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BBC Scotland's weekly round-up of all the action from the weekend's Clydesdale Bank Premier League games, presented by Rob Maclean.

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45 minutes of festive football coming up as we pull together for


you all the Boxing Day action from the SPL. In the studio two, former


team-mates with a little bit of an age difference between them who


have both scored in this Kilmarnock-Rangers game from August


2000, yes, it was 12 years ago. That was his first goal for Rangers,


but White Caps striker Kenny Miller is with us in the studio. Billy and


I were last night seeing a game. We scoop behind by Douglas. A great


cross in. Charlie Mulgrew. Delivery is good. That's caused problems,


over the bar. Up and over, didn't flicked across, good save by the


goalkeeper Samaras. A great finish, lashed it into the net. It was a


Samaras, opens himself up, and it's a finger-tip save from Douglas,


almost the second of the night for the Greek. A good finish, a great


ball, Conroy stops the action, and John Baird - Kevin Wilson was


running alongside him. He had been pulling at him, and we have not


heard the last of that. McBride on to Lockwood, Con roy. Nish with the


save, Wilson away. This is a great ball. He could not have made that


any sweeter, pushed away by the goalkeeper. Dundee were almost


level. There's McAlastair, Dundee, starting to find their rhythm, a


ball to the middle. Nish wanted it. It was knocked away, Gary Irvin.


Nish gets back up. On to John Barens, much, much better from


Forestieri, plenty of Dundee players back who will have to


defend this cross if it comes - a fine save, and Baird picks it up


and clears. Douglas put down some and getting involved Benedictus


with Hooper. I don't think the Dundee centre half liked the way


his legs came up. He felt the right leg was leaning into him. A little


bit of afters - the referee Hooper has finished. 19 minutes to


play - it's the second for Celtic, and it's sublime from Gary Hooper.


The central defenders were not aligned as control killed the ball.


His finish has killed off Dundee. That's brilliant from Gary Hooper.


Clinical and deadly, and he lifts Celtic, you would think now, to all


three points. Every picture tells a story. Celtic


forced out. He's doing what he does best, keeping opponents at bay.


really good save from him. Gary Hooper trying to come inside on the


channel. That's a fine save. It's beginning to look pretty ominous


for the rest of the SPL. Celtic's current run of form - six straight


wins. It's increased their advantage at the top and has also


taken them to the last 16 of the Scottish Cup and more prestigiously


the last 16 of the Champions' League. How impressed are you with


your old team? Yes, it's fantastic achievement for them to make the


last 16 of the Champions' League, and you see now they've dispatched


that, now they've got that out of the way because they worked well in


the League at home and in particular when the Champions'


League was going on, but now they've put a fantastic run of


early results together in the League now. Like you say, they're


moving clear at the top. You and I were there last night. Celtic had a


succession of first-half corner kicks. It was only matter of time


before they broke through. Yeah, they had a distinct advantage. You


see Ambrose there over Dundee. You can see it highlighted there - all


matched up. You don't drop runners. They drop Ambrose, then the theme


continued. You see there again dropping runners, and the next one


you will see - it comes to War. He's peeled away. The finish was


sublime. It's just one of those ones that fly in the top of the net.


But it's highlighted three Dundee players, three Celtic players, and


they still got one in. They had to truck runners, and they didn't.


it inevitable Kevin Wilson is going to be hearing from Lummi at the


Scottish FA? No, we see here the running - I was going to say leave


it to Kenny, but he was going to join Baird, but Kevin Wilson, the


one thing you can do is lash out. No-one likes to see players getting


suspended, but that is a clear elbow there. Like I said, he'll be


hearing from somebody about that. The point I am making is Wilson was


saying you were pulling me but it doesn't just mean to say you can


give them one of them, so I think he could be in trouble. Colin Nish


you know well. Despite the fact this was a terrific save from


Forestieri, he'll be pretty disappointed he didn't tuck this


chance away at a point in the game when Dundee were doing well. That


was a fantastic save. He headed it pretty much straight at him. Kevin


Pietersen -- Forest of Deaner will be glad he had the chance.


Particularly when you're on top you don't get too many chances against


rp -- against Celtic. What was puzzling me at that point in the


game is why Dundee didn't start the first half like that. Celtic were


in midfield. I don't know if it was a combination in the second half. I


know it's a silly thing - maybe the manager getting in telling them to


get five yards closer, trying to squeeze up against them in midfield.


Dundee had the lad's chunk in the second half. They were unlucky to


go 2-0 behind. They had the combination of failing to take


their chances and defensive mistakes. That's a fabulous move.


It's a fabulous touch for Gary Hooper, and he's matched up with


the run, the touch and the perfect finish. Again, it's very


disappointing for Dundee because it is a straight ball, again, what a


finish. Two great goals from Celtic. We're not denying that, but we're


saying Benedictus shouldn't have given the goal away. Taking nothing


away from Gary Hooper, the tough, the awareness - he had everything.


Motherwell is back at the top end SPL, came to an end in Paisley.


They were looking to get kick and Jonny Hayes. There's


Shaughnessy - Randolph and the second attempt is missed by Niall


McGinn again, and he certainly hasn't missed much of late. Flicked


away by Michael Fallon. It bounced Murphie - a good ball and 1-0,


Hateley. Inside the ninth minute, Motherwell ahead. He doesn't score


too many headers, Hateley. His old man Mark would have been proud of


Gavin Rea picks out Fallon, well struck. Was probably never going to


find its way in, but it had to be Motherwell. Here is Ojamma, a burst


of pace from Nicky Law. It's Jamie Murphie - make that 2-0. 31 minutes


on the clock. Langfield is beaten again. And Motherwell are two goals


in front. He reached out with the left hand, Langfield, but he


Aberdeen back in the game. Just three minutes after Motherwell took


a two-goal lead, Aberdeen peg them back, and Randolph was not going to


stop that one, a sweet strike from youngster Frank Lampard -- Frances,


Jamie Murphie, great composure, great goal. It's 3-1 Motherwell on


halftime two, goals for Jamie Murphie. It's the fourth time this


season he's been at the double, and this one puts the home team in a


really strong position looking for revenge for their Scottish Cup


defeat here. A good take by Darren Randolph, and Motherwell are


quickly on the move with Nicky Law looking to catch out Aberdeen.


Henrik Ojamaa beaten Reyes as if he isn't there. Three players around


him, still has it, brilliant from Ojamma, and there's number four ten


minutes after the restart, and that surely must be game over. It's


Michael Higdon, but it was all about Ojamma, the little estonian


unplayable when he's on this sort of form, and he had Aberdeen tied


in knots, and the cut-back was skilfully bit away in the end by


Ojamaa has a chance. Down he goes, and that's a penalty. Tripped by


Clark Robertson, who gets a yellow card just to compound the misery,


not too much doubt about it. Jamie Murphie on the hat-trick. Oh,


that's a really poor effort. What an opportunity for a hat-trick from


Murphie, but it was tame. A lovely flick from Ojamma. Nicky Law in


goal - there's Ojamma, touched around the post by Langfield, could


so easily have been number five for Motherwell, but they'll settle for


4-1. I mentioned revenge there for Motherwell losing to Aberdeen in


the Scottish Cup. That was a thumping win against a team of


Aberdeen's quality, wasn't it was, especially Aberdeen going in


there beating them in the Scottish Cup. I was in London last week.


They said the first goal was all- important. It would be difficult


getting behind them, but he said if we score first, which Aberdeen did,


that's the game wrapped up. Jamie Murphie caught the eye. He has been


doing it a lot recently - he finds room, and he can finish. He finds a


position. He's at the heart of pretty much all that was good in


Motherwell yesterday. And if you see him moving, he fixes it behind.


He checks. He's constantly moving, and again, he comes - the goal side


of the ball, takes a fantastic touch and a great finish. His


movement was fantastic all day. That's good playing and a great


goal, but he scored against Aberdeen in the Cup up there. Maybe


Langfield - Verny should be doing more on his left foot, and he


wouldn't have scored that goal. I think he's getting bored with the


transfer talk. It's not yet happened. He's maybe wondering in


the team time is right That's it. When you're playing well and


scoring goals, you're always gob going to attract attention. On that,


he's had a fantastic game. It's always going to bring attention to


you. That penalty may have done him out of that move. We're not trying


to talk players out of Motherwell but Ojamma is another - the Polish


team are interested in him at the moment. He's a 21-year-old Estonian.


He has some impact, a bit like Jamie Murphie. With the two of them


on form, no wonder Aberdeen are in trouble. Everybody expected him


because when he first came he, scored a lot of goals, but he's not


natural goal scorer, but he's got so much about him, so much energy,


very direct and brings so much to the team. You see the service there


- Michael Higdon has got there has done great and Jamie Murphie. It's


a striker's dream, two players like that creating chances for you.


Aberdeen under-achieving, Billy, when you look at the quality


they've got in the squad? I think they have a few injuries. They have


a few injuries. I think they've still got a good team. I think


they'll finish up there this season. I think they'll come through it,


just a sticky patch at this moment in time. The action stretched on


for the best part of ten hours must up league win in the August


and Gavin Gunning got a bar to the power but stopped. The applause


with free kick Andy Gunning be earmarked getting things all his


own weight. With the gull coming to just two minutes there was plenty


of Ortega constant you get back into the match. The Dundee United


keeper had to go arctic from another crack at that. But teams


were coming into this one of the back of defeats. The hounds died


were enjoying plenty of possession continued to quit chances. There


have the Highlands looked. While this doesn't goalkeeper was busy,


so, to his opposite number. Getting it it'd be up. There are a bit


McCracken also it looked as burning was mucking. The second half


started as it has triggered a goal. the ball hit into his own net.


After the equaliser, the visitors almost grabbed another, a run down


the wing, clever from McLean to set the goal up, but chess kneeac threw


himself at the shot. It was more to the Dundee United manager, what


he'd have given for Gunning to get another, but Craig cleared well. At


the other end, MacKay set up a St Johnstone chance, his ball nicely


flicked on. Tady powered through but the keeper kept out his shot.


Dundee United mid table at the moment. I know you don't watch an


awful lot of Scottish football in Canada, but are they a team you


would expect to be further up the table? Definitely. I think if you


look at the players they've got, the forwards they've got are always


amongst the goals and I think they must - miss MacKay. I have seen him


a lot over the last year-and-a-half. He's a great supply for them.


you see the tightly packed league table, both of those with a run of


wins would put themselves up there. I think there's a lot of teams in


the league that could run - really fly up the league. I think Dundee


United - I have to say I think they're struggling to get the best


When there exists, get Twitter back in the meeting up the signals to up


its affecting the again as a whole. To go at they are going to get


going to village. Gavin Gunning could have had a hat-trick of


headers of. Five goals six chances. He a big sulk free. Low at this. It


was not just Giggsy he broke. He scored one, could have reaped five


or six to Frances Cary the match. What de Boer spin Johnston, they


could do with a win? They were a bit lucky. United by Barepot. Steve


Lomas de, there is a positive, we won a have. There have been too


many draws for strokes to know but they are playing up. Hearts were


looking to extend their three-match unbeaten run at Kilmarnock


yesterday it. Kilmarnock and aspirations as well.


Kilmarnock drew here against any and at the weekend. The kitchen are


up and dignity, there are on the air here. Up hold on. There was a


foul as well according to the ref riba. It will be a free kick


up. A wave from the FA Cup, away from Nelson. James Dixon. Always is


that he won a penalty. Here is Eguren will challenge go Andy


Webster. Not after Giggs rates ASDA t. Liam Kelly, who has been Denly,


from the Distin isn't. Continues to grip. Back in the track, a free up


suspension a back arm the middle. That was a good opportunity


met this. This is a good opportunity. Driver again - seen


plenty of the ball in this game. That's Sutton, poked away. There


was a penalty here for Hearts. Touil, a former player of


Kilmarnock, of course. Driver. He fancied this himself here. Bell's


equal to it. He's having another good season, Cammy Bell. That's


Smith. Cammy Bell is taking a really sore one. He was committed


to at least trying to win the ball back. John Sutton goes into the


book. Bell's going to be OK, thankfully. Hearts will feel


aggrieved to be behind in the scheme. They put plenty into it and


are continuing to do so with Paul McGowan. Away by Nelson. Touil!


Bell again. The danger is snuffed out. It was the little Moroccan on


the left peg. Shiels in the stand - well documented and on the phone as


well. Jimmy Nickel in the fore- picture there urging his troops on.


Kilmarnock continuing to lead, but they've got a big problem here.


It's Callum Patterson in own-goal, and that is an anti-climax. A bit


of afters as well between Fowler and Patterson, but what an


opportunity this was - could put it away from Nelson having robbed


Sosoko. He needed to go around the goal keeper, and he didn't. That's


poor from Zalkiukas. Down goes Heffernan. It is a free kick and


Zalkiukas off here. Steven McClain pulling him over - yellow only, and


presumably that's because Jimmy McDonald had dealt with the


situation. Lots of supporters of lots of teams


will be dreading the transfer window and wondering which of their


stars will be departing, maybe Hearts more than most because they


probably need the money more than most. You see Andy Driver playing


there. He's a player that's linked with speculation over the last two,


three years. He's had a fantastic game. He's had crosses and things.


I'm sure January can't come quicker. Liam Kelly is a fancied player as


well. Trying to sell a few on this programme! They have talent in this


country. That's why they're spoken about. These players you're talking


about, Rob, they're showing it - Jamie Murphie, Kelly, players like


that he has a lot going on in his life over the last year but


certainly a good player. Scotland team-mate Andy Webster won't be too


happy looking back on this. Yeah, a tricky winger running out of the


box. It's a stonewall penalty, dispatched really well by Kelly.


That's the position James Dayton puts you in, the way he plays. Are


you surprised he doesn't start more for Kilmarnock? Yeah, I have been


speaking of it to a few people. Kenny needs to be more consistent.


Sometimes you get that with wingers, but James Dayton on form every game


I have seen him has caused teams problems. I don't know why he


doesn't get a more regular start. Hearts are very defensive with


Zalkiukas in defence, but they struggle to get goals that seems to


be a recurring problem. I don't think anybody scored more than four


London what looked the lapped of gulls that day has up. That is a


problem. The couple also ignore it expects. Paterson for that is what


it away. Yes, 22 apiece. Greatest fear experienced a key wicket. Some


body with pace does not think, getting caught. Maybe because he is


not a natural striker but looking back, he is thinking, why did I


hits it a lick? There was a Boxing Day batting at Easter Road. Once


granted would have to be Hibs there was little in the wake of


Christmas cheer. Bits delivery from the corner. The kids captain did


not good enough on it. The first half was bereft of action. In fact,


the game was almost an hour in when there was something to get extra to


go back. These doctors to reduce Britain's the header past the


keeper, Ben Williams. The captain low be pleased with insults. Were


Ross County about to end there were average month could not keep his


hair up. December that its box been a good month with Eastern we are


equipped. While this game may have been a drop of, they were creating


chance. He does go An Tiki but formerly of Hibs was tested Eggen.


After pushing the... It into the path of Dail he was then beaten but


the goal Bo was disallowed for our spirit. The referee raised the flak


the gull was denied. Hibs continued to use it for the equaliser. There


is to be easy take off. Another good degree Bournemouth and it not


a great after minutes for Hibs. Russ Garrity t nine points clear


are bottom spot. You do with hits. A great for us


have our the season but telling off obviously if you go through spells


like that, if you want to stay at the top of the league you're going


to have to start winning games again. They have to keep him


because of the goals he scored - Doyle is doing OK, like anybody


going through the sticky patch, Hibs need a win. We were talking


about how closely matched the teams are, but I think sometimes if you


lose a couple, the confidence is down. If you win a couple, you have


confidence. Hibs will go right back up again. Ritchie is not a player


known for scoring header goals. was a fantastic header, whether he


meant it or not is another question, but he found the space in the box,


and when he's 18 yards out, he's pretty much trying to direct it


towards the goal, and it turned out to be a fantastic finish. It ended


a spell of nine matches - the win for Ross County in two months.


Really important he gets that nine- point gap in at the moment. To get


that result is a huge bid of confidence for them. It didn't


surprise me when they went in front and held on. That's when they had


that 40-odd unbeaten run. When they went in the lead at Easter Road,


that's what they did - soaked up the pressure and came away with a


valuable three points. St Mirren McGowan has it right side up. He


goes for goal, and that's to silence him. What a strike from


Imrie. In the last SPL game of the season, and Dougie plants it in the


goes. It's netted against Hearts and Dundee at that end. Craig


comes in, drives the ball against Craig Sampson, another good save


from the keeper. The Brisbane buddies - I think you're supposed


to go to Australia for Christmas. He rattles the frame. Reguero was


beaten here. It was a great effort should have scored. It was an


excellent chance for Cally Thistle number eight. Four goals this term,


should have been five. Jones towards Shinnie to MacKay. MacKay,


Foran leads it off, good touch away, back to MacKay, a lovely ball


across, the header - came from Doran, and again, protecting his


post was Sampson. A great build-up It's Shinnie - to his brother and


Shinnie escaped to Gary Teale. He hit it and hit it beautifully. The


equaliser for Cally Thistle has been coming, and it comes to the


boot of Shinnie, ever present this Teale clips it, and the header and


Steven Thompson has scored, a purple cross from Gary Teale teal


and Steven Thompson makes no mistake, ten minutes gone in the


second half, and it's Steven Thompson with the perfect header.


Reguero couldn't keep it out. A corner to cross. A couple of


headers away. That could break on Doran. The shot - it's off the


goalkeeper. Ritchie Foran with the header, 2-2. They have come from


behind again with a quarter of the match left and Foran with the


header. It was MacKay who left it, nearly took Foran's head off, a


save, and it's clear. A lovely play, hit the one-two, it was almost


perfect, and the goalkeeper getting Gary Teale. Saints looking to go


ahead a third time. Guy. It's off the cross bar this time, and it's


away - eventually by Alan Pardew -- Doran. Not once but twice it hits


problems. That could fall on to Gary Teale - rattles it. It's


offside. Lewis Guy is offside, but only just, disappointment for St


Mirren. Gary Teale hits this, but he just takes a step into the yard


one in, Reguero with the save, got it in the second attempt, and a


good hit from Gary Teale. As you scan the SPL table in your


luxury mansion accommodation in Vancouver you must be aware how


Inverness have done in the season but maybe not too surprised about


the prominent part - Shinnie is playing for them, having watched


him as a youngster at Rangers. has been one of the main reasons


for them doing well. I have always liked Andy as a player. He's very,


very comfortable with the ball, plays intelligent club football.


That's a great strike. He worked it great into position before that and


obviously he's flourishing getting regular first-team football now.


got bored from picking out MacKay every week scoring out so many


goals, Shinnie especially - he went through a spell he wasn't scoring.


Now he's back. In Dundee as well. He's always one of those guys who


gets in the box. Sometimes when they get in the boxes they don't


take much part in it. But he's got so much game awareness, he's always


getting involved, a little one-two, finding himself in the box.


Yesterday's goal and other ones were showing he can certainly


finish. If you're a keeper playing Inverness at the moment you know


you're going to be busy and Sampson certainly rose to the challenge.


Yeah. They're 1-0 up here, and he's made a great save there from


distance. He's had another few saves as well, which at the time


kept his team with a 1-0 lead. Here, again, that's a fantastic save.


It's close range and a great reaction save from him. He's got


himself into the Scotland squad. That's heightened his belief in


himself, Billy. Of course it has. I think both of them - you're talking


about - Shinnie and Sampson, I worked with them both, really pro's,


boys who wanted to do well, a little bit of maturity and


experience playing games has brought them on tonnes, and in the


international set-up for the two of them has just capped it off for


them. It was a game either of the two teams could have gone on to one


because those were Inverness shot at goal. These were St Mirren


efforts, three of them back off the frame. This was Graham Kenny's free


kick. That would have put them 2-0 up at the time, very unfortunate


for them. He's got a fantastic set piece delivering there, again, the


keeper's up there. This is Lewis Guy hitting the post, then the bar


a few seconds later. I thought Inverness would win this yesterday,


but I think St Mirren looking at this have been unlucky. Ronald had


the last free kick, then Lewis Guy had the cross bar, counting


themselves extremely unlucky. second one, he did fancy a score.


Looking back on it, he had it on target, then the header - seeing


that back he would have thought I should have scored. St Mirren were


a team your name was being linked with in terms of a possible loan


move from Vancouver. That a starter? No, to be honest, there


has been no contact between any club and my club. There has been a


little bit of speculation, but again, that's something I would be


interested in, but I think there's got to be some kind of deal and


link with Vancouver and some kind of contact, but there has been


nothing in it at all. How is Vancouver going for you so far?


Sounds like heaven to me. It's a great place to live. For me, it was


a pretty average kind of three, four months for me, like, with the


football. I was coming off the back a long, close season with a season


finish with Cardiff, and I never really got going. I think we only


had ten, 12 games to go. At the time, I was maybe just getting


going, the season was finished. For me, it was a disappointing -


personally, a disappointing three, four months. Hopefully we can put


that right this year. Will you keep on playing for Scotland? I hope so,


as long as the new manager picks me, whoever that is that is going to


come in in the next few months. Hopefully, I'll be selected because


I have quite a bit to offer the next Sunday night, back at our


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