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Dundee v Kilmarnock

Rob Maclean presents live coverage of the Scottish Cup fourth-round tie between Dundee and Kilmarnock from Dens Park. With commentary from Liam McLeod and Craig Paterson.

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Standby for one of the great weekends in the Scottish football


calendar. 32 teams going to the 4th round of the William Hill Scottish


Cup, some with dreams of glory, some with serious expectations of


landing the trophy itself. The first match of Scottish Cup weekend


is live on the BBC. Its Dundee against Kilmarnock, coming up.


Allah studio guests have strong connections with today's two teams.


He was a chunky little Dundee striker, who scored this goal


nearly 20 years ago. And he was to go on to be the chunky little


assistant manager of Dundee as well, which ended in tears. Billy Dodds.


A lovely left-foot finish. Remember that one? You call me chunky them,


a few stones have gone on since then. I don't know how long it has


taken the producer to find that. Good days, good memories. It was a


good search! A nippy little winger who went around a lot of clubs.


These were his days at Kilmarnock. A deft little chip over the


goalkeeper. It's fair to say, as we enjoy your aggressive punching of


the heir to greet the goal, that this was the autumn of your career?


Getting towards the winter of my career! I felt really good about


that goal. That was until I saw Danny Racchi's gold last week,


which definitely out did it. But I had great seasons at Kilmarnock,


great memories of the club. much shock potential is there?


think Kilmarnock have to be wary. When you get ties thrown up on you,


I am sure Kenny Shiels has looked at it and thought he didn't fancy


this one, especially away from home. Dundee will have a big crowd, 6000


of their own fans. Would you call it a major shock? No, but it has


the potential for a minor shock. Kilmarnock will fancy themselves to


go all the way? Absolutely. You have to have a good start in the


competition. It's not a great draw. If you look through the draw, it is


the one I would like to watch out of all of the games. It is very


tight, too close to call. It's a tough one for Kilmarnock, but they


are playing good football. They have a good chance to get through


this one and go quite far. commentators are Liam Macleod and


former Kilmarnock defender Craig Paterson. They can give us the


Good afternoon everyone. A fantastic day in Dundee. We were


discussing where the upsets might come this weekend, given the gap


between the bottom half of the SPL and the top half of the First


Division. It seems to be narrowing by the season? This would be an


upset, but Dundee are going to fancy their chances. It is an


opportunity to get to the next round on home ground. I expect it


will be cagey at the start, but eventually Dundee will go for it.


They will want to win today. they have been doing well in the


second division. But they are going with a more conservative line up


Motherwell last year they went down 4-0. 5 Against 5 in the middle,


take their chances, and from there they will hope to get the goal that


will take them to the next round. Killie have suffered a bit of


homesickness. Just one victory at Tynecastle. On the road, it's been


a problem? They don't change, they go for it and try to play football.


They will miss Gary Harkins today. But they have a wonderful


partnership up front. They are capable of breaking down any


defence in the competition. We've seen in the League Cup that they


can be shocks. Aberdeen, Rangers and Hearts all went out. Kilmarnock


have the semi-final to look forward Will there be a shock here? We will


find out soon. The two managers have an audience


with James Spence, whether they Dundee are really looking forward


to testing themselves against an SPL side today? If it's good for


the boys to test themselves against a team from a higher division. They


should look forward to it and enjoy it. Explain the changes you have


made. We've come no made many changes. We made some last week


through injuries. What kind of approach will you take? You will


probably be backed by a passionate crowd, as usual? We will just play


our normal game. We have to be a wee bit cautious. Kilmarnock are a


good passing team and they've done well in the league. We will stick


to what we do, pass the ball well, create chances and hopefully score


goals. I feel they are a very strong SPL and Division One club.


If you look at the SPL and the bottom six, you look at the top six


of Division One, it is like another league. There is nothing between


the teams. We are treating this like an away SPL fixture. What kind


of game are you expecting? You have made a couple of changes? We made


changes because both players recovered from injury. We are


coming in with a positive attitude, as we always try to do. We always


try to get ourselves into a rhythm, where we can come and win the match


to progress to the next round and ripped the benefits of that. Best


of luck, enjoy it. Thank you. Would we describe that Dundee lined


up as cautious? It to start with. They can play that system and the


defence against an SPL team. Today they have a mixture of both. They


will be cautious at the start, Craig hinted at that. But they've


also got the players to get forward. Good experience with Lockwood,


O'Donnell, Gavin Rae. They have the players to hurt Kilmarnock. A bit


of both. Certainly an attacking Kilmarnock side? That is the big


thing. That is why Dundee have not put the most attacking team out. We


have seen some cracking goals from the likes of James Dayton. I really


do like the way the teams have played. Smith was mentioning that


they are a good pass inside. Everything about Kilmarnock, when I


have seen them, has been good except their defending now and


again. It they can defend well today they will be tough to beat.


Gavin Rae will be a tough player for Dundee? When they have not been


getting the ball, with him being older you would think he might sit


and used his experience. But he's been asked to get forward and


support Steven Milne. He's got experience and the one thing he has


done all his career is get some goals from midfield. Steven Milne


has lots of experience and lots of goals around him. He has been


around a lot of clubs. This goes back to his first spell with


Dundee? There is no doubt that injuries have held him back. He is


an intelligent player, I like that, he is also an instinctive finisher.


When he gets these chances in big games, the Dundee derby, this one


against Kilmarnock, and I was at this game at Ibrox as well. He


scores against big clubs. That is a magnificent finish. He thinks about


the game. As I said, the injuries have held him back. After a few


years of injury, I'm not sure, that he has a bit of everything to his


game. But he can certainly score goals. A lot of goals for Steven


Milne, 11 goals in the SPL for Paul Heffernan, who has been a


revelation. But it's not just about scoring, it's about creating goals


as well? It's a great partnership he actually had. They've been


wonderful together. You spend your time getting on the end of little


things between centre-backs, and if you understand and have a good


relationship with your partner, Shields is always going to work.


There was no panic in front of goal. Against Celtic, Pls. They want to


play football. They are comfortable playing football. Natural


goalscorers up front. If you look at what Kilmarnock have done over


the last number of years., salmon - - Conor Sammon has got a big move


down south. I wouldn't be surprised if he got a move as well, he's a


great player. You don't know where the threat is going to come from,


you have Dean Shiels and James Dayton either side of heaven and?


They move about, they don't stay in the same position. If Heffernan


drops short, Dean Shiels and Heffernan can move in. The back


four are probably Dundee's all week point as well. If that from three


for Kilmarnock can play to capabilities, they can cause them


problems. If Dundee will think back to almost a year ago, at home to


Motherwell. There were great expectations about a cup shock.


They were behind to a John Stratton -- John Sutton goal within minutes


and they were thrashed in the end? They didn't have a good start the


season, but they aren't decent form now. They know they are capable and


they have good enough players to face up to Kilmarnock. I hope it is


an open game. I hope Dundee don't sit back for the entirety of the


game. I am sure there is that fear of Kilmarnock, if they get into


their stride. Looking at the pitch, it looks like a lovely day. It is


the first, we have had for a while. It doesn't seem to windy, that will


suit Kilmarnock cos they can get the ball down. The front three that


he mentioned, system wise, it is difficult to see, because they are


so adaptable, it is very fluid. That is why they will be set up


quite defensively. You never know who will be the front player, the


one that is going to be closes to Heffernan, because plenty of them


want to do it. Kilmarnock will want to play football from the back,


sometimes that can be a problem? I have spoken to a few managers,


what they do against teams like Kilmarnock is to press from the


front. I think that is Dundee's best policy. Last season against


Motherwell they lost an early goal, and Motherwell won easily. They


don't want that again. They want to bed themselves into the game and


eventually, through the game, start causing problems. They certainly


don't want to throw it away before it begins. Dundee are in the midst


of a 23 game unbeaten run last season, started by you? I can't


take credit for that, it was only one game. The rest was down to


Barry Smith, no doubt. Looking at a game, they were on a good run but


it shows that there is a gulf. That is why they will not want to lose


an early goal. As a First Division club, talking about the big crowd,


it can make them go silent. That is what they don't want. They want to


get themselves in, start creating, because the crowd will get behind


them. Dundee were using the backs- to-the-wall mentality, in


administration, everybody hates us and we don't care sort of stuff.


They were struggling, they were bought about one spell. But they


got some good form now land they are in that frame for possible


promotion? They have to catch up with Ross County, but they've got


to Margaret things that help them more than anything else, they are a


big club. When they are doing well, they get a big crowd behind them.


Dundee fans will be making a lot of noise. They also got the other


thing that will help, experienced. Gavin Rae, massively experienced.


Douglas, experienced, Steven Milne as well. When you get to games like


this, it counts for a huge amount. If it doesn't go right for them,


they can say, calm down, we can get back into this. They have to play


with belief. If you are at the top of the League, which heavily during,


that is how you going to games. There is no doubt that the


Kilmarnock midfield will want to get into big Dundee back four. But


the Achilles heel has been Kilmarnock defending. With the


players they have got, three or four of Dundee players will be


getting forward from midfield and trying to get into that Kilmarnock


back four. It is a proper football place. It's not often talked about,


but it is a big pitch. That's another thing that Kilmarnock were


love. You can make your passes, get more space as the game goes on. I


think we are in for a good game. The teams are in the tunnel, all


set to go. Dundee against Kilmarnock, the first match of the


first round is in August, the first ties in September, and this is


where it gets interesting. The big boys have joined the fray. This


isn't a bad start on one of Scottish football's best stages.


Dundee took a while to wake up this season, but they've lost just one


of their last eight as they try to eat into Ross County's lead at the


top of the First Division. That will remain a priority, no matter


what happens in this opening fourth-round tie. An upset against


the SPL visitors is their aim today. Kilmarnock were similarly


cumbersome at the start of the season. They are in a decent run


themselves, which included the first home win over Rangers in


seven years. They also have a League Cup final to look forward to


one. The sun is blasting down, blue skies above. A very unlike the


opening weekend of the Scottish Cup. Weather like this, it looks like


summer but it is not. I can assure approach than in the league for The


Dee. Veteran Gavin Rae is in his second spell here today. He will


try to support their top story, Steven Milne up front. Jake Hyde


has stopped to defence this afternoon. -- dropped to defence.


Killie, lining up as they have done all season. Sometimes it works,


sometimes it doesn't. Gary Harkins is injured. Former Dundee


midfielder Dean Shiels plays. It looks like he will move back to


Doncaster. Paul Heffernan and Liam Kelly are potentially depend to a


watch. More attacking options for Dundee on the bench than their


visitors. Jake Hyde scored the winner against Raith Rovers last


weekend. Graham Bayne is there as he took over crisis-hit Dundee. He


went undefeated in his first 19 games in charge. It's going OK for


him in this campaign as well. Stevie O'Reilly is the referee. He


took charge of Killie's exit last year, when they went down 3-0 at


tie, it is going to be some weekend, you feel. This is a good place to


start. The 8th Scottish Cup meeting between these clubs. They have won


three apiece, with one replay. It's the first time they have met in the


competition since 1994, when Killie won 1-0. Tom Brown scored the only


goal. Keighley are keen to avoid an upset in Dundee. -- Killie. They


have won just wants a way so far in this campaign. -- just once away in


hard to call. You fancy Killie because they are the SPL side. But


then they have their home advantage. Dundee lost a goal early against


Motherwell and lost. They don't will not trouble Cammy Bell. That


was O'Donnell. Possibly a little bit early. He's got to take it on


the half volley, on his left foot. Just writing to the ground. That is


what the Dundee fans want to see. There was a thundering challenge


from O'Donnell as he watched the Bell. Back in the side, he had a


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 78 seconds


because of a broken arm sustained And he's still playing in his


second spell. Goalkeepers longevity works for them, it doesn't work for


other players. But to play at this level at 40 speaks volumes for his


manager would have wanted, they are pressing again and playing mostly


in the Kilmarnock half. As you hinted that, they'd lost the early


goal against Motherwell in the same stage of the competition. That is


what they will be keen to do, not lose that early goal. And don't


allow the opposition to dominate the way the game is played. They


want transition from back, to middle, to front. If Dundee work


hard enough, they got to go back to front. Then the Dundee centre-backs


can stop Paul Heffernan getting on match for Kilmarnock. This is a


first to -- first real test for the with Abbott. -- with that. Looking


hairy as the ball came men. -- came in. Dundee did well to scramble


Robert Douglas. He decided to take no chances. He punched it straight


down the middle. A decent punch. It clears the box by miles, but it


gives Kilmarnock a chance to chip unlucky from the Dundee. A terrific


build up. Because it was on the stretch, he did not catch it. There


was some great passing. Looking to pull the trigger, just doesn't get


it on the final effort. Heffernan adrift of Ross County at the top of


the division. Still plenty of the season to go. Folkert will have


other ideas. -- Falkirk. Playing straight at the goalkeeper there.


Again, agree to build up from the First Division side. Some of the


passes have been in a different class. The home side are showing


players, going head-to-head, J McCluskey, a wonderfully talented


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 78 seconds


Kilmarnock speeded a wave. -- a dangerous area. A great challenge


from Manuel Pascali. That is a goal Shiels involved. He will run the


passing. Dundee have done so well to deny him the football. Dundee


are doing well in the First Division, but I am surprised at how


they have started, they are very confident, their passing is slick,


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 78 seconds


Shiels arrived in the box. Such a difficult chance, but Paul-and does


so well here. He is determined to get into the box. -- Paul Heffernan


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 78 seconds


attacking football for Kilmarnock, and it will bring the fans back. He


deserves a huge pat on the back. -- very well. A former St Johnstone


player. -- Gary Irvine. Another chance for Dundee to put Kilmarnock


area waiting for this one. He did not quite catch that as he would


have liked. A poor decision. You need something extra special from


there, and there was no chance. You need something extra special for


stayed down! Dundee celebrate! They have gone and front. Kilmarnock are


at raging with the lines man. It appears when all is said and done,


this goal will stand. It is a big, big call, but in the end, Dundee


are in the lead. Everything is for the referee and the lines and to


sort out, it is at the back of the net, the referee says it was a goal,


he will consult with his persistent. -- assistant. He has ruled it is a


goal. I cannot believe they have changed the decision. The linesman


said it was offside. I think he is on side. It is a goal. They gave it


and they changed their decision. Dundee have the right to be


absolutely love it. That would be a big moment. -- Dundee have the


right to be absolutely livid. not know why the referee turned


that go round. -- I do not know. The lines and was adamant that it


was a bowl. -- lines man was adamant. Dundee thought they were


in front, but the Kilmarnock fans Kilmarnock, because Dundee have


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 78 seconds


Dean Shiels. A big shout from Stephen O'Reilly to go to his


assistant, who did not flag and changed his mind after giving the


goal. I have no idea why they changed their mind. Here it comes


again. That Paul is on side. That time it is of side. Look at the


lines man, no flag at all. I am not sure why he changed the decision?


Between them, they had managed to get it correct, and that is the


bottom line. If the referee is thinking it was a goal, then maybe


he needs to overrule the lines ma'am. -- man. As long as they get


it right, we will not complain. How they get it right, that is another


Fowler something that won. -- eventually. They're struggling in


defence. You can see why they have been struggling, they are shaky at


the back. They will insist on trying to play the way out. You


need to get it clear up and play the Dundee have, because at the


moment, virtually the end tier game is heading towards Cameron Bell's


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 78 seconds


them were the fourth official is, the correct decision. The flag has


gone up against Heffernan. That is very tight. Very close. The Dundee


to get it right all time, it is against them? Will it spurred them


on or above their heads go down? They will think it is an injustice,


keep going, try and get a goal, and credit to them for doing this. A


lot of teams go into their shells and Sting, we were hard done by.


Dundee seemed to keep going, and you, even though the ground has


been cut up recently.... A decent at the moment. Yes, they cannot


dominate on the ball. They find it impossible to get it beyond the


Kilmarnock. Did not catch it. of the better news for Kilmarnock.


Dean Shiels involved initially with a flick. James Dayton drives with


the cake. The end shot was just to front, Kilmarnock, but Dundee


are hounding them and stopping them playing through. Paul has renown,


he has only had the chase coming up it yet, he has been playing out on


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 78 seconds


for Dundee. A decent area? I think they will take that. The referee


could have played on and give an advantage, but I think a free kick


from that area is too good to pass up. He blocks of the run, a real


chance for Dundee to work Cammy Bell. The referee didn't see the


advantage, gives them a free go. Dundee. They have plenty options in


the bar. A chance missed. A real anti track -- anti-climax. He's


better than that, Jamie McCluskey. No problem at all for the


goalkeeper. He's just got one goal this season, against Dumbarton in


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 78 seconds


was committed by Racchi. A bit of couldn't find McCluskey at the back


play, it's about the pressure they have put on Kilmarnock? Quality


balls from wide areas. It really does give forwards a chance to make


ahead of defenders and kept shots away. Kilmarnock have been


suffering from travel sickness and haven't won anywhere apart from


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 78 seconds


is the one area that did worry Dundee earlier in the game. Manuel


Pascali won the head and it was scrambled clear. I wouldn't be


surprised if he was the target it is Manuel Pascali, always a


threat, The Who Segers Dundee. They thought they had the lead earlier,


they didn't. Kilmarnock do now. terrific finish. The defenders


cannot see the ball because of the sunlight. Pascali is on the run. A


decent ball in from Dean Shiels. The man that wanted it most got


there. He has given Kilmarnock what can be an invaluable lead. The sun


is causing real problems. They cannot see the ball. They were


warned earlier on that Kilmarnock's Italian captain comes to the fore


and he puts them in. He has been up twice in the first half. He has won


both headers. One was scrambled clear, the second one was in the


back of the net. That will settle Kilmarnock, without a doubt. It


came at a good time, as well. Beyond the half-hour mark, into the


of Dundee? They will need to respond. -- Will that knock the


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 78 seconds


Danny Racchi. And it was a handball. So, Dundee throw everybody forward


another attempt to get one from a set piece of their own. They have


taken a lot of the goal well. They got back into the Kilmarnock half.


It looks like they will just keep going. Plenty of time left, their


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 78 seconds


visitors, preserving their 1-0 lead, Just took that extra bit of time.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 78 seconds


The final shot was dragged wide of Kilmarnock, otherwise they would be


Pascali. Dundee fans are trying to gee up their team. They would love


to see an equaliser before the break. They will feel they should


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 78 seconds


against Racchi, but the referee is team go behind they get a bit


frustrated. Most stadiums are exactly the same. I think there


will feel -- they will feel a bit of an injustice, because they


referee was late with his decision. He might have just seen a head


knock. Perhaps the referee thought it was his knee that hit him in the


head. It was certainly a clattering. He realised he had taken a doll on.


That was quite right. Do -- a dull they are seeing so far. The


performance has been good, but they are 1-0 down. And they told they


will 1-0 up at one point. 60 minutes until half-time. -- 16


of the sun. And that is the difference between the sides. The


man from Milan saw the goal, that is all that matters for Kilmarnock


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 78 seconds


in a potentially tricky cup-tie for Dundee. That is the man who had it


in the net for them, the goal that moment because Steven Milne was


back to defend. Kilmarnock are immediately back in possession. A


hybrid from Paul Heffernan. -- had to take it early, but he should


be hitting the target from their. It's not a bad effort. It is a


clever turn. Creates a little bit of space. He goes for the far


corner and trust gets underneath it. Could play from Dundee, almost the


squad that went to Liechtenstein and Spain in October. Good


experience for him, despite the he was away! I almost forgot about


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 78 seconds


that. Yes, there was a slight talent but he overcooked it a few


times. But Dundee get it back immediately. Jamie McCluskey is


slightly unlucky. The ball just hate of a tuft, and he lost


was up anyway. Even if Heffernan found the net, it wouldn't have


counted. That unlike him. It's a great move. He just has to bide his


time. If the ball is decent... He might just go a bit early. It


didn't matter, the final ball was poor. What have you made of the


first half? Dundee have been terrific. They have taken it to


Kilmarnock any time they can. Disappointment when the goal was


chalked off. A moment's hesitation at the back has cost them. The boos


from Dundee supporters, there was controversy because they had the


ball and the Net through Steven Milne. This was the big moment. It


was a touch that took it through. That meant that he was offside. The


referee gave the goal, initially. Charlie Smith, the assistant


referee, didn't Ann Black. He then consulted with him and it was ruled


out. And then that happened. That is why the SPL side lead the first


decision -- First Division side at Well, it hasn't disappointed. Your


old team will be distraught that they are losing? I think they have


been the dominant side in the half. Kilmarnock came into it once they


scored. But with the chances that Dundee have created, the way they


have played and performed for most of the half, they will be


disillusioned to be 1-0 down. Kilmarnock will be feeling very


fortunate to be ahead? To some extent I would agree. The one thing


I will say is that if you are playing on that pitch, playing down


the hill, you get a psychological advantage. They are playing down


the hill just now. They are up for it, it is a home game. The players


are going at 100 miles an hour. They are closing down a high up the


pitch. They are making it very difficult for Kilmarnock. They


couldn't get their normal passing play going. It was looking good in


the early part of the game. Kilmarnock must have thought, look,


it's not going to last for 90 minutes. Hold out and eventually it


will open up. Spaces will come out. When spaces started to develop,


Kilmarnock looked more and more dangerous. For about 25 or 30


minutes, Dundee looked the better side. As half-time approached, I


think they went in and were possibly lucky to be only 1-0 down.


Patterson spoke about Dundee possibly feeling a sense of


injustice. We will get to the big decision later, the right decision


eventually. Other than that, it is about Dundee not taking their


chances? Of course. When you are playing against an SPL team, going


down the hill, they have to take whatever chances come their way.


There were good chances, they missed every one of them. Even


without seeing what Kilmarnock to do, you felt if they got a chance


they would take it. Well, one tie is tugging at the heartstrings of


the Romantics, the Scottish junior team who are playing Hearts. We can


speak to Talbot manager Tommy Sloan. I imagine you are hugely excited


about the prospect of playing this afternoon? Has the town emptied?


think so. There will not be many people left there today. I am lucky


board to it. The last time you were in the capital it was to play


Edinburgh United in the Scottish Junior Cup. You beat them 8-0.


Imagine the atmosphere was a double that different to what to expect


today? -- was a little bit different. It was a bit subdued. We


were a few goals in front quite early. Let's hope it is no


something like that today for Hearts. What sort of financial


boost could this cup tie give the club? Oh, certainly, it will give


us a good financial boost. I don't get involved in that side myself.


It is the football side and interested in. We want to come up


here and put on a good show for the funds. We are not here to roll over.


They will be up for the game from the first minute. It's a change to


going to a match as underdogs. Most games you play I guess you are


favourites? That's right. It's a strange one for us today. But,


again, we are no just going to come up here, we want to try to cause


Hearts a few problems. We got to show a good energy level and keep


at it for the full 90 minutes. We need to oppose them a few problems


as well. It's not just about Do you look back at what happened


with Hibernian a few years ago at Easter Road? They put on a good


performance that day. We would love to do something like that today,


maybe score a goal. Is this one of your bigger games? Hearts have been


in good for getting good results with all of the off-field


distractions and the late pay, they have got some good results. It's as


a lot about the players. Despite their problems, they play as well


as anyone in Scotland at the moment, and we are getting them at the


wrong time. We need to show good spirit here today, and if we can


keep going and stay in the game until half-time, and go well at


half-time, we are trying to stay in the game today. Did you sleep well


looking ahead to this one? No, I only had a few hours' sleep last


night. That is the downside for me. Well done, good luck today, all the


best. Thank you. Let's have a look at what does the competition has to


Pat, which Cambridge Piquet for a shop? A lot of people are talking


about Hibernian. -- which game would you think we'll have a shock?


Airdrie is a tough place to go for any team, and it will be difficult.


It will be a difficult game. They have a fighting unit and very


decent side. Bailey, where we to put your money? -- Where would you


put your money? I would be interested in the Falkirk game. I


know about East Fife have got great players as well. They have caused


damage in the Community Cup. There could be the shock if it goes the


way have East Fife. We spoke about how Dundee had not started a year


ago against Motherwell and were trounced by 4-0, their attitude


today has been totally different and their performance.


questioned before the game, will they be attack-minded, because when


it is a negative looking squad, but no, they went for it from the start.


Gary Hay has been a superb player from the start. They started


creating chances. Kilmarnock could not get out. They had some good


Open chances. They had to get a goal at some point. In the build-up


to this chance, the amount of Dundee midfielder is getting for


word, and the command a calf, eventually, the shot got away. --


and the Kilmarnock half. A good chance. So many chances. I did not


know where the finish would come from. I was hoping eventually won


would fall to Gavin Rae, but that was near the end. Fabulous


defending. We did question if Kilmarnock were strong on their


defending, but they defended really well when they had to. Gavin Rae at


close range earlier on, and then at the end of a long raids at third,


not the most prolific scorer, Gavin Rae. He will be disappointed after


those passages. He should have been working the goalkeeper. You need to


hit the target, otherwise it is a waste. Dundee needed the goal that


got them in front and it probably had it when Stephen Myler got the


goal in their nest, and it unfolds when it was chopped off, and it


turns out it was the fourth official, Frank McDermott that made


the ruling. Where that had happens, it is on the line where the light


is. The assistant, Charlie Smith, he was involved because he saw the


offside. He needed their help of the fourth official. For Dundee and


Barry Smith, it was dragging on for ever and as they were celebrating a


goal. He wanted them to take their time, but maybe be a bit quicker,


but I think he has had a couple of shoppers. He has nailed it here,


because be sold the anger from the assistant referee, and he did not


see the touch. The fourth official said there was a touch. He is off


here at this touch, but it is on the line of shadow and it is


difficult to see. Clear as day here. Before the official can see it. The


SFA have changed it and said that before the official can have an


input in the game, and the fact he had this opportunity has made sure


they got the right decision. Take your time, as long as you get it


right. Add great anger from the dug-outs. It is a great view, and


they have got it spot on. It engages, but in the end it was


the right decision. It is obvious from certain angles. But there were


three teams in the pitch and the third time got it right. -- 13th.


It was a first half that had sucker-punch written all over it,


because Dundee had all of these chances, Ben de Gaulle was taken


off by the officials, and then this corner. -- is then as that goal was


taken off. They could have helped one another. Craig Mackey own


definitely drop some. To give him his due, he has strayed into the


sun and it is to vigour to seek. -- it is difficult to see. It was bad


defending. You know the players that are the most dangerous.


Kilmarnock had not really been in the game, be a looked dangers a few


times on the pitch. It is a kid in a painful place for Dundee because


they attacked so well. -- 88 in the painful place. You're so much in


ascendancy as a team, missing chances, the goal has been taken


off, you need to concentrate. On a few occasions, Kilmarnock made it


look dangerous. Dundee should have been ahead, but able feel fortunate


not to be two goals behind. You can leave a gap behind. Usually, they


are able to finish off this kind of opportunity. There were a few


opportunities for they were getting beyond that line and there was a


big gap. When you have got to the pace of Heffernan, that is a big


chance to take. If you do that against the wind, it is easier to


get in for the striker because the ball well hold up. It might be more


difficult for them to get in behind. This is a big one for Dundee. That


last 15 minutes, they know they are in danger at the back. They need to


start as strong in the second half as they did in the first half.


Dundee played themselves into trouble. They play a higher line,


you have got to watch that. Wilco Marnoch feel that they had


navigators themselves through the difficult patches of the game and


there in a strong position? We all know what the Scottish Cup is like,


anything can happen. They would be getting fired up for the second


half. There may be changes in personnel for the second half. I


would not be surprised. Dundee have to start the second half like the


first, I presume? Yes, pace the game, what possession. Keep up


pressure on and create some chances. Smith's team-talk would have been?


And enjoyable first half. Dundee's hopes of progress saying rely on


them playing as well in this 45 minutes is in the opening period.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 78 seconds


the second half! Ray, right! -- rate, Roy! And incredible start! --


Ray Conroy! Gavin Rae brings it across. Smashes it across the goal!


A brilliant start to the second half for Dundee. 21 seconds were


fans wanted to see. Kilmarnock need to deal with losing their lead now.


This will make for a cracking tired. What ever Barry Smith said at half-


his team might drop a little bit because the weight the first half


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 78 seconds


teeth. Kilmarnock under real pressure at the start of the second


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 78 seconds


that led to that goal. 21 seconds. They could not have dreamt to a


better start. Gavin Rae keeps the goal. He plays it a header. He does


the bright thing, smashes across the goal. It is deflected into the


problems for Dundee. They managed to clear this one. Good save from


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 78 seconds


going to be as good as the first. That question was answered in the


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 78 seconds


Shot. An awkward bounce. -- for a goal shot. That was an odd free-


kick. He went for some pace. The goalkeeper just manages to get it


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 78 seconds


look forward to in their League Cup the change will be made. James


Dayton will come off. To be fair, he hasn't really caused any


problems. They were talking at half-time about playing a higher


line. Well, William Groves is very quick. The Kilmarnock manager will


have had a look, they are more likely to play him through the


middle to use his pace. They might put balls across the top and see if


the pace of William Groves can -- for the other cup-ties this weekend,


two Kilmarnock strikers had got behind the Dundee defence. I think


that is what they are going to do. A different kind of problem full-


back four, they have to work out productive as we approach the hour


mark. Dundee, having scored the goal, they are just making sure


they don't switch off and give anything away. Kilmarnock are


three times, most recently in 1997. That was the final against Falkirk,


at Ibrox. It's incredible to think kick. It's a clever touch. The play


is committed to the challenge. There was a clash of legs, but I


would have settled Trust for the free kick. -- just for the free


kick. Confirmation of the booking Dundee have conceded a few of these


Hay. An anti-climax for the fans behind the goal. I keep saying he


is better than that, but he's got to be hitting the target. You've


got to work their goalkeeper, there is always a chance of the ball


coming back into play. But if you stick it behind the goal, it kills


it completely. Well, the best place to find out how the other ties go


is to tune in to the Sportscene results, that is the 4:30pm on BBC


cup tie, with 30 minutes left. Dundee, equalising in the opening


minutes of the second half, through Steven Milne, after Pascali gave


Kilmarnock the lead just after the ball, Dundee. All of the 50-50s


Rae. It is a corner but it could have been so much better, if Rae


defender around to claim. A Ryan Dundee! We are right behind it.


From here, it did look like a push. That is a yellow card, for his


problems. Ryan Conroy made the run. He ended up under the ball and the


referee points to the spot. You can see it better from here. Sissoko is


all over it. The press -- player goes down. The referee says penalty


and it is hard to argue. Matt Lockwood, who has scored three


times this season, he has the chance to give Dundee the lead.


Matt Lockwood... It saved by Bell! A poor penalty! What a chance gone


made a comfortable save from a missed a right good chance and he


may live to regret that one. Kilmarnock, let off the hook big


ball came through, everybody else was panicking. He was the coolest


man in the park and he just put it it, you can't miss when the


goalkeeper saves it. But that was a miss. It's going to give Kilmarnock


a real lift. You think you are going behind and then you are still


at all. Dundee have to deal with hate seeing it so many times. I am


sure he will, when the highlights move on. But they are still level


and they still have a real chance to put themselves in the next round.


What a let-off for TV. The flag is highlights and you can watch all of


the highlights tonight at 10:20pm probably been their most productive


avenue. Every corner has caused away from the keeper and give


people a chance to get their head on it. You can't really call it end


to end, it has been at one end for a while and then the other one.


another corner. Well-defended at the back post. Sissoko definitely


got the engine height. He took a Dundee have got to do something


about this. If he is going to get beaten by him every time, you've


got to get somebody else on. That will cost you, big time. It's the


third time Pascali has had a clear header in the box. He has missed


two and scored one. There are not many defensive options to them, to


be fair. He does have Benedictus, but that is as defensive as they


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 78 seconds


bouncing and bobbling its way back is going to win, if anyone?


honestly couldn't tell you. I hope it is a great goal, I hope it's not


a mistake, someone looking back on being the player that sold the


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 78 seconds


jerseys when it was such a tight not really tested since the first


minute of the second half. Barry Smith would have liked to see more


of that, having had the bit between their teeth. If you know the centre


half had been booked, run at him every chance you get. He knows he


can't put a leg in or he could be off the park. Now it's got a little


bit scrappy. Earlier there was better play, a lot of one-touch


stuff. Not so much of that. The park is cutting up a little bit,


but neither team could claim to be dominant. It's certainly giving the


bench. The manager is quite happy with the way things are going. 50-


right area. He's been getting on the ball, flicking passes here and


there. It looks like he's been told, stay out there, stretch the defence


and see if you can get some quality problems they have had, they feel


County, particularly if Ross County Jamie McCluskey has had treatment


for cramp. He cannot afford passengers out there. Done they


will have to make the change. Hyde will come on. McCluskey comes


off. Jake Hyde, who dropped to the bench having scored the winner


against Raith Rovers, he is replacing McCluskey. He has been a


cloud -- crowd-pleaser? A lovely footballer, a lot of nice touches.


He just needs to make a bigger impact on the game. He had a decent


match and he has been taken off because the legs have gone. Now


Jake Hyde, fresh legs, new ideas. He had a spell at Dunfermline last


season. He played as a trialist initially, during their transfer


embargo, placed on them because of going into administration last


season. Then he went to Dunfermline eventually. I think he did


everything he could to pull out of the challenge. He realised he was


not getting there and tried to stop. But the FT has come down on the top


of Ross Chisholm's butter. There is certainly no reason for the referee


to take any action. -- the FT has come down on the top of Ross


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 78 seconds


flamboyant winger. He never looked like he was going to create any


space. The defender always had it they knew it could cause real


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 78 seconds


and now the action is raging at the look lively! And Dundee again! Off


the woodwork again! A corner kick. Cameron Bell, one save was good,


and the second was of a different couple of saves, and he holds on to


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 78 seconds


the corner kick is at his life defender the chance to come across


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 78 seconds


in the second half, and he also had a freak cake, because they will lob


this into the box anyway. -- a free-kick. It has been an up-and-


down season for Kilmarnock so far, they lost three of their last 11


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 78 seconds


SPL games, one of it was at Celtic possession in the second half, but


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 78 seconds


to date, is defending has been top teams, if you said, would you be


happy with a draw, and they probably would. You were hoping


that something will happen between now and then and save the bother of


another game. If it returns to rugby parks for a replay, both


sides will figure they can do the have come from getting the ball in


the box. Flashing over the crossbar from Liam Kelly. He strutted with


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 78 seconds


The lines men are under pressure from the Dundee fans. Every time


something goes wrong, there is a shed to have the flag up. -- there


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 78 seconds


Marnoch striker. -- Kilmarnock striker. A lot of referees would


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 78 seconds


time added on at the end of the for you feel something could happen


at any time. Every chance could be a winner for one of these teams


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 78 seconds


deserve to lose today. Cameron Bell had some really good saves.


Kilmarnock had pressure. It has been a great cup tie, and it would


be good to see a second when just like it. You would think that would


be it. The cup-tie has finished, and we will be going to a replay at


on 17th January, Tuesday 17th January at Rugby Park, because


these two could not be separated this afternoon. Matt Lockwood had


the chance to separate them at the second half, and it was 8 TeamBath


-- and it was a great team effort. A great atmosphere in the stadium,


a really good standard for the rest of the ties has been set. Neither


of these two could get through to the 50 round, they have to do it


He came so close, an incredible game, is it again you should have


won? Both teams up the ball in play, it was disappointing losing the:


The set-piece, but they were a different class, the players, they


got in control of the game in the first half, and to start as they


did in the second half was great. In the first 20 minutes, you had a


goal chalked off, you had a penalty saved, it was of a thrilling


quality. Yes, we like to create chances. We did that. We want is to


impress. We are a -- delighted to have the next five. Do you think


you can progress and beat Kilmarnock? We know we have to play


the same way we did today to get any kind of result, Kilmarnock


array Goodstein, and showed how good they are today and there would


expect them to do more of that. -- are a good team.


It had just about everything, those two would do the same thing again


on Tuesday week at Rugby Park. Matt Lockwood will not have an enjoyable


Saturday night. What a great chance for Dundee. I know the way that


Matt Lockwood can take penalties and free-kicks. He will put


pressure on himself. It has not his best penalty, because you can


execute much better than that. Let's hear from Kenny Shiels now.


was this game you should have won? I would not say that. If you look


at the chemistry of the game and the dynamics within it cannot be


spent the first 20 minutes trying to overcome the environment and


trying to stifle that environment. We did that, big as the first 20


minutes, we knew they would throw proverbial is at it. I felt as if


we did that. We got in front of the run of play, playing up the slope,


and we went out at half-time and there were certain things we had to


fix. Really disappointed at the half-hearted tackle. The referee


played at the advantage. The two goalkeepers epitomised by Cameron


Bell is a national goalkeeper and Rob Douglas is that the twilit of


his career, but had a fantastic Kenny Shiels, showing some relief


about still being in the Cup draw. Despite the fact that they went


ahead through Pascali's goal from the corner kick, and corners,


Dundee were suspect that them all the way through, they could have


lost it at the end? They'll be disappointed that they lost a goal


from a corner kick, but they could have lost five. Time and time again,


Pascali is very dangerous. He is strong in the air, but that is poor


defending. They have got to defend far better from set pieces in the


next game. It was important to Dundee how they responded to being


1-0 down into the second half. It didn't take them long, 23 seconds?


The half-time team talk, it was magnificent. Both halves, they


started well in the second half and in the first half as well. It was


good play, a driving run from Gavin Rae. Sissoko could do better, no


doubt. But what a fantastic ball into the box. We mentioned before


the game, the danger man, he scores in big games against SPL clubs.


Sissoko must do better. But then your striker has to get into that


sort of position. He sticks it away well. That is an Ally McCoist


finish. A great ability to time your run right, it is difficult to


mark that. For a defender, you can't get in front of that. It's a


great move. We said at half-time they needed to come out with the


right attitude. They did that, didn't they? And he was pushed by


Sissoko for the penalty, which handed Dundee the chance to finish


the job. Well, we were talking about it off-air. They gave the


ball away cheaply. McCluskey, a great cross, and it's a definite


push. A definite penalty. I've already spoken about Matt


Lockwood's execution. No complaints from Sissoko. But not a great


penalty. Take my word for it, he is usually brilliant at set pieces.


He's got a great record from the spot. The book of cliches tells us


that his Dundee's best chance gone? In it's a cliche for a reason, it


is correct. They had a good chance. They know they are good enough to


create chances against that Kilmarnock team. But Kilmarnock, at


home, with their fans behind them and a lot more space... The big


thing for me, Heffernan was really hesitant today. If he plays at his


best, they could have won easily today. But he didn't do it. I did


they can do better. If they play their best, this one is finished.


But anything could happen. It is the Cup. And there is another


cliche. The coverage continues right through the afternoon on BBC


Radio Scotland. The television results programme is on from 4.30,


with David Currie. That will be all of the news as the final whistles


blow. We will have highlights of all 14 ties played today. That is


tonight at 10.20. The other two ties involving the Old Firm are


Rob Maclean presents live coverage of the Scottish Cup fourth-round tie between Dundee and Kilmarnock from Dens Park. After a shaky start to the season, of late Dundee have looked much more like the team who would have won the First Division at a canter last campaign but for a 25-point deduction imposed for entering administration. Kilmarnock, then, will know that they will have to be on their toes to avoid a Cup upset.

With commentary from Liam McLeod and Craig Paterson.

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