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Rangers v Hibernian

Live coverage of the Scottish Cup final from Hampden Park, where Rangers take on Hibernian. Commentary by Liam MacLeod and Craig Paterson. Kick-off at 3.00pm.

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Hello, good evening and welcome to Sportscene.


COMMENTATOR: Oh, it's unbelievable! Unbelievable!


It's a spectacular opening goal in the derby.


This is history! Highland history!


There's nothing quite like the magic of Scottish Cup final day. For the


first time ever, two teams from outside the top league are competing


for the big prize. It is the 13th time in two seasons Rangers and Hibs


have gone head-to-head. They know each other only too well.


Left-footed from Rogic... Skies it!


And Rangers are through to the Scottish Cup final!


Alan Stubbs has guided Hibernian into the Scottish Cup final.


It'll be an all-Championship Scottish Cup final


# Baby, if you could, would you go back to the start?


It's more Hampden heartache for Hibernian.


# Take any fresh steps or watch it all fall apart again?


# Play another song here, then you can leave


# With your delicate wings, I used to weave


# It could have been a wonderful year


# Instead we might not make it to the end


# You gave me magical, I gave you wonderful


# Cut that invisible cord or I'll starve you


# Let's make immeasurable moves to the left


Rangers have pulled off the seemingly unthinkable.


# Baby if you could would you go back to the start? #


Will it be a trophy treble for Rangers? The Championship and the


Challenge Cup are already theirs. It would add up to a horror hat-trick


for Hibs, who have already missed out on promotion, the pain is still


raw, and they lost at Hampden in the League Cup final. But maybe the


black cloud over Leith will have a silver lining and they can get their


hands on the elusive Scottish Cup after a wait of 114 years. The


winners will play in Europe, at least Alan Stubbs's team is matched


sharp. Rangers have not played a competitive game in three weeks.


Does any of that matter on cup final day? We are about to find out.


Taking centre stage, the world's oldest national football trophy.


This is the 131st year it has been played for, and for a fifth


successive season, whatever happens a different name will be etched into


the special silverware. The 2016 Scottish Cup final is on the BBC and


this is our studio line-up. # Light the fuse,


gonna watch it blow Ronald de Boer, Pat Nevin and


Michael Stewart. That took a bit of digging out, Michael. Is this the


day for Hibs, is it the year for their Scottish Cup? We have a great


chance. Plenty of games against Rangers to size them up and know


what they are about. I had a weird feeling it would be their year, but


having lost the semifinal in the play-offs, I am not sure now.


Rangers are slight favourites but Hibs have a chance. Ronald, some


happy memories of this shiny thing. Beating Celtic was special, 3-2.


Winning the trophy is always great. Had you followed the Rangers journey


back to the big-league? Of course. It's massive. I was therefore a


great four years, despite injury problems. I had a great time.


Rangers, still one of the biggest clubs in Europe. It is a shame that


a club like that went so down, but it's great for Scottish football


take their suffering to a new level? take their suffering to a new level?


-- can the. They might have to, but the way it has happened has been


incredible. Hibs have had a great season, Rangers were slightly


better, winning the league. The pain of the late goals, just getting so


close... Much more painful that way. The one thing about this


competition, the semifinals were so exciting, fabulous games. This


should be the same. Really exciting game. I think we have got two teams


that want to play attacking football. Everything is in place.


Could Hibs's desire be the thing? Rangers have achieved their


objective of getting to the Premiership. Hibs desperately need


something from the season. Sometimes that desperation can play against


you, if you want it too much. You need to focus on the game and not


get caught up in everything surrounding it. Yes, both teams'


main objective was to get promoted and Rangers have done that. In a cup


final you have to put that one side and focus on the game. I don't think


it is a case of Hibs having more. Rangers are desperate to lift the


trophy as well. Considering where Rangers have come from, it would be


a really special season if it was the title, promotion, the Scottish


Cup and Europe. Of course. They know that, they want to do it for the


fans. It is great for next year. You are going full force into next


season, so it would be perfect. The same of course, Hibs have a great


team. It's going to be very even. Two hours of build-up, this is a


sample of what is on the way. The football fairy tale that was


East Kilbride. Just so delighted to


be in the next round with Celtic. What a feeling.


It really feels so good to say that. The Rangers climb


back to the big-time. 25 years on, the memories


of the family final. The main thing was that,


in the final, if you lost, it was your brother that was going


to win the cup. Who was the role model


for the Hibs goalkeeper? Well, because of yourself,


your penalty save in 1990. I remember watching it


in my sitting room. What's it really like to play


in this football showpiece? Thinking back, you didn't even


realise until after Playing for Hibs is


a boyhood dream come true. A club I've supported all my life.


It was a real easy choice. Walked through the doors,


signed on the dotted line and got my number,


24, and that was me. Being Jason Cummings,


by two who should know. He always seems to pop up and get


the goals in the box. We look at the making


of Mark Warburton. He's remembered fondly,


but if you know Mark, he's going to be remember


fondly wherever he goes. He's very good with people,


having the ability to make And will the return of


Anthony Stokes have a happy ending? I've enjoyed my time here, that's


one of the reasons I came back - because I enjoyed the first


spell I had for a season here. You will get a glimpse of the 1991


version of Craig Paterson when we venture down the Motherwell memory


lane, a court of a century on from the finest vinyl, the 2016 model is


our match summariser. Craig and his Motherwell team-mates of the day


have celebrated that quite a lot. Hopefully we will get something


similar this afternoon. Rangers and Hibs, they have become familiar foes


over the last couple of seasons. 12 times they have met, six wins


apiece. On paper, not much between them. Very little between them, both


more than capable of winning. Hibs dominated the league matches,


Rangers came out on top in the knockout situations. Will it make a


difference? Not a bit, it is about bringing your A game to Hampden


Park. They have to bounce back, Hibs. Both sides know a place in


Europe is up for grabs, it is a big game. Rangers have not played for a


few weeks, the Championship season ended at the start of the month. We


talked about this last year with Falkirk, before they played


Inverness. Will it come into play, the fact they had been idle for so


long? They will say they are fresher, if it goes to extra time


they might have better legs. The adrenaline flowing through the


players will take care of any problems in terms of fitness. It is


down to who plays. They want to get the ball down and play. The midfield


is the key, if you dominate there, you will win the cup. We were at


Falkirk a week yesterday when Hibs' bid for promotion was ended. They


lost the League Cup final here a couple of months ago. A bit of a


downer. Talking about Rangers being idle, is the fact that Hibs have had


such poor results going to come into play? They will be extra keen to get


a result, having lost a cup final and the play-offs, you don't want a


third disappointment. Hibs will be fired up, and they will have to be,


because Rangers have won the Championship and the cup. If Hibs


can win today, these players will go down as legends at Easter Road.


Expecting any surprises in the starting line-up? Alan Stubbs likes


to play three centre-backs against Rangers and has had good results. It


means Stevenson and Gray can get forward and confront Wallace and


Tavernier. I know how Rangers are going to line-up. The sun has come


out. Some competition this season as usual. I wonder if there will be


more magic moments this afternoon. # Roll up, roll up, roll up


for satisfaction # Everybody wants,


everyboy needs # So get up, get up, get up


to get some action # It's the ticket


you've been waiting for # Roll up, roll up, roll up


for satisfaction # Everybody wants,


everyboy needs # So get up, get up, get up


to get some action # It's the ticket


you've been waiting for # Cos everybody wants,


everybody wants When you think of the magic of the


Scottish Cup this season, two words pretty quickly come to mind, East


and Kilbride. Their meeting with Celtic was a moment for all cup


romantics to savour. Kenny was with them every step of the way. He


organised a little reunion. Has there ever been such


a lopsided match-up? When you entered the Scottish Cup,


was there anything right at the beginning where you thought,


we're going to have We were nearly going


out, weren't we? We were nearly going out


when we played Forres Mechanics. Khutsishvili!


The Highlanders are in front. This tie will be decided


in the Highlands. I actually owed a wee bit


to the gaffer, to be honest. It is a second


for Craig Hastings! We were writ off before the game


even started. And then I think that's when our


name got out a wee bit. How does it feel


to be in the third round now? If we get through, you never know,


we might get Celtic or Rangers. We had a point to prove and it


showed, because that was our best The way we played,


we were keeping the ball for fun. I think Stenhousemuir were


absolutely stunned. The little team from the lower


leagues are two goals up! Jason Scotland gives his


side a lifeline. And they get the equaliser,


and then the final whistle went. We went into the dressing room


and there was utter silence, We'll left our heads and get


prepared again on Monday You could really say


it's just half-time. And it is the perfect


start for Kilby! That will settle it.


This cup run is not stopping here. That's probably the best draw


we could've actually got. First game got called off,


there was snow up at K-Park. Which meant that the draw came out


for the fifth round before you'd finished against Lothian


Thistle Hutchison Vale. I was watching it with my mum. My


mum predicted it would be Celtic. Right enough, Celtic came out and


she just ran about the living room, screaming, and then my phone was


just red hot. We had this big hurdle in front


of us, in Lothian Thistle. A couple of attacks, one especially


they should have scored. That settled us down.


That settled the boys down. I just stayed on the keeper


every corner and set piece. Luckily for me, he dropped one.


It just landed right beside me. Couldn't believe my luck!


Just a wee toe-poke in. Just so delighted to


be in the next round with Celtic. What a feeling.


It really feels so good to say that. I don't care who was in that green


and white jersey next door. Knock at the door, and the boy hands


in the team line-up. And I threw it onto the table.


Not interested. And I'm looking right


into their eyes. The sweat's going down


my legs when I looked! Celtic's playing


their strongest team. A chilly afternoon here


in Airdrie for what is I'm out in the technical area,


and I remember shouting, And we're knocking the ball,


and making Celtic... Small moments of chasing.


I was swelling with pride. Oh, it hasn't been


cleared off the line! It's forced home!


Kazim-Richards claims. It's a dream come true for me


to play against my boyhood heroes. Fingers crossed, if I'm here next


season, we can do it again. Barry Russell has not been parted


from that Celtic jersey since then! Back here at Hampden Park, the


playing surface could not be looking in much better shape. The final


preparations have been made. The surface was not good when Rangers


won the challenge cup here, it has been relayed since. I was down on


the pitch at the start, it looks in great shape, that will not be an


excuse. Rangers have already hit the target with their main objective for


the season achieved, a third promotion in four Seasons has them


back in the top tier. The journey is complete.


Rangers, one of the giants of world football, have been consigned


to life among the minnows of the Scottish game.


I was away on holiday and I still couldn't believe it.


At first, it was a wee bit of a shock, to be honest.


The Scottish Football League's only acceptable position will be to place


The last five pages of the paper was all about Rangers and how things


Nothing seemed to be beyond the realms of possibility.


From the outset, we made it clear we would play


The majority of the people, certainly the supporters, went,


right, that's our medicine, we have to take it.


We've been put down there, we have to get on with it.


It felt quite historic, Rangers arriving in these places.


It was a big deal for these towns to host Rangers.


Even though playing at a lesser level, and obviously not


against the top players, you are still playing


As a player, that's what you want as well.


It did become a recurring theme that they stumbled a few times.


They did lose at Stirling Albion when Stirling were bottom


of the league, they beat Rangers 1-0.


The Stirling Albion manager was away, he took the day


A season of unfamiliar opponents, but a familiar result.


Ultimately, we've still won the league.


The feeling that they had kind of clicked,


The football wasn't always particularly pretty.


They went through the whole league season unbeaten.


Some of these lower division pitches aren't the best,


So at times it wasn't pretty football at all.


We knew that and I'm sure everyone watching knew that as well.


Just getting through the games, game management almost.


That first Championship season for Rangers, they were totally


Rangers were strong favourites to win the division and keep


this kind of momentum of annual league wins.


Hearts set a ferocious pace at the start of the season.


Ousmane Sow! Sensational finish at Ibrox.


It was a difficult season for everybody.


Hearts were by far the best team in the Championship, ran away


I think you could say they surprised everybody, the way


I don't know how many points they had.


Ally McCoist has left his position as Rangers manager and the club say


When you see the way the manager was towards the end,


As a football manager, you want to concentrate on


A lot of the time at the end, a lot of attention was


It was all about how he dealt with everything off the field.


When I actually went in, in my 35 years of being involved


in football, the morale and the confidence was the lowest


From the top of the club, there was no leadership.


There was nobody there to get a grip of the club.


It was like a rudderless ship, if you like.


I don't think we were equipped as a team to go and face Celtic


Personally, and I'm sure a few of the other boys would say,


we were out of luck that day and Celtic ran out


We came up short against Motherwell in the play-offs.


No doubt about it, over the two legs, Motherwell were by far


Ainsworth scores the goal that secures safety for Motherwell!


In a 15-minute spell, all the work of a full season that


had been done to try and get into the top league at the first


time of asking, was unravelled in a three-goal spell.


I did say at the time it was a great time to come into Rangers.


It was almost a blank canvas to bring your own players in.


Rangers have been really impressive under Warburton this season.


He has signed well, he's signed players we weren't really aware of.


It's going to be left for Tavernier!


Mark Warburton has gelled the team together, built a team that


genuinely believe they can win any game of football.


So I think for the first time in years, there's a style of play,


the fans are sitting on the edge of their seats, saying,


And then of course the semifinal against Celtic.


Which so far has been the signature result and performance


Barrie McKay scores a wonder goal for Rangers in extra time!


Rangers played so comfortably and were good on the ball


and played out from the back, and kept the ball for long periods.


I don't think I've ever seen an Old Firm game where it's been


that one team's played far better than the other team.


I thought Rangers were fantastic, passed them off the pitch.


There's no doubt the quality of the football they played


It was a massive lift for the whole football club.


Throughout the season, they must be delighted.


The things that he's put in place, the players have taken on board.


And again, the backing and support, it's just been


Just over an hour and a half to kick-off, Alan Stubbs leads


Hibernian off the bus into Hampden Park. The League Cup final losers,


they missed out on promotion, can they win the Scottish Cup against


Rangers? We will find out in the coming moment. We have been watching


those recollections of Rangers fighting their way back through the


leagues, can you remember where you were when you heard the news four


years ago that such a big club, your former club, had been relegated to


the fourth level? I can't remember, but it was shocking. You know how


big Rangers is all over the world. Everywhere you come, Rangers fans.


We took about Rangers and Celtic, how big they are. You think if they


are in the Premiership, they would be the likes of Liverpool, that


status, and they go down to the third division. It was a major


shock. Could you explain it to yourself? It is due to management.


We have it now in our Dutch league, Twente has to go down. You want your


team to go well, but you go over your Budget. That is not the way to


do it. Mismanagement. Every big company, if you do that, you get


sacked, and the company is probably ruined. That is the same as a


football club. Was it still the right thing to do? The rules are the


rules. I can understand the argument against it, it felt very Draconian,


but the people have to work within what they see as the rules. Stuart


McCall says it better than any of us, it has happened, we need to get


on with it and stop it looked as if it would be a straight progression


all the way up. Looking back now, I hope eventually people look back at


those teams that got through those divisions and be very depressed. The


work that Ally McCoist and Lee McCulloch did. It is tough to get


all the way through and stick by the club. I applaud them. In the end,


they were going to get back, it took them a year longer, but they are now


getting back when he looked strong enough, and that is important. Until


this season, you would not say they have done it in style. That is a


fair assessment. You look at the transition from last season to this


season, it is huge. You can now see them settling into the top flight


and aching a good fist of it. Previously, there was a huge golf.


That is a huge credit to Mark Warburton and the players he has


brought in. You heard Michael Grant, who brought in a lot of guys we did


not know a great deal about, he has moulded them into a young, energetic


team. For the Rangers supporters, they can now look at that side and


get excited about it. It will be a good addition to the top flight next


year. There is Mark Warburton leading Rangers of their team bus.


Kenny Miller. We will get the team news at 2pm, that is as early as we


can get it. We will bring it to you at that point. Rangers against


Hibernian, the 2016 Scottish Cup final. We are also looking back, one


of the most fondly remembered finals is 25 years old, Tim -- Jim and


Tommy McClane led out Dundee United and Motherwell in an unforgettable


match, it still reduces grown men to tears.


There's Tom McLean and Jim McLean leading out their respective teams.


The build-up to the final was disappointing for the family,


because my father died the Tuesday prior to the game.


The second time that brothers have led out the Cup final teams.


The main thing was in the final, if you lost, it was your


The friendly family Cup final is under way.


My memories of the day would be getting up in the morning,


myself and Davie Cooper, looking to see who we would bet


on to score the first goal, I am sure he bet me!


I picked the ball up, given to Jim Griffin,


he went down the right-hand side, a great ball in.


The problem was Ally Maxwell had a bad injury.


Colliding with Maxwell, he is in trouble.


It was the act of his jump, the sharp end of his elbow


It was the way I landed, punctured the spleen.


I don't attach any blame to John Clark whatsoever.


I would have gone for the ball as well.


It is how we played the game back then.


He is going to continue, but I can't help imagining


they will want to test him again very quickly indeed.


I was really struggling with my movement.


Drilling the ball in low, testing Maxwell,


It hit the turf and skidded a little, rather than bounced.


I did not get down as quick as I thought I could have done.


I would have saved it if I was fully fit.


In the second half, another two goals, quite rapid.


We felt we were in control at 3-1, thinking about walking up to lift


the trophy, but Dundee United had other ideas.


At that point, I thought the pendulum had swung in their favour.


There's not one player that is a quitter.


We all want to win things, but initially we had to win it


by beating Dundee United, secondly we had to do it


with a goalkeeper injured, and then we lost a goal


30 minutes and perhaps the penalty shoot out.


Maxwell will be dreading that prospect.


Alan Main, a phenomenal goalkeeper, he fumbled the cross a bit.


It's a thing I have never said to the players, well done.


The final whistle has gone. Motherwell have won the Cup.


In the most dramatic fashion possible.


It was a great reflection on how my father wanted


us to play the game, the spirit it was played in.


It's the moment these Motherwell supporters have


It's so sad that they all can't be here to enjoy the moment.


Davie Cooper's contribution was second to none.


Philip was a young man at the height of his development.


Jamie was a ball-winning midfield player.


They'd be first four I think about, I don't think


They were an integral part of the team.


Every time I see that, gets me. It must get this man, Craig Paterson,


our co-commentator today, who played must get this man, Craig Paterson,


in that game, a Scottish Cup winner with Motherwell in 1991. It must be


so poignant when you get together. Great memories of a wonderful day, a


magical cup win for Motherwell, the supporters and the town. Sadness


when you think of the four lads who supporters and the town. Sadness


are not there to enjoy it with us. Just one of those days, the game had


everything. The brothers managing the teams, the tragedy of their


father passing away the week before. Seven goals, Max is the wounded


hero. Darren Jackson with a last-minute goal. It was Taylor made


for Kirky to come and score the winner. He scored against Falkirk.


He scored against Celtic. People thought Motherwell's name was on the


cup and Kirkwood scored the winner. A lot of people made money betting


on Stevie Kirk to score. Never been so happy to hear the final whistle.


Dundee United kept coming back. When the final whistle went, you thought,


thank goodness, no one can come and take it away. Still talking about it


25 years on, fabulous memory. Great memories of 1991. Hibs' Scottish Cup


semifinal against Dundee United, we did not know much about debutant


goalkeeper Conrad Logan. 16 months after his last senior game, he was


an instant hero with a series of superb saves, a couple in the


penalty shoot out. He is from Donegal, like another couple of top


keepers, Shay Given and our debutant interviewer Packie Bonner.


Conrad, for the fans who are watching today,


some of them don't know Conrad Logan.


I was born in Donegal, I came to England as a 15-year-old,


went to Leicester City, and I spent most of my career,


15 years, at Leicester City, until I came up here a couple


Your dad was one of my heroes, and he played for Finn Harps.


Yes, ever since I could walk, I was coming with him to games.


Why goalkeeping? Because of yourself.


It was you, your penalty save in 1990, I remember watching it


The big man from Donegal has set it up for the victory!


After that, I wanted to dive like you for


I was four years old, my mum was going mad,


When you had the homecoming and the books came out,


You said, "If you are half as good as your dad,


You were out for 15 months with injury.


Was there any doubt that you would not come back?


I was always quite positive that I would.


The surgeon was positive when he did the operation.


There is no quick fix for the tendon injury, you have


It was a year to the day when I had no pain in my leg,


There was light at the end of the tunnel, thinking


Did you ever think you would be the hero in a semifinal


I was just looking to play a game this season if I could,


it is always difficult to find a club with six or seven games left.


Half an hour before the warm-up, he named the team, that was it.


I was as relaxed as I had been in any game through my career.


When you have had an injury and you realise the things that go


on outside, maybe being a bit older and everything,


I just enjoyed it, I thought it was an unbelievable opportunity


They have asked the question of Conrad Logan now.


Early enough in the game to make a decent block.


Conrad Logan has just received a standing ovation


It gives the defenders and people I have not played


with more confidence, they can rely on you


The first Scottish Cup semifinal is going to a penalty shoot out.


When I came to the club, I did not realise how long


They said, "If you play in the semifinal, you could


The man of the moment does it again.


Jason Cummings has the chance to put Hibernian into the final.


The tweets and things I read in the paper about how much


Who were you on the phone to on the middle of the pitch?


I rang my father, I did not have reception.


He got the next phone call! I rang my father.


It had been a hard time, being injured, for everyone.


You need your family and friends to stick by you.


Do you have enough tickets coming over from Donegal?


We are all sorted and ready, they will have their seats,


Best of luck. Thank you.


That is one of those rare interviews where you say, who is the biggest


influence on your career? Well, you, actually! What a story, Conrad


Logan. Cliche alert, fairy tale. We all sat there watching it when we


came on, I hadn't seen it before... We were a bit apprehensive, let's be


absolutely honest, but he was absolutely stunning. And you watch


what happened after these saves. The first one he closes everything down.


When he finally became the hero and the penalties were saved, most of


the players ran to him, not the goal-scorer. The speed off the line


was fantastic. Technically superb. Adapting his feet to get to the


crosses. He didn't get up the quickest in the world after that


penalty, but he got up in time to save that one. The reaction was


quite stunning for the Hibs fans. It is like a fairy tale because he was


nowhere and suddenly a hero. It was a door to watch if you are football


fan, a great story. The Hibs fans must have been concerned, thinking


he had not played since 2014, and they ended up giving him a standing


ovation. When you see his size, you think he is not in the best shape.


But the save we just saw, I think also he has learned from other


goalies. He doesn't go too quick to the ground. He uses his arms, like a


handball goalie. That is why he saved them. They great story. For


somebody so long out. Respect for the man. Maybe more heroics to come


today from Conrad. Some of us and some of you know exactly what it is


like to play in a big game. Others can only guess what goes through a


player's mind during the big build-up. A fascinating insight from


the hero of 2002, Peter Lovenkrands looking back.


That day was special. It is not like any other game.


Coming into Hampden Park, the bus pulling in,


You are finally there, Tina Turner's Simply The Best


was playing, everybody was getting hyped up.


Walking to the dressing room, that is when I started to feel


I couldn't stop yawning, I was asked, "Are you tired?"


I said, "No, I am just nervous." I yawn when I am nervous.


He said, "Don't worry, we've got this."


You feel like time is going slow because you are excited.


You can hear it in the dressing room, the singing going on.


Half the stadium against you, half with you, it is special.


This Rangers team are lined up and ready to go.


You don't wait, because you don't care, you just focus


It's a big game, and you know that from the get go.


Just wanted to get into the game quickly and get settled.


Annoy the centre half as much as possible.


A couple of minutes in, I felt good, got some good chances,


you feel ready, you feel like you are in the game.


The ball fell for me, I took a touch.


Normally I would have played him in, because he would not be happy!


The ball goes in, there is an amazing sound that comes


Peter Lovenkrands gets a fifth Old Firm goal of the season.


Thinking back, you did not realise until after what you had


People running off the bench, the staff, everybody is so excited.


You are just trying to soak it all up.


Peter Lovenkrands with the Cup in his hand.


Two goals which he will long remember.


It is not until you come home, "What happened today?


You make history, an experience you will always remember.


Don't tell of the story you told us earlier about him, but he was a bit


quick. Unbelievable. You can have pace, but if you don't use it, some


boys always wanted at his feet, but he chooses it very well. We had


players behind him, we could send him away. He almost gave you an


apology for shooting! Should he have passed to you? No! I


won't comment on that! You decide in a split-second. Maybe he did not see


he is so focused. There is one thing on his mind. When some players have


something in their head, it stays in their Fed. He is a bit like that.


Don't give him too much information, their Fed. He is a bit like that.


just let him go. He can be incredible. The Scotland manager


just let him go. He can be here, a couple of big games coming


up, a couple of friendlies, against France and Italy will stop he will


take in this match this afternoon. This is the one I have been looking


forward to. It is a bit different. Rangers and Hibernian, we have not


had that for a while. The place is going to be full of colour. The


pitch is perfect. It is perfect for a cup final. I hope the rain will


stay off, the players can produce what they have done all season. They


have done tremendously well. Discovered stars on the way, Barrie


McKay, John McGinn, people like that. We hope they will enjoy


themselves. They can only be one winner, but it is a great occasion.


Everybody is looking at Hibernian and asking, can they recover from


not getting promotion? They have had disappointing matches en route. Have


they got more to prove? They have proved that they can play, they are


well coached, they have a determination, they have had a bit


of bad luck. If you look back at several occasions, you think... But


that will change. The only way it can change this by making it happen.


That is the only thing the players have got to decide. Hope that


Rangers don't play well and they can win it that way. Alan will say, we


have got to take this. You have media commitments, but you are


watching this as Scotland manager. What are you looking at's --? The


ability to pass the ball and keep the ball. The fitness level and


determination when things are not going well. To keep going.


You need the first touch and composure and decision-making, so I


will be looking for that. It would be remiss of me to not ask you about


Brendan Rodgers, a good appointment for Celtic? Terrific. He has got to


work with a great group of people behind the scenes, fantastic


support, and I am sure the players will be looking forward to it. He


has managed at a massive club like Liverpool, but is it different


managing... I have not managed Liverpool, so I can't tell you! But


is it different? Manchester United, Leeds United, it is different being


a player from a manager. Management is something else, it is a lonely


place. No matter where you are. But he has had a good grounding. Europe


is the big thing for him, he has got to try and be successful. The league


is almost secondary. You need to ask the Celtic the Pol their ambitions


are. They have a terrific manager. Enjoy the day.


We have got -- we have gone this far without mentioning Rendon Rogers.


The bookies were telling us it was happening, but how much of a


surprise that Celtic have got a manager at that level? You had asked


a week ago, I would have been very surprised. You might have thought he


could go to a top club in England. It is a fantastic opportunity, a big


club. I also think he fits Celtic perfectly. When you watched him at


the very best when Liverpool were playing the best under him, Luis


Suarez, Raheem Sterling, they were fantastic to watch. Celtic fans


demand that. If you are going to watch teams who want to play good


football on the ground, we have another manager who will play really


good football as well. It can only be good for Scottish football. Some


would say that Celtic have been on a downward spiral. Still winning the


title in this country, but their European performances have been a


disappointment. Is this a statement of intent? You want to go back to


where they normally are, in their way of football, how people see


them. Rangers coming back. I won't say everything is back to normal,


but they want to be there. They want to be ready for the next step.


Brendan Rodgers has so much experience, it is a good move. This


will have the Rangers fans talking today beyond this game, because it


up the ante. Of course. There was a lot of chat that Celtic had to make


a statement with this appointment, and they have done. Gordon Strachan


said you need to speak to Celtic to find out what their objectives are,


but there is no doubt, if you speak to anybody involved, they have got


to get back to competing in Europe because they have fallen away in the


last three or four years. That will be one of the parts of the remit, to


get them competitive on the European stage again. Aberdeen have run them


close the last couple of years, Rangers coming up, Heart of


Midlothian will want to kick on, so there will be competition at home,


but the European stage is where they need to get to. Lee Wallace and


but the European stage is where they Barrie McKay have been called up for


Scotland, you watched the semifinal eatery against Celtic hammered they


were effective. Amazing, how they played. For bucks


-- full-backs coming up and linking with other players. You cannot stay


at the back, you have to have runners, look at the best full-backs


in the world. The assist makers were the full-backs. You need to have


full-backs who can run the full 100 yards. It is not just the case of a


standard overlap. Lea Wallace goes inside the white man and gets to the


byline. They have linked up really well. It will be interesting. You


heard Craig Paterson talking about whether Alan Stubbs will play three


at the back and five in midfield or their normal narrow four-man


diamond. This is where it becomes a tactical battle. If Rangers have the


space in the wide areas, people like Lea Wallace will exploit that. This


is the flip side. When you play attacking full-backs, you have to


get the attacking cover. A deep lying midfielder is important. That


is the big tactical question. I look at them and think that they are good


enough. We have always known what we were getting from Lea Wallace.


Barrie McKay thinking about what lies ahead. He was out on loan,


there were all sorts of doubts about his future, Mark Warburton said, you


are the man for me, and how has he responded?


You need games in your body. I went from Ajax to two -- the Twente


because you need games. He did it also. Getting more knowledge about


what professional football asks. Everybody knew he had the quality


already, and now he shows it. I know exactly what you mean, having played


in wide areas. If you have a fallback that flies by due and you


give the ball away, before but can't go. Barrie McKay does not give the


ball away, he has an intelligent mind, he knows when to take chances,


and that is why they have been so successful. That one time they were


broken on, for every one they have lost, they have scored ten to 15.


Always take the positive. There are far more positives in that link up


than there are negatives. Lea Wallace is really intelligent.


Barrie McKay is a youngster, it is good to have somebody like that


behind him, went to tuck in and went to stay out wide. There is a good


combination between them. It is all well and good getting the


experience, but he needed somebody at Rangers who would give him that


opportunity. He could have got the experience and come back and hit a


brick wall again. Full credit to Mark Warburton for creating the


space for Barrie McKay to do so well. Just over an hour to go to


space for Barrie McKay to do so kick off. Last season Darren


McGregor was a Rangers player will stop in the summer, there was a


parting of the ways, and he went back to the roots, fulfilling his


boyhood dream of paying for Hibernian.


To be given the opportunity so late in my career to come to a club


that I have supported was a dream come true.


I don't think Rod Petrie will be happy, but I used to sneak


My mum and dad were short of cash, I took it upon myself to go


with friends and hopped over the fence.


That was my first experience of Hibs.


Me being a defender when I was younger,


looking up and thinking, this guy has ability.


We are told as defenders to head it and clear it and give it


to somebody who could play, but to see him gracing


Easter Road, I looked up to him and aspired to be him.


I remember the phone call, Danny Lennon asked if I wanted


I did not take too long to make my mind up.


I enjoyed my time at Rangers, they looked after me really well,


a lot of good people there, from top to bottom.


They want their own people, I respect Mark Warburton.


He said at my age I needed to play football, I agreed.


A club I have supported all my life, it was an easy choice.


I signed on the dotted line and got my number 24,


that was me, unbelievable, something I had dreamed


His man-management skills are second to none.


For me, that has been a big factor in why we have got so far


That is a trait that is difficult to acquire.


You can be a tactician and set your team out,


but if you cannot relate to your players and have


a personable conversation with them, it is difficult for them


The boys have worked so hard and done so well in cup conditions.


To potentially be left with nothing to show for it is really sad.


The grit and determination that we will need to show


on Saturday, we will be motivated by losing the cup final


The season is on a knife edge, having lost the League Cup


This is our one chance of redemption.


We are sitting here with a great opportunity to win a Cup that


has not graced Leith in a good long while.


He speaks well. It must be tough when the Rangers manager said, I


don't Inc so, not for me. But it has had a happy ending, he is back with


his boyhood club. He has had a brilliant season. I had not realised


how quick he is. He is lightning quick. He sometimes gets himself in


that position is. But his pace gets him out of him. He has got a really


good understanding with Danny Handling. He seems comfortable going


into a three as well. Not all centre-backs in Scotland have been


able to do that. He has managed to do it. It has been a special season.


Is it a back three or a back four today for Hibs? The managers make


the big money to make the big decisions. That will be one today.


He has played three at the back against Rangers. He has played four


as well. It throws up a conundrum. If they play three, they will have


more bodies in the middle but they will have more width. Craig Paterson


said if you have the wing-backs and the central three, you can combat


Rangers in wider areas because Wallace wants to get forward. Of


course. The wisdom from that is that Unigate one of the big threats of


Rangers. You will confront them further up the park. -- you negate.


I still think they have played so much with a diamond in the middle of


the park. To change it for the cup final would be a big, bold decision.


It is a big temptation. There are games when you say, right, we have


decent play, but if we can nullify each other... Hibs would accept


losing Gray out of the game if you take Wallace out of it because of


the effect he has going forward. Kenny Shiels will feel a flush of


paternal pride if his son can lift the cup. Dean's first taste of


Scottish football... A cup double would be a special moment for father


and son. Given all the troubles they have


had, did you seek advice from your father about making


the move from the SPL to Division 3? Yes, he told me to


stay at Kilmarnock! Throughout my career he has always


been my main adviser. I will always have him


to take advice from. What he can do with the ball


is quite extraordinary. From a very young age,


his friends where he lived in Northern Ireland


were all Rangers supporters. Because he was a free agent,


he wanted to try Rangers I can empathise with that,


because Rangers are a big club. One of the biggest


clubs in the world. Rangers, Celtic, Manchester United,


they are synonymous anywhere you go in Europe or South America,


they are well known. As Rangers celebrate


their return to the top flight The supporters are now reenergised,


back in the Premier League, back to challenge the Old Firm,


the old rivalry. The methodology of the manager


and how they play have lent itself Hibs were very good to my son,


they are a great club, Dean Shiels scores


at the second attempt. To go there and play for a club that


plays football in the right manner with the right philosophy,


that was a great period in his life. If he was to ask your advice,


what would you say? I would say, treat it


like a garden kickabout. You have got to combine


two sources of energy, you have to be mentally


strong and aggressive in your movement and your nature,


and you have got to combine that If you can put that recipe together,


you are pretty close. Kenny Shiels wondering if his son


will play. The all-important team news shortly. Peter Lovenkrands was


speaking about how a big match like this affected him. What were you


like on cup final date for Rangers? I was already a bit older, but when


you are younger, those are the games you are looking forward to. A lot of


tension is normal. Too much is not good because you get heavy legs. The


thing you look back on in your career, those moments you will never


forget. For example when Peter Lovenkrands scored twice against


Celtic in the final. That is why you have all of the work done before.


Those are the special things. One can handle the pressure, someone


can't. Of course that makes you a good player or not. What were you


like before the game, Michael? Some people handle it differently. You


just get used to do it with experience. Very young, I was a


little bit too nervous, the tension affected my game. Once you get a bit


more experience, you learn to relax and handle it. But definitely, there


is a big difference between if you allow too much tension to affect


your game, but you need a bit of nervous energy almost to keep you on


your toes. When I was younger, I had nervous energy almost to keep you on


too much. With more experience, I learned to handle it. I couldn't


handle the tension. I put too much pressure on myself. In training, I


was one of the best. In the game, I couldn't show it. When you get


older, you get to a place where you can handle it. I never understood


it. I had never been nervous in my life, so I never got it. I used to


be slightly jealous of the players who were nervous. Because the


players said it gave you edge and a bit of a boost. I thought it was


better to be comfortable and relaxed. I'm sure there are a couple


of players out there who will be totally comfortable. I can't see


Cummings being a nervous guy. But a belief in yourself. I talked about


Patrick Kluivert, he had so much confidence in himself. He even


thought he was a good penalty taker. I would say, you are rubbish! But he


thinks he is great. In another sense, that makes a good penalty


taker, because he has no fear to miss. You get the complete range in


the dressing room. Someone who is completely calm and someone who is


throwing up in the toilet. Everybody is different. People handle it in


different ways. My personal experience, I had too much tension,


I couldn't handle it, but I learned to deal with it. Some people you


think they are nervous wreck but somehow they managed to handle it


and they perform OK. Every team has different characters. You have to


get a balance because you can't have everybody the same. We talked about


formations and tactics. So much is about who takes the initiative, the


front foot, the back foot. Who sets the tone right from the start. Hibs,


almost every game they want to get in the face of the opponents. A lot


of people said in the build-up, and I would agree, Hibs have to go in


front today. If they go behind, it is a nightmare for Hibs, the


pressure comes straight onto them. It will be tough for them to come


back. They showed against for Kark they can come back but it's really


difficult. -- against Falkirk. But in the other semifinal, Celtic


wanted to do that with Rangers and they never got a sniff of the ball


in the first 45 minutes. It is whoever takes control. 51 minutes


until kick-off in the 2016 Scottish Cup final. Here is what is still to


come. Being Jason Cummings,


by two who should know. He seems to pop up and get


the ball in the box. We look at the making of Mark


Warburton. He is remembered fondly,


but if you know him, he will be rumoured fondly


wherever he goes. He has the ability to make


people feel very special. And will the return


of Anthony Stokes I've enjoyed my time here,


one of the reasons I came back - because I enjoyed


the first spell I had. Rangers will win it easy! 3-0, 3-1.


Hibees! 50-50. I think Hibs, definitely. I


have a funny feeling they might put us, like. Hibees! We are nervous but


we are hoping that Rangers win, maybe 2-1. Come on! Getting closer


and closer to the announcement of the teams. Rangers and Hibs. We have


spoken about what Hibs might do tactically and shape-wise at the


back. I guess Rangers' options are failure limited when you think about


it. Ball is suspended, King and O'Halloran cup tied. Law is short of


match action. I guess his team is almost going to pick itself, Mark


Warburton. For a lot of the season, there has been very few changes in


the Rangers side. A very settled team. A few comings and goings, not


a great deal. Coming into this game, a few guys missing, cup tied,


Dominic Ball suspended. The one question is in the middle of the


park in terms of what is going to happen. In the semifinal, Dominic


Ball plate number six and did it really well. I think Halliday will


drop in there and it is a question of who is going to step into the


middle of the path to take the place to link up with the striker. Not a


huge number of decisions for Mark Warburton to make. He will have been


quite settled in his mind who his team will have been. The one thing,


the number six position, Halliday stepping in and whether he can


negate the potential top of the diamond for Hibs if they go that


way. Going forward for Rangers, the squad size is an issue in a tougher


league. Not much to spare at the moment. No. I remember in our good


times, if you have only 13-14 players who play a lot, you feel


comfortable and you know each other very well. If you see a big team,


you think, is it the right way? For Rangers, it's perfect. This team


knows exactly how they want to play. I think it's a benefit. The only


problem is who is going to play number six? You want a creator, to


pass the ball well. Or you want a more defensive player. We will know


soon. Rangers haven't had many injuries this season. Hibs can


afford just about any player to get injured, they have cover just about


everywhere. It's actually pretty good. I don't think Stubbsy has many


problems. He can change and adapt during the game to do different


things. I'm not sure Rangers have that to anywhere near the same


level. You wouldn't want Rangers to that to anywhere near the same


get a centre-back injured today. If you lose either full-back, it makes


a big difference as well. A very, very good point. No many injuries,


so well done to the medical staff. It might be all about the


preparation and physiotherapy. And the way Mark Warburton takes care of


the squad and organises it, he looks at everything. You have to applaud


him and the medical staff as well. They have to get a bit lucky, that


as well, but that is another thing, Hibs will be slightly more tired. If


it goes to extra time, Hibs will be more tired. But Rangers don't want


any injuries if they are going to do another half an hour. Difficult to


know who is in the position. I would rather have more power on the bench,


so that is one area where Hibs have an advantage. Let's get the teams


with Liam. We are just getting the team sheet now. No real surprises.


Rangers, listed as the home team. Martyn Waghorn plays. He featured


against St Mirren in the league a few weeks ago. In fact, the same


team as that day. When you have 28 goals, he has to start. I think so.


Even if he only lasts an hour, fine, then you can bring on a substitute.


He will chop and change, with Kenny Miller moving into the middle, and


moving out wide. He is the top scorer, so get him on at the start


and see if he can do damage. If he runs out of steam, go to the bench.


Gedion Zelalem also in from the start. We wondered who would partner


Anthony Stokes. Keatings did so well last week. Jason Cummings, you have


to play him as the top scorer, and an excellent record against Rangers.


He is a big-time player, a confident player. 30 yards in, he will shoot.


Hibs going with a back three. That is the formation that allowed them


Hibs going with a back three. That to beat Rangers in the last league


game at Easter Road. Alan Stubbs hoping for more of the same. So


close between these teams over the last couple of seasons, this is the


biggest so far. Kick-off is fast approaching. Alan Stubbs will hope


today's milestone for him is significant, his 100th game as Hibs


manager. It looks like a back three. We know


Rangers are a good team. " A lot of the games they do have a chunk of


possession, as we do. When we have not got the ball, we want to be


difficult to beat. We have played with a three against them before and


one, and with a four. I have gone with that because it could have the


best chance of winning the game. What must you get right today? We


must get decision-making right, working together as a team, and when


we create chances, we have to take them. It will be the same for


Rangers. It has got the makings of a great game. It will be exciting. It


Rangers. It has got the makings of a has got everything you would want


the Scottish Cup final to have today. Rangers have had a rest, you


haven't, do you expect that to have any bearing? I don't know. Whether


they win or lose, I would not look at that as a reason. They have known


about it for a while. Mark has done the best he can do with the


timescale in between the games. We have been going Saturday, Wednesday


or Sunday, Tuesday. It has kept us going. It is the first time we have


had a week in between games for a number of months. There has been a


long time for this club, is today the day? I hope so. It will be


fantastic if it does. But we have 90 minutes, potentially 120, to put the


hard-working buckle -- before we can stop thinking about that.


It is Anthony Stokes and Jason Cummings upfront, and the back


three. It is Gedion Zelalem in midfield for Rangers, instead of


Dean Shiels. Other than that, no surprises. There were very few


places up for discussion. Gedion Zelalem, it will be a big game, he


has not played a great deal, especially in the second half of the


season. You would expect there will be a lot of bodies in the middle. He


is not the most physical. It is a big part, but there will be a lot of


people on top of him. From Hibernian's perspective, the free at


the back. Liam Henderson will be devastated he is not playing, and


Liam Fontaine coming in. But you can understand it. Yes, but it is always


disappointing when good players are not starting. I tried to figure out


who was missing, it was between John McGinn and Liam Henderson. You need


players later on. One of the things you said, Hibernian have looked


tired at the end of some games, and Liam Henderson put everything in for


every single game, so maybe if you need somebody in the last half an


hour, that is the man you need. We thought it would be an open game,


but with this line-up, I don't think it will be an open game. The


full-backs from Rangers will come up, but with five in the back, it is


difficult to go forward. They know that, they don't want to step in the


trap. Everybody says three in the back is five at the back when you


lose the ball. Then you either have to or three midfielders in front of


that. It is difficult for Rangers to break down. They have to be careful.


It will be a tactical game, especially the first 45 minutes.


Don't expect too much in the first half. Hopefully, a gold will open up


the game. Neither team will want to lose the game early on. The


Hibernian full-backs, whether they play four or three, they will


provide the width. When they lose the ball, it will become a five.


Even with a diamond midfield, they are expected to push high up the


park. That is where it becomes a tactical battle, who will get the


best of the full-back area. It is not only that. If you have three


centre-backs, that says something, you are not comfortable with your


team defensively from free kicks and corners, and most fans know they


have lost a lot of goals from there. But if you get free kicks and


corners, you can attack, those lads might make a difference. Maybe that


is what they are working towards today. They have wide players who


can put the ball in. Some useful pre-cup final advice coming up for


Jason Cummings, who has scored 25 goals this season, and he promises


so much for the future. Two other players have traded a similar path,


they are warning the Young pretender to stick on the straight and narrow


so as to not miss out on what could and should be coming his way.


Jason Cummings is going to have the chance to put Hibs


With my new barnet, I thought I would dink it.


It takes a special kind of player and person to do that


in normal time, and then do this to win a semifinal.


But Jason Cummings could not ever be described as ordinary,


and he is the latest in a line of brilliant but erratic


Garry O'Connor scores in the Edinburgh derby!


What Garry O'Connor traits are in him?


Running in behind and shooting early.


He is an in-the-box player, he pops up


He reminds me a little bit of Sparky.


He was a Jambo by birth, but when Hearts released him


as a teenager, Hibs gave him the platform to become


Leigh Griffiths, Fletcher, they have all had an edge to them.


Some people will like that, and some people will maybe


The Hibernian family does not forget its own,


regardless of past indiscretion or promises undelivered.


It is like a small pond, big fish in a small pond.


When you are a football player, everything gets picked up


on footballers these days, but it is part and parcel of it.


At a young age, getting so much money, you never had


You go out, you buy flash motors, nice houses.


Maybe you should have somebody who gives


With the younger ones who are coming into the game, you do feel an extra


sense of responsibility to try and guide them along the right path.


The players in the dressing room have a responsibility


I would not have a bad word to say about Jason.


He is just a young lad that maybe needs to mature ever so slightly,


but there is not a bad bone in his body, he is a great lad


around the place, he is quite chirpy.


He keeps everyone motivated, on their toes, including the gaffer.


I underachieved, maybe that was off-the-field


I don't know how many goals I scored for Hibs, 85 goals for Hibs,


That fills me with pride, nobody can take that away from me.


But I never really fulfilled my potential.


When you are at school, you imagine playing


I have done it, I have played for Hibs, scored a lot


of goals and played for my country, so I can't ask for much


What would it mean for a young local striker to be the man who helps Hibs


As I would say to him, don't let it go to his head.


Be very careful, yes, because everybody will


It is not what he will be thinking about at the moment, but some good


advice in there from two who should know. They achieved great things,


but were left feeling frustrated they did not do more. We were just


chatting about them. Really nice guys. But you can safely say they


could have done a lot more. They have had successful careers. You


look at Jason Cummings, it is almost like an embodiment of them ten years


ago. It would be wise of him to listen to them, because they will


give him some good advice. He is a top talent, Jason Cummings, the


potential is unlimited. Hibernian breed the Centre forwards, they have


a lot of talent but there is something a bit missing. Leigh


Griffiths showed that can be overcome. He has gone further and


been phenomenal. The possibilities of going further there. He is a


talented player. I don't think he links great with Anthony Stokes.


That might be a difficulty for them today, but there is no doubt that


the players they are playing against, he will run every one of


them. Half an hour to kick off in the 2016 William Hill Scottish Cup


final, Rangers against Hibernian 's. The early arrivals taking their


seats. Let's get a flavour what is happening outside.


Who will score? John McGinn. I will go for Rangers winning. But you


never know, football is a funny game. It depends on what Rangers


turns up. Hibernian looking to win this one. Rangers! I do confident?


Yes. Rangers is on a high, we can get into Europe. Simply the best, we


are the people! Hibernian to win, amazing.


Rangers and Hibs do not need to be introduced, this is the 13th time


they have played in the last couple of seasons, four league meetings


this season, it is two victories each.


Deflection, Jason Cummings scores for Hibernian,


Anthony Stokes, Wes Foderingham has spilled it, it is two.


That sets up a nervous finale at Easter Road.


Let's talk about those four games. It tells us something about the ebb


and flow of the season in the division. This was way back in


August, the first league meeting. It was close, it took a bit of magic


from James Tavernier. You need players who are effective with free


kicks, it was a great goal. Those games are tight. It will be today


also, not any different. He has been a real discovery, James


Tavernier. Unbelievable. To score as many goals from full-back as he has,


he has been a real find. The outlet he gives the team, a huge success.


he has been a real find. The outlet Hibs won on November 1st, which was


important because Rangers had roared out of the blocks. Good goals. The


standard of goals in this tie... Long may it continue. Some absolute


crackers. That shows there are some talented players involved. But it


was incredibly tight. That game, the emotion was exceptional. Hibs


getting the winning goal was extraordinary. But it could have


gone either way, and most of the games have been like that. This was


the last meeting of 2015, Michael. Hibs edging into the lead going into


the New Year, but Rangers stamped all over them in a 4-2 win. It was a


massive game. Huge expectation going into it. Quite a lot of thought that


Hibs were going to get the upper hand. Rangers put in a performance


to come out on top. Pat talks about there not being a great deal between


the teams. It has led to two thoughtful managers trying to find


different ways to breakdown the opposition, which has led to Hibs


playing three at the back, and also to Mark Warburton trying to find the


way talking about to break down the opposition and make it difficult for


them. By this stage, Rangers had just beaten Celtic in the semifinal


of this competition and they had won the title and the Challenge Cup, so


there was maybe something of a hangover in this performance when


Hibs won 3-2 at Easter Road. It is amazing how often it happens, the


team who needs to win the game will win it. There is just the extra few


percent. You find a way. The thing that underlines it, I don't think


there is any fear of either team. There is a bit of respect. We were


not hearing much of that from the managers. It was Stubbsy trying to


have a wee wind-up. He found none from Mark Warburton. It shows they


like to slug it out. Hibs win that one. OK, they lost a late goal. Once


again Hibs could find themselves in a position they have done many


times, losing late goals, but it has settled down to a real respect


between the sides. One player who did not score in any of those games,


maybe today might be his day, a player who has played for both


clubs- Kenny Miller. 36 and still doing it after all these years. If


you keep away from big injuries, you can go a long way. If you keep


yourself fit, you can still reach a decent level. Kenny came when I was


there, he scored five times in one game. Against St Mirren? Yes. He has


always the pace. What I like about him, before it was only pace,


running. Now, his runs are always spot on. The right moment to


accelerate. And be on time. The experience he brings... He is so


clever now with all of those years behind him. A great asset for this


young team. He has got better in the course of this season. He was


missing chances earlier on, he course of this season. He was


hasn't missed many lately. He wasn't playing every week. Since they had


injuries, Kenny has had to step up to the plate and he has. He has had


to adapt his game at this stage of his career. He gives a good balance.


A lot of the young Rangers players. He has the legs and energy about


him, whereas he can pick and choose. He realises when he needs to put the


afterburners on. That is experience, and he uses it to his advantage. A


year ago, Mark Warburton might have seemed an unlikely candidate for


Rangers manager, but the last 12 months he has delivered in style. A


Londoner who step out of football for a spell as a city trader. He has


Lamont has dug into his background. Lamont has dug into his background.


-- Alasdair Lamont. Griffin Park, the West London


home of the English This is where Mark Warburton came


to make a name for himself as a football manager,


but his formative years were spent in altogether more


humble surroundings. Mark came from Enfield,


who were a big club back then. He won the Trophy with them


and came here. He played about 105


games, maybe a few more. He would not like me to tell


you how limited he was, but he would tell you more about his


Leicester City youth career. If you know Mark, he will


be wherever he goes. He went out the game,


he went into the City. What differentiated Mark


from the average trader was his networking skills,


he was very good with people, he had the ability to make


people feel very special, When you are managing risk


and currency, you have to be He had the correct appetite


for whatever bank he worked He was studying for the Uefa A badge


in his spare time, but as soon as he finished in the office,


he would go on to train for whatever When we parted company in 2004


he was with Watford. Everybody would like to


have the opportunity to do that, but we don't


have the talent, and he had that. Having cut his coaching teeth


as part of Watford's youth academy, his big break came in February 2011,


the Brentford owner invited him to become part


of the coaching setup here. That summer he was made sporting


director to work alongside We shared the same vision,


but sometimes we had We discussed them honestly.


I did not need a yes man. I needed somebody who honestly


gives me his opinion. We had a lot of discussions


with agents, contract negotiations, and I felt at some point his


desire was changing more to go back to the grass


and I completely understood that. Because of the work we did,


we got recognised by other clubs. He got an offer from


a Premier League club in the sporting-director role,


he was honest with me, I got offered several chances


in the Championship. When I left for Wigan Athletic,


he knew he had a good chance to get I recommended him to the owner,


he asked me at the time, he was a natural choice


to put him in place, Mark played a big part


of the success of Brentford. Last year, there was a parting


of the ways. Mark decided that his view


of the future and the club's He was not out of work


for long, because in June He has embraced it very well.


It is a fantastic city. It was quite a surprise,


a long way from home. I followed him and my ex-players,


James Tavernier, Rob Kiernan, Martyn Waghorn, and I am happy that


Rangers is back in the big time. And the way they play football,


that is also very important for him. They are not going to overturn


Celtic's dominance in ten minutes, there is catching up to do,


but he will know that. The first job is to keep


closing the gap. He did that this year,


you could see that in the semifinal. Going into an Old Firm derby


and getting them to produce To be fair, they were the better


side from the opening minutes. He has kept in touch with the people


who used to work with. Half of the city now


looks at Rangers' result. That is the mark of the man,


very personable. The day he will leave Rangers,


he will leave a talented squad with a lot of quality,


with a lot of value. Everywhere he has gone,


he has improved where he has been. In such a short time,


he has even surprised himself, but his passion, ability,


knowledge of football and how he handles people,


it did not surprise me. I don't think he will stop here.


He can achieve much more. It's always good if someone says


that about you. Everywhere he is gone, he's improved, Mark Warburton.


12 months ago, you would not have had a clue who he was. Nor did we.


When Ajax played Celtic here, I went to the training ground and I heard


from the older people there for many years, they said, such a change


football-wise. Like modern football. He brought it in. All credit to him.


I don't think his venture into the real world, whether the City is the


real world, but risk management... Being out of football does not seem


to have done him any harm. Sometimes it gives you a reality check to see


what the normal world is like, although as you say it is not the


normal world. Yes, good football, fine, good players, great, but the


way he has coped with being the Rangers manager is really


impressive. He has been prodded and poked a few times, which happens


with other managers, the press, whatever. You are under massive


pressure, and he was under huge pressure to make sure the team got


up. But he very rarely seems flustered, he copes incredibly well.


If you listen to Gordon Strachan, Walter Smith, they always say the


same thing- you never know what pressure is until you actually see


this and feel it. He has coped with it. It will be harder next year. I


would imagine that having David Weir alongside him would add some


calmness. Weir cannot spell panic! It is just the fact he is a balanced


guy, quite chilled out. People on camera talking about how he is a


good people person, he handles people when. -- people well. Robbie


Neilson was on loan at Brentford and he spoke about Mark Warburton and


always said what a great character he was. He handled the ball well.


Didn't know much about him as a coach, but he said he was a really


good man manager. That is one of the most important things as a manager,


dealing with people. We are talking about people on the training ground.


They have a good feeling off him and he has created a good atmosphere at


Rangers. Influential in the tactics, sometimes you need a people manager


and sometimes someone else who is technical. I rate David Weir quite


high in that aspect. Is he making a point in only naming


high in that aspect. Is he making a substitutes today? Yes, it's a


shocker. You have plenty of kids, you could throw them on and give


shocker. You have plenty of kids, them a bit of experience. But only


five substitutes... Hibs have got the full complement. Possibly the


point being made to the owners and the people to put money in, we need


more players here. He didn't have much options... Yes, but put some


kids on the bench. He is probably saying, get me Joey Barton, would


you? A memo to the board. He did it in the semifinal, he did not fill


the bench. It's a clear sign, they are stepping up to the Premiership,


they need reinforcement. We are going to go back outside to Jane.


Soon. In the meantime, Anthony Stokes returning to Hibs on loan


from Celtic, and it hasn't been the victory procession he was hoping


for. Second prize in the League Cup final and missing out on promotion


were not part of the plan. He is hoping for third time lucky at


Hampden to give the Hibs fans something smile about.


Anthony Stokes with the opening goal.


I would like to have scored more goals, but I have felt like the last


six or seven games my performances were becoming more consistent.


If I was not scoring goals, I was assisting or in some way


contributing to the team, and my fitness levels got better.


It has been difficult, because at the end of the day


in my head I had it set that I wanted to get Hibernian


back up and help as much as I possibly could.


It has not happened, so it has not been everything I wanted.


But if we lift the Cup, it will take a bit of the hurt away.


It is something the fans have been striving for for a long time.


It will be a nice way to wrap up the season and give them


For only the second time in four seasons


There have been social-media suggestions you might have been keen


I have always been a Celtic fan since I was a kid,


Even if it meant missing out on the final?


He makes a real mess of that penalty, and Rangers have pulled off


Once Rangers got over the line, you need to get focused that


I am delighted to be going to Hampden Park


with Hibernian, to be involved in the game.


Frustration boiling over, he rarely gets a look in these days.


I was at Celtic for four or five months, I knew I would not be


It did not matter what I did in training.


At that stage I was pressing to go out on loan.


The manager either fancies you or doesn't.


Myself and Ronny Deila, I played reasonably well


Then we got to the stage where we both knew it would not work.


I have no hard feelings, I do not hold grudges.


Playing one up front against Partick Thistle was not


ideal, but he is the manager, you respect his decision.


Every selection he makes, you have to do that.


I think I am good enough to be in the team.


I will just have to wait and see what happens with Celtic,


Wes Foderingham has spilled it, it is two.


I have enjoyed my time here, it is one of the reasons I came


back, because I enjoyed the first spell.


The coaching staff have been amazing.


If we play to our capabilities we can beat Rangers.


If they are on it and we are on it it will make for an exciting game.


I am disappointed we were not able to get over the line


But come Saturday, hopefully we can lift the Cup and take a bit


He is keen that his loan spell has a happy ending. A big player, has he


had the right sort of influence since his arrival, or has he


disrupted things by having to fit him in the? It is difficult to say


he has disrupted it, but he has not had the expected impact. He was a


big coup for him to go from Celtic. On the face of it, you thought him


and Jason Cummings would be a deadly duo that would cause problems, but


it has not happened. They have not had a partnership. He is isolated,


one on one. That is the problem. He drifts into Derek Rydan's inside


left position, there is no partnership between them. There have


been moments of quality, but they are few and far between. You want


them in the box, because he is a great goal-scorer. He has scored a


few goals this season, but that is what he was bought for. Anthony


Stokes was bought in the hope they would kick on. You cannot say they


have done that. They have done about as well, maybe slightly better in


the second part of the season. But he has got quality. Now and again,


he has something special. If he scores the winning goal from a bit


of brilliance today, he has been a phenomenal signing! Sometimes you


come to a team and you think, I am the man, you want to show off a bit


and be everywhere. You forget what you are good at, around the box.


Sometimes you forget that. No Liam Henderson, will that be a decision


Alan Stubbs might regret? He is on the bench, but it might be too late.


Rangers scoring the first goal will make it incredibly difficult for


Hibernian to get back into it, but if you have somebody like Liam


Henderson, the adaptation back into a diamond, that might give them a


lift. He will have thought of that. Henderson has done nothing wrong. It


is purely tactical. You do feel sorry for him. If you look at Fraser


Fyvie, he has not had as good a season. There is a lot of sense,


this is a keen to -- 18 to keep it steady to start with. You have


mentioned Fraser Fyvie, you could easily have the lunar geek in the


middle of the park and Liam Henderson linking up. Fraser Fyvie,


he is clearly a good player, but I don't think he has the influence


that he should have. That is where the manager has a decision to make.


I would rather see Henderson in the side. We touched on Kenny Miller


earlier, here is an example of how he shows his match intelligence.


It is instinct. You know that the ball is coming. There is a bit of


luck, but remember that I saw for him, he would never have done this


when he was young. He would have gone to the ball to leave. He knows


where he once said. Coming free from his opponent at the


right time. He was quite lethal. It is not luck when somebody finds


themselves in the right position. That is instinct. It is years of


experience of getting into the right areas at the right time. Goals like


this are fantastic, he has always been capable. I would ask, is he a


better footballer now that he has ever been? I would almost say yes.


The amount of top layers that get to a level at 25, 26 and a I have got


their and stay static and fade away, because it is fitness them, but he


gets better and better. More intelligence every year. He is a joy


to watch. So many miracle stories, it is stunning what he has done. How


significant it could Rangers' inactivity be? They have not played


competitively for three weeks. It is a factor. I remember when we won the


league when we played them the, we went to Marbella to relaxed for four


days or three days, because they's we still had ten days to prepare. We


struggled to come into the game. It could be a problem for Rangers.


Hibernian want to rid themselves of this Hampden Park memory. The League


Cup final when they were here, they lost Ross County. The pain of the


promotion chance missed. They will want to exorcise the Demons of this


one. They lost out on silverware already. An amazing achievement to


get to two cup finals, but to lose them both would be so painful. Yes.


When you couple it with failing to win promotion, it would be a tough


pill to swallow for them as a club and the support. You look at the big


games, the Falkirk games, and this game, small margins. It is not as if


they have not turned up and performed badly. They have stepped


up and good performances, they have just not been able to see it


through. They have another opportunity today. If they could win


this today, it would be a good tonic for them. They do not want the


horror hat-trick. Nobody has spoken about Twente. It has been about


small margins will stop you look at the full cocaine, Kris Commons


smacks the crossbar -- the Falkirk game. There was a team going for it


and a team that got unlucky. Will it level at today? Goodness knows of.


You have to make your own luck. There is the trophy being paraded


around the ground. Rangers are going for their third piece of silverware


of the season. They won the championship and the Challenge Cup.


Can they get the Scottish Cup and Europe as well? Tony Higgins


enjoying the moment. Who is your money on? As an ex-Rangers player, I


have to say Rangers. It will be tight and difficult. Maybe I am


wrong, maybe 1-0, Rangers. A couple of weeks ago I had a feeling that


Hibernian would do it. Now I think Rangers are slight favourites. But


Alan Stubbs said it has the ingredients to be a classic, I think


it could go to extra time. Rangers narrowly for me. It is about three


in a row. I would not be surprised with extra time, anything could


happen then. But you cannot see anything other than Rangers winning,


they are the shadow -- they are the favourites, without a shadow of a


doubt. The teams assembling in the tunnel for the 2016 Scottish Cup


final. How are Hibernian fans feeling? It will be tense in among


the Hibernian support, hoping that the pain can lead to some joy in the


Scottish Cup final. Mark Warburton and Alan Stubbs prepared to lead out


the teams. Let's head to the match action with Craig Paterson and Ian


McLeod. Good afternoon, the build-up just


about done and dusted. Rangers and Hibernian have become regular foes


over the past couple of years, and the latest and final chapter that


will be written of this current series is the grandest of all. This


is the 13th meeting since two of Scotland's biggest clubs were set on


a Championship collision course, they have won six each since chapter


one was written. There does not appear to be much between them. But


something has to give today. Hibernian's failure to join Rangers


in the top flight will be felt in the coming months. For today, it is


all about wiping away the pain, ridicule and taunting, especially


the inner-city division, as the years have piled up without the


Scottish Cup. 114 now. It is such an Achilles heel, such a millstone for


the older Hibernian fans in Achilles heel, such a millstone for


particular. Some would have taken victory today ahead of promotion


back to the top league. It is all they are left with now for this


season at least. Rangers have been idle for three weeks, they were not


exactly in Bloom for the end of the league season. They sealed the title


with four games to spare. But they have not won a game since beating


Celtic in the frantic, frenetic semifinal here last month. Will


losing the winning feeling cost them today as it did in 1994, when they


lost it and begin I did? They were without a victory in their last


five. Dominic Ball is suspended, so Gedion Zelalem plays from the start.


Nine of them began the semifinal. Martyn Waghorn bolsters B-side. He


returns from injury just in time. Kenny Miller has won this twice,


once with Rangers and once with Celtic. Barrie McKay is in the form


of his life. Jason Cummings is restored to the Hibernian starting


XI, he has eight goals in his last ten appearances against Rangers.


Backing him to school is like printing money, he says. Will he


have the Midas touch this afternoon? Calum Logan was the semifinal hero,


Dylan the geek is fit and starts. -- Dylan McGeouch. James Keatings


scored twice against Falkirk in the play-off. Rangers list just five


substitutes, but that did not do them any harm in the last round.


The referee for the big one is Stephen Maclean. The 35-year-old has


described this as the pinnacle of his career as he takes charge of the


Scottish Cup final for the very first time. He has taken charge of


the League Cup final before, though. Jason Cummings, there. 25 goals this


season. Preferred to Keatings today. Hasn't really got that partnership


with Anthony Stokes working as the pair would like, as yet. This would


be some stage to get that started. Kenny Miller has been there, seen


it, Dummett. He'll be hoping to do it again today -- done it. 36 years


of age, Kenny Miller. 37 in December. Still such an important


player for this Rangers side. The formalities just about complete.


Lovely day on Glasgow's south side, for a game of football. And it is


one of the biggest games of Footballer of the Year. The 131st


Scottish Cup final. Despite the clubs involved, for the first time,


being contested by two teams outside of Scotland's top league. We know we


will have a lower league winner for the first time since East Fife


lifted it in 1938. Rangers shooting East in this first half in the blue,


Hibs in the green and white. The second time Rangers and Hibs side


have clashed in the Scottish Cup final. The other one in 79 went to


not one, but two replays. Two goalless draws followed by a 3-2


Rangers win at the end of an epic that required extra time. The cup


went to Ibrox. Paterson has played for both these teams, won the


Scottish Cup as well, and is well placed to tell us how this might go.


I have absolutely no idea and it could be penalties. These teams are


so evenly matched. That's an early challenge for Anthony Stokes. The


referee doesn't want to start dishing out yellow cards at this


stage, but Stokes must be careful. One more of those and he will be on


a yellow and then he will be walking a tightrope. 2009 was the last time


the Scottish Cup went to Ibrox. This is the first chance for the rages


supporters to witness wannabes finals since -- the Rangers


supporters. Had some refurbishment since the


oldest trophy visited that particular part of the capital. No


matter who wins, it will be the fifth new Victor of the tournament


for the first time since the 1950s. Then it was Hearts, Falkirk, Celtic,


Rangers and Hibs. There's a few challenges rattling in


early doors. That's what you want to see, isn't it? If the referee can


see the challenge is genuine, player going for the ball, he lets it go.


For me it just adds a little bit more to the contest. Kenny Miller to


McGeouch, who went off injured. It has been an injury ravaged season.


Here is Martyn Waghorn. Instant impact this season.


Four games against Rangers Alan Stubbs does tend to set the side up


the way he has today. Sometimes works, sometimes doesn't. Here is


Cummings for Stokes. Hasn't really got anyone to hit in the middle,


Stokes might fancy it himself, and he does! And why not? Is it on? Is


it on? Hibs lead the Scottish Cup final! What a start. It is a finish


from Stokes, but I tell you what, it just seemed far too easy. The


referee plays a good advantage. The referee could have given a free


kick, you says play on. Anthony Stokes just drives into the box


coming he's not con fronted, and he knocks it by the goalkeeper into the


bottom corner. It's poor, poor defending, but I'll tell you what,


it's exactly the start Hibs were looking. Like Anthony Stokes, who is


on loan from Celtic, put civilian in front in the Scottish Cup final. --


puts Hibs in front. The stuff that dreams are made of. A goal on three


minutes. And Alan Stubbs could scarcely have dreamt of a better


start last night when he went to his bed. He's come under fire now and


again, has Stokes, since he made the loan switch in the winter. While he


hasn't set the heather on fire, if he helps win the Scottish Cup for


Hibs, nobody in green and white will give a jot about that. It's his


eighth goal of the season, his third, all told, against Rangers. He


did not score for Celtic against Rangers. All of them have come in


the green and white of Hibernian. It's a massive shot in the arm for


Hibs. They were talking about it beforehand, if they had a hope of


winning the trophy today, it was they who would have to score first.


Well, they have done. Certainly a major bonus. I think both managers


realise the importance of getting the first goal, and then you set the


tempo of the game. The opposition have to push forward to try to get


an equaliser and that leaves them open for the counterattack. Exciting


period of play for Hibs. Mark Warburton will be seizing the nature


of that strike. Stokes just meandered his way through the


defence -- Mark Warburton will be seething. But he takes it with


aplomb. The defender does not come across and confront him. As you say,


dream start for Hibs. Remember they have not played a competitive match


the three weeks. Hibs on the other hand has been playing


ultracompetitive matches. So you have two sides of the coin, Hibs


could be tired, but Rangers perhaps not at the races as a result of


that. People will say Rangers have not come out of the blocks quick


enough. It was a decent finish but really poor defending by Rangers.


Not something they've been guilty of often this season. Ten finals in the


Scottish Cup in a row that Hibs have lost. Jason Cummings is capable from


there. He was the Rangers Player of the


Year last season, McGregor. The Hibs fans are making some noise.


Understandably so. Here is Andy Halliday.


Well, immediately in the semifinal, they just got at Celtic. They


haven't been able to do this today. Hibs are going to drop off the game,


when Rangers have possession they will allow them to keep the ball in


front of them, but the minute they had the ball, the back three became


a back five with Lewis Stevenson on the left. Leaving very little room


for the Rangers forward to work their way through. The long ball


easily dealt with by Fontaine. Stevenson beats Waghorn to it.


Danny Wilson sold Kenny Miller a bit short, there. Gray wins it back for


Hibs, and gets it back from Cummings. Stokes has made an early


run into the box. David Gray started his career as a winner. I thought he


was going to go to the byline, take the last defender on, and dive into


this challenge -- started his career as winger. It's not a booking, is


it? No yellow card. The last team to lose the Scottish Cup final when


taking the lead was Dunfermline in 2004. It was Henrik Larsson's last


game to Celtic. Celtic lifted the trophy. But the team that has scored


first in the Scottish Cup final since, has won the trophy. It's Paul


Hanlon. Stalwart of this Easter Road club. Here is another, in Lewis


Stevenson. He's looking for Cummings, who is going to get there,


he's on his own, so was Stokes earlier, though. Not quite. That's


another chance for Hibs. Jason Cummings gets himself into the box.


Robert Kiernan does not get there, Cummings drags it back, maybe should


have pulled the trigger slightly earlier. Rangers crowd him out, it


comes back to Anthony Stokes, he misses the target. That was the


fastest Scottish Cup final since Colin Cameron scored against Rangers


at Celtic Park in 98. Last time Rangers lost a Scottish Cup final,


as the corner came in and there was a shout for handball... Really


important period for Rangers. They will not want to concede against PLO


they need to retain the composure they have been showing.


They need to retain the composure they have been showing since the


start of the season. Their strength is passing the ball. Which they are


doing, here. Miller to Zelalem, on loan from Arsenal. Barrie McKay


scored a wonder goal against Hibs just after his wonder goal against


Celtic in the semifinal. Here is Kenny Miller. Tavernier. Overhit


set. That's the problem, wide areas. Jason Holt, the only player in the


box. He's not going to win too many headers. Go, what a pass from


Stokes, here is Cummings. Wilson does enough. Sumptuous ball from


Stokes. Terrific ball, and great defending from Danny Wilson. He knew


it was one-on-one, is Cummings gets clear, he is through on goal. He


stood his ground and saw it off. We did wonder whether Hibs would be up


for it today. Such a downer of a week having missed out on a motion


in the play-offs, losing the League Cup final couple of months back. --


lost out on promotion. Jason Holt has won a free kick as well. I think


Paul Hanlon makes the initial mistake, tries to rectify it. Gets


there as quick as he can, but the mistake, tries to rectify it. Gets


minute Jason Holt gets the crossing, any kind of contact and the referee


is going to give a free kick. It's been a troubled opening 11 and a


half minutes for Rangers, but it could be wiped away here. We know


how good James Tavernier is from this kind of situation. He might


have preferred it on the other side of the box. First nervy time for


Conrad Logan. Slightly awkward as well. Could go one side or the


other. It is going to be Halliday. A roar of relief from the Hibs fans.


Zelalem to Holt. Helped hearts to the title last year. Overhit by


Danny Wilson. That's April free kick, isn't it? Flick on, there.


Head commonly, impossible for James Tavernier to know where that ball


was going to hit him -- head, knee. Stokes has made his way to the edge


of the technical area for the first time.


-- Alan Stubbs has made his way to the edge of the technical area. His


future is up in the air, it would seem.


Miller. Zelalem. First time for Barrie McKay, he was looking for


Miller. Very difficult to work your way down


the central area because Hibs have so many green jersies behind the


ball. He didn't win the Scottish Cup with


Celtic, Alan Stubbs. He did win the League Cup, and a title as well.


It came off the Rangers defender so he was onside. He tried to take it


early. He is trying to lob that over the goalkeeper.


Hibs' two wins against Rangers this season came at Easter Road. Though


they did lose in the Challenge Cup at the start of the season, way back


last July. 6-2 for Rangers, who get their first corner of the afternoon


here. Rangers normally take them short, and here we go again. Zelalem


to Tavernier. Certainly capable from that kind of


distance, Andy Halliday. He doesn't get enough on it. It's a poor


strike. Usually better than that. Mark Warburton is Scotland's manager


of the year. That was announced a couple of weeks ago. Plenty to think


about now. He will trust his couple of weeks ago. Plenty to think


players. They have come from behind. They know how to get the job done.


He also know this is is a final. A big opportunity, especially with


European football up for grabs. John McGinn, who, when Hibs beat


Rangers at Easter Road, was exceptional. Stokes has space again.


He is going to take on Kiernan again. Cummings.


Rangers will have to chase the game at some point. It is probably too


early to start thinking about that now. They would love to level it up


as soon as possible. When you have players the quality of Anthony


Stokes and Jason Cummings, who can do you harm, you have to be very


careful. Watch Anthony Stokes the minute James Tavernier bombs


forward, he comes out into this wide-left area, there is a big hole


there and every time he gets on the ball he is driving at Rob Kiernan in


that central defensive area. Stokes looks in the mood.


He wouldn't have been able to play today if Celtic had beaten Rangers


in the semis. An incredible statistic came from that semifinal,


Rangers had 63% of the possession against Celtic.


That was easy for Logan. Once again, Hibs have so many bodies. There is a


swarm in there and it is going to take a pinpoint pass to break them


down. Tavernier gets the better of John McGinn.


If you are joining us late, Anthony Stokes with a goal on three minutes.


Hibernian lead the 131st Scottish Cup Final.


113 Scottish Cup Finals have gone past since they last won it.


Barrie McKay is in the Scotland squad for the end-of-season


friendlies, so too Lee Wallace. That was not a great ball. Stokes.


Still in there. Lee Wallace nips in ahead of Cummings. Rangers do not


look easy at the back. They are all over the place just now, playing


balls across their own box and inviting pressure.


You are 1-0 ahead, you need to start dictating the pace of the game.


John McGinn made his international debut here for Scotland against


Denmark a couple of months ago and he was Man of the Match. Hibs, of


course, consigned to another season in the Championship. That will be


made all the easier if they can lift the Cup today.


That's a half-decent effort, but winning the ball, driving at the


Rangers defence, gets caught under his feet, goes for a chip and it is


on the top of the net. After that challenge that we spoke about, Mark


Warburton sprinted out of his dug-out to remonstrate with his


players to get into the battle, fight their way into this game.


Rangers off the pace, Craig? They seem to be. The early goal doesn't


help. Then they started playing the ball back to front, which doesn't


suit them. It is about Andy Halliday getting on the ball, players like


that, to start to dictate the game. Rangers need to up the pace a little


bit. Lee Wallace has been a major part in


the journey that Rangers have been on for the last four years.


Jason Holt has managed 12 goals this season. Andy Halliday is knocking on


the door of double figures, too. It's not just been Waghorn who has


been finding the net. Kenny Miller has 20. Waghorn has 28. When your


full-backs have got nearly 20 between them, that shows you what a


weapon they are. Hibs knew that at the start of the game. The back


three is designed to stop Tavernier and Wallace bombing on and causing


you all sorts of problems. Tavernier has 15, Wallace has 9. Halliday has


9. Holt 12. McKay 9. 20 and 28 for Miller and Waghorn respectively.


That's some return. 25 minutes in to the final. Anthony


Stokes' goal is the difference. I think he tried to hold, but he


just went slightly too early. Lewis Stevenson knocks it forward and you


can see in the cut of the pitch, he is just the wrong side of the


Rangers defence. When Rangers start to build from the


back, look how close Fraser Fyvie gets to Andy Halliday. They are


trying to keep him out of the equation.


It's opened up a bit for McKay. Waghorn.


The ball in is good. It is Kenny Miller. It is 1-1 in the final.


Rangers' Mr Dependable does it again! It is a great header from


Kenny Miller. The ball in from Tavernier is an absolute peach. When


you don't have big strikers, you have to fizz the ball in there. That


is a beauty. That is a belter of a header. Conrad Logan, he dives, but


he has no chance of getting there. A quality cross. Brilliant header.


Kenny Miller does what he does and what he's been doing for years! For


club and country. It's a tremendous header, but it was all about the


ball in from James Tavernier. As you say, Craig. It is Kenny Miller


against Darren McGregor at the back post, you would fancy McGregor, but


the quality of the ball, Miller is on the run, he is up early, holds


down McGregor, and what a finish. Came at a really good time. There is


never a bad time to score in a Scottish Cup Final. Rangers had seen


more of the ball and it was important, from their point of view,


that they took advantage of that, and they have. Stokes. Up the other


end. What an effort! He's so unlucky. Hibs were almost back in


front. This is turning into an incredible game. Stokes... What a


hit! Beats the goalkeeper. How unlucky is that? Cracks off the


post, spins out. A magnificent effort. His manager can't believe


it. The width of Wes Foderingham's post


has saved Rangers, having just got themselves level. Set up nicely


here. Not even on the half-hour mark, yet. Cummings gives chase, but


he's offside again. Now, what is the Hibs reaction? We got a taste of it


there, with the effort from Stokes. What a ball in. Great effort from


Kenny Miller. Got to be brave to come in, there. The manager is a


happy man. His team have not started well, now they've got themselves


right back in the game. Miller, who scored in the semi, looking for a


third Scottish Cup winners medal. Having picked up one either side of


the great Glasgow divide. Not sure how well that smoke bomb is going to


go down with the authorities. Lewis Stevenson who has stunned


Brealey to keep it in play. -- done brilliantly to keep it in play. Man


of the Match in the League Cup final as a teenager, Alan Stubbs with


Kevin Thomson just in front, a player coach, these days. Back at


Hibs for the third time. Of course he won the Scottish Cup with Rangers


in 2008. Cummings, he is looking to Stokes. Not many are beating Lee


Wallace for pace, though. Took a great position, Lee Wallace, saw the


danger, tucked in behind his centre-backs.


He's a big game player, Kenny Miller. His last international match


was against England at Wembley. He scored a terrific goal, that time.


Called time on his international career thereafter. 69 caps and 18


goals. But so often in derby matches, big cup ties, and this big


final, he has stepped up when it matters. He may be 36 but he plays


as if he's years younger. He has an energy and an appetite for the game.


Being a coach, you want to lead by example, and that's exactly what he


does. Zelalem. For Waghorn, who's going to get there. Only just. His


bonus is a corner kick. I wonder if Rangers will stick this one in the


mixture for a change. They like to play it short. Danny Wilson going


forward, he would certainly be the main target. It may well be a day


for simplicity. Rob Kiernan is going there as well. Normally he doesn't


for simplicity. Rob Kiernan is going bother. Now there are two decent


targets for Rangers. Harry McKay to take. Oh, Miller's got a free


header! What a let off the Hibs. Both sides have struck woodwork.


Here come Hibs on the counter with McGinn, looking for Cummings, a bit


too much on it. What a final we have ourselves here. Incredibly poor


defending again at a set piece. Kenny Miller is a dangerous player.


You cannot give him a free header. He is so lucky. Very similar to


Anthony Stokes, does everything just about right, and it cracks back off


he would work. Horrendous defending by Hibs. It's a free header. Umpteen


bodies back, extra men in the box, people are standing and looking at


each other. The tide has most definitely turned. Rangers so often


taking the short corner, as Craig was saying, Hibs perhaps keeping an


eye on the big men, didn't bargain for Kenny Miller, left of the


penalty spot. 12 to the break. Could be 2-2, we are watching, here.


It has been decent stuff. We figured these two teams would be turning in


decent fare. Here is Waghorn, he will test Stevenson. Showed too much


of it to Stevenson. Tavernier. To Zelalem.


He's such a dangerous weapon for Rangers down that right, as Wallace


is on the left, of course. Important period of the game for Hibernian,


you suspect. For sure. Rangers look like they fancy it now. They are on


top. Hibs were snapping into tackles, winning the ball, earlier,


now Rangers are starting to take over in the midfield area and they


start to look much more dangerous. Four energy sapping play-off matches


in recent times, Hibernian. Two against Raith Rovers, two against


Falkirk. This is Liam Fontaine. He scored in the League Cup final, of


course. The Hibs goal in the 2-1 defeat to Ross County. Dylan


McGeouch, who we have barely mentioned. 35 in. Fraser Fyvie.


Stevenson. Went through a couple, there. Just


done enough. Here is Fyvie. Good work by Zelalem. Looking a bit more


measured in their build-up that time, Hibs. I just think Fraser


Fyvie should have got the ball into the box. They were two on two, in


that situation just give your strikers a chance. That's ambitious.


that situation just give your Kenny Miller's 21st of the season.


His third spell at Rangers, his second was by far and away the most


fruitful. It all began for Kenny Miller at


Hibs. Against Motherwell, he made his senior debut. That's a sore one


for Tavernier. John McGinn has got to be careful, coming running into


the back. I can't believe how much room Kenny Miller has got, acres of


space, he pulls off. That is really unlucky.


Hibs looking it bit edgy now. They have stopped passing the ball. When


a player gets the ball at the back early in the game, there are two or


three to play it too, and you work it to the front. Now when they get


the ball, they look up and they are under pressure, and they just have


to clear it. Is the scoreline about right? I


think it's fair. Hibs started sharp, got the goal. Rangers gradually


started to grind their way back into the game. I don't think either


manager will be too happy at the way they conceded.


The winners today not only get to lift the Scottish Cup, but also be


playing European football next season. They go into next season's


Europa League at the second qualifying round. That, by the way,


is the round after Aberdeen and Hearts, who finished second and


third in the Premiership. It's great, if you get through the cut


you've got an extra couple of weeks to get ready and really prepare,


games under your belt. Rangers have it back, and it's Danny


Wilson. Here goes Barry Mackay, the


fleetfooted Barry McKay. Rangers now need to get McKay involved. Haven't


seen a great deal of him. Taking on David Gray, got clear, but David


Gray gets back, keeps him under pressure, and the final ball is not


good enough. Today's strike was Kenny Miller's


13th in what is his 22nd appearance for Rangers against Hibs.


Cancelled out Anthony Stokes's early strike inside four minutes.


It was a real dramatic collapse by Hibernian as the season got into the


business end of the championship. They lost three games in a week.


Went from winter to spring. Including a 3-0 reverse at home to


Morton. Struggled to get going since then. Here comes Anthony Stokes, who


is in again, here! Equal to it this time is Wes Foderingham. I think


this is really good save. Thought he was going far post again. Tries to


catch the goalkeeper at the near post, and he gets a really strong


right hand on this. It looks bound for the bottom corner. That's a


great save. Could have had a hat-trick, Stokes, who hit the post


earlier. Here comes the corner. Desperately tries to keep it in,


which he has done. In the McGregor, now Cummings! Foderingham again.


Suddenly the pendulum is swinging Hibs's way again. It is away from


Stokes, though. Another chance. Well, incredible pressure. Darren


McGregor knocks this ball in, it is an absolute beauty. Stokes just


can't make up the ground to get it on target. And Jason Cummings, what


a chance he had earlier, but again Foderingham got their quick and


smothered his effort. Lost a calamitous goal at Easter Road


recently, Wes Foderingham, crossed ball by Anthony Stokes that night in


Edinburgh which he almost patted into his own net. Some big saves,


there, though. Conrad Logan, who was the hero in


the shoot out in the semis. Foderingham coming out to meet


Cummings, there. Conrad Logan at some point in the


semifinals seemed to be having a personal jewel with Billy McKay, the


Dundee United striker. Here come Hibernian, this is


Cummings, he is chopped down, there. David Gray is wide on the right.


Fyvie. McGinn did well. He was fouled by Zelalem. Important for


Hibs, set pieces. You look at the three big centre-backs, they have


definitely got an edge in height. But they need quality. Late


challenge, doesn't make contact with the ball. Skips over but the referee


awards the free kick. All three centre-backs are in there, this is


an area where Hibs will believe they can cause problems for Rangers.


Interesting John McGinn didn't go down. We saw something in the


play-off match the other night, it looked like a foul, certainly, the


Kilmarnock player didn't go down, the referee decided it wasn't a


penalty. John McGinn's free kick for Hibs. A way by Kiernan. Dealt with


by Kenny Miller. Can't argue with that. Waghorn has McKay over to his


right, if he can find him. Kenny Miller, picking up the scraps.


One minute you think the teams are secure at the back. The next, they


are cut open. Neither looks defensively set, you know. Neither


team play that way. They will take their chances and get the ball in


the forward areas. Jason Cummings. He's dinked it over the bar but we


will forgive him that one, after his semifinal penalty. I think it was


one of those ones where he wasn't set for the shot. He did something


similar at Falkirk in the play-off and rattled it back off the bar. On


44 minutes-plus, he was quite entitled to try his luck.


It's half-time in the Scottish Cup Final. Anthony Stokes giving Hibs


the dream start inside four minutes. A lovely finish. Not great defending


from a Rangers point of view. And Kenny Miller levelling up the final,


a wonderful header, even better cross from James Tavernier, set up


the opportunity, Stokes with his eighth of the season, Miller with


his 21st. It's been an exciting 45 minutes with both those players also


hitting woodwork. It's been some first half. 45 minutes at least


still to come at the National Stadium. At half-time, it is Rangers


1, Hibernian 1. They have produced some memorable matches, these two,


over the last couple of seasons. This is another one. Anthony Stokes


strikes for Hibs inside three minutes, as Rangers backed off. Back


came Rangers. James Tavernier's cross and it was a battle between


Kenny Miller and Darren McGregor, won by the former Scotland striker,


a crushing header. Past Conrad Logan. The frame of the goal rattled


a couple of times as well. A half-time scoreline of Rangers 1,


Hibs 1. Let's get the thoughts of Pat Nevin, Michael Stewart and


Ronald de Boer. Hibs were threatening to run away with it.


Rangers will be happy to be back in the game? For sure. I expected a


tight game. Technical from the Hibs side. We saw a lot of chances. Great


for an objective football watcher. Are you trying to put words in his


mouth? It has been a great game. Right from the off, it's been a


fascinating watch, like Ronald says. The tactical battle, in terms of


Hibs going to three at the back. To start with, their game plan worked a


treat. They were able to counter on Rangers and cause them problems in


the final third. Rangers dominating Rangers and cause them problems in


possession and on the balance of it, Hibs have had the better chances,


but 1-1 is a fair reflection. Hibs started well and finished well. But


they have created a lot in that 45 minutes? It is exactly the tactics


what we expected to happen. If you play three at the back, you have to


soak up a lot of pressure. Hibs have play three at the back, you have to


two strikers up there so they will play on the break and they played


really well on the break. The other thing as well, Hibs managed to get


the ball in that final area of Rangers' midfield and Hibs breaking


from high up as well. Interesting. Exciting. Amazing game so far. No


surprise that there's been goals. Only surprise is there's not been


more goals. A great moment for Anthony Stokes inside three minutes.


It is a shocker defensively for Rangers? We talked about him liking


to go to the left. Of course, this is quite poor defending. A good


finish. The defender has to come in. Anthony Stokes has been able to walk


into the edge of the six-yard box, unchallenged and Kiernan doesn't


close the space off. He has a free strike and Foderingham can't get to


it. The defender has to commit the striker. It is two against one. Go


tight, outside, I will have the inside. You can overcover as a


defender. Let's not forget... He walks into the six-yard box and he


gets a goal. It was a pass. It wasn't a shot. That is the thing


about Anthony Stokes, a bit of class. He can keep calm in that


situation. That was symptomatic of the way the game was going at that


stage. Rangers equalised. Kenny Miller, we spoke about him before


the match. Yes. It was about who wanted it more. That is desire. A


fantastic ball from James Tavernier. You watch Kenny Miller here. That


ball comes out, he wants to get in there. He gets in front of Darren


McGregor, who has to be stronger. He's expecting, thinking Hanlon is


going to get it. It's a fantastic goal. He jumped early and... As a


defender, you are thinking, go and wipe the forward out there. Yes. If


you challenge him, you will put him off a bit. McGregor, because he


expects the guy in front of him to win it, he has ducked below it.


Still a great goal. Stubbs will not be happy. That cross has come from


deep. That cross has come from ten or 15 yards deeper and that is


because they have too many guys on the edge of the box. Stokes and


Miller have scored. They might have had a double. This was a great


strike from Anthony Stokes. We heard about how desperate he was to do


well today. He is having some game. This is what we are talking about.


It's a fantastic strike. They have done that really well. Question


marks about Anthony Stokes. He hasn't stepped up to the plate


enough. But today, so far, Alan Stubbs talks about big-game players


a lot. He talks about Stokes being one of them. Today, in the first


half, Stokes has been that for Hibs. You see the question marks over the


defending of Rangers. When you lose the ball, you have to be tight.


Every time the Hibs players, they have all the time to get the ball to


feet and then to run to defenders and they should be so much more


tighter when they lose the ball and that is a big problem for Rangers.


We are sounding like fully-paid-up members of the Kenny Miller


Appreciation Society. This was some movement but you would have to be


questioning the defending? Yes. There is a reason why he is standing


in that much space. Mark Warburton and his whole team have worked on


that. Have a look at where he is standing. He knows where he wants to


go. He is shouting everyone to get out of the way. He gets a block off


his own players. That is not a fluke, I think that was worked


there. 1100%. Well done, Kenny. A really good header. On top of that,


well done the backroom staff. Great working. They know that Hibs can be


weak at corners. It was a tactical success for Hibs right from the


start. The only disappointment is that they haven't made more of it?


Exactly. Rangers, before the goal they made, they had no clue on how


to break the wall of Hibs. Hibs were dangerous every time. No pressure on


the ball. They could choose anybody and this is what would be killing


for Rangers. If this goes in, it is 2-0. Then it is gone. Here again,


all the way, Stokes can walk into the box and shoot. This was terrible


defending and good play by Hibs. We know Rangers want to play expansive


football. That is what I was talking about before the game. Ball was


playing in the six position against Celtic and he did it really well.


The two centre-halves are not great defenders. Kiernan was getting


dragged into areas he shouldn't be and Hibs have exploited that. You


look at Halliday and Holt... Zelalem is back in there and that is not his


position. Wilson and Kiernan are afraid to give the space away at the


back... They are not quick. That is why Stokes and Cummings can easily


take the ball to feet. There is no doubt Rangers have been


uncomfortable. Have Stokes and Cummings linked up better than they


have done today? Stokes playing in that inside-left position. There was


one clip where the ball dropped in the middle of the park and Stokes


played a lovely first-time pass into Cummings. They have made themselves


very difficult for Rangers and they have caused Rangers a lot of


problems. It is probably the most successful, you might not say they


have linked up great together, the two have caused more problems for


Rangers today than they have in other games. With the two goals,


with the efforts rattling off the frame of the goal, then we had a


late first half Hibs flurry. They might have got themselves ahead.


Most of the possession was Rangers. How many times, it is Groundhog Day.


It is the left-hand side. The ease in which they get in there. Stokes


likes to go into those areas. He hasn't been as dangerous from there


lately. He is today. These are a whole bunch of chances. You have to


say Hibs deserved, over the chances, maybe to sneak it, if anyone


deserved to sneak it in that first half. Will Rangers look to


reorganisation? They do look vulnerable? The manager has to


tell... The problem lies when you That is the problem. They are


watching the ball, they give way too much space away and you can never


keep up the pressure against Hibs, so I think that is a thing he is


going to talk about. He will also say be patient, don't try to make


2-1 in the first ten minutes. We have 45 minutes. We have possession.


Most of the time, Rangers had the possession. If you are so careless


with the ball, and you are not pressing, it is waiting for a big


chance for Hibs. Are we seeing a rustiness about Rangers? I don't


think it is rustiness. Not having Ball in that six position, you have


Halliday who is there, he is lovely on the ball, but his first instinct


is to get on the ball and to see passes forward. He is not thinking


about where is the striker, where is the ten to pick up? That is where


Hibs have exploited Rangers. I don't think it is rustiness. Alan Stubbs


will be delighted with what's happened in the main? Some defensive


issues, but in the main Hibs have been on the front foot, haven't


they? They need to be more clinical? His tactics have worked exactly how


he would have wanted them to work, except for one or two cross-balls


where that mass of players in there didn't attack it as well as they


should have done. If I was Alan Stubbs, I would be worried about one


thing. McKay got the ball one-on-one against Gray and he flew past him.


That's a slight concern. You have not seen anything of them in that


left, Rangers on that left-hand side there. They are fabulous down that


side with Wallace and McKay. We talked about it before. Hibs have


their eye on it. Is he trying to do that for 90 minutes on a big pitch


against really good players? That would be a concern to me. The one


other thing that will be at the back of his mind is the fact that we have


shown so many chances, it's one of those ones, are you going to rue the


chances that you have had? Of course, it will cause a lot of


energy for those strikers. You have to run in the channels. You have to


make ground and can you do that for 90 minutes? I feel Rangers is not


of game. We Lieutenant wait and see. of game. We Lieutenant wait and see.


-- we will wait and see. I do think Hibs look like the team that will


tire. It becomes a big thing at Hampden Park because your energy


will be expended and the mental energy and the nervous energy...


Do you think Hibs would fancy having him upfront and available? Why


hasn't he got the green and white scarf on? To be fair he was


fantastic for us, he's had a great season. Looking at Stokes, if you


give him the ball in the right area, he looks on fire. A danger and will


presumably continue to be so. We wondered what the managers would


say, Mark Warburton, he would say, listen, I want you, straightaway,


when he goes to the side, go tight. Because they just let him run into


the six yard box and he's very dangerous. That's something they


will worry about. I think it is one thing that Rangers have to take care


of. Then you have already taken half the danger out. Second-half


commentary coming up from Liam and Craig. This is the story so far.


COMMENTATOR: Here is Cummings, Stokes, hasn't got anyone to hit in


the middle. Stokes fancy it himself, and he does! And why not? Is it on?


Is it on? The ball in is a good one. It is Kenny Miller! It is 1-1 in the


final. COMMENTATOR: Became the 25th


different winner of the competition last year when they defeated Falkirk


year 2-1. James Vincent scoring the winner on 86 minutes. Only one of


the last 24 Scottish Cup finals has gone to extra time, that was in


2006. Is that where we are heading today? Only been one English manager


to win the Scottish Cup, Smith, will Falkirk, in 1957, defeating


Kilmarnock after a replay. There will be a second today, but will it


be Scouser Alan Stubbs or London Mark Warburton? Hibs get us under


way. Shooting towards their supporters in the second half at the


Tony Clement. Rangers in the blue shooting towards Mount Florida. No


changes for either team at the interval in what is the 33rd


Scottish Cup meeting between the teams. Rangers have won 14, Hibs


have won ten, there have been eight strong ties. -- drawn. It will be


interesting to see if the second half follows in a similar pattern to


the first. I think it will be end to end again, the only question is who


comes out of the traps quicker this time. This is Jason Cummings. Hibs


trying to launch their first assault on the Rangers goal, here. Zelalem


pinching it back, though. This is the 199th match for Rangers


since they began their route towards the top flight in 2012. Began with a


challenge cup tie against Brechin City. Lee McCulloch scoring in a 2-1


win. Being a long arduous journey for the Rangers supporters. This is


Martyn Waghorn. It's good play from him. He just let at the vital


moment. -- he just slipped. Is Fraser Fyvie looking for the


decision? Not sure if he believes he was clipped, but he drives towards


the byline. If there a hand on his back from Lewis Stevenson? Is that


what he was trying to claim? He has certainly gone down too easily, the


referee is not going to give him a penalty for that.


Rangers keeping up this excellent record of scoring in all but two of


their matches this season. One of those was in the cup against


Kilmarnock at Ibrox. The other was in a recent defeat to Livingston.


Which was one of just five league defeats in this campaign. Hibs


inflicted two on them. I don't think I've watched a game where Lee


Wallace has spent so much time back. Good point. Rangers have


swashbuckling wingbacks. Here is one of them, James Tavernier.


Rangers desperate to win a National trophy before they get back into the


top flight. That's what one of their trophy before they get back into the


main ambitions has been over the past four years.


Tavernier to Waghorn, two players who have made such an impression for


Rangers this season. Slack by Danny Wilson. That just


invites pressure. Hibs have got to try to use the ball better. Rangers


look better in possession. But certainly a poor pass out of


defence. Hamelin. Stevenson to Stokes. He's had a go. And he's


forced yet another save out of Wes Foderingham. He's in the mood,


Anthony Stokes. He keeps dropping short. When he gets the ball there


is no thought about, what am I going to do with this? He's going to fire


at goal. Decent save. Interesting tussle between Stokes and


at goal. Decent save. Interesting Foderingham, as the corner comes in.


Just nicked away. And that's a goal kick. Danny Wilson was the Rangers


player who attacked that. Too much on the Cummings. This is


John McGinn. Looking further Cummings, he's going to find him as


well. He's on his own right now. Two arriving in the middle about now. No


way through. Wouldn't be surprised to see this go


all the way. You wouldn't be surprised if it went all the way,


both these sides came through via penalty shoot outs in the semis, of


course. I don't think either team manager wants it to go to that. It


could become a battle of fatigue or lack of fatigue late in the game.


Rangers starting to keep the ball better which means Hibs have to work


twice as hard. Good play by James Tavernier. Rangers beat Peterhead to


lift the challenge cup here last month before facing Celtic seven


days later. Looking at the bench, though, talking about Hibs with


players running out of legs, Henderson, Keatings, Berkeley, a lot


does not die looped the team at all. does not die looped the team at all.


-- it doesn't die -- it doesn't dilute the team.


Jason Holt. Halliday. Good harrying, there, by McGinn. Equally so by


Miller. How good was that? Brilliant initially from McGinn, and then also


from Kenny Miller. Some wee skirmishes, and the REFEREE:


Position, he can see no fouls being committed.


Some wee skirmishes, and the referee in a good position, you can see no


fouls being committed, let them play on. Here is Cummings. Not being his


afternoon so far. Know, and its Anthony Stokes is the man early in


the game, you know, he looked like he could turn things around for


Hibs. Jason Cummings starting today, one or two would be hoping for big


things. On the ball away from goal, linkup play, it's not happening just


now. But he's still a major goal threat.


Rangers looking forward to top-flight football next season.


Hibs would have loved to have joined them. They'll have to wait another


year at least. Very late from Tavernier. He'll be


in trouble for that. Yeah, he's totally committed, James Tavernier,


he just doesn't get there quick enough. You see the ball is well


away when he stretches into the challenge. Doesn't catch into badly


but the fact is, going head on into a talent like that, the referee is


going to believe that's reckless and that's going to be a yellow card --


going into a tackle like that. It's the first yellow card of the final


going into a tackle like that. It's four James Tavernier. John McGinn is


the conspirator for the high fees, here.


It's Fontaine. He does well to get his head on the ball. Liam Fontaine


is grabbing him. Another chance for Hibernian. If


they lose this Scottish Cup final, there will be feelings of regret.


Goes early for Waghorn. Really good idea by Kenny Miller. Realised he


wasn't going to get in on goal and self, Tavernier coming at the back


post, can't deflect on target. He's not had a bad season, has he?


Lee Griffiths, the Celtic striker, 40 goals he managed this campaign.


Could have been more, missed a couple of penalties throughout the


season. I don't think the Celtic supporters will let that annoy them


too much. Fabulous campaign. Enjoying a well earned rest. He's


not involved in the Scotland games against Italy and France which are


to come in the next week and a half. John McGinn of Hibs in there, too.


It's a long season. Hibs have played more than 50 games this campaign.


It was Anthony Stokes who was involved in this... Anthony Stokes


tried to stick out a leg to block the clearance. He may have kicked on


to the sole of the boot. He kicks him on the knee, so I don't think he


will book Anthony Stokes for that. Zelalem was fouled by Fyvie. That


might be a yellow. It is. The Hibs midfield three are having to work


really hard in there and Fraser Fyvie committing a challenge like


that and getting himself yellow carded. I would imagine Marvin


Bartley might be warming up shortly. You have to be very careful. A man


sent off at this stage could be so costly.


The Rangers subs today - just the five listed by Mark Warburton. Cammy


Bell is one of them, Law, Clark, Shiels and young Liam Burt. Hibs


have got Mark Oxley, Henderson, Bartley, Boyle, Keatings, Gunnarsson


and Dagnall. That knock to Zelalem... Mark Warburton is going


to spend a bit of time explaining something to the midfielder. In the


meantime, it's a Rangers free kick and Tavernier will take it. In it


comes... That could have been more awkward for Conrad Logan than he


made it look. Yeah, he stood his ground. He realised Kenny Miller


couldn't quite make up the ground. Fontaine was matching the run that


Miller had just got ahead, safe for the goalkeeper. Well done by Gray.


That's a sharp move from Hibs, the turn from McGinn, he puts the pace


out to Cummings, tries to get it in early. Over the pair of the two in


the middle. We have played an hour of the Scottish Cup Final. Hibs led


early through Stokes, cancelled out by Kenny Miller. The 131st final of


this competition. A long way to go yet in the Glasgow sunshine.


Rangers are dominating possession of the football. When Hibs get it,


Rangers are pressing them quickly and Hibs are giving them the ball


back far too cheaply. Dean Shiels will be on. He is ready to come on,


in fact. Just out of picture. It will be Zelalem who is going to come


off. Craig's thoughts on that in a minute. Martyn Waghorn... Zelalem,


who is about to be hooked. McKay. He minute. Martyn Waghorn... Zelalem,


wins a corner. Oh no, goal kick. Once again, the referee in a good


position. From here, it did look like it had come off David Gray. The


introduction of Dean Shiels suggests the manager is looking for a little


more craft and guile. Rangers have possession of the football. Zelalem


is more steady, Dean Shiels can produce a killer ball. A mixed


reception for Dean Shiels. One-half of the stadium cheer him on, the


other half boo him on. A former Hibee against his old team. The


referee today, Steven McLean, sent off Craig Gordon in last year's semi


against Inverness. Encouragingly for the Hibs


supporters, they were dead and buried by this time in their last


two finals. They are still very much a force in this one. You do sense


that Rangers are beginning to get a stranglehold on this. Certainly


possession of the ball. Very little for Conrad Logan, the goalkeeper, to


do. But the fact is, every time the ball is in the middle of the park,


Rangers can make eight, nine, ten passes. When Hibs get it, it is one


or two and it is launched forward and possession is given straight


back to the Ibrox side. Andy Halliday. Nice touch from


Halliday! There is nothing you can do about that! Andy Halliday puts


Rangers in front. That is an absolute fizzer. Defensively, he's


tried to take a touch, turn, set it up, but what a strike this is.


Across the goalkeeper. Bang! You will not see a better strike than


that. Conrad Logan no chance at all. Just inside the post. He's got a


powerful left foot. He's now hit a belter and given Rangers the lead.


It is a tenth goal of the season for Andy Halliday, who is a big, big


Rangers fan and he has just put them in front in a Scottish Cup Final.


What a feeling for him. And what a feeling for Mark Warburton.


Jason Cummings, his afternoon is over. James Keatings has come on.


Hibs need to get some sharpness up there. Cummings in the dug-out,


James Keatings is on the park alongside Anthony Stokes. Well, is


Hibs' Scottish Cup misery about to be extended by another year? They


have to come up with a response. James Keatings on the park now. That


is a foul by Stevenson. Hibs will have to take chances. I


don't think Liam Henderson will be far from making an entrance either.


Rangers will be lifted by that goal. Their passing has been good. They


will make it very difficult for Hibs to get on the ball.


It's a real Scottish Cup Final, a classic from Andy Halliday. One of


the best you will see in this showpiece. This is Stokes.


That was a good idea. From that distance, even a chip going into the


top corner, Wes Foderingham would move his feet and deal with that.


50,701 inside the National Stadium today. Segregation is perhaps


keeping it down from being an absolute capacity.


We saw Barrie McKay score a wondergoal in the semifinal here


against Celtic. That was equally good from Halliday. Every bit as


good. When you turn and move it out of your feet... He generates


magnificent power. A bit of needle between these two


this season. There hasn't been much sympathy for


their plight in the league coming to Hibernian down Ibrox way. The final


quarter of the game now, though. Stokes.


Others were asking in the middle why that was not fired across for them.


I still believe he is the man most likely. He will take defenders on. A


complete mis-hit. Puts it a mile way, but Hibs need to get him on the


ball. Liam Henderson is going to be on


momentarily for Hibernian. Rangers can be patient now. They


don't have to go chasing that ball. This is why. Just look at the


strike... Absolutely sweet as a nut. Nicks off the inside of the post.


Andy Halliday nicked that from his top drawer. It was wonderful. Hibs


staring down the barrel of misery again, as things stand. There is


still time for them to save this. Keatings goes in over the top on


Wallace. The referee is going to settle for a


word again. It's a 50/50 and he's thrown himself into it. He put his


foot on the top of the ball, I think. A word of warning. It is Liam


Henderson for Liam Fontaine. A change of system, back four,


midfield diamond. With Henderson at the front of the diamond, trying to


get him on the What a feather in the cap of Mark


Warburton it would be if he could win the Scottish Cup at the end of


his first full season. It would be three trophies. He won the


Championship title and the Challenge Cup. Delivering, as things stand,


top-flight football, silverware and European football. That's all in his


first season. Little wonder he is held in high regard by the Rangers'


supporters. The Championship, getting back into the Premiership


was the job he had to do. Everything else is a bonus. The bonuses help


when you are trying to attract players and trying to sell season


tickets. The Rangers chairman has spoken today and, winning the


Scottish Cup today would change the Rangers budget. Rangers looking for


their third which, you would think, would kill off Hibernian. An


important phase in the game here. 19 to play of the 90. Hibs have to go


for it. We Have 19 minutes to go. They need Anthony Stokes on the


for it. We Have 19 minutes to go. ball. Rangers are looking very


comfortable just now. Everybody wants to get involved in the play


for Rangers. Up towards Stokes, who has two Scottish Cup winners'


medals. One in 2011, one in 2013, against Motherwell and against Hibs.


Henderson in support. Taken away from Keatings by Kiernan.


Good full-back work by Lewis Stevenson.


They are linking up well, those two, the couple of minutes they have had


on the pitch together. Here is Tavernier. Just took his eye off


that. McGinn. Through towards Keatings. Back by Kiernan to his


keeper. Nicky Clark is going to be on for


Rangers, shortly. Mark Warburton looking at his bench for the second


time. We are hearing it will be Martyn Waghorn who will be


sacrificed. Certainly not moving easily out there, Waghorn. Lewis


Stevenson is getting off him far too easily. Doesn't have the legs to get


back and match those runs. easily. Doesn't have the legs to get


Where there's a will there's a way for Hibernian. Henderson to Stokes.


Towards Gray who was well offside. He shouldn't be off, he's the widest


player, he can see right across the park. All he has to do is just bide


his time. Decent ball to the back post. It's all about timing. Just


off and no more, but he should have done better, there. It's not been a


vintage afternoon for Martyn done better, there. It's not been a


Waghorn, that's for sure. But he has been so important to Rangers across


the season. 28 goals, bearing in mind he missed a large chunk of the


closing months of the campaign. He is replaced by Nicky Clark. Yeah, he


supplies goal threat but he will also work, Lewis Stevenson was


getting away far too easily from Martyn Waghorn, the legs have turned


to jelly. Stevenson won't get away that easily from Clark. If it stays


this way I am sure Martyn Waghorn will find a lot more energy, as


Nicky Clark's father, Sandy, watches on. Took Dunfermline along to the


championship. Dundee United there tomorrow, we


will find out who else will be in that championship, the final place


in the championship will be taken. Falkirk protecting a 1-0 lead


against Killie at Rugby Park. There will be highlights of that park


tomorrow evening on sports scene. Highlights of this tonight as well.


Rangers 2-1 up and heading toward Silver again. For the third time


this season. Henderson to McGinn. This is Stokes. Loads in the middle,


here. It's lovely play. He's scored one, but he's missed five other


chances. Absolutely must hit target, there. He does really well to take


on James Tavernier, on his strongest side. A lot of players to go


through, but he's cop the quality just to into the bottom corner. --


he's got the quality just to pass them into the bottom corner. 10:25pm


tonight for highlights of the Scottish Cup final. BBC One. Of


course there are highlights of tomorrow's second play-off leg. It


will be live on BBC Radio 2. It's all about the Scottish Cup final


here this afternoon. Just over 30 minutes to play. -- 13 minutes.


Keatings making his way into the box. Headed away by Wilson. And a


foul by Henderson, says the referee, who had the best view in the stadium


of that. Henderson doesn't believe that when the ball bounces, if a


player gets ahead of you, you are never going to dispossess him


without drawing the free kick. These Hibs fans have been in this movie so


many times before. They have lost their last ten Scottish Cup finals.


many times before. They have lost They haven't won it in 114 years.


It's going to go to 115 at least, if they can't somehow work back into


this. Yeah, looking for one quality chance, and it has two full to the


right man, or set piece, with the big lads in the team, they might


still believe that's an area where they can worry Rangers. Certainly in


possession of the football, when Rangers are well ahead right now.


When it comes to cup finals, it is the only thing. This is Liam


Henderson. Nice turn by John McGinn. He


couldn't quite force it back to Stokes, though. It's all getting a


bit frustrating for the Hibees. McGinn finds Fyvie. He teased Wilson


into the challenge, he's bought his team a corner as well. May have been


the best outcome, there. Fraser Fyvie didn't look like he was going


to get to the byline and get a ball into the box, so I think Hibs will


settle for a corner kick. Henderson's delivery is usually


pretty good. 11 minutes left. It's in! It's Stokes again! Anthony


Stokes rescues Hibs! They are right back in this! Big-time! I said his


delivery was good, he sticks it in a good area. But Anthony Stokes gets a


free header, bullets it into the top corner. Just eases James Tavernier,


his marker, off the ball, finishes in style. It has been Stokes's day


so far, his second of the match, Hibernian's second, and it is 2-2


with ten minutes to play. Elation for the Hibees. Just which way is


the seesaw going to go? These two back on terms. We thought it would


be very difficult to split them and that's exactly the way it is panning


out. Here is Keatings. And suddenly it is Hibs with the swagger.


McGeouch to Keatings. Gray on the overlap, here he is. Easily dealt


with that time by Wilson. As things stand, we are off to extra time.


Good play by Gray, court Dean Shiels napping. -- he court Dean Shiels.


-- he caught Dean Shiels. Niklas Gunnarsson is getting himself


strapped. Don't know whether Gray is going to be able to carry on. Strong


challenge, Dean Shiels doesn't seem coming, wins the ball, and possibly


when Dean Shiels comes down on his knee, might have just twisted it. He


was already stretching that leg before he made the challenge, David


Gray. Gunnarsson is coming on. before he made the challenge, David


Anthony Stokes has had more individual chances in this game than


Rangers have in total. He doesn't play through the middle, keeps


dragging himself out left, when he gets on the ball he can go on his


left hand side but normally he cuts onto his right foot. He's missed a


couple, to be fair. He smashed one of the post. But he's made two


count, and that's kept Hibs in this Scottish Cup final. The dream is


back on for those in green and white. On comes the Norwegian


Gunnarsson. And Paul Hanlon going off. Didn't appear to be struggling.


Niklas Gunnarsson scored against Rangers of course in their recent


3-2 victory at Easter Road. So, David Gray continues. Gunnarsson, at


six feet and two inches, we'll just slip into that defence. He has


filled in at right back, centre-back. He's a big athlete and


he is also a target at set pieces, very good in the air. Seven minutes


of being normal time left. Henderson asking a lot of Gray, who


is already moving a little gingerly. That's really sloppy. I just wonder


if either team fancy winning this before the final whistle. When you


talk about fatigue and heavy legs. Hibs have no substrate on in extra


getting the message on to go for it getting the message on to go for it


-- no subs to bring on in extra time. It has been an energy sapping


couple of weeks, playing Raith Rovers twice, playing Falkirk twice.


Having to lift his players for this final. Scottish Cup finals would


normally lift you just by remembering that you have to take


part in it. But this has been a very different period for Hibernian. The


disappointment of not managing to gain promotion.


disappointment of not managing to gain promotion. Stokes with a double


for Hibs. Miller, and a classic from Halliday.


Rangers leading 2-1, having trailed 1-0.


McKay's ball in. Think it was his hand it came off.


By all accounts Alan Stubbs has missed the Hibs equaliser from


Anthony Stokes. Nature called. What can you do? Got to go, you've got to


go, Craig. He might be tempted to go again! Here is Holt. Runs out of


pitch. Not bad news to come back out to, to be fair. Interesting inside


when he heard the cheer, because you've no idea who is chairing. --


you've no idea who is cheering. Four minutes left to play and you can


just about squeeze a cigarette paper between the two of them. Everyone


starts to get nervous round about now. You know one mistake, the ball


is in the back of the net and there is no time to recover.


We haven't had extra time in a Scottish Cup final for ten years.


It's not a competition that is normally decided by penalty shoot


It's not a competition that is outs, just a couple, Celtic in 1990.


McGinn almost found Keatings. Very close to being the perfect pass. But


Wes Foderingham sharp off his line. Hearers Tavernier, Dean Shiels to


his right. It is at the expense of a Rangers corner. I can't believe


Rangers are going to take this one short. The two centre-backs have got


themselves forward. You get in the mix-up and see what you can do.


Kenny Miller rattled the bar last time they had a corner kick.


Tavernier. That's annoyed the Rangers support. It's a head knock.


Not sure if it is the two Hibs players that have clashed. I don't


think the referee can afford to take chances when a player goes down as


quickly as that. Not at all. It's the two of them that's clashed. They


have used all their substitutions, Craig. That will be a major problem


if they lose a player. It's a big patch at Hampden. With ten men, it


is hard to cover the ground, especially against a team like


Rangers. They can take it out of your legs. A replay of the goal.


Anthony Stokes, just eases James Tavernier aside too easily. That is


a brilliant header. No chance for the keeper. He's been Hibs man


a brilliant header. No chance for the day. Not just his two goals,


he's put himself about today. We haven't seen much of that since he


returned to Easter Road on loan. He's the type of player who can turn


games. He tries the exceptional. If it doesn't come off, he will try it


again. It doesn't bother him. Other players try it once. Anthony Stokes


will keep trying to do something to get his team the win. He's proven


over the last ten years, Craig, that he's as good as anyone as far as


Scottish football is concerned, scoring goals. It is amazing how far


he's fallen down the pecking order at Celtic.


Injury-time upon us. Extra time will be four minutes after that.


Rangers are hunting down the goal that would surely win the Scottish


Cup. Good pressing by Gray. Brilliantly


done. Pressure, pressure, pressure, would not give up. Fyvie has space


to operate in here. He has Stokes to the left. He delayed it slightly.


Stokes. Into injury-time. Wow! He's hit this really well. The angle is


really tight. It's a decent save. He struck it well. Imagine being the


Hibs player who scores a hat-trick in the final minute of the Scottish


Cup Final! In goes the goal for David Gray!


A stunning moment, in stoppage-time! In one stretch of the neck muscles,


Hibernian's Scottish Cup pain and misery could be over. What a touch


from the skipper. He's gone up there, he's brave, he's got his head


on it. He's knocked it into the back of the net. Another decent corner


on it. He's knocked it into the back from Liam Henderson. The man who


wanted it most was David Gray. No chance for the goalkeeper. And Hibs


are now in pole position to win the Cup. Quite astonishing. Hibs are two


minutes away from winning the Scottish Cup. Two minutes is nothing


compared to 114 years. We thought David Gray was going to be off a


moment or two ago because of injury. If Hibs don't win the Scottish Cup


from this point, then it will be a new way to torture their supporters.


Anthony Stokes urges James Keatings into the corner. The Hibs fans all


on their feet. Rangers can't quite believe it.


The long ball is for Tavernier. It is not going to make it. Hibs will


The long ball is for Tavernier. It take an eternity to get this ball


back into play. Conrad Logan will get the ball, he is going to saunter


over and try and run down that clock as best he can.


We could be about to see something very, very special for Hibernian


Football Club. There will be a few seconds over the 94 because of the


goal that appears to be the winner. It was a crazy challenge by Dylan


McGeouch to give away a free kick... Wait a minute, he's changed his


decision. He's given the free kick to Hibs for a hand, an arm that came


up? Now, it is a chance for Hibs to knock this into the corner. If it


goes out of play, they don't care. Rangers have played their part in


this final but they are very much about to be the sideshow.


All eyes are on Steven McLean, the referee. Do Rangers have one last


chance? No, they don't! Ladies and gentlemen, you are witness to a


moment of Scottish sporting history. Hibernian have won the Scottish Cup!


114 years of torment, heartbreak and suffering, ten straight Scottish Cup


Final defeats are at an end. It has all got too much for the Hibs


supporters. One of Scottish football's longest standing side


stories has finally reached its conclusion. Last time they won this


trophy, it was the year that Real Madrid were formed, the vacuum


cleaner was invented, King Edward VII was Britain's monarch, that is


how long it's been! Generation after generation have suffered. These are


scenes the SFA will not want to see. The Rangers supporters beginning to


make their way on to the park now as well. It is not what anyone wanted


to witness today. Rangers played their part today. Goals from Miller


and Halliday turned a 1-0 deficit into a 2-1 lead. Stokes opened the


scoring. Stokes made it 2-2. And the Hibernian skipper David Gray has won


Hibernian the Scottish Cup and Alan Stubbs is with Chris.


Hibernian the Scottish Cup and Alan Congratulations, the long wait is


over. Describe your feelings to me. Woah, it is difficult right now. I


thought the players were unbelievable, the way we started the


game and the way we finished it. They deserve this, they have had


some knockers, but they have had a long, hard season. Every cloud has a


silver lining and today we have got that silver lining. Did you feel


after that first half, perhaps it was slipping away? It's weird...


Woah, a bit emotional. I have probably dreamt this. I thought we


were going to win the game 3-1. This was weeks ago. I just had a funny


feeling. I knew the players were so disappointed last Friday. I knew by


the reaction on Monday that they were ready for this game. Delighted


for all the fans, the players, the football club. The history makers...


This means so much to you? It does. You work with them every day. They


have had a lot of bad luck against them, you know. And to see them


actually achieve it is fantastic. Congratulations. Enjoy it. Cheers.


We are seeing scenes reminiscent of the 1980 Scottish Cup Final, rioting


at the end of the Rangers-Celtic game. You can forgive some of the


Hibs supporters for going out of their minds temporarily. Just four


years ago, they all streamed out of here in tears after a humiliation at


the hands of Hearts. For those who went through that turmoil and all


the other trials and tribulations, can eradicate all those painful


memories, they have done it and few will grudge them this almighty


triumph, Craig Paterson? It is an incredible end. We want to see the


Cup presented. After that length of time, you want everything to be


smooth. You want the lap of honour. That is not going to happen. Some


people are on just celebrating, that's fine. At the other end, there


will be problems and there will be repercussions and the last thing we


wanted to see, it was an incredible game of football. It was an


incredible end. We don't need this. No, the horses are out. The police


horses. It is something we haven't seen in a generation, let alone the


generations that have passed since Hibs last won the Scottish Cup.


Rangers supporters spilled out on to the pitch as well. The drama of the


injury-time winner from David Gray was all too much for the Hibs


supporters. This has been pent up inside them for 114 years. They have


had misery after misery in this competition. Misery after misery...


Not even Gordon Smith, Bobby Johnston, and Willie Ormond managed


to do this. It has been zero years since Hibs won the Scottish Cup. It


is glory, glory to the Hibees. The chief has put Sunshine on Leith. It


finished here at Hampden Park, Rangers 2, Hibernian 3.


STUDIO: Thank goodness there is a police presence on the pitch now to


get between the two sets of support. What is a glory day for Hibs, no


doubt about that. It's gone pretty ugly in the last few minutes. It is


scenes of celebration and it will be long into the night for the Hibs


fans. An historic day for them. But those scenes outside on the pitch


are ones we hope to avoid, Pat. It was a lot worse than that in 1980.


We don't want to see that. There is an argument you can understand the


level of 114 years worth of frustration bubbling over. So you


run on the pitch. It is never right to do it. But you understand it. It


is absolutely not right. Without taking the shine off it, it has not


ruined it. That is not what anybody at Hibs wants to see. It was a


fabulous game of football. Look, it is what it is outside. We should be


focussing on the game. We have seen a great game of football today. The


second half dipped a little bit in terms of the start. The tempo went


down. Rangers had it in their hands at 2-1. They could have seen the


game out and Hibs looked dead on their feet. From somewhere, they got


a second wind and came back at Rangers. At the end of it, they


thoroughly deserved that victory. I am delighted for the club and for


the Hibs support. They have waited a long time for it. We should focus on


the game because it was a great game of football. It will be some


celebration, Ronald, when you have waited 114 years to win the Scottish


Cup, 1902? He is getting emotional next to me! You know in the back of


your mind if you win a prize like that with Hibs, you will be standing


in history for a long, long time. I must say, of course, if Rangers kept


the ball a little bit, I would never see Hibs coming back in the game.


Every second ball they lost. Easy passes. Then they deserve to win


after that. We said, after the 2-2, Hibs will win it. If one team is


going to score, it was Hibs. In the final analysis, was it about desire,


Michael? That was it. Hibs looked dead on their feet at 2-1. Pat had


spoken about trying to change the formation to get back into the game.


They didn't pose a threat in the second half. Just lifted their


energy levels from somewhere. There is a family snap, the Murray family


celebrating the Hibs win as much as anyone at the moment. Judy Murray in


charge of the photograph and Andy Murray, who is getting himself


started in the French Open tennis will be delighted to hear the news


from here as well. Yes, you take a lot of stick over


the years as a Hibs fan waiting for this moment. It almost hasn't sunk


in yet. They need to get everybody off the pitch so they can lift the


trophy. The Hibs like to celebrate by singing sunshine in Leith and


everything, they've not had chance to do that yet. And we'd like to see


that chance. And also the players, you want to get out there and


celebrate with the fans. Hopefully with them in the stands. There is an


irony, Hibs fans have waited so long to win the Scottish Cup, what


they've done by coming on the pitch is delaying the presentation of that


piece of silverware. I can understand why some Hibs fans are on


the pitch, but the ones that run up to Rangers fans, that's silly. We


can hear from Anthony Stokes. Talk me through that. I am stuck for


words at the moment, just an unbelievable day and an unbelievable


result. What a performance and effort from all the staff, players,


everybody at the club. I think we deserved it today. We never gave up,


never gave in. One of the highlights of my career. On a personal level, a


dream day for you? It was unbelievable. I actually thought I


could have had a couple more goals. I scored at good stages in the game.


I think it's fitting that David Gray scores the winner. He's been


outstanding. Great captain and he's led us great throughout the season.


For the fans it's just unbelievable. With the history. It's hard to put


it into words at the moment. Some boisterous scenes at the end. Your


manager saying well done. It's been a long wait for this club, hasn't


it? Yes, so much talk about it here, and this year to get beaten in a


final already, but this is the one we wanted. We wanted to get


promotion this year but for the fans we wanted. We wanted to get


this will mean a lot and we are grateful for the support. We will


just enjoy it now. Spoke to you a few days ago about using today to


answer some critics, do you feel you did that? I did. I heard a couple of


people piping up before the game, ex-players than that. I said to you


I never doubted my own ability. It's down to me to perform and I done


that today. I don't care about my performance or my goals, I'm just so


happy that the club has finally won this cup. Congratulations and enjoy


your night. Cheers. Getting raffled on the way passed by Alan Stubbs. I


think Celtic have a year option on keeping Anthony Stokes, and based on


that they probably will. Hibs would obviously love to keep him if they


could possibly do that. These are all worries for another day. One


last word, Alan Stubbs made the change we were screaming for here,


bringing Henderson on, goes on to win 3-2, well done, manager. Two


more words, John McGinn. Silly question, how are you feeling?


Unbelievable. Everyone questioned my character and bottle, and to come


back from 2-1 down to win 3-2. I'm just delighted for the fans and


everyone associated with the club. It has been hanging over their heads


for a long time and we have finally done it and I am over the moon. Is


that phrase beginning to annoy the players? Definitely... There's


absolutely no chance of this happening. It was an ambitious move,


but it was never really happening, was it? They have just about left


you alone. Was it beginning to annoy you guys? It was. When you know it


is not true, you have that you guys? It was. When you know it


determination inside you to go and do it. It was just an incredible


feeling. The manager said he always believed in you guys. Yes, the whole


week. I had a feeling we were going to do it, and we were all positive


going into it. Rangers are a good side, don't get me wrong, and they


had a lot of the ball. But we were more clinical. Well done, enjoy your


night. How much of a difference will the Scottish Cup final win make to


Hibs in terms of the squad they can have next season? It could be huge.


Obviously next season they are not going to have any televised games in


the championship. They are going to lose the parachute payments. The


potential of attracting and keeping people with European football, that


could be massive. You can't quantify it at the moment. Hibs managed to


keep hold of the majority of that squad then I think the club as a


whole have done a great job, keeping that squad together. Hopefully we


will get a trophy presentation eventually. As a supporter as


opposed to a player I would have preferred winning the Scottish Cup


than going up. I know every player and every person at the club would


have probably preferred to go up. But this will be remembered longer.


For the fans. Exactly. Championship to the Premiership, there is


something there. Very important. But this will be remembered. Nobody


remembered that you got back to the Premier League, Hibs should be in


the Premier League. Let's hear from the man who scored the goal which


set of this, the late, late show the man who scored the goal which


from David Gray. I have a feeling that is a gold you will not forget


for a long time? I don't forget many to be honest. James made of this.


Scoring a goal in the last minute. It is Roy of the Rovers stuff. Yes.


Talk me through the goal itself. I just remember there being a corner,


great delivery, he put two great balls in. I was getting my head on


it first and that's all I can remember to be honest. The manager,


John McGinn, Anthony Stokes, all said that phrase was beginning to


annoy you. Yes, so disappointed not to get promoted, we believed we were


good enough to get out of this league. Winning the cup just puts to


bed people saying you do not have the character. We have managed to


come back, and it is credit to the lads and everybody involved,


amazing. Does that heal the wounds lads and everybody involved,


of the play-offs? It certainly helps, definitely. I'm sure the fans


will go home very happy. We are not in the SPL next season but it gives


us the confidence we can go on to win the league next year. Talk to me


about what the manager means to these players and his input this


season? Not just this season but from the minute he came on the door.


I was lucky enough to be his first signing and I've got a lot to be


thankful for. He's built this team, him and all his staff. It's been


such a group effort. So happy to be involved. You are the cup final


hero, enjoy it. Cheers. Shades of Wembley from way back with that


collapsed set of goalposts. I think many fans are getting a mentor of


the special occasion. We used to laugh a bit about. Finally they have


got it under control and hopefully these fans can enjoy something


they've waited a decent little period of time for. And let's not


forget in the midst of this, that was a really entertaining Scottish


Cup final today. Great game, wasn't was a really entertaining Scottish


it? Oh yeah, went up and down. I must say, the second half, after the


goal of Rangers, was not much changed. But you still felt there


was something that could happen. And yeah, I think Rangers did start


touching the ball to each other. Because we said Hibs looked tired,


but suddenly Rangers gave them a new energy by losing every ball. Just


waiting and waiting. We've been saying all along, the main objective


for Rangers was realised by getting that promotion. Yeah, no,


definitely. Look, they've got the Premiership to look forward to next


year and obviously winning the petrify cup as well. The players


will be devastated they have not won the cup. But they've got a lot to be


proud of. Dangers have come on leaps and bounds. Credit to the club and


manager. But this day is for Hibs, they have waited long enough for it.


Hopefully they will see the trophy get lifted soon enough. They did


deserve it. When it came to the crunch they found energy from


somewhere and managed to get a last-minute goal, which is normally


what has happened against them. At 1-1 Hibs were beginning to lose it,


looked tired. We had a discussion here, change it now, Fortune favours


the brave, time to go for it. The change was not made, they go to- one


ahead, you think they've left it too late again. Give the players their


credit, when they did make the change they completely took over.


And then it was always an. It was the first time since the semifinal


but I thought Hibs would win. You were thinking you would get a draw


when they went 3-2 up! Joking aside it was the first time I thought Hibs


could win. Psychologically the Rangers players. And Henderson


coming on. He has quality on the ball and we saw that. Rangers


couldn't times to each other and you felt every ball could be dangerous


for Rangers. I think he is a popular choice among the Hibs players to be


the hero, he is 100% every time. Put in a fantastic tackle, think it was


Dean Shiels in the middle of the park, took an injury off the back of


it but he kept going. Somebody you could imagine running through a


brick wall. Anthony Stokes saying he was delighted for him to get the


winning goal, and he looks like a good character. Stereotypical type


of captain and leader but there are so many of them. The crowd behind us


are all going nuts. Great day for them. Having watched Gray this


season, he's played a lot of games being injured and kept on going. A


lot of other footballers get a wee bit of an injury and go off. Certain


players will just go through it for the team. When he went down with


that injury, youthful, that was bad news for Hibs. They had a ready use


their substitutes. Then you thought, no, it's David Gray, he will be OK.


He would do it in a normal game, but in a cup final he would do anything.


Does it feel like relief as much as delight, that the taunting can stop?


Yes, you look at the fans, that's definitely a huge, huge part of it.


David Gray's life, what ever he does from now on, a lot of people will


come back to this moment, that day, those seconds. He will look back to


it, and if he is ever asked in the future about his football career,


he's just had it. Lots of other things happening your career. He's


just fortunate that the great thing that happens is a great thing that


everyone sees and remembers. It's not like a missed penalty. Wouldn't


that be terrible? Any doubt about Alan Stubbs staying on for next


season for another crack at getting up? I think there are obviously


question marks. But that's for another day. This is a celebration


today. They've got the another day. This is a celebration


contemplate and think about it. I think there is genuine affection for


the club from Alan Stubbs and he's done a fantastic job. Murmurs that


some of the crowd were not happy and thought they should look to change.


some of the crowd were not happy and For me they've got a manager in


place that they would be doing well to get somebody as good as. He's a


top guy, seems like a really good manager as well, who the players


really have an affection for. Winning the cup, obviously, you


would think that gives them a bit of a better chance of hanging around.


Here's another shout for you. Some managers have said, I've taken this


club as far as it can go, how much better can you get than winning the


cup for the first time in 114 years. Some chunks of turf has been ripped


up. It was a lovely surface at the start but some souvenirs have been


grabbed which will be appearing in the back gardens of quite a few Hibs


fans, I think, to mark the day. The police have taken their chances just


now. It's not just the fact they are making sure everything is safe and


that the Hibs fans don't run on again, I think also they are


allowing the Rangers fans to leave the vicinity, outside the stadium.


There was a bit of trouble after the game, they don't want any more. I


know Michael said very quickly let's talk about the success, it's about


getting the balance right, it had the potential to get ugly. The


reaction did not seem to be that quick in terms of security.


I'm loathe to have a go at security people when it's fans that have ran


on from both sides. The vast majority Hibs fans. In times gone


by, when this was a regular thing, the police were more ready for it


and they zipped on quick and the horses were galloping. Those horses


came on there, they weren't galloping on, they took their time,


no-one is getting injured. How is your heart, Rob? One of the fans has


just slapped the window of the studio! The Hibs fans that ran in


front of the Rangers fans, for me, the security and the police surely


to goodness they have to have all eventualities covered. It was a bit


slow in terms of trying to get on and break things up. It is all under


control now. The Hibs support can see the team lifting the trophy.


When a crowd is moving, it is hard to stop it. When you have 2,000 or


3,000 people suddenly in one minute on the pitch, you have to have a lot


of police to stop it. We spoke about relief in terms of Hibs winning the


Cup, there is relief that that didn't kick-off. Anyway, the news of


Rangers is they have received their runners-up medals inside. That has


happened. There will be a trophy celebration shortly. But you can


understand that that will be delayed until it feels like the right time


because of course there are so many supporters on the pitch. It looks as


if everybody now has been put back where they belong. Well, Rangers


won't mind getting the runners-up medal indoors because you don't


really want that. Exactly. They will feel frustrated. Embarrassed is a


big word. It is not a time to be happy. If you get it inside the


dressing room, fine... Did Hibs win it rather than Rangers losing it?


Overall, Hibs deserved to win. Rangers had the moment to kill the


game. After the 2-1, Rangers could have easily had possession and let


Hibs run like crazy. They didn't do that. The players didn't have the


calmness to finish the game and maybe that has to do with the age


and experience because they tried for the 3-1. They had to be patient.


You are losing the ball every second, you know you will have some


trouble at the end. The applause outside was for the police who were


lined up on the halfway line... That is not something you hear every


day... And there was applause. They have moved off to the end of the


pitch and we are waiting on the police word and then we can have the


trophy celebration. It's been a long delay. Hibs players and officials


and everyone associated with the club won't mind waiting. As you say,


they have waited long enough. It is frustration. You do want to get your


hands on that trophy. The celebration also go on for a long


time. And just look back on it and finally get a chance to look back on


a special day. Hampden was brilliant today. The stadium was beautiful. It


was a lovely day. It will be seared in the memories of every single Hibs


fan. Rangers have been here dozens of times before. The Hibs fans, it


will be seared in their memories for the rest of their lives. David Gray


will remember this. There is not a Hibs fan that won't feel exactly the


same. There was a lot of talk at the semifinal about Stokes and Henderson


not being able to play if Celtic, their parent club, had reached the


final. How they made the most of that? They did. Look, you heard


Anthony Stokes there talking about how people had been questioning his


performances and things like that. He will have been questioning it


himself. He knows he has the ability and since he's been at Hibs, there's


been flashes of it. Today he put in a top drawer performance. Henderson


as well. He added a bit of quality for hibs in the final third coming


off the bench. He mixed it up a bit. The two guys there, had Celtic got


through to the final, might not have played. They have played their part


today against Rangers. Hibs are the only team out with the top tier of


Scottish football to win the Scottish Cup since East Fife. That


is a stat I carry about with me! Now you can look at some interesting


ones from the Hibs point of view. Yes, they are in the lower league.


It doesn't feel like a lower league team. It doesn't look like a lower


league team. The way they play doesn't look that way.


Professionally, they are. So, in a way, you would look back to that


East Fife team, that was a bigger thing. Were they a good team in '38?


I seen the tail end of them(!) History being rewritten. This was


the moment that settled it in stoppage-time. It looked like we


were bound for extra time. David Gray thought otherwise. He wanted


that header so badly? Yes. They had guys who can, yeah, have a proper


header. They were eager to finish it off before going to extra time. You


felt it a little bit. It still has to happen. One thing, Rangers are


never going to go. Sometimes that happens in football. You have it


yourself when you are on the park. You think, we are going to do it.


You have to put it into action. Very much like Kenny Miller's goal in the


first half, the header, wanting it, David Gray there... You heard him


saying, as soon as the ball come in, I'm getting it! It looked like that.


We have all been in situations like that, you look at the opponents and


think, "They have gone, we have got them here." And there was a wee


feeling of that when the equaliser went in. It may have taken it to


extra time but Hibs were getting stronger. Kenny Miller probably


didn't deserve to be on the losing side today. For a 36-year-old, that


was an exhilarating performance? He was everywhere. In the last part of


the game, you want also to be still involved to keep the ball. He was,


like, chasing people back, taking slides and it was incredible what he


did. For him, it was quite harsh to lift the trophy. Still, all the


chances that Hibs had today, they were deserved winners. The moment is


almost with us. Hibs gathering again in the tunnel. And about to


re-emerge into the Hampden sunshine. Not one Hibs fan has left. They all


want to be here and to cherish the moment that their team finally wins


the Scottish Cup for the first time since 1902. 3-2 it was, with David


Gray getting that stoppage-time winner. I think the referees will


get a round of applause. That will change the habits of a lifetime(!) A


wee word for the refs. How many bookings? I thought they managed the


game well. They gave two bookings. We never spoke about them. That is


what you want to hear. Well done. For the presentation ceremony, as


Steven McLean gets his award for the afternoon. It is back to Craig and


back to Liam. COMMENTARY: Steven McLean had a good


afternoon today. Him and his officials. Steven McLean, David


McGeachie, Andy McWilliam, Bobby Madden, John Beaton and Andrew


Dallas. Shortly, the stage will be free for Alan Stubbs and his Hibs


players, who will now be immortalised. The last time they won


it, 1902. Harry Rennie was the goalkeeper.


CHEERING It was a 1-0 victory over Celtic.


For those, you can now read Conrad Logan, David Gray, Paul Hanlon, Liam


Fontaine, Fraser Fyvie, Dylan McGeouch, Lewis Stevenson, John


McGinn, Darren McGregor, Anthony Stokes, Jason Cummings. The


substitutes who came on today - Liam Henderson, James Keatings and Niklas


Gunnarsson. Hibernian's 14th Scottish Cup Final. They featured in


three of the last five. The last two, they can forget about them now.


5-1 to Hearts and 3-0 to Celtic. They don't matter anymore. Not for


Hibs. This is them now on to a third triumph in this tournament. It puts


them alongside Kilmarnock, Clyde and St Mirren. They had to wait a fair


bit of time between Scottish Cup win number two and three. Craig


Paterson? I can name The Famous Five team one to 11. This team are


officially now Easter Road legends on the back of today's result.


Incredible. Yeah. Well, he's the captain, he's the hero, and his


picture and the rest of the team that he is guiding up the steps here


at Hampden will now be immortalised in photographs, paintings that will


adorn the Easter Road walls. There is a big banner over on the far side


that says, "Time for heroes". These men in green and white are heroes.


The hoodoo to end all hoodoos is over. Hibernian have won the


The hoodoo to end all hoodoos is Scottish Cup! It is not a dream. It


is reality! They lost it in 1914 to Celtic. They


lost it in 1923 to Celtic, the Airdrie in 1924, to Aberdeen in


1947, Clyde in 1958, Celtic in 1972, Rangers in 1979, Celtic in 2001,


Hearts and Celtic in 2012 and 2013. In 2016, the sunshine shines down on


these Hibernian players as they hold aloft the oldest of national


trophies. Let's be honest, from a big Hibee background, what does it


mean to anyone connected with the club, from supporters to boardroom?


The jokes are over for a start. It's been a long, long run. It's been a


long, long wait. On days like this, all of a sudden, it is worth waiting


for. Now, Hibs have to build on this. They have to get out of the


Championship. They have European football to look forward to next


season as well. Great sight, Darren McGregor, a big Hibee, holding the


trophy aloft. He's had two gruesome injuries to contend with. John


McGinn and Liam Henderson. Liam Henderson on loan from Celtic. A


wonderful day for Hibernian Football Club. What a party it is going to be


tonight. That end of Edinburgh will be jumping. It has been a long, long


wait. They deserve to celebrate. They have come to Hampden time after


time after time and had to trudge back along the M8 after yet another


defeat. Today is a day that every Hibs fan will remember. A special


cheer for Alan Stubbs, who was on the big-screens here as well. The


SFA President congratulating Alan Stubbs, who has guided Hibernian to


the Scottish Cup. STUDIO: Should be some party


tonight, when you have waited 114 years. Hibs have won the Scottish


Cup. My thanks to Ronald de Boer, Pat Nevin and Michael Stewart in the


studio. From all of us involved in this Scottish Cup Final, bye for


now. # Control... # When I said, "Stop


running away from your problems" I didn't mean


"Run full speed towards them"!


Rangers v Hibernian

Live from Hampden Park

Kick-off 3pm

History awaits for players and fans of Rangers and Hibernian in Scottish football's blue riband fixture. For the first time, two clubs from the second tier contest the final, with Rangers looking to add to the Championship title and Challenge Cup success in a stunning first season for manager Mark Warburton.

Hibs's woes in the cup are well documented, without a win in the completion since 1902. Could this be the year to break the cup curse?

Rob Maclean is joined in the studio by Pat Nevin, Michael Stewart and Ronald De Boer, while Liam McLeod and Craig Paterson are your match commentators.

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