31/12/2016 Sportscene


Rangers v Celtic, Ross County v Inverness, Falkirk v Hibs, Dumbarton v Dundee Utd, St Mirren v Morton and Hearts v Aberdeen. Introduced by David Currie.

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Good afternoon and welcome to the last Results Show


of the year, the jewel in the crown of the BBC's Hogmanay schedule -


We'll usher 2016 gently toward the exit with scores,


Helping see the old year out this derby day with Old Firm old boys


Pat Bonner and Craig Paterson, and Old Faithfull Tom English


of the BBC, as well as our men and women out and about


Things are a wee bit different today because most of the matches have


already been played, just a couple still afoot.


So we'll start with a look at the results and latest scores.


Here it comes. Hearts, nil, Aberdeen, one.


That match played last night. Those all confirmed results. The one match


being played, Ross County, who 2, Inverness Caledonian Thistle, one.


In the up on the matches under way. We


start with the Premiership, the Highland Derby, Ross County against


Inverness. The timing is impeccable. Ross


County netted a third. Martin Woods breaking into the box. Drove it into


the corner and found the net. In the championship and over to


Paisley, where St Mirren are at home to mort earn. Here is Kenny


Crawford. After 57 minutes, the difference


between the teams so far, has been Gary McKenzie's headed goal. But


don't rule out high-flying Morton just yet.


Thank you very much, Kenny. Right on to the big Glasgow Derby. Rangers


versus Celtic at Ibrox. Even the kick off time


? 12:15 on Hogmanay - Celtic, celebrating their third


Old Firm win of the season, They had to come from


a goal behind at Ibrox. Kenny Miller with the first goal


of the game 12 minutes in. Moussa Dembele equalising 12 minutes


from half time, his fifth With an unmarked Scott Sinclair


getting the winner from an Armstrong cross -


Celtic now 19 points clear of Rangers at the top


of the league with a game in hand going into the Premiership's


winter break. Well, against, what do we make of


that? Pat, you first. 20 years at Celtic. You were pleased with that


today? Well, it was a terrific game, wasn't it? We really, really saw a


good game. Rangers started off well. The first half an hour I was


impressed with them. They pressed away. I thought that they would


press Celtic. Coming out three up front. The wing backs through the


back. They got Celtic under pressure. Celtic were unable to


control the game. They got the goal, Rangers, that was important to the


game. But then the reaction of Celtic when they got their goal was


terrific. Whatever Brendan said to them, they came out flying in the


second half and created about nine chances in the second half. All good


chances. It was a game that is still alive right up to the end.


Definitely. The toughest, most #45rd-fought win Celtic have had


over Rangers this season? I think so. But it was going to be that way,


Rangers in front of their home crowd. They did to a point do


something but they were blown away a little. They had big chances in the


second half and should have scored with Kenny Miller.


Craig, 130-odd appearances, what is your take on the events? Rangers in


progress, and we saw progress. Coming out of the traps, Barry McKay


leading the way. They were pushing Celtic back,


forcing Celtic to defend. Celtic's big players were struggling to get


involved. Everything looked comfortable, then they gave away a


bad goal. Scot Sinclair hits the post, scrambles for a corner,


Dembele is on his own. He take as great touch and smashes the ball


into the back of the net and Celtic are a different team. Armstrong is


on the ball. Everybody is on the ball. They are all getting on the


ball. Taking that to the second half. Rangers had two or three good


chance but #1e89ic had half a dozen. The better team won. The reiningers


fans are looking at it, saying they enjoyed the first 30 minute but


fellway. There is a gap between the sides. The question is will the


clubs be big markets when the tramp window opens in January? Tommy never


played for either club. You can shine the light of neutrality on the


events today. I thought it was an excellent game.


An old firm game, I don't remember a game that I enjoyed so much. Like


the lads, I thought that Rangers were excellent for the first 30


minutes and the game switched. Were you surprised? I was a little.


The attitude was excellent. The intensity was excellent. No regard


for who was at the top of the table. They got the goal, they deserved it.


They could have got a second goal but Celtic's quality and ranger's


vulnerability in defence came out. Kiernan is not good in defence. We


are talking about the defence, not breaching the gap, they will not


breach it with the likes of Kiernan. There was a problem in the second


half. Opened up time and time again. When you are open you can leave


yourself short on the back. There was a lot of chances, a lot of


saves. Dembele, what an effort, down and off the bar. But Rangers could


not cope in the second half. Whatever was said, they came out,


struggled defensively, and maybe with the impetus that Celtic had but


struggled defensively, and maybe they suddenly had another winger


with Sinclair, maybe they could have changed it to a back four but they


should have bought time in the second half. It looked like there


could be something created. But that was the difference there.


There is a Gulf there, we can see it. But Rangers are a better team


now than in the 5-1 or the 1-0. They were under the cosh. I suspect that


a number of months ago, with all of the chances that Celtic had in the


second half that Rangers would have folded but they didn't. They were


getting a drubbing but they were still in the match.


They were always in the match. And then the goalkeeper, he was


impressive. Five really good saves. Mark Waugh Burton said don't judge


me on season on performances against Celtic but if we were judging him on


today's evidence, the verdict would not be one he would read hearing?


Most teams get crumbs of comfort when they play Celtic, the crumbs


that they had today was that never gave up, they put it up to #1e89ic


but could not close the deal. No points but a little bit of feel good


in that they turned up. They did not turn up in the 5-1, and were


outclassed in the 1-0. But it was in front of the home


crowd. If you can't perform, then wow. But there was an improvement in


Rangers Celtic have many good players.


Do we read into the buying of players? There will be one or two


quality players brought in but spending the money properly and


adding to the group of players. But they need one or two in key


positions. Whoop Look at Dembele and Sinclair, the new signings, they see


a guy who can get a player and bring him into the team and the player has


an impact. I like the Celtic manager, I see him not only picking


good players but revitalising the old players. Lee Griffiths on the


bench, that is a luxury. Since he has come, he has impressed.


Tactically he gets it right. It was interesting although


Griffiths did not play in the game. He was on the television celebrating


the goals. This is a team squad player. It reflects the overall


togetherness of this Celtic team under Rogers.


From the Glasgow Derby to the Highland one.


Up dates on the events there. It is Ross count county, three,


Inverness one. Andrew Davis flicked a corner, a goal returned to the


back post. And then the ball glanced home and in off the bar. You worried


for Inverness but they responded with Dorran and levelled after a


period of pressure. Marco found a corner with a header.


County roared back, and after Martin Woods' drive, the ball was wide, it


went in via the slightest touch of Josh meekiness. There should have


been a third but a third arrived by Alex Schalt, bursting into the box.


Inverness are up against it and looking like remaining at the foot


of the table. looking like remaining at the foot


Time to talk with Kenny Crawford watching St Mirren. Kenny,


predicting a comeback from the tale of the Bankies? Not sure now it is


St Mirren 1, Morton nil. St Mirren have the lead thanks to Gary


McKensee's goal. From the corner which #34k kensie rose and headered


into the bottom right-hand corner. A precious goal for the side seven


points adrift. On 59 minutes, Morton down to ten


men. A red card for Jamie McDonner from the referee. A tangle with


Quinn. They fell to the ground and there was a foot at the face of


Quinn. The referee had no hesitation but to show a red card. So 25


minutes to go it is St Mirren, one, Morton, nil.


And Craig, two goals for Boyce? He is important to Ross County. Scoring


half of their league goals. They have lost the last couple to give


them a goal there. The second goal I'm not so sure. But, with him in


the team, Ross County are definitely top six material. Without him they


go to the pack with the rest of the team. They need to keep him fit.


Not looking good for the end of year celebrations in Inverness? They are


right down there. Nobody has been taled off yet in this. The next


couple of games, that's when Inverness could get taled off a


little. They need a win now to keep in the pack otherwise it becomes


very difficult. And the confidence is down. A wee break now. When they


come back fresh, they will be back and will probably be parking


everything and trying like the start of a new league.


It shows you if there are no wins in ten if they lose this match. It is


three points from 30, yet probably only one point off the bottom. Now


that shows you, again, talking about crumbs of comfort, that is that for


Inverness but it shows that the bottom of the league it is cut


throat. Also prim and poor! Exciting also! Well, Partick Thistle drew but


jumped up after some good runs. Well, the bottom of the championship


and St Mirren could be on course for a vital win. That would be the third


in four matches? It would be important for them. They had a


horrible start. Jack Ross takes over. A defeat last week. If they


are hit by a win today, the problem for the Duffy side is that unbeaten


at home, that would be the fifth away. They have to be on right side


of that. So the matches are one of the host of Hogmanay


The home side, Hamilton, starting the day next to bottom


in the league against local rivals Motherwell who before


John Barnes has the lowdown from Lanarkhsire.


Hamilton's run of matches without a win moves on to 11 games.


The visitors had the best of the early play with Gary Woods making a


save to deny McDonald the opener in. But after 27 minutes Lee Lucas was


sent off for a challenge. After the interval, Daco claimed his sixth


goal of the season to put the Accies in front. A goal line clearance from


McManus, prevented Crawford adding a second. But then Louis Moult scored


his sixth goal in four games to equalise for Motherwell to ensure


that the Lanarkshire Derby ended all square.


Our next derby day destination is Dens.


Dundee were ninth this morning, St Johnstone were fifth ahead


of their lunchtime match - how did they fare?


Brian McLauchlin tells this Tayside tale.


It finished Dundee, three, St Johnstone, nil, in front of a crowd


of 6492. The home fans entering the New Year with smiles on their faces.


The opening goal after a near cross. St Johnstone hit the crossbar from


25 yards, the second goal came before half-time, with a Volley high


into the roof of the net. The killer goal before the hour mark, good work


by Marco O'Hara in mid-field. The cross met by the Saints captain, who


deflected the ball into 9 back of his own net to finish with a score


line at Dens Park of Dundee, three, St Johnstone, nil.


And now, With two wins on the spin,


Partick Thistle broke into the top At home to Kilmarnock,


Alasdair Lamont was An uneventful match here. Partick


Thistle the better side for the most part but they could not turn it into


goals. On both occasions where there were


goals. chances, they were denied by the


assistance off side flag. Kilmarnock could have gone home with three


points, the ball was scoped over the bar from close long-range and a long


range shot from Stevie Smith but there was share of the spoils.


Nil-nil. Against, I will ask you each a


question on one of the games. Craig, since you played for Motherwell and


Hamilton. I come to you on that one. McGee looking delighted there.


Yep, one nil down, you take that after going ten men down. They have


to follow up with a hard-earned point. For the Accies it is 11 games


without a win. This year they are 11. Last year a year of one run in


15. They always have this section of the season where the wheels fall off


but they tend to finish strongly, but need a result soon.


Paul? Dundee is at home, OK but three goals and up against St


Johnstone, who are going well. So I think that is a result of the day.


You can imagine where Dundee was a couple of months ago when people


were talking about Hartley getting the sack. Now, they have started to


turn it around. Playing three at the back, the good


organisation about them and scoring goals. Huge confidence.


Paul, you get the goaless one? The short straw, thank you, chaps.


Partick Thistle, I'm surprised. They have been flying. They won the last


two. They were really good in a 1-0 to Celtic before that. They should


have beaten Hearts. They were all over Hearts and should have won it.


So to draw here, it has taken me by surprise.


It's a great point for them but Inverness Caledonian Thistle have


finished in really good spirits. It looks it hey not be enough points


to keep them at the top? But they are in the right direction. They


have traction. They are moving forward, scoring goals, OK, 0-0


today but an improving side. And your game, Motherwell, Hamilton,


the young McCue. He is back. He set up the goal


today. He had a horrific injury at the start of the year, it took a


while. I'm delighted to see him back.


Into the Championship, just one match still underway St Mirren


at home to their local rivals Morton.


The other four fixtures all done and dusted, let's find out


Falkirk versus Hibs was first to finish.


So let's find out what happened at the Falkirk stadium


Hibs had to per sear what could be a priceless victory. The winning goal


with three minutes remaining. There had been little between the two


sides in the contest. Falkirk broke the deadlock. Converting from close


range for the second attempt but the home side lead lasted only a few


minutes. Hibs had to battle hard for the victory to restore momentum to


their pursuit of the championship title.


A dozen games unbeaten in the Championship helped


Dundee United to the top of the Championship: They were away


to part timers Dumbarton today; worth noting that the Sons had


already beaten United at the Cheaper Insurance Direct Stadium -


from where Jonathan Sutherland reports.


1-0 and Dundee United relinquish their lead at the top of the


championship. Here in terrible conditions. Strangely a repeat of


the score line between the sides in August. And the same goalscorer,


Mark Docherty. And the blustery conditions helped it. A cross from


the left-hand side. But it evaded everyone in the box and the wind


helped to whip the ball into the net to give Dumbarton a lead. United


struggled to get going. Simon Murray ruled out for off side. In the


second half United tried harder to get the equaliser that they needed.


Substitute Smith had a deflected shot on the roof of the net. And


then stoppage time. Donaldson hitting the post with a header. But


not their day. A hugely important three points for the home side. A


horrible Hogmanay for United. Next up, a top of the table clash with


Hibs on Friday. Next up is an update from the Ross


County versus Inverness Derby in the Highlands. A goal? It is Inverness


three, Inverness Caledonian Thistle, two. Inverness hit a shot. It was


saved but then substitute Fisher managed to poke it in and Inverness


are back in the game. On to a Championship match involving


two teams desperate for a win; Queen of the South who hadn't had one


since September, and Ayr United It is 0-0. Queen's fast rest out of


the traps. As the first half progressed, the


visitors looked good for the goal. Half-time approached and Dobie


passed up an opportunity for the homeside, Dobie, Jordan and marshal


all with chances. Lyle had incompetent ball over the net twice


but the flag was up for off side. A free kick, it almost sneaked in


off the back post but nobody found the net.


0-0. Now, the Queen of the south


championship. Change at the top? A Goodwin. A big surprise, Dundee


United losing for the first time since September, I think.


They did lose to Dumbarton. 1-0, I didn't see that coming. They


hit the post later on. But a boost for Hibs. They will go nip and tuck


until the end of the season. At the moment Hibs are in front. It was


interesting to see, a goal for Chris Commons and an assist for Chris


Commons. I don't think he is 100% fit but he is having an impact.


He is there until the end of the year? The 15th of January was the


sign-off. But he enjoys playing. Is there a point to go back to Celtic


to play in the U21 s? He is a player.


Yes, and the 6th of January, a fantastic game. Looking forward to


Yes, and the 6th of January, a that one. The two teams fighting it


Yes, and the 6th of January, a out. Real competition. I didn't


think that Dundee United would be challenging that much this year. So


they have done well after this season. A lot of change there. They


could struggle but look at where they are. A fantastic be job. That


can go either way. Let's find out how it is going St


Mort morn against Morton. There is 80 minutes on the top it is


St Mirren, one, Morton nil, thanks to Gary McKenzie's heard. Morton


flying with pressure. An effort just wide from a corner.


Tomas O'Ware has scored nine goals in the past year. He was close


there. A good attendance in Paisley, 4092 souls braved the wind and the


rain. 1362 are Morton fans but they tonight have anything to cheer about


The last round of Premiership matches of 2016 kicked off last


night when Hearts played Aberdeen at Tynecastle.


Hearts hoping to build on their midweek thrashing


of Kilmarnock, Aberdeen hoping to get their third league


There was just the one goal in it, and here it is:


Craig no surprise who popped up with this one? John I Hayes is going


well. Watch him. He comes to the front of the box. Darting from the


edge to the back post. That was clever. Right in the box. A good


cross from McGinnin. I watched the game last night. When you go to


Tynecastle, you expect to be under pressure. That Hearts will give a


tough game. That was not the case last night. I thought Aberdeen


dominated for a long period. And just two wins for them against


Tynecastle in the last decade? And they were not playing anything be


Tynecastle in the last decade? And like their best. That was a big win.


It was not a reflection of the dominance in their match. They were


on top for the vast majority of the game. For Hearts it is troubling


times. It was said after that they didn't


have the required amount of physicality.


We can hear from the man himself now. Both spoke to our man at the


match. Initially we probably last the fight


to make the game we wanted it to be. It was difficult for us to get


started. You know, the game became closer to what Aberdeen wanted. And


in those moments, although it was difficult and there was a bit of


suffering and stress in there, I think that the players showed good


fight and spirit to keep getting through that, that we managed to do


up until half-time. Whether it should have been 0-0 it is a valid


question but we fought through it. That is a quality. To come here, the


away team, the Tynecastle atmosphere, when the Hearts team go


off to boos at half-time, you think that is a part of the job done, we


have to crank it up. But a good link up play between Kenny and Niall and


thankfully it was Johnny that managed to do it. No doubt from me,


we were the better team. I thought we were accomplished and tidy.


Making good decisions. That went to play. And recognising the strengths


of the Hearts team. That is the happiest I have heard


him sounding. And no wonder, three wins on the trot? When they are


good, they are very, very good. It is puzzling with them not having


Rooney in the team. But having Adam Rooney, Nile McGinn and Johnny


Hayes, we were puzzled when they have not played. He has tried others


and it has not worked. have not played. He has tried others


Aberdeen's season started in May it was a long, hard season.


He is trying to manage the squad but if those three are playing well,


they are a real force. They have the wins, they will want to build on


that. They will feature going ahead. Two points behind Rangers but with a


game in hand is it down to a race between those two? It looks like it.


I think that they need time but when you hear him saying there is a lack


of fight in the team... Only in the first 10 minutes.


But that is not the case. Hearts have built their success on a


physicality, a high octane intensity. Without it they are


vulnerable. I have seen them playing against


Partick Thistle. That cliche that they used to win


the battle first. Go out and win the bat the, the rest will take care of


itself. Maybe in the modern language they say you have to control the


game but you have to work to control the game. Then you can play. Nowhere


near it last night did they control the game at any point And of course


missing the principle goalscorer. But also last night, they were


playing with one up front. But so many people away from them. No


support up to the big boy, Johannsson up front that is not


hard. Playing against Hearts there are two or three bodies in the box.


Look at Aberdeen's goal, bursting to get into the box. That did not


happen with Hearts. He played in the middle of the pitch against Novak,


kitschin but he has not the legs to get up there. The break, gives Kath


row a time to get his ideas across to Hearts. He will need it. The next


two fixtures are Celtic and Rangers away and at home.


He has had five games. Has he had time to put his mark on the side? He


will want to change things, bring in other players. He must turn it


around. Hearts were genuine contenders for second place but they


are falling back. St Johnstone barring them today. They are getting


close. There could have been a cash cow for


Hearts on the transfer window? A big move there, it coulding on ice? It


is a big blow to lose that. But give Ian Catterick a chance to establish


himself. A young manager coming into the team, coming in the middle of a


season, it is difficult. Now he has team to settle in. Bring in players,


Craig Levine doing the job alongside him. And the Hearts fans have to cut


him slack. Vp He was booed off. Booed off against Inverness


Caledonian Thistle as well. They have to calm down. Give him a


chance to work with these players, maybe bring in a couple in January.


Rogers when he came to Celtic, he said that the fans had to be


patient. But he is Rogers. For this man to say it? The football fans are


not known for patience. I can understand why some Hearts fans are


getting jumpy as the results have not been good.


And the win for St Johnstone is a blow to them.


But there is a different scenario, it is different to where they have


been. They look worse Hearts now, than


when Neilson left. Is that understandable?


You have designed a system that Hearts. You mentioned Patterson,


Nicholson has been out for the last half-dozen games. He is a big-time


player. Jamie Walker now has to make things happen in the final third.


When they get Mickelson back, that will be a major plus. The manager


needs time to get his ideas across and then we will see how they do. He


was talking to Chris and said it was another lesson learned? He has had a


view. There were lucky against Partick Thistle, drawing a match


they should have lost. Against Dundee, they lost a match they


should have won. It is all a bit frenetic at the moment. He is


learning about his players and the league, he is learning about the


support, the media, he is learning one thing that, at a big club like


Hearts, you are under pressure all the time. When you don't have


experience in a job, there nothing to fall back on. He's got Craig


Levine? But you have to make the decisions. You can't go to the


stands and ask Craig Levine. When you don't have the experience to


fall back and think, what did I do there? I heard a manager talking


about last night, they were brilliant until half-time, his team


talk, everything organised, and suddenly the opposition scores ten


seconds before half-time. Now you have to quickly change and find


their way of doing it. That is the experience and the learning. Will he


be given time to learn? I'm sure he will. I'm sure he will, five games,


some have been ropey. He has a very supportive board, that believe in


him. At his full-time in the last derby of the day. Ross County


against Inverness has come to a conclusion. The final score, 3-2 to


Ross County. No wonder Liam Boss was happy. Let's hear what Martin has to


say about the match. Full-time, 3-2. Liam Boyce delivering the goals,


which let them enter the year on a high. He netted very early. Davies


on a corner. Boyce anticipated to nod home. Inverness responded well


and got back on level terms. County responded quickly again. Boyce fired


in on an angle. He should have had a third, when he went wide from close


range. Martin Woods run beyond and fired into the corner. Credit for


the visitors, keeping ongoing. Alex Fisher knocked home. They made it


nervous as Inverness pressed. Ten games without a win. They prop


everybody else up. Contrasting fortunes for both clubs.


It means Caledonian Thistle and the year as black markers. You don't see


as a team like that, they'll always solid and dependable, but they have


been losing goals hand over fist. County, the home form is usually


strong. A couple of home wins against Aberdeen. A local derby, one


that they want to win. Inverness have a spectacular record. Leaves


County seven points off the bottom? It shows you how bonkers this league


is. They have a goal difference of -13, it is only their third league


win since August. They are in the -13, it is only their third league


top six. A lot of draws in there! A lot of draws and Liam Boyce goals.


With the goal difference, do you think they will be in the market for


defensive back-up? Inverness? County. They were talking about it


the other night, journalists saying that his chairman might, but he


didn't want to bring in as many. A goal, who is it for? Into the third


minute of added time, St Mirren are winning 1-0. A last gasp equaliser


for third place Morton. Ricky Lambie. It was a corner from Forbes.


He hit the bar in the first half, and he was there to put it home, low


and into the bottom corner. St Mirren are absolutely gutted. They


looked like they were going to get a precious win at the bottom and


reduce the deficit. Morton have got the equaliser. About 30 seconds of


injury time left. 1-1 in Paisley. There is still time! St Mirren have


a habit of going ahead and not closing matches? It is another


point. When you lose a late goal, it is a sore one to take, but they are


making progress. They have some impetus. They have a couple of wins


and drawers, something to build on. Tom? A very optimistic view of


things. At the start of the season, they were going nowhere. Now, they


have something to build on. That is a secular, if it ends 1-1. They end


the year feeling pretty good about themselves, but a draw is not going


to send them into the New Year feeling bad about themselves. They


need to get their skates on, but they are improving. Is that Howard


finished? Yes, a terrible feeling for St Mirren funds, almost 5000


fans here. -- fans. They thought they were going to go home happy,


with a reduced gap at the bottom. A brilliant late goal by Morton,


Rickie Lambert, poking home after a scramble from a corner. That was


Rickie Lambert, poking home after a after Gary McKenzie had given St


Mirren a first half lead, a header from a corner. Morton, in the second


half, reduced to ten men when McDonough was sent off. He aimed a


kick, after a tangle on the ground. It didn't look like Morton were


going to score. St Mirren seemed comfortable. Jack Ross, on the


touchline, barking out instructions like he was playing Charente is.


They tried to cling on, but they couldn't do that. It has finished


1-1. -- playing charades. We can now hear from some Premiership managers.


99% of the game, we are happy with. We had enough opportunities and


should maybe score three four, and We had enough opportunities and


should be over. Again, we are losing points in the last seconds of the


game. We are leaving people standing at the side of the box, which is


criminal. We kept going, we could have lost another one a couple of


times, but we could have got the equaliser earlier. In the end, the


guy who, or one of the guys, who we want the chance to fall to, it fell


to him and he buried it. Luckily there were 25 seconds to go, a good


time to score. Criminal neglect Iain Hamilton? You can understand the


manager, Tommy Times has he watched his team go ahead and failed to win


games? They have won three home matches this year. This year they


managed to beat Ross County and Aberdeen. They have not managed an


away win so far this year in the league. Would that be 11 draws they


have had? They just cannot pick up three points. They cannot get wins


in front of their own fans. As a centre-half, also, somebody that


would be out there. He can see what should be happening, leadership at


the back, organisation and getting it right. Willing to defend the


goal. It is the eighth 1-1 goal, the fourth time this season they have


conceded a late equaliser. No wonder he is doing his nut. A convincing


win for Dundee over St Johnstone, 3-0. The manager spoke to Brian


MacLachlan. This has been a tough start. It has not been easy. Look at


the home form over the last five games, 13 points out of 15, we have


to continue that. The players deserve a break, mentally and


physically. I think it is good to get away from the club and maybe


away from me at times. I think it is good for us, a couple of days, there


will be back, working hard, and coming back. Boo it's hard to lose a


derby game, and we think that we shouldn't. I will not take anything


from what the players have achieved in 2016. Clubs with many more


resources, we continually do better than them. Who would want to get a


break from him, in that form? Delighted. I think he is right, it's


great to get away. I don't know if you ever had a break at Christmas or


New Year? When you were playing? No! I think it must be great, going away


with their wife and family. I'm not sure, if you have to hang around


here. A mental break away from Paul Hartley, I think that helps. Tommy


Wright, disappointed. A staunch supporter of him? That is another


one that surprised me, Dundee have found this capacity to score goals.


They lost to Stuart, in the early part of the season, it was all about


where on earth they were going to find goals from. Scored three today,


three against Hearts a week ago, a great feat of management to be able


to turn that around. I know they are not in the top six yet, but they are


in the right direction. It is an unusual type of loss for St


Johnstone. He was right what he said, what they have achieved for a


small club. Every year they are up there. He has done a magnificent


job. As an ex-goalkeeper, he sees the game, you knows what is going on


and deserves every credit. Is there any goalkeeper in the history of the


game that moves like that? If you make a mistake, you have to get


criticism, but in the main... We can now go to the classified results


round-up. Let's look at the league tables,


starting with the Scottish Premiership.


Livingston lost today, but they stay at the top. Airdrie have not played


yet. Chelsea are going from strength to


strength, another win for them. They are nine points clear of Liverpool,


but Liverpool are at home to Manchester City this evening.


Newcastle United are the leaders in the Championship, having played one


more match than Brighton, and one point better off than them.


Right, I have already told you that Chelsea beat Stoke this afternoon.


We can get details from Jacqui Oatley at Stamford Bridge. Has


finished here, 4-2. A fairly comfortable, in the end. Chelsea


have made it 13 Premier League wins in a row since the back-to-back


defeats against Liverpool and Arsenal in September. They have


equalled Arsenal's record for a single season from 15 years ago, and


a club record of ten successive wins in all competitions. There were made


to work hard by Stoke, who have not won in five and have conceded 11


goals in their last three away games. Cahill powered Chelsea in


front with a first half header. Bruno Martins Indi levelled after


the break. Willian scored twice, either side of a Peter Crouch


equaliser. Diego Costa, five minutes before full-time, his 18th goal of


the season. Antonio Conte is going around every player and celebrating


with them. A crucial game ahead of their game against Spurs. Vicki


Sparkes is next up. She was watching Manchester United against


Middlesbrough at Old Trafford. A really dramatic finish. Manchester


United beat Middlesbrough 2-1, two goals in two minutes, right at the


death, taking Manchester United to within a point of the Champions


League places. Martial's goal, and Pogba, after Leadbetter's effort


looked to have earned Middlesbrough a win. There was a controversial


disallowed goal for Ibrahimovic in the first half, but it doesn't


matter for them now. Their fifth straight win in the Premier League.


You can hear the song around me, they go marching on. Middlesbrough


did not take chances on the break, apart from that one by Leadbetter.


They will feel they could have got more out of the game, Manchester


United would say they created enough to win it. In the end, that is what


they did. Full-time, 2-1. Let's go to the foot of the table, to Wales.


Swansea, managerless, at home to Bournemouth. Let's hear how it went.


3-0 to Bournemouth. The caretaker boss could not work any magic. Bob


Bradley might have gone, the issues remain the same. A few glimpses of


hope, if I am honest. The fourth game in five here, when they have


conceded three. Joshua King put icing on the cake after goals by


Benik Afobe and Ryan Fraser, Bournemouth's second away of the


season. A tough baptism for anybody who takes charge, reinforcements are


needed quickly. Staying in the lower reaches, we can find out how


Sunderland fared away to Burnley this afternoon. Here is Damian


Johnson. Andre Gray became the first Burnley player to score a Premier


League hat-trick, and created a real platform to stay up in the New Year.


He pounced onto some defensive platform to stay up in the New Year.


uncertainty to score the opener. He platform to stay up in the New Year.


rounded the keeper to make it 2-0, and latched onto the three Mack'


assist. Barnes himself got a penalty. Jermain Defoe got a


consolation for Sunderland. Wracked by injuries, and two more today.


What a year for Burnley. Quite a year for Leicester as well, at home


to West Ham United. A fitting end to 2016, so many great memories. This


game will not be one that is talked about for too long, but it could be


pivotal, coming into the New Year. The winner, a terrific header by


Islam Slimani, sending it across the goal and into the corner. Bilic will


be unhappy that their winning streak comes to an end with a whimper. A


first clean sheet in 11 games for the Foxes, the pizza is on Claudio


Ranieri tonight. Chelsea, are they confounding expectations this year?


I don't think many people had them down as potential champions?


Absolutely, compare last year, how they went off the rails, the group


of players, some of them are still there and they went off the rails


also. He obviously has this managerial thing that he makes a


connection with the players somehow. You see how he talks in the


interview, going around the players, he has a connection. He is a young


man, he is hyperactive when you see him on the sideline. I watched him


on the European Championships, in the summer, and he is the same. Off


the pitch, calm and collected, knows what he's about, Italian, strong


tactics. He has obviously changed it around. He took all of the report is


out for a pint after the Conference. That should be across the board in


Scottish football! Pledge of journalists would take him up on


that. You look at what Brendan Rodgers has done that Celtic, he has


done something that is similar that Chelsea. He has revitalised Coster,


Hazard, playing three at the back, three outstanding defenders. That


formation is working like a dream. A brilliant manager and a brilliant


man manager. They can't lose, Liverpool and Manchester City are in


action against each other. A draw is good, if one team wins, the other


drops off the pace? Doesn't matter, because Chelsea are getting win


after win, the other teams are cutting each other's throats and


taking points off each other. There will be difficult to catch because


taking points off each other. There they don't have a weakness. I think


Manchester United have done well, he has the big players playing now,


Paul Pogba. 30 million, it's about time! If they get to the top four


this year, I think he has done a good job. Poor result for David


Moyes's team, 4-1, beaten, Sunderland. Swansea, managerless,


they will find it tough in the summer? Probably good news for David


Moyes that Swansea of floundering with no manager, Hull are struggling


to pick up points, to be fair to Sunderland, they've had a bit of an


upturn recently. At Turf Moor is a tough place to go. Now we will head


to Firhill. Alistair spoke to the managers. I thought we'd put a lot


into the first half. The conditions weren't great. I think that played a


part. Kilmarnock at two of the best chances in the second half. After


the first half, we just couldn't get in their runner. Hard-fought point,


with injuries to key players, important players to us, asking


loves to play in different positions to what they are normally used to,


young players alongside other young players, when you want them


alongside experience. For us to keep a clean sheet against a team


informed, going into the game in the second half, we had our own chances.


A good basis to start. For us, it means we can regroup, hopefully get


the majority of the injured players back for the Hamilton cup tie.


Hopefully have new players coming in also. You are the go to man for


Partick Thistle and Kilmarnock, what did you make of that? Lee Clark


talking about regrouping and freshen things up? You likes to do that. He


needs 115 players, that is what it seems like in the summer. He summed


it up quite nicely, it is a really good point for them, a clean sheet


against Partick Thistle, who have been in really good form. That is a


bit of a foundation. He needed to stop the bleeding, in terms of


conceding goals and dropping points. stop the bleeding, in terms of


He has a point there. A really good Partick Thistle side. Four points


off the bottom spot, that looks good, given how concentrated the


teams have been? Everybody down there would love to pick up points


on a weekly basis. Sometimes you have to take what you can get.


Kilmarnock, the lowest scorers in the league, I think that was a


positive result. Victory in the Highlands for Ross County, we can


hear from their manager now. Jim McIntyre spoke to Martin Dowden. I


think you are a very happy man? Yes, dilated. Really pleasing to get the


monkey off our back, we have not beaten Inverness at home since we


arrived here. I am delighted for the players. Fabulous effort. I thought


was a keenly contested derby. Inverness had a lot of the game as


well. I think our chances were better than theirs. We deserved to


win. He is so influential? Here's a clever player, we can ask him to


move about positions. He can play a deep line, playing a wider area. He


has that game awareness, gain knowledge, how to help the


opposition. More talk about Liam Boyce, he is thriving? Seven goals


in his last eight. When you have a striker like that in this league, a


dependable goal-scorer, you will be on the top six. He is a bit of a


predator, so consistent. You cannot replace a body like that. You said


he is a predator, will predatory clubs be looking at him in the


transfer window? I don't think so, I think he is happy there. He will


score goals, of course, but I think he is happy at Ross County. They


will not wanting to go anywhere. I'm looking at Hearts, places like that,


where they think, he could save us from relegation, or get us up there.


That is why this transfer window was horrible for some of the managers.


If you lose a player like that, what a difference that can make.


Let's head back to Hearts now. Richie, obviously disappointed but


was there is a part that was especially difficult? The set piece.


It should have been cleared off the near post. . It is poor from my


point of view. You are up against it straight away. But credit to the


players. We stuck in there, got our goal. Back in there, the second goal


was probably the poorer goal to give away. By letting in Boyce. School


boy stuff. He crosses, there is a deflection of meekiness, it goes


into the back of the net. When year down there, these things happen.


But, disappointing. Today is probably the first day I thought we


looked a bit nervy, a bit low in confidence.


All over the park. I thought we were low on confidence. When you are like


that... Craig, interesting, Richie says he thinks that he are low in


confidence, which he has not seen previously? No but on a run of ten


games, that is a going to happen. Conceding goals, only winning one


last season. The last victory against Motherwell.


They are struggling. That's just about that


for today and 2016 from us. We've got time to re-cap today's


results in Scotland's Wins for ab-Dean. A Goodwin at


Tynecastle. All square in the Lanarkshire Derby.


Championship, a big win for Dumbarton.


Now you can see highlights of the Premiership matches on Monday


night at 7pm on BBC Two Scotland, repeated after Match


Now the Premiership may be going into hibernation, but we're not -


the Results Show is back next week at 4:30 on BBC One.


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Saturday Supplement - with Stuart Cosgrove


but not Tam Cowan, Annie McGuire standing in today.


Craig and Tom for their wisdom wit and wherewithal.


And thanks to you for watching - see you in 2017.


Introduced by David Currie.

Reports and results from around the country in the SPFL. In the last fixture card of 2016, the second Old Firm league meeting of the season takes centre stage today as Rangers take on Celtic at Ibrox Stadium. Amongst the other Premiership matches, Highland rivals Ross County and Inverness lock horns in Dingwall. In the Championship, Falkirk host Hibs, it's Dumbarton against Dundee Utd, and in the Renfrewshire derby St Mirren play Morton. Plus action from Friday night's Hearts versus Aberdeen match.

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