26/08/2012 Sportscene


BBC Scotland's weekly round-up of all the action from the weekend's Clydesdale Bank Premier League games, presented by Rob Maclean.

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18 goals last weekend was the best SPL scoring total so far this


season. We can't quite top that this Sunday night but, of the 14 we


have to show you, 5 were scored by talented teenagers which has got to


be good news. Motherwell manager Stuart McCall and St Johnstone


defender Callum Davidson are with me for the next 45 minutes. And


we'll start at Fir Park earlier today where Stuart's team, in-


between Europa League qualifiers, tackled St Mirren. Highlights with


Darren Randolph, Steven Hammell. He launches s long. He has been beaten


to it by Michael Higdon. That is a cool finish. Excellent play from


Michael Higdon, capitalising on that mistake. Michael Higdon


slotted it home. Over to Dougie Imrie. Cummings defending him that


time. The Saudis are shared three goals in three meetings last season.


That is a nice touch on to Paul McGowan. Steven Thompson is unhappy.


He felt Fraser Kerr had a touch of Murphy away from Dougie Imrie. On


to Fraser Kerr. Lovely football from Lasley. Lovely turn and touch


are therefore stop Motherwell at their best, flowing football. He


moves away from Hetherington, and that is a mistake from Shaun


Hutchison. There he gets the shot away clear, off comes clear by


Last they got the ball away. -- Polmont them played at in. -- Paul


Dougie Imrie brings the ball back That was poor. Straight onto Paul


The goalkeeper rescued the full- Sam Parkin was there, Thompson and


behind. Something happened of the ball. Inside the penalty box, there


fans are not happy. Shaun Hutchison has done. Shaun Hutchison was at


tracking back, Steven Thompson went into the box. Stuart McCall looks


on concerned. Steven Thompson and Shaun Hutchison exchanged words.


Shaun Hutchison gets a yellow card for dissent. That was a solid


Shaun Hutchison has come through the back of a ride there. It is


going to be a second yellow card, it is good to be a red card. --


Thomas Reilly. For the second time in a week, Shaun Hutchison is


ordered off. He came through the back. Still looking for the


equaliser now. That is a good cross. Steven Thompson is up. The


equaliser comes through Thomas Reilly in stoppage time. They have


had plenty of possession, plenty of play. It is a first senior goal for


Thomas Reilly. That was a cool I expected you to be raging about a


late equaliser, but they deserved it? No question about it. They


played really well. They are a good side. It is how it came about, that


is always so difficult. Michael Higdon seems to have a habit of


scoring in this fixture. He has not trained all week, he has had a few


problems, so he was desperate to play. It was a great start for him


and for us. It was a very good finish. Yes, he put a long ball in


there and banished to -- and managed it to finish it. The pitch


has improved! That is why I signed him. He has done well. He did not


train and he was a doubt yesterday. When the throw-in was given against


you, this was the lead-up to the equaliser. It is inconclusive. The


linesman is over they are looking at it and the referee gives it the


decision it straight away. Hutchison is off the park and


Steven Thompson, he is always a threat, probably wins at their own


their head of the game -- probably wins his all my head of the game.


was 17-year-old Thomas Riley scoring there. That is a feature of


tonight's show, young players getting a chance. The climate we


have got in Scottish football at the moment, it is going to give


young players a chance. Yes, lots of hope for Thomas Reilly at St


Mirren. What about the Hutchison a red card? I think he has got to


learn. He thought Steven Thompson had caught him. And he got booked


there. I am disappointed. This one, from where we were, I think it was


a tired leg going for the ball. I thought he had nicked the ball. But


if you look at it from behind, it is possibly a second one. It does


look worse from this angle. You can see from his face, it is not meant.


It is a tired like. So he is suspended for the next European and


the next a domestic match. This was your line-up today. 319-year-olds


for the team. We actually finished with another two 19-year-olds. I


heard Neil Lennon saying how difficult it has been for him in


Europe. We had players playing today who were not fully fit. But


there they had to play. But we got on with it, we enjoyed it European


exploits at that we have had. is the approach there? Do you take


the risk of a heavy beating? have got three or four that were


playing today who will not come with us. Young players, great


experience for them. It is the game on Sunday against Inverness that I


am probably more concerned about. lot is made of the European games,


you have had a Levante, how do you feel about it? For a player, it is


great experience. Probably not so good for the manager. But with a


small squad and a lot of travelling, it can be much more difficult.


luck to you and Motherwell. The other SPL match played today


featured Hearts. They were playing John Sutton finding a little bit of


room. But the effort from the Hearts striker went wide. John


Muslim playing pretty much at the heart -- the John McGlinn the


playing pretty much at the same team against Liverpool. What a


great save from Jamie MacDonald. They Aberdeen a youngster left


feeling they could have done better Marius Zaliukas. The heart sculptor,


-- Hearts captain. Danger here. He was taken out by the haar smelled -


- Hearts midfielder. It was not an Aberdeen on the attack again. Back


off the bar! A goalscorer in midweek in the League Cup, but he


has not scored this season in the SPL. Gary Naysmith. Plenty room


here for Jonny Hayes. Back for Ryan Fraser. He looks like an old


fashioned a winner. -- winger. The flag had gone up for offside. The


Tynecastle team survive. Gavin Rae s so influential for Aberdeen.


Jonny Hayes here. Lovely ball in. Straight at the goalkeeper. Scott


vermin has been crying out for a service, you cannot get much better


than that. Craig Brown hoping his team can cash air on second half


That was a great ball. Well That was a great ball in from Jonny


Hayes. It is almost time up a Pittodrie. Back from Chris Clark.


Brian McGowan for Andy Driver. And a faction for winning four Hearts.


MacGowan got the ball in from out wide. And the shot comes back of


the post. They could have been charged with


daylight robbery had he scored their! I think there since last


Christmas the recruitment has been huge. And the signings this season


as well. Allied with the good players that have been there. I


think the strength of the squad, the ability they have got. And


Vernon it is in top player. Yesterday it was perhaps a familiar


story for them this season. They had a lot of chances. But when we


played against them they played some really good stuff. They are


playing good link play. And when they play that system, sometimes I


think the goals have to come from elsewhere. You have to chip in from


other areas. And they must be happy, Aberdeen, the way they are playing.


And diehards could have come away with all three points. Yes, it was


a good effort. Hearts will be delighted, there will look at that


as a good point from them. It is good to see them, hopefully


they will be in a position to Challenge a Celtic. That would be


good to see. Aberdeen and Hearts have done of really well. They had


some good high intensity games. It bodes well for Scottish football.


Let us hope it goes well for them. Dundee United went to Rugby Park


yesterday on the back of two 3-0 wins to kick off their SPL season.


Here's how it went against United were on a high after their


demolition Derby. Early indications were that the chances would come


again this week. John Daly should have done better from this cross


but in the end it. And under. Shortly afterwards, this was not


far away. Sweet contact, but the ball just this past the post.


Douglas coming close this time. Kyle Letheren got his fingers to it.


The Killie keeper never looked troubled. Young Rory Mackenzie


pounced to punish the dithering. Only Douglas will know what he was


thinking here. It was a gift for The Spanish new-ball week stepped


up. But it was all going wrong for United. The visitors crumbled and


Kenny Shiels meant sensed a third. A fine effort and a good save. The


deflection helped it on its way. A few minutes later the young


Irishman got his rewards thanks to more sloppy defending.


Killie reacting quickly at the corner. Letheren was denied his


clean sheet. An afternoon to forget for United.


United art at your place next weekend. Perhaps in a way that is a


bad result for you. Players starting to believe their own


publicity because everyone has been shouting about United. It is always


a good game. It is a great atmosphere. It will be a cracking


game. If there was an award for craziest defending a I think Barry


Douglas could have an early nomination.


It was a horrendous mistake. The young lad will probably not get an


easier goal in his career. Next time he will be taking that as


far away from the goal as possible. I think he will learn from that one.


Credit to Doreen Mackenzie because he sensed something happening there.


It would have been easy to stand back.


Something is always going to happen it! I speak from experience. He


reacted well, he knew something was going to happen and all credit to


him. To youngsters scoring for Kilmarnock.


He fired it in. It was eight minutes of madness but Kilmarnock


took full advantage. It will be great for his confidence.


Hibs ended last season with a Scottish Cup Final nightmare. And


started this campaign with a heavy defeat at Tannadice. Since then,


Pat Fenlon's team have been showing signs of recovery. Let's see if


that continued at home to Callum's Craig is there and will get a


second attempt. Hibs doing the early defending. St Johnstone with


the effort. In behind the Hibs defence! And he has hurt himself in


the process. This was a timely intervention from the Hibernian


Easy in the end for Williams. But St Johnstone have had plenty of


He wins the corner. Went for the curler.


Hibs claim it's over and it is, says the referee. St Johnstone


raging. Not much hesitation. Hibs Doyle! Good save but it is 2-0.


He was on hand to have a second bite at it. No mistake there. The


poor old doubles the lead for Hibernian.


Saints will probably feel aggrieved to be behind.


Williams was smart off the line. That is flicked high over by Clancy.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 44 seconds


Some St Johnstone fans are already pressing the panic button. What


would you say to them? We had a tough start. Hards away, Motherwell


away. Hibernian yesterday showed a massive improvement with their


first half performance. We have been playing well in patches but


just not keeping it going. Looking at the strength of the St Johnstone


squad, what do you think? If they take their opportunities, and you


can see that from the highlights. But if you look that the people


there brought in, and I think in strength and in debt they're


actually not too bad. They had some injuries, they had a bad start, but


it is a good squad of players. This would have been at home in the


gymnastics for the Olympics! It was pretty lucky, but just not


managed to keep it out. It is all but yoga I am going!


You had dominated the first half. You have to give credit to


Hibernian. The second half they came up with their confidence up.


Was that the individual Beragh? -- error. It was a mistake but


still a long way to go. The ball going in between three defenders


there. It is a good reaction. And from that stage on it was hard for


us. This season Hibernian seem a little stronger and sometimes you


have to give credit to the opposition. They seem to have a bit


more still about them this season. I think they have strengthened


their defence. Griffiths is the catalyst. When he is on top,


Hibernian are on top. Easier said than done to keep him quiet. But


there are a better out that this season.


At least a couple of these you would have hoped would turn into


goals. Definitely. Just a bit of a bad touch them. When you're chasing


games it makes it difficult. But we are creating chances at least. I


thought yesterday especially in the first half, we are working hard as


a team. That is why his St Johnstone that was successful last


season. It is not about the individuals. And Hibernian had back


to back wins after that Derby drawl. The pressure on Pat Fenlon has


perhaps gone away. I think he has brought in men of steel and there


is a good backbone to the side. It is all about confidence. They have


Definitely, I think we have a good squad. It is getting the right team


in. The next few games are going to be quite tough. It will be tough,


but cannot panic. You have to knuckle down and get on with it.


Dens Park yesterday, the meeting of the SPL's new boys. Here's Dundee


It was a battle of the SPL a new boys. Ross County threaten to take


control early on. I'm not sure how much Scott Boyd knew about this.


This cross was met by the head of Colin Nish, but he could not direct


it to the goal. The one side were came to make amends for the Derby


defeat last week. Gary are of them had a crack but it went wide --


Gary Irvine. The defender should have done better. Ms second half,


Ross County found their shooting boots. Looking to replicate his


wonder strike against Celtic. But the former Celtic keeper had it


well covered. He had more trouble with this Mark Corcoran effort. And


then the goal. Mark Corcoran tumbled in their area, and the


referee pointed to the spot. Richard Brittain stepped up. He


blasted it high and silenced the fans.


You were held at to a draw at Dingwall on the opening day.


think people were expecting us to go up there and come away with a


victory. But defensively, they are so well organised. Dundee were


raging at the time about the penalty award. Neil MacGregor on at


Mark Corcoran, do they have any cause for complaint? It is a


difficult one. It looks a bit clumsy. From this angle, it looks


as if he has just run into them. He is going to fall down when that


happens. You can see that it is hard on Dundee, but Ross County


would say it is definitely a penalty. He has given Mark Corcoran


the opportunity to hit the deck. Yes, it is clumsy. Dundee are


playing catch-up. You feel for them a bit, tried to assemble a team.


Ross County have come up, promoted, full of confidence. Dundee finished


second and thought it was over. It is difficult for them. They are


playing catch-up at the moment. Hopefully, they will get a few more


signings and to get there Timor strong. With one foot in the


Champions League, Celtic continued their far-travelled start to the


season this weekend with another trip to the Highlands. This time


Only five of the Celtic side that Neil Lennon has demanded a good


start to the match after having started slowly against Ross County


last week. That was a lovely not beggar by Gary Hooper. -- nutmeg.


This is lovely football from Celtic. Adam Matthews corner. Wanyama! That


was all too easy for Victor Wanyama. He was just allowed to head past


Ryan Esson. Charlie Mulgrew to strike this one. Off the top of the


crossbar. Charlie Mulgrew so often finds the back of the net from


these situations. So close to doing so again. Just did not come down in


time. Terry Butcher wants more from his side. Looking for Shinnie. One


group seems to be in control. Izaguirre. There is Tony Watt. He


has done well. Here goes Tolley -- Tony Watt. That is a terrific goal.


From one end to the other. There was no stopping Tony Watt. That was


a cool, composed finish from a young man who might just be staking


a claim for a regular place in it Neil Lennon's side. Inverness need


to respond and respond quickly. They might do it here. Shinnie


should have hit the target. He is looking for a corner. Celtic caught


on the hop after going ahead. Terry Butcher knows it. Ryan record


coming deep to collect the ball. -- Ryan McCourt. The angle of the


better of him there. But it was the Hooper does well and then goes down


under the challenge. A free kick in Mulgrew! That is a brilliant at the


set piece from Celtic. Right at the start of the second half. But one


look like they came from the training ground. Neil Lennon, as he


watched that going, hard work PM off. -- paying off. Izaguirre are


giving chase. Tony Watt is looking for it. It goes to Adam Matthews.


Tony Watt is the double. Celtic are cruising in the Highlands. Tony


Watt has his second of the game. He fairly lashed at that one into the


Neil Lennon does not look too concerned. Picked up by Conor


Pepper, last week's hero at Tynecastle. And Ross Draper get


another. Inverness Caley Thistle have probably left their comeback


too late, but the scoreline looks It was a deceiving scoreline that.


Celtic were so superior. Right from the start. Exactly the attitude


Neil Clement would have been looking for. They have such a


strong pool of players. Lots of good youngsters. Being on the brink


of the Champions League, some of these guys coming in will be


thinking I would like a taste of it. Yes, and these are the sorts of


games that they will keep playing. It is great for them. They are in a


great place at the warm-up. Hopefully, they will get a good


result on Wednesday. Teenagers with talent is a recurring theme in the


programme tonight. You will remember this man from last season.


Yes, that is a great finish. He has got a great talent. He is 18 or 19.


This is terrific. To score from a position, it shows good pace, good


awareness. He is hungry. He looks at home at this level. It is his


attitude. He has got a desire to succeed. Even at the end, he is


trying to score. He has got the ability, but for me it is his


attitude double take him all the way. There is a fair chance that he


will feature a fair bet if Celtic can get across that final hurdle


into the Champions League. Yes, why not? He is a great talent. Neil


Lennon will have no problem putting him in. Neil Lennon is taking


nothing for granted in this second leg against Helsingborg. I thought


that Celtic were right but isn't over there, especially in the


second half. But Helsingborg for really good as well. People think


they are going to win, but it was a tough game and I thought they were


brilliant over there. I hope they can get through for Scottish


football. Yes, it would be great for the game here. It would affect


the dreaded coefficient for everyone. Yes, and they will have


experienced players to come back as well. I think the expectation level


is what they will have to be careful of. What yesterday proves


is the quality of the squad that Neil Lennon has assembled. And he


will be looking to add to it. a great chance for Young Boys to


come through, for a young Scottish boys' to come through, with Rangers


not being in the league. He can juggle the squad a little bit. He


can introduce these young players. Hopefully, but will continue.


you expect Celtic to strip away from everybody else? Yes. I do not


think there is any doubt about that. A lot of clubs will be looking for


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