhead, sizing it up. Little wonder! Wonderful goal for Robbie


Muirhead! He has lashed this one past the goalkeeper, Twardzik. It


may have moved through the wind. Getting the better of him, Muirhead


is waiting... Decided to go it alone. Maybe living to regret that


now. Looking lively. Infancy of his kill


Marnoch career. Going it is only a matter of time,


looks like. He's in behind here... Was he clipped by Pascali? That is


the question Motherwell are asking now, of the referee. He says, no.


John Sutton tried to stay on his feet, that may well have cost him


and his team, if indeed he was clipped by the Italian.


Did that come off the arm of Chandler? The referee and his


assistant choosing to ignore that one. McManus has crumbled to the


ground. The kill Marnoch fans are warming to


Josh Magennis, we only saw him fleetingly when he was at


Aberdeen... That is a bad challenge there, that could be a red card for


Kerr. He has gone right in on Jamie Hamill here, very late and very


ugly. It is a red card for the Motherwell defender.


Absolutely majestic! That will surely be the points, double


jeopardy for Motherwell, they lose a man and they lose another goal!


Sammy Clingan! Rolled in by McGuinness, McKenzie! And then over,


from O'Hara! Really good kill Marnoch performance, on the


artificial turf. -- really good kill Marnoch -- Kilmarnock. Eremenko,


McKenzie... It is just not going in for Josh


Magennis, he has done everything but score. Real team performance,


intelligent, passing the ball very well, Motherwell put pressure on us


but we defended very well when they did that, I am very pleased. I do


not think he clipped him... I think he's just an honest person trying to


score a goal, trying to stay on his feet and then tumbling with the


momentum. If he had gone down on contact, it would have been a red


card and he would have gone off. Little things like that can change


football teams. Pumping beats coming from the home dressing room, in


terms of Muirhead and McGuinness, looks like kill Marnoch may have a


good partnership on their hands. -- kill


-- Kilmarnock. I worked with Josh at St Mirren and he has all of the


attributes to do well. I think the defender backed off, taking the


touch... You have got to go over the ball, Ni invites him to hit it.


Again, possibly, straight at the goalkeeper. He has tremendous


attributes, pace and power, directness, big John. Finishing? He


has got to add that to his game. It is something that has been missing,


the amount of goals he scores. He has presence, pace, power, the good


attributes. Bit of competition for places with kill Marnoch as well.


They have got several players, including Lee Miller. Motherwell do


not have that competition, they have maybe Saturn, maybe Henrik jammer.


-- Sutton. -- Henrik Ojamaa. In terms of decisions can they be


feeling hard done by? Looking at it, maybe John Sutton... He has done him


a favour by not going to ground straight. From his experience you


would think that he would go down. They have overachieved. Fine line.


Stonewall for me, armed to ball. You can see it. Was this a sending off?


Definite sending-off, the argument made, play should have been stopped,


it is at the referee 's discretion. I think that the game should have


been stopped, that is the referee 's discretion, no doubt it was a red


card. Who is most likely to finish in the top six? It is difficult to


write off Motherwell, with their consistency levels, but I think they


have missed Shaun Hutchinson leaving, he is a real big mess. I am


going to say both! Because Kilmarnock our playing with


confidence. LAUGHTER Good start to the season for Dundee


United but it came to a halt last weekend, losing 6-1 at Illtyd Park.


Could they pick themselves up for the visit of Ross County? So far,


Ross County had played three and lost three. -- Celtic Park.


COMMENTATOR: No Stuart Armstrong for Dundee United, that is the only


change to the United side under an at Celtic Park last week. Mario


Balotelli coming in. Three changes, Ross County look to win at Tannadice


with a first time. -- Mario Balati. It is a good save. Kept his eye on


it. Townsend. Taken down. Free kick. No


complaints. Sends it in, nice ball, cheeky. 1-0, Dundee United. Will he


escape the attentions of Scott Boyd and send them into the opposite


corner? Court betwixt and in between. Made them pay. -- caught


Some Bilate. -- some refreshment for Jackie McNamara.


The move had broken down. Great resolve.


Dundee United, starting the second half brightly. Giving that one away.


Chance here for Ross County. Out wide. Comes short. Into Carey,


brilliant ball... Missed by one but not by the other. Ross County


level, Jake Jarvis did not miss that one. Classic counterattacking


football. Jake Jervis Bay his run at the back post to perfection. One


one, at Tannadice. -- 1-1. Good play... Had to be 2-1. Put on a


plate for him. Did not take it. Linking well. Away from Payton.


Chance for Ross County. Second great chance they have had to take the


lead. Spurned the first one... Jake Jervis Bay and is that one well


over. Payton... Pushed away by the goalkeeper. Good


play from Dundee United, the pass from Payton, and first time in,


Rankin. Gary Mackay-Steven... Cutting through, punched straight


on... 2-1, United! Four minutes remaining. Dundee United back in


front. Great match, a lot of energy. Two


teams looking to attack. Having scored the first goal we are


disappointed to lose the equaliser on the break when we were pushing


forward, but I thought it was a good match. Overall, performance wise,


delighted, it has been a defeat, it has been hard to take, because of


the way that we played at times. Great for Dundee United to bounce


back after the defeat against Celtic. Great moment for Chris


Erskine. Yes, needed the same thing at Pittodrie the other day, couple


of weeks ago. The goalkeeper needs to take a look


at himself. Take it down on the half volley, superb. Jackie McNamara has


a great problem, he has a lot of talent in the midfield areas to


choose from. After losing Ryan Gauld, an opportunity for Chris


Erskine. Chris Erskine is challenging. The goalkeeper has two


looked at himself there. He has plunged it into the ground. Derek


Adams talked about how United stole the game. County passed up their


chances. They did. Creating their opportunities. County were in the


same position last year. But they won't win games of the goalkeeper


does things like that, anywhere but do that. This one for me, is


fantastic play. I know what you are going to say. You have to do side


footed of the net. Just open your foot up and guide it into the net


but he tried to put the laces through it. How do you feel about


Dundee United facing St Mirren next weekend? It will be a difficult


game. The one criticism of them last year was they did not keep a lot of


clean sheets but this year they have a new left-back and two new centre


halves and I think they're looking good defensively and they are a


threat going forward. It will be tough. Stevie May was on the


scoresheet yesterday but sadly for St Johnstone fans it was for his new


club, Sheffield Wednesday. The big question in Perth is how St


Johnstone will cope without his goals. They faced a stern test


yesterday, Aberdeen at McDiarmid Park. Rob MacLean was there for us.


COMMENTATOR: Gary MacDonald and Lee Croft brought into the starting


line-up for St Johnstone. Aberdeen club captain Russell Anderson is


back in action on grass having stayed away from Camara's artificial


pitch. He replaces Taylor in central defence. -- from Kilmarnock's


artificial pitch. In from what the spoon. Gary MacDonald with a near


post header. It flashed wide of target.


That backpass is not finding Jamie Langfield. Steven MacLean with a


golden chance for the opening goal. He can't quite believe he hasn't


taken the opportunity here. What was Jonny Hayes thinking? Steven MacLean


clips the out side of the post. Steven MacLean lining up for the


shot. Langfield spills it and Gary MacDonald... He must have thought he


was scoring here. Poor goalkeeping from Langfield. Should have been


punished. St Johnstone miss another chance. In from Logan. Consett dine.


A thumping header so close to putting Aberdeen ahead. --


Considine. They could have been 1-0 in front.


Miller's packs. Lee Croft threads it through for Steven MacLean in a good


position. There is both Halloran. The shot was blocked by Andy


Considine. St Johnstone are screaming penalty, claiming handball


against the Aberdeen defender. Chris Miller was bundled over by


Ryan Jack. Free kick quickly taken. Will Halloran looks to make


something happen for Steven MacLean, and he does fact or! Steven MacLean


strikes against his old team. Sharpshooting. Not picked up. He


started the move and he finishes it. A yellow card which doesn't wipe the


smile off his face. A miscue by Scobey. David Goodwill E is in here


with a shot that rebound is off the chest of McManus. In a game of


precious few opportunities for Aberdeen, that was half a chance for


the substitute to strike. Aberdeen chasing an equaliser.


Robson's pass. Down goes Peter Pawlett. That will be a yellow card


for diving. There was a brush therewith Scobey 's not enough to


knock over Peter Pawlett and he's booked for that. At the very least


we should be the moaning the fact it was 0-0. But we lost a poor goal and


we were chasing it from there on in. We had a couple of opportunities


ourselves. We should maybe do better. We got into decent areas but


were not convincing in the final third. A poor afternoon's work for


others. We emphasise the importance of starting the game. If you don't


start the game well it is so difficult in this league. We started


well and were competitive from the first whistle and that helped build


the overall performance. Great win for St Johnstone. Steven MacLean has


three goals already. He had 11 last season. Could he get anywhere near


the Stevie May total of 27? The onus is on him to get more goals, I think


you can get more than 15. It is not just his goals, his intelligence.


After the free kick he has space to run into. It is not the Aberdeen


midfield's job to track him but they switch off. He runs onto the back


watch row. He gains the yard, and that intelligence, that is what gets


him away. I think Russell Anderson's eyes were taken off the


run of Macdonald when he comes into the box. They contested finish and


he's a good player. Did Peter Pawlett deserve his yellow card? It


is a bit like Christie at Inverness. It is theatrical, not a natural


fall. I think she gets lent on a little bit. You can see why he


wasn't given the penalty. I think yellow card is harsh. He has been


blocked so me times before for diving. He has gone down


theatrically. I don't think it's a penalty kick. It's hard to give


yellow but Craig Thomson produces it. Controversial. Were Aberdeen


below par? Are other teams raising their game against them? Definitely.


Aberdeen with their performances last year, winning the cup. We


tipped them to be second. But they are now a scalp for other teams and


they will have to handle that as other teams raise their game. We


finish with St Mirren against Dundee. Could Paul Hartley's side,


Dundee, build on the positive signs of their return to the top flight?


COMMENTATOR: Tommy Craig makes two changes to the side that lost to


Hamilton ten days ago. Jim Goodwin returns from suspension and bears a


home debut for Adam Drury who joined midweek from Manchester City on


loan. McBride comes in for Simon Ferry who was injured in the warm up


for Dundee. Teenage striker Craig Whiten replaces Peter MacDonald


upfront. Good ball to Maclean. He cuts it


back. Adam Drury with the effort but cleared by the Dundee defence. The


shot comes in by Naismith. Cleared away by the Dundee defence.


Naismith, the goalkeeper got a hand to the ball to push it away. Long


throw cleared but Adam Drury on the volley. What a debut that would have


been for Adam Drury. On the volley from 12 yards out. But high over the


crossbar. Paul McGinn, former St Mirren player, tackled by Jim


Goodwin. A long ball through to Whiten. Good chances for Dundee as


they have men forward. Harkins is all alone at the back post but it


was a poor first touch which allows the St Mirren defence to get back


again. Harkins, a great chance at the back post. Acres of space. His


first touch took the ball too far away and it gives the defence time


to get back. Maclean's Corner punched away by the goalkeeper. Good


cross deep to the back post, knocked back. Naismith with the shot but it


is cleared away. It was Kevin McBride putting his body on the


line. is cleared away. It was Kevin


McBride putting his Naismith from just eight yards out. Good ball


again. Maclean. Adam Drury at the back post. If you can find him... He


does but again his shot goes over the top of the crossbar. What a


chance that was. Possibly the best of the game for St Mirren. Great


ball by Maclean but not so good a finish by Adam Drury. A number of


former buddies in the Dundee line-up this afternoon. Here's one of them,


Gary Harkins. Long ball over the top cleared. A chance for Peter


MacDonald. Good save by the goalkeeper. The Saints defence, it


was Goodwin who cleared it. McDonald, he's only been on a few


minutes as substitute. That was a terrific stop by the former Hearts


keeper. A long, high ball. Macdonald has


beaten the offside trap. Great first touch and great finish from Peter


MacDonald to give Dundee the lead. It was the first touch by Macdonald


that made the goal. It took him away from the Saints' defence. The


goalkeeper with little chance. Great finish from the striker.


Maclean with the corner. Another chance. Cleared away once again. A


fantastic stop. Jason Naismith again. I thought we worked hard. We


competed in terms of possession and passing the ball. But we are away


from home. We had to grind out the result, had a few chances and the


keeper made some saves but we will take the three points. A solid start


so far. I want us to keep playing the way we are playing. I'm a firm


believer in what we are doing. I know the fans will be frustrated and


angry and they understand because they care about the club but overall


I think we did more than enough to win the game today. Good victory for


Dundee as their solid start to the season continues. Not St Mirren's


day yesterday. You had 27 minutes off the bench yesterday. Peter


MacDonald was the striker who stole the show. What do you make of his


goal? And tested. Poor from us defensively. -- fantastic. His


finish was excellent. He had a couple of efforts on goal and he


caused us problems when he came on as substitute. Whether he was


intending to go there, his first touch, he does not need a second and


he slots it home. Plenty of chances yesterday for St Mirren. You were


there but why couldn't they take those chances? I think it's


confidence. They have new players at the club and they need something to


happen for them. Jason Naismith had a lot of good opportunities in the


match and he didn't take them but I would be more worried if we were


looking disjointed and disorganised, weren't creating and passing, but we


are doing all of those things and playing well. We just need something


to drop for us which will be the catalyst for us to go on a run. This


was the pick of the bunch. Young Adam probably should have done


better. Jason had four attempts from right back yesterday. We are playing


well but are missing the final touch. Not hitting the panic button.


The McGinn brothers were up against each other. John against Paul. How


did you gauge that? I think John was apprehensive knowing he was playing


against his big brother. They are both great lads and they never


shirked any challenges. Both getting fired into each other. I thought


they both had good games. They were possibly more up for it because they


were against each other. This was the funniest. A little brotherly


love. Their mum can sort it out later when they get home. I think


Paul was going to apologise to John for tackling. I don't think Paul


Hartley was best pleased. Great victory for Dundee yesterday. Paul


Hartley is doing well so far. Three draws and a win, six points, that is


all you can ask for. They work hard. I thought St Mirren have the edge


yesterday and they were the team who looked like they might win. But the


hard work and endeavour got them that result in the end. At least one


substitute made an impact yesterday. Peter MacDonald was inspirational in


getting them that victory. Billy and Stephen, thank you very much will


stop six games this weekend, what does it mean in terms of the


Premiership table this evening? Inverness remained proudly on top


with ten points after that victory over Celtic.


There is a long way to go. The season has just started. We are back


next week. Until then, from all of us, good night.


Jonathan Sutherland introduces highlights from all the matches in the SPFL Premiership.

Celtic travel to Inverness knowing the chances of victory are high, winning three-quarters of all the league clashes between the sides including the last five games in the Highland capital. Billy McKay scored the winner the last time Caley won at Celtic Park in November 2012. Ross County face a Dundee United side buoyed by their opening-day victory over Aberdeen, while the Dons take on St Johnstone in Perth and Motherwell experience the new artificial pitch at Kilmarnock.

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