30/09/2012 Sportscene


BBC Scotland's weekly round-up of all the action from the weekend's Clydesdale Bank Premier League games, presented by Rob Maclean.

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It was a pretty decent goals total in the SPL last weekend. 22 of them,


and some of them were a bit special. Hearts are in front! And that is


Deflection and in, George McGuiness! I don't think we can top


last weekend for sensational strikes but we can offer you a


bigger total, 26 to cram into 40 minutes in a slightly shorter show


because of the Ryder Cup. Craig Gordon is here and so is Dave


Mackay. Ahead of Celtic's mission to Moscow, they had a Motherwell


meeting to attend to at Fir Park and the chance to elbow and the


early-season league leaders out of top spot.


Motherwell did not look like themselves in midweek when they


were out of the League Cup at Ibrox. Celtic are doing the running. Who


bears in. Darren Randolph is equal to it and it will come back here at


what the health -- and other health. They got away with that. He must


have thought he had scored. He scored four times against Great


Rovers -- great Rovers midweek. Brown. Randolph got a strong fist


onto that. He tried to take it across the keeper. He was raging


after the defeat to Rangers. A mistake by Kris Commons. It was


always rising. One win in 18 oversell so -- over Celtic for


Motherwell. That is Gary Hooper, he took that down well. Denied. He did


a lot of running in the SPL last week, Gary Hooper. No holds barred


week, Gary Hooper. No holds barred week, Gary Hooper. No holds barred


clearance. 1-0! Huda is deadly as usual. -- Hooper. He was denied by


Darren Randolph earlier in the match but was not to be denied


again. Celtic are bossing things. They know that one win takes them


back to the top of the table. It is 2-0!. Adam Cummins can't bear to


look. He thumped it across and Cummins was unfortunate. No changes


farther side at half-time. The Motherwell defenders are struggling.


It will be a penalty kick and a red-card for Adam carrot -- Adam


Cummins. His day is gone from bad to worse. Celtic have a big chance


of a third goal. Scott Brown, who missed from the Scott -- the spot


against Dundee a week ago, against Randolph. It is not good. That will


be the skip off penalty duties for a while. Two taken, both saved.


That is in the last seven days. Celtic have options left. Celtic


were guilty of being a big waste full last week against Dundee and


they are proving to be again today. -- a bit wasteful. Another good


ball. He knows his team will not be able to be so wasteful in front of


goal when they faced Spartak Moscow in the Champions League. -- face.


It was always going to be tough for the ten men against a rampant


the referee. He feels he should have had a spot kick here, but it


Is it a question of how many points Celtic win by? Everybody is


expecting that but at the European games could take their focus away


from the SPL. There is only one team who have beaten Celtic so far,


your team, David. It is fantastic to be done again this season. --


beat them again. It was 2-0 yesterday but there will have to go


up a level in Moscow. -- they will. Yes, but it's a great platform for


them to build on. Hopefully they can go out and recreate that kind


of performance. It is a worrying sight for goalkeepers and defences


in Scotland when Gary Hooper picks up ahead of scheme -- head of steam.


He is placing that into the net, are confident striker finding the


far post from a tight angle. He looks like he is on form and double


give the rest of his team-mates to lift as well going into a really


difficult European game. Motherwell would have been very aware of the


form he is in. It was a lovely ball from Kris Commons but they lost it


in the defence, didn't they? Yes, it was a lovely touch from hot --


from Commons but that's not good enough. Scott Brown is making runs


forward. I am sure the Scotland manager will be pleased to see that


because that is something that was missing from our team a few weeks


ago. Having him come back to form as a big thing for Celtic and the


national team. He is a big influence for both club and country.


Yes, Celtic really miss him when he is not there. We managed to


capitalise and score the winner but he is a massive player for Celtic.


Neil Lennon is happy with the form that his team but I am not sure


about his own first touch here. the best first touch I have ever


seen. An unfortunate British. He is -- he has done well to show no pain.


-- an unfortunate British. complexion for St Johnstone changed


with their defeat to Celtic. They were bidding three in a row when


Alan Mannus out quickly to narrow the angle. A good chance to get


Dundee on the board, just striking the woodwork. A shaken off ahead


there for the manager who has lost his two last matches. -- shake off


their head. Craig pokes it across. Gregory Tade has scored! De Liam


Craig looked up, saw Gregory Tade coming in and it is a clinical


finish. His third of the season. A challenge from Frazer Wright.


Penalty, says the referee. Before it was high, the ball struck the


arm. Conroy equalises for Dundee. He scored from the spot in Dundee's


only when. Liam Craig finishes! They had the chance to clear and


his first SPL goal for St Johnstone. May extend their lead. -- they


extend. Dundee in trouble again at home. Gregory target strikes that


would work. -- Gregory Tade. Davidson is all-over Stephen


MacLean, Steven MacLean goes down. No penalty, says the referee, but


Stephen MacLean is heard. He will need attention. He falls on his arm


and he pings his debt despite his Dundee gave me my chance in


football and I am very grateful to them.


They raised a real confidence about St Johnstone. Were you concerned.


You have to be concerned when you are sitting at the bottom of the


table but I know how good a squad we have. We have pushed on since


the win against Celtic. Stephen MacLean had a painful looking


injury, how is he? It looked horrible on the TV but he was


fantastic for us yesterday, he has started his career at St Johnstone


very well. The St Johnstone goals are evidence of a team on a high


and may be a team with some defensive concerns as well, in


Dundee. They stuck it away well in the end. It is a tight angle. He


has not got a lot to hit. It is a good striker's goal to finish it


off, coming off the back post. An important goal in the end. Three


good wins for you, Dave, the previous two coming at Dingwall and


also against Celtic, their only It was a great confidence booster


and to go to Dingwall and break their unbeaten record was another


great one for us. A will be carried that on again on Saturday. It is a


good squad that you have. And with Celtic, Singh Johnston looked as


well-equipped as anyone. You just have to look at that people in the


stand every week for us, plenty of players that can play SPL football


but cannot get signed at the moment. We should be in good stead for the


rest of this season. And you're a goal machine occasionally. Anomaly


popping one are to a season. I have not managed to get up my market


this season. There was nothing in that one, just Street End. He looks


at Natural born goalscorer. Yes, I is remembering the one that he


scored by me before it that I do not remember. Am glad you did not


show that one. Yesterday was the last chance for Dundee United to go


gold -- to score at and it is the odd goal. Jonathan Sutherland has


A better goal in their last three SPL gains Dundee United were


desperate. They were surprised to find themselves in the starting


find themselves in the starting find themselves in the starting


line-up here. Philip Roberts here with the pass was one to watch.


What a goal. The Irishman with superb strength for Inverness


Caledonian Thistle. On loan from Arsenal pot Roberts hair makes him


stand out from their crowd and it seems he has the talent to match.


2-0 FA at Caledonian Thistle. And it was almost becoming it fancies


it all this. -- fantasy that all. It was almost a spectacular goal.


On the wall, at Dundee United would is small. The header here it gave


the best chance. A good tip over from the stand then. Keith Watson


then cut inside to try his luck what this long-range attempt. But


there is something wrong with Dundee United at the moment and


there are struggling. And this was Caledonian Thistle's day. Alongside


their elite of some sunshine, the made it 3-0. And its home ground


knew that the three points clear in the bag. This was the day when it


all came right for at Inverness and all went wrong for Dundee United.


And it was not over yet. There was if this three kept within knock-


down and then it Philip Roberts rifled home goal No. 4. For stars


from Caledonian Thistle and not so One of their goalless Games was


against St Johnstone. Yes, we played them and it when they were


on a great run so I am very surprised that there are good squad


and once they get some of their players back to full fitness they


will start pushing back up the league again. That was great for


Inverness, they needed it. That's Accession of draws meant that that


was coming for them. And they have a real talismanic player there.


when I was playing for Scotland he scored a few goals against me. He


seems to be in a position now where he can play midfield and up front.


He is always coming up with important roles and putting it to


the back. That was a really good header across the goal. That his


five goals in four Games and you will know all about him because you


played against him. Yes, a few times. He does a great job fraught


them and he always is a player to score goals. I think his best


position is in the middle and he is showing that with his five goals in


his last four Games. He is leading by example as a captain. It defies


the determination that is wanted for at their team. The first


Highland derby in the SPL is coming up as well which could be fantastic.


Yes, I think everyone will be looking forward to that. It will be


nice to have won in the Premier nice to have won in the Premier


League. That will be the biggest one. I think it will be great for


the airier and good for the Premier League. We will look at the league


table later and it is hard to believe, you'll have to blink to


believe that Dundee United and the position that they run considering


the perceptions of out this season would pan out. We thought second


top rather than second bottom. Peter has done is the man in charge


a new norm from Hearts and you come from Scotland duties as well. Is he


the man to turn it all around? absolutely. Not so long ago he was


lifting up the cup for a glum and he has lost a lot for lot of


players but he is not in a bad job at all. The wage bill had to come


down. I think he had stunned very well for Dundee United. Once he


gets the players back their strongest part of the season has


yet to come. We will see them clean -- climbed the lead sooner or later


and they should not panic just yet. I'm sure that they will get it


right. He is a good manager and coach. He does need but a few


leaders out in the park. Not much doubt about the best score line of


the weekend for the SPL. This is what happened when St Mirren met


is 1-0 Ross County! What a start for them! And what a goal. 11


minutes played and Ross County are ahead. Great start for Derek Adams


side. Steven Thomson with the gold. It is at 121. That is what Steven


Thompson is all about. They could not keep it out. And Fraser is left


swinging in the Reading. To the back post and took to 14 at Ross


County. -- took top one. Going to Graham Carey on the left. St Mirren


are deflecting a cross into the box it goes. A great chance for Steven


Thompson. Lewis Guy has gone down and it is a penalty. It was all


happening here for a moment with Steven Thompson putting in the


point. Lewis Guy goes for the ball and is taken down. That is by Grant


Munro and that is at penalty for St Mirren. And Lewis Guy makes it to


all. It is a great cross! He has only been on the pitch for three


minutes and he has made it 3-took for a St Mirren. The former Chelsea


trainee with a goal to put them ahead. Jim Goodwin and St Mirren


back with possession. That is the final substitute Kerry McLean. What


a goal from Terry Maclean! -- Kenny Maclean. He is good at these long-


range shots. It is almost like watching Juventus. St Mirren are


trying to pass their way out. Ross County with a chance here now. A


second chance! And it is for it to three. A goal back for Ross County.


That is in the 79th minute. Ross County are refusing to take it


lying down. So many to be careful here. Ross County are still not


giving up at all. That is a great strike! It is 4-4. An incredible


game here. A great strike they are. His second goal in as many minutes.


Graeme Kay, he does not quite make it. Can you make something happen


here? -- Graham key. Steven Thompson, of what a goal! And


surely he has won it at the 89th minute. That was an incredible


match. Steven Thompson has clearly one nest match with a stupendous


I be the team that you expect to get some chances against them?


There plot against you going forward as well. I think that Danny


Lennon says that a lot because they do concede chances and his loss of


the is to do it that way. The to go forward when the concrete chances.


They took five of them on Saturday. A great performance. The winning


goal was a bit special we have to reluctantly admit. Although should


Steven Thompson be attempting best at this stage in his career? I did


not been he was flexible enough to be doing that. It is a phenomenal


strike. I do not know what to say about it because they have never


seen him score a goal like that, it is probably the best of his career.


He has scored goals in the Premier League here and in England but that


will be up near the top of his last for the best goals of his career.


No change for Hearts fans the this season as they are never sure what


is coming next. Let us see how it up getting and replacement contact


lens when, neck were put one-nil in front.


And that was frustrating for Hearts. -- when Kilmarnock went one goal


ahead. This was one of those days for Hearts boss. Killion Sheridan


would be trouble for Hearts all afternoon. After winning the gold


the former Celtic striker crossed for Gary Hart and Sue was inches


away from making it 2-0. It was a shrewd signing from Kenny Shiels.


His fantastic pass found Sheridan and powered on towards our goal.


Definitely on its side, Sheridan and making a mockery of the Hearts


of defending. And there would be worse to follow further was of a


maroon at persuasion. Jamie MacDonald made a mess of this


freeze kept. And Kelly in Sheridan was on hand to score or with his


first ever seen Europe hat-trick in the simplest possible ways. There


was plenty of shouts and BOOING by the end. This has been a huge


success this season but the radar was off. It is relying too much on


the youngster for goals for Hearts. John Sutton was coming from the


edge of the area. They tried to keep Kilmarnock intact. Then the


resistance was broken to make the score at 3-1 but that was all far


too late. Kelly and Sheridan was there it story of the day. -- Kelly


A great signing for it, neck. excellent signing. He did an


excellent job for its and at Johnson and he might have been a


little bit overshadowed but he created a lot of the special goals.


He did a lot of hard graft. So I'm not surprised that he started well


in his Kilmarnock career. One of the pictures we showed there was an


onside for that second goal. Jamie MacDonald might not have as DVD


recorder on for that one. It is such a difficult ball. You see them


firing into the far post and when it bounces like that it gives their


goat beekeeper very little reaction time. I think he will think that he


could have done better but it is a very difficult ball for a


goalkeeper to be dealing with. can only imagine that some Johnson


would have made efforts to get it back. -- some Johnson. When you


look through his brief career whenever he has been want sell 60


more or Motherwell, he scores goals. He does score goals. I would be


surprised that we never tried to get him back when he was available


but that editors into finances and whatever else. It is a great bit of


business for Kilmarnock. He will score a lot of goals for them this


season. I like that one. He scores all sorts of goals he has a great


leap as well. At fantastic thing for or Kilmarnock. Are you


concerned? Not just yet but Hearts do not have a big squad to choose


from and they have a lot of young players to try to get them to


produce the sorts of performances week in and week out and get that


consistency level is going to be difficult. I think the fans have to


be patient with the young players coming through to keep supporting


them because it might well be a difficult season ahead for them up.


But the longer they are in the team at the better they will become.


When I let it be known that you on the programme tonight. Some Hearts


fans were asking whether you're out she signed an deal for Tyne Castle.


Where are you on your comeback from injury? I am still trying to get


back. I still have a few niggling problems with my knee injuries. I


have had that for quite some time now. Just try to get fully fit


before I start looking for a club. Once they get to that stage that is


Two teams unbeaten in the SPL, Niall McGinn. Hibs have dominated


in terms of passing but Aberdeen take the lead with their first


shirt tug. The advantage is played. The referee is already reaching in


his pocket for a car. It is yellow. The starts were up there. --


starreds. Did that come off his arm? Penalty appeals are turned


down. Vernon's turn. It is blocked by Williams. It is touched over the


top, a double save by Ben Williams. What a chance this was fescues.


Should he had hit that earlier? -- for Hughes. That has taken


everybody by surprise, including Jamie Langfield, the Aberdeen Golf


-- goalkeeper. Suddenly, 12 minutes chance. Drifting into space, but


his touch took him the wrong way. Hughes has a look and lobs it


forward. 71 minutes, 2-1 Aberdeen. How important will that be enough


final analysis? The darting run, they cut back, and Aberdeen are


points from Lisle met in. A bad mistake by the defender. Vernon has


set up an Niall McGinn. It is off the line! Him that could have been


a costly mistake. Reynolds to the You get be feeling it might be a


platform for Aberdeen. Their squad platform for Aberdeen. Their squad


looks impressive. They gave us a bit of a runaround at Perth, easily


our worst performance of the season. Niall McGinn scored number-one.


There is Gavin Rae in the centre circle ahead of goal number two.


All the talk is of the defending here. He backs off a couple of


yards that leads in turn and he is giving the advantage to the


attacker to take him on. If he had stayed tight to him the only place


he could have gone would be backwards and the danger would have


been averted. It could have been made a lot easier for Hibs there.


It should be stressed that he has had an outstanding season for them.


He should have had a penalty given against him as well. Yes, he was


very lucky to get away with that. He has thrown himself across and it


has come off his arm. It looks as if the referee had a pretty good


view of that as well. He also had a good view of Alan Maybury's


challenge on Alan Fraser. I think he was a bit fortunate it was a


yellow. Yes, he is really dog-eared but that is slightly over the top.


He is unlucky -- he is lucky just to see yellow but he gets up and


complains about it. Pigs will benefit from having that kind of


determination, even though that deserved a red. -- Hibernian will


benefit. There have been about ten players booked for challenges on


Ryan Fraser. He is a good little player and he may be a bit too


tricky for some of the defenders. He has hit it so early here, I


don't think the keeper was expecting to receive it. He is not


set and that is why the reaction is a bit slow. It is a great strike


and the thing that has caught the goalkeeper out is the fact he has


hit it so early and given him very little chance to get in the right


position for it. We have new leaders in the SPL this weekend.


Celtic are ahead of Motherwell. Kilmarnock and so Mirren joined


Hibernian on 12 points. Dundee United are run eight points. Dundee


are wrong four points at the bottom. Come the next on the SPL, it is


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