Elfsborg v Celtic Sportscene

Elfsborg v Celtic

Rob Maclean introduces live coverage the second leg of Celtic's match against Elfsborg in Sweden. A chance for the Scottish champions' progress to the play-off round.

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Celtic take another step towards the Champions League play-off. Then and


his team look to launch themselves further into another European


adventure. With me in the studio, a importance and significance of this


game tonight. To: �22 million is what they managed to bring in for


the Champions League last year. As far as Alves Borg are concerned, the


same team that played in Glasgow in the first leg. Do you expect them to


be more advanced and night? More adventurous, to play slightly


further up the park. They have had a great record so far. They will want


to present a more attacking challenge to Celtic. Wilson starts


for Celtic, slight surprise for that. It looks like he's going back


to his old club. Will he be OK tonight? Neil Lennon is the best


judge of that. If Neil Lennon feels he is, we have to say yes. Celtic


know if they win this type, they will have European football all the


way through to Christmas. But it's the Champions League they want. And


if they win tonight, one tie away from the group stages. Celtic played


the same team so far. A tonight. He's gone with the five across the


middle to start of the game. I personally prefer Samaras starting


on the left, using his power, pace and presents, having that free role.


I'm not too sure how clever he is. Neal has gone in. He's left strokes


out. Stokes won't be too happy about that. As long as he feels he still


has a massive part to play... are not used to playing on that


surface. I don't know about you, but playing on an artificial surface,


even though it has improved dramatically since the days we were


playing, now the parlous better and so on, still not quite the same. The


ball can't kick up higher than normal. Most of the players will


have to keep concentrated and get off to a good start. They will now


experience this occasion. It has come a little bit early in the


season for them. But now the league campaign has started. What I would


say about playing on an artificial pitch, great success on it.


Cliftonville were also had an artificial surface. Maybe a good


Stokes. How big a decision was that? A big decision but we have to think


of the opposition. A gamble to go with two wingers to start with.


Plenty of second options. Gives us that extra piece as well. You also


said you have a feeling you may scolded tonight. I hope so.I have


always got Anthony Dave need him. We've got a bull substitutes.


Another plastic pitch. You have your experiences of them in recent years.


Happy with it? A strange one. It's got a sort of slope in the middle of


it. Different to what we normally play on. How important is Champions


League progression? These are really difficult games. The most difficult


period for myself. It's so important. We've got two more games,


but concentrating on one game at a time. Most people expect Celtic to


progress tonight. How confident are you of upsetting the odds? We are


feeling confident because here in our home ground, we normally play


football well. We have lost only one game in 27. We enjoy playing at home


so we have no pressure. For us, it's a game of opportunity. In terms of


how you set up tonight, how different a side should we expect


that we saw in Glasgow? It's the same 11 players. Of course, we have


to play a little bit more offensively because we have to score


goals but we feel we don't have to score in the first half because of


its 0-0 in the first half, we can score in the second half. The main


question is the balance between offence and defence. We are looking


to having an extremely offensive from the first leg result last week.


Only one goal in it. Yes, interesting, good cross. With his


right foot this time but such a vital goal. It sets a tie-up for


Celtic. Celtic rolling out to score one goal. Even if they do too, they


whose two goals, they are still through. They are sixth in the


Swedish league at the moment. They are not exactly in rip-roaring form


at the moment. You all research has watched you watching the tape.


a ridiculous situation. Celtic may the initial mistake of not putting


in the initial contract. If they ever were to meet in any


competition, that's a mistake they made. That is not there. We should


even be talking about whether he plays or not. That should have been


written in the initial deal. But he's a threat, he's strong, use


quick. He will want to prove to Celtic and Neil Lennon that he


should be in the Celtic team. From his point of view, he has wanted to


show Neil... It rattles the bar there. They've got dangerous


players. If it was me, I would probably show respect to my parent


club and not play. The pressure on Celtic getting there has been


massive and that's something Neil Lennon wants to keep away from the


players. The players are aware if they don't go through, it is such a


long season for them. Getting through tonight would be mass for


Celtic and Scottish football. Last year, they earned �20 million. But


everybody concerned, it was such a fantastic thing to watch. The only


thing about these players, it adds real value. You have looked at what


they have got. They wouldn't have got that if they were playing at the


highest level. They are aware that pressure. How do they handle it?


They will feel confident. If you are looking for a parallel, last season,


Celtic knocked out those -- knocked out the season champions. If Celtic


got the job done, live coverage on the BBC of the second leg coming


comfortable European passages. The Swedish champions were pretty happy


with the ones - zero defeat they took back. Commons stooped to head,


giving his team the advantage right Swedish champions. Wilson looks as


though he's off to Nottingham Forrest. But Stokes has been


will this go? The Swedish champions have a more offensive team. But Neil


Lennon had a little note of caution, talking about half-time


level. I'm not quite sure they will come out all guns blazing. They will


the Swedish champions. At this stage last year, it was Helsinki and


Celtic were 2-1 up. This is a better lead. It is the fourth of six


hurdles they need to overcome. But the next one is a high jump in it


hearts's drawl at Anfield last August. He could be a massive player


for Celtic tonight. He proved that countless times. Much controversy


surrounding his inclusion in the starting line-up last week. We so


OTT from seed in the domestic game, players on loan cannot play against


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 45 seconds


are out to win this one. Perhaps not Tonight Celtic up against Elfsborg


struggling for form. Their hands are beginning to slip off the Swedish


title. Sixth in the league just now, mid season, here in Sweden, nine


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 45 seconds


very well in the air against him in the first game. Caused them


number 25 in behind the Celtic defence. Bangura almost cut the ball


out. Wilson went tight, but turned easily. It was then that the ball


almost went in behind the play in advance was offside. It went to


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 45 seconds


Bangura who intercepted and Klarstrom. Easy for Ambrose. The big


decision for Neil Lennon when it came to Stokes does he play Stokes


up front and Samaras to the left or bring in Charlie Mulgrew, he went


for the latter? The set-pieces will be important tonight. They have lost


goals from corner kicks. Lost a goal from a wide free-kick and a header.


He will think that Charlie's set-pieces will be very important


tonight. Is Charlie Mulgrew. A challenge by Larsson. Former Sweden


under-21 international with the tackle. Celtic would love an early


deal of width, they are playing narrow, a lot of players around each


coach guided them to the title last season. They are not in


title-winning form. The Swedish title was won almost a year ago,


really, last autumn. He has kept most of the team that was


successful. This is Izaguirre, he picked out Bangura. He wasn't far


away from the man on-loan from Celtic. Spectacular effort. Terrific


effort. Good ball in. A little bit of gymnastic ability there. A little


bit unlucky. Really unlucky not to score a goal there. That is a big


warning to Celtic the danger that he can pose. That's if they don't know


it already! The Elfsborg fans in the stand that we are in, which is where


the cameras are, all felt that was front, one has to engage them. That


ball can't come in. One has to engage him and stop him receiving


that ball and put pressure on him. Elfsborg have started brightly, as


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 45 seconds


they had to, 1-0 down in the tie. It to see him play well in a Scottish


squad next week that has a chance of playing in Wembley. A big


performance tonight. Away from home you need the player who can take up


the park and make or get you a goal. It's a big role for him tonight.


Elfsborg free-kick. Bangura chopped very useful area for the Swedish


champions. Mulgrew, Wilson, Samaras, they have a lot of height Celtic. As


much as it is a dangerous position, Celtic should be more than capable


of defending this. Ishizaki is over it. Bangura was involved. He was


challenging with Joe Ledley. Did he use the hand? The referee goes to


his pocket. There is no card coming out for Bangura. I think it was a


hand, trying to gain an advantage there. The referee reacted


immediately as if he was going to book to him. By the time he reached


him and spoke to him he didn't book him, which was a little bit of a


surprise. No supporters behind Forster's goal as it's terrace


terracing and UEFA don't allow that. Useful ball in. Ellegaard


the keeper. They don't want to be put putting balls in random, they


need to be more selective, if Samaras is on his own, pick him out,


don't put it in there hoping for something, pick him out. Ellegaard,


the goalkeeper, started his career at Manchester City. Ambrose deals


with it. Celtic will try and make the world, he was looking for


Izaguirre. Can he get there? Yes, he can. Samaras. Well, that is a


massive chance. A great ball over the top. Must take it down the right


hand side, puts in a terrific ball, the sort of ball that a centre


forward wants. Not a lot of action on it. A ball left up in the air for


Samaras to head. Really, Samaras will be disappointed that he didn't


score there. That was a huge chance for Celtic to make life very


difficult for Elfsborg with a 2-0 advantage. The manager thought he


had it. He thought he had a two-goal lead which would have meant Elfsborg


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 45 seconds


would need to win by three, at least there, Bangura might be in. Ambrose


stands his ground. Just for a split second it looked as if Alhassan


Bangura had got goal-side of Ambrose. Ambrose was a little bit


tight. He has to be touch tight there. He has to be able to see the


ball. He got up against Bangura and got a little bit lucky. It almost


got the other side of him. Again, I think this pitch, on a grass pitch


you might have got that ball out and got a shot in. Looking for King.


They couldn't decide what to do. James Keene... Celtic looking


dangerous dangerously at the back. Uncertainty. They have to be not too


tight as we said already. Ambrose has already, Wilson has already.


Allowing Bangura to get to the other side of him. They have been


fortunate he has not got away. A little bit of hesitation dealing


with the ball. Bangura's hand that hit, not Ambrose. Elfsborg corner.


It's Ishizaki who will take it. Two Elfsborg players went for it.


Samaras thump it is anywhere. Celtic under the kosh here. Ledley is there


to spoon it away. Samaras will go on the counter. If he can get it under


control, Celtic are three on two. He has been pick-pocketed by Larsson.


Samaras hauls Larsson to the ground. The Elfsborg are baying for the


Greek international. They want to see a yellow card here. Initially,


Samaras did well. He got to the ball first. He turned back on to his left


foot. As he looked out the other side to see if they can get the ball


to the play player he gave the ball away. He intended to play-the-ball


that was there for Samaras, he was frustrated with it. There wasn't


much contact. Perhaps that is why ball up to him. Just give Celtic a


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 45 seconds


little bit of time for the likes of Celtic. At one point, I thought you


would go down. But he's got a corner kick. Samaras will give them a bit


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 45 seconds


of a problem. But I think commons is scrappy at the moment. Celtic are


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 45 seconds


a little bit ragged. Celtic are Celtic free kick. This is a


fantastic opportunity for Celtic. The centre half didn't judge that at


all well. Celtic are seeking to take advantage of this opening. Chances


like this certainly don't come very often. The goalkeeper trying to


arrange the yellow and black wall. In discussion with Svensson.


Potentially huge moment in this Champions League second leg. Mulgrew


These were two fantastic opportunities for Celtic. It broke


through the wall, dropped on the edge of the six yard box. The


goalkeeper made a fantastic save but I still think Celtic should be ahead


Lennon knows there is still danger. Celtic still have to be very


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 45 seconds


Forrest has got behind it. Give him that. And a potential for Lustig


that territory and then you give managers. Neil Lennon looked a


little bit stressed there. I think you would be frustrated. The game


has deteriorated. It is a little bit scrappy. Bangura and Keane both


putting pressure on Wilson and Ambrose and they are not enjoying


are on their travels are Elfsborg. Already, we have seen a lot more of


them as an attacking force tonight than they were at Celtic Park last


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 45 seconds


Svensson was the one man who has Bangura. He's been a handful. A


couple of times, he has been lucky not to get behind them. Celtic have


got away with it but I think that he obviously is conscience he is


playing against his old team. He is said to prove he should be playing


for Celtic are not Elfsborg tonight. Still will not sure about his


hamstring problem till just before kick-off. Keeping an eye on him


during warm up. Certainly don't think he'll last the 90 minutes


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 45 seconds


pressure. From Somerset, 27 years of They are coming out a little bit


ragged, a little bit slowly. Bangura hasn't got Wilson and Ambrose for


pace. Well, the ball has come in for Bangura. Another worry for Neil


Lennon. He's got to mark him better, got to engage him. He has


closed his body to Bangura and has lost him. He has got to keep better


contact with him. If they get up to the halfway line, you has not got


the pace to out run Ambrose on just three starts, no goals. One of


those starts was a Roper league game. He is throwing his weight


around upfront. His header there was not a good good as Chancellor


Samaras. Bangura could be expected It has turned into a pass back from


It has turned into a pass back from are coming from Elfsborg losing the


ball? It will worry Neil Lennon what is happening up front. Bangura has


given a foul away at that time, that is where he will be worrying,


looking at his centre halfs thinking they have been messed about. It's


causing the whole team a little bit of anxiety, it's creeping into the


play and passing. They have to get a bitter grip of Bangura and the whole


confidence then can go through the team. It is giving Neil Lennon


plenty to think about so far. They have just played over the half-hour


mark, 0-0. Celtic still ahead in the tie on aggregate. Brown was taken


Svensson in the engine room, out wide tonight. A corner. That was a


good idea, Forrest pulled off. They played a good ball into his feet.


Likewise, Forrest did the right thing, quickly turned it on to his


right foot and won a danger kick. Dangerous position for Celtic,


Charlie Mulgrew and the quality he can deliver. We know about Charlie


Mulgrew's left foot. What can he conjure up here? The goalkeeper


thought about coming. It didn't matter in any case. Again, like the


throw-in in the same corner, dispinting challenge, over hit it


there. Not sure again whether the surface put too much on it. They


have to put a ball in. With the quality he has, he should be putting


the ball in put pressure on the Elfsborg back four and the Elfsborg


goalkeeper. It came straight out for a goal kick. There is someone


struggling in the Elfsborg backline. It looks as though he is get getting


ready to come on. This could be a nervy night in Scandinavia. Mobaeck


comes off replaced by the younger Tom Soderberg who had six years at a


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 45 seconds


team not far from here, he is a new Matthew Stokes, Watt and Kayal.


Wilson, on the stretch, didn't get much of the ball, if at all.


Elfsborg will play on. Celtic dig it game and his role playing upfront


and whether he would be effective. So far he hasn't really been as


effective as we have seen him be when he is coming from the deeper


positions, from the wider left hand side when he is able to...


Balcombing in from the right - sorry, carry on. He was able to run


at people. You know, to carry the ball at them. He is not able to do


that because he is playing with his back to the back four. Kean, good


turn, not such a good shot. -- Keene. This was Bangura again. There


was the challenge by Wilson, got the right booed on it, Izaguirre did as


well. Izaguirre definitely did. I think Wilson missed the ball. It


could easily have been a free-kick. It looked if he got anything on it,


it was a faint touch, when we first strength at which that pass came to


him. It might set something up though, Commons. Ledley to Lustig,


Scottish internationals. In their Charlie Mulgrew. He did as well as


he could with the cross. It was a little bit too high for him. They


spoke before the game about being half-time at level. They have done


that. In fact, they have stepped on and put Celtic under pressure. They


have played up against Celtic. is on the ground. No free-kick, the


Russian referee has little sympathy. He will stop proceedings now. They


have already had to make one change Elfsborg, Keene clutching on to his


right ankle. Am rose, the offender. -- Ambrose. He has had seven loan


flicked on by Samaras, easy for slash astronomy. -- Klarstrom. Keene


is all better. Bangura. Klarstrom looking for Rohden. The referee


wasn't happy with the challenge by Svensson. Showing a lot of


experience there, Scott Brown, winning himself a free-kick there.


Bangura has given the two centre halfs a problem. You spoke about him


being a player who came from Kidderminster, he is carving himself


out a great career over here. He shouldn't be able to give them as


difficult a time as he is. Celtic's kr halves need to do better against


these two. The defence got a good run out in the Champions League's


Group stage last season. Adam Matthews is on the bench tonight, he


played his part as well. It has been Izaguirre and Brown. Hoofs it clear.


played into the middle earlier. Towards Ishizaki, Wilson. Wilson


claiming his innocence, and the around in the wide areas again. In


towards Bangura. 6 foot 7 figure of Fraser Forster collects. Not winning


the ball allowed the cross to come in. Forster took it comfortably. The


centre half impulsive. He needs to pick and choose when he is going to


ground. He needs to win the ball if he does. That is the number 21,


Hauger. Creeping ever closer to the half-time whistle. Celtic still


leading by 1-0 on aggregate, 0-0 here in Boras Arena. Samaras had a


header that went over and Ledley's attempt saved. The manager has


different aspects to think about defensively. He has to take into


account they are away from home and thinking about getting a goal. You


wonder about Anthony Stokes and beyond that Hooper in particular.


Those two chances, if either of them had been on the end of them, would


both of them be in a goal and would this tie be all over? Gary Hooper


and Victor Wanyama two of the stars of the show last season in Europe.


There were many in green and white. So many helped guide the club into


the last 16. Lustig, it opened up for him. If you are a striker you


are doing well to score from, there let alone a right back. I don't mind


him doing that. They were taking shots from distance warming up. A


lot was ending up in the bottom corner of the net. He had a lash. It


went 15 yards wide. You have to hit a target. There is an opportunity on


this surface. The ball can move very quickly and it's difficult for the


Soderberg there. Soderberg got there first. Mulgrew. Missed by Larsson.


The flag is up on this near side. think he was margin Ali offside


there. They have to do that. Samaras did win the header earlier in that


sequence. He won the header, Forrest was the one support it and getting


on the end of it. There has been a lot of balls up to Samaras he hasn't


won as cleanly as that. He has to do as well as that, better than he has


been doing. Ambrose missed that, to Lennon, because he is leading the


tie or Jorgen Lennartsson because he is happy with that scoreline?


think it will be Jorgen Lennartsson. He will seen more, nerves at the


back. Seen what Bangura and Keene have gone to the Celtic back four.


He will be encouraged. Neil Lennon at half-time will have things to say


to help put this right. There is uncertainty in the cellic's


performance. First half is not over, a minute of stoppage-time. We moved


into that. That was sold short to Svensson, which Mulgrew was across.


Celtic have somehow contrived to give the ball away. Bangura's effort


is blocked by Wilson. The Swedish fans want a penalty. He went to


ground that time. He wrapped his leg around, it was a good challenge. He


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 45 seconds


half-time, with literally seconds to behind it. That is the final act of


the first half. We are no nearer knowing who will go through this


time. The manager reckoned 0-0 would be a decent score for his Swedish


the balance, isn't it? Play a lot better. They have looked very one


dimensional, very predictable. Every time the goalkeeper, Forster, has


got the ball, all he does is the big move up the middle to Samaras. I


would like to see Lustig split wide. You've got players like Ledley


and Brown in the middle of the park, meant to be good footballers, good


passes. Go and get the ball. Commons is in there to get on the ball and


make things happen for Celtic. I have not seen him in 45 minutes.


When Forrest is running at the full-back, he is looking inside.


Samaras is drifting out to the left. Commons is nowhere to be


seen. You've got to have an option for Forrest. Saying all that, they


can play a lot better. The worry I have is the defensive qualities of


Celtic. They are so deep at times, and this big gap is between the


midfield and defence. Bangura is using his strength. It only takes


one header down or one deflection and a midfielder coming onto that.


They also have a very good chance, like Bangura's chance. I would like


to see that again. But maybe he should dominate. It only takes one


opportunity. John is talking from an attacking side, I am also talking


about it defensively. The picture is not good as well. They are finding


it difficult. A lot of it has been uncomfortable viewing but Celtic


have two great chances to score. Yes, but lasting does brilliantly to


get there. It's criminal not to hit the target. Lustig does brilliantly.


He's got to hit it back across the goalkeeper. I've seen a Samaras


score lots of good headers. There is the reaction on the touchline to


that. They realise how big a chance it was. So was this. And what a


fantastic save. What a fantastic save. He sticks up his hand, comes


out. He didn't know much about it but he made a fantastic save and


that was probably the best chance of the game. I don't blame Ledley too


much there. The goalkeeper has spread himself, much like Schmeichel


used to do. We've got a request to see the Bangura header. This was a


big chance, wasn't it? Big chance. I don't know where his starting


position was, but almost ended up in the six yard box. Ambrose didn't do


himself any favours, either. Hit it back across the goalkeeper. When the


winger has got time, he's sprinting out, stopping that cross. Stop the


initial ball come in the box. Then Ambrose doesn't have to deal with


the problem. There were a couple of other incidents where the ball was


way out. Celtic have created chances are not defended well. Wilson and


Ambrose at times look as if they never played together at the back.


That's what Neil Lennon will be saying to them at half-time. They've


got to sharpen up. The next 45 minutes is massive in terms of their


season, their futures. John was right earlier on. Celtic need to get


a hold of the ball. They need to pass it around. These players are


good passes. This is why they play for Celtic. We spoke about the


pressure of tonight, about what it means. Is that showing itself?


not so sure. I think the pictures and helping them. I've seen one ball


coming into the box and it's almost checked back. But they are not used


to playing on that. When they get the ball, it is coming off them


quicker. Even the quality of the past, maybe they are overheating. It


does look as if there is a little bit of nerves, certainly at the


back. Wilson is leaving the football club tomorrow, apparently, so I


don't know where his head is tonight. But I just think in


football, you've always got a chance to put it right, and it's not been a


great first half from Celtic. I expect them to come out sharper and


braver. Bangura is causing Ambrose on Wilson problems, isn't he?


does well to get an overhead kick. It is individual ability this


season. But it's the strength. Every time he looks as if he wants to hit


about being outmuscled. Ambrose does well in the end because he stands


strong. But Bangura should take that onto his left side, chances left


foot, but in the end, Ambrose gets back. When you drop off into those


areas, then he becomes dangerous. You were a big guy. As a centre


forward, you can push the centre halfback. The centre halves should


be up, pushing the centre forwards up all the time. They are missing


out the midfield a lot of the time. Celtic should surely be dealing with


this better. This is a little overhead pass for Keene. This is how


Swedish teams to play. But look at the gaps between midfield and the


back forward. They are not dealing with at first ball. I think it was


Mulgrew that time, a handball. Don't let him get in front here.


Celtic have been very similar. Look how many times Celtic get them play


from the back. Every single occasion, when forced gets the ball,


he who set up to Samaras. But we are then going away from what Celtic are


very good at, they are a very good passing team. You see them at home


sometimes, they pass to death. Go out there, have the confidence and


be brave to pass the ball around. So is that what Neil Lennon is


concentrating on at the moment? think he will be working on their


mentality little bit. But yes, he will be asking them to pass the ball


but will not be creating negatives at half-time. He will be trying to


keep them motivated. We haven't seen comments yet in the game. Celtic


have created the two best chances in the game. Neal took a gamble,


playing Mulgrew. If he had gone with strokes, it's all ifs and buts.


Annie has the opportunity to bring Stokes into the game as well.


is his big chance. Yes, he's on the bench, but he could come on. He has


the opportunity. It only takes one more goal in the tie is finished. By


bringing in Stokes, you might make Samaras more comfortable as well.


highlighted it at times. Samaras naturally just drifted out. He had


hardly been out the right-hand side because he is so used to playing out


on the left. We may see a change. We may see Mulgrew going off. You may


see Stokes come on. He might push Samaras out onto the left. Wilson


appears to be on his way out, back to Nottingham Forrest. How concerned


would you be by the fact that Cooper, first choice picks, Wilson?


Is the timing of it. I don't know when this has been brewing. It's


come out over the last 24 hours that he has been moving. If it's a


professional move, I think it's outrageous because Celtic are in the


Champions League and will help them progress. If it's a family issue,


then we have two say everybody needs to deal with those family problems.


I hope it's the second one. But it's the timing of it! For Neil Lennon,


he's left centre back. Now he has to start all over again. They've


obviously brought in the Dutch guy. But then they can move Charlie back


in there. But I would rather Charlie playing out on the left-hand side.


How much will they were Miss Wilson? He's been solid. He's played in big


games. I think maybe he's unsettled. Maybe he's got issues at home. From


a professional point of view, you don't go to Nottingham Forrest and


swap. I thought there were times last year where his confidence was


way down there. He should be able to go out there and get on the ball and


demand the ball. It's an individual, confidence thing, though. Players


have to get that confidence themselves. Nobody teaches a centre


forward to score goals and be comfortable. He have to bring that


out yourself. That's what the top players do. How confident are you


feeling that Celtic can get the job done here? Before the game, I was


always confident they would get that goal. They have had two very good


chances. I think they will get more chances. They have to take it


because the longer the game this goes on, they could be in trouble.


still think Celtic will score a goal. Although Celtic have got


themselves into difficulties, two golden chances. Celtic will create a


chance. If they defend resolutely, properly, don't get outmuscled. They


will get a chance in the game. good are Elfsborg? I think their


game is getting up to the big guy. They don't have enough quality


across the midfield. It's just how Celtic defending deal with that


first ball. I don't know where the other guys from, is he Japanese? He


throws in a decent ball. Attitude? They can play better than they did.


In terms of the second-half, they will have a chance. That the will be


the most annoying thing, if elt Celtic go out tonight - God forbid


they don't, if they do, they will look at this Elfsborg side and say


we are better than this. They have the second-half to prove it now.


is still goalless in Sweden between Elfsborg and Celtic. It 's Kris


Commons' goal from last week which is the only one, 1-0 Celtic lead on


aggregate as the second-half is about to get underway and we return


to our commentators Mark McKee and COMMENTATOR: The seventh time


Scottish teams have met Swedish opposition. St Mirren played


Elfsborg in the UEFA Cup first round. St Mirren went through on


that occasion. Dundee United, UEFA Cup final, the season after that.


Rangers two years ago. The Swedes going through 1-0 a win at Ibrox


followed by a 1-1 draw in Sweden. Then that Elfsborg victory for


Celtic last year. Hibs did play Elfsborg in 2008. Two, 2-0 wins for


Elfsborg. Celtic get underway which is a massive and crucial 45 minutes


of their season. They look to get off and running on the front foot


with Commons, Brown. No changes at half-time. Elfsborg forced into one


change in the first half. That is Mulgrew. Not a bad ball for Commons.


Positive start by Celtic, just a simple centre taking it out to


Forrest and letting him get the ball up the park for Celtic. It has given


and Moscow and Juventus Elfsborg went out of the Europa League last


season. Ambrose being put under pressure by Keene. It is a Celtic


ball. The guys in the studio, Mark, hinting that Neil Lennon will have


had plenty to say to his players at half-time, he wouldn't have been


happy, would you agree? I'm sure the tone of his voice was that, but I'm


sure he had a lot of instructions that would help the performance.


almost dropped back to Rohden. referee gave a slight advantage to


Celtic there, that is why they played the drop ball. Almost came to


Keene. Ishizaki as well. Another awkward one for the Celtic defence,


Bangura beaten Ambrose to it. Ambrose is hopping a little bit. I


think he is feeling sorry for himself. He didn't come out and step


on to it. He is walking gingerly. He is making, you know, faces as if he


is under pressure physically. He is feeling a little bit sorry for


himself I think. Kevin Wilson likely to depart tomorrow. Celtic don't


want any more injuries to their saw that a lot in the first half.


Celtic with the square balls, they have been caught out a few times


with that now. The surface, it doesn't get there as wick quickly.


Pat was talk about that in the studio. I don't want to labour the


point about the surface, but it is different from playing on grass.


It's an artificial surface in Helsinki a year ago, Celtic winning


that one 2-0 on the night and spart particular Moscow as well and


Cliftonville in Belfast. He had a couple of options there, Commons


unlucky there. The surface, the ball - Neil Lennon spoke about it taking


the ball away. He did well there. He got a little bit unlucky. Lustig was


Bangura, the referee has let that one go. Rohden, testing Lustig.


Ambrose not looking comfortable in going to trouble the keeper. Now


they have a corner, they have to defend it. Celtic laboured in


defence. Cumbersome. Stefan Ishizaki prepares to take the corner. He has


pulled it a back to Larsson, who is renowned for his distance shooting.


Well wide. Terrific corner from the training ground. Sucked all of the


Celtic defenders, all of the Celtic midfield inside the 18 yard box and


cut the ball all the way back. Struck the ball well, but didn't hit


the target, thankfully for Celtic's sake. Elfsborg has lost once in the


league here since the 12th September 2011. It is the start of a winless


run for them, if they did lose. They are in no real form. They did come


it. Celtic would like a feel of the ball six-and-a-half minutes into the


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 45 seconds


eventually gets it under control. the referee has given the free-kick


to Elfsborg in a useful kind of area. A dangerous area for Celtic.


Just before that, two balls forward, Ambrose won one, Wilson won one.


Celtic won procession and got play. An unnecessary free-kick there from


Scott Brown. Ishizaki to take. More questions being asked of this Celtic


rear-guard. Everyone in green and delivery. Ambrose couldn't get it


fully clear. The shot is blocked. Forrest folks away to Commons.


players. That is an Elfsborg ball. Lustig knows that. He does know it.


I hope that's not Costly. Elfsborg giving it straight back. -- costly.


Elfsborg continue to press. Ambrose dealt with it that time, no


hesitation in trying to bring it down, or go back to the keeper, they


can regroup and deal with the more aggressive? I think they have


to retain their composure. They haven't to panic. They are winning


over the two legs. It's still 0-0. Not really threatening a goal,


Elfsborg, just keep it going, just be careful. Larsson's long throw-in


into the box. It's flicked on. Forster couldn't get there. A man


went down inside the six-yard box. There is a flag up. Keene went to


ground. Heart and mouth stuff for Celtic players. Bangura, it knead


through to him. Maybe it didn't get all the way to him. There was an


offside decision anyway. Scrappy again. They came out of it. It


remains 0-0. Get your composure. Get a hold of the ball again. The two


balls forward, they had one, keep winning the balls and keep building


off it. Forster did enough there. That was a dlaedful header. Commons


almost forcing it through to Mulgrew. A lettoff for Celtic


though. -- dreadful. -- let-off. 11 minutes into the second-half, for


the second leg of this Champions League's Third qualifying round tie.


Hooked away by Soderberg, whose mistake it was in the first place.


It looks like he could be got a. Brown. Offside. Against Forrest.


Yeah. Celtic and Samaras and Commons has been doing what Bangura has been


do doing in the first half. Motherwell are in Russia. They were


training in the park tonight. They are 2-0 down. St Johnstone are 1-0


up, thanks to that crucial goal from Stephen McClean in the first leg


last week. Coverage tomorrow night with Sportsound. It's all about the


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 45 seconds


Champions League tonight as Lustig so from Celtic's point of view.


Celtic made about six or seven passes. Till now, it has been three


or four. Celtic a little bit better something to spark them. What we


don't want to see is that it becomes an open game. Celtic are to retain


their composure and shaping discipline and see this game out. Do


not let the game become a sort of 50-50 open game. Celtic 's fifth


competitive game of the season. from Wilson. He gets away with it.


Keene looking at the assistant referee. Collins wins a free kick


for Celtic. At the very least, it looks robust. The linesmen are only


yards away from them. He didn't deem that a penalty kick so we have to


trust his judgement. But a risky challenge in that situation. A wee


niggly at each other there, Keene beyond the hour mark. Celtic still


that won gold to the good in the tie. I saw the referee have a little


look over at him and we held our breath. But no reaction from the


assistant referee and thankfully, no final leg against Helsinki where


Celtic scored two goals and sealed it. How they would love to get one


now. I think we got some feedback from the Celtic dressing room. They


felt they were fitter than Elsa Berg in the second half. If that was the


case, it could happen again. We saw Neil Lennon not happy with the


challenge by Keene. He should have got a penalty, he feels. He is


convinced that he should have had a penalty. He still feels badly done


make tonight. The ball will accelerate on the surface. It's a


difficult surface but he had a well covered. We saw Keene again not


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 45 seconds


in, manipulated the ball, been involved in the game a bit more than


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 45 seconds


ball. When he has laid it down to Commons, he came on to it, struck


the ball, but just not well enough to hit the target. We saw a replay


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 45 seconds


scrappy than we saw in the first half as we move into the final


space and Bangura laid down a ball that was overhit. Celtic need to be


careful. As the game goes on, they will push and push it and run out of


energy, and Celtic will become stronger. Stokes is getting ready to


come on. We are not sure yet. might be that Forrest or Samaras


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 45 seconds


come out on this site, and maybe we to, which is the way he plays.


Samaras doesn't normally play like that. Stokes will go through the


County. One very late in the day. Samaras missed it with a toe injury.


He's off, Stokes is on. Different threat for Elfsborg to deal with.


Neil Lennon did say that pitch side, he would be surprised if Samaras


went the whole distance. Maybe we should have expected he would come


off. If Celtic to create another chance and Stokes is the man at the


end of it, chances are, he will put at the back of the net. Mulgrew is


also struggling a bit. He might be off as well. A good challenge by


Wilson. Bangura really giving Celtic a difficult time. Laid a great ball


into his path. Wilson came across, spread himself as you would expect


him to do. But he seems to hurt himself in the process.


Mulgrew, surely the game is over for him. Celtic will have to make a


change again in quick succession. Mulgrew, who missed the start of the


season because of injury, his first competitive appearance of the


season. The second leg of the Cliftonville tie. It was just last


week Mulgrew's first competitive it parents. He is going to have to come


off air now. We are talking about the defensive options being limited


for Neil Lennon because we are expecting Wilson to leave the club


this week. I don't think Neil Lennon will be looking beyond the last 20


minutes of this match. He's worrying about tonight. Wilson was hobbling a


little bit but I think he's OK. He's taking a drink. But I think he's


going to make it through the game. He seemed to have blocked his ankle


a little bit. He looks fine. Mulgrew is not fine, though. Celtic hadn't


brought anyone on yet. In trying to shout someone over. Matthews,


enough to withstand a potential Elfsborg attack here before that can


Elfsborg attack here before that can Elfsborg attack here before that can


minutes to go. Rohden, it's found Larsson. Commons bullying him off


the ball. That is good play. The man who has the only tie in the game so


far. It's sensible he has given his time to regroup and reshape. They


are down a man. They need the man on quickly. They can't go on too long


with 10-men against this team who are stepping on trying to get this


late goal. There will be an urgency about Elfsborg as Celtic bring


Champions League last season. The Sweden under-21 international


Hedlund. He will slip into the central role beside Svensson or move


out to the right. In he'll come. He might allow Marcus Rohden to move in


beside Svensson. You are getting to that stage where a Celtic goal now


would surely put them through. They haven't done much attacking in this


to Elfsborg here. The man who has come on, Hedlund, who won the


free-kick, in a good area. He did well to get the free-kick. I don't


think he got to the ball. He launched himself. Izaguirre got well


in getting away. He goes to ground, very, very easily. It's a really


dangerous position for Celtic at this stage. Elfsborg would snap your


arm off for extra-time right now. Stokes is in the middle of the


Celticle wall. Ledley, Brown and Commons also in there. This is a


heart and mouth moment this for Celtic. Ishizaki flies it in. The


referee's whistle sounds. That will be a brilliant sound for the Celtic


defence. Jorgen Lennartsson will be disappointed in that. Again, a


situation that was really asking to be put into that area, the second


six-yard box. He played it way beyond everyone. Had had came out


for a goal kick. A big lettoff for Celtic. Dusk fall falling over


Scandinavia. Lustig is limping too. Celtic have been hit hard in the


wounded department tonight. Forrest. Ledley. Back by Hedlund. He has made


an impact already, he is just on a couple of minutes. Commons. He has


given that to Bangura. For what ever reason it hasn't tonight for Celtic


so far. It is still 0-0 on the night. They lead on the aggregate


scoreline. This is Keene. Slightest touch on it to nick it away from


Svensson. Brown. Soderberg. Frustration for Matthews because


Commons moved it to Stokes instead. 13 minutes to go. Elfsborg won their


sixth Swedish championship last season. The first since 2006. They


hadn't won it since 61, a 45 year gap. It does not look as if they


will be retaining their title this season. They can still maintain


hopes of advancing in the Champions place in the play-offs, the draw of


place in the play-offs, the draw of which is made on Friday. Forrest


up-ended by Hedlund. Izaguirre defended quite well. A minute ago he


was unlucky, he didn't get to the ball when the player went down. I


think the player threw himself to the ground. Otherwise, I think he's


defended quite well. The referee warning Fraser Forster he is taking


too long over this, soaking up the was going to be for Anthony Stokes.


To launch it up to Anthony Stokes is wasteful. It has been missed by


Ambrose. This is Keene, Wilson and Lustig combine. It's a corner.


Lustig had to deal with it. Lustig recovered really, really well. Again


the centre halves -- centre halfs went and missed it. Celtic's back


four were in a business of disarray. Potentially nerve-wracking 11


minutes for the Celtic supporters. The right foot of Ishizaki. That


came right through, it came off Joe Ledley's head last. It's an


Elfsborg's ball. Away very quickly. Larsson's delivery. Wilson met it.


Klarstrom, Soderberg. Izaguirre, will try and Shepherd it out.


Izaguirre did it well. Celtic have to be careful. 10 minutes on the


clock. The clock is up behind both goals, the players can see it. 10


minutes to go, they don't want to get deeper and deeper and defend


their 18 yard box, that is is a dangerous tactic. They have to get


out, get the ball to Stokes and Forrest and pose some threat on


Wilson's header wasn't decisive. Izaguirre has found his goalkeeper.


It's not what his manager would have liked to have seen? No. I think that


Jorgen Lennartsson... Too high for Stokes, the flag was up in any case,


offside. I think that Jorgen Lennartsson will still be thinking


there is something in this game for him. Hedlund got the better of


Izaguirre there, he didn't get the better of himself. They are playing


quickly. The balls are coming back in off the ballboys quickly. They


are keeping Celtic under pressure. The manager on the far side there


will be thinking is that he can get their seats here, I'm sure they are


himself. A high boot by Stokes on was looking to knock it out to that


far side. A bit of a waste in the end. That was unnecessary. At this


stage, with eight minutes to go, they have to make sure any


opportunity they get to get the ball into an area that puts Celtic under


pressure, they have to do that. was the arm, not the boot, of


of a qualifier when your lead is so slim, so slender, the backpass there


becomes a lot more difficult. Commons, he managed to find Stokes.


The ref has pulled it back. Didn't like the challenge by Stokes there


on Jorgensen. I don't think it was a replacing Klarstrom. He came on at


Celtic Park, Elm, last week. He went on and pushed straight upfront. He


is a bigger boy. Chasing. Svensson there as well. The 37-year-old


sticking with Commons. He has fouled him there. We move o move into the


final six minutes. Good energy from Commons. He was chasing that. Not a


great ball. He got there first. He got the team a free-kick in a decent


area, in that stage of the game where they need to take the pressure


off themselves. It's exactly what Celtic needed that the stage.


Svensson with the foul. Commons was fouled and it's him who will take


waste. Neil Lennon turns around into his diggout in disgust after seeing


that. He choose to take a short one and try and retain possession of the


free-kick rather than put the ball in the box. I think if Ambrose has


come up, which it did, you have to put it in it there and give yourself


a chance of scoring a goal. One for Bangura. Tried to play into the path


of Keene. Lustig comes across. Goal kick. Keene reckons it's a corner,


ever in terms of Neil Lennon's eyes. He saw him giving his back four a


difficult evening. He has not scored. He hasn't been a goal


threat. He put himself about. He kept the Celtic back four under


pressure throughout the game. gets that off Svensson. Plenty in


support of this. Forrest trying to squeeze it through, he didn't manage


that. That is a heavy touch. Celtic are very, very close to going


the air, he has pulled it down on his chest and flicked balls on.


defending at the back post. Well over hit, going over his head. The


fuelback, Izaguirre, making sure there was not going to be any


contact with Keene. That Keene wasn't going to get on the end of


it. In the second-half Izaguirre has had a good game. Of the back four he


is the most concentrated and probably played as well as any of


Forrest. Couldn't quite find Stokes. Forrest taking someone on for the


first time almost in the second-half. I think he did it quite


well there. The ball, straight into the goalkeeper's arms. He needs


better quality. Pull it back, pull it back towards the 18 yard box.


Keene taking it a away from his Protesting his innocence. I think it


was a culmination of several challenges. His arm is a bit hi


there, bit of a slap in the neck. The referee was probably justified


there. Stokes got the two goals against Ross County, one very late,


two minutes to go. Again, a wasted matters. I think that's almost the


first time that Celtic have been as far up as the edge of Elfsborg's 18


yard box and beyond. Pressure off a stoppage time added on at the end.


If it's going to finish 0-0, it's not the result I expected. I


expected Celtic to school. They haven't. Last four minutes of extra


they could get at the next round, they could do a lot better. And the


pitch is a lot to do with every opportunity, understandably,


went Celtic haven't taken things instantly. It's what happens. Celtic


rightly taking the time of things. One of the best 0-0 scores they have


have come and gone. Peanut fluxes to warrant a goal. Celtic are the


waiting to knock Celtic into the next round and Stokes couldn't find


him. A little bit earlier, Commons was free in the middle. If they win


or draw, they still go through. Celtic can make their final change


of the match, and more precious second slip away from Elfsborg.


Commons can't waste any more times. Still, Celtic can't make the change.


Heading towards the final minute of stoppage time now. So close to a


place in Friday 's draw of the Champions League play-off stage.


Down goes Brown. That's a free kick. Bangura on loan from Celtic and he


started Easter issue down there! Bangura actually did quite well.


When he didn't come out with the ball, his frustration at the whole


thing tonight over boiled. Brown got involved. The linesman, the


referee, has seen what has gone on and is calming things down. Hedlund


did land awkwardly on Brown. I'm not sure how welcome Bangura would be


back at Celtic if he returns after his loan spell. The rest all out on


wasn't pretty at times tonight but Neil Lennon, look at that! Doesn't


care a jot. They have come through a really awkward tie, not just


tonight, but last week as well in Glasgow. And it is Kris Commons's


goal a week ago tonight that has proved to be the decisive moment in


this tie. There were other times at times when Elfsborg asked Celtic


questions. Celtic probably had the best chances in the game, despite


not having the majority of possession. The most glaring


opportunities coming from the Samaras and Ledley in that first


half. They just weathered the storm in the second period and weathered


in the second period and weathered it perfectly to seal their place in


the next stage. Never before have Celtic have to come through three


qualifying ties. They have come through to now. Clifton through,


tonight. Lustig was terrific tonight. With memories fresh from


last season 's adventure against Barcelona and the last 16 tie with


some of Celtic feel they did not do themselves justice by going out of


the tournament finds it -- 5-0. They could make amends for that now. They


could get back to the big time. They are that bit closer to the


glitterati now. Celtic go through on who they face next. How relieved


were you? It's job done, isn't it? We can all breathe a big sigh of


relief. A few hairy moments that night were, defensively, they got


outmuscled at times and could've been better, bit stronger. But you


have to give Celtic credit. These games are difficult. Let's make no


mistake about it. These qualifiers are tough. To get into the group


stages are difficult. You got teams playing for their lives, giving


absolutely everything. Celtic played on a dodgy pitch, an artificial


surface. It's not ideal. I wouldn't like to play on that pitch all the


time like Elfsborg do. But they have gone through. I am sure the Celtic


fans will be delighted. Two more games away from the group stages and


hopefully, the draw will be kind to Celtic. Sometimes, these games are


not of great beauty. They are horrible games to play. You just


want to get out of it. The most relieved man will be Neil Lennon


tonight. I felt a little bit sorry for him because he made a change


with Samaras, and then suddenly, some of the guys went down with


injury. At that stage of the game, it was a vital stage. But Celtic


hung in there. They were a bit better in the second half I


thought. Their confidence grew. They were up against a team I didn't


think had much quality. One or be too hard chances and Celtic probably


had the better chances. They will be better for it. Their fitness will be


up. This time of the year, that is always the major problem. We have


travelled round the world. We have got hammered at times because you


were so dead on your feet. This Swedish team is in the middle of


their season. It's a good thing when you are not quite at your best and


you can still go and dig out a result. That will be a positive.


mentioned the surface. How much of that impact on the game? We went


there two so we didn't see it but the problem with artificial surfaces


is they are inconsistent. You go to one picture and it's got a different


pile to the other. The ball was really difficult to pass. In the


second half, the ball bounced over the top of Lustig. That's what you


are not used to. And then the confidence goes. And then a


team-mate does not move into position because they are afraid you


will lose the ball. We talked about trying to break out into positions


to keep possession. But suddenly, you are saying, will he passed the


ball to me? And then you have no options. I am totally against that


surface. To play a Champions League qualifier on an artificial pitch


where one team train on every single day and the other team are expected


to come in, massive game for Celtic, I just adjust to the set -- just


adjust to the surface straightaway. Very difficult. For me, it's OK for


training, OK for warming down, but not competitive football. But that's


going to be the future, John. was a Champions League final out in


Russia where they were talking about playing games on it. I don't know a


player who likes that surface. Football is meant to be played on


grass! But we would have had a more comfortable night if Celtic would


have scored. And they had chances. They did have chances. They didn't


build the game up to bring the good players into the game but this was a


fantastic pass. You would have put that in the net, John. He is a very


good header of the ball, Samaras. He knows his quality and that's a great


chance. Did you have too much time? Possibly, but it's come to him.


Difficult to blame Ledley too much here. That's right. He's killed the


space. And you can see someone coming in to block him. But is this


a strike? That was close to half time. Celtic didn't find the net


tonight, but in the end, they didn't need to. Sent -- Celtic into the


from Joe Ledley. We had a scratch a bit tonight. We were not at our


best. We know that. These are tough, tough games at this stage of the


season against the Swedish champions, who you have to respect.


We did that with the line-up tonight. This is the worst


artificial pitch I have seen. I'm getting my excuseses in now because


we have gone through. It's difficult for players to keep their balloons


out there. It is a brilliant result Forlan us. It gives us time to


prepare for the next round now. to the pitch, it was evident from


the kick-off that the players didn't like it at all? Across the way, it's


difficult for balance. It's difficult for passing. Obviously,


Elfsborg are used to. It we have to pay credit to Elfsborg it was their


cup final, strong, physical. My back four tonight were magnificent. My


two centre halfs. That is Kelvin's last game for us. He can go with his


held -- head held high. Would it be unfair to say you didn't get into


your rhythm tonight? Yeah. We were disjointed. Picked up injuries as


the game went on. Hopefully we will have van Dijk and Berg back, they


will make us better. We need to get up to match speed. These games are


really hard, they are really tough. Tough time to be a manager in this


situation. I'm glad we came through it OK. Will get tougher going into


the third round qualifying. What would you hope for and hope to avoid


in the draw? I don't know. I haven't paid much attention to the teams. I


will wait for the draw to come on Friday and see, we will take it from


there. It's - thats with a tough one tonight. Mentioned Kelvin Wilson, is


that his last game for Celtic? would assume so. I'm not sure if a


deal has been agreed yet, I don't think it's far away. We asked him to


play tonight. He didn't want to let the team down, he certainly didn't.


, well done. Disjointed was the word that Neil Lennon used to describe


the Celtic performance tonight. How would you describe it, John? They


were delighted to get through. He dug in. Elfsborg weren't quite good


enough to score a goal o tonight. I think a against -- against a team of


better quality Celtic may have come un unstuck tonight. They hung in


there, brought on fresh legs. Not sure if the back four were


magnificent. They tried, I thought Bangura, he ran the show at times. I


don't think Ambrose got anywhere near him. He was outmuscled,


bullied. Obviously Kelvin Wilson, mentally it was his last game, he


did well to get through the 90 minutes. He was shakey at times. He


got through. We can analyse it all night. It doesn't matter. Football


is about results. It's a results business. They got through. We heard


from the manager. Let us hear from Scott Brown. That looked like a


tough shift? Yeah, it was, we had faith in keeping a cleansheet. We


knew we had a great chance to get through. The manager conceded that


perhaps the side didn't quite gheet their stride. What do you think was


the problem? Not getting the excuses out, the astro turf isn't the best.


Different to what we are used to it as well. New astro turf and new


style. The ball is quicker than on grass. It was the same for both


teams. Did it affect the players in the game in general? Yeah. To make


sure the passes were going straight to their feet. The lads were


struggling to get it, it is that quick a surface. Game, massive


progression. Who are you hoping for in the next round? I haven't really


paid too much attention. The thing was to get through this round, we


have done it. It is Wilson's last game for the club, massive loss?


has been our rock at the back. We are devastated we are losing him. We


wish him all the best. Done. The important thing that the Celtic are


through to those play-offs. Neil Lennon will look back on the


performance, won't he, he will look for better in the next round. He


will look to eliminate some of the mistakes made tonight, the


unthinkable might have happened, Alhassan Bangura could have scored


against Celtic? This ball was played in early on. He did well to get er


over-head kick. I didn't expect him over-head kick. I didn't expect him


to show this technical skill. You can see the goalkeeper may have got


a touch on it if it was inside the post. This was the ball into the


box. Good movement off the back of Ambrose. We question whether the


goalkeeper should be coming for that or whether Ambrose should be tighter


and blocking him off of. He should have hit the target. Maybe that is


why he didn't score goals at Celtic. You have to hit the target as


striker. That could have put Celtic in a real tricky situation. Neil


Lennon says he thinks it the worse artificial pitch he has seen?


think it's the worse artificial pitch, It's not for me. The


governing bodies have gone with it. Maybe it is the way forward. It's


not a great urgh surface. It's difficult for players. The


footwear... They were slipping tonight. Four or Fife occasions in


the first half, Samaras slipped, Lustig slipped. You don't expect


that when you are on a grass pitch. That is the other issue. On that


surface maybe Kelvin Wilson was ill advised in going to ground here. He


did get the ball. It waslet right did get the ball. It waslet right


decision? This was dangerous. He is not in any danger. He can get tight


to him. Once you go to ground here. He got the ball. If that was outside


the box, you can't even get in, dive in there anywhere on the pitch. He


got away with that. He got the ball. That is probably why he got away


with it and it wasn't a penalty. That is danger for me. That was ill


advised I think at that stage of the advised I think at that stage of the


game. Another crucial moment. Neil Lennon will pick over the


performance. Will he do much analysis of that match or dismiss it


to a large extent? Krelt Rick through it was a horrendous playing


surface? You can't dismiss it, you have to go over it, analyse it and


see where you can get better and players can improve. Not overly


analyse it because of the situation, because of the pitch and injury


problems and taking Samaras off. He will look at one or two bits of the


defensive side of it and where players can pass the ball better.


Again, not an excuse, but one of the reasons why Celtic didn't play well


tonight, and didn't particularly pass the ball well was the surface.


It wasn't a great surface. Work out who Celtic might play next. Who goes


who Celtic might play next. Who goes into the draw with them on Friday.


Celtic are seed they had will play an unseeded team in the play-offs.


It could be a trip to Slovenia, Bulgaria. It could be Kazakstan,


Austria, Vienna. The other option is either, it's not finished yet Legia.


You wouldn't want Kazakstan. You have to try there. Going to Eastern


European teams is never easy. You never know what the temperatures


will be like or the conditions or how the players will react to that


how the players will react to that journey. That is always the problem.


You could beat them at home. You could go out there and defending a


1-0 lead whatever. Maybe at this stage Celtic Austria, Vienna, on


good surface, good atmosphere. It creates motivation within the


players, both teams will be coming on at the same standard of fitness.


Might be OK for them. Let us hope they can get one they can get


through. What another great journey to get through to the next league.


More reaction. This time it's Celtic Swedish defend defender. Mikael


Lustig. We had two big chances, the header and the free-kick. If we had


scored there maybed the game should look different. The way we played in


the second-half was dreadful. difficult was the pitch to play on?


It's really hard especially Elfsborg play here every week. They can


handle the surface. We struggled a bit. We felt like we had one or two


passes that go to Celtic player in the second-half. You mentioned the


word "dreadful" in terms of your performance in the second-half. How


much will you have to up your performance for the next round?


defence I think we did a great game. I don't think Fraser did one save


maybe we need to be better on the ball. Hopefully, we are not going to


play on artificial, the next round. Like I said, it's really early in


the season. Hopefully we will get better. Any preferences for the next


round? No.Done. Answers that one. Celtic need to be better on the ball


says Mikael Lustig in the next round. The stakes are high, into


those play-offs no margin for error. You are that one tie away from the


Champions League? Of course. I don't know why the interview asked him a


stupid question - who do you fancy in the next round? As if he would


name a team? It's absolutely daft. Bulgarian team. I don't think was a


vintage Celtic performance. I was critical of the performance at


half-time. It was justified. They didn't particularly pass the ball


well. The movement wasn't great. Saying that, they created the two


best chances of the game in the end with Joe Ledley and Samaras. They


will improve from it. As we have said many times, these games are


difficult. They are only just over their pre-season. They played a


couple of Champions League qualifiers, they played last


Tuesday, they played on Saturday, again tonight, Wednesday, they have


to go against Liverpool on Saturday night in a friendly this Dublin,


it's Liverpool Celtic, there will be a big crowd there again. Neil has to


pick a competitive side. He will think, where will I pull these


players from? Celtic have to be competitive in every game they play.


That is the expectancy level at Celtic. It was about getting through


tonight, getting through the play-offs as well. That pressure


that is there for Celtic to get back to the Champions League. So much


depends - So much riding on it financial stakes for the players


themselves who want to be in the Champions League. They want to


perform at that level. We talked about analysing the game. Neil will


analyse the game on his own. I don't think he will dwell too much with


the players on it. He will put it down to the playing surface and hope


they will get a positive reaction. They can't look back on the


negatives, Mikael Lustig said we were dreadful in the second-half


much they can dismiss it quickly. They have it two weeks to prepare


for the next game. That must be upper most on their mind. Two of


them had knocks and feeling sorry for themselves. That might be the


stiffest test, over the last two games against Elfsborg maybe they


will get luck - Hopefully.Maybe luck in the third qualifier and they


will breeze through the two games. There are a few things we would be


looking for. When we watched the game conscious they play better from


the back? Yes.Can they push and put more pressure on? Can they create a


few more chances at home because they didn't really do that against


that team. They weren't the best team in the world. Those type of


things would be important to see if they can improve over the next


couple of weeks. Thank you very much to my guests. Celtic's European


Rob Maclean introduces live coverage the second leg of Celtic's match against Elfsborg in Sweden.

Progression for the Scottish champions through this third qualifying round tie would take them to the play-off round and an opportunity to make the lucrative group stages for the second successive season.

They can expect a tougher encounter than their comfortable victory over Cliftonville in the previous round.

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