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Round-up of action from the weekend's Clydesdale Bank Premier League games, presented by Rob Maclean.

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Rumours that Rangers have the title in the bag may have been greatly


exaggerated. On the evidence of the last couple of weeks, at Celtic's


challenge is very much alive. I am joined by the man who put the


squiggle into Scottish football. have been practising hitting 40


yards squiggles. The ball broke to me and I thought I would have a


crack. I thought, just hit it. was 45 yards! To be fair, it did


squiggle. Dundee United midfielder John Rankin is here. First, the


action from Rugby Park. When Rangers were last at Kilmarnock


they clinched their third title on Looking for another one, he might


get it. Lafferty. Nikica Jelavic. Laverty get sick. It is fired on


title bait. There was a double boost for Kilmarnock, keeper Cammy


Bell back after being injured. And Paul Heffeman past and injury test.


The leaders were without Carlos perfect connection. It went into


the arms of Cammy Bell. Nikica penalty. He looked to be off


second shot away. It was a difficult one for the goalkeeper,


bit clumsy. McCulloch eventually Gary Harkins just lacking a little


moment. Kilmarnock still trying to come forward. Manuel Pascali was


McGregor to deny Paul Heffeman. Great play in the midfield from


Kilmarnock. Paul Heffeman was onside. He thought he slipped it


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Ally McCoist. Manuel Pascali was there and onside. With 10 minutes


to play he has given Kilmarnock the lead. It looks like Sonic Aluko was


slow to come out. The back-header was clever. Allan McGregor had no


chance. -- Sone Aluko. 30 matches Rangers have come here in the SPL


and they had left with 30 unbeaten. desperate now. He was onside, the


left-back played him on, but it was Where come on it worth it? I think


they were well worth the win. They played some good football and


deserved to win. I think Sone Aluko should have come out earlier. It is


his first competitive game for a number of months and maybe he was


not physically tired, but switched off and he did not step out quick


enough. They benefited from it. Kilmarnock had other chances.


I do not think that is a penalty. Are you changing your mind? I do


not think it is a penalty, there is no pull on the shirt. Then Nikica


Jelavic with his header off the bar. This was Paul Heffeman who did not


do too much wrong. It is a great save. MacGregor comes out and


spreads himself so well. Do you reckon that the lack of matches


might have had an impact here on what Sone Aluko did not do? Yes, it


is not so much physically tired, it is more mentally. He switched off


and his concentration went and it cost them the goal. It ends up


being a nightmare debut was Sony Aluko. It could have been a dream


debut when you look at what he did in attack. He was involved in


Rangers' better moments. He was involved in some great chances.


What about this? I do not think it is a penalty. I think Danny Racci


is a bit clumsy. It catches Sony Aluko's tone. This is magnificent


defending from Fowler. He was unfortunate to hit the back post.


It is into a great area. Anything could happen. He was so unfortunate.


It landed safely for Kilmarnock. This was a big chance near the end


for at Rangers to get something. Alejandro Bedoya. He did not make a


good job of this. It is a great touch, but I think he tried to go


across the goalkeeper, but he hits it straight at him. Ally McCoist


was critical of Rangers' attitude today. Could you see that in the


way they played? Obviously they came off the back of a


disappointing home draw last became. It was disappointing last weekend,


but I felt Kilmarnock did very well today. They passed the ball very


well. Maybe their style of play suits them to play against Rangers.


Kilmarnock have got some great footballers and they played a nice,


passing routines today. It is their first home win against Rangers


since 1994. Let's see how Dundee United got on against Motherwell,


one of the teams of the season. game a permanent memorial to Phil


O'Donnell. A former captain died four years ago aged just 35. He


continues to be an inspiration to those employed at Fir Park and


Motherwell continued their inspirational season. There was an


early half-chance. Like most places in Scotland yesterday it was


blowing a gale and United were blowing a sigh of relief. But the


whistle had sounded and it was ruled out by the assistant referee.


The ball had gone just out of play. Dundee United were looking to


follow up last weekend's victory over Hearts. John Rankin with a


shot. The slightest of deflections off the boot of Johnnie Russell not


enough to deceive the Motherwell keeper. By a terrible bit of


defending from John Hutchinson gave Jon Daly a big chance to score.


Again a fine save from the United skipper. In the second have a great


chance for Motherwell. Hutchinson with a header which he should have


scored. Then there was a counter attack for United. He was just cut


down by Steve Jennings in the nick of time. The Motherwell midfielder


with a vital intervention. In the swirling conditions John Rankin


tried as squiggle to break the deadlock, but not quite enough


It was not great, John, was it? Both managers reckon that should


not have gone ahead. Was it that bad? I think yesterday was a great


advert for summer football. Yesterday two corners came in and


they came straight out. The wind caught it and took it straight back


out. It was a nightmare at times, the weather, but what can you do?


We have got to get on with it. to page 27 of the Book of excuses.


Why is it worse at Fir Park? think because of the gaps in the


stands. The wind is coming in and it was swirling. It had no way to


get out and it was going back down the other side. None of the players


could deal with it. They were judging it and when the ball


bounced the wind took it and it would be away again. You are not


complaining about a point away from home especially at Motherwell.


they came to Tannadice and played some great football. It was great


for us to get a point yesterday, especially going to such a


difficult place as Fir Park. Let's have a look at the season in


graphic form which confirms what a great start United got off to. It


has been downwards since. I take it you do not see United as a bottom


We have been unfortunate on some occasions this season. We were


speaking about it before the game, we were the highest scorers outside


the old Firm. Albeit we have been conceding a lot of silly goals, but


we have tightened up recently. After the Aberdeen game, the


manager had asked watching be DVD, and since then, we have tightened


up the defence. And my right in thinking you have not squiggles


recently? It has been a while. I was quite close yesterday, but


unfortunately, so far not. It will hopefully come soon. It did not


move enough to trouble the keeper. This is the real thing. I can tell


the grandchildren about that in years to come. It thought it was


good to be a substitution. You had better get back to it soon.


A new Hibs manager Pat Fenlon, and for son Justin, steam -- Steve


Lomas, the first home game as Lomas, the first home game as


right. Davidson. Anderson. Good kick from Richie Towell. Bobby


Davison prevented the chance to go fits. Off the backside of Andersen.


Richie Towell on the follow up. Richie Towell on his second loan


spell with Hibs, scores of the first time. -- for the first time.


Keeper gets the touch. Murray Davidson. Willie Davidson came


close there. He returns it. Sandaza chasing. Sandaza, of the post. It


had come to a tense, but Sandaza equalises for St Johnstone. Sandaza


or beats the goalkeeper but it fell back to him, with seven minutes to


half-time, St Johnstone level. The centre half light to rumble forward.


Stevenson. Deflected. Dave Mackay. St Johnstone have come from behind


to lead. Marcus Haber is the free kick. Davids and coming across,


Stevens coming out. -- Davidson. Terrific scoring record against


Hibs. Dave Mackay. 3-1 to St Johnstone. Craig was the danger,


but Dave Mackay came out and curled it in. The decline worked. -- E-


suspiciously like an offside position, inches away. St Johnstone,


Marcus Haber. Lost in that physical battle. Lovely back-heel. The


finish did not match the set-up. Beautifully done to give himself


space. Stephens wants his goalkeeper to come for it. Davidson.


Stevens gets in the way of Liam Craig. Turned away by David Stevens.


The goalkeeper spell that out. Mayhem ensued. O'Hanlon could get


there. His shot deflected. Searching for our way back into the


match. Get away from Mackay, of Red goes. -- over it goes. Lovely foot


work from heads. -- heads. He has got the pace, goes for it. Turns


Dave Mackay away. He could not hold it. Steve Lomas said there are


three points for his first home three points for his first home


game. Davidson was taken out, couldn't pass away.


Another bad day for Hibs, there have been plenty of them. Was Colin


Calderwood some and you thought was on the wrong movie? Are I think he


had a hard task. He had three months before to get any players,


and that he did, he had players who had not much experience. He had to


drum his on players in and then he had a bad start. He paid the price


for losing his job. The three goals yesterday, a great from St


Johnstone, they have had a great run of results. Steve Lomas,


looking at this from the heads point of view, poor defending, bad


concentration, not enough resilience. I think if you asked


David Stevens, he would probably have put that in the stand. Butty


thought he was going to take it. He went to touch it with his back foot.


Dave Mackay, he stands a great ball up to the back post. Not much he


can do to defend that. It goes through stack's legs. Is this


slightly wind-assisted? I thought it was not far enough over. But


when you see it, the wind catches the ball and blows up a little bit.


Pat Fenlon was watching yesterday. This is his playing and managerial


record across the water. Decorated in terms of his management. Five


times a managerial winner in the leak of Ireland, Davis Cup


competitions as well. He was watching from the stand at


McDiarmid Park yesterday. Just because he has a winner in Ireland,


does that guarantees you can transfer that success to Scotland?


You are never guaranteed any success, but he has great


experience in Ireland and I am sure he will bring someone in for


Scotland that knows the Scottish game. I'm sure Pat Fenlon noses


Scottish players but I am sure there is some he has his eye on to


bring in and help them. Liam O'Brien was assistant at Shamrock


Rovers was there yesterday as well. I have seen Pat Fenlon Go Ahead


interview when he spoke about it, he was going to speak to Billy


Brown this morning and the rest of the staff on Monday. Pat wants to


come over here and be successful, he will bring his own backroom


staff. A Billy Brown said it was a massive task for Pat Fenlon to sort


things out. Is that the way you see it? I think it is a massive task.


Some great players at Easter Road, but unfortunately, it has not


worked out. Pat Fenlon is going to ring the changes as well, bringing


some of his own players. There were simply is that Colin Barton and


John Hughes Brom -- Broughton. It is a big job and it will be


interesting times for heads. High- scoring games was at East End Park,


dog from Mullin against Aberdeen. - joy on that left-hand side.


Magennis can't quite get there. A real chance for a Aberdeen.


Magennis on the stretch. Kirk, past Barrowman, Graham arrives at the


back post. It came to him quickly, but Graham has to hit the target


from there. Again, Aberdeen find space in the left. A late corner in


this first half. Swings it to the back post. On the stroke of half-


time. They have been threatening from set pieces. Considine wasn't


picked up. No chance for Paul Gallacher to keep that one out.


Here is Barrowman. On the rebound by Barrowman. And Barrowman,


dropping in his own rebound. Picks up. Dunfermline on the counter-


attack. It is all change at East End Park. Dunfermline have turned


it around. Gonzalez's outstretched arm could not keep it out. Foster.


Looking for a winning. There is Magennis. Dreadful. He has had


chances and has not taken any of them. The referee allowed play to


continue. Saved by Gonzalez. The M Buchanan. -- Liam Buchanan. Looking


good now. 3-1. Aberdeen will wonder how they are behind. Magennis with


a chance to pull one back. Gallacher was outsmarted. It has


not been Magennis's des. -- day. Magennis once were trying his luck


and again, does not come off. Gallacher able to take that won


easily. Considine penalised. Dunfermline take the free kick.


What has saved by Gonzalez! That was a certain goal. Amazing


reflexes by the Colombian. Brown flummoxed as to how his side have


fallen behind. It is an own goal! It has come off the head of Alex


Keddie and Aberdeen have a lifeline. Just mistimed his jump, the


defender. Aberdeen threatened from the corner kick. Off the post.


Considine he could not turn it towards the goal for Dunfermline.


The architects of their own problems year. Causing confusion.


Magennis scores! 3-3, what a game. It has twisted and turned. Josh


Magennis has drawn Aberdeen level. Is there more drama to come?


Milsom's corner. He should have won Milsom's corner. He should have won


it for Aberdeen there. A free header.


So, Dunfermline still waiting. They must have thought they would get a


win. Disappointing for them. There are lots of teams at the Tainio --


till end of the SPL. Do you like and from then? I think they have


been very good this season. They have played a lot of passing


football. They have got the width in their team with David Graham.


They have a lot of pace. They're very direct. This was a crucial


phase of the game when Gonzalez pulled off this amazing save, and


it would have gone in and made it 4-1. I cannot see what Barrowman


does wrong. When he hits the target, he is on top of it. It was a great


save. It was the set pieces. They will be gutted about that. It is


the set pieces. This one is the worse for me, because the defender


It was an amazing game at East End Park and it finished three each.


Hearts will begin to end a barren run. The last time Inverness one at


Tynecastle it was 3-2 four years grasped the point for Inverness.


Inverness were hoping the weight problems at Hearts would affect the


home side. An early goal would certainly have demoralised parts,


but overall the first half amounted to just a gentle sparring. 25


seconds into the second have it turns serious. Rudi Skacel got the


sweetest of strikes. Hard to broker the four-match goal drought. Jamie


how all with the long ball and Sutton keen to make an impression.


Terry Butcher set about rallying the Inverness Caledonian Thistle


troops and rallied they did. Inverness are then sent Johnny


Hayes the way. There was a free kick to Inverness Caledonian


Thistle. The balls world on to the head of Ross Tokely. It was 1-1.


Ross Tokely got his first goal Ont -- of the season. It would not be


the last bit of poor defending we would see in this match. Suddenly


this game had built up a real head of steam. John Sutton with a strike


from the edge of -- edge of the box. Eggert Jonsson was there. Hearts


had a 2-1 lead. The Inverness defence were all at sea and a lapse


in concentration would prove crucial as Hearts held on for all


Inverness another of your old teams. They do not look to me like a team


that should be in a relegation scrap. Do you think they will be?


do not think they will be. Inverness always step up to the


plate. It is a difficult place to go especially in this weather,


especially with the wind and the rain. This is the time they will


pick up results. A good spirit about them? There is a great spirit


about Inverness. They are so isolated and so far away and they


have got the opportunity to be together of the time. The spirit


will see them through. Terry Butcher will not be to chant about


the way they defended the goals. is great for Rudi Skacel. But there


was no Tracking whatsoever. If you watch his movement, there is nobody


in his facility running. It was a great finish. They get it wrong


twice over. It is poor defending altogether. I think there should be


two meant out there. That was a great cross. One Highland team in


the SPL at the moment. This is my opportunity to mention Ross County.


Will we have two teams in the top next season? I think you will. They


have got some great experienced professionals. I think they will be


promoted. I think they will be in the SPL next season. The biggest


mistake of your career leaving them. St Mirren were not using their


records to build belief about their chances yesterday. The last time


they want was nearly 22 years ago. The year was 1990. Scotland beat


England to win rugby's Grand Slam. Nelson Mandela was finally freed


from prison. Aberdeen won the Scottish Cup 98 on penalties.


Margaret Thatcher resigned as Prime Minister. It was the last time St


That is a great golf. 3-0. Paul Lambert. At Celtic these days


Georgia has Samaras has shuttled in and out of the team. He was in


yesterday. Kris Commons was out St Mirren have dominated possession


in the first few minutes. Georgios Samaras end on golf. -- In on golf.


Amazingly it is his first goal of the season. It is a real howler.


Sampson got his left hand to it. Agonisingly for him it crept over


space for Georgia's Samaras to create more problems. It is a tap-


in for Hooper. The flag stays down. Celtic have a two-goal lead inside


eight minutes. How much room did St Mirren give to Georgia Samaras. The


outcome was inevitable. Neil Lennon hoping his team can make it four


SPL wins on the trot. They are well on the weight. They are helped by


mistakes from St Mirren. Sampson saved it this time, just. Tenacious


play from Samaras. Celtic on the attack again straight after half-


time. Gary Hooper is in with a chance for number three. A good


save from Samson. You would have your money on Gary Hooper extending


so big's advantage immediately number three. It is brilliant


finishing again from Gary Hooper. He turned away from the defender


and fired into the corner. Celtic now have the game firmly within


their grasp. McGann when struck it very well. But it is symptomatic of


St Mirren's date. It has all gone is top-class finishing. A hat-trick


takes his season's tally to a very moment. His second attempt was


forgettable. That was the big chance. Opportunity gone. The


teenager is bearing down on goal with options either side. He did


not want to part with it. It is a wonder goal from Dylan McGeoch.


Something special on his home debut. That is certainly due a celebration.


When in possession outside Celtic's own penalty box. He decided to go


it alone will stop it might have taken a flick off MacGowan in the


end. But that is a goal to remember It is now back to a four points


between Rangers and Celtic at the top. It has been a big week for


Celtic. They have gathered momentum in the last few games and Rangers


are feeling the pressure. Celtic have done well and hopefully next


week when they come to Tannadice they will not have that behind them.


They would love to know they were going to get that performance from


Samaras week-in, week-out. He pretty much set the tone. Yes, he


is quick on his day. It's just that you would like to see that happen


more often. Some people were giving him man of the match when it is


incredible that Gary Cooper scored a hat-trick. It was typical


finishing from him. It was great finishing. It was great movement


from Hooper. Again he is in the right place at the right time. That


was a great touch. If that was in the Premiership, everybody would be


raving about it. That hat-trick took his season's tally to 12,


overtaking Anthony Stokes. Last week he got to 11. He is just an


instinctive finisher, Hooper. two of them are. You think of a big


man and a little man up front, and they hit it off so well at times it


is frightening. It is going to be a plus for Celtic as it gets much


more competitive at the top end of the table. James Forrester puts in


a fair few as well. Stokes scored two last week and to pay yesterday


and forests and Samaras, Celtic are on form. And they are producing


young talent as well. This is the moment Eighteen-year-old Dylan


McGeoch one remember for the rest of his days. It was a great


challenge to win the ball. He does not even lift his head. The boy has


got so much confidence in himself he is not even looking for a pass.


As soon as he gets it on his left foot, he drools it home. Is that


and 80 yard run, box-to-box? sure is. He does not even lift his


head to look for anyone else. He has got one thing on his mind, and


there you go. A how damaging will that be for St Mirren who played


great football, but it all went badly? I do not think it will be


damaging for them. That is the way they are going to play and they are


not going to change it. Danny Lennon has built a side that are


going to pass. At some point you will get defeated heavily.


Yesterday was that defeat and next Saturday they will pass the ball


the same way as they always have. Are you getting Celtic at a bad


time next weekend? Probably, yes, they are hitting form at the right


time. But I am sure the atmosphere will be good. They have got a


European tie to contend between now and then and hopefully we will be


fresh. You want to get out of that bottom six. Yes, and the sooner the


better it. Let's have a look at the placings as they are. It is so much


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