27/04/2014 Sportscene


Jonathan Sutherland introduces highlights of the weekend's matches in the new SPFL Scottish Premiership, with comment on and analysis of the week's main talking points.

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Hello. It has been a weekend of staggering financial figures. The


death of a genuine Scottish football legend. Plus, the small matter of


six matches in the Scottish Premiership, each of them with a


real edge. It is turning into a hugely exciting and dramatic end to


the season. With us to review the latest


instalment, Pat Nevin and the former Hearts goalkeeper Craig Gordon.


And it is the Edinburgh derby we start with. A huge match, this.


Hearts already relegated, but arguably the form team of the bottom


six, and desperate to drag Hibs closer to the play-off spot. Not


outwith the realms of possibility that the next Edinburgh derby could


take place in the Championship, particularly given the contrasting


fortunes since the last meeting four weeks ago.


A derby win for Hearts. 30 years in the top flight is officially over


for Hearts. The future of Hearts appears more


secure at a major step The future of Hearts appears more


entering into Administration. We are 90% of the way. Somebody has


lifted a huge weight off my shoulders.


Hibs or moving on to nine games without a win.


We will fight. We have a big derby. Terry Butcher rings in the changes


as Hearts look to bounce back from several defeats in a row.


Brad Mackay is on the key to drop out of Hearts, Wilson back from


suspension. -- is unlucky. The much preceded by a minute's


Applause for Margo MacDonald, MSP, and for Hearts legend Sandy


Jardine. A terrible run of results for


Hearts, it is not happening for them -- for Hibs. Cummins has yet to


score for the club, the 18-year-old. Hearts or in great form, they could


score for the club, the 18-year-old. be the spoilers of the bottom six. A


header for Callum Paterson, a stunning moment towards half-time as


Hearts go in front and Callum Paterson sends Hibs into even more


bother. A 500th goal in an Edinburgh derby for Hibs. Hibs have had the


better chances but they find themselves behind yet again and that


is a free kick. That was harsh. Nicholson was all over his back. And


in again by Callum Paterson! It is scarcely believable! Hibs have had


the better opportunities and Callum Paterson has scored two in


the better opportunities and Callum minutes before half-time and the


Hibs funds are heading for the exit. Surely not a third before the break?


-- fans. That is a free kick to Hibs. Hearts shouting for handball


against Craig. Good play by Thomson. That has gone


for a corner. He does not score many, Kevin Thomson. A drop of the


shoulder. Still a lead for Hearts. Quickly done. This is the


substitute. Jordon Forster, it is game on!


Jordon Forster gives a lifeline to Hibs. In the Edinburgh derby. That


is a fantastic header, it shot past MacDonald. Hopes have been raised


for Hibs. Stanton. Danny Rose and did enough. Hearts


are in trouble. Collins! That should be 2-2. It has come to him very


quickly, James Collins, he is not expecting it. But he has to do


better than that! Just a couple of points separating


them, seventh and 11th, it is so tight. Ryan Stevenson, this would


kill it. No! And still Hibs art alive. They thought Stevenson was


offside! -- are alive. He played on, but it stays at two. Stoppage time.


Collins! What a save from Donald! There was a flag. This will not


register as a save but tremendous goalkeeping.


We had to dig in because Hibs put us under pressure, they got up on


second balls and made it hard. But you saw the team spirit, everybody


was fighting and putting their heads in and that is why we got three


points. A good effort from the players, hard work this week and in


the game today, the players were committed. We had two slack pieces


of marking that cost us dearly in a game we should have got something


from. Craig, you and every other Hearts


fan must have loved that. It was good, they are fighting to the end.


There is still plenty to fight for and they are trying to finish less


than 15 points behind Hibs, a good motivational factor until the end of


the season, so another good day. Callum Paterson. You used to be a


the season, so another good day. striker for Hearts, he is back


the season, so another good day. the goals against Ashley used to. He


looks natural in the air, and there was a comfort at the start. -- used


to be. At the start, Hibs were the better


side but you need to want to defend. It is a great ball and header, but


he wants it more than the defenders and on both occasions, it comes into


an area where if you do not win the ball, you have to take something.


They were clean headers. Hibs do not score many but Jordon Forster took


it well. Yes, Hearts is all over the place and he has two stop the


it well. Yes, Hearts is all over the and that leaves a hole in the


middle. De she has to stop. and that leaves a hole in the


attacks it so well. one winner.


Hibs cannot score one winner.


that. This is Collins. He can take this round the keeper.


that. This is Collins. He can take confident, he does not do that and


he is losing confidence like a confident, he does not do that and


of the players. If you have players like Anthony Stokes, he scored the


goal. That is the difference, it is two goals in 10.5 hours for Hibs and


both of those have come from losses so it is scary times. There was a


minute's Applause for Margo MacDonald and Sandy Jardine.


How well did you know him? You would meet him at Ibrox but remembered my


first meeting for Sandy Jardine, I played for Clyde and he was a great


player. City football and he put his arm round my shoulder and gave me


technical advice about why I should get closer to to him because if I


turned him, he would not get back. Why was he telling me that? Because


he was a classy guy, a classy player. He said, you have to be


going down South quite soon anyway, he wanted the best full Scottish


football. It did not matter if you were Hearts, a gentleman of the game


who cared about everybody else. A class act. Ross County began the


weekend second bottom in the play-off place. Anything other than


victory over Kilmarnock would see them stay there. And probably fair


to say most neutrals hoping for a County win, to further Stoke the


excitement at the bottom end of the table. There for us was Rob Maclean.


Ross County without the injured (. And a return after suspension. The


same Kilmarnock team that lost last weekend at home to Partick Thistle.


This buoyed looking to add to the goals he has called already this


season. -- Kris Boyd. A powerful run from Jordan Slew, still going and


season. -- Kris Boyd. A powerful run held back by Jeroen Tesselaar.


season. -- Kris Boyd. A powerful run He clearly polled at his shirt which


the thistles -- the officials He clearly polled at his shirt which


missed. -- pulled. The offence is clearly outside the box. Chasing the


goal, such an important day for both teams. That is Jordan Slew. And


Filip Kiss! He opens the scoring. For Ross County. His sixth goal for


the team. This could be very significant. The game needed a touch


of class and this was it. Guided in significant. The game needed a touch


by Filip Kiss. 1-0. A lovely pass from Graham Carey.


Ben Gordon. Richard Brittain. And the referee is pointing to the


penalty spot. Got this wrong, the referee is pointing to the


young centre back. A knee the referee is pointing to the


moment in Ross County's season. And Richard Brittain gets the job done.


2-0, Ross County. The substitute. Headed away. In four


are McKenzie, missed by Scott Boyd. -- in from. Not missed by Kris Boyd


who has scored again against Ross County and it brings the game back


to life for County and it brings the game back


from time. McKenzie's cross was misjudged. Kris Boyd in for 2-1. Can


Allan Johnston's team strike again? A corner. A free header. It is


turned around the post by the keeper, Mark Brown. The up and under


from Richard Brittain. Turns away from Ashcroft. The shot is


deflected! A great save, Ross County would love a third goal. It looks as


if 2-1 will be enough. That final pass was missing today.


Polity crosses in the box -- quality crosses. Lacking that. We have shown


we can play big games and give big performances and today was a big


game and a big performance. A great win for Ross County. Jordan


Slew is interesting, he has got no goals, 17 appearances, but he does


make things happen. Yes, he seems quite unpredictable and quite


ungainly at times. He is a big presence and awkward to play


against. He has travelled a long way and he gets a couple of shots and


should have got a foul, just outside the box. He plays a nice pass here


so he is contributing to the team. He is setting up goals, that is a


good strike, so definitely contributing in other areas.


A much-needed result for Ross County, how worried should


Kilmarnock fans be? In the end it is Kris Boyd, if he scores and keeps on


scoring goals they have a good chance to get out of it. Fortunately


they have got Kris Boyd because they are other teams who do not have


goal-scorers. He is capable of dragging them to where they need to


be, but only just. I'd macro a very tense and wet evening at Firhill in


Glasgow. Both sides with a spring in their steps.


The Lisney Smith. Back with Higginbotham. -- there is me Smith.


Kris Doolan. He heads Thistle in front with his 10th goal of the


season. He will be first to acknowledge what Higginbotham did.


He was audacious and managed to get himself away from his marker to head


the ball in. It is 1-0. Kelly's cross helped on by Thomson. Indigo


's Naismith, down goes me Smith, penalty given. This will not happy


with Calum Murray but he reckoned there was enough of a push from


Higginbotham on me Smith to award the spot kick right on half-time. It


is Kenny McLean and he stayed high school to side foot in his seventh


goal of the season. It school to side foot in his seventh


important for St Mirren who have school to side foot in his seventh


that they will go in in the interval all is we are. Josh Magennis


powering his way forward. It is McQueen and it is off the post.


powering his way forward. It is Kenny McLean could have turned this


game completely on its head. Kenny McLean could have turned this


Wonderful technique, just off target. Kelly, Higginbotham, cleared


by McCausland. Straight back for Gary Fraser. In four peeler. On side


and that is back off of the bar. The looping header almost catching out


the goalkeeper. It was a very soft penalty. He had maybe nudged him. I


have got penalty. He had maybe nudged him. I


praise to my players in terms of going one goal down away from home


and in terms of the character to get back in the game speaks volumes of


the team spirit there is at the moment.


Just two points separate the teams fighting the play off spots. Let's


look at the last six results in terms of those sides. Hearts are


very much the boring team in care of those results and Hibernian are at


the very bottom. Can you see Hibernian finishing second bottom?


Yes. They are not scoring goals, they are -11 for the last seven


games. It does not look very good for them at all. They can only hope


that somewhere along the line they can pick up a point to pool


something out of the bag. Let's look at those last remaining games. It


does make for interesting reading. Will it go all be read to the wire?


I will be surprised. If you had asked me a couple of weeks ago I


would have said look at the 10th of May, Partick Thistle and Ross


County. I am now looking at Hibernian and Kilmarnock. Hibernian


do not have any momentum just now. The two teams with the coolest form


in the last couple of games, I am almost certain it will be down to


the last week. It is not happening for Hibernian at the moment, I will


be get out of it? The manager says he is confirmed -- convinced they


will stay up but are you? I am not. The negative is that there is no


great creativity in the team and no obvious goal-scorer, those are two


things you need at this stage of the season. They are the team who do not


seem to have one player to get them out. Let's get away from all this


doom and gloom and talk awards. They were held this evening in Glasgow,


the ones voted for by the players and managers in the Scottish senior


game. The player of the year is Kris Commons. 26 goals this season. The


young player of the year was Andrew Robertson. Playing at amateur level


with Queens Park and then the United, making his Scotland debut.


And this is the manager, his team may well finish second in the


Premiership this season. There was a merit award for Frank McEwan, he is


the firefighter. The race for Europe remains very much alive. Aberdeen


still with plenty to do to seal their place as runners up in the


Premiership. They have just one win in their last six games but St


Johnstone have a sturdiness around them just now.


They have won five out of their last six matches. Robertson has given it


straight to Stevie May, a chance force and Johnston and Stevie May


does not miss that. Eight minutes played, St Johnstone in front and


Stevie May punishes Clark Robertson with his 27th goal of the season.


The corner breaks away. A solid chance from Adam Rooney. The date


for Ryan Jack. Back to Anderson. Willo Flood. Chris Millar. He has


given Willo Flood. Chris Millar. He has


the chance for an equaliser. Another defensive mistake proves costly,


this time for the visitors. Bruni accepts the opportunity. -- Bruni.


-- Rooney. The Gtech and there is McManus. He had to deal with that


one. He's again with the corner. Clark Robertson up for the set piece


trying to make amends for his earlier error. Logan. Reynolds


decides to go back the way. Jamie Langfield! Dear oh dear, what the


howling mistake by Langfield, almost allowing it to run into his own net.


Croft with the corner and Steven Anderson this time up there going


Croft with the corner and Steven close. Robson. No Logan. Is this the


chance for a winner? It is he is. Nick Manas again there to keep out


the home side. Acrobatics there from Jonny Hayes. The ball nearly went in


and there was a great header almost hitting the back of the net but


overall a draw was a fair result. It was not our best performance but it


is important to pick up points. That might well prove to be a big point


for us going forward. I am not sure we can blame the North Sea are for


those terrible back passes in the game. What goes through your mind


when you see passes like that? When Jonny Hayes gets into that position


you are expecting him to hit the back of the net. I am not sure if


Adam Rooney had looked around him but you do not see many finishes


like that. The good things here is he got wide of his post. That was


one hell of a bobble. I think goalkeepers are getting nervous.


They are under pressure. To be honest, there were two great through


balls during that game. Who would you have gone for in the manager of


the year? I think Neil Lennon is doing fantastic for Celtic. I think


he will be disappointed. At the same time, Derek has got the best out of


Aberdeen and got the cup they have waited so long for. I think it would


have been close between those two. The Young player of the year has


been fantastic, playing for Queens Park and Scotland. Surprise that


Stevie May did not win it? I am. Certainty that Stevie May had to be


in the running. I think when the votes came he was having a dip. He


can count himself unlucky and Kris Commons, no surprise there. For


Motherwell to improve their chances yesterday they had to do something


they had not managed all week and beat in the United. -- then the


United. There is applause for a member of


the Dundee United Hall of Fame who has passed away. Hamill has given


the ball away. Check G, Armstrong, away from McManus. He opens up to


Cifci. Nadir Ciftci. Armstrong set it up,


Nadir Ciftci finished. United are flowing at the moment.


Nadir Ciftci. Outrageous, a chance. The goalkeeper is out muscled. Nadir


Ciftci rightly gets a lot of press and coverage for his goals but his


passing is wonderful. Motherwell cannot link up, Stuart


Armstrong. Nadir Ciftci to the side. A chance for Nadir Ciftci. Nielsen


with a save. Armstrong and Nadir Ciftci working their magic again


almost. A chance for Motherwell. That has rolled out onto Keith


Watson to start the attack. A little short. Watson might get it back. Out


wide, chasing it is Armstrong, into the middle. Nadir Ciftci! 2-1.


Brilliant again from Dundee United. They moved the ball


Brilliant again from Dundee United. sweetly. Armstrong opened up the


foot and trickled it into the corner and it is a double for Nadir Ciftci.


A long throw. It will fall for Keith Lasley. It should have been 2-1.


What a chance for Keith Lasley! To bring Motherwell back into the game.


It is long, McManus has to be careful, that will not go back to


his goalkeeper. He is under pressure. There was a hold on the


jersey. The referee says, no penalty. There certainly was


Nadir Ciftci again. A chance for something.


Nadir Ciftci again. A chance for Armstrong! And he scores! He set up


the first two goals and he helps himself to one here, he outpaced


Shaun Hutchinson who has got good speed. Armstrong did the rest.


Brilliant from Ryan Dow. United three ahead.


When they are on form, Dundee United are simply irresistible and here


they go again. A chance for Ryan Dow. Nadir Ciftci goes in. Nielsen


got a touch. No penalty is given, Nadir Ciftci cracked it in, he is


looking for a hat. -- a hat-trick. Armstrong again. No answer to United


this afternoon from Motherwell. A chance for four, it is four! They


are slicing through Motherwell and with 18 minutes, a fourth goal of


the season for this player. Great all to stop the pass. The


goalkeeper, no chance. -- great ball. That came off Armstrong.


Ainsworth, he ball. That came off Armstrong.


Robertson. A chance here for Graham! It is five! Dundee United have five


goals for the third time this season and the ball into -- the ball in


behind the defence and the strikers have done the rest, straight down


behind the defence and the strikers the middle. Brian Graham gets on the


scoresheet. Lionel Ainsworth, away from his man,


it has taken a deflection. Lionel Ainsworth, away from his man,


solitary spot Lionel Ainsworth, away from his man,


A very impressive Dundee United A very impressive Dundee United


four games, so a great A very impressive Dundee United


the back of a disappointing A very impressive Dundee United


performance last week. The boys responded well in training this


week. It is frustrating because we put in


such a strong performance last week and the majority of the season. We


were not good enough today. Every aspect of the game, they were far


better. I get accused of gushing about


Dundee United but they were superb yesterday and Motherwell cannot


handle them. There are lots of reasons. Look at


this, the ball comes up, Armstrong knows Nadir Ciftci is a good player


and he keeps running. You know if there good players around you, you


can take a chance they will do something special, and that was a


special finish. Armstrong thinks, he is going to backheel that, I will


get in there. Other teams, you are waiting to see what will happen.


They trust their team-mates to have quality. When they played their


best, they are unstoppable, it could have been six, seven.


You feel Jackie McNamara is them freedom to play. Players like Nadir


Ciftci, clearly enjoying themselves. He is the linchpin holding


everything together. He is the main focal point. He allows so many


others to get forward. That is him making the pass. He brings other


people into play, it is not just goal-scoring, it is the support and


pace, that is the reason Motherwell could not handle the pace. It could


have been any score. Three Dundee United players


nominated for the player of the year award today. Andrew Robertson won


the award. A lot of young players have come and gone, are these the


real deal? They can be but it is about what happens next. I really do


hope. I understand a lot of people go down South like I did when I was


18, 19, but they need to learn up here, get first team for all --


first-team football. They will not be as wealthy but a well be better


players. Too many players have left Scotland to early and they get lost


down there. Still great players but a couple more years up here. Could


you still see Motherwell finishing second?


It is looking more difficult. It is still possible but I cannot see


Aberdeen dropping enough points to allow them back. But they have


enough to keep going and they have to hope they can close the gap and


for Aberdeen to throw it away. The last match of the show was also


the last match of the weekend. The champions Celtic had wrapped up the


title weeks ago, but Neil Lennon's side still hopeful of breaking the


100-point barrier. As for Inverness, they still had faint hopes of a


European spot, but the last time they were at Celtic Park, they were


thrashed 5-0. Both these clubs drew last week.


Three changes for Celtic and for Caledonian Thistle. Nick Ross makes


his first start in eight games. Always a threat coming forward.


Griffith initially thought there was a handball -- Leigh Griffiths. The


ball breaks back, a good touch round the post. They will be leaving


Celtic Park in the summer. Anthony Stokes, and the opening goal for


Celtic. Anthony Stokes, five goals in his last five games. A simple


header poorly defended by Caley Thistle. Jon Hughes will not be


happy with the loss of the opening goal. -- John Hughes. A good save at


the post ID in Braille. Adam Matthews in the last three games. --


by Adam Rhyl. -- Brill. Good control, Stokes gets


there! On the stroke of half-time, Celtic make it 2-0. Beautifully


taken down by Leigh Griffiths. Commons could not get to it. Tucked


away by Anthony Stokes. Leigh Griffiths showing his quality


already. Anthony Stokes taking the chances.


That was not easy. The referee says, penalty. Caley Thistle did not look


to have much contact. The referee says it is a penalty. Looking for


his second hat-trick of the season. Anthony Stokes. Not normally on


penalty duties. But when a hat-trick calls, you do not pass up the


chance. Caley Thistle, two wins in the last


eight matches since they played Celtic. The challenge by Virgil van


Dijk and the penalty has been given. Fraser Forster complains. Mackay


moves away from goal, not much in it for me. A poor penalty. Credit to


the goalkeeper for the save. It did not have pace or precision. It takes


more than that to beat Fraser Forster.


Virgil van Dijk, closed down. Billy McKay wants it in the middle, a


chance for Caley Thistle. Fraser Forster has been there this season.


Another decent save. Billy McKay hits this well, a good save. Celtic


still unbeaten at home in the league this season. I want to get to 100


points. Anthony Stokes wants it of golf. -- they want to get. That is a


decent ball. -- Anthony Stokes once another goal.


Stokes found space and he quipped it. Leigh Griffiths had all the time


in the world. -- clipped it. Celtic have been impressive. Anthony


Stokes with the hat-trick. He could set up Leigh Griffiths. 4-0. A


hat-trick by Leigh Griffiths. And in the finish. He gives the credit to


Anthony Stokes. A great run, ambitious. It worked for him.


Position in the pass. The finish was perfect. -- precision.


John Hughes is unhappy, he has every reason to be. The header from Efe


Ambrose. Celtic get five. A great finish. A lovely somersault from Efe


Ambrose! Kris Commons across it. Efe Ambrose tucked it in the corner.


The sides last met in March, 5-0 today. Celtic come forward today


again. And he gets on the scoresheet! Celtic get six. On


course for the biggest league win of the season. Not


course for the biggest league win of the league itself. He put that away.


When you give the ball away cheap, big put you wide open and that is


what happened. You have to learn from it, it is not acceptable,


bitterly disappointed, but we have games coming up that we can get act


to winning ways. Some people have individual targets,


Anthony Stokes for 20 goals. Kris Commons, 30. 91 goals this season.


They are still putting in the effort for that.


A superb somersault from Efe Ambrose. Neil Lennon talking about


targets. A great hat-trick today. Ambrose. Neil Lennon talking about


These are big shoes to fill. Along with the understanding he is getting


with Leigh Griffiths, there was a great understanding with him and


Anthony Stokes. Kris Commons as well. Slightly less pressure on them


that their well. Slightly less pressure on them


screw holes. So you do not need to well. Slightly less pressure on them


score over time. -- score goals. That helps, Leigh Griffiths will


remember that. He could have had a shot and he could have been greedy


but he played the correct ball, he has been super this season.


Difficult for Inverness. A sense they have tailed off slightly but


have they exceeded expectations this season?


Yes, they have done all right. It is a transitional period. John Hughes


is trying to change their style of play to play out from the back, they


got caught today and they will learn from that. Hopefully it will stand


them in good stead for next season and they can use the experienced of


the last couple of weeks for next season. -- the experience.


Neil Lennon was nominated for manager of the year. Reports today


he was on the short list for the Norwich City job. How would you see


that? I cannot imagine he would imagine


going to Norwich if they go down and there is a good chance of that. I


think Neil Lennon can get a really good job in England. What has


happened to David Moyes has had a negative effect. Why leave Celtic


just now? I do not think you should because there are other things they


can do. There is a really good argument he has done so well this


season, and 72 is the goal difference. Maybe at least one more


season Neil Lennon has to stay and he was in the running for manager of


the year but he did not get it. And after that stonking win, Celtic


very much keep alive their hope of finishing the season with over 100


points. They could also hit the 100-goals total!


The race for the second and third European spots remains alive, after


Aberdeen could only draw with St Johnstone and Motherwell were


thumped by Dundee United. And we have already had a look at the


bottom six, but how tight is that? Two points separating five teams.


It promises to be a fantastically dramatic end to the Scottish


Premiership season. But sometimes, football needs put in perspective.


Sandy Jardine was a true legend of the Scottish game. He will be hugely


missed. From all of us here, goodnight.


Sandy Jardine has had the match of his life!


One each! Sandy Jardine! You've become an Eeyore.


And you've got to be a Tigger.


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