Episode 11 Super League Show

Episode 11

Tanya Arnold presents highlights and analysis of action in the Stobart Super League, as Huddersfield Giants take on Hull FC and Warrington Wolves face Catalan Dragons.

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There will be a few bumps and bruises around the Super League


squads tonight. Two games in four days well have taken their toll,


but bank holiday put up another round of compelling matches. Giving


us their views is Jamie Jones Buchanan and Robbie hunter Paul.


Let's start with the top of the table clash, Huddersfield against


Hull. The Super League leadership was on the line. Huddersfield


remain top of the Super League after holding their nerve against


high-flying Hull. The conditions ensured a low-scoring match with


Danny Tickle and Danny Brough exchanging penalties in a scrappy


first half as the Giants struggled to break down Hull's defiant


defence. Danny Tickle edged them halfway, but that Leeds did not


last long. Crabtree crashed over from close range and the Giants


lead for the first time. Robinson was at it again shortly afterwards.


They opened up a commanding lead with just 10 minutes remaining. The


Giants finished with a flurry as Danny Brough raced clear to send


Joe Wardle touching down. The black and whites will be looking for


revenge on Sunday when both sides meet in the Challenge Cup. You were


at the game. 62 minutes until the first try. I think the fatigue


aspect came into this a little bit because the game it was quite


scrappage. It was a great afternoon. The Energy added to the nerves of


the afternoon. If you look across the board there were a third more


errors. The first game had 150 errors and on Monday there were


over 200. That goes into that argument about whether or not we


should be playing two games in four days. But for Huddersfield a great


win and they are beating the top teams. A lot of people were


focusing on the traditional big teams and Huddersfield have been


but they will be on everybody's radar right now because they are


the team to beat. They are playing fantastic, productive rugby league


and they are throwing the ball around. They are one of the teams


to beat. They are play attractive rugby. It was tough for Hull and


they went in with a lot of injured players to back-up that emotional


game for them. It is a tough period, the Easter period. The lads almost


sacrificed themselves over the Easter period. But the games are


not going to be as good a quality, there will be more errors, and they


were poor conditions as well. I think that was a great example of


an uncharacteristic game. There were a lot of uncharacteristic


errors. I did not know whether to laugh or cry as a Leeds supporter.


The lads were putting their bodies on the line to do it and it is the


same for all teams and it makes it more interesting. Briefly,


everybody at Huddersfield will be pleased that Nathan Brown has had


an effect. They are trying to do what they can. An Easter double for


Huddersfield and we can match them when they beat Wakefield at the DW


stadium. A terrific period for Wigan. They have come up with the


wins they have been after and they are a tough team to beat. When they


play as directly as they can, they are tough for any team to come up


against and play. Especially at the DW stadium it makes it even tougher.


When Wigan are on form, they look pretty impressive. They just put


their skill on show. They show some real consistency and real skill.


They are a really tough side and really physical. They take a lot of


pride in being dominant. The finishes are outstanding. They


throw some of the best players at you in Super League. There was a


quality gap between the sides. There were quite a few injuries as


well and it is an knock-on effect of the harsh Easter period. But


also Wigan had the big squad. When they go down to the second team or


even their juniors, a lot of them are of the highest quality. They


have got a good development system. When they have injuries, the


players come through to fill in the gaps. You are not just filling in


the gaps, you are adding a different element to it. It is high


quality. We have seen some miserable bank holiday weather


conditions, so let's get a bit of sunshine. Warrington Wolves


travelled to the south of France for their fixture against Catalan


dragons. It is as it often tends to be a fabulous atmosphere inside the


stadium. The warm sun is shining for two sides who have every right


to believe this could be their year. Nothing settled today, but markers


for the rest of the season will be laid down and real celebrations


back. Looking for a bit of early capital. Warrington's defence


having to work hard and slowing that rug down as well. Henderson


stands and weights. It is confirmed by the referee. That went over with


is a fabulous try for the Catalan dragons. The locals are loving it


and well they might. They had made a point this season of playing with


the rear expansive style and here it was for all to see. Darryl


real sense of the line. It is a try he has scored so many times over


the years. So close, out he goes and over he does. The Warrington


finger pointed for Steve Menzies. He is just about the oldest swinger


said play on and Riley scores. They cannot go to the video referee for


the forward pass. The referee is satisfied that he got over cleanly


enough. You have to ask the question was that a forward pass?


It certainly looked like one. Henderson wants to get up and away


again. Three defenders needed to make sure Menzies could not get the


ball away. It is touch down by Louis Anderson. The former


Warrington Wolves has struck. Completely missed by John Monahan.


Anderson is there to complete the business. What a time to score,


Fabulous work. Plenty of dash and dark, so poured out wild. --


support out wide. They love their celebrations in this part of the


done a terrific effort. There is double movement here. It is the


question of whether he got the ball down and that suggests he has not.


The video referee has made his decision. No screen in Perpignan on,


break, and then the foot goes down! Absolutely breathtaking try!


Wonderful stuff from the Catalan Centre! They're love every moment


of this! Once he has passed him, it is time for the celebration and


Darryl Millard with a score that really does put distance between


they are home and dry! The champagne has been opened almost in


this second half for Catalan because they are almost scoring at


will. The band are here to play support, and look at this! Steve


Menzies, for his second! There is simply no stopping him, he goes on


and on, and so also the Catalans reason why. Steve Menzies in


support and he still has the energy and the pace to go the distance. He


has been a giant of a player in something of a consolation if they


can, but what a day it has been for scores for the second game running!


Terrific support play. Hodge them was in support and Brad Dwyer,


keeping up the good work. But for all that celebration at the end, it


Catalan have 100% record at home. of spades because if the sun


doesn't burn you, they will be to black and blue! Look at that


contrast from playing at home and playing a wave. The crowd, it is


like a festival at their ground. It is brilliant and they have been a


They've just got better and better and the team that keeps winning


brings all the crowds in. It will be a big job for any team to come


in and change that. But you would be foolish to write Warrington off.


Everybody surprised at such a big score against a team like


Warrington but they will bounce back soon. Robbie, you retired, but


you are a whippersnapper compared to Steve Menzies, who is proving


that age does not matter! What matters, what makes the


longevity of Steve Menzies matter, he is that he is not just a great


athlete, and he is, he has great agility and speed, but he is smart.


That is a lot of things people do not take into account. It is not


just Bish and bash. That is the stuff that bashes you up. He is


smart. He can release the ball and he can support. He has still got


the legs because he has not been doing be ugly stuff in the middle


of the park. He played centre at one stage back in Australia as well


as he was coming up. He has been able to stand out and understand


the game innately and understand where his skills can best be used


and that is why we have seen him with this Korea. Leon Pryce have


settled in extremely well. -- with his career. I was looking through


some old coaching manuals earlier and I saw him in his Great Britain


kit and it reminds me of some of the things Leon Pryce has done. It


adds a bit of experience to a very strong Catalan side. It will take a


bit of time to find his feet. Warrington seemed to be coming up


with a lot of errors at the moment. Tony Smith has been complaining


about it. Every team has their highs and lows. They are going


through one of their low points. It is too good a system that Tony


Smith has for them not to have this they add some point. They will get


out of this and what, they will kick on. Nothing for them to worry


too much about. Richard Lewis is to stand down as the chairman of the


RFL. He leads to take over as chief executive of the All England Club


at Wimbledon. Maurice Watkins take over as the interim chairman.


Thoughts? I think it is a loss. He has done a good job. He has been in


charge for ten years. The sport has grown, especially in participation


numbers. We are looking at doing different things. Some very big


boots to fill. The Bradford Bulls were at Wigan on Monday, another


game against the backdrop of financial uncertainty, but the


Bulls have had a cracking season. Yes, when they are going through


adversity, these things can bring the best out of you and the lads


come together really strong. I gave an interview for a magazine a few


weeks ago and they were saying they are gaining in confidence and


starting to believe in themselves and some of the results we have


been getting only adds to their confidence and their performance as


well. It does maybe poll the team together but for Widnes, another


heavy defeat to. Yes. They've got off to a cracking start against


Warrington on Thursday and showed a lot of promise but their squad is


not deep in quality, and these weekends, two games in four days,


that will really take its toll. On the flipside, Bradford are playing


under a lot of adversity. It does a great job of pulling the squad


together because you feel it is No excuses for that there, he went


straight through the middle of a couple of people! Some structural


things that need to be looked at but they are playing against a team


that is playing really well. Let's move on to the Hull KR game and


Salford. It looks like it was probably half a decent game to


watch. Not a massive scoreline but some very good play from both teams.


Particularly Salford out on the bounce back? After the Derby?


very important because it never goes well when you lose against


Hull FC. It hurts the fans, it hurts themselves. Saying that,


going to Salford and to come away with a win, Salford are playing


really well. They played against the Giants and they are playing


attractive and positive rugby league. They are taking chances and


it was a tough game but the best team won on the day. Can you see


are over these two breaking into the top eight? Yes. The Hull KR


coach mentioned it was a massive win for them. Every two points is


like gold dust. I agree with Robbie, Salford have put some good ships


together. Apart from Huddersfield, I think they are one of the best


If they can keep some consistency every week, I am sure they will


pick up some wins. The referee was supposed to be taking charge at


Salford but was handed a one-match suspension because of the game at


Catalan at London. It was the second time the French official had


made the same mistake. A big game at the Coliseum yesterday. St


Helens were in town. Saints looking to bounce back and the Tigers were


looking for a third consecutive win. St Helens bounce back from their


Good Friday derby defeat Against Wigan with a hard-fought victory


over Castleford. Aid Gardner the jury was short-lived, as the


things hit back almost immediately through power house Sia Soliola.


The Tigers then coughed up possession, allowing Michael


Shenton to race clear against his former club.


Things were soon in complete control after Francis Meli


intercepted a pass to send the visitors on their way to their


third win in four matches. Interim coaching team were clearly having a


positive effect. Brett Ferres added a late


consolation for the Tigers, but their two match winning run was


Horrible conditions they had to play in but a really young


Castleford side, a lot of the big names out for them. He will be


really pleased, even though they lost. I reckon he will be. Taking


into consideration what has happened for Castleford at the


beginning of the season, loss after a loss after loss, to have so much


of his key personnel out and still to come up with six points loss


against St Helens, that has had a revival, I think it is showing a


lot of the things he has put in place. He puts in place a structure


of the ring for the whole of the club, not just the first team. -- a


structure will fame. The fact that the juniors can do a good job and


not take too much away shows the quality of the coach. A big deal to


bounce back and get a win, for Saints. Yes. The coach has put the


system together. A young lad, during the Easter period, they


started to use the full squad. As a young lad you come in with some


real enthusiasm and we have a coach that rewards that sort of thing. It


is a real opportunity for the young ones to come through and shine and


that is the case there. Leeds were beaten by Bradford on Friday, the


third consecutive defeat for the Rhinos. It has been a tough period


but the lads wanted to go out and earlier in the game. You can't take


anything away from their defensive effort. They've really worked hard


for what they got and there were some good skill in the end. Some


makes perfect with this sort of thing. Any young kids watching, all


of the skill that they see in some of these build up tries, it is just


three practising hard. And how key to have Rob Burrow back? That is


massive. When you have got key players like that to us so


dangerous, it can take its toll and having Rob Burrow coming back and


getting the line on, it makes a huge difference. It is not always


him that goes through. And this one goes down, this is not a replay!


This is one you must practise. Again and again and again. Ryan


Hall, timing, and to catch it off your chest is unbelievable. This


just builds confidence and that snowballs. How disappointed are you


in London? They had been on the back of a couple of absolute


hidings. The only thing I can say that is positive for them at this


time is the fact that the majority of the tries have been scored on


the edge of the field, so that means that the middle defence has


been quite strong. Leeds move the ball quite a lot in this game.


classic try shows of their defending, from Zak Hardaker.


is not a great example of Defence to be honest! They say, it is not


actually doing the job you want it to do, but Leeds are having to move


the ball or kick the ball so the only positive is that no one is


going straight through the middle of their pack. The defence needs to


be improved. Jamie, when will you As soon as possible, I will see the


surgeon next week and once he gives me the all clear, I will go in. My


knees feel great. I am getting back running, doing cycling and trying


Huddersfield Giants host Hull FC and Warrington Wolves travel to Catalan Dragons in the stand-out fixtures from the Stobart Super League, as Tanya Arnold presents highlights and analysis of all the action from the games played on Easter Monday.

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