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BBC Scotland's weekly round-up of all the action from the weekend's Clydesdale Bank Premier League games, presented by Rob Maclean.

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The title was tucked away by Celtic last weekend. Relegation and


European places were still on the agenda this weekend. All the key


moments coming up, in the company of Aberdeen manager Derek McInnes


and St Johnstone defender Callum Davidson. Let's start with today's


game at Fir Park where the champions were clapped on to the


pitch by their hosts. Then Motherwell set about trying to


beat them. The best of the action Celtic had plenty of players but he


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games. -- he scored. Samaras is goalkeeper. That was great play to


set up Gary Hooper but what a great stop by the goalkeeper. But there


was a shout for hand ball. The second attempt. Hooper should have


finished the first time but he did the second. That gives Celtic the


Henrik Ojamaa. A brilliant goal. There was a narrow gap. A tiny gap


and it was picked up by Henrik side of Ojamaa. He tried to change


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 53 seconds


direction and took him down. That a phrase of all staff. -- Fraser


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 53 seconds


goalkeeper. He has had a terrific Did Motherwell show wide a finish


best of the rest behind Celtic? think they did. I don't think


anyone could deny they deserve the three points. They were aggressive


enough in the right areas but show the quality that separated them


from the rest of the teams chasing them. They had a fantastic season


and the way they played to date is probably the way they have played


the majority of the season. It is simple and full of passion and


energy. Stewart has done a week great job.


You could probably pick out a half a dozen players who caught the eye.


James McFadden as well. Yes, he looks like he is hungry and has


something to prove. He has been fantastic. That was a great touch


there and a reverse pass. Ojamaa has been excellent. Like a


rottweiler. He has a lot to do? was a great touch across the


defender. You look at his energy, that was a great pass. Motherwell


to isolate Humphreys. Look at the bodies for what they have. From a


break and they are a good counter attack team. The only surprise he


was Mike fat and didn't score. Again, getting bodies for. They are


always carrying a threat. They are a very attacking team. Motherwell


are phenomenal. The referee was in the spotlight a few times today.


through. It wasn't stopping a goal. A what about that? He was very


unfortunate. You just can't get out the way. I can see why the referee


David but it was harsh. I thought it was a soft penalty. The player


was offside. He should deal with the situation but there was no


question Higton was massively on Neil Lennon had a little blast at


player of the year in the week. Heidi do feel about that? He is


probably disappointed his players aren't there and it was a knee-jerk


reactions. He will probably wish the four nominees all the best and


congratulate them. Personally, from St Johnstone we've probably have


six or seven players so it is not exactly as if they don't realise


they have had a good season. I personally voted for Michael Higdon.


He has led the line extremely well and allowed them to build and


scored dark - might score goals. That is why I voted for him but


that is my opinion. I think Neil is looking back and it is a knee-jerk


reaction to not seeing his players there. The title is one for Celtic


and the title is four weeks away. I'll these difficult games for


Celtic to negotiate? He has got to try to make sure they get to the


Cup final. The players have a lot of pressure on them and he will


make sure they are fresh going into it. The performance today... There


are alarm bells for Neil going into the Cup final. That performance


today will make sure it isn't a formality. The Celtic have shown


that when they have been on the top of the game they are better than


the rest. He would hope that individually and as a team they are


capable. They are in Europe. Dundee have been showing a distinct


reluctance to accept relegation. Ahead of this weekend's home game


against Hearts, John Brown's team had lost only one of their last


seven league games. Highlights from Dan de were to survive in the SPL.


It is mathematically possible but the fight continues. Was that a


foul? A free-kick on the edge of there was a we rugby-tackled to the


ground. The Dundee striker was manhandled. A great save from Jamie


back of Finnegan. Webster it could be in trouble and there will be


another card from the referee. And De Wet step is sent off before the


Brown's appointment seems ridiculous now as he has done a


pressure. That was palmed away and that is the closest they have


come to scoring this afternoon. The goal that could be. -- Dan de have


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 53 seconds


defence. It is now eight goals in 13. Thompson was taken out but it


his 17th appearance. That was a lovely finish. He simply didn't


Maze but drilled that the ball past the keeper. They have restored


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equaliser of the afternoon. Danny without scoring a single goal in


the season and now he gets to for minutes to play. Griffiths


inside the box and the benefit went to be attacking side. -- Bob been


The fact that Dundee 1 and St Mirren didn't, John Brown's team is


They have want to eat in a row and they have built up a bit of late


season momentum. Yes, it has been fantastic. All credit to John Brown.


It has been interesting, although it might be late. It does make St


Mirren at nervous though. It would be against all odds if they


survived? There is still a lot to be done, but they have given


themselves a chance. Nobody gets an easy game against Dundee. I think


we will played Dundee next weight - - next week and have a tough game.


Nobody can deny how world John has done and the players deserve a lot


of credit. There was a controversial goal from Finnegan


and one yesterday at Easter Road. It has been a plus for Dundee.


Obviously I want to win the game and we will go there and tried to


win, but we will expect a tough match, and it is credit to John


because there were a lot of people who were ridiculing his appointment


and he has proved them wrong. wasn't laughing after the match. He


was raging over the dismissal of Webster. Will he be watching this


and changing his mind? I was not sure of this one. It does look as


if he has fouled him. He has bowled his leg, which was a reaction when


he went down. I think this was it that no yellow card. I think the


first one was dubious though. Reilly was sent off late in the


game. Dundee still one, but he is going to be suspended for a couple


of crucial games coming up. I think the linesman push the player harder


than the other player! And that should not have been a red card.


Should be Assistant have gone for that? I think there has been a lot


of over-reaction. He is what Derek was touching on earlier, that the


goal that kept it alive for Dundee School by Leigh Griffiths


inevitably been a good St Mirren - is he in line? -- being against St


Mirren. I think he was slightly off. Very difficult for the linesman to


see. A think McAusland got himself a bit square. He should have been


cutting off that ball. I think they have had a bit of fortune there. It


did look a bit of side. St Mirren cannot believe they are in this


situation they are in, in that they are not completely safe. They have


not won again in the SPL for a couple of months, which is amazing


for 18 that can produce top-quality football. Here is the run-up of


games to come for Dundee and St Mirren. You would expect them to


get something from them? Derek wants to win, but Dundee will look


at those Games as all been great in their current form. Aberdeen is


slightly different because they have a new manager. Players are


fighting for their contracts. You would hope that St Mirren will get


a points. -- will get a point. Derek had his first home game as


Aberdeen manager. He has taken over the team in the bottom half of the


leak, but he would love them to finish with a flourish. Derek


McInnes takes charge of his first home game after taking over as


Aberdeen manager. Can his side produced a victory after the


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 53 seconds


season. No wonder he is one of the here. Kilmarnock still searching


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 53 seconds


enough to directed back downwards. That is used still unbeaten. How


happy were you with that yesterday? We started the game really well.


The first 15, 20 minutes were really intense. It got us going the


right way, but Kilmarnock, to be fair to them, started to enjoy it


and they were the better team going into half-time. We matched up with


them in the second half and then we started to control it. We did pass


up a few opportunities to finish the game off, but we were creating


chances. There was a trademark goal from McGinn, but it may be also


underlines what you don't have and that his goal scoring back-up.


can see there that the ball is still gathering pace. He did get


his 20th goal in style. I think he is the first Aberdeen player for a


long time to score 20 goals, so hopefully there is more to come


from him. The game on Monday night at Easter Road was less than


memorable. I think we all lost part of our lives that night! How did it


feel to be taking the reins for the first time? I have had a long


honeymoon period because it has been announced for a while. There


was a lot of training and preparation. It was 17 days since


the last game and it showed in our players. The best players on both


sides were beat defenders. -- world the defenders. When you look back


at the glory days, following on in the footsteps of Sir Alex Ferguson,


lot of people have tried and failed in that job, haven't they? That was


such a great era for the club. Where we are at the moment is such


a long, long way away from that, but what we can do is be somewhere


in between. I remember playing against Aberdeen teams in the past.


You can see from the graph there some years we have come second. We


need to get back to that, although I am not saying we would do it


instantly. We need to make sure that the way we work, the way we


practise, will set standards. it be too comfortable a situation


at Pittodrie? Not really. I am judging it from what I have seen.


There are areas where we can work harder. We need to meet


expectations and for me we have to make sure be a better in certain


departments and areas. On the football side of it, we work harder


than some clubs and hopefully we can set a pace and a demand and


hopefully we can be rewarded for that. The Aberdeen people and the


city itself are fantastic and there are lots of good people at the club.


They have treated me very well and we have got off to a good start. We


are all working hard for the same thing. In battle for the third


place in the SPL and the European qualification are two teams who met


today. St Johnstone and Inverness Caley Thistle. Liam McLeod was


of grievance about that. St Johnstone will try to take


advantage of the fact they are one expecting that. It looked a touch


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 53 seconds


They haven't been able to test the brink of European football. A draw


well. It is his penultimate home game for St Johnstone before he


and they are running out of time. Be a massive gulf potentially for


Dundee United and Celtic and they need to win today. What wonderful


You have to fancy yourself. The games are all going to be difficult


so hopefully we can keep going. the teams in the top six have a


goal scorer well into double figures. St Johnstone are a bit


different. You have half a doesn't -- half-a-dozen guys. The scoring


is spread across a number of people. Yes. A lot of players score


consistently all the time. You have guys like buying who you could say


is playing out of position -- like a Vine. There are chop and changes


in formation as well. Nigel came on Yesterday and what an impact he


made. Liam Craig scored a header as well. You think these pictures are


significant, don't you? The bond that exists? Yes, you can see how


much it means to the boys to get in the top six. The demand they put un


themselves and they have to work to get the reward. All three teams are


in the mix. They would all have taken this situation at the start


of the campaign but it is who can finish the season strongly. Steve


has done a great job and if he can get them into Europe again, a


fantastic achievement. There are a lot of good people at St Johnstone


as well and it is good to see them getting a reward. Was there is a


clear goalscoring opportunity followed by the send off? When I


first saw it, I was unsure whether he was covering. But, to me, that


was a definite red-card. We probably played better in the first


15 minutes and struggled when we went down to 10 men. Breaking teams


down is difficult. You play Nigel in a five-a-side game and you want


him in the team because he will always make something happen and he


did it again there. I'm pretty pleased with that one. Steve Lomas


followed you at St Johnstone. A tough act to follow. I am surprised


he doesn't get more of a mention in terms of manager of the year. Does


this guy not merit more of a mention? I think he is probably


tucked in behind the others when he has been mentioned. Everybody in


football recognises what a good job he has done. Terry, Stewart and


Adams have had good Stephens but -- seasons but Steve Lomas is up there.


He has done well. The players have all worked -- and enjoyed working


under him. The results are important and the demands as a club


have increased year on and year out. If you get into Europe wants it is


a great achievement but if you can do it again the next season it is


probably a bigger achievement and we will go all out to try and get


there. This was Friday night action and we are indebted to that phrase


-- saved. It was a great delivery from Barry Douglas. The Save or was


fantastic. It is a terrible pitch but County manage to produce some


These goals from him have been really important as he has scored


really important goals. They almost scored twice. If you look at their


performances of late, Ross County are rate team who have gone from


The January window it, it is sometimes difficult to get someone


with an injection and he has given Ross County that. Dundee United saw


a dismissal. What did you think? That looks quite bad. A foot high


has come off his and he jumped in the air. I would have been


disappointed if I had got sent off for a tackle like that as a


fullback. And I think There is an element of not in -- intending to


hurt him. I thought it was a harsh red card. Let us look at the


Motherwell had just about secured second spot. Dundee are at the


bottom, at eight adrift of St You'll see all that action next


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