31/10/2015 Sportscene


David Currie introduces results from the SPFL. Including Celtic v Aberdeen, Ross County v Dundee Utd, Inverness v Dundee and a look ahead to Hibs v Rangers.

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Yes, good afternoon, happy Halloween. Fear not, friends, it is


all about goals, not ghouls. That's terrible, I know, no tricks, just


treats like the wisdom of our guests, Pat and Craig. We'll be


stuffing ourselves with scores updates, results and even chat from


managers like Ronny Deila and Derek McInnes, we will get their


perspective on that 3-1 win for Celtic over Aberdeen at lunchtime.


Other games are afoot and our reporters are there to say what is


happening. Around the grounds, starting at the hill where Partick


sizzle outplaying Hearts. Hearts are leading 2-0. It is fright night for


Partick Thistle. If it stays this way, Hearts will go second in the


league. Needless to Leeds New Douglas Park. Saint Johnstone are


going for a third win. Thanks to Graham Cummins they have scored


either side of half-time. Saint Johnstone are in control. Who is in


control at Tannadice, Brian is watching. No goals but a much


improved performance from United as they tried to claw their way out of


bottom spot in the table. Although County looked dangerous as they


strive for a top place. Martin County looked dangerous as they


the North watching Inverness playing Dundee. Dundee are leading 1-0. It


was Dundee. Dundee are leading 1-0. It


coming Inverness will Dundee. Dundee are leading 1-0. It


against it. 1-0. Anything at Rugby Park? Very little to tickle anyone's


fancy. Uneventful between come on it and rather well. Rory McIlroy had a


shot earlier. It was well saved by Ripley. Jim McDonald powered a


header by Robinson. That's about it. Into the Championship, Falkirk


against Saint Mirren, wherever Charlie goes, the goals! Goals


again. This game is far from over. Two header is putting Falkirk head


but the second half as been about Saint Mirren, and Stevie Marlin just


missed from the halfway line. A terrific effort. Not many girls


today but a couple of important goals for Hearts and they will go


second if they hold on. You would fancy them to hold on, they are


strong and powerful, they have the goals, a strange season, flying out


of the blocks and then they have the defeats. They are organised up


front. If they can keep a clean sheet today second would be


fantastic. No goals between Dundee United and Ross County but you would


imagine they will be delighted if they get anything out of that.


Clearly, last week, I watched them against Celtic and Beirut were not


good, they looked weak. Today, according to the reports they've


turned it around and the manager has got a reaction from them, I think he


had a go at the players and they have reacted. They need results


today, though. Because the gap is five points at the bottom. And if


they do not win today it could become bigger. Craig, Saint


Johnstone going well, could get their third away win recently,


leading 2-0 away to Hamilton. their third away win recently,


Cummins scores goals, they don't risk on the artificial surface,


Cummins scores goals, they don't Halliburton causes problems but


needs a foil. Someone who can get The Boro in net. They are doing


great, especially away, early season they couldn't buy a win and now they


are really strong on the road. They scored again, let's have the details


from Paul Mitchell. The goalkeeper feels hard done by. He's complaining


that he could not handle the ball into the box. David Wotherspoon just


hammered it home. What an afternoon for Saint Johnstone, pummelled at


the beginning and they are now leading 3-0. More from our reporters


through the afternoon. We can reflect on the lunchtime kick-off.


Celtic have increased their lead with a 3-1 victory over Aberdeen.


The details from Liam McLeod. Aberdeen's title credentials tested


again. While they passed the test last month they were never going to


repeat the trip today against red-hot Celtic. Aberdeen did not


play badly in the first half yet were behind before half-time. That


is after Griffiths and Rooney traded golden chances. A wonderful cross


was expertly put home by the rampant Celtic number nine. The dons's hopes


of coming back to match the game at Pittodrie ended as Taylor


inexplicably brought down Graham Cummins in the box and Griffiths


scored from the spot to move onto 16th of the season. James Forrest


got a third and the champions should have got a fourth or maybe a fifth


or maybe a sixth in an excellent display. The late consolation from


Rooney will annoy Ronny Deila but this is a shot in the arm ahead of


the crucial rubber league return on Thursday. Aberdeen are a long way


off a title challenge, six without a win, and a 21st Celtic Park league


defeat in a row. The goals are coming in thick and fast, is this


one for Partick Thistle or for Hearts? Hearts, a penalty. Guess who


stepped up. Yes, for his second goal of the match. It looks like second


place might be inside for Hearts. They are leading 3-0 at Firhill.


Let's go to Martin for the details. Inverness coloured Ian Hislop won a


penalty kick and Greg Tansey slotted away in the corner. -- Inverness


Cali Thistle won a penalty kick. Christie was caught, was miles away


from goal but Inverness are right back in it. 1-1. It's all happening.


A big lunchtime match today. Pat, you were there covering it for your


colleagues on the radio. In that report, Liam said Celtic could have


scored six. They took up the tempo halfway through the first half.


Early on it was even Stephen, Aberdeen had a fantastic chance with


Rooney, in the middle of the goal, a brilliant cross from Johnny Hayes.


But could have changed the game but a great chance. Celtic just


increased the tempo. There was an injury to constant time, and Derek


McInnes made a change by taking Reynolds out of the middle and


putting Quinlan in and it didn't work because it dropped off a bit


and created space for salt Dick to play in, in the first half, they


were more compact, as soon as the gaps opened up, Celtic played really


well today. They sustained it today, it wasn't a first half and


then a second half, they did it for almost 90 minutes but the Griffiths


goal was magnificent. A brilliant goal. A great cross from Ghent


Tierney. Again he played well today. A very lovely cross. -- Young


Tierney. Maybe if Aberdeen had had their player in the centre he might


have got room to get closer to Griffiths. If you allow him to jump,


he will get above people and it was a great header to start with. We


will talk about that later, there's been another goal at New Douglas


Park. It is getting scary for Hamilton academical. 30 yards out,


driving towards goal, and one went past the keeper into the cover. It's


a horror show for Hamilton academical. Saint Johnstone levity,


they are leading 4-0. I thought I would be the only one to mention


Halloween. Any encouraging signs for Aberdeen? Spirit-wise, yes. It is


hard to create chances. The Bunny had, you'll have to be clinical. You


have something to defend and that lifts the team. You don't take your


chance, in that Griffiths, Kris Commons, if they get one they will


open you up, and in the second half, Celtic moved the ball quickly. The


second ball killed the chances Aberdeen. Celtic had a great


provider today. He was central to what they did. A spot of drama,


Charlie? Yes, David, although it is confusing because the referee here,


Gregg eight skin, and his linesman, are far from making friends with the


Saint Mirren fans. He's just sent of Baird, the centre back. When


team-mates tried to lob the ball over the top of Baird. The referee


didn't see it, the linesman to his attention, and he sent of Baird for


what I assume can only be stopping a goal-scoring opportunity. But that


is taking it to extremes. Saint Mirren are down to ten and losing


2-0. And certainly they have done better in the second half but they


have a huge mountain to climb now. We flip-flopping between action and


reaction. Back to that big match at Celtic Park at lunchtime and we can


hear from both managers, first, Ronny Deila. A very good


performance. Very tough to play some many games in nine days, four games


in nine days, tough for everyone. We have turned it around. And


in nine days, tough for everyone. We result in Europe. We have so much to


play for. We are looking for a good game on Thursday as well. In the


first half we had some brilliant attacks and some good


interchanging, we forced the issue a bit. Then we had the goal


disallowed, I haven't seen it again. In general, it was 1-0 at half-time,


and it was harsh on us. We have the greatest fans in the world in my


opinion and you must give them something. That is what we are


training for every day. It is a privilege to play at Celtic Park.


The players showed that today, real character, skills. They gave their


fans three nice girls and it could be more. Ronny Deila is much happier


than he was yesterday. At least he got some things off is just. He took


a verbal swipe at some ex-players including yourself, it would seem,


do you feel a bit bruised? Not at all, Ronny is entitled to his


opinion. He says what he has two and so do we. I was asked a question


about what is expected of the Celtic manager. And I think the league is


expected. We saw in the league today they played well and you can flip


that question around and ask, if he didn't win the league or didn't win


a cup and they lost in the European qualifiers and the group stage,


people would question them. I am surprised from my point of view


because I have been supportive of Ronny since he came in. People


criticised his appointment. I said it was good and decent and we should


see how he got on. Yet when they played in Europe, and it wasn't a


good performance, you'll have to do is call it as you see it. You can't


say something that is not on. Not quite on the pitch. I expect him to


win in Europe if no good performance did not happen last


win in Europe if no good performance them to perform well on Thursday


night. They will be at home. I'm a fan, and the funds will be the one


that will judge what happens in the future. If he's doing well, if he's


been in all those competitions, no problem. I will be the one who will


be saying, as always, when they have good results, no question. Perhaps


taking a chapter out of the Sir Alex Ferguson book on siege mentality?


Possibly because without Rangers that challenge at the top isn't


there. Aberdeen and Hearts have tried to take it, people think


Celtic will win the league so where do you judge them. In the cup


competitions? No, the expect the league. The problem for Ronny Deila


is that everyone is looking at Europe. What about when Rangers are


back? In our day we were not judged on Europe because it was a bonus,


Rangers were there and you needed to win the league and if you lost a


couple of games you a question. The pressure is there for every manager.


Ronny is no different. People make their comments. It's not personal.


You look at what you see and you go on with that. That is the way it


will be with big clubs. People expected them to beat Maribor and


teams like Malta because of Celtic's budget. It is not easy and


in Europe you come up against tactics and players that you don't


know. You live and learn. He's got off to a bad start. He's got his


results, a difficult game against Hearts, she has won that. And there


has been a really good reactions is that last European game, credit for


him and the staff forgetting the best out of their players. We know


some incidents have happened, and ultimately manage those results. I


like to have a discussion and that's what the game is all about. We are


in this business, whether you are a coach, which I have been, and I got


the sack at Reading when we did not meet targets. That's what happens. I


never saw Ronny Deila as getting the sack. It is also too early in the


season to make judgments. Afterwards, when this goes on, if he


gets through all of this, that is fantastic. I will be supporting him


as a fan and a shareholder and that's what it's all about. You have


got things off your chest. It's around half passport and it means


that it's time for me to wonder through the almost weekly


introduction to the show for the benefit of viewers who have tuned in


for the 4:30pm start. I have used up my Halloween plans already. Is it a


trick or a treat? -- Halloween puns. Coming up, all kinds of


goodies. We will start this part of the show with the latest scores.


Here they are. Celtic and Aberdeen in the top of


the table match. Hearts an course to move into second


in the Premier League. Queen of the South going well. -- are on course.


Livingston are going very well. The big one is tomorrow, Hibernian


against Rangers. Into League 1. The one at the bottom looks like a


cracker. Time for another bounce around the


grounds, starting at Firhill with Partick Thistle at home to Hearts.


It was Juanma who opened the scoring. Just after the break he


returned the favour and they doubled their lead.


If it stays this way they will leapfrog Aberdeen into second place


in the SPFL. Three goals there. Paul Mitchell can go one better? I can


indeed. The Hamilton Academicals fans were happy. Their side had


played well. Twice wonderfully denied by Alan Mannus. It has all


gone wrong since then. Graham Cummings against the run of play


scored after 40 minutes and then got a second just after half-time with a


really clever goal. It was a good save by the goalkeeper but Cummins


was on hand. They won 4-1 at Perth earlier in the season and they are


4-0 ahead here. Dundee United are at home to Ross County. The story of


the game has been very strong defensive performances although both


goalkeepers have made terrific saves to keep their goal intact. Woods


flooring the ball away after a free kick came off the back of his own


defender and was going into the top corner but he made a terrific save


with one hand. Somehow twisting his body after a Tony Dingwall shop was


destined for the top corner. -- shot. What is happening in the match


between Inverness Caledonian Thistle and Dundee? It is a tale of two


penalties, Dundee just got into the box... The shot goes in, saved by


Owain Fon Williams! Two penalties getting both sides on the


scoresheet. David Rayburn appended Stewart and Raven was sent off. --


David Raven. The opportunity arrived and Christie was needlessly clipped


in a box and Greg Tansey coolly netted it in the corner. It's


opening up a little. It has generally been a game of few


chances. At Rugby Park it is Kilmarnock against Motherwell. Still


0-0 at Rugby Park. It has livened up a little bit with Kilmarnock doing


most of the pressing. They have just had a shot deflected away. That


really tells the tale of the game. Very few shots on target for either


side. Indeed it does not look as though we will get a goal. Hopefully


the last 13 minutes will be more eventful than the 77 that has


preceded them. Another one for Charlie to tell us about? There is


no frightening the Bairns on Halloween. Firing past the


goalkeeper into the net, John Baird put them two up with his ninth of


the season, another header. Then St Mirren were reduced to ten men. They


have got it all to do here and we have ten minutes left. Just before


the show you and I were talking about how impressed we were with


Jack Baird on Sunday in the match against Rangers and how he stopped


making rash tackles. He has been tempting fate? The kiss of death!


11 points out of the play-off places with difficult games, Hibs next week


and then Raith Rovers. We were looking to get something


and then Raith Rovers. We were played well but you have to


and then Raith Rovers. We were Falkirk have been strong at home.


They are a point behind Hibs and they still think they are in there.


They will keep moving forward. We thought St Mirren were definitely be


looking to get involved in the chase to get back into the top league. It


is just not happening. Stenhousemuir, maybe at the bottom?


We do not just sit around Stenhousemuir, maybe at the bottom?


for things to happen, well, sometimes, but we also talk about


things sometimes, but we also talk about


like three sometimes, but we also talk about


that have been and gone. And one still to come. On Tuesday Ross


County reached the semis by winning the Highland derby in Inverness. St


Johnstone went to Greenock and beat Morton. Hibs play Dundee United in


the middle of the week. We will talk about these games shortly but


the middle of the week. We will talk has been another goal, that's right,


the middle of the week. We will talk New Douglas Park. Another one for


the Academicals? They have got a great consolation from the edge of


the box, free kick finding the top corner. It really was a lovely


strike. Alan Mannus who has been terrific could do nothing. It looks


as though it was in vain but a nice moment for their fans. Thanks very


much. Now we turn to discussion of the league cup and the matches in


midweek starting with the Highland derby. Craig, you were working on


the television output, not a classic derby but after defeat to Hearts on


Saturday it was a really good result for Ross County. Both teams went in


on the back of defeats but Ross County, and a six-game unbeaten run


up to this game. When Jackson Irvine gave them the lead, and also the


first goal was going to be vital and this was the second. He played well


all night, just a flick and to be honest I could not see any way back


for Inverness. Too many of their best players are injured. Ross


County got the lead, I thought they would be too strong. To be fair to


Inverness, they kept plugging away and the fans got behind them. Miles


Storey was playing up front and I thought that was fine but Vincent,


the midfielder, was trying to be an auxiliary striker. They need to get


their injured players back. The goal was a good one. This was a terrific


flick from the young fella. It comes back of the post and you start to


think, when you look is out it is out big time. That was the case.


They huffed and puffed but could not get enough out of the game. The last


ten, that Greg Tansey effort goes in blood across the piece, Ross County


were the better side. It went well then but not so good today. It's a


goal for Dundee United and it comes from the penalty spot, Billy McKay,


nine minutes left to play. Bundled down on the edge of the box, a bit


of debate whether it was inside or not but the referee points to the


spot and Billy McKay sent Gary Woods the wrong way and there wait for a


win since the second weekend of the season could be over. Thanks very


much. We will talk about that later. Going back to the league cup


discussion. St Johnstone 4-1 up and a good win against Morton on


Tuesday. Yes, they came a cropper earlier on against Morton. When they


took the lead we thought it might be another shock. But St Johnstone are


good all over the park. It was a crazy penalty. Ross Ford gave away


the handball and Stevie May claim, it makes such a difference when he


is in the team, you always fancy him to slot home a penalty. You would


expect them to drive on. He has got pace and can cause real problems by


driving at people all the time and get them ahead. Then it is just the


icing on the cake. Another lad who comes off the bench, he always looks


like a player who can do something. He needs regular games. Terrific


finish. They have done well in cup competitions recently and have


another chance this year. Talking up a O'Halloran. Are you a fan? Yes, he


is very direct and 90 he has scored again today. He has acquired lad and


got a lot of confidence and I totally agree how good he is.


Another red card today? Loads of them recently. At Firhill. It is for


the Partick Thistle goalkeeper Ryan Scully, appending Sow in the box.


The referee had no option but to send him off. It looks as though it


will be Sow take it. The problem for Partick Thistle is that the


goalkeeper, their first choice is injured. Ryan Scully was brought in


for today's match to replace him. It looks as though it is Stuart


Barragan who will take the goalie gloves for this one. Temporary max


that's up to take the penalty kick. -- Sow steps up. What would you say


to an outfield player going in against his old team to save a


penalty? Take a chance, go one way, tried to trick the goalkeeper, get


your knees going or whatever it is. Try to put him off. Take a chance,


don't just down there. You saved one for Motherwell? That is very


ungentlemanly! He was clever. He watched Wayne Forster score against


an Irish team in Europe and thought he would go in the same direction.


It was a wonderful save. Is he going to save it? I doubt it! Pat is


right, difficult situation but Osman Sow makes no mistake. The bottom


right-hand corner. It is all going to plan for Hearts. It did not go


their way in midweek when Celtic came calling. The star performer was


Leigh Griffiths. Yes, I watched him at Hibs and he is a wonderful player


and he has taken it on, he has gone to Celtic and he is electric around


the box. He was magnificent. He knew exactly what he was doing. And the


finish at the end, the composure to put it away, and then of course the


second goal, again, great footwork and tenacity to get to the byline


with pace and cut it back. He came off the bench and played really


well. This was when Celtic were really struggling. Hearts always


denied space to Celtic. That was a great final goal near the end which


was consolation, but I expected them to be up and at it in a cup game but


it dropped off and it was more like a league game. Celtic easily


deserved the victory. Leigh Griffiths can score a variety of


goals. A great header today. That is the amazing thing because I can't


remember him scoring with his head when he played for Hibs. Free kicks,


40 yards out, he is more than capable, but moving to Celtic with


balls in from wide areas, he is now excellent in the air. Now a penalty


at New Douglas Park. Turner steps up, top corner, a


shimmy up to the ball. The keeper went to the right way. Two goals in


the last ten minutes but the three points will still go to Saint


Johnstone. Is there a way back for Hamilton? To Rugby Park, there's


been a goal there the in match between, and Motherwell. Drama in


the closing minutes. Motherwell have taken the lead. They have been


second-best throughout the match but they might have grabbed the winner.


Their player came off the bench and just poked the ball into the net.


The keeper just couldn't keep it out despite diving. Looks as if they are


back to winning ways and Mark McGhee might get his first three points as


boss in his second stint. Defeat to Celtic and a really good draw at


Aberdeen, if they can win today, great start. I am impressed with


Motherwell, they played well, it was the Aberdeen keeper who was forced


to make three good saves against them. Motherwell would defend, to


close to the keeper, Mark had them going forward, a lot of teams would


have settled, a draw against Kilmarnock are flying but eclipses


of Motherwell have got themselves going and are in a good position to


take on all three. Is Mark working out who his best players because he


doesn't know that much about them? He's right that the league is up and


running now, almost into 12 games. You've got to make up your mind


quickly about players and make big decisions. He's done that and has


motivated them. We know Mark. You be doing it on the training pitch. And


if you do that -- he will be doing it on the training pitch. And if you


do that you've got a chance on Saturday. If he gets some results,


nose. He hoped that Stephen McManus would take care of the packet of


trouble that is Josh Magennis! Did that work out? It's hard to tell


because you see bits and pieces of the game. They build their game


around Josh Magennis so if Motherwell could manage a shutout it


is a good effort because Josh Magennis can cause problems for any


team at the moment. Hearts have really found their feet again. They


have, they have. I did not watch them against Celtic. I thought they


were a decent unit but they didn't create enough. But when they play


well, they can score goals but you have to get the ball into the right


area for those players. If they are almost back in their own half they


can't get into those areas. I watched particles will last week and


they lacked creativity. A big problem for them -- I watched


Partick Thistle. They could not get people into the box all the support.


Polk Burt scored a goal but really struggled in the game -- Pogba. I


want to do what their manager has to save today if they hold on for the


win at home to Ross County. He did what he did last week and players


said that he should not be so hard on players. He came through a hard


school and he knows that if you got the right characters he will get a


reaction from them. They haven't won a home game all season and this


would be a great stepping stone before they go to Pittodrie next


weekend. If they can win today, Billy Mackay is the only person


scoring just now and that could be a massive goal. If he has been


schooled by Jim Maclean he will probably slaughter them even more if


they win 1-0! LAUGHTER


We know his philosophy and the way he wants to play but results of the


most important things now. And if he gets the result today it will be


massive. It's full-time at Firhill. Partick Thistle against Hearts.


Hearts other winners, four - zero, Hearts per second, it's a game to


forget for Partick Thistle. Thistle had been leading the way with


energys they failed to take their chances. One shot came close in the


first half yet went wide. And one decent shot was blocked. One man who


will be required for international duty was indecisive and that cost


him and they got it clear. They were left to regret their missed


opportunities after 36 minutes. Early into the second half, Sow


scored, from close range. One player was brought down in the box, there


was a penalty, and it was three goals for Hearts. Some late drama


when the Thistle keeper was sent off for a challenge. Stevenson had to


keep goal, yet Hearts got the better of him. Six goals at New Douglas


Park, two for Hamilton, four for Saint Johnstone, time for Paul


Mitchell to wax lyrical about it. Hamilton Academicals were superb in


the opening 25 minutes. There were two efforts that came close and they


were saved. It looked as if Hamilton were in the mood to avenge the


thumping they got in Perth is a timber. But Graham Cummins put in a


lovely goal after the cross came in. The second half started well for


Saints. Graham Cummins got his second, a lovely move after 49


minutes, he made it 2-0. Hamilton in trouble and even more when David


Wotherspoon scored. And then Michael Holman, 20 yards out with a


wonderful Drive, low into the corner to make it 4-0. Hamilton never say


die. They got a couple of goals back. Into the top corner. And when


Davidson conceded a penalty Garcia Tena found the net again. It was


Saint Johnstone's day. Although Hamilton did find the net. We had a


bit of Thriller by Michael Jackson in the background. No news of


another thriller? This penalty earning ten man Inverness Caley


Thistle a point after Rory Loy puts Dundee ahead from the spot earlier.


His progress was halted by the challenge from David ravens which


earned him a red card. Rory Loy made no mistake but home side responded


when Christie was clipped in the box and Greg Tansey put his effort into


the corner past the keeper. A resolute home side coping well with


that numerical disadvantage. Dundee could have won it, he had time and


space to hook his shot. One point each in the Highlands. Important win


for Motherwell away to come and work. -- away to Kilmarnock. The


game had looked destined to end in stalemate, neither team looking able


to produce enough spark upfront to get the win. Kilmarnock had enjoyed


the better of the overall play but tested the Motherwell goal. They


paid about in the closing moments as the ball came to the substitute,


Louis Moult. Perhaps a little harsh on the home side because they had


been on a fine run before this much. That and it comes to an end. It ends


1-0 at Rugby Park. Falkirk at home to Saint Mirren. And a good win.


Yes, a good win for Falkirk. The big game is tomorrow between the top two


but drama in this one. Falkirk well in command in the first half. One


had after 43 minutes, the bed, his ninth of the season. The drama came


in the second half. A terrific effort from Stevie Mallon from


halfway. He nearly beat the keeper for Saint Mirren. Then the game


changed on 63 minutes. Baird was ordered off and the referee and his


linesmen fault that Baird had handled the ball and was in a


scoring position -- they felt he had handled. He was miles away from the


goal, he went off and that is where his team's problems were compounded


because for Cork scored a third. -- Falkirk scored a third. And then


just to spoil a bad Halloween for Saint Mirren, Craig Reid was sent


off, this time for pulling back Robert McEwan. This time the referee


got it right. A bad day for Saint Mirren and a very good one for


Falkirk. They moved to within one point of Hibs. And they were the


winners, 5-0, away to Dumbarton last regatta a fallow period. The problem


is they lost to Rangers away and to regatta a fallow period. The problem


Hibs at home. Games you must win if you are to be champions.


Hibs at home. Games you must win if is realistic. The play-offs are his


aim. He did not quite get there last season. They need to be in third or


fourth and they are on the heels of Hibs. An incident at Tannadice. A


red card and the final whistle has gone and Dundee United have got


three points are just the second time this season. The red card was


shown to the United substitute Ian Connolly after he brought down his


opponent. His second yellow card of the afternoon. The only goal came


from the penalty spot, nine minutes from time. Fraser was pulled down


just inside the box. Billy Mackay said the keeper the wrong way.


United Way intruding round. Giving the players a standing


United Way intruding round. Giving have been a different side this


afternoon. A spirited performance. And today working. They are


cheering, the fans, as Dundee United to leave the field. They are still


bottom of the table but they are now looking upwards. They have beaten


Ross County 1-0. Is there such a thing as a good red card? Preventing


an attack from County? It's probably a professional foul, he must have


realised he needed to take one for the team. The result is magnificent


for them and their manager will be delighted. Two behind. Before coming


you said, what if they lose. The gap could become bigger. Now it is only


two points, something to really work for. The atmosphere and tired eyes


will be different so fair play, the manager has got the result that he


wanted. He's got the team thinking more positively. Aberdeen next for


United. A test. Aberdeen will need to get things going. They will be


getting stick from their fans again this week and you have to pick up


the gauntlet and go back. They've got good players. They can win eight


games in a row. They need to find that form. If they had lost today,


that looks like United, I would not have fancied them at Pittodrie but


the win will give them a real boost. Inverness level on points with


Motherwell only six from the bottom. I'm surprised because I thought


Inverness had turned the corner. Injuries. The big players went


playing today. The main piece missing from the team. -- the big


players were not playing today. But they've got a decent result, 1-1.


Something to build on. Build the run and keep it sustained and get a


result. More to talk about later but now it is that time for the


classified results round-up. The fourth official makes it


official. Here we go. Fort William against Cove Rangers,


postponed for a second time. Let's have a look at the tables,


starting with the Premiership. Celtic remain top with that win over


Aberdeen. Six points clear at the top but it's over Hearts. A 4 nil


win against Partick Thistle. They are now just two adrift of this all,


Dundee United. Here is the Championship. Rangers and Hibs


microplate tomorrow but it's been a good day for Falkirk, just one point


behind Hibs. Let's be honest things are not looking great for St Mirren,


ten points off -- ten points along with Dumbarton. Dundee United remain


a point clear of Dunfermline athletic at the top. Annan Athletic


are going well at the top. Five clear of Montrose. Stirling Albion


and East Stirlingshire played out a 0-0 draw today. Man City and Arsenal


are now level at the top with 25 points. Leicester City move into


third. Manchester United moved down into fourth after today's matches.


The bottom looks like this. Aston Villa have yet to play this weekend,


the same for Sunderland. Newcastle picked up a point today against


Stoke. Bolton Wanderers seem to have moved


out of the picture altogether. They are second bottom now. Charlton are


the other team in the bottom three. It's time to get more from our


reporters down south to see what happened in the Premier League.


Let's start with Guy Mowbray. The big one, Chelsea at home to


Liverpool. Plenty of talk before the game about it being Jose Mourinho's


last one as the Chelsea manager if they lost and they did. We are


waiting to see what happens now. They started brightly. But a goal at


the end of the first half changed the game completely. Brilliantly


curled in by Philippe Coutinho to send the sides in level. Another


huge moment before the Liverpool second goal, Lucas fouled Ramirez on


a yellow card but he stayed on and almost immediately afterwards


Coutinho got his second superb goal. Chelsea chased it which allowed


Benteke can make the most of the space to put the game beyond them.


Is the game up for Jose Mourinho? We will wait and see. We will indeed.


We have to talk about that. Is the game up for the special one? Surely


not. When you look at what he has done in every country and every


club, and a couple of months where things don't go well and you say


he's finished! Three Champions League is, league titles in


different countries, he knows what he's doing. He might have do have a


rethink and maybe some of the Chelsea players are getting to the


age where they can't compete at the top level and he might have to


change things but to think that people are saying that he's a bad


manager after a poor start to the season, their first ever poor start.


They may have just lost the special touch? I don't think so. It is


probably just his mannerism, when you see the reaction in the tunnel,


and that probably is the thing people talk about more than what


actually happens on the pitch. It may have been unlucky and I have not


seen many of their games, but the fact is that they are struggling for


a result and there is a question about whether he was allowed to take


the players that he wanted. We are in October. We are not the other


side of Christmas. We still have a long way to go. There will be lots


of twists and turns and if he can get a few results going, the magic


could be back. A good win for Klopp, it looks as though things are coming


together for him. He seems to be this character who can lift a place.


He arrives at Liverpool and he talks to people around town and he will


play the brand of football that the fans want to see and he knows that


the support is sensational and if he can lift them by doing slightly


better after Brendan Rodgers came so close he will do well. Early in his


career he has started well and that is the kind of result that can draw


a reaction. Table toppers Man City were at home to Norwich City. The


last kick of the game was a penalty from Aleksandar Kolarov and he put


it wide and Raheem Sterling will be very annoyed with Kolarov is Raheem


Sterling won the penalty and wanted to take it. He took the ball from


him and put it wide but it does not matter because Man City scored


another penalty two minutes before the end of the 90 after a shot was


handball on its way to goal by Russell Martin. Yaya Toure striking


that one. Joe Hart made an error for the Norwich equaliser for Cameron


Jerome, Norwich would have got a point because in injury time he


would have produced a magnificent save. -- he did produce a


magnificent save. Otamendi put Manchester City in front. Joe Hart


had to fly to his right to keep it out and ensure City got all three


points and stayed on the top of the table. Yes, but only by virtue of


goal difference from Arsenal who were away to Swansea. 3-0 for


Arsenal, while about the execution when it mattered, Arsenal finished


the chances they created and Swansea only have one win in seven. Olivier


Giroud's header was the 2000th goal of the Arsene Wenger rain. Laurent


Koscielny converted the second. Joel Campbell marked his first Premier


League start with a first goal for the club, Swansea were repelled by


Petr Cech when they threatened and then could not build on a promising


first half. Arsenal are right on Man City's shoulders. The fifth win on


the spin in the league? They are now capable of challenging but do they


have the strength in depth? Other teams are making sure that if they


lose an international player they have another to bring in but


Arsenal, Petr Cech was the only money they spend so if they have


injuries and suspensions it is worrying. On their day they play


lovely stuff and they are capable. Christmas time will be telling for


Arsenal, if they can get through that and then keep momentum going on


the top, but if they start losing a few games, the problem for Arsene


Wenger is that when they lose a couple of games or have some bad


results in the Champions League people will ask about players of the


calibre they need to win the Champions League but of course they


still have to win the league which they have not done from long time.


They are the challengers and they are under pressure. Petr Cech will


be delighted he left Chelsea! He is playing every week and that was his


problem, he was not playing enough at Chelsea. It must have been a big


blow, injury wise. Petr Cech will be delighted. Do Selhurst Park where


Crystal Palace are at home to Manchester United. It finished 0-0


and they had chances, Yohan Cabaye with the best of them with eight


volley from seven yards put wide. Bolasie saw his shot pushed onto the


bar. They did have chances but after three defeats in a row they will be


grateful for the point. Alan Pardew applauded the supporters. There was


a chance 12 yards out just before half-time. There was little spark


but a seventh clean sheet in 11 games for United means that they


stay fourth. Leicester City will be delighted because they have moved up


to third with those results. Let's hear how they did it. Nerves have


been shredded after West Bronwen is in front. He ghosted in, if you will


forgive the Halloween reference, and then a eighth goal in eight games,


what a record that is, he lumbers off the bench when McManaman was


filed. West Brom really tried but Leicester held out for a 3-2 win,


terrific. Leicester sitting pretty in third. It is incredible, the


tinkerer, Ranieri, comes in. I did not expect this. Jamie Vardy has


been a star. On the verge of international football. It's an


incredible story because he was on the verge of giving up the game and


he worked in a factory and then he is now up in the Premier League. He


had a real job! It is a brilliant story. Louis van Gaal has been


taking stick, people say that he has made United boring. Another clean


sheet. It is great if you can score at the other end, but 0-0 draws,


that is not what United want to see. It is annoying because people like


Scholes and those guys are no longer playing. They did not play that


style of football and it was completely foreign but van Gaal has


said he has a job to do and you have to give me a bit of time. Managers


usually don't get time. Watford to give me a bit of time. Managers


West Ham United. Here is Williams. They do have their fourth


home win of the season, ninth Williams. They do have their fourth


record has been broken. Williams. They do have their fourth


was robbed for the tap Williams. They do have their fourth


Had his second Williams. They do have their fourth


from 12 yards. That was about as good as it got the visitors who then


had James Cole sent off for a late challenge on Ighalo limped off the


field. Watford deserved the win, a horrendous Halloween. Beginning to


think a couple of weeks ago horrendous Halloween. Beginning to


Watford were heading for relegation but now they have had


Watford were heading for relegation last week and then against West Ham


today. Yes, West Ham have won at Arsenal and Man City and Liverpool.


Their first away defeat. It is incredible. Slaven Bilic has done a


wonderful job, Watford do not have any budget to attract top


wonderful job, Watford do not have but the manager who gets their


well-organised, a win here or there will keep you nicely away from


relegation. Spare a thought for Craig Paterson, tough when you're


former clubs go toe to toe in a big match. I won't ask him who he wants


to win, but we will be seeking opinions on who is likely to win and


why, when the Championship leaders Rangers go to Hibs. Let's have a


reminder of what Rangers go to Hibs. Let's have a


It was a belter. Yes, he has scored wonderful goals and he scored this


free kick at Easter Road. wonderful goals and he scored this


have dominated so far this season, a 6-2 win at Easter Road and that was


1-0. Alan Stubbs will look back on that game because they


1-0. Alan Stubbs will look back on good chances. He has got them into a


situation where Hibs are chasing and they can't afford that at Easter


Road tomorrow. They have to be clinical. 11 wins out of 11 for


Rangers and it could not be better. He knows that his players are


capable and he does not change a great deal. How do Hibs play? They


can go back four or three centre-backs and push up the


full-backs with Stevenson and Wallace.


Interesting to see what Hibs will do, you also have the two top


strikers in the Deavin vision, a really interesting game. Rangers


were thrashing teams earlier and now they are winning by the odd goal.


Managers have got wise to these flying fullbacks. When you are not


playing well, but still winning, that is crucial to winning a


championship. Teams have learned how to play Rangers, Mark Warburton


changed things around and made them play the way he wanted all that it


takes a bit of time. They've gone to the first quarter and this is how


they want to approach it but I think Hibs will have to be on the front


foot tomorrow. If they can beat Rangers, that then tells the tale.


They have a chance. Hibs haven't lost since match day three of the


Championship season. They have lost Scott Alan and they don't seem to


miss him. John McGinn was added to the squad so Alan Stubbs has a good


squad. Interesting to see how he goes. You'll have to look at this as


a home game, must win, if you lose, you live in points plus goal


difference means you'd have to get four wins. It doesn't look as if


Rangers will lose that many. You don't want a season like last year


when Hearts got off to a flyer and were out of sight. It's a massive


game for them. Rangers victory, if they win it will be very difficult


to catch them. It will probably be a draw. I think Hibs might win.


Gentlemen, the events of today, that big win for Hearts away to Partick


this all. The thoughts of the Hearts head coach, Robbie Neilson. You must


be a happy man. A good performance in the second-half, in the first


half we were pretty poor. I was disappointed, the second half was


much better. Still a long to go. Would you call that grinding out a


win? First off, we were pretty poor. We didn't play well. It wasn't


exciting. We want passing as well as we should. -- we were not passing as


well as we should. We need to play better football at times. I thought


Partick Thistle played well in the first half. They played better than


us. The outcome is great but we still have a long way to go. What is


your target now? Top six has always been the target from the start of


the season. Those close we can stay to the second place the better


chance we've got. We won't get carried away. We had a good run at


the start of the season, fell away, we've managed to pick up again. 4-0


away from home has got to be a satisfying afternoon 's work. Great


result but the performance was not what we wanted. We want to play


better football, create more opportunities. Thank you. He looks


delighted! At the embodiment of a poker face. You wouldn't know if it


was a 4-0 win, or defeat. He doesn't get high, use a gang manager, he's


not going to make rash statements. -- he is a young manager. When they


played Celtic, she taught them up, today they won 4-0, and he looked


almost as if he wasn't happy! We might not know if he is happy, I am


sure that Alan Archibald will not be happy. I thought you played well for


a fair bit of the game. What happened? First half was fairly


even. I thought we had a couple of half chances in the first half. We


fell to pieces after the second goal. It's not acceptable. I will


have to speak to the boys. We were still in the game at 2-0. I thought


we should have kept going, at least getting a shot away. We turned back,


a couple of the opportunities, we turned back which was strange


because the first off was very even. They had similar chances to


ourselves. I sensed frustration and a bit of anger from you. A bit of


both. We downed tools, that's the way it felt. I'm sure it looked that


way for the fans. After a good run, for without defeat. We went into the


game with confidence and we did not see that coming in the second half.


I'm very disappointed. They have their worries with goalkeeping.


Thomas journey is that long-term, and one got sent off today, with a


suspension. What will they do? I don't know, and hope that the


goalkeeping coach, whoever he is, will have a list of keepers to go


after or maybe they've got a young lad. I don't know. It is a worry for


them because they will have to come up with something. He talked about


the first half there, how they played OK, but in the second half,


downed tools, so he's disappointed. They had been on a good run before


this. That will make the disappointment. You think, onwards


and upwards, yet again, struggled at Hearts, couldn't get their teeth


into the game. Maybe Hearts will be difficult for a lot of people. I


thought that at home Sissel might have got a point. Hamilton were down


to ten men but and looked as if they would win in the second half.


Disappointment in the second half game. We haven't spoken about


Dundee. They seemed to win one, lose one, and draw one. On paper, 1-1


away to Inverness is not bad. They keep picking up points, Win, lose,


draw, win, draw, lose! Today they got one point. They haven't managed


to string two wins together, two losses, or two draws. They were in a


nice position last season, coming up as the new boys and finishing in the


top six. If they can do the same card will be a good season again.


We've run out of time, I'm afraid, so let's rattle through a resume of


the results. Starting in the premiership. Celtic were at home to


Aberdeen. Dundee United got a valuable win. Another great result


for Saint Johnstone. 1- the one between Inverness and dandy. The


first win for Motherwell's Mark McGhee in his second stint at the


club and a big win for Hearts. We heard from Robbie Neilson earlier.


They were way to Partick Thistle. -- they were away. The big one will be


tomorrow, Hibs at home to Rangers. You will see the goals, if there are


any, from Easter Road tomorrow, as well as the premiership matches in


the highlights show tomorrow night, presented by Jonathan 's other


land, at 10pm on BBC Two Scotland. We'll return next week at 4:30pm on


BBC One. Here's something to frighten the children! Stewart and


Tam are waiting to take your calls. Come on, it's Halloween! Thanks to


our own not very gruesome twosome, Craig and Pat. Thank you for


watching. See you soon and take care out there.


Introduced by David Currie.

Reports and results from around the country in the SPFL. In the Premiership, attention will be focused on Celtic Park as the champions take on Aberdeen for the second time this season. In their first meeting, Aberdeen came out on top with a 2-1 victory at Pittodrie, but since then their form has dipped. Elsewhere, high-flying Ross County take on a Dundee Utd at Tannadice, whilst John Hughes's Inverness host Dundee looking to get their top six push back on track. Plus a look ahead to tomorrow's Championship encounter between Hibs and Rangers.

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