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Weekly round-up of action from the weekend's Scottish Premier League games.

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Stand by for a you're Sunday night fix of SPL football. If the season


started a bit too early preview It Stevie Hamel opened the scoring


for Motherwell. That's two and here's Lasley. What a goal!


teenager is sent off. There's teenager is sent off. There's


McEwan. No one is stopping that one. A wonder strike from Swanson!


Penalty, Steven Thompson, and it is a save for Paul Gallagher. That is


a fantastic goal! Ibrox is silenced. a fantastic goal! Ibrox is silenced.


Naismith and there is the equaliser. Steven Thompson will give us his


thoughts on all five SPL games played this weekend starting at


played this weekend starting at McDiarmid Park. The St Johnstone


team two players different from the one that drew at Aberdeen. Rangers


give a debut to our Romanian international in central defence. A


first SPL start for Lee Wallace. Alan McGregor. A-week burst forward


by the veteran. Whitaker. Naismith. No problem for a Winkleman here. --


Peter Enckelman. Lee Wallace, a first SPL start for him. Saints


might be in here, it Davidson! Married Davidson was a Rangers


target. They had a bit thrown out by St Johnstone for the midfielder.


seeing plenty of the ball. That is Jelavic! A good save by Peter


Enckelman. It looked all the way at goal. It was straight and the


keeper. That is a sore one for Jelavic. Davidson was the offender.


That is the challenge that hurt the Croatian. Wallace go with the


delivery. That is Naismith! That is a fantastic header from his Steven


Naismith. He scores for the second week running in the lead. Another


header. He just hangs himself in the air. It is a different kind of


a header this week but it is the same end result and Rangers and in


front in Perth. -- and in front. Davies finds Naismith who finds


Jelavic. Another fine finish. Jelavic is off and running for the


season. He had a big say in the closing stages of the last campaign.


So did Naismith in fact. Derek McInnes are will not be happy with


the amount of space in the Smith had in the midfield. As soon as


Jelavic gets goal side you know where it is going. Davidson. He


seems to be looking for a response here. Up and under. St Johnstone


have not had any joy in the final third. That sums it up. It is a


decent free-kick end. Rangers are struggling to deal with them. Still,


it is India. Whitaker hoofs it clear. Jelavic with Naismith ahead


of him. That is where it is going. Peter Winkleman had to look lively.


Rangers are dangerous on attack. -- Peter Enckelman. Morris. That might


have taken a touch on its way through. A corner has not been


given. It came from Morris. Ally McCoist looking for his first


competitive when as a Rangers boss. That ball was smothered by


beekeeper. -- by a bee keeper. -- by the keeper. When you were Down


South did you watch Rangers? always kept a keen eye on what they


were doing. Walter Smith had very little money or be the last three


years. Everybody knows what an incredible job he did but I have


out striker with Naismith tucked in behind. Naismith is a good Foyle


for them. He will cause defences problems with his movement. This


was the moment Steven Naismith did get it right with the equalising


goal at Ibrox last weekend. They stuttered a little bit finishing


against Malmo midweek in the European tie but there were


definitely signs at Perth yesterday than the two of them are really


getting it together. Alan McCoist said they had been starting the


match is poorly. It was important for them to start well yesterday


and they definitely did that. That was a brilliant ball. Not the


tallest, but it is all about timing and a terrific technique that


Jelavic has. If you are going to give them this sort of peace and


space they will punish you. Yes, it is incredible. Jelavic does well.


It is a good finish. Is it asking a lot for Rangers to keep on doing


what they have been doing for the last three years and winning the


title? The squad for Rangers looks a bit then. Celtic have a bigger


squad and they are going to be hungry. It has been three years


since they have had a title and the fans are demanding it. There is


news denied that the Manchester City manager has pretty much


cleared Craig Bellamy Tagore on loan to Celtic but that does not


remove the financial uncertainty, if he is on �90,000 per week and


the Celtic ceiling is 20 you wonder how that will work. He is a


fantastic player. If Celtic do get him, what an acquisition. Caley


Thistle had not been beaten on their home patch by yesterday's


Calum booth on the overlap. That is Ivan's prowl. He is through on goal.


This is surely an goal saving challenge. Congratulations all


round for the full back who got there in the neck of time. -- Mecca


of time. -- nick. Murray hits the deck. Hopeful appeals from the fans


but no joy from the referee. Murray's header. And again.


Stephenson, the measured pass. Garry O'Connor find room for the


shot. It was fiercely struck an unbeaten away by Essen. The ball


dropped kindly for Hibs. Wotherspoon looking to create


something. Twisting one way and then the other. O'Connor! And s and


saves it again. He did not know an awful lot about it and he has at


painful phase after that. Across defected. -- painful face. A header


into haze. Agreed ball for or foreign. The ball is dumped into


the back of the net but the flag was already up. Richie foreign on


the far side looked like he had just strayed beyond the Hibs


defence. Celebrations short lived. Foreign on deep chased to the


byline. -- foreign. -- Foran. Did he used an arm? The referee is not


interested in the claim. Ivan's prowl looking for support in the


middle. Slowly arriving for Peps. Or Connor's header beaten away.


That is a great try. A terrific technique to steer this down. I


useful save as well from Essen. Terry Butcher not entirely happy


with what he is seeing from his team. A great ball then! How did


that go wide from Tom Aldridge? The Scotland Under 19 defender with a


real chance to score. Inverness on the move again. Richie foreign


bathing in again on goal. No penalties says Steve Conroy. Worth


another look. There is the challenge that did not get the ball.


Maybe Calderwood feels a little bit though the ball is just not going


to go into the net for Inverness Caley Thistle. They have had so


many opportunities. Still the Garry O'Connor scores! The corner


wins the game for Hibs. Finally, Hibs have won in Inverness, at the


tenth attempt. A match they could so easily have lost. Inverness have


had so many chances. And right at the death, it is a corner who seals


victory. He got his hand to it, the goalkeeper, but he could not keep


I cannot broadcast what Terry Butcher said to me after the game


about the number of opportunities in the Les had in that game and the


penalty claims. The third one, I thought, was the most realistic.


That one I do not think was a penalty. I think he falls before


the player. And he jumped back to trying to get it as of the way?


think he tries to move his hand out of the way, to be honest. And I


think you thought this was, or should have been? I would have said


this was the best case for a penalty. He does not get anywhere


near the ball. He drops into him. No penalty is given. And Inverness


just could not get that ball into the net. In the second half, this


of really good chances. apparently, even last week at


Motherwell, they created a lot of chances there as well. It will be


very frustrating for Terry Morrison. Another good chance. That is the


gospel, that Terry and Morris are No goals, no points from the first


two games, but they have played a lot of football. -- good football.


If they keep creating the chances, the goals will come. They can feel


disappointed at the way they lost the match yesterday. A draw would


not have been too bad a result and defence is here. It is a major


switch off. And the first win for Hibs in Inverness at all, at the


tenth attempt. Sometimes these records get into your head. Yes,


but it is a difficult place to go. With the travelling and other


aspects, it is a difficult place to But there was a big win for Hibs


yesterday. Was there a chance you could be a Hibs player? The s,


there was. All the SPL action. Still to come, it was All Saints


against Aberdeen. The Scotland manager it went for a Rugby Park


over rear. And Dundee United prove there is life after Goodwillie. So


let's see how it Stephen and St Mirren feared over Aberdeen. New


Look saves were impressive against Dunfermline on Monday night. All


that was missing was a goal. Highlights now of their first home


Tomasson! What an opportunity this draws in week one. A good save by


Sampson. That is the first time Aberdeen have really threatened in


this game. The first save of the it had found the net. He is unlucky.


It span away from Robinson and Mirren. It is like a completely


coming! St Mirren have been the dominant force in this match. All


that was missing was the goal they could feasibly have had before


half-time. And Nigel Hasselbaink they eventually makes the


breakthrough. That house have exercised some ghost for him as


well. -- that has exercised some ghosts. Danny Lennon with his


but they have produced a couple of big Colombian making the challenge


- Michael Paton is not that far You seemed totally focused that you


wanted to end your career with your home team? Yes, our daughter was


started -- starting school so they wanted to go home to pays it. I am


delighted it worked out. mentioned Hibs was a possibility.


Charlton was an option as well? but I have made by minder. I feel


like I have been there for years already. You played with Uncle


Jimmy-Floyd Hasselbaink at Cardiff and now you are playing with his


nephew at St Mirren, Nigel. He is very strong for such a small boy.


He is incredibly strong. He has a big future. Paul McGowan as well.


And the problem with has a bag, previously he does not score many


goals. -- the problem with the hassle back. Yesterday will have


given him a lot of confidence. He will cause defence is an awful lot


of problems already this year. was the best and a lovely move.


lovely pass from the gallant. McGowan has got such ability. -- a


lovely pass from McGowan. needed a goal on the back of the


Yes, we created a lot of chances and we have dominated both matches


but goals win games. He big question is, what happened to the


beard of last Monday night? It was supposed to be a lucky beard but it


wasn't. So it got whipped off as soon as they got home. After the


Mixed emotions about the night that it must have been exciting to put


on back Jersey for the first time? Yes, and been on the television as


well. My team mates from down south managed to tune in and watch it as


well. I did not enjoy that moment This must be an exciting time for


St Mirren fans, seen the team playing like this. You s. The


manager is trying to instil this playing to us. -- Yes. We are not


going to jump the gun though. We have a very difficult away game at


Tannadice on Saturday. That will be an acid test for us. That is a


difficult away fixture with one of the better sides in the league. We


will see how far we have developed. What David is possible the season?


Just the 36 league games to go. Same Mirren were scrapping for


survival at the end of last season. -- St Mirren. Aiming at a top-six?


I think that is the manager's game. I do not see why we cannot get to


the top six. I do not consider as any different to Motherwell or St


Johnstone, these teams that have been in or around it. If we


continue to play the football we are confident we can make a push.


How do you solve the problem of two Stephen Dobsons in the One team?


is difficult because we both have the same knee name. At training it


can get a bit... I just train out. -- June out. I will let them come


up with a name for me. You may not be happy with it! Motherwell


started the campaign in style with a 3-0 win against Inverness. Next,


it would be Ness to face a much Shiels, started on the bench.


Motherwell were minus 10 injured striker. Still no place for Steven


Saunders, as the manager stuck with The referee says no penalty. In a


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 128 seconds


opening goal. Murphy scored last Motherwell... You can hear the


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 128 seconds


too, was the shot. A great recovery Just that little bit of space for


himself. Good play again by law. He has worked so hard this afternoon.


At teasing ball across. It is the chest of the Kilmarnock defender. A


few shouts for handball, optimistic perhaps from the Motherwell fans. I


do not know if there is an unwritten law among referees that


you cannot give a penalty in the first few minutes of the match. We


can this. For me it is a stone Waller. He is 10 ft from it there.


How can that not be a penalty? think the referee might watch the


highlights tonight and agree with us. I don't think you fancy this


one as a penalty? Nor, I do not think anything would have come of


that. It was a goalless draw but both managers were talking about it


being a pretty entertaining game for a 0-0, having come up from Down


South what do you think of the SPL and the standard of play? It is


really good. Kilmarnock have not won again since Kenny Shiels took


over from next to pack line and that he is keeping that style.


think so. That was the blueprint and our manager likes to talk about


Barcelona and how the play and I suppose they are the ones who


started it all. We are passing the ball and keeping it on the deck. I


suppose it is an attractive way to Here on the BBC is the only place


you will see all the action this It is all coming your way. It is


good by Goodwillie for the Dundee United supporters. Their leading


scorer will sign for Blackburn tomorrow if he passes a medical.


Hearts after Hungary were wanting to build on their draw at Ibrox.


behind me down in. Jon Daly has got support. John Rankin looking to get


on target for the first time for his new club. The ball went on to


him but not on his favoured side. The long throw is being used as a


weapon. They are asking for a penalty. It looked close. The


referee thought about the penalty then looked to the very edge of the


box. It was very tight indeed. Dundee United got a couple of


penalties here last season, both were saved. The striped rattles the


Tynecastle goal. Plenty of power from John Rankin. This man has got


room to run. It is up to Eliot. It is not clear. Did play again from


Hearts. Grainger enjoys the role he has been given down the left-hand


side. Eliot could not finish. Templecombe on to the Rangers since


it long. Johnson! Looking for his first Hearts goal. Not too far away


on this line. Set lock on to Jon Daly. What a save! Sheer instinct


as it came towards them. Even the forward congratulates them. Jon


Daly could not have hit this any better. With the corner, Jon Daly.


Jon Daly denied moments and raw beats him up from the corner! The


eight delivery. The direction was perfect from Jon Daly. Dundee


United take the lead. Jonsson thinking about the short drive set


in, taking down by Elliott. Wide. The shot was ambitious. It was off


target. Alan Bates three and looks for the shooting chance. Saved!


That would have rounded off an excellent afternoon. There has been


some good football from both sides in this match. Russell getting on


the end of that and drags it wide. The man who has been charged with


the replacing David Goodwillie has some excellent touches but the shot


just wide of the post. Sutton to Templeton. It is the turn of this


keeper to show what he can do between the sticks. Skacel one set


in the middle. It is not a good ball in. The goalkeeper missed it!


Do you still have a place in your heart for Dundee United? I do, I


had a great grounding at the club. I enjoyed my time at Tannadice.


were doing commentary on us this afternoon, was at a spying mission?


They were exceptional today and dealt with everything Hearts threw


at them. It was an open game with a lot of chances but Dundee United


had a lot of big performances. Jon Daly up front lead the line


superbly. Dundee United getting used to life without their top


scorer David Goodwillie who it scorer David Goodwillie who it


seems will be off to Blackburn tomorrow. This is an example of


what he does. He had 19 goals last a very talented footballer and it


will be a bit lost to Dundee United. He seems to have improved his all-


round game. He is 22 now and has built himself up physically. I like


his composure here. He tries to sell the keeper at dummy. Blackburn


and a big club and the Premiership. They are an established club and it


is a big move for him. A lot of people thought he might go to the


championship. I think if the championship club had come in for


him he would be more inclined to push through the dangers move. If


you have a chance to go to the Premiership you have got to take it.


What do you think about the Goodwillie saga? Four beds are made


by dangers but none of them matched up to the Blackburn offer.


Dundee United board made it very clear that what they wanted was the


two million-pound mark. You would think if you were keen on the


player you would pick in the 2 million and then get the personal


terms right. Blackburn have done that. You mentioned Jon Daly as one


of the players today they impressed you. He got the call and he could


have scored here but for a fantastic save. It is a fantastic


reaction save. It is a fantastic cross as well actually. It was a


lovely save but I thought it was in when he hit it. This is poor


defending from Hearts but the quality of the ball is key. The


pace on the ball means that when the player gets his head on it he


does not have to do much, just direct it. And what about the


player who will be asked to fill the boots of Goodwillie? It is a


bit Foyle for Jon Daly. He put in a lot of work today and I was


impressed with him. They have lost in the summer the likes of Conway,


Gomis and Buaben, they have coped with that. They are big players.


Jim Jefferies has come out and said they should have taken something


from the game but Dundee United just edged it for me and I was


impressed with them. Let us take a look at what happens next weekend.


There are four games in the Premier Scotland is still grappling and the


moment with European qualification but yesterday we found out through


Craig Levein and company will face Craig Levein and company will face


in the next round of World Cup qualifiers, hopefully leading


towards the finals in 2014. We are in group A with Croatia, Serbia,


Belgium, Macedonia and Wales. What was your instinctive reaction when


I think you have got to be positive and especially at hand in I think


every one of those gains is winnable. There are a lot of teams


there who will take points off each other. I think you can be positive.


It could have been a lot worse. won 16 camps in your time. Craig


Levein seems to be building a club atmosphere with the national team


now? There is a lot of talent in the national squad and I think the


signs are positive for the future. We could be on our way to a major


tournament for the first time since 1988. Can you believe it has been


that long since Scotland qualified? Yeah! We have been unlucky a couple


of times. You are always guaranteed to meet a bedside if you finish


second and go into the play-offs. We have been unlucky, let us just


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