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Highlights of the weekend's matches. St Johnstone v Dundee, Aberdeen v Ross County, Hearts v Motherwell, Dundee Utd v Hamilton, Kilmarnock v Partick and Celtic v Inverness.

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Data spectacular opening goal in the Dali. And the shot was an absolute


beauty. It's in. What a finish. And that is it, I would imagine.


Good evening and welcome to Sportscene on this wintry weekend.


The good news is that all six matches in


Coming up tonight, a weekend of football


to warm even the coldest of hearts.


Michael Stewart and Stuart McCall bring their expertise to bear


We start with Celtic's trip to Inverness.


It had already been a bad week for Ronny Deila - now he was visiting


There was a massive boost for Caley Thistle in the shape of Gary Warren


Andros Draper. Starting for the first time since the August and


October. Josh Meekings at right back. Ronnie Deila can again call on


midfielders Stefan Johansen and Nir Biton. They were both banned for the


Ajax came in the Europa League in mid week. Callum McGregor keeps his


place in the starting line-up after impressing. It is not just the


European game on Thursday that Celtic are trying to bounce back


from. They drew with Kilmarnock last weekend. That goalless draw. Ronnie


Deila wants a reaction to that as well, you would imagine. Here comes


Callum McGregor. He scores himself, and why not? That is wonderful from


McGregor. He only ever seems to score in the first ten minutes of


matches, and he scores two in two, having scored against the Dutch side


the other night. Wonderful goal again from Callum McGregor. Warren.


Craig Gordon saved that. Not that he knew much about it. Back in by


Vincent. Josh Meekings. A good shuffle and not a bad effort. The


diving header from Gary Warren was saved by Craig Gordon. Josh Meekings


was not far away with that curling effort. Anthony Stokes had plenty to


say on social media this morning. Restoration boiling over. Rarely


gets a look in these days. Ronnie Deila accusing him of being


disrespectful to his team-mates before the game. Lovely touch


initially from Storey and it is 1-1. This was all about the first touch


for Miles Storey. It took Dedryck Boyata out of the equation, and


Simunovic could not get at him, and Miles Storey made no mistake from


the rebound. Caley Thistle are level. Celtic did not win here last


season. Inverness causing them problems again. Josh Meekings. Given


away by Greg Tanzi to Armstrong. It falls to Nir Biton. He has such a


good hit from that kind of distance. It just swerved to the wrong side of


the post. It twisted well. It was unorthodox. The job of the officials


is hard enough. You don't want to be missing goals. That hole in the net


will need to be tied up before the second half gets underway. The


corner from McGregor. There was appeals inside the box. Simunovic


was involved in this. Tangled with Danny Devine. He certainly had his


Jersey pulled. Ryan Christie watching, out on loan, back at Caley


Thistle from Celtic. Being treated at Celtic. An interested spectator,


today. Even Stevens on the scoresheet. 2-1, Leigh Griffiths!


And the lead is restored. This is great play initially by Scott


Allan, teeing up Kieran Tierney. The substitute finding the left-back who


has impressed so often since breaking into this Celtic side.


Scott Allen had a cameo against Ajax in midweek. Getting a bit longer


today in the second half. Leigh Griffiths is just one shy of the 20


goal mark and we are not out of November. He was his own worst


critic after the Ajax game in midweek. It will feel a lot that, as


will Ronnie Deila, as Celtic go back in front. At last, a debut for car


and call, replacing Tom Roberts. -- Carlton Cole. Replacing Tom Rogic.


Vincent, active Ian Vigurs. Shout for handball against Stefan


Johansen. It was the effort from Ian Vigurs. And there it was. Vigurs


losing out in the middle to Nir Biton. McGregor. He's been patient.


Cole! Probably should have scored. That would have been some impact for


the former England international, testing Owain Fon Williams with


this. Again, Callum McGregor creating the chance. The corner kick


from Tansey cleared off the line by Johannson. The Scottish Cup


holders' best chance of the second half. We have had all four seasons


in the Highland capital today. Sunshine across the Moray Firth all


of a sudden. Griffiths. He has it on the left. A big chance here. And it


has gone in! Well, that will be game over. They are claiming handball


against Carlton Cole. This is not going to win any goal of the season


awards. That is for sure. But it has secured three precious points for


Celtic. It has got to go down as an own goal, surely. Carlton Cole took


an eternity to get it under control, didn't really in the end, it comes


off Danny Devine, but did it come off the hand of Carlton Cole? It


appears as though it did. But it is 3-1, Celtic, and the points secured.


Griffiths. McGregor. This was an important game for


Celtic. Carlton Cole, looking for a fourth. On the back of the


Kilmarnock game and the Ajax game, this has been a worthy three points


for the champions. It is always very difficult when you have played two


and a half days ago, the travelling as well. And they played good as


well. Inverness always have a lot of energy and try to play. Very pleased


with three points and with the performance. You could see


everything behind it. We wanted to control more with the ball than we


did today. We did OK for 60 minutes. We were as good as Celtic. It is all


right a good footballing side and we still have to win games and keep


clean sheets. That is what we need to work on. The football side is not


bad. But we need to be a little bit more ruthless in the way that we


defend. Valuable win for Celtic. Extending the lead at the top to


seven points. Callum McGregor first into the limelight and he is seizing


his chance. He certainly is. He came into the game on Thursday against


Ajax through mist necessity because of the lack of numbers. And he took


his chance. Almost made himself on drop a ball. In the game here today,


doing fantastically well, early on, with a great strike. Again, similar


to the goal that he got against Ajax. Not real power on it, but his


accuracy is what put it in the back of the net. He is a good distance


out. You think that the goalkeeper should maybe get to it because it is


not a rocket of a shot, he gets it right in the corner, as you see. It


was important that Celtic made that bright start after the


disappointment against Ajax. But again you see the fragility in the


Celtic defence in this match as well. It is something they seem not


to be able to fix at the moment. Again, conceding two goals in


Europe. Routine is a big thing in management. The goal, it is a little


bit soft in the middle. And right through the heart of the defence.


Trying to play a little bit of football and they get caught. But it


is like a knife through butter, if you watch it. It is too easy. It


does not look good. When you see the first angle, Celtic want to play


football but the two centre halves are very wide. But the bit of


defensive instinct and knowledge to see that he's getting back into


position quicker and seeing off the danger, good defenders like Virgil


van Dijk and Jason Denayer would get it snuffed out before it gets into


the box. We saw on Thursday night that it was about fine margins that


went against Celtic. Today, they got the rub of the green at times. You


can see here, it is given as offside. It is very tight. Watch


Simunovic. Why step out? Just match the run. He's dicing with a big


chance here. And it goes up the other end, great goal from Celtic to


go 2-1 up, but taking a chance at the back and they could have been


2-1 down. Good finish from Leigh Griffiths. After the other night, I


felt for him. Was this a handball? I think to myself, why is your hands


and putting his arm out's he's giving the referee decision to make.


And look at this, another handball, not intentional. Look at the Stefan


Johansen one, he has thrown his arm out and it could have been a


penalty. This is not intentional but it ends up in the back of the net.


It does not sit easily with me when there's been a handball that leads


to a goal. He gets a bad touch. Interesting on Twitter from Anthony


Stokes. It went down very badly with his employers, buzzing to be up to


Inverness to sit in the stands and lovely weather for it as well. He


apologised later. The think that he has played his last game for


Celtic? When was the last time he played? That the perils of social


media. Stay off it. The question still remains, do you think this


management team at Celtic will be given another crack at European


competition? That is a big call for the board to make. I think it is a


real stick or twist. I think they have two twist because I do not see


any progress being made in Europe. To Rugby Park next where Kilmarnock


welcomed Partick Thistle. Now, if the League had started


in October Thistle would lie fourth Fair to say their stock is


on the rise. Straight up to Firhill, there has


been another goal. Partick on their way to the first winner of the


season. Steven Lawless, what a strike! Ryan Stevenson's Cross has


gone all the way in. Thistle have one again. Come on mate just one


change from the side that drew nil nil at Celtic Park. Greg Kilty


coming in for the injured Rory McKenzie. Partick Thistle make two


changes from the win over Inverness with Robbie Muirhead and Stewart


Hannigan coming into the starting XI. Steven Lawless. Gets the ball


through. The flag stays down and Partick Thistle take the lead


through Doohan. It was a great ball from Lawless. It was certainly


tight. Doohan kept his cool. He finds the net for the fourth time


this season, his third goal against Kilmarnock. Gary Fraser with a free


kick to the back post. It is Doohan, it is 2-0, and two goals for Chris


Doohan. He has scored twice against Kilmarnock back in August and scored


twice against, not again. Such a tight angle. You have to ask, where


was the Kilmarnock defence's, Mike need to find a way back into the


match. And they are back into the match. Who else but the Northern


Ireland international? His eighth goal of the season. It was Balatoni


with the ball into the box and a sweet finish from Josh Magennis.


Robbie Muirhead with the ball into the box. Kilmarnock have not dealt


with this, and Gary Fraser has, and Partick Thistle have squawked --


have restored their two goal advantage in this match. In these


wild weather conditions. Kilmarnock all at sea. Gary Fraser kept his


cool. Good composure from Fraser. Partick Thistle make it 3-1. The


ball played on. What a chance that was for the hat-trick from Micron.


It is not dealt with again. And this time, McDonnell makes the save.


Desperate for the hat-trick and getting plenty of chances thanks to


this lack of defending from Kilmarnock. The ball comes out wide.


Robbie Muirhead, former, like player. What a strike from Robbie


Muirhead! That has to be three points from Partick Thistle. Robbie


Muirhead does it in style from 30 yards. What a finish that is. The


beat goalkeeper of that quality from that range, it has to be a good


strike and it is a fantastic strike. Smith with the ball into the box.


Swirling into the box. And their header from Connelly has found the


back of the net. And the captain scores. Looks like it will be a


consolation goal. It looks over the top of Sculli. He got his bearings


wrong. The condition is not helping. It is not going to be enough for


Kilmarnock in this match, surely. Good skill from booth. And again.


Partick Thistle carving open Kilmarnock. A chance form your head.


And it is 5-2. -- a chance for Robbie Muirhead. Partick Thistle,


who struggled to score in the early part of the season, have got five


goals in Ayrshire. Why does it always rain on me, thinks Gary


Locke? And the header back of the post. Almost 64 Partick Thistle. An


abysmal day for the Kilmarnock defence. You're not going to win


games losing the goals that we lost today. Apart from Robbie Muirhead's


strike from 35 yards out, but all of the other goals were preventable if


we do other jobs and unfortunately for us today, too many players did


not do that. We call from the set play as well. Kilmarnock were


rattled because after the goal they struggled for ten minutes. Then it


was a great performance in the second half. It was a scintillating


display from Partick Thistle, leapfrogging Kilmarnock in the


table. They went from struggling to score to suddenly this deluge of


calls. You can see it in terms of the form table. They would actually


be for. It shows the turnaround that Alan Archibald has engineered. You


can face it back to when they beat Dundee United to leapfrog them. They


put Dundee United bottom. Since then Dundee United to leapfrog them. They


they have gone on a good run. Scoring goals. I like Doolin. He


should have had a hat-trick. Looking at the attacking personnel, you have


got Steven Lawless as well, Robbie Muirhead. Partick Thistle should be


scoring goals. Yesterday was special for them. Partick Thistle have


always been an attacking side. But goals change games. They make such a


huge difference. That was obviously what they were struggling to do at


the start of the season. And when you get goals, it breeds confidence.


When you have someone capable of doing something like that, that was


a fantastic strike. When you have got somebody that can do that, out


of nothing, it puts real confidence into the side. They have gone from


strength to strength. Interesting to see where Partick Thistle can take


this. But how can a site that goes to Celtic Park and grind out a 0-0


draw then concede five goals at home to a site that is below them in the


league's as a manager, you do not see that coming. But the fantastic


result. As you say, 0-0 at Celtic Park. Then to lose five yesterday,


and it could have been more. They have a big game at home to Dundee


United next week. A lot of work to be done on the training ground this


week. To Pittodrie now. Aberdeen with just


the one win from their last 8 matches.


They faced a Ross County side with just one away win in the league all


season. Commentary from Rob MacLean. Aberdeen centre-back as Taylor is


drop by Derek McInnes. Graeme Shinnie goes into midfield. Just one


change to the Ross County team which beat Motherwell. Jonathan Franks


replaced by Stuart Madoc. The Dingwall team looking for a second


win of the season against Aberdeen. Andrew Davis with the challenge


against Adam Rooney. The home side looking for a free kick.


Davis with the header away. Mr by Willo Flood. Hesitation by Reynolds.


And on goes Liam Boyce with options on either side. Through four Craig


Curran, and he has squeezed in! The opening goal. After 40 minutes at


Pittodrie. -- 14 minutes. It was sloppy their way Aberdeen gave away


possession and there's the punishment. Leaving neither


goalkeeper or Che Logan on the goal-line able to stop him scoring.


Free kick given. Taken by Logan. Johnny Hayes leaving Liam Boyce in


his tracks. Foster, blocking the shot. And it was Andrew Conser dying


in the end who saw a shot saved by Ross County keeper, Gary Woods. In


from Niall McGinn. Rooney. Stooping to try to head that in. Just failing


to make contact with the free kick from Niall McGinn. Aberdeen were


booed off at the end of the first half, looking to better after the


interval. Good play from Niall McGinn. His shot appeared to strike


the arm of Marcus Fraser. Aberdeen screaming for a penalty. The ball


retained by Rooney. Now it is Maclean and McGinlay spins away from


the full-back, Fraser. It is in front of Rooney and it is 1-1. A


much better showing from the Dons. Since the interval. They had to get


better. And they have just level things up. Six minutes after the


restart. Niall McGinn with the setup. And the really good finish.


Graeme Shinnie. Now considering. -- Considine. And across from Johnny


Hayes has gone in! And it is 2-1. It has been completely turned around.


Fortune favouring Johnny Hayes. There is no greater area than when


the ball clips the post on it's way into the back of the net from one


down, to 2-1 ahead, Aberdeen. Graeme Shinnie loses out. Now Jonathan


Franks to try to set something up. Liam Boyce. What a save from Danny


Ward. The flying header from Liam Boyce produces a reflex stop. Put


away by Considine. Lovely play from Rooney. Niall McGinn, stamps are the


goal which surely Seals the points were Aberdeen. -- stabs home. It is


3-1. Ten minutes from time, and the comeback is surely complete after a


much improved second-half showing. No way back, it seems, for Jim


McIntyre's Ross County. But they have not given up. It is off the


line from Craig story. The youngster in the right place at the right


time. The first half was more nervous than it should have been


because of the goal, we lost people goal. We had 45 minutes to do


something about it and the players did it. They deserve credit the


matter what anybody says to them. The goalkeeper has had a great save


from Liam Boyce with his header at the crucial point which would have


made 2-2, and then Aberdeen got their tails up after that. It was


poor play defensively, the goals that we give away were


disappointing. You know that you have to defend well when you come


here, which we certainly did in the first half. The classic game of two


halves. Did that second-half performance reenergise Aberdeen?


They are now where I would expect them to finish. They have too strong


a squad, good individuals and good team players in there as well and a


lot of quality, always score goals. The first half, disappointing, then


Derek got the reaction and they will probably now keep on with the


quality they have in the squad. In the first half it felt like Ross


County bullied Aberdeen. Niall McGinn such an important player for


them. Initially, he found it a bit tricky, finding the route to goal.


Ross County have done that to lots of teams this season. They have


outmanoeuvred and bullied a lot of teams. But the change in the second


half was quite clear to see. And no more so than through Niall McGinn,


who is a big player for Aberdeen. Great finish from Rooney as well.


When you get" I Johnny Hayes and Adam Rooney, when they are on form,


top form, then undoubtedly, that makes Aberdeen click. A bit of good


fortune, but no surprise it is the three of them that end up scoring.


This is a great run from Niall McGinn. A brainless winger by just


continue the run down the outside but he notices a space on the inside


and makes the inside run and ends up with the ball in the back of the


net. Still with the chance of challenging Celtic to an extent? I


wouldn't have thought so, but they will have a good competition with St


Johnstone and with hearts going for second place. It is a bit up and


down for Ross County. Back in Dingwall to begin. It is a tough one


against St Johnstone. St Johnstone are team that is historically very


resolute, much like Ross County are at the moment. There's not a great


deal to pick between them. But, up in Dingwall, they have started to


make that a difficult race for teams to go. 1-1!


We're celebrating 40 years of Sportscene this season


and we've delved into the archives for some nostalgia.


34 years ago this weekend, Dundee United took on Rangers


The Tannadice side looking to win it for the third season in a row.


Lots of hands up asking for the ball. That was a very poor free


kick. And Milne has it at his feet. Jardine going across in. Great goal,


1-0, Dundee United. He tries to chip in, and he does, he scores! Cooper.


Cooper with it. Hegarty. He tries the chip and it is there from


Redford. Two minutes ago. -- to go. There was Friday night football


at McDiarmid Park. High-flying St Johnstone welcomed


draw specialists Dundee. The home side's form of late has


been impressive and the fans, it's It has been going brilliantly again.


And we are scoring goals, which has never happened before. Unbelievable!


It is nice to get a system that the players enjoy playing and playing


for the manager. The ten men have come from behind. They have got


great spirit this team. Michael Halloran has been amazing this


season. Halloran scores for the person picked -- third consecutive


game. It is only half away, it is Craig and it is 3-1. You have a lot


of experienced boys in the team and good management team behind us. They


never get too carried away when it is going well and we didn't get down


at the start of the season when we were not doing as well as we would


have liked. They have grounded out victory when reduced to ten men


three times this season. Speaking to Kevin Thompson, he has had a few red


cars in his career. It is like anything. If you are injured and


suspended, you kick every ball and you want to be involved. The main


thing is that the team wins again. -- wins the game.


McGavin trying to get it through to Stewart. It is in towards King


Hemmings. He does well to turn on and try to get the shot away. Good


early opening from the visitors. The shot saved by Alan Mannus. Lovely


turn by Stewart, releasing King Hemmings. And Dundee have the early


breakthrough. Only played three minutes. And King Hemmings has put


Dundee in front. Neat flick and interchange between Stewart and


Hemmings. And he picks his spot in the bottom corner for his sixth of


the season. In towards Wotherspoon. That is the equaliser. They were


only behind for ten minutes. Great pace from Michael O'Halloran end the


wide right area. Sets it up nicely for Wotherspoon. And make no


mistake. Goal number three of the season for Wotherspoon. Maclean,


keeps it moving. David Wotherspoon. Good play from Wotherspoon. He tried


to curl it to the far corner. Already with one goal this evening.


Coming close to two there. Colder again. St Johnstone backing. It is


Stewart. Not enough power to beat Alan Mannus. You're always


disappointed when you don't win, but we picked up a point and we kept the


unbeaten run going, so the players are pleased with that. We have built


on back safely on Monday and then it is back to work. It was a fantastic


start, a great goal between Stewart and Hemmings, a great finish and I


felt that we looked comfortable for the first period of the game. I


thought we could have dealt better with St Johnstone's first attack. It


was a good cup I can the great finish. It was a fair result. Dundee


had a great start getting a good goal, but our response was excellent


and I felt that we finished the half stronger. In the second half,


probably never created as much chances as we would have liked. I


think that point for both teams was probably fair in the end. The fourth


1-1 draw for Dundee in a row. That is incredible in itself. Stewart has


been involved in a lot of goals for Dundee. He has impressed you over


the last couple of years. He was short listed for Player of the Year


last season. He was terrific last season. This is a really good goal,


with good movement. He has done well from the lower levels, getting Rory


Loy and King Hemmings. He has been playing in wide areas.


His movement is very good. Put it in. And a good goal. But that front


three is a problem for most sites. The lads that they have brought in


have done well for Dundee. He goes round the goalkeeper and schools.


Rory Loy and Hemmings have done that very well, for Dundee. Greg Stewart


has done better than anybody would have expected at Dundee last season


at has continued it this season. An impressive run of five straight wins


for St Johnstone brought then. But still one point. How much of a


threat as a Christmas party? It is more for the staff than the players,


I have got to tell you. St Johnstone score so many goals, fantastic to


watch. If this changed days for them. You can hear the fans talking


about them, that it is great to see the team scoring so many goals.


Don't think Tommy Wright would be able to explain what has changed in


the site. It is not as if there's been a huge turnaround in personnel.


But it is no surprise to find them up at the higher end of the league.


At the end of the season, Sam Johnstone have a chance of Europe


yet again. Interesting to see where they can go this season.


Signs of improvement for Dundee United last weekend but this


weekend, Hamilton Academicals the visitors at Tannadice. Commentary


from John Barnes. Miixu Paateleinen sticks by the same


starting line-up as last week. Billy Miixu Paateleinen sticks by the same


Mackay leads the attack, the only player to have scored under the new


manager. Hamilton make one change with the fit again Alex Crawford


returning to the midfield after one month out. Greg Doherty drops to the


bench. No wins in the last six games for Hamilton. Good covering from


Ziggy Gordon. Making sure that Mackay was not getting close. The


linkup play with Billy McKay I and Souttar and Dundee United are in


front. Meet football by the Tannadice side with the touch from


Souttar, to Mackay. It was great all-round team played. Good block by


Michael McGovern from Blair Spittal. Coming to the rescue for Hamilton


Accies. Mackay with the flick. And McGovern denying Spittal. Mackay.


Trying it himself. And it was the Accies goalkeeper with a fingertip


save once more. To keep out Billy Mackay. Tagliapietra. And the slack


pass from McKinnon. United have wasted the opportunity. Billy Mackay


had the chance to set up Spittal but he chose McGavin rather than playing


it square left. Spittal. Rankin. And another fine stop my Michael


McGovern. The danger is still not over. Billy Mackay should have


buried that one. Rankin with the emission -- initial effort. It was


Paul McGowan who got in the way of emission -- initial effort. It was


Billy Mackay and put him off. Spittal, Billy Mackay should finish


it this time. Another fine save by Michael McGovern. It just will not


go for Mackay. Sliding challenge by Durnan. Ali Crawford with the


corner. And that is Gavin Dunning with the header, and he has put it


in his own net, would you believe it? It looked like an easy clearance


but he somehow directed it into the bottom corner, then he collided with


Sendles-White. The referee was concerned. He just went past him.


Gavin Dunning tried to sort of hit out at him. Crawford. Accies have


got their tails up. Blocked away. Crawford. The clearance from Sean


Dillon, and Ziggy Gordon, and Accies are front! Two goals in nine minutes


and they have turned this game around. Ziggy Gordon with his first


goal of the season. Quick reactions from the full-back. Rankin, finding


Dixon. Dunning. That is a lovely pass. Mackay again, and he is


thwarted by his Northern Ireland team-mate Michael McGovern, great


goalkeeping. Astonished how we lost that game. Scored a wonderful goal.


The game was under control. No problem. Then after going 1-0 up we


create clear cut opportunities, one on one with the goalkeeper and we do


not put them away. If you pay the consequences. You are asking for


trouble is. It was that good conditions, but the lads' character


came out, they never know when they are beaten, and they continued to


work. It was probably not our best performance but in conditions like


that up here, difficult game, it was never going to be easy and it was


great to get the result. Great win for Hamilton Accies but for the


second week in a row, Dundee United relinquishing a winning position and


losing. That is eight defeats from their last nine games. How do they


get out of this downward spiral? Encouragement from the opportunities


that they have created. In another game, Mackay would have got a


hat-trick. The worrying thing is, for all the chances created, they


have lost the ball and once they lose a goal, with Gavin Dunning


heading in like that, as a manager, you cannot foresee that happening.


They were in control of the game but then they became a little bit


brittle, and confidence is a massive factor. The worrying factor for


Dundee United is that since August 39th in the league, no other player


has scored except for Billy Mikhail. -- Billy Mackay. They have brought


in Pongolle in the head that he can add some goals. And it is not as if


Billy Mackay has banged in a hatful in that time, either. They had been


through one on one with the goalkeeper on a number of occasions


and if you don't put those away, you are asking for trouble and Dundee


United paid the ultimate price. Great win for Hamilton, but they


have brought in Gavin Dunning and he has played two games. And he scores


a non-goal yesterday. If you watch here, Gavin is not picked up. He is


in the six yard box to go and attack the ball. He does go and attack it.


If you try to do that again, it would be impossible for him to do


it. In control of the game. And when you're down there, those things go


against you. Credit to Accies, they continue to defy the odds. Yes, they


have turned it round at the back end of last season and continued this


done to them. -- continued this season, so well done to them.


Firhill has been far from a happy hunting ground


They haven't beaten Motherwell on the road


Hearts were also wearing their special third strip,


which bore the names of the 8,000 fans who helped


Back after a ban for hearts is the top scorer, Juanma, with Prince


Buaben demoted to the bench. Scott McDonald. Looking to spark


something. Aleksander is in trouble. And Motherwell go ahead


inside 90 seconds. Hearts looking for the free kick which was not


coming their way. That was judged to be a fair challenge from Moult. So


of new CDs given. It is an eight goal of the season for Moult. And it


is an aerial challenge that the hearts goalkeeper should have one,


but nothing wrong with the challenge, 1-0, Motherwell. Kennedy


is in trouble against Osman Sow. He threads the ball through for Juanma.


And it is 1-1. Delightful finish. That is number nine of the season


for hearts' Spanish striker. It is poor, defensively from Motherwell


but a really good finish. Nine minutes played, two goals already.


1-1. Swanson. The ball, spinning back in the direction of Kennedy.


Dangerous backpass. Osman Sow, with a real chance. He could have turned


this game completely around. Has to be disappointed he didn't do more


with this. Credit to Connor Ripley for the save. Danny Swanson's free


kick. That was a glaring miss. I don't think he needs to be told he


should have been scoring here, Rossi. Well picked out, great free


kick. Missed opportunity. Again from Swanson, again a chance, and


Patterson this time, with an angled header. It produces a good stop from


Ripley. Johnson with a touch. Martin Johnson get it back. Having a look


at what's on. McDonald, and the great save from Neil Alexander. That


is a crucial factor and a scrap for possession close to the goal line.


Great wing play from Johnson. The faintest of touches to McDonald.


Good save. Swanson. Juanma. I think Ripley got a touch to divert that.


The long ball from Hamill. Dangerous from Rossi. And he flies into a


challenge against McDonald. And Marvin Johnson is racing away, and


is a second goal for Motherwell, with a great hit of composure within


the penalty box. You cannot say that about the defending from Hearts.


They messed up badly. There's the punishment. Johnson on the mark. On


65 minutes, 2-1. Prince Buaben, off the bench. Osman Sow. Hammers home


the equaliser for hearts. A spectacular strike. It has gone


right over the top of Connor Ripley. The Motherwell goalkeeper


bemused and beaten. There goes Prince Buaben again. A powerful


addition to the midfield, picking his way through, Juanma looks with a


shot, this lot, saved by Ripley, and Sam Nicholson blazes that over the


top. And he cannot get a look. A hat-trick of chances for Hearts to


turn one point into three, looks like it is going to end, 2-2. I


thought the performance was terrific. We had enough chances to


win the game. I was pleased with it. But both sets of players, in the


conditions, coped with it well. Disappointed to drop two points. We


came here to win, but we will accept a point, we worked hard. All in all,


on a day like today, with the conditions we will take a point. It


is fair to say we will all glad to see that goal from Louis Moult


stand. Even you, a former hearts captain, Michael Stewart. You see


goalkeepers get far too much protection. I think it is a fair


challenge. Well played, Steven McLean, allowing the chance to go


unpunished. He just jumped up. It hits his head as he has got a tap in


into the back of the net. Neil Alexander has got to do better. It


amazes me the number of times you see goalkeepers jumping with their


hands in the air, and they can be beaten with a guy who was just using


his head. It was good to see that one standing. Good point for


Motherwell, but they need to improve, Stuart. The good thing


yesterday, they had Stevie Hamill back. They were good defensively.


And the fantastic goal from Johnson. He needs to be at his best,


Ainsworth, they have got some good forward players. But Hearts had some


good opportunities as well. It was a good point. I think Motherwell and


the teams down the can still look to climb the table with a couple of


victories. Hearts talking about how they can still get Celtic to the


title. I am not sure what Robbie Neilson thought about that. He was


not so please. It was a missed opportunity. Let's look at the goal


from Osman Sow. It was a real belter. Was it better than Robbie


Muirhead's goal earlier from Partick Thistle? Both of them are fantastic


strike. It is a position that Osman Sow picks up a lot. That Number Ten


position. The end product, it is something that he lacks at times,


but certainly not here. Better than Robbie Muirhead? I think both of


them are fantastic. I give it to Osman Sow, because it got his team a


point, whereas Robbie Muirhead's was irrelevant, at the end of the day. I


will give it to Robbie Muirhead, because it cost Motherwell two


point! Two great strikes. And after all that the


Ladbrokes Premiership table looks Celtic remain on top,


seven points clear of Aberdeen. Hearts in third place,


just a point behind. The faint embers


of a title race perhaps. And then a bunch


of teams congested in mid-table. At the bottom Dundee United,


now seven points adrift. Congratulations to Scotland's women


after their 10-0 victory over Macedonia today, and also to Andy


Murray and the rest of Team GB after


making history in the Davis Cup. We're back next weekend with another


slice of Scottish football history. Until then, from all of us here,




Highlights of the weekend's action in the SPFL including action from Friday night's Tayside derby between St Johnstone and Dundee. On Saturday, Aberdeen entertain Ross County, looking to avenge their 2-0 defeat from earlier in the season and Hearts are away to Motherwell. Bottom of the table Dundee United welcome Hamilton Accies to Tannadice and Kilmarnock face Partick, a win for either side would be priceless in keeping them away from danger at the bottom. On Sunday, champions and league leaders Celtic make the long trip north to face cup holders Inverness CT in the lunchtime kick-off.

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