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Highlights of the day's matches, including Aberdeen v Inverness, Dundee Utd v Motherwell, Hamilton v Kilmarnock, Partick Thistle v Johnstone and Ross County v Dundee.

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Good afternoon and welcome to a results show Christmas special.


All right, so it's nothing special, but it is Christmas.


Football-flavoured fun furnished by our reporters around the country,


with banter brought to you by Pat Nevin and Michael


Now before we start our Boxing Day bounce around the grounds,


I'll tell you about some matches that have been postponed


Among them the Premiership matches between Dundee United


and Motherwell, and Partick Thistle and St Johnstone are off,


as is the Championship game between Raith and Alloa.


Right, to the festive fixtures that are afoot.


We will start at Pittodrie. Second Aberdeen are playing Internet.


Let's hear from Scott Davie. It is 2-1 to Inverness Caley Thistle.


Aberdeen have a chance to go top if they win. They are coming back into


it after losing goals to Liam Polworth under Greg Tansey penalty.


Niall McGinn has brought them back into the match. A bad mistake by the


central defence, allowing Niall McGinn to score. The pressure is now


on. There will be quite a bit of injury time because Owain Fon


Williams, the Caley Thistle goalkeeper, getting as serious head


injury. He is playing on with his head in bandages. Can Aberdeen


managed to rescue themselves? Off we go to Dingwall. Ross County


and Dundee. Plenty of excitement. What a game.


Craig Stewart set up Kane Hemmings for the opener. Liam Boyce got the


equaliser. In the second half, Kane Hemmings again. Michael Gardini


equalised and then Jackson Irving gave them the lead.


-- Jackson Irvine. Plenty of goals there. Jonathan Sutherland is


watching Kilmarnock and Hamilton. One goal in this match. It was a


freaking loopy effort, it has to be seen to be believed. The match is


getting lively towards the end., niqab never won at New Douglas Park.


Could today be the day? We will also find out what is happening in the


Championship match between Falkirk and Dumbarton. It is 1- 04 Falkirk.


The home fans are full of these festive spirit thanks to Blair


Alston's straight in the first half. The home side dominating in dreadful


conditions. A nice Christmas message from Brian


McLauchlin. Let's see of Charlie Mann can philosopher the festive


cheer. He is in Paisley Western men are playing Livingston.


Not for St Mirren funds. St Mirren Park is make Paisley nightmare is


continuing. They have not won at home in the legal season and they


are losing to Livingston, 4-1. If the score stays the same, St


Mirren will be second bottom. We will talk about that later. Michael,


you are not pleased, Aberdeen are trailing Inverness, 2-1. I did not


see that coming. This is the result that will ruin Christmas. Aberdeen


have been a bean on a terrific run. They had great support today,


nudging towards 20,000. If they lose, the supporters will feel let


down. They are putting on a late rally, Niall McGinn getting a goal


back. It sounds great from Inverness, they will be backing the


top six if it stays like this. Everyone knows how it is in the


bottom of the league up to the middle. If Aberdeen are losing 2-0


and they managed to scrape a draw, psychologically it will not be a bad


position. Celtic have a tough game coming up going away to Hearts. That


is not given by any manner of means. Ross County are up on Dundee, 4-2.


They are going great guns, county. They have had a sticky spell of


late. Yes, but they have got goal-scorers. Billy Dodds was a


striker. He spends as much time organising that as anyone else. Liam


Boyce is scoring lots of goals for them just now. He has got 12. If you


are scoring for Michael goals at home, generally you will get a


victory from that. They are a team with a lot of confidence. They have


had our ups and downs, but since that difficult time when they first


took over, it has been a very good job from them. Killie are winning


1-0 away to Hamilton. Both sides need a victory, Watmore put -- but


Killie have been under real pressure, Gary Locke in particular.


Neither team has been winning recently. Hamilton Academical have


one now on in nine. Gary Locke is under pressure. If they can hang on,


it will relieve some of that. Speaking of pressure, are Falkirk


are playing some pressure on Hibs and Rangers? They are not that far


out of it. I heard about it on BBC radio this week, that Falkirk are on


a good run. They have got a game today and begin midweek as well.


Knowing that Hibernian are playing against Rangers at Ibrox, someone


will drop points. They have every chance of getting back into it.


People have said it is Rangers against a burning. Falkirk are


loving the fact they are tucked in nicely. Michael, can you read St


Mirren out of the play-offs in the Championship? Rate them out of the


division! That is Alex rev's first proper match in charge, picking the


team. It is at home, in Paisley, and you're losing 4-1 to the team that


started the day in second bottom. St Mirren look like a club that it does


not matter what they do, it does not work for them. They have been


relegated last season and they could go through this division as well.


That would be catastrophic for the infrastructure of the club and its


finances. Just because of the income that gets cut off if you're outside


the top two divisions. Merry Christmas to you as well. Let's go


to the Premiership and get more details on the matches. We will


start at Pittodrie and Scott Davie. It is still 2- for Caley Thistle.


There are a few minutes of stoppage time. Perhaps five minutes. Quite a


long time for Inverness to hang on. Aberdeen are trying to salvage


something from a game they have dominated in terms of territory.


They have failed to create much. Much more hurried and more thought


going into things now. Niall McGinn drives in a shot. It has gone


whistling past the post. Lovely improvisation from Niall McGinn who


has brought his side back into the game. His 57th goal from the club.


It was a bad mistake by Warren, the captain of Inverness. You try to


clear his lines and did not take the opportunity. Niall McGinn pinch the


ball and slid it into the back of the net to bring Aberdeen into a


game. Liam Polworth got his second goal of the season, his second in


successive games. Good play by Ross Draper, reinstated after injury. He


outmuscled Paul Quinn and pulled it back for a Liam Polworth to score.


Then more disaster for Quinn as he needlessly push Ross Draper over. It


was a penalty, Greg Tansey scoring from that. Aberdeen showing lots of


character, for eating for everything. -- fighting for


everything. The referee is going to get the yellow carded for Jonny


Hayes who has taken his complaints to fire. It has been a fiery


encounter in a terrible day for football.


Nicely poised right now. Off to Victoria Park and Dingwall.


An update from channels. No advance on 4-2. I do not like cliches but


Christmas cracker is unavoidable. The game started at full tilt with


county providing the early pressure but Bundy opened the scoring when


Greg Stewart provided Kane Hemmings with a pinpoint through ball and he


headed in from 12 yards. County had the ball in the Dundee box but there


were no takers before Stewart pulled a great save out of the keeper at


the other end. On the half hour, County equalised through Liam Boyce


and a through ball from Andy Davies. He rolled it into an empty net.


Again, Stewart set up Hemmings before a spectacular equaliser from


Michael Gardyne. Jackson Irvine put the ball into the net just seconds


after coming on to the park but there was debate as to whether it


crossed the line. Then another from Liam Boyce.


It is 4-2. After New Douglas Park. Last we heard, Killie were leading,


1-0. The away side looks like taking another goal. They have had a boost


in confidence since that strike which put them ahead, a weirdo,


looked effort which Michael McGovern could not keep out. That was midway


through the second half. It will give Gary Locke boost. He has been


under severe pressure after some heavy home defeats in recent weeks,


notably against Aberdeen and Partick Thistle. Hamilton are not out of


this match, going on the attack with Carlton Morris. Well saved. Hamilton


tried to test, nick defence from the. A shot from the centre circle.


He perhaps finds his chances given the bad form of the, no defence, but


the keeper saved comfortably. Then Conrad Balatoni clearing off the


line from Dougie Imrie after he had beaten the keeper with a close range


shot. It was stunning from Balatoni. One to be seen on the highlights


programme tomorrow. In the second half, Josh Magennis looked like he


might have given, nick the lead, but again, McGovern with a fantastic


save. A lengthy dilate as Lucas Tagliapietra was carried from this


field. Idlib citing injury for the Hamilton Central defender. Then a


moment of hope for, nick. Be bold looked into the net. , nick are


trying to take a 2-0 lead. If they get a victory today, it will be


massive four, neck and Gary Locke. Will it be enough to satisfy the


Kamara board? 1-0. I was waiting to see we could


get the third mention of his own show in there.


He is cheeky. Like Ted to Falkirk Stadium.


Brian McLauchlin. It is 1-0 four Falkirk. This game has been


dominated by the home side since the outset. In the first-half John Baird


had a shot on the angle from 12 yards out. The goalkeeper did well


to parry it away. Eventually the breakthrough came and what a strike.


A short free kick taken to Blair Alston. He took the ball across his


body and fired in a shot from 22 yards. It rivalled beyond Mark Brown


and into the net. So close to a second just seconds into the second


half. Blair Alston said his team-mates through on goal. The bold


looked to be destined for the bottom corner only for a terrific block by


Frazer Wright at the heart of the Dumbarton defence. One-way traffic


towards the Dumbarton goal. Beard looked certain to score but he


delayed his effort and the defence got back to score. Seconds ago,


again, the ball was knocked down and the striker find the target, but the


goalkeeper saved. Just a few minutes left for play. It looks like Falkirk


are destined to go to within three points at the top of the


Championship this evening. And the points in Paisley are


destined to go the way of Livingston. It was 4-1 for


Livingston the last we heard. Any change? No change. Five minutes


left in Paisley. St Mirren are destined to go second bottom of each


and pinch a table this afternoon. They are losing 4-1 to Livingston.


They have been very poorest throughout the 90 minutes,


particularly in the second half. Defensive problems all over the


place. Livingston 2-0 up after 30 minutes. The first from Liam


Buchanan, the second from Ben Gordon. Lawrence Shankland gave St


Mirren hope on 41 minutes with a goal. In the second half,


defensiveness takes again, particularly on 54 minutes. It was a


free kick and a terrific goal. High into the back of the net, but Jack


Baird in advance of that had a very bad patch and a clumsy challenge to


give away the free kick. Then Liam Buchanan on 66 minutes. A simple


through ball, away from the defenders, cool and collected under


the goalkeeper. If I were a St Mirren Fran, I would be afraid. --


St Mirren Fran. I am saying nothing. We are going to


Victoria Park now. What a game this is. It's 5-2. Boyce


completed a hat trick. Ross County 5, Dunne key 2. -- country tee. I


was looking at that earlier and thinking Ross County and Dundee.


Hemmings scored a couple for Dundee, I was thinking can he score


back-to-back hat tricks? He has been upstaged by Liam Boyce. Yeah,


they're strong at home a lot of the time. He is on fire. If a striker


goes on a run they - the goal looks about 20 feet wide as if they can't


miss anything. Boyce is having that sort of game today. It's odd, we


feel that a about a lot of teams but Dundee maybe specifically above


anyone else, I have no idea week to week what they're going to do. I


would never bet on them one way or another. There was a while you could


bet on them having a draw and 1-1 at that. That's bucked the trend. 4-0


winners last week. Then 5-2, could have been six. You have no idea


where it's going to come to. The good thing is we have seen a lot of


goals with them involved. Before the game I would have put money on Ross


County for this one purely because they've got scorers. We are


unpredictable on this show, as well. We are going to the English Premier


League for the lunchtime match today. Stoke City against Manchester


United. Let's get the details on that one.


Stoke 2, Manchester United 0. There have been a lot of defy apt talk


from Manchester United, in particular, Louis Van Gaal, but all


that fire was quickly extinguished in a display in which Stoke were too


good. Arnautovic should have added a third. The decision to leave Wayne


Rooney out of the starting 11 was reversed at half-time. The visitors


did rally. Buckland making a couple of excellent saves. In the truth, it


was really Stoke's day. A victory for them and a United performance


which will have done little to alter the raft of back page headlines that


have so upset Louis Van Gaal. Right now there is an incident. There is


six minutes of stoppage time. The referee has given a penalty. Rooney


so good from the spot, of course, looking to convert what will be his


14th goal of the season. Rooney steps up and scores! Sends the


goalkeeper one way. The ball into the corner of the net the other way.


From 2-0 down, still five minutes of stoppage time to go here at


Pittodrie. Aberdeen still have a chance to go to the top of the table


if they can get another goal in this game. Aberdeen 2, Inverness Caley


Thistle 2. Feeling more relaxed, Michael? It's the natural order has


been restored. The natural order has not been restored at Manchester


United. They've lost 2-0 against Stoke. The headlines were that Louis


Van Gaal was for the chop. That was before today's match. The likelihood


is he will be. You need good results if you are a top club. It doesn't


look good enough. Also they're not playing an exciting brand of


football. A month ago they were top of the table. Exactly. But they


weren't playing brilliantly well. You could see the weaknesses there.


I don't think it's anything like you have lost the dressing room, one or


two players aren't suited to playing with him. In the end Manchester


United expect more. In a season where there is a great opportunity


to take the league, because everyone seems really keen to hand it to


everyone else, Leicester may be Arsenal apart, wasn't - I would say


one thing, certain teams are underestimated now. That result


against Stoke, I have been to see Stoke this season, it's not a


surprise to me, they're a fabulous team. They will continue to hammer


up that league, I am sure about it. You may disagree over what I am


going to say next, but van Gaal had a real go at the media this week,


Pat. A monologue at the beginning, criticising the media for stories


reported about him, some have proven to be thus far unfounded. You have a


lot of sympathy for him. I have sympathy for anyone in that


position. When you are in the headlights of what is a media


barrage, whatever it is, whether they're right, wrong, whether it's


opinion or not, it's incredibly hard to deal with for a family and


everyone around it. More often than not whoever it is, being it Mourinho


or van Gaal or whoever, be it myself now and again, it doesn't matter.


What happens behind the scenes, people don't know about and don't


seem to care. We don't seem to have the humanity to care about it. At


least he brought that humanity out and said this is hurting my family,


try and remember that. You know what, not that I disagree, he is not


doing well enough and probably will lose his job, but I liked the way he


brought the humanity in and says remember when you are doing this a


lot of people got hurt. A valid point, Michael? It is. I


vice-president seen what exactly Louis Van Gaal is upset about in


terms of the media coverage. -- haven't seen. We don't see the


editions of the newspapers here. It wouldn't happen here in this


country! It is an interesting point to what extent you get criticised


personally. If he thinks he will not get criticised for results and


performances and style of play at Manchester United he is kidding


himself on. He knew what he was coming into when he took the job. He


knows how big it is and knows you are going to get criticism if you go


seven games out a win. They're out of the Champions League and Carling


Cup, Capital One Cup. It's looking like he is going to go. Jose


Mourinho's availability doesn't help him either. Yeah, I am sympathetic


to his family and the rest but that comes with the territory and with


the pay cheque that you get. Bad day for him. Another good day for the


Falkirk manager Peter Houston. His side have won at home to Dunbaren


to. Let's get the details. -- Dumbarton. They're very much in the


championship title race. Three points off the top two teams,


Rangers and Hibernian who meet on Monday afternoon at Ibrox. Only goal


coming after 36 minutes. A screamer. He could have had a second. Decided


to pass the ball rather than play to goal himself and he played in Baird


who could have had a hat trick but for some terrific defending from the


Dumbarton defence. In truth, this was all about Falkirk this


afternoon. They managed to scrape the victory but much more


comfortable than the joer line was. It finished -- score line. It


finished Falkirk 1, Dumbarton 0. Charlie, over to you. It's the


opposite of what Brian was saying there. It's damp and bleak. But it's


not a happy stadium here. The fans of St Mirren booing the team off the


pitch because they've now gone to second bottom of the table. Their


terrible home league record continues. 4-1 they've been beaten


here this afternoon by Livingston who did a really number on St Mirren


here. It was a terrific game for Livingston, very poor for the home


side. Buchanah had Livingston in front at 23 minutes. Shankland


pulled a goal back for the home side. But the second half, St Mirren


were terrible in defence. A third goal for Livingston. Glenn with a


terrific free kick, 25 yards out, blasted the ball into the back of


the net after Baird had given the ball away and compounded that by


fouling his opposing player. Then 66 minutes, Buchanan ran away from the


home defence as easy to knock in his 8th goal of the season. Saints


nowhere in this game at all. They've real problems and St Mirren are


second bottom of the championship. Back to the Premier League. -- to


the premiership. Aberdeen blew a chance to go to the top of the table


on a rain-sodden afternoon at Pittodrie but showed character and


determination to come from two goals down to at least dig out a point in


a dramatic afternoon's football in the granite city. It was good


counterattacking play from Caley Thistle in the first half. Although


Aberdeen had a lot of the ball it was the counterattacking pace of


Storey that caused problems. Twice he was through but didn't make Ward


work hard enough. But on the counterattack in 41 minutes Polworth


gave the high landers the lead, it was great play by Draper getting to


the buyline. Quinn muscled out of possession. It was guided into the


bottom corner of the net. Quinn's afternoon didn't get better. Two


minutes after the restart he bundled into the back of Draper conceding a


needless penalty and Tansey stepped up and made a comfort job of taking


the spot kick. Then it was really a case of Caley Thistle defending


deeper trying to play on the counterattack with long balls.


Aberdeen piled the pressure on. Finally they did manage to get the


breakthrough on 73 minutes. McGinn claiming his 50th goal for the club


but it was a moment of real disaster for Gary Warren, went to clear the


ball, slipped, and McGinn pinched possession and slid it under the


body of the goalkeeper Williams who played for the last 25 minutes plus


stoppage time with his head in bandages after back-peddling to


gather a corner and cracking his head off the post. Williams was


actually booked for time wasting late on. By then Rooney had stepped


up and made his usual confident job from the penalty spot in the first


minute of stoppage time. A shot towards goal and the referee judging


there was deliberate handball and Rooney despatching the penalty kick


that puts them level with points, level on points with Celtic at the


top. Celtic with the superior goal difference and with two games in


hand. I think Derek will be relieved that his side managed to show the


character and determination to come back from that blow being two goals


down and show that they can scrap and battle away and maintain their


recent decent run of form. Aberdeen 2, Caley Thistle, 2. Let's chaer


from Charles at full-time Ross County and Dundee. -- hear. County


ran riot in the second half at Victoria park. Incredible game, it


started franticly. Stuart missed a chance of 2-0. County's equal icer


came when Davis returned a goal kick and Boyce found an empty net. Into


the second half, Stuart again set Hemmings for Dundee's second.


County's second equaliser. Boyce got County's 4th and Boyce completed a


hat trick to make the final score Ross County 5, Dundee 2. Full-time


at New Douglas Park. Over to Jonathan. Hamilton on 0, Kilmarnock


1. A huge victory this for Gary Lock, a first win for Kilmarnock in


over two months which has to ease some pressure that's been building


in recent weeks on the manager. Footballing success so often built


on narrow margins, Lock could have the winger to thank. A shot had


beaten MacDonald but right there on the line was Conrad who managed to


head away a clearance. It was spectacular and one to watch on the


highlights tomorrow night. Kilmarnock more lively, more


substance, overall. McGuinness looked like he had given Kilmarnock


the lead. A volleyed effort to the top corner somehow McGovern kept it


out. A worrying moment for fans as Petra went down injured, looked bad,


for about five minutes he was taken care of by the medical team. He was


stretchered from the field to a standing ovation. Let's hope it's


not too bad. The ball found Obadeyi in the box. It looped over the


Hamilton goalkeeper McGovern. He couldn't keep it out. The Kilmarnock


fans were on their feet as they saw the net billow. A huge moment for


Kilmarnock and it gave the team much needed confidence. That's how it


stayed. Gord hn a header that was well saved by MacDonald. It was


almost 2-0 in front but it ended 1-0. Hamilton one win from the last


ten games. Kilmarnock move to within a point of Motherwell. Ten points


clear now of Dundee United. That match sounds as if it's worth


catching in the highlights programme tomorrow night. Not sure. You said


he got a ht trick? Well done. He never got any plugs in for his show


last week, he made up for it today! Certainly worth watching if you are


a Kilmarnock fan, Michael. First win since October 24th. After all the


plugs were out of the way the last point Jonathan made was they're ten


points clear of Dundee United which obviously United didn't play today


so they've a game in hand but that's beginning to look really significant


for both clubs. But ominous for United. The other thing you have to


look at Kilmarnock are up object 20 points... I know what you are


saying. They're close to the top half of the table. This is Gary


Lock, if you read on Twitter last week apparently was getting sacked


or had been sacked and it shows how extreme this game - how quickly it


can change and how extreme opinions are. In fact, a couple of wins and


you are into a comfortable position. I have a feeling none of those clubs


in the bottom half are going to be in a comfortable position for


sometime. It's going to be tough for Dundee United to catch them but


always going to be one getting close to that play-off position.


St Johnstone are in fourth place, it is 11 points between them and pen


between Killie and United. United are getting detached. Keep your


powder dry, we will talk more about this later in the show. Right now it


is time for the classified results round-up.


Let's have a look at the league tables after I have slugged some


water. A valuable victory for Kilmarnock


takes them ten clear of Dundee United. A week off and there are, it


skews me. -- a wee cough Leicester City stay top. They lost


today to Liverpool. Tottenham Hotspur move up to fourth with a


handsome victory over Norwich City. Let's get some more details from the


game in England today. Pat's former club Chelsea were playing at home to


Watford. Let's hear from my wing -- let's hear from Mike Williams.


This Hiddink have drawn 2-2 with Watford in his first match back in


charge. Watford, Crystal Palace, Swansea and Bournemouth have all


taken something from Chelsea this season. Fantastic from Watford who


scored through Troy Deeney and Odion Ighalo. Diego Costa scored as well.


He picked up a yellow card and will miss Chelsea's next match.


Frustration for Guus Hiddink and joy and celebration for Quique Flores.


The Watford players go over to the left to celebrate in front of their


travelling fans. They have held on for a famous draw.


2-2. It cannot be that famous. Chelsea are losing lots of games at


home. It should not be a surprise to anyone. Watford have been really


good. Odion Ighalo has been phenomenal this season, and


alongside Troy Deeney, who is beginning to score, it makes a


massive difference. This should not be a shock any more. Teams like


Watford, Leicester, Stoke, Crystal Palace, they are not monks. You have


to take them seriously. It is not a fluke. You should not be shocked.


These teams will continue to take points of the so-called big teams


between now and the end of the season. Tottenham Hotspur beat


Norwich City this afternoon. Let's hear from Mark Webber. A


lesson in football from the Lilywhites at both ends of the page.


Tottenham were dominant in attack. Harry Kane's well struck penalty


started it and he doubled it before half-time. Tom Carroll replace the


rampant Dele Alli and he made it three in the second half. It could


have been five or six. Hugo Lloris kept the clean sheet with another


smashing double save. 3-0. Let's go to the seaside to find


out how Bournemouth feared that home to Crystal Palace.


Six games unbeaten for Bournemouth. It shows how much they have


progressed that they will be disappointed not to have taken all


the points. Ritchie headed wide, Murray flocked from ten yards. Paris


have lost just one in eight. -- Crystal Palace. It was a


full-blooded encounter. It ends all square. Restore Palace


going well near the top of the table. Right into the top echelons


of the league. If you watch them play, and I have watched them a few


times, they are incredibly well-organised. They have a simple


system. Quick, attacking wide players, Wilfried Zaha I is


particularly special. They sit back and break brilliantly. It has worked


superbly for them and it is now is a price they are that high up the


table. Teams like Watford, Crystal Palace, Leicester, because of the


serious extra money in the Premier League in England, they have all got


much, much deeper squads. They all have an opportunity. They will not


follow way they have done before. Another club going well Michael,


Tottenham Hotspur. Yes, they have been below the top four, out of the


Champions League places for so long. No Chelsea out of the running this


season, Manchester United are slipping out of the running, but


still they have been below the top for Michael, out of the Champions


League places for so long. Now Chelsea are out of the running this


season, Manchester United are slipping out of the running, but


still Diarra thereabouts. Todd numb have three or four points of the


lead over United. Dashed Tottenham Hotspur. Pat makes a great point


about the television money. It means that clubs like Leicester might be


able to hold onto players. When Chelsea came in for stones, everyone


thought he would leave Everton, but they were able to keep him. Maybe


Leicester will be able to do that with the Riyad Mahrez and Jamie


Vardy. No problems with money for Man City. Another big victory for


them at home to Sunderland. Pellegrini says they have the


strongest squad in the Premiership. I would disagree. I think Arsenal


have more depth. Against the very top teams, in Europe and in England,


Man City Niedermeier and players, they need Vincent Kompany to be


playing well, they need Yaya Toure to be at his best, they need David


Silva still to be in there. They have spent money on players, but


they need those four. Some of the players in the squad do not look


anywhere near as good. They have a good chance of winning the league,


but I would still fancy Arsenal. Arsenal can go top later today. Do


you think they will do that? Everything is a line for Arsenal.


This is what they have been waiting for four years. I preferred it when


you disagree but I do not mind if you agree. I watched Arsenal the


other night and they were very convincing. Pat is right. Some of


their traditional rivals are temporarily out of the running. It


is not now or never about Arsenal. It is the best chance in ten years,


the best they have had. Leicester lost 1-0 at Liverpool. Liverpool


have been stuttering and Jurgen Klopp. The results have been


average. Compare the results to what they were like with Brendan Rodgers.


They are not much better. I will see nothing against Jurgen Klopp until


he gets his chance to add to the team in January and possibly longer


than that, in the summer. He will rebuild the team. Now he has got


players from the previous regime. I am not judging him. Let's find out


what happened between Swansea City and West Brom.


Robyn Cowen was watching. Wonderful scenes at the Liberty Stadium, fist


pumping and hiding at the final whistle, the first victory at the


Liberty Stadium first Swansea in a Premier League game. The goal was


slightly fortunate. Angel Rangel's effort hit the post. Ki Sung-Yueng


reacted first. West Brom had a few have chances in the second half but


came up against a very solid and hard-working Swansea City defence.


They are out of the relegation zone for now at least.


1-0. Add Villa Park, the bottom club were at home to West Ham United.


Ivan Gaskell has the story. Relegation looks increasingly like a


certainty for Aston Villa. 20 of the last 23 side bottom of the Premier


League at Christmas have gone down. After this it will take a miraculous


change of fortune for Aston Villa to come back. At times they played well


and push West Ham bag but they still went behind to Aaron Cresswell's


late well struck first half goal. Aston Villa swept forward after the


break when Rudy Gestede was bundled over. Jordan Ayew converted from the


spot but Aston Villa could not finish West Ham. For Aston Villa,


draws are not enough. He is right. It's a massive jump.


It's to the 4th bottom team. It's going to be tough. Oddly enough,


they've some good players. And the goal scorer, not to the level he was


at Blackburn, but without a shadow of a doubt, I don't see anyone that


I have met at all that's betting on Aston Villa surviving the season, it


would take something extra special. I am not convinced they've got it.


Go on, Michael! It's a big story, Villa going down. They're not a


club... A long time. I don't know if they have. Someone will send a text


in or something. They've a top level Premier League. If Newcastle take


anything tonight, Norwich go to the bottom three, as well. They're just


outside, that would be troubling for Alex Neil. There is a lot of


goodwill to Alex in Scotland. We want him to do well. He has had an


incredible year. A shame if they finish in the bottom three. The


promoted club that's struggled most, Pat? He came in with this attitude I


will attack it, the way Watford did. They had a real good go at it. They


got a hammering I think at Newcastle 6-2 and Alex seemed to come back and


more defensive and Gary was working beside him and they thought we will


be more sensible about it but it's not natural, I don't think, to them


and they seem to be halfway between what they want to do and what they


feel they should. Tough for Norwich at the moment. Big matches to come,


including what could be a tricky trip to Tynecastle for Celtic.


Hearts haven't won for a while. Their most recent match a no scoring


draw to St Johnstone. In the circumstances it wasn't a bad result


at all. You remember this, Pat? Down to ten men early on.


Yeah. It's one of those ones where, he lost it... Just about every


player has lost it for a second but you don't go that far. There was no


doubt about that that he had to go off the field. A reprieve here for


them. There were many opportunities. Loads of chances in this game. No


bigger than this one, as well. Hearts were well organised


defensively. It was about an hour I think they played without Juan. That


I guess is encouraging for them, they were able to survive and take a


point in those circumstances. You mentioned a tricky trip to


Tynecastle for Celtic. It should be. They always are. But their record at


Tynecastle is terrific. It's a seven straight wins there and goals, 26


scored and two conceded. Talking about Hearts going down to ten men,


they do work on that. Depends who the referee is. Players will fall


into that system, that regime and feel comfortable about it and they


don't panic. They don't lose it. They all know their jobs and that


helps. I pose it was a striker as well which may help the


reorganisation, you know, the back four and the defences, it's


unchanged. Meanwhile at Celtic last week, Celtic were losing at home to


Motherwell. And much has been made, obviously Scott Brown... From a


leading position, as well. That's the unusual thing. Oddly enough, I


heard people talk about it, when Brown is not playing, it's almost


like a different team you are playing because the driving force is


not there. That's maybe slightly harsh on Motherwell who had a good


day. They played well on the day. They were intelligent. You see the


defending there at the Motherwell goal is poor. It's poor again here.


Bitton gives it away. Actually I think they've looked better in the


last few weeks than at the start. But Motherwell exposed them last


week. Only thing I would say about it it's rare for Celtic to stumble


in two consecutive domestic games. They tend to react when they have a


bad one, which it was last week and there was negativity from the


stands, negativity in the media aftermath. They tend to react to


that and Tynecastle is a place that you would react to. You would react


to the atmosphere. Remind me of the stat you were saying earlier about


Celtic's great record at Tynecastle. 26 goals scored, two conceded in the


last seven? Remember what happened the last time they went there? Yes.


Good, because we are going to see it. Celtic came out on top. Yeah, I


think Griffiths... You know, it's always going to be tough, well not


always, because there have been really big scores, but I think


Hearts won't go into this fearful. Even though the stats don't sound


good, they won't go in fearful because they'll be up for it. It's


going to be an incredible atmosphere and it gives them a chance to get


back into being talked about again. Everyone has been talking about St


Johnstone and talking about Aberdeen. There is, if Celtic have


had a slight wobble, you have to try and take advantage of that and


that's what Hearts are going to have to try to do on this occasion.


Everyone has been talk being it all week, it isn't only one result


really. There was the Kilmarnock someone one, as well. In the end,


Celtic generally have a wobble and get back on to it again. That's the


difference between them and say Aberdeen, they had a boggle and it


was mega. We saw Griffiths enjoy scoring against Hearts. He may play


tomorrow. He may not. He is back in the straight and narrow in fitness


terms, Michael. A big player. A big player in this fixture, as well. He


scored a few against Hearts and revelled in it. We asked Ronnie the


other day whether he was going to play, I didn't get the feeling he


was that confident. He gave a vague answer. He has been out for three


games I think with a calf strain. They're not the same attacking force


without him. They don't carry the same threat. To Monday and Rangers


and Hibs. Whoever comes out on top will go into 2016 as league leaders.


They're level on points. Rangers have a superior goal difference.


It's one win each in terms of league matches between the teams this


season. Rangers winning 1-0 at Ibrox in August. It was a show-stopper,


Pat. Yeah. I did say at the time if you put that goal in and by Messi or


Ronaldo, you would say what a goal. That's a phenomenal free kick there.


He has meant it, as well. He was on fire at that time of the season. Not


saying he is as good a player as them but it was a moment of


brilliance. Not as - he has varied a bit as have Rangers but they'll be


up for it for this win, no doubt at all. Hibs won the match at Easter


Road, 2-1 on this occasion. Both games have been interesting because


they could have gone the other way. Quite interesting! Yeah. Japgers


really could have won this game at Easter Road, they ended up losing to


a late goal. Just as I thought Hibs might have won that one at Ibrox.


The game we vice-president mentioned was the Cup tie on the opening day


of the season, 6-2 at Easter Road. It almost feels like two different


teams. Hibs are a different team. Rangers aren't playing with the same


verve or scoring to the same rate. Rangers have scored in every game


this season having said that. You think that's virtually the first


thick that Hibs have to deal with -- first thing that Hibs have to deal


with. They still score freely at Ibrox. Plenty through the managers,


all conducted through the media. Warburton said he is more concerned


about Christmas shopping than Hibs. Stubbs says Rangers have been in


denial. Warburton has come up and you have to learn what it's like in


Scotland, it's extraordinarily pressured anyway, if you are a


Rangers manager it's going to be constant. If you are pressure on you


from other managers or people you have to accept that. It's part of


the deal. I think Mark was taken aback by it but then I have been in


a situation where I have welcomed people that have come up from down


south and players and had to explain to them you are going to get it up


here, a bit of needle, you have to learn to deal with it. In the last


press conference I thought Mark seemed to be dealing with it. He is


getting it a little bit now. Don't worry about what the press are


saying and don't worry about other managers, it's part of the wind-up,


deal with it. He said that, that's exactly the right way to react. Who


do you fancy for it on Monday night, Hibs and Rangers? I don't know. I


will come back to you! Pat? I won't hide the fact I have a slight bias,


I would take a draw now as someone like Hibernian to do well, in fact,


I think it'sroom almost the likely result, I don't think there's much


between the teams. Just now or going for the league generally. Michael,


reached a decision? It's hard to disagree with any of that. They've


been equally matched, not even this season, last season, as well. I can


see a draw. I guess both teams will be happy with that. It keeps Hibs in


the hunt and unbeaten run going. It will keep Falkirk happy, as well.


Will both teams be happy with a draw at Pittodrie this afternoon?


Aberdeen will be disappointed to have dropped two points. They had a


big turnout today. Fans are expecting them to go top. In the


circumstances of the match 2-0 down with 20 minutes left at home, it's


all right. You can take something from it. It shows a bit of


character. That's exactly what Davis said in the match report. There was


character shown. We were actually talking about it through the show.


If you look at the players who scored, it's kind of noticeable.


They've got that front four that is fantastic. It's going to be big for


them. Hayes and McGinn, everyone is talking about them now. McClean is


going to be a huge player for them, as well. The story about Rooney,


scores a penalty today to save them a point and that, I don't know if


you read it, he practises penalties and tells the goalkeeper where he is


going to put it, that's a great line that. Maybe you tell them and psych


the goalkeeper out. That's really good to be that confident in


yourself that you are going to do that. That front four, that's the


four that will do it for Aberdeen between now and the end of the


season, two of them have scored goals today. Big for Ross County,


and 5th, on 27 points. That's only seven clear of the redpags play-off


spot. -- relegation. You cannot get carried away. If you score five


goals, what a massive boost of confidence to you. You add on top of


that they've a striker in Boyce who is on fire just now. You are so, so


comfortable that wherever you are playing, when you are playing,


however you are doing, he will get us a goal and that gives you so much


confidence all over the team. Gary Lock will be enjoying Boxing Day? He


will. First win for several weeks. It lifts them and makes sure they're


one of those teams in that pack. The league is ridiculous almost. Between


5th and 11th there is nothing. We are trying to speculate on who might


go down or in the play-offs, it's impock db -- - impossible. Hamilton


are on a bad run. Two points ahead of Kilmarnock. No one will relax.


Managers are trying to calm players and tell players it's OK, we are


doing well, we are having a nice run. This is a little blip now. In


fact, nobody with probably the four top are going to be completely and


utterly relaxed and I can't see them relaxing because they've a lot of


players down that bottom of that table who have been in this problem


before and can't seem to drag themselves out. You get teams that


move, two or three wins together and they change.


Now, folks, that's almost it from the results show for 2015.


A big win for Ross County. A hat trick for Liam Boyce.


Congratulations to him. In the championship:


St Mirren, not a great day for Alex first match in charge:


Just time to reboot some charge: of the graphics once more this year


to remind you of some of today's outcomes.


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Thanks to Pat and Michael for their wisdom and wit,


Take care and enjoy the rest of the holidays.


Introduced by David Currie.

Reports and results from around the country in the SPFL. In the Premiership, John Hughes's Inverness side are in the Granite City to play Aberdeen. In the other matches, it's Dundee Utd against Motherwell, Hamilton versus Kilmarnock, Partick Thistle take on St Johnstone and Ross County host Dundee.

Plus previews of Hearts and Celtic at Tynecastle and the crucial Championship encounter between Rangers and Hibernian.

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