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Four SPL t and crashed out in the COMMENTATOR: And he has scored! S


United have got a chance of the competition. East Fife have fought


through. The goalkeeper has saved it, Hibs are through.


Hibs and Celtic will battle it out tonight for the 4th and last place


in the Scottish Communities League Cup semi-final. Kilmarnock are


already there. Two First Division team, Falkirk and a United, the


question is who will complete -- and Ayr United, who will complete


the semi-final line-up. The cup of shocks continues. Are we


in for another surprise here at Easter Road? Celtic are odds-on


favourites, not just to win this one but to land the trophy next


March. Hibs Cup kick-start their thing if they come out on top.


Scott McDonald joins me, we do have a hedge fund in the studio, not


wearing the scarf but he did enjoy this moment in 2007 when he has won


the trophy with John Collins in charge. And former Celtic striker,


Scott who has had his hands on the trophy as well. It was 2.5 years


ago, the Old Firm final with that penalty sealed and a winner's medal


for Scott. Welcome to our coverage on the BBC. Hibs against Celtic,


the 4th of the Cup semi-finals. Let's get the teams immediately


in the Hibs hot seat with victory at St Mirren's at the weekend but


plenty of ups and downs. The hot seat, probably more ups than downs.


No Richie Towell. Yes, he has gone for all the attackers. A semi-final,


they have got a chance to make a name for themselves and therefore


they must go for it. Charlie Mulgrew has not made it, he has


been mentioned at both sides of the park. He has been replaced by


Thomas Rogne for top that has been hampering them all season. If they


get that area right, they have plenty of attacking options. East


against West for the final semi- What do you make of the set up


tonight at the back? It will be interesting to see how they


communicate tonight. If Hibs can test them. Ideally, like any


manager, you would want a sensible back four but because of all the


injuries he has had, it has been a frustrating time. Did I see two


raised eyebrows about the Hibs line-up? Yes, slightly but I think


it is fairly settled. There with the changes and it was a bit of a


shame but before that, Hibs looked quite settled. I think you have to


remember that the last eight games, two defeats. A bit of form coming


back but looking at the team tonight, we are hoping he must get


goals. The best news for Hibs so far, and not a lot of it about,


have been the goals of Dario,, 10 already. Quality finishing there --


He has not played a lot of football, it was important for him to come


back to his old stomping ground and pretty much picked up where he left


off. Nice to see that potentially he has got everything. He can run


behind, hold the ball, beat a player and head the ball. On his


days, a handful for everybody. great football pedigree. This was a


great finish. He got it in the wrong position on his legs but he


is quick enough to change his mind. All the goals, they are very, very


different and that is the best thing about Garry O'Connor. Scott


was alluding to it very correctly. Power Derek through the middle, but


from open wide areas, he has looked and we all know he is good in the


air. Can I say it as well that I did not know he would stand up this


well this season, I thought it would take him a long time. But he


has hit the ground running. Leigh Griffiths on loan from Wolves


got a couple with goals as well. Yes, he scored a lot of goals for


Dundee as well, he has not quite happened yet so he is getting some


experience and it is good for the Bennion as well. -- for Hibs as


well. There have been a lot of positives this season but every


Celtic's supporter knows the problems. This is a classic example,


midfield, not just the centre backs. Is he really marking Dean Shiels?


Look at the distance. And then Dean train. But you have got to follow


these guys through the midfield as well. You are talking about


defending and tackling and nobody tackled him at all. And Charlie


Mulgrew not finishing that with a winning goal. We might be talking


about over a big question over the future of Neil Lennon? Yes, that


has been around for the last couple of weeks. Certainly an the quite a


bit of pressure, the expectancy level of the fans is high and they


are favourites to win this, no question. Not just the night but


the whole Cup. They need to win and that is why he has got a full-


strength squad out there. From his point of you, it is good, they need


A number of team changes, can you tell us why Mark Brown is in goal?


He was good in the cup ties. certainly is a cup tie. And what


one as well. Is it the match she would have chosen? It is the


hardest, no doubt. A couple of so- called underdogs get through and we


hope to make it a hat-trick of that. Semi-final place up for grabs, does


it add spice to the game? really. It is always the next round


in a cup tie, and the semi-final is still only next round. It might


give you the extra edge but it is difficult and as much as we want to


win, we have got a tough task. Birmingham's league form has not


been so good this season. -- Hibs' the for. We have got to make sure


we get wins and draws have not really helped us in the season that


a draw would still keepers in. As was proved against Motherwell and


we are ready for it. We hope to keep everybody on the edge of their


seat. And we have played recently, the majority of games have been


open and exciting. Good luck. Your team news, you have brought


back Thomas Rogne, was it forced upon you? Not really. He played a


game on Monday, and we wanted to see how he was football-Wise. And


for Glenn,, Charlie pulled out this morning, he has been hampered by


injuries this season as have most of the squad! But he is fit round


of the goal, a good player and we will meet him at his best. Celtic


are overwhelming favourites now to lift this Cup, does that come with


added pressure? The majority of the town,... We will have to do the


hard work first and that means trying to win games in knockout


competitions. We were at the final last year, fell short and we want


to go one better. You do not get opportunities like this very often.


I stress this to the players and we will have to play our very best.


Good luck. Thank you. We spoke of the problems that


Celtic have in defence than what they have got a couple of


goalscorers and a terrific talent in James Forrest. You thought Hibs


will be making attempts to contain him. It will be interesting to see


who he plays on the left-hand side to stop James Forrest because he


has been Celtic's best player by far. Since the international break


and another player I would certainly enjoy playing with. It


will be Anthony Stokes and Hooper, we are looking forward to seeing


them tonight. Significant importance of the League Cup has


sometimes been downplayed in the past. If for every club, it has got


every significance. Celtic would definitely love to win this cup.


There have been so many upsets in this competition but that is not


because teams have not taken it seriously. Everybody wants to win


this competition and you see with Celtic, they have put up the


strongest team available tonight. This is a competition that Neil


Lennon liked to win. I know everybody will say to take the


pressure off, but Celtic like to win trophies and any trophy U take


part in, you want to win it. And it is the trophy that Hibs would like


to get their hands on as well. think they have to take it on and


win it. Nothing else matters to Celtic, they want to win every


trophy they are in. They will want to win everything, a tough task for


the trouble but they are more than capable of doing it. It starts here


tonight once again and they are favourites for the whole Cup


competition. Let's see how they get on tonight. Hibs will hope they can


see is on a Celtic and safety tonight. If they can get through


the first -- Celtic anxiety. They will hope the pressure will mount


on them. Yes, what you are leading 2, if you see a weakness in the


team and it is Celtic's defence, then you go for that. It is attack-


minded. Griffiths is a very attack- minded players, scores a couple at


the weekend, that is a massive hope for him. A big lift having Ivan


Sproule in as well. He is a danger to any defence. Marc Wilson at the


back will have his work cut out. A lot of interesting changes can be


made tactically tonight. Will it be Hanlon or Murray who plays back


tonight? That changes as the night goes on. Both managers will be


thinking about going forward than defending and that is where I


really am hopeful and expecting that there will probably be lots of


goals. Are you surprised, Scott, that Hibs would switch away from


Cool -- goalkeeper who was playing previously and go for Mark Brown?


Colin Calderwood has said it in previous matches that Mark Brown


will play. Let's see how he will do. I am sure he is up for it. Both


teams have conceded goals recently. We are looking for goals tonight,


hopefully we will get them but we will see what happens. A hedge


against Celtic for a place in the Scottish Communities League Cup


semi-final -- it is Hibs against Celtic.


COMMENTATOR: The Easter Road faithful may look to this as a


campaign to get started. This is a fixture that Hibs have not cleaned


much joy from, won't win in 10 goes at it. The last made the


competition in 2003, it has a 2-1 win here. They did lose that to


Livingston. Celtic back-to- winning ways and Neil Lennon's men are


heavy favourites to lift the trophy. Rangers, Hearts and Motherwell all


out in the last round. No Richie Towell, an attack-minded side


fielded. Ivan Sproule is back from 4 celtic and he has been critical.


James Forrest is in the form of his life and also Thomas Rogne play. No


strike is among this Celtic substitute. He has been one of the


busier officials, he has shown four reds in the game see us taking part


in. That includes a Champions League games. Also the man in the


middle for the Hibs penalty shoot- out win. Mark Brown prepared to...


Mark will summer the captain's armband in the absence of Charlie


Mulgrew, he is back in the team as earth-shattering but perhaps would-


I think it will be a really open game, Liam. Looking forward to two


team is designed to attack. It really important goals and tonight


would be a great time for him to grab another. From obscurity to be


Griffiths that likes to get into the thick of it. The goals on


Saturday will increase his confidence but can you defend


against that? Look at the Celtic midfield quartet, they have got


Wotherspoon if he can find them. David Willis but you want to get it


Thursday, good performance in France and they needed to Paul all


Wotherspoon is going to play at right-back. They are going to give


at the back four a bit of protection. But David Wotherspoon


will try to get one forward every time they can. Ivan Sproule takes


the credit! It is the perfect start but Celtic do not deal with a


corner. Comes into the front post area. The scrum or eight away


initially the never get the ball clear. It is into the back of the


net and the team have got off to an absolute fire. Daniel, not a good


start for him. Not much you can do about that. Not a thing you can do


about it. It hits him and goes right in the bottom corner. Delight


for Colin Calderwood but I don't think Neil Lennon will be enjoying


as an on goal from it Daniel Majstorovic. It was not going in


Celtic rearguard in recent weeks and once again, hit by an early


lead for 10 minutes. They do not have the players to do it. They


have to keep going. That is true. Colin Calderwood has gone with


their very attack-minded team. He has reaped the rewards early.


Celtic need to get their foot on the ball. They have been unable to


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 41 seconds


do that the first five minutes. -- clattering into him. He will get


away with a warning. One more like that and he will be in the book. He


dived in. He did well to get away Kayal not impressed with the


goalkeeper. The goalkeeper has got to take charge. That could have


-- pass. He needed to be perfect. Adam Matthews getting forward at


every opportunity. It was at decent ball. It was a clever run. But the


final pass let him down. Mark Brown, a former Celtic goalkeeper. He was


could not control. He is holding a high line. You have to be careful.


He looked onside. A good call by the linesman. Just a little bit too


a recent times. He got all the praise in the draw with Kilmarnock.


Celtic were three down at half-time in that game. Neil Lennon looks


glum. You work -- he won this tournament twice as a player with


the Celtic. Same old story. Bad goals to lose. None will ever be as


bad as the goal they conceded in France last week. That was quite


horrifying. They have got players who can score goals. That is


challenge. If you show the Stutz, you will always get penalised.


Stokes was in an offside position. Hooper was not. It is a rule that


frustrated players and fans alike. Gary Hooper was onside. Anthony


Stokes, as long as he does not get involved, Hooper is allowed to go


season so far. He does not seem to be clicking as well as he did last


season. He was terrific last campaign. Top scorer for Celtic.


All he and Stokes have got five so far. Spend two years at Scunthorpe.


He has got one eye on the Great Britain Olympic team next summer.


Celtic are anxious to avoid more capital punishment having lost


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 41 seconds


Perfect conditions. The pitch is Forrest, one of the smallest


players on the park. Did not really fancy him against Paul Hanlon. A


good three choice back four inches between them. Forrest could not


make contact. The couple of Scotland caps to add to his CV


against Spain and Liechtenstein. winger played tonight. You have got


Ivan Sproule and James Forrest. What have you made of Sproule since


he came back? He has managed to get a few goals. He is not a tricky


winger. But if he has got -- if he gets a run non-U, he is gone.


good in possession. Goal-kick. Sproule Kit himself far too much to


do. -- gave himself. If you knock it 10 yards away, the second


defender comes across and not sit out for a goal-kick. -- knocks it


out. Three changes in the Celtic team from the one that beat


Aberdeen. Mulgrew, Loovens and when the hammer out. -- Wanyama. We said


the first goal was going to be important. The next one is very


important. The Celtic supporters I think he would expect Celtic to


pick things up after losing the ball -- goal. But Hibs have played


in the season. Scored against Aberdeen at the weekend. -- Sung-


flag was up. The linesman waited to see. You can see, he just got it


right. Have I yard offside. -- half a yard. James Forrest did not find


the target and the way. A couple of early flags for Keith Sorbie, the


linesman, tries Max assistant referee. -- or assistant referee.


Lines man will do me! -- linesman. Ederney and leading by a one goal


thanks to an own goal by Daniel Majstorovic. It came in the fourth


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 41 seconds


minute. A deflection off an Ivan Hooper could not turn it in. What a


chance by Celtic. Great ball. Gary Hooper, he came off his left knee.


That was a terrific ball. An incredible miss. Stephens and


Wotherspoon were in close attendance. But you would expect


Gary Hooper to have scored. If he got a decent touch, that was in the


back of the net. On the night like this, quarter-final, UDR know how


many chances you will get, you cannot pass one up like that. --


you do not know how many chances 20 minutes? It is a wonderful start


by Hibs. I thought there would be more of a reaction from Celtic. I


expected them to dominate in the middle, keep the ball, get in wide


areas. That was the first time Kayal got forward. He created a


really good chance. The Israeli, il, joined last summer. An important


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 41 seconds


player for Celtic. Izaguirre out Self-inflicted. It was an easy


clearance. The way things are going for Celtic... Now they face a


corner kick. Just when Celtic thought they would keep a settled


back line, they lost Glenn Loovens and charlie macro. -- Charlie


- Osbourne! If Ivan Sproule takes one touch too many -- I just wonder


if Ivan Sproule takes one touch too many. This was half chance. -- this


times. 13 behind Rangers. Looking to exercise some ghosts from last


season when they lost at Old Firm final. -- the Old Firm final.


Celtic have won a free kick. It is one of those areas where you think,


is it too far out for a shot? Clever play by Kayal. Under


pressure. You just wonder if somebody on the Celtic team fancies


What's the reaction of the goalkeeper. -- watch. It was not


that far away. As I say, well hit. It was always rising. Mark Brown


confident. The Irishman thought it League Cup in 1981. -- 1991. That


was against Dunfermline. They have won Mac hits since then, a 5-1


back. The goalkeeper was quite entitled to picket up. -- to pick


woodwork. The build up was different class. The passing was


accurate, quick, slick. The final touch missing. Hooper was to his


left. Anthony Stokes is an out and out striker. It faeces a goal, he


is going for goal. -- if he sees a in his time at Hibs. He was just


here for a year. Good return. Falkirk, Hibs, Celtic. He knows


where the back of the Net is. He is clambering on Stokes there. It is


50-50, both players get their arm joining Ayr and Kilmarnock in the


tonight, extra-time and penalties for the Celtic defence. Le Daniel


Majstorovic has been looking edgy. Two players who have not worked


well together and you don't strike up a partnership in 10 minutes and


Griffiths... A shake of the head Wotherspoon. What do you think


about that? I think defenders can make contact, as long as you don't


grab them. I think he goes down far too easily for the referee to give


way we do, he might even be tempted to book him. Done on a Storrar


vetch -- Daniel Majstorovic. Hibs to believe there was a need touch


there but a good defending from Hibs. Just throwing themselves over


the ball and make sure you block for Stokes. As he headed it on to


his own shoulder, it is a free header. You would expect him to at


least hit the target and you can see by his reaction, he has missed


to go with the attack minded line- up has been vindicated, hasn't it?


You, off to a flying start and it lifts the players. Yes, off to a


flying start. It has gone straight across the goal, it just gives Hibs


that little bit extra offspring in their step because they have got


to get back on level terms. That is not proving easy for them right now.


Hibs looking fairly comfortable, fair to say? I think Victor Palsson


has had given the backbone a bit of on the far side. He couldn't find


the target there. Up a really sharp break from Hibs. You can see


Griffiths getting to the far post but he has decided he will take on


the goalkeeper, looking for the far top corner, does not get the bend


Hibernian there. Almost in for a got a goal that opens things up.


And Celtic have only got one thing in mind, getting back in and that


means pushing forward and meaning they will be light at the back


Mirren at the weekend. The strikers will create a bit of room and it


means you can get on the ball and then you can play decent passes.


Leigh Griffiths is in. The flag is up against Leigh Griffiths. A good


ball in from the wide area, the linesman has got a perfect view


here. A good ball through and he gets it in early, yes, offside.


little for Mark Brown to do, Graham Stack was one of Hibs' best players.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 41 seconds


Celtic, Mark Brown. Frustrating Celtic here, he came right at the


end of the season in 2008. Scott Brown, his final game for Hibernian,


this. Once again, just that little bit far out in order to be thinking


because he is shaping up for the cross here. He has said it through


to Hooper instead. Anti-climax for counter attack again. The


goalkeeper makes the save. you're going to go on a fast break,


he get Ivan Sproule involved it will be pacy but Agogo as well,


credit to the goalkeeper. He gets a good contact on the ball. It seems


a little bit easy for Hibs to counter-attack. It always seems


down that left-hand side because Ivan Sproule will come on to his


good right foot and take shots at your goalkeeper. Sproule well


remembered for a hat-trick against Rangers at Ibrox. His first at the


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 41 seconds


second bite of this, Celtic with onside, Leigh Griffiths that there


a chance for the second... Could not take it. Well Hibs look back at


that and one that was my what a chance, what a ball from Dario,!


on to his left foot. Always the touch with your bad food to get it


on your good side, isn't it? Good from the end of this tie, a Celtic


have won, if one he had found the net if the had got it? A two call


the League is brilliant. -- a one goal lead is good, a two goal lead


is brilliant. Extra firepower for Hibs, any kind of set pieces in the


final third, a few big lads. Stevens is up from the back, a few


do Celtic look at the back? The set pieces are causing problems. You


can see the number of green jerseys and it is scrambled clear but they


don't look safe when that ball comes in the area. Celtic need to


wake up from the slumber in the back. Hibs are looking dangerous


every time they come forward. Another corner kick. I will give


you three guesses where this will go. He will bend it right in on top


of the goalkeeper and keep the goalkeeper cannot come for that.


When you have got a team under pressure, don't let them out


the interval. Celtic have had chances. Most notably Stokes and


get in early but it has got to be a added on to the end of the first


What have been made of the first half, Craig Paterson? Colin


Calderwood will be delighted, they are ahead and looking confident.


Neil Lennon is more from his team, players who can dominate, Forest he


can repeat to shreds, Beram Kayal, he has got to fire them up. There


is the half-time whistle. The Hibs fans will be delighted. They have


got a 1-0 lead at half-time, Ivan Sproule battering it in off Daniel


Majstorovic and they have looked very dangerous in the counter-


attack. Hooper and Stokes have had a great chances as well but it is


Hibs after the magnificence that who have the lead at Easter Road.


Daniel Majstorovic not happy, he is talking to one of the officials. At


half-time here at Easter Road at the moment, Hibs and joining Ayr,


Falkirk and Kilmarnock. I wonder if he has tried to get the


own goal taken off because that separates the sides. I can't


imagine Camacho played better than that. We have got highlights from


last night's free ties coming up. Hibs have been impressive. Yes,


they have. They pass the ball exceptionally well, they have found


the gaps in Celtic's defence. Celtic have had their chances that


neither side has taken the initiative after the first goal.


Will it be enough for Hibs, that first goal? We will see. If he took


the Second chance, it might have been a different game. They might


route that? I think there is great power in that team, all the way


through the centre, Stevens a really important player at the


field, and Agogo has been the man of the match, tackling, passing


everything. Great energy and confidence. Among the have needed


something special, it is the pace of Sproule, a brilliant going


forward. Griffiths has got up there as well. All round, a good


performance from Hibs, unrecognisable from early season.


Celtic did not need to concede a goal inside five minutes. No, they


didn't. But I think Marc Wilson is unlucky, he did not see it until


late, he did it well to get off the line. Below 40 macro is in the


right place at the right time. I don't think there is a great deal


wrong there. Sproule has made the run and got lucky with the ball has


landed for him. Could a Celtic player get up there early? At think


that is harsh. 1-0 at half-time, it leads talk about that a bit later,


but elsewhere in the Scottish Communities League Cup last night.


Lots of thrills and spills and Jonathan someone can talk us


United set about ending that miserable sequence against Falkirk


at Tannadice. United went closer soon afterwards. Jon Daly with a


strike off the bar. Every get the feeling it is not going to be your


night? The feeling intensified in the 70th minute. Falkirk one goal


ahead. Having taking -- having taken the scalpel Rangers in the


last round, they sensed another scalp. -- the scalp of Rangers.


Johnny Russell equalised within five minutes. The SPL side back on


level terms. A great finish from a tight angle. It finished 1-1. In


the first period of extra-time, United took the lead. Great pass


from Russell and daily with the finish. -- Jon Daly. It Disree


nearly 3-1. -- it was very nearly. Jon Daly with another superb strike.


Again it hit the bar. With two minutes of extra-time remaining,


Falkirk equalised through Ally Graham. Rude macro one paying


dividends for a Falkirk as they stayed in the Cup. -- route. Willo


Flood missed in the penalty shoot out for Dundee United. Stewart


Murdoch kept his composure to send Falkirk into the semi-finals.


Another cup upset. Another celebration for a manager Steven


upset at St Mirren Park. -- fair mack United. Initially it was the


SPL side in front. 1,200 Ayr fans made the trip. Nine minutes from


time they got what they travelled in hope to see. Eddie May along


with the ball into the box, Chris Smith with the header. -- Eddie


Malone. The First Division side in sight of the semi-finals. St Mirren


laid siege to the goalmouth. Graham Carey struck the crossbar late on.


Scenes of joy at the final whistle. This was the third SPL scalp for


the team currently bottom of the Aberdeen, Second Division East


Fife's hopes of seeing off Kilmarnock suffered a major blow


the second half, Paul Heffernan went close. In the 73rd minute,


Killie made the breakthrough. Mohamadou Sissoko scoring. The big


central defender with plenty of space, could control and a fine


finish. Some trade mark Kilmarnock passing play almost carved open the


East Fife again. In the 81st minute, Kilmarnock made sure of their place


in the semi-final, Gary Harkins picking up the pieces and his shot


was too hot for Marc Ridgers. The possibility of an Ayrshire derby in


Great live coverage of all of that last night on Radio Scotland. The


real story was the First Division teams getting through. The Falkirk


conclusion was dramatic. What about Ayr? They have been an incredible


Cup team. Usually you just do not want to get them. Bottom of the


First Division? Bott it is Cup night. The fans get behind them. A


possible Killie against Ayr semi- final will be one to look forward


to. He is ahead against year-old Teeny here. We have seen the Hibs


goal. But they had numerous other chances. What about the past here


from Agogo and the ball in from Wotherspoon? Yes, fantastic. They


were unlucky. The goal gave them confidence. As we see again here,


another great chance. Sproule cut in from the left. Maybe he took a


touch too many. If this was your first view of Hibs this season, you


would wonder what the fuss was about. They have been special.


think it is confusing for the Hibs fans as well! Osborne has been


fabulous today. The pace of Sparrow on the break has been absolutely


phenomenal. -- Sproule. He looks up Forrest today. As Scott said during


the game, time and again against the big teams he seems to get up


for it. He is breaking well there. Celtic are very open. Obviously


they are behind and trying to go for the game. The two full-backs


going at the same time. The shape is not correct. The centre halves


are nowhere. That was a great chance for Griffiths. He needed to


slow down a little bit and be a little more composed. This was the


moment that this League Cup tie may have slipped from Celtic's grasp?


Yes, every single Hibernian supporter will be thinking that.


You do not get that many chances against the Old Firm. That was one.


What a blow by Garry O'Connor. All the way through the Hibs team they


have played well. As well as they can play. You suspect Celtic will


make sure they do not play that well in the second half. This one


from Kayal qualifies as a good chance. You would have thought the


ball would have ended up in the back of the net? Exactly. He will


be disappointed he got nothing on the ball. Hibs did well to


pressurise him. It was a great ball in. He is of balance because he is


being dragged back a little bit. off balance. He will be


disappointed. Celtic have been unlucky a little bit. On another


night, this one from Stokes would have gone in. A dinner at think


Celtic have played badly. I think they have played really well. They


look very dangerous. At some point in the second half, Cooper and


stocks will get chances. -- Hooper and Stokes. I just think there


seems to be weaknesses in the Celtic defence. Yes, as in the Hibs


defence. There are goals to come in this game. It has been entertaining


to watch. From an unbiased point of view, the goal as come at the wrong


end! Knee will Lennon believes in his team. He knows they can go


forward and create chances. Again it was highlighted before the game


that left-back was a problem for Ederney. -- Hibernian. If you put


pressure on Hanlon, if Celtic get the ball up to the right hand side


and overload down that side, there will be more opportunities. Kayal


has looked comfortable for me. He can create something. There are


more chances. He is good to watch. He likes to look forward every time.


It is a pleasure to play with him. You have got midfielder's playing


the ball earlier. This is the only goal so far but it is unlikely to


be the only goal? Nothing Celtic can do on the line that there. It


came through a crowd of players. I am not going to say anything


against must Horowitz. -- Majstorovic. Celtic will continue


to be that open. They will carry on pushing on. There are great


opportunities for Celtic in the second half. Do not turn off.


man with the dubious honour of the only goal so far, Daniel


Majstorovic, putting into his own net. Back to Kraig Patterson and


this season at the weekend. -- Hibernian. This is a Celtic team


that has shown resilience and character in the last few games.


They will need to improve if they are to claw their way back into


this one. No changes on either side gone with the same line-up for the


second half. Celtic have no strikers on the bench. Paddy


McCourt perhaps the most creative? Yes. If they still need a goal as


the game goes on, you would imagine they would introduce the magic of


McCord. -- McCourt! What a start for Forrest! The reaction that Neil


Lennon and the Celtic fans wanted comes in the first minute of the


second half. What a strike. Unbelievable hit! Drags his team


back into the game as he did against Kilmarnock. Across the


goalkeeper. Good skill. What a finish. Mark Brown sees it but he


sees it too late. That was stunning from a forest. His 5th goal of the


season. -- from a James Forrest. He half. Celtic scoring early in the


second. What will this do for this cup-tie? Kayal is holding his nose.


Certainly Hecken is it a challenge. The players go head to head. I do


not see anything happening there. The yellow card is coming out.


There may be one for each player. Kayal and Sproule. Indeed it is.


you get on with the game, you may have a chance of getting away with


it. A few go head to head, you will both be booked. -- if you go head


to head. The first two cards of the prevents any nerves that may have


crept into the Celtic game. Fantastic for that man, Neil Lennon.


Colin Calderwood, the last thing he would have said, first five minutes,


keep it tight. Magic from James Forrest. How good her seat in this


season? At Kilmarnock, three -- three goals behind, you look too


experienced players to bring you He was convinced that all had gone


over. Once again, you can see the pace. Is the whole of the ball


impossible ball to win as his centre-back when it is coming to


the striker's chest. You just have organised by Forster. -- first


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 41 seconds


happening for Gary Hooper. No. He struggled at Kilmarnock. Eventually


had to be substituted. He does not look the dynamic player we know he


can be. To be fair, he does most damage inside the penalty area.


This season he does not seem to be in the same place as he was last


O'Connor. That was sore. Kayal lungs a moan. Yes. He was quick to


Celtic game, he is very interesting to watch. He talked his way through


matches. He does like to get involved. But the great thing is he


ballooned it over anyway. That was a poor finish. You see the ball


being played. Maybe just. Mark will some on the far side getting back


at pace. -- Marc Wilson. If that hit the back of the net there was a


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 41 seconds


Extra-time and penalties if win since February. They have had


their lead taking away from them right at the start of the second


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 41 seconds


second half, it is planning out pretty much as they did in the


first. Jenas Forest is in again...- 21, Celtic! -- 2-1. He has turned a


match on its head. He is some player, and when he gets in, he


makes it a great break. Just inside the post. A terrific finish again


and this lad is on fire at the moment. This and by from Celtic but


here's way you get a bit of a break, he is onside and he has played him


on and Forrester they really slick finish right in the bottom corner.


And Hibs having back, have got to drag themselves back into the game.


This game has been turned upside- down in the space of 12 second half


minutes. Whatever he said at half- time has worked. Once again, it is


completely changed. The they can move from side to side, they come


round the Hibs players all over the park because they have the lead and


therefore they will dictate the way they want the game to go. Suddenly,


Celtic are running amok here. Stokes looking for Joe Ledley in


the middle. They look so much more dangerous coming forward in the


second half and in the first. Confidence is now losing through


the side. If he looks up, nobody in the middle. There is the man with a


problem. It may be looking at the bench to see if some were can be


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 41 seconds


put on a park you can produce a bit Griffiths. Goal kick. Great pace


from Matthews, and when you get a head, cut back was the defender. A


great tackle there. -- cutback across the defender. He did well to


get back at Griffiths there. The in there for Hibernian. Yes, a 2-1


defeat is no good, you have got to take chances. You could understand


another goal lost in trying to get Sung-Yeung slopes and that let


Hibernian off the hook. Once again, drives, gets in the box, forest. A


brilliant chip to the back post and the move dies because of keys in


young losing his footing. -- Because Ki Sung-Yeung loses his


is terrorising that Hibernian defence. Allow him to get on the


ball in the box, you are in trouble because he has got quick feet, pace,


tricks and it is difficult to get him off the ball. Palsson does well


there. Ki Sung-Yeung will take the there is the third! It is Anthony


Stokes to get it. That may well be the goal that knocks Hibernian out


and put Celtic into the last four, the former Hibernian Stokes he gets


it. Far too easy from Hibs' point of you but Anthony Stones finds a


bit of space, but of power, and Celtic now have that cushion.


this is possibly a cue for many of the Hibernian fans to head for the


exit. Celtic have gone from 1-0 down to 3-1 up just be on the hour


minutes. They came back from 3-0 down against Kilmarnock to become


3-3 in 17 second half minutes. need a repeat of their performance


against Dundee United. They got a draw, a couple of goals if they can


score which will give them a chance and a lift. But this Celtic score


again, this game is gone. You were under what is going through the


mind of Colin Calderwood. A pretty easy team time talk at half-time,


they looked OK right up until Celtic's second but since then, it


had been utter domination from the makes the save. So a good effort. A


good save from the goalkeeper but how easy does Stokes get on the


ball here? Nobody near him. Look. Sets it up, takes the shot, good


little bit of zealous. Hibs appeared to make a change. Danny


Galbraith will try to get something into the box, I would imagine. A


good first touch from Hooper. They are a different team. As I said,


the passing is sharp and accurate, they look a different side. A yard


apart. They have certainly turned up now. Celtic fans will be asking


why they can't play like this from chances, Leigh Griffiths in


particular towards the end of the first half. Would Hibs look back at


to come off for Hibs, Danny Galbraith to come on -- Victor


challenge with the goalkeeper. A decent ball in that Leigh Griffiths


looking for the ball and takes a good hit from Fraser Forster into


the bargain. But Hibs substitution, he would take of a defensive


midfielder a stick-on another forward? And I think now, Colin


clearly annoyed, perhaps not by coming off but the way things have


gone for Hibs in the second half. Second minute seeing Celtic


Victor Wanyama for Barran Kyle. A straight forward replacement --


Beram Kayal. To keep the lead, you have to. I think he is bringing of


a player who will sit and defend, stake in the back four and make


sure Hibs don't get through easy. Hooper is onside and a great


finish! Celtic crackling like a log fire and they have come from behind


to routing Hibernian. In 68 minutes, it 68 -- it will beat Celtic in the


last four. Gary Hooper goes, he is onside and the rest is, can he


finish? First touch is a brilliant and that is a quality finish.


has unravelled big style for Hibs. Cooper sleep with a finish that is


like Cooper from last season and what a shot. Colin Calderwood will


be absolutely livid as a centre- back. Beram Kayal will be replaced


by Victor Wanyama. These two meet again on lead business on Saturday


-- league business on Saturday in Glasgow. One of the new faces,


Victor, around Celtic Park. Number Celtic history in the year of 1967,


little wonder that some Hibs fans are slipping off, they have had


enough. It was all going so well minutes. The game has gone now. You


can hardly blame them for heading home early. Having been 1-0 ahead


and now 4-1, you have to be the eternal optimist if you think they


can get back in. Here they come again. It is read out for the


Northern Irishman. Hibs down to 10. This is going from bad to worse. --


it is a red card for the Northern Irishman. He misses a game. Ivan


Sproule can have no complaints, he has attended a challenge, coming


back. He has not got the ball, managed to get the player and you


are going to get yellow carded he has already got one and that means


he has off the park. Well, Celtic have had Hibs under their farm for


demoralised. The game that looked like there might be something


special now it is about pride and second half it wasn't there in the


first. There are 10 points them and Rangers at the top of the Premier


League. They have a game in hand against Dunfermline. A long way to


go and this will do wonders for Stevenson and Akpo Sodje. You need


some kind of help and they will try and get on the ball when they come


on but it is all about pride now. Brian a profession and your team. -


- pride in your profession and a have a chance to go 2-0 up, if you


don't take it against the Old Firm, it will come back and quality big-


time. A free kick, Hibs have got a back in the middle. The big Swede


in the book. Leigh Griffiths has a office 46 games before tonight


since taking over from John Hughes one year ago. Another night of


misery for the former Scotland defender. As Garry O'Connor is


by Akpo Sodje. It looks like Akpo Sodje will have to play upfront


alongside Griffiths. They still have the two strikers which might


sneak a goal but if you leave yourself short at the back, Celtic


Celtic who already lead by four to one Aminah what a court can do. He


will replace Gary Hooper surely. -- and we know what Paddy McCourt can


do. Where did this go wrong for Hibs? Light at the first minute of


the second half. Its Celtic got a lift and they have gone on to


wonder. He becomes off, managed to get himself on the scoresheet with


the 4th goal. On comes Paddy McCourt. Joy if you're a defender


and you are starting to tire and they bring on a trickster like


is struggling for strikers. -- it worked out OK. James Forrest drag -


Forrest is on a hat-trick. Moving himself on to six for the season


tonight. So too is Stokes and so to play Celtic again in the league on


Saturday. -- Hibs. A cheeky finish. Mark Brown was equal to it. He was


trying to flick the ball across goal. He has got quick feet. He has


got so many tricks. Defenders have to be careful not to give away a


penalty against him. Celtic meet him was on the weekend. Then they


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 41 seconds


play rain in the Europa League next a Hibs fan. A man down, 4-0 down,


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 41 seconds


demoralised. Yes,. The players He had watched 15 or 16 passes and


decided, it is going to have to stop at some point. Anthony Stokes


very appreciative of this, on a hat-trick. His manager wanting to


get the ovation. And he deserves it. He got Celtic back into this game.


Quick feet and great finishing. This is a beauty. Wonderful strike


across the goalkeeper. No chance for Mark Brown. Perfect again.


Anthony Stokes court was by surprise. Cha Du-Ri is the player


who is on. Just giving players a run out. Every chance to get match


mistake by Cha Du-Ri in France, when he knocked the ball past his


ball. Anthony Stokes checks out, drags the defender and oats,


cheques back. Cha Du-Ri could not away from home for Celtic, losing


just one away domestic cup-tie since famously losing to Clyde in


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 41 seconds


2005. That was at St Mirren in a Osborne. The referee was right.


Look for advantage. It did not come. He has given the free kick. Forster


did not look convincing there. Still just a little snippets that


the Celtic defence is not functioning. That is the main worry


for Neil Lennon. In the first half they struggled. A couple of times


you can put that down as a chance. The angle was always against him.


He did well to wrestle himself into that position. But he was never


Danny Galbraith. What next Burke Colin Calderwood? -- for Colin


Calderwood? Condon taking things that have happened out there in the


second hand. -- contemplating. Four minutes remaining. Him and Billy


Brown wondering where it all went wrong. I am sure the manager would


have told them how important the early have of the second half was.


-- early Park. The big night for Celtic. They lost to Rangers,


Hearts and Atletico Madrid, drew with Kilmarnock and Udinese. It is


a big win for Celtic tonight, you feel, and for a meal that none.


just sometimes wonder when a player has come on and he knows the game


is won, if he gets up to the speed opponents to play against. Well


done, Louise Stevenson. -- you we Stevenson. McCord does not get many


start. His 7th appearance of the season. They have all been as a


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 41 seconds


Falkirk want to avoid Celtic in the semi-final draw? You can bet your


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 41 seconds


time at the the end of this match. Hibs will want this over and done


Celtic demolished Hibernian in the second half. Neil Lennon beating


Colin Calderwood again, just like he did earlier in the season. It


was James Forrest, just like he did at Rugby Park, who grabbed the game


by the scruff of the neck and scored twice early and the second


half, as Celtic went from one down to 4-1 ahead. Gary Hooper got the


4th. His 6th of the season. Stokes got his 6th of the season. A


fantastic second half performance from the Parkhead side. Yes.


Questions were asked at half-time. Do Celtic have it in them to get


back into the game? That players answered with an emphatic yes.


James Forrest the man once again who led them. When you look at the


first 45 and the second 45, it looked like two different Celtic


teams. Once Celtic click into gear, it was hard work. Celtic had the


swagger of a gunslinger and the second half. The team to avoid in


Celtic manager Neil Lennon did say on Sunday that at team would take a


beating from his team one of these days. Sadly for Hibs, they were on


the wrong end of it. What a dramatic transformation. Let's hear


from the excellent James Forrest. Fantastic second half performance,


and from yourself in particular. You must be delighted? Yes, the


first half was not up to scratch. We had a better attitude of the


second half. I notice that the manager and a few words in your ear


as he took you off. What did he say to you? I know I was not good


enough in the first have. Hopefully I did better in the second half.


What did the manager say to the team at half-time? The players knew


themselves the first half was not up to scratch. He let us know that.


We shall we can play in the second half. Why we are not up to scratch


and the first half? Are I cannot put my finger on it. We had a few


chances. They scored an early goal. Incredible performance from Hibs in


the first half. They had you under the cosh at times? Yes, they had


some chances. Big Forster made a few saves. Credit to him.


excellent second half performance from Celtic. Into the semi-finals.


Two First Division teams in there. You most fear you have a good


chance to win this tournament? of the First Division teams had


beaten SPL teams. -- have beaten. He looks like he could be a Celtic


ball boy. He is at 20-year-old Going places at the moment. Two


crucial goals which turned this game around? Yes. We said at half-


time how impressed that he has been. We had it in the second half. A


danger man. The fantastic finish for the first one. Taken with great


composure. A lot better than Griffiths did in the first up.


much was that second half of that Celtic finding their form and Hibs


crumbling? Yes, he has crumbled to some degree. They played well in


the first half. I did not think they could keep it off for another


45 minutes. The last thing we said at half-time was, get Forrest into


the game. That is exactly what Celtic did. Practically it worked.


Well done Neil Lennon. Celtic were behind inside five minutes. It was


an own goal from Daniel Majstorovic which put Hibs in front. Hibs were


very impressive and the first that. They had a little bit of luck.


Celtic were unlucky. At that point, Higgs did not panic. They tried to


get the second goal. I think they deserve to get the goal at that


point. A second goal would have been pushing it. We did wonder if


this was a Turning Point? Yes, it was a chance for them to go two D 0


ahead. He has not slowed down. -- 2-0. If that was Hooper or Stokes


or Scott McDonald, that Paul would be in the back of the net.


Fantastic second half performance. What did you put in the tea at


half-time? It is not what I put in the tea. It is basically what I


asked of them in the second half. We want to win all the competitions.


They did themselves justice. I was disappointed with some of our


finishing. We were all open and sloppy at times in possession. That


is why Hibs hit Hossa reid mack on the break. A poor goal from a


corner. I was not very pleased. In the second half, exhilarating. The


fans responded. Some of the football in the second half was as


good as it has been since I have been here. You said your team would


give somebody a hiding. Was that the hiding tonight? We scored four


goals in the second half. We got three at Kilmarnock. But we played


better tonight. To a man in the second half they were fantastic.


The keeper made a great save at 1-0. When we play like that we are a


very good team. You have had to reorganise your defence more often


than you would like. Well tonight give your team extra components to


kick on? When they play as a pin, you can see what the outcome can be.


-- has that team. We have got Hibs again on Saturday. It is a huge


gain in the context of the season. The players have shown what they're


capable of. You cut a very frustrated figure and the first


half. Can you put a finger on why your team is not starting games as


you would like them? We went to sleep last set-piece and they


punished us. -- on a set piece. When we pass quickly and shortly,


we look like we are going to score. I had at early at Forrest at half-


time. He changed his white boots. What a wonderful footballer he is


turning out to be. In the last four. You must feel you have got a good


chance to win the tournament now? Yes. I am just pleased we're in the


semi-final. We can put that to bed for a couple of months. Concentrate


on the leak. It gives the players something to look forward to. It is


still up for grabs. Celtic odds-on favourites to win


this trophy. Honda stand idly. The semi-final draw will take place


next week. -- understandably. Neil Lennon reckons that was some of the


best football they have played in his time? Yes. They passed the ball


slightly. They got the early goal in the second half. Once the goal


went in, Hibernian lost their belief. They went on the back foot


and let Celtic dominate. Set it were superb and the second half.


Four goals in 22 minutes. He is were blown away by this double from


James Forrest. -- Hibs. You could not stop it coming. It was like a


tsunami. Forrest has got wonderful balance. He could go either way.


More than one trick. He is an international class players now. I


actually preferred the second goal. This shows you the balance. He has


fallen over but he still has the wherewithal to score. And on his


back foot. Stokes has done really well for Celtic as well. You take


your hat off to Celtic, or you say that Forrest found his way through


easily? I would say well done to He had to say well done the striker.


You can't ignore what he did there. The first touch, that was the


reason the goal was scored. They link well and when you get Hooper


and Stokes linking well and they have got other good players as well


but Forest looks on fire when he can link up with them. The goals


were raining in at that stage. Anthony Stokes got this one from a


corner. You wonder at this stage, what the final score might be?


eyes, I don't think scores too many with his head. That is why he was


having a joke with Ki Sung-Yeung at the end. Do I think Mark has got it


into the ball and does not know where Stokes is. But full credit to


Stokes. Leigh Griffiths and missed from an opportunity in the first


half, Gary Hooper was never going to pass up the chance. They come


out from the same ankle and that was a composed striker. Scott said


to me immediately, it is on 4th his right foot. And it suits him better


from that angle it is beautiful. will be going home a happy man


tonight. Second game back after injury and I am sure that Neil


Lennon is a happy man, two strikers back in the goals. They a big sky


of relief -- a big sigh of relief for Neil Lennon. They were in a bit


of a whole at half-time and it could have been worst. Yes and not


for the first time this season. It has been a rocky period for Celtic.


A long period where their European games were not going well.


Questions have been asked about the defence so every single win is


important and getting a trophy would be fantastic. One of the


things I noticed that was different today which surprised me was the


difference it made, Neil Lennon said all the right things but


Celtic were going to their own fans, but they seemed to be panicked


before. If your fans keep on backing you, it lists you. With the


first goal, they came and kept seeing the whole time and it


destroyed Hibs and lifted of the Celtic players. Any thoughts of a


Hibs fight back crumbled when spieler 13 took the long walk. Did


he have grounds for appeal here? think Pat feels different but if


the referee is sensible, he pulls into the side, has a little chat


and lets him get on with it. argument about that one. No, that


is definite. Looking at that again, I would not want a yellow card but


because they were squaring off to each other, and Neil Lennon tried


to defuse the situation. The red card there, not only has he tried


to tackle with the infant, he has tried to play the other tackle off


with the other foot. Hibs were turned to shreds at that point.


When you C Paddy McCourt come on, you think, oh no. This complete the


picture in terms of the Scottish Communities League Cup semi-finals.


All the results of the quarter- finals of last night's free, and


tonight's game as well. They finished there, Hibs 1, Celtic four.


Ayr United through with a win at Paisley. After 120 minutes, Falkirk


1 on penalties. And Kilmarnock threw against East Fife at Rugby


Park. First to Tannadice and see what ensued in that match. They


beat Rangers in the previous round so not lacking in confidence and it


certainly seemed to be that way shock? No, because they showed such


great spirit. Johnny Russell has a big boots to fill. But having had


the chance to go ahead and then going behind, you think have they


got the nerve and guts to come back? Of all the teams in the


Premier League, out, they're probably have.


Willo Flood with his head in his hands, he has had that post before.


And then the Murdoch with the winning penalty. What a penalty.


yes, he has done a fantastic job With Celtic and Kilmarnock, they


will be the danger team next time round. They may not be one you


would want to get. A ridiculously young team, Falkirk. Some


achievement. A slightly unknown to the Premier League teams,


Kilmarnock were look at that and think rather have Ayr United than


play against Falkirk. They have nothing to lose, no expectations of


them, they are playing completely fearlessly. They are the dark


horses, the danger team. And there have to say that I enjoy watching


them play. Having knocked out Rangers and Dundee United, they are


not going to fear anyone. No. And their league form has not been too


bad. They need to put things to one side, they have got a lot of


preparation and League form is important that they will keep


learning and keep doing well. have been continuing your research,


down in the north-east of England? A couple of my mates play in the


First Division. A bad result for Dundee United because they have


been toppling downwards in the SPL, third from bottom now and out of


the competition. They must have had hopes of winning? Yes, a real shame


for them. We nor the problem has been for them, they spent a long


time building a very good squad and a good team and purely financial


reasons, they are beginning to lose but other players leaking away, not


enough depth in the squad. The problem is the confidence leaks out.


After a team that was playing with total provider for a few years in a


row. It is worrying. Long-term, I think they will be fine bob. They


have got quality players to cope but it will hurt. If you are a team


doing a particular well in the league, you get a release in the


cup if you get a good run. Tannadice, and a shock in Paisley


last night, Ayr United, bottom of the First Division were in town and


they took another big chance. They had beaten Hearts already and


here's a golden goal, Chris Smith caught with a glancing header which


proved to be crucial. A great ball in and you have got to ask


questions of the defence. Good header at the near post. This was


Graham Carey force and Veron with a late and desperate effort which


came back off the crossbar. One of those nights for the team but a


glorious night for Brian Reid and his team. I would feel sorry for St


Mirren. They could have got a point at the end and were unlucky.


Hitting the crossbar at the end and that is the dividing line you have


got between the two, winning or going out of competitions. They


have gone to Ayr United but I am hugely impressed by some -- St


Mirren. The headline is Ayr United and wasn't Mark Roberts grabbing


the headlines rarely and it was Ayr United. They are in the lower


reaches of the First Division, no fear again. You go, enjoy the day


and go for it. Against Kilmarnock, that will be fun. Cup football does


some strange things. Inverness, Hearts and now cent said Mirror


have been dispatched. It is a fantastic thing and it would be a


great thing for Scottish football if there was a derby. We will have


to wait to see what comes but they will want to enjoy the occasion.


Hampden is a special place and to go there, it would be great for


them. A question, no disrespect, but two games need to be played at


Hampden, with crowds not really expecting full houses? Who would


like a bit more of an atmosphere for Scottish football? He East Fife


were tried to complete a hat-trick of surprises having knocked


Aberdeen out of the competition but they were severely handicapped by


the sending off of Robert Ogleby down to ten men, firstly for a


pretty wild challenge and then a second yellow came his way. It is


not misuse but the referee has to do it. It would be tough enough for


the East Fife fans but against a decent Kilmarnock's team. If you


are a striker or defender and catch the ball, he caught the half volley


very well, he would love finishing that. Gary Harkins got the second


and it is not about picking up points for artistic impressions, it


is getting through. But it is not as easy as that. They needed to get


the job done and they got it done last night so they will be pleased.


And because of the happenings of 10 days ago, at Rugby Park, Kilmarnock


will not be in fear if they add played against the favourites.


And underlining this Cup which is important, everybody has taken it


completely seriously. They have said they have had upset and


expected results but not because the Premier League teams are


putting up weak side, they have all wanted to go for this competition


and it has been a really exciting competition and I think a lot of


teams will be watching it, a Ayr United fine or a Kilmarnock side,


you would be thinking this saying "yes, we have got a chance". Celtic


will be absolute favourites but once again,, the semi-finals,


everybody will put up their strongest sides. Celtic 4, and


heads one. Here's Colin Calderwood. What did you say at half-time?


could be as critical as you want but we have got two point out that


it was a man's game and we have got to play like a man and we did not


at the second half, two-to-one down, you are still in the game. We did


not pick up from a corner. We got beat by those two goals and then


obviously giving the ball away in the first. We have let the air out


of our own balloon. The was it a lack of commitment in the second


half? No, don't be stupid. why would you think that? Perhaps they


were not as up for it in the second half? Was it more about Celtic in


the second half? They had the same threat. We did not make the


decisions and we did not to our jobs at certain points.


disappointing is it especially having been 1-0 up in the first


half? You have gone from excitement, anticipation, getting ourselves


into the second half and I am sure we would have had opportunities as


they pushed but the goal get the game even far too quickly and a cup


tie, we still did not go back to what we did in the first half. They


were in their ascendancy. The sending off obviously makes it


difficult. It is just a case of preservation then and looking


forward at the weekend. Commiserations for top thank you.


STUDIO: He is deflected, Colin Calderwood, and you can understand


why. The yes, as you head, the goal came too quickly. -- yes, as you


heard. The players are fully committed, no doubt about that.


They kept coming at them and they did not have an answer. It would be


wrong to pick holes in what Hibs did because Celtic were tremendous


in the second half. I think some of the Hibs fans will do that. We


commented right at the start that they were an extraordinary open-


side to go against Celtic who have got plenty of options themselves


but it comes down to quality in the end and if you look through that


Celtic's sad, going forward they have got real quality and Stokes


and Hooper, at no point in the game would they not scored. It took a


bit of a while for the chances to come. Forest for me, I think the


game is his. He is definitely the man of the match by a long distance.


We are seeing a player at the age of 20 he will go a long way in the


game. Hopefully he stays here in Celtic for a long time. Learned


what he can about the game and is an international player that we can


be very comfortable about. And Celtic, smiles again at last.


just in, the draw will be on Tuesday afternoon. For the semi-


finals. Thank you to Scott McDonald and Pat Nevin and a word about the


weekend. The results programme firstly on Saturday, have passed


Rob Maclean introduces League Cup fourth round action. Neil Lennon takes his Celtic side to the capital to meet Colin Calderwood's Hibs with a place in the semi-finals at stake.

The Edinburgh side will be looking to rekindle old League Cup glories having lifted the trophy in 1972, 1991 and 2007. Tonight's match will give the Easter Road fans the chance to dream of another visit to Hampden. Meanwhile, Celtic are in the midst of a battle for the SPL title and are in a tough Europa League Group. They last won this competition since 2009 and will be keen to get it back in their trophy cabinet. In the last round, Hibs overcame Motherwell in a penalty shoot-out at Fir Park and Celtic negotiated a potentially tricky trip to the Highlands by defeating Ross County.

Also features a round-up of last night's matches, St Mirren v Ayr Utd, Dundee Utd v Falkirk & Kilmarnock v East Fife.

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