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Falkirk v Celtic

Live coverage of the Scottish Communities League Cup semi-final, where First Division Falkirk hope to defeat a Celtic team looking for a domestic treble.

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A wide Docteur Ben Knight, but no slick pop as Sol take win their


match. -- a wet October night as Celtic win their match. United pay


the penalty as Falkirk grab more headlines. It is the League Cup


semi-final. Don't write off the underdogs.


Who will play Karl -- Kilmarnock in seven weeks with a chance to lift


this trophy? We will let you know in a couple of hours. The second


semi-final is of course between the SPL leaders Celtic and First


Division Falkirk. It is live on the BBC and later we will have


highlights of the first semi-final, with the Kilmarnock manager and the


Bolton manager. This is a spy mission for you. Are you expecting


Celtic in the final? It is Cup final. You don't know. Yesterday's


game went to extra time and it is difficult to say. Celtic should be


favourites but you do not know in the Cup. Looking at the Falkirk


team, they are organised and disciplined and I think they will


give a good game today. Falkirk was your first managerial job. Is there


a place in your heart? Very much so. They are a fantastic club. They


have had difficult years with finance and everything else. What


they have been doing recently, they have a tremendous set of kids, they


are growing and getting better. Today they will have to be at their


maximum. They will have to hope that Celtic is hoped the league of


their game at the bit, and that can happen. -- hope for Diouf their


game. Will pat -- Falkirk try to do what they did yesterday? It will be


interesting to see. United were fairly defensive, and we will talk


about it later. I was polite about it yesterday. I don't think Falkirk


did that. Because they are doing well in the league and scoring


quite a few goals, they will have more of ago. There are plenty in


the team that just love to attack. They score a lot of goals as well.


I expect that it will be an open game. Le of promising players at


Falkirk. It seems to be a great system. -- lots of promising


players. They are producing lots of talent. Yes, all the managers were


coach's first and foremost. You need to work with young players to


help them develop. You need to do that in terms of a business plan


for your club. You can generate cash for your club. It is a


positive outcome for the years to come. He is a fantastic lad and he


is driven to succeed and he has Alex Smith. That is a great


combination. They are not all young. Darren Dods lends a bit of


experience to the centre of the Falkirk defence. We are expecting


James Forrest at the head of a diamond behind Hooper. That will be


difficult for them to contain. have mixed opinions on that. I


think he might be more effective on the outside of the team because he


can get down the sides and things can happen for the front players.


He is definitely a threat. He has been fantastic this season. He is


doing really well. They talk about the young players at Falkirk and


rightly so. There are some good young players coming through.


have spoken to Alex Smith and Steven Pressley. The manager


certainly believes that the upset here is possible. There is no point


going to a game if you do not think it is possible. I think people in


First Division football may not be aware of Farid El Alagui, and he is


a goalscorer. The problem is that all the way through Celtic's team


there are guys that can score goals. That will make it a tough win for


Falkirk but I am looking forward to it. It is Celtic against Falkirk


for the right to play Kilmarnock on March 18th at Hampden Park in the


final. Billy Dodds and Liam McLeod of commentating. -- are


best sides in Scotland right now, even though there is one league


between them. Falkirk have only lost four of 29 games in


competition this season, including beating Dundee United and Rangers


in this competition. Celtic have turned a 15 point deficit into a


potential four point lead over Rangers. They produced 1- 1 point


with victory. -- they reduced that to one point. They have not been on


such a good run in the early four years. -- nearly four years. A


pleasant day compared to yesterday for the derby. It was freezing them


but not as bad today. Darren Dods leads the Falkirk team. He is 36,


nearly 37. It is the youthful Falkirk squad. Steven Pressley's


starting 11 features 17 year-old Jay Fulton, the son of Steve,


former Hearts defender. He scored in the Scottish Cup against


Dunfermline a couple of years back. Wallace is in defence with Farid El


Alagui, who is scoring in every game so far, up front. James


Forrest scored last week against St Mirren and twice against Hibernian.


Playing behind Anthony Stokes and Gary Hooper. Many feel that is his


best position. He and Garry Hooper have scored 31 goals between them


during this campaign. 16 year-old Craig Sibbald is on the Falkirk


benches. He made his debut in July, the first graduate of the SNP


performance school. He scored against Aberdeen in the semis last


season. He has to make do with the substitute position. The referee


has been an official since 2005. He has the man they are all talking


about. Farid El Alagui up front, 21 goals already. I have already


mention the number that Anthony Stokes and Gary Hooper have, as


they get us under way at the National Stadium. Neil Lennon will


be wary of the threat that Steven Pressley's Bairns will pose the


team. The Bairns have started on yesterday. They are such a small


and youthful squad. They are currently so passing the


expectations of even the most diehard supporters this season. --


Pressley, with his glittering career as a player, as Neil Lennon


had. Falkirk having plenty of possession in the early stages.


They will have to do that throughout. Scobie is one of the


more familiar figures for people that have not seen much of Falkirk


since they went down. How is this going to go, Billy Dodds? A bit


like yesterday. A positive start from Falkirk but they will have to


sit and soak a bit today. A bit of pressure to keep Celtic at bay.


They have pace with El Alagui scoring goals. He finished the game


against St Mirren with James been on since the end of October.


36 points out of the 36 in the league. Neil Lennon and Celtic have


the trouble in their sights. -- with the way that Falkirk have


started this game. They were in the right half of the pitch for long


periods. Getting it over the crossbar, he just cannot keep it


down. Certainly getting the ball forward. Higginbotham is trying to


get forward to support Farid El earlier in the campaign. It was an


Ledley went down. He scored in the final game against Rangers in


rhythm now. Joe Ledley coming in, getting forward up the pitch, down


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 45 seconds


-- chip it across. So the first against Rangers earlier in the


competition. They were 2-0 down and they got it back to 2-2 with a few


minutes to go. Then that Mark Millar free kicks stunned the


holders. Billy Dodds was there. Goalkeeper mistake, you have to say,


but we can't take anything away it from Mark Millar. He will provide


the service for Al Allardyce. -- shows how much of a financial hit


they took when they went down to the First Division. Young boys, but


they have got experience. The academy has been working because


lots of people have come through. Jay Fulton on the right hand side,


for example. Plenty coming through That will give Falkirk hope,


without a doubt. without a doubt.


Higginbotham, is the one who I said gets forward. You can see here a


good space out in the front for El Alagui. He maybe should have tried


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 45 seconds


Alagui. He maybe should have tried this season, hasn't he?.


He's off-side. The flag's gone up. That won't count. It's a great


touch from McGovern, you have to say. He curled it with that right


foot. An all-important touch.


You can see he's not off-side. He's on. That's a big let-off for


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 45 seconds


Falkirk. Was it Duffie on that the ball quickly. Should have had


the opening goal, Liam. He's great to watch, Vladimir Lenin,


front at the semi-final. Should it have stood? It looks like it should


have done. It's not close. It's not inches.


It's half a yard to a yard. Playing alongside an explosive


finish. He's got that one really badly long. When you're the


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 45 seconds


underdog you need things like that He did win the Scottish Cup at


Hearts. His other son, the older brother of Jay is a Falkirk player.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 45 seconds


tracking by Fulton as well. a head on it. Unlucky. On to the


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 45 seconds


yesterday. They had to be patience and got there.


Millar. A former Celtic player. If he had the time he'd do it all day


long. Diagonal away to... As I said, that is the way for Duffie. Down


the right. He gets it across. Nothing gets across. A corner


are, how top a day you are, you'll get some of that.


they have plenty of options ahead of them.


It's Wanyama for Celtic. Stokes got that horribly wrong!


I can only thing and I have done it a few times myself, it is one where


you go to cross it. You see here, if it just touches the ball, here


you are, have that! He's not going to want to watch


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 45 seconds


that again, is he? yellow.


Letting him know he's there. He los a bit of that -- loves a bit


of that, doesn't he? I think Brown will try and get him


back. You talk about Falkirk and that option and the extra man in


the middle of the pitch, they do it well. Pass it about. Celtic


struggling in there to match up numbers, maybe more of a threat.


Pushing at that mid-field trying to Must have been tight. Scobbie. I'd


Forster clawed it away. That was great play down the right hand side.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 45 seconds


He kind of drives across. I fancy 0 up against Aberdeen so recently.


once they don't get that early goal, they start going after a certain


stage in the game. I am sure Falkirk want that and Celtic


certainly don't. United's goalkeeper Cuthbert was fantastic.


Eight goals this season for James Forrest. Including one in pays the


right Frank, Cha Du-Ri. Especially going forward. -- right flank.


Charlie Mulgrew, one of the scorers and the Scottish Cup final against


Motherwell, taking the corner. Straight to the spot and a yellow-


card for Darren Dods. What it closely and we will see it again.


Or over him. -- all over him. The tall ones against one another. He


looked at that and he pointed straight to the spot. There you go.


In the blink of an eye, Celtic have an opportunity to go in front in


the semi-final and their skipper takes it. Brown! Falkirk had the


stuffing knocked out of them. In the blink of an eye, Scott Brown


converts. To give Scott Brown his due, he stepped up. Celtic have


missed a few penalties this season. It does not matter if the


goalkeeper goes the right way, he just does not save that. Good goal,


a good pace. Back-to-back goals, having scored last weekend. Last


week was his first of the season and he has got his second now. This


was why it was a penalty. Darren Dods on Thomas Rogne. From the most


experienced man, they are cheaper penalty. He can't have any


complaints. He was unlucky to be caught because it happens all over


the box. Every time there is a set piece, it happens. With the referee


five, 10 yards away from you, that was all wrong. When Darren Dods


looks back and sees it, he will let their heads go down. It was a


case of getting the formation and protecting it until extra-time and


penalties. Fraser Forster has not been tested so far in the match,


but they did look quite comfortable in the game. They were great for 26


minutes. Suddenly the skipper gives away a penalty like that. You can't


account for it for the manager, who will be extremely unhappy. Darren


Dods is a man among boys in that squad, but he did not cover himself


in glory. It could have been an awkward time for Celtic if they had


not got their noses in front, as with St Johnstone and then with


the way. I am all for blogging people and stopping goals, but you


cannot start grabbing them. If anyone tells you, if anyone has a


hold of you, you have every right to go down. He was grabbed all over


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 45 seconds


against Kilmarnock in the Scottish Celtic should be in front because


of the goal that was chopped off anyway. But I think it has been a


pretty even match. Falkirk have had generally speaking have a great


understanding. Very rarely do you see Neil Lennon pick the same


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 45 seconds


Murray Wallace think? As Celtic moved the ball about well, but to


be fair to Falkirk, they are around the area, sniffing around,


trying to find space in the Falkirk changed since Celtic scored, that


is for sure. Just trying to get the ball, tried to get the full Back's


forward. They are keeping it tight at the back, giving nothing away.


They are trying to use their man in midfield. Higginbotham and Mark


Millar are getting forward to had a mixed bag, the assistant


referee. He had a howler but that one was right. SPL highlights


tonight at 10 o'clock on BBC Two Scotland. You'll get the highlights


from the weekend as well. But if you have not seen it yet, the derby


at Hampden Park highlights will go for that. Scott Brown put him


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 45 seconds


the season because of injury but he came back and has been an important


force for Celtic. The way they have turned things round, when you think


back to being 3-0 down against Kilmarnock at Rugby Park in the


autumn. They have turned things round in the SPL and Scott Brown


coming back has helped with that. Of course. Leading by example.


Celtic missed a few penalties the covering player for Falkirk.


Scott Brown again. Celtic fans don't like him. He's


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 45 seconds


Decent shot in goal. Dods stands and they have.


Would you believe it. Falkirk have got themselves back on level terms.


The 17-year-old son of Steve has brought put Falkirk back into the


league cup semi-final. Absolute quality. Higginbotham


could have let it go, but what a pass! That gets in, spots Fulton


coming in. He has so much to do. How about that for composure?


Falkirk back in it. A moment he would have dreamt of,


big time - the biggest moment of his life so far.


Jay Fulton, equalising against Celtic at a crucial time.


Five minutes to go until half time. You can see what it means to his


manager. A double celebration, because his team are back into it.


He's put a 17-year-old into the start today. He's the man who has


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 45 seconds


had the chance for a second Celtic goal.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 45 seconds


at some point. I take nothing away from Falkirk, pure quality - I am


sure - I mean it's come from the for Jay Fulton? He had to get


Trying to get himself back in. Maybe a little harsh on him. It was


Wanyama. Rogne so close to making decent contact with the ball as the


the stadium. Falkirk equal loizing through


youngster Jay Fulton. Here they -- equalising through younger Jay


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 45 seconds


Here it may be a touch too much. You cannot take anything away from


the goalkeeper. The goalkeeper was brilliant - out quickly.


Topsyure I have stuff in Mount Florida.


Forrest holds on. fantastic first half to watch. Dods


conceded a penalalty. Brown converted this - this was the


incident, Dods hauling him to the deck. Straight to the point. Scot


Brown got it up the other end. Falkirk attacked. A great pass


through from the man of the match so far, Higginbotham, rolled calmly


to the net by 17-year-old Jay Fulton. That delighted his father


there - Steve. That means, at half time, at the National Stadium it is


theme developing here, remembering theme developing here, remembering


young Dean's goal yesterday. Yes. Falkirk have been fantastic.


Especially after they scored. When Celtic get position they are using


half a pitch to play on. When fall Falkirk get possession they are


playing in quarter of the pitch. Their build-up play has been good,


with incisive passing. At the top of that is Higginbotham, just


behind El Alagui. He's been fantastic. For me, he's been the


best play on the pitch so far. worried is Neil Lennon? I don't


think so much worry, he'll be concerned. 1-1, they were comfort


concerned. 1-1, they were comfort concerned. 1-1, they were comfort


without. Within that they have not had a lot of penetration. When they


got the goal, that was a penalty. I think it was and we'll see it later


on. The passing never improved. Falkirk, to their credit have


continued to pass, using a lot of triangles. They are prepared to


take the ball into tight areas. They have been a credit.


The goal, it was so well exsuited. They -- executed. They deserved it.


It is easy to feel sorry for yourself. They acted in a positive


manner. Kept to the game plan. That resulted in that. A great goal-


scoring chance. There's been a high-profile blip for Falkirk in


that first half. Other than that, it working to perfection? It's the


mid-field - it's that whole mid- field area where you expect a


smaller team not to have the belief at Hampden Park, on the big stage.


Higginbotham - he's been absolutely outstanding. Particularly - they


all want to get the ball, all happy to receive the ball, with players


around them I think there was a blip for five minutes. I think


Darren Dods would be the first to concede it was a moment of madness,


wasn't it, that allowed Celtic to get into the lead? Very much so.


The most experienced player. You see there's no excuse for it.


A clear penalty. The thing about that is we all want players to mark


tight corners, et cetera. He man handled from the outset.


That's a clear penalty. When you see that is averted from the six-


yard line, great composure, Stokes into the corner. From that point,


you think that will give Celtic the chance to push on and score more


chance to push on and score more goals. They have come back roaring


a lot of quality. They can be hard to spot for a referee, but not that


time. I didn't see it. That tells time. I didn't see it. That tells


you about me. One of the big characteristics of


the Falkirk time is they are all tall and good in the air. What he


might do is put Forrest at the front and maybe get something back


on the front and get slide throughs. What they are doing now is they are


getting into the box. That is where getting into the box. That is where


Falkirk are very strong. D They have to think about changing things.


What an equaliser - both in the way it was created and finished, but a


17-year-old, Jay Fulton. Celtic, not under pressure. Every


part of this - the weight of the pass here, he was going on about it


beforehand as well. It is fabulous. He doesn't panic. He's got time to


panic when the ball arrives at him. Passed, perfect, a stride, it is


what a composed finish. That is a finish of an international striker.


To have the composure and go on, 17 years of age, remember. Such


composure. His father is an outstanding player. I know the kids


well, because they are family friends. You can see the smile on


Stephen's face. Most would panic. Kids - that's exactly what they'd


do. On that stage to show that composure - I think it speaks


volumes for the way hay have been developed at the football club.


They have been a credit to the football club. Falkirk have played


so much top-quality football, great confidence. I am highly impressed


with them. From that goal he was in position, he received it on the


left side. He's let it come across his body. He has presence of mind.


He's done it all. Playing it quickly as well. This is a team


that people think are big underdogs. Higginbotham has this. Again, they


are comfortable on the ball. They did not have a lot of


penetration. They will take confidence from the fact they know


they can score. They are prepared I have been impressed with the


Falkirk team when they have been meet with that kind of ball. Celtic


are finding it difficult to pick them up. A clever pass. They could


be better in that situation. question remains, do Celtic need to


kill that area? I think they need to pass the ball quicker than they


are doing. They are getting loads of possession but there is no real


sense of urgency. If they pass it from side to side, then Falkirk


will be comfortable. I am not convinced they are defending well


against Celtic. What are you shouting about? I'd do a lot of


shouting! I think you might have some competition on the back of


today. If you were thinking of that signing. He was off the radar fall


while, but who knows? -- for a while. The way he is playing, I


think Celtic have to duplicate what they are doing and that somebody at


the top of the midfield. There are too many straight lines for me for


Celtic. Higginbotham is making things happen and the support runs


are getting connected. There was no penetration until Celtic scored.


They have got Weatherston on one side. In my opinion, at this moment


in time, Falkirk are favourites to win. They assistant referee is not


the centre of attention that he might have been if there had been


two more goals. This was blatantly the wrong decision. I can't


understand why they did not get this one right. It is a long way


from being offside, even after it hit the post. He is a good two


yards on there. If we got it forward from here, he is still on


side. That is a bad decision, to be fair. Don't forget that Celtic have


had very good chances. They have hit the crossbar. They have the one


on one with James Forrest as well. We have to keep in mind the kind of


team that Celtic are as well. Falkirk are still underdogs but


they have got a chance. This maybe explains why Darren Dods was


nervous about Thomas Rogne. He had hit the bar from a set piece


earlier on. He was marked down as a potential danger. You know where


your opponent is so he knows that he is a threat. That is a good


header. The most experienced player, do not put his team under pressure


as he did. He is tight there, so he is doing his job in essence, but to


concede the panel to the way that he did, that is hard to take for


the rest of the team mates. -- the penalty. Compare that with the gold


that young Jay Fulton scored. That is a young player that will


learn as he goes. Celtic have to move the ball as quickly as they


can. Then they will have more opportunities. Michael McGovern


becomes even more important to Falkirk than Jay Fulton. And yes. I


was talking to Steven Pressley and he was talking about bringing in


Darren Dods because he has so many young players and he needs more


experience. Sometimes a senior player that has to take so much


responsibility onto the pitch is worried about the younger lads, and


overlooks his own job, which he has done twice from corner kicks. That


can have an adverse effect as well, but his experience will help them


organise around him. United yesterday, their goalkeeper was


magnificent. Michael did a very good job when Forrest came through


on goal. Some drama as the teams came in at half-time. Steven


Pressley involved in an altercation. This was the prelude to an


altercation with the referee. We gather that he pushed Emilio


Izaguirre at the way to get to the referee when they were in the


tunnel area. Of the back of that he has been called into the referee


room to be spoken to. What is the upset about? We have to assume it


is the penalty, don't we? Surely when he sees it? As a manager, he


will see it. I know it happens every week, but it is a penalty.


There is no issue there. It is a clear penalty. They passed to be


that that he is taking issue with. I can't think of anything else. --


it has to be that. He is releasing his emotions. He will be sent to


the stands for the second half. much is a blow for that for the un


team used to having the manager next door? -- the young team.


if they have a quiet word then nobody sees it, but the cameras are


on, so that will be the cause of action that he takes. Steven


Pressley has just added to the problem because he has done it


publicly. It is a passionate game and we all get passionate. But you


have got to remember that you have to look after your team. For me


there is no argument about that penalty. Unless it is the offside


rule. If it was Neil Lennon complaining about the goal, I could


understand the offside goal that was clearly onside. Steve Fulton is


a proud father today and Dean Shiels's father was proud yesterday.


Are you speechless? He has followed up really well. He took his


instincts on board. He took it very well. He had four, five attempts at


goal yesterday, all opportunities, but what a relief that was for us.


He worked tremendously hard. You can see myself, absolutely relieved.


He is that as excited as you get? It was more relief than excited. I


did not think we would do it because of the way the game had


gone and I have seen it so many times when you have got domination


and you cannot get the goal. I had a real strong feeling that it would


go to penalties. Did you have a wee sherry? I am on antibiotics at the


minute. There is a bit of doubt now, when there wasn't after a bit, at


about who Kilmarnock will be facing? I still believe Celtic are


the favourites. I think that Neil Lennon will be demanding that they


pass and move the ball quicker. But Falkirk are in the game. It has


been good to see. Bad news for you, by the way. I think you are away to


Millwall, or Southampton. That is not something you wanted to know


about. They are all tough games. It is the FA Cup and we love it. We


will look to progress to the quarter-finals. Falkirk at Hampden


Park, the same requirement for them. Let's not forget that we are being


quite technical. It is a good game and really enjoyable. Very good


football being played by Falkirk. Celtic can play better and I


suspect they will play better. man that got it wrong in the first


half, Darren Dods, conceding that panel take, from which Scott Brown


scored. This is the man that very much got it right for the First


Division team. Jay Fulton with that equaliser which sets the SPL


leaders are big second half challenge. One all, halfway through


into the second half of the League Cup semi-finals. Back to Hampden


half-time. Emilio Izaguirre has been replaced. It is Sung-Yueng Ki.


I wonder how much that is down to the goal. Emilio Izaguirre, good to


be struggling for match figures? Maybe he has an injury. -- could he


with Jay Fulton. I think it must be an injury. He is a top-class player


and he could have done better in front of goal. Falkirk have not


been to the semi-final since 1947. Celtic last won in 2009. That was


after an extra-time victory over Rangers. That is El Alagui in the


thick of the action already. A problem with Victor Wanyama. He has


taken a saw one in that challenge. -- a painful one. We will look at


that in a moment. He is injured. Another blow for Celtic. Neil


Lennon has been adding to his squad in the last week or so, certainly


in a transfer window. He will be bringing in some new players. From


Nigeria, Sweden, we can't wait to see them. Victor Wanyama looks like


he is going to be OK. The drama continued during the half-time


interval. Steven Pressley is now in the stand. He could have gone to


the left-hand side, it is only a few yards away, and still got his


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 45 seconds


message across. As you can see, audience the Falkirk now that


Steven Pressley is in at the stand. -- barking the orders now Steven


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 45 seconds


Celtic was in 2007. Neil Lennon Falkirk to get out once more.


Fulton. The headlines were there for him. He's already got some


potentially. He'll make his dad double proud. He has to keep it


down. Brilliant again. Higginbotham, so confident. Stands up that cross.


The young lad will want the lovely cross.


A chance for Higginbotham to be on live television. He's taking


advantage of it. May well have some suitors after the performance he's


put in at the National Stadium so far. Remains 1-1 into the second


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 45 seconds


Maybe he's not back in. Taking nothing away from Falkirk. You come


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 45 seconds


Scobbie does well because he just must be on the back foot, knowing


away a corner though. Which will be Should have scored. Comes off the


crossbar. A handball.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 45 seconds


I think it was a yard away. It came Stokes. Celtic are -- superb from


Stokes. Celtic are back in front. That's a beauty. He's got it before.


Celtic started the second half well, but what an individual! Brilliant


from Anthony Stokes. Up, over reverse, pace, down in the cornern,


no chance for the hero. Another wild moment from Stokes. He's now


level with Hooper, 16 goals for the season. They are both goal machines


up front for Celtic. That is as good a free kick as you'll see. He


knows it. The boss is happy. Celtic are in


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 45 seconds


doubt. McGovern has made a couple of


Celtic play on. They have the bit between their


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 45 seconds


Falkirk have come from behind once. changing the gears. A bonus for him


is it's not a corner either. That change will be made just now. It


will be Fulton, the Falkirk goal scorer who will come off.


He will be replaced. How do you rate his performance


overall? He has done very well. You can see why, his dad will be proud.


The young lad can be performed of his performance. He has got himself


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 45 seconds


third, that's for sure. Celtic will try and put this tie to bed.


They've had a couple of scares. This is Mulgrew with a free-kick.


It's good quality, delivery. It's a corner. The linesman on the far


side will give the line-kick there. Doesn't know what to do with his


goal's crucial. You can see it on every man setting up that defensive


wall. They don't want a third. Maybe they'll have another forward


or change their shape, as I said. Still in control, passing the ball


about. It's been a fair journey for Falkirk. Earlier than el tick did


already, they have beaten Albion Had that chance just before the


There was a shout for a penalty just before that.


Ledley gets himself in trouble. Duffie says "I'll have a bit of


that." Do you want a better chance than that? 16 yards out. Drags it


away. lost. Falkirk lost it for five at


10 minutes and then suddenly they it was not. They should have had


that. The Celtic with a few unfortunate decisions in this game.


Maybe made it a bit easier for them. between the Celtic midfield and


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 45 seconds


is very much alive. Moving into the usual he has gone up and down the


flank. Adam Matthews has not started much in recent times. Neil


Lennon tends to change his side Izaguirre coming off, changing


things around. I still think that was an injury. But Neil Lennon is


Higginbotham gets a chance. Kieran Duffie has run well, as he has done


all game. Now the corner. We have a chip, and he got it wrong and he


shanked it through to the goalkeeper. You would not so that


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 45 seconds


Hibernian with their second half season. Great place from Kieran


Duffie but he did not have the composure. He has got himself into


that position time and time again. Neil Lennon still asking questions


from his defence. Scott Brown knocked it wide. That is the


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 45 seconds


performance director of the SFO on happy to play the ball up from


defence like that. They are really tidy. When it gets to El Alagui


they have to try and make it stick. mate of Steven Pressley and a


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 45 seconds


Oldham and he is from Manchester. He went on loan to Accrington


for you on the BBC next Sunday. 12:15pm kick-off, Rangers against


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 45 seconds


Dundee United, live on BBC One for the semi-final. It has been


good stuff. Is there twist in the tail? There was one towards the end


the penalty spot. Equalised by Jay Fulton. I think that he has caught


up Higginbotham. Yes, in the face. He has taken it fall in the face.


That looks like his foot is stuck to Higginbotham. It pulls his nose.


the orders to Steve Crawford, part of the Falkirk set up now. A man of


many clubs, like you, Billy Dodds. Celtic player last. Victor Wanyama


gets the crucial block, but Celtic think it was murder, left-hand side.


A good ball in. -- I think it was Stewart Murdoch on the left-hand


side. On target, a good block, double block. Good goal kick from


Fraser Forster. That is a danger that Celtic are under. With 12


winners to go, Falkirk are certainly not out. -- 12 minutes.


They have gone in front that they have not killed off the opposition


and they have got nervous in the final stages. That is what Falkirk


will be hoping for. Maybe the third goal would put them on Easy Street.


But anyone will tell you how ball owner from Adam Matthews. --


Alagui and Victor Wanyama involved. Is there sometimes too much of


that? I think you have got to look at it. You can't let them off it.


You have to have eyes in the back of your head to spot everything in


the final ten minutes. What is in Must have been a tight one again. A


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 45 seconds


goalkeeper. I think the more he's playing t more confident he's


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 45 seconds


moment or two. We are heading in to the final five


minutes. Kilmarnock are already in the final.


Celtic need to take care of first Stokes claims that one.


Blasted that one across. Stokes gets his second against his former


side and Celtic will be in the league cup final.


done it to seal the match, put ahead of Hooper in the scoring


stakes. I know they have a little rivalry going on about that. Lennon


there. He will be back here in March gpbst Kilmarnock.


-- against Kilmarnock, unless they've had to work for this one.


They have managed to rattle them towards the end of the first half.


They are bringing on Kris Commons store ve for Anthony Stokes, who


once upon upon, he's only 23, Anthony Stokes. When he was on loan


to Falkirk from Arsenal. He is replaced by Kris Commons. His debut


in this competition, against Aberdeen, this time last year. Now


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 45 seconds


terrific. A lot of people would give it to


the winning team. Stokes has been good. They've had good players,


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 45 seconds


Celtic. He's been the outstanding They could easily have had more


goals this afternoon. It has been bad luck, pretty much all bad luck,


bang on the ankle, by the look of things. He tried to help the ball


on and it was caught late. Looks to be a sore one.


Scott Brown. You've had a couple of them in your time.


Always a sore one to shake off. People will say, look at Anthony


Stokes' two goals. Higginbotham, all day long causing Celtic


problems. Great pieces of skill. He's Man of the Match, but has a


injury time. Falkirk have a league title to try


and win. They are five points behind Ross County and have played


two games more. It will take a collapse from the Highlanders going


into the closing stage of the season. They will have that final


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 45 seconds


have high hopes for the remainder of this campaign. They want all the


trophies back to the Park Head boardroom at Celtic Park.


They have every chance of doing it. They have been relentless for the


past few months or so. There is the final whistle.


Celtic are into the Scottish community's league cup final. They


will play Falkirk. Stokes t hero for Celtic. The first


of his doubles was fantastic. A free-kick.


Neil Lennon guiding them into another domestic cup final. The


third in a row for Neil Lennon. Having reached the cup final last


season. Brown gave them the lead by Dods on


Rogne. That set the tone for Celtic at the time. Falkirk came back,


thanks to a Jay Fulton goal. That Stokes double made all the


semi-final. It finishes here, Celtic 3, Falkirk 1.


Congratulations. Two grade goals. How good does it feel? Great. It


was a difficult first half. I am just glad to be in the final.


you ever scored a better free kick? My be one or two! I am delighted to


win. -- maybe. What was the manager saying to you? Just say


congratulations. I am sure he is delighted by the result.


youngsters played some great football. Yes, they made it very


well. We did not take some chances in the first half and we probably


could have killed the game off. But we stuck in there and we got the


result. Kilmarnock in the final. Everybody is talking about the


trouble for Celtic. I am not going to speak about that. You know what


happened against Kilmarnock before, so we will put that on the back-


burner and concentrate on the next game. Well played, absolutely


brilliant, congratulations. Thank you. The Bolton and Kilmarnock


manages are with us in the studio. So that is who you are facing in a


couple of months. They work really hard today. It was a great advert


for Scottish football. The way that Falkirk tried to get it down and


move it. For a First Division team to come up against Celtic and play


with that courage, I was very impressed with Falkirk. And all


credit to them. They came out in the second half and gave them what


for an Celtic actually scored as a result of the free kick.


Higginbotham has got a lot of mentions today and he gave them


great balance as he attacked. go back to Langdon Park and here


from Higginbotham, man of the match. -- Hampden Park. Commiserations.


How do you feel after that? Disappointed with the loss because


we wanted to progress to the final and get the Cup. To come up against


the Old Firm and put on a display like we did, at times we were on


top, and we have shown good football. At times I had a lot of


possession. I thought we gave as good as we got. So many young


players in the Falkirk team. What do you take from an experience like


this? Some of us will probably never get this game again in our


careers. The gaffer said to us at the beginning of the game to savour


the moment and go out and express yourselves and I think we did that


today. You looked like you were enjoying yourself. Definitely. I


got man-of-the-match which proved that I played well. I have to keep


doing that. I hope we can play against them next year if we get


promoted. What was the mood in the dressing room when you got promoted


and you pulled that goal that? thought we could give them problems


in the second half but they got but other goal, which killed off the


game. They had lots of possession as well. I think our fans will be


proud of us. What is your objective for the rest of the season? They


league is our main priority of. -- the league is our main priority.


Then it is the Scottish Cup. are the man of the match.


Not a local lad, judging by the accent, but he is going places.


Falkirk will want to keep hold of her but I imagine he can move up


based on that. If he brings out that performance consistently, he


has lots of miles. He was terrific from start to finish. Even when he


was tired he had the composure to get on the ball, try and pass, move


it. He sees the passes, an intelligent player. They have not


finished. They have to push on in the league and try and catch the


next team. With players like that in the team they have every chance.


I think they have been terrific. There was nearly a chance at the


start of the second half for Falkirk. If they have got that, who


knows how the game would have panned out? But Celtic took their


goals very well, to their credit. Falkirk recovered from a daft


moment when they allowed Celtic to get ahead by conceding the penalty.


I don't think that Falkirk have read the script. Steven Pressley


will not agree with that! We will find out. That is not good marking.


It is rugby not football. Celtic will do what they have to do. They


have got class, going forward, and finishing. A lovely penalty kick


there. Celtic's finishing was probably the difference between the


two teams. You might have thought they would stop cruising but they


did not. No mistake from the penalty spot. It has been a weekend


for proud fathers. Dean Shiels did the business for Kilmarnock


yesterday and Steve Fulton was looking on at 17 year-old Jay


Fulton, scoring with amazing composure. This was great. As I


said at half-time. In a remarkable position. Great presence of mind.


Fantastic. His father should be very proud of him and rightly so,


at that age. What vision from Higginbotham. Higginbotham in the


past, you can be lucky and have a good game, but you don't get lucky


and do that sort of thing. That his talent. That was performance. That


is precision passing. Such a composed finish. Fantastic to see.


He will get a few more handshakes. Would it have been greedy if Jay


Fulton had scored again? There was some chance at the beginning of the


second half. Higginbotham again on composer. He stands on the ball, a


little trick. I think that puts Jay Fulton of. If he keeps his head


over the ball, then it would be too -1 Falkirk and then who knows? --


2-1. You have to take your chances. It is tough to do that on the side


of your foot but it was a great opportunity. He is in at the back


post trying to score. You'll never fault them trying to score goals


and being in the danger area. hit the crossbar twice, with the


help of a hand from Kieran Duffie. And there was a penalty claims


against Murray Wallace in the scrummage that followed. That is


certainly not intentional for May. It is hitting straight against him


from a very short distance. I think if things had gone another way,


Neil Lennon could have been very angry today. In my opinion, that is


not a penalty. That second one is not but they could be a claim of


the second one because the ball is deflected onto the bar. But


certainly not the second instance. This shows the angle well. That is


going in the net. You probably do give that add a penalty kick. -- as


a penalty kick. I don't think that his hand to ball. In the middle of


all that, I think Thomas Rogne had a good game. Everybody went for


Higginbotham as man-of-the-match, but he did well and he has


fulfilled that role that Celtic have struggled with for some time.


We were talking about El Alagui before the game but he did not get


much of a sniff. Two penalty claims but neither upheld, and then they


were 2-1 up after that free kick. Great effort from Anthony Stokes.


Can you fold Martin may govern? -- Michael McGovern? I don't think you


can fault him, he is a top-class goalkeeper. He jumps in the air and


delays for that millisecond. By the time he is down, the ball is


already moving and he might have been able to go over it. Having


said that, he had a terrific game and he made some good saves. Celtic


had some good chances. He is a young goalkeeper and there is a


learning curve. That team will learn from this and be better from


it. That goal scorer is important to Celtic. He is just natural. The


fact that he jumped up, on his way down as he struck it, that took the


emphasis out of his movement and he could not get across in time. It is


nit-picking a bit, but I think he has done well today, Michael. He


cannot do much with Anthony Stokes when he sniffs around that box.


After that free kick, he did very well to sniff that one out as well.


That was it. I think the script writer's plan was for Darren Dods


to score the equaliser that took the tie into extra-time. He tried


his best. It was a great opportunity. Some would say that I


did not see it coming. But it was very good goalkeeping. Good


goalkeeping from the big man. Maybe not always the best at coming out


and attacking the ball when it is in the air, but the size of him,


the greatness. Great double save at an important time. Bailey said that


Fraser Forster is growing into the job. I don't think that as Celtic


goalkeeper there is any hiding place. We have always said this,


but it is one thing to be a good player in a provincial club, but it


is another to play for Glasgow team. You need the ability but also the


mental strength. That is sometimes why players do not succeed because


they don't have the mental qualities to go along with their


other attributes. It is the huge honour to play for Celtic and


Rangers. Celtic threatened to score again. That would have been really


harsh on Falkirk. Terribly harsh. The defending gets a bit tight, but


a good understanding there. Acknowledgement that if you put it


between the centre-back and the goalkeeper, you know that your mate


Anthony Stokes will be there. He knew that area. Because Gary Hooper


knows that area and Anthony Stokes knows it, they do it for each other.


Great play. Anthony Stokes's desire to get in and score, because


sometimes it is difficult to hold on to what you have got at 2-1.


That is what they did, tried to kill the game, and so it proved.


He watched the second half in the stands. Steven Pressley is with


Jonathan. Commiserations, 3-1 defeat, but


such a young side with such promise. What is your overriding feeling


about the performance? I think their performance was terrific. We


came here with a real belief in our system of play and the way we go


about things. Over the 90 minutes, players can go away from here


exceptionally proud. We passed the ball brilliantly at times. Some


switches of play, passing between the lines, I was delighted. Great


passing. I thought we gave them one hell of a game. Your reaction when


that goal went in just before half- time said it all. What was the


atmosphere in the dressing-room at half-time? Was there a real sense


that you could do it? Yes. I think it was similar to the game against


Rangers and Falkirk Stadium. When you get there at half-time and you


are in the game, as we very much work, there is that sense of belief


that you can go on and do it. We started that game in the second


half very well. Celtic were under pressure. There was fluency to


their passing and I was really excited. Once again a controversial


decision changed the game. I have to ask you about what happened at


half-time. You ended up in the stand. Can you tell us what


penalty kick. I have not seen the penalty. I asked if it had been


given in the other box. That's a question to you. But, I am


disappointed. Very disappointed, because when you play against the


old firm, you definitely need factors like that to go for you.


Unfortunately today they didn't. You feel with referees the big


decisions go the big team's way? am not saying that. In reflection


of today's game, there was some big decisions made. I felt,


unfortunately for ourselves, they didn't go our way. What are the


object -- objectives for the rest of the season? Progressing. I look


at us from the July kick-off and the performances of my team now. I


can ask no more from these group of players. Have been progressive. We


set new targets for this season. We will continue to do that. All I ask


is progression. I have seen that in abundance. Thank you. You know him


well. Will he be embarrassed about his reaction to the penalty being


given? He is still obviously furious? Obviously he made


reference to that as well. I would have hoped if it had happened in


the box, I am sure the penalty would have been given. Darren Dods


is a good player. Had a very good career. It is inexcusable what he


did. Sometimes you have to give it up


and hope another team-mate will bail you out. I think to drag him


to the ground. He reflects on it and realises it is a penalty. He is


a young manager. He has passion and every desire to do well for Falkirk.


That will stand him in good steed. Sometimes that pain makes you


stronger. Is it worth mentioning the fact that everything else he


said you will absolutely agree with? Yes. He said he was well


between the -- passed it terrific. I would agree with every single


word. Celtic scored a very good goal. It was on-side. It is not


easy when they came back off the post, goalkeepers to have that


composure and slam it in the net, as he did.


Every motion of that - so I think he was a bit harsh there. As I say,


we all do that on the spur of the moment. You finish the game, your


team has performed admirally. Of course you will say some things out


of context. You are passionate. You care about the game. There's no


doubt he will go on to be a good manager. When the dust settles is


there much that satisfied managers, Falkirk did themselves justice in


what they put into the game. think Stephen will go away a very


proud man and how his team played, I thought they were exceptional.


They stuck at it and played really, really good football. And the


penalty, it would not have been given in Italy or Europe. It is


given here. Certainly, as Owen says the goal was never off-side. One


bounced the other. I could see he was disappointed for the boys


because they had done so much. Celtic, they have Higginbotham and


Stokes. Two top-class finers. They will always -- finishers. They will


always hurt you at some stage in the game. I thought they were going


to get another one near the end, which would have taken in a true


reflection of the game. Celtic had enough quality to win the game.


That is how it panned out. We will look at the first league cup semi-


final from yesterday. Air united against Kilmarnock.


thousands to make themselves heard He was picked out beautifully by


Dayton. Not sure if he was going for the goal here. Looked to be


heading to the back of the net, but for the intervention of the Ayr


He denies first of all James Dayton - a powerful effort, beaten away.


It looks like Harkins would score. He stuck the leg out to divert it


A moment of real class by Dean Shiels.


It has been matched by the save of few minutes he's had! First Shiels,


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 45 seconds


then Pascali. Cuthbert!


He's kept out everything that has just a yard or so wide of the far


post. Malone was exposed here.


through comes for Kilmarnock. It's heartbreak for Ayr United. There's


joy for Dean Shiels -- for Shiels and Kilmarnock. It looked like it


would never come. Kevin Cuthbert could not keep them out forever.


Perhaps he should have gathered that one. Who can fault him for the


work he's put in this afternoon. touching distance of that trophy.


You want an early hold? I won't touch it. You had a blast at Ayr


United afterwards. The manager thought they were disrespectful.


That is what they put in the paper. Is that not what he said. It is not


a blast. It is how you say it. I said if they had come out with a


better game, I was disace pointed in the tactics. He is a super guy.


He does a good job with Ayr United. Do these pictures confirm - that it


was constant rear-guard action? When you are asked a question from


the Scottish media, it was in response to a question I was asked.


I was asked, did you feel Ayr could have come out and led more of a


festival? I said, I was disappointed in how they set it up.


You said they came looking for penalties, didn't you? Exactly. In


my opinion I did. -- they did. Look how many players


were inside the box there. Almost ten within a six-yard box. It holds


up your argument. That happened a great deal of times during the game.


For me when we played Celtic we came out. We are not Barcelona. We


are not massively, massively better than Ayr United. I feel, maybe in


hindsight, it could have come out. When they came out they had a


chance. In injury time at the end of the game they came out and had


another chance. We're not the world's greatest team. You know,


they have to come out and get advice. Fantastic for you to take


Kilmarnock into the final. The icing on the cake must be your son


scores the winning goal. He is a player. In the team he's another


player. But, yes, inside me I think, he's my son, it's great he has the


goal. There's no press didge there. It doesn't matter who scores at


that prejudice there. It doesn't matter who scores at that stage. I


was pleased for the supporters, for the chairman. Were you thanking


somebody upstairs there? Yes. The chairman is overlooked for the


work he does. He works really hard for the club. Every decision is in


the best interest of the club. I'm really pleased to work for


Kilmarnock. Celtic are through to play


Kilmarnock. Here's Neil Lennon. It was maybe not all plain-sailing,


but the victory, you must be delighted to get into that final?


They are never plain-sailing. I am delighted for the team. 3-1, people


might say that they deserved better. Looking from our point of view we


missed so many chances. We hit the bar twice. We hit the post. We


could have won the game more comfortably without playing at our


brilliant best. It is difficult semi-finals. In the best of


conditions we held up well today. I think it contributed for a good


game. One thing I will say about semi-finals here, is sometimes it


leaves a good atmosphere, such a big atmosphere. You have maybe


20,000 people missing, it lacks that bit of snap to the game.


stand behind you. Sometimes you cut a frustrated figure with the


figures N the end Anthony Stokes coming up trumps for you. Yes. He's


been working, we have worked with him on free-kicks. He puts too much


on them. That was definitely his range today. Thankfully he found


the precision and the quality to score. Anthony is in the right


place. I had a wee chat with him on Thursday. I said I wanted more from


him because his overall game has not been there. Anthony is always


going to score goals. We want to contribute more to the team.


don't want to miss the final, back in Hampden in seven weeks' time. It


is Kilmarnock against Celtic. That is on Sunday, 18th March.


Kenny said earlier on that must send out a positive message about


what the likes of Falkirk, just as an example, what they are doing t


type of players they are producing. For me, I am delighted. We are


always promoting Scottish football. I think as a nation we dwell too


much on the negative. There is a lot of positive about it. I have


seen some terrific young players in Celtic as well. There is a lot to


look forward to in Scottish football. We concentrate on the


negative all the time. The Celtic fans will probably throw things at


the TV saying speak about us. They did get the job done. It was a


professional performance, wasn't To be fair, they have the weapon


free to win the match and they achieved that but Falkirk have the


weaponry for a very good game of football. It was more competitive


than yesterday and that is down to the approach and Howard Falkirk


applied themselves and how they wanted to attack at times. -- how


Falkirk applied themselves. They kept the ball up the pitch, compact,


intricate play. But Celtic have equality at the top of the pitch,


and that was a difference, the big difference. With Gary Hooper and


Anthony Stokes there, there will always be chances that are


converted and they did that. D Day Neil Lennon's point about a lack of


atmosphere of not working from their point of view? -- do you take


the point? Yes, we always play better in a good atmosphere. He


said they did not play at their brilliant best, which was


wonderfully one -- honest, but the two players up front will always


score and create chances. It ended up right in the end, with the right


final, that will be exciting. We do mention Falkirk for a number of


reasons. Like a lot of clubs in Scotland, Kilmarnock, St Mirren,


they take the ball down, and I think play the game in other right


way and an enjoyable way. It is good football if we all buy into it.


I was delighted to see that. If they do get into the SPL, then they


will be a real edition. I cannot lose the opportunity to talk about


Bolton. What about the Premier League? How things turned round


after a difficult spell? There is no doubt that it was a slow spell


and we know why, with 10 players injured. When your best players are


missing it is always difficult. We had a horrendous start in terms of


the fixture, playing five of the top six. And when you lose games,


confidence is King in football, and your players lose confidence bit by


bit. We had a good run before Christmas and we have to continue


that. We got a couple back from injury, which helped. And we will


get some transfers before the window closes on Tuesday so we have


a lot to look forward to for the second half of the season. It was


always going to be a season of tradition because of what we were


trying to do. We have to make sure that we cake on and do ourselves


justice. Good luck. It has been good to have your company. I am


back later tonight for my night shift at 10 o'clock on BBC Two. The


highlights of both the semi-finals. This weekend coming up it is all


Falkirk v Celtic

Kick-off 3pm

Live from Hampden Park.

Two young managers go head-to-head at Hampden with a place in the League Cup Final at stake. Neil Lennon takes his Celtic side to the National Stadium with a domestic treble firmly in his sights. The Glasgow giants are in the midst of a battle for the SPL title, they're safely into the fifth round of the Scottish Cup and a win today will bring them back here on Sunday March 18th.

However, if Celtic are to make the final they will have to defeat a First Division team who have already knocked two SPL sides out of this competition. Steven Pressley's Falkirk defeated Rangers 3-2 in the third round with a dramatic last minute winner and followed that up with an extra-time and penalties victory over Dundee Utd in the next round.

Plus highlights of yesterday's semi-final between Ayr Utd and Kilmarnock

Introduced by Rob Maclean, with Pat Nevin and special guest Bolton manager Owen Coyle Commentary from Liam McLeod and Billy Dodds.

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