Episode 22 Super League Show

Episode 22

Damian Johnson introduces action from Super League XVII. Including St Helens v Huddersfield Giants, Leeds Rhinos v Wakefield Trinity Wildcats, and Catalan Dragons v London Broncos.

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Good evening. Thanks for taking a break from the Olympics it enjoyed


the best action in Round 22 of the Super League. The play-offs are


looming and all of the contenders are looking to go faster, Higher,


stronger. I am joined by two men who have won plenty of medals. Ian


Millward and Jamie Peacock, MBE. Jamie was in action last night as


the Rhinos looked to extend their Andy Raleigh is going to search for


the line. Has he got the ball down? The referee once a second look.


Double movement, that is the question. Is that all one movement?


The video referee has to decide. It's given. Wakefield have the


perfect start. Deservedly so, they has. Step back, on the inside. The


past two web. Created by Ryan Hall. The referee wants to look at a


obstruction. Hall takes the Inside path. Ward is ahead of him. That


looks like the wrong defensive is ahead of Ryan Hall. The tackle


is made, it looks like the wrong decision. The ball continues, the


try was scored. No try, penalty his pace like? Four, five in


pursuit. He's not going to goal of the way, but there might be a man


who could. Kallum Watkins. Look at that full pace. Kallum Watkins,


with a Leeds drive. He was denied a moment ago by the video referee.


youngster. He knew he was not going to go the distance, so he looked


for support. Kallum Watkins is flying. No chance that the


Wakefield defence is going to stop his Watt to the try-line. -- his


himself towards the try-line. Kevin Sinfield and two others were unable


to stop him. A second for Wakefield. They have a bit of comfort in the


Well, they are shielding their eyes to see what has happened. Boy, are


is out there. Hall, with the catch. A simple try for Leeds. A look of


consternation on Richard Agar's face. Not surprising. Well taken by


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 48 seconds


defenders around him. A terrific They still have a chance. They will


score. Danny Washbrook. What was he that way would surely have been a


score. He thought it was opportunity lost. But it was not.


Wakefield try! Surely, this is the one that wins it. A little surge


across the line. Andy Raleigh, sleeve, Leeds. You would still give


them a chance of getting back in to the game. Three tries, they need to


score. Here they come. Sinfield, with a kick to the corner. Hall has


done it again. A hat-trick, this time along the ground. The same


method, Kevin Sinfield with the kick. Superbly weighted. He knows


that these are desperate moments clock down, at the least. There


will be looking for a repeat set up. It's been missed, and scored.


Scored by Dean Collis. That will be the match-winner. Five minutes to


go. A3 score margin again. Danny Collins has -- Dean Collis has won


Wakefield are looking to finish with a flourish. Here comes Peter


keep him out. That fact does not hit the whitewash. This will be a


try. On a night when he has been tormented at the other end, it is


Peter Fox that will get the final word. Wakefield will celebrate a


Not many people predicted that. What went wrong for Leeds?


Wakefield played too well for us. We started poorly and gave us too


much to do in the second half. I don't want to take anything away


from Wakefield, they were the better side. Did you sense they


were really pumped for the game against the big city rivals? It's


always difficult. They are on a bit of a roll. They turned over


Huddersfield the week before. They have almost turned themselves into


like a top aide sighed. They thoroughly deserved it and we


didn't play well. How do you explain a result like that?


Wakefield had been playing well. They had a great win against


Huddersfield. They blew a couple of opportunities and dropped it over


the try-line a couple of times. I liked the way that they had


composure to finish it off. They had a high completion rate and


their kicking game was a lot stronger. Sykes and Smith gave them


a clinical kicking game. They were the better team and they played


very well this year. I think Richard Agar deserves a lot of


credit. He had to put a team in late, but he put an experienced


team with some good players together. Another influential


player, Kyle Wood? It a great example of a player that had to go


back to the championship, learned some of his trade, come back up and


get some opportunities. There are a lot of good players in the


championship that could get opportunities. He's got speed, he


creates some doubt around the ruck area. He creates doubt amongst


Jamie's team-mates. He brings a kicking game from dummy half. He


brings a long kicking game. He's a player that will grow in confidence


the more he gets to play. They had their best player out. He was out


with a broken jaw. But if that gives him confidence, he will


handle it well. For Leeds, it looks like a mirror image of last season.


You have to come from outside the top four to make a Grand Final?


disappointing thing is that if we had beat them, it was in our hands


to get into the top four, if we won every game we had left. Now we have


to look at what other teams do. We're going to have to do it from


outside that four. We have to get on with it, like last year. Richard


-- Richard Descartes -- Richard Agar? Sometimes you have to start


from scratch again. New owners, the people involved, fresher approach.


More of an outside looking in approach. Looking to see what we


need, organisation. They bought well, they played well, they had


confidence. It's a hard place to go to. It's one of the few grounds


where it is still the original dressing room. Jamie is laughing.


He is probably the only one that can fit into it. His mates have to


be outside! We play them on Sunday in a local derby. One game each. We


will have to play well to be in it. The ongoing crisis at Bradford


rumbles on. There are potential saviours in the wings. As if they


didn't have enough trouble, they went to high-flying Warrington.


They were on the end of a real hiding. 50 points? Warrington is a


tough place to got the best of times, never mind the Troubles they


have of the pitch. I think the players and coaches deserve credit


for the way they had been playing. We went the week before and they


came back in the second half. They held back and got 20 points in the


second half. They showed some spirit. They have shown spirit of


occasion. Can you sense in their body language that they have


player, not sure where the club will be at or who you will be


playing for next year. Give them the best job they could do. They


have had positive results. They have beaten Wigan. To go to


Warrington, it was a bit too much for them. Mick Potter is working


for free. It's a bit of a brotherhood, coaching. You must


have sympathy? You do have an alliance to your players. He's done


a fantastic job. I don't think anybody could understand what he is


experiencing. All of the turmoil, the blokes not knowing if they are


going to get paid, have they got a team next year? I think they have


handled it well, the players, touching staff. He has led that by


being the leader of the pack. But understand that his coaching at the


moment for nothing. The reason he does that is probably because he


loved coaching and rugby league. There comes a time when he needs to


move on and the club need to move on with some decisions. The six


points deduction takes them out of the play-offs. That is probably the


only hope that the players have of a focus. If we can win games, we


can make the play-offs. They have gone quite a few years without


making the play-offs. It would be very hard in coming weeks, for the


players. Warrington look pretty challenging ahead of the Cup final?


There are good side. They got a great coach and a lot of superstar


players. We've got a challenge to beat them. Four tries for Stefan


Ratchford. Looking terrific? Looking at that ability, with no


injuries, they can rotate the squat with the Challenge Cup in mind, the


Super League, hopefully a Grand Final at Old Trafford. In key areas,


they are very strong. They have Michael Weiner and, Richard Myler.


You've got O'Brien, a lot of players. A lot of players that we


call the backbone of the team. They are very good in that area. They


play in an enterprising way. The great thing for Jamie's team, Leeds


are playing well. They are playing at this stage better than they were


last year. Warrington were playing just as good when they were winning


Warrington's win with them within three points of Wigan. They got off


to a flying start? Three tries in We made a couple of poor defensive


decisions. The players showed their commitment. We went into the game


with one half, I thought, what night will we have here when he got


hurt. There was a lot of will to work with each other. They created


a few opportunities the Cas players. We didn't have the cutting edge to


We didn't have the cutting edge to finish off with. It On half time


there was a controversial penalty. Second-half there was nip and tuck


with both teams. Their quality and more cutting edge and execution got


them some late tries. I was please pleased with the attitude of our


players. Sean was disappointed that they sort of went into like a phase


there in the second-half, they weren't up tempo. I noticed things


about their game, they could have played quicker. Maybe they were


looking at the score board and not respecting playing for 80 minutes.


Almost basketball moves there. Is he contender for Man of Steel?


Definitely. A standout player. He does things that no other players


can do. He is a tough little player. A word about Danny. He announced


his retirement at the end of the season. How big a miss and what has


his contribution been? He started in 1996. He was a Cas guy. It a


great breeding area. Went to lon doe don Broncos. He is a good role


model. He want to get him to spend more time with our juniors. He has


more time with our juniors. He has a couple more games left to go.


This time last year, Sean Long was facing up to retirement after a


series of injuries took their toll. But following the sale of Matty


Smith to Wigan, the colourful and charismatic Salford assistant coach


is to make a comeback for the City Reds and he can't wait to get back


in action again. # Now, I'm back to let you know, I


can really shake them down can really shake them down


# Do you love me # I can really move


# Do you love me # I'm in the groove... #


Sean Long won every honour in the game in a glittering playing career.


Last he he hung up his boots to become Salford's assistant coach.


The City Reds are short of cover, she on stand by. I miss Super


League. It's fast and quick. I played it since it started, I


wouldn't mind playing again. I'll put my hand up and if need be and


put my hand up and if need be and called upon I will play. He has


achieved everything there is in the game. He has the experience. In


training he is fantastic. To have him on the field will be great.


It's a good thing he decided to put his boots on. He has not lost. It


he can still do. It He talks the game and wants to play. He has his


fitness about him. You don't lose your rugby mind. It's other parts


of your body that goes. He may be keen to play again, but he has made


a big impression as a coach with the Reds winning praise for their


attacking play. We are playing to our strengths. We have lads who are


skilful players. We are trying to force them to use the ball. When


they get tired they stick it under their jumper and taking the ball in.


I'm trying to get them to do player, player and see what happens. They


have been great. He has done a great job. That is obvious in our


attack this year. He has handled that. We are scoring points.


Everyone feels comfortable. He has been great for the team.


telling the boys to do a bit off the cuff and call it ad-lib footie.


Sometimes it doesn't come off. If they practice it in training it


will come off in the game. I let them do what they want. That is why


they like me, I think. Basically everything about our attack came


from Sean Long. It's really good. We roll with the punches together.


He comes up with ideas, I come up with ideas, whether that is attack


or defence. That is the role of assistant coach. He is doing a good


job at it. I will have the crack all the time. He is not as bad at


what people see on the camera. He is a bit grumpy at times. Good


bloke. He knows his stuff. I learnt a lot with him. Phil did ten years


as an assistant. Maybe I have to do towards. That I am willing to do.


That I'm still learning. The man management and controlling the team.


I'm just coaching at the moment. That will come in time. I want to


improve as a coach and do my best for Salford. Since we filmed that,


Mark Sneed has broken his leg. He may see some action. Do you fear


for him? Is it the right thing? will be able to do. It he is tough


mentally, they will be able to do. It he will have the skills. Whether


he can do it week-to-week with his body, that will be the question.


Only he can answer. That he will lift the team when he does play.


You coached him for many years. You knew he would take that move into


coaching? He is very smart. A good operator in regard to his


perception on the game. A great game sense. He wanted to dissect


the game. Great to coach. He could carry out instructions and take it


to the next dimension by looking at the opposition and seeing what


needed to be adjusted. They don't see the person who has a great


thought for the game and great ideas and a great way I think he


could coach. He will end up a very, very good coach. I think he should


keep coaching. I'm not sure he needs to come back and play. I


think he is doing a good job. I hope he doesn't play. He has been


one of the great players of Super League era. I think he could turn


into a very good coach. You have been warned. Salford were one of


Sean's former clubs Hull FC on Sunday. The black and whites were


buoyed by last week's victory in Hull Derby and picked up another


two points. They are coming into two points. They are coming into


form again? They are. They had the Derby win the previous week. They


had disruptions with injuries also. When they look Matty Smith it took


away a lot of their fluency. They have a good tile style. They play


similar to the West Tigers. They use ball movement. Both teams were


good with the ball. They showed greenness in their defence and


attitude at the moment. Have Salford threft too late? A little


bit late now. They played well this year. They have improved their


attack a lot. We found them a very difficult side it play against, as


have a lot of other teams as well. Salford struggle to keep hold of


their players? It is. There is conjector about Daniel Holdsworth.


That is the issue. They have gone to a new stadium. It hasn't


fulfilled the finances they wanted to bring in with regard to the


crowds. They have to cut their cloth to what they can afford. Luke


Patton is retiring. A couple of other players haven't been offered


contract. They will have to look for recruits. There is some


interesting times at Salford. Difficult players to place there,


isn't there? Spot on. Hull level with you on points? We slipped 7


last night.we could have done with being two in front of them. Hull


have been good this year. When you get to the squad numbers 38 and 39


you show the injuries we have had throughout the year. Four points


clear in eighth, Widnes gave them a fright? Widnes have been tremendous.


They won me over and deserve their place in Super League. They have a


great owner, great coach. The players play with great spirit.


They have come together late and play with spirit. They deserve


their place in Super League. threw some youngsters in there?


made changes because he had to make them. They looked flat in that


Derby game. Widnes are at the stage where Hull were since they came


back in the Super League. They are good at home Widnes. They are hard


to beat their. The surface is not a normal surface, it's artificial. I


think the young fresh guys are good for Hull KR. Widnes continued how


they were playing at home over the last month. Do Widnes have to find


their fleet? They will. You have to get the players used to week in


week training. Players getting used to new team-mates and new surface.


It takes transition period. Is it fancyful to suggest they might make


the top eight the next season? is what Super League should be


about. We start the season hoping your team can make the eight. They


bought Kevin Brown. Danny Tickle may go there. They are getting a


lot of confidence at the back end of the season. They keep on picking


up points? They have been unlucky with injuries. If they kept their


full squad out they would have been higher up the table. They are doing


as well so far. Victories for both Hull sides piled the pressure on


Huddersfield whose play-off hopes seem to be rapidly disappearing.


The Giants travelled to St Helens on Sunday evening where they have


never won in the Super Leagueer ya. At the end of round one Hull looked


to be real contenders there was talk of a grand final place. Then


head coach announced he would move move to St Helens. Things began to


move to St Helens. Things began to After a run of seven defeats in


eight games, Brown departed ahead of schedule. His former right-hand


man has the test of rediscovering man has the test of rediscovering


Huddersfield defence was cut to ribbons. They have the numbers here.


Tommy make inson, what a finish that might -- Tommy Makinson, what


a finish that might be. They need a replay. What a try! Confirmation,


five minutes played, Saints have one two. Jonny Lomax on the end of


it. Another score for St Helens and well-executed here between Lomax


and Flannery. Here's Roby. He seems to be at the start of everything


for St Helens, doesn't he? Roby is back again. His motor is running


well. The kick is not the best, sliced high. There are still


opportunities here. It is taken well by Wellens. Foot down by


Francis Meli. It's another for St Helens. It's looking a little easy.


I'm not sure the kick was intended to drop where it did. Wellens made


the most of. It once they had it, St Helens quick to promote it wide


and Meli quick to score. Roby. It has been dropped here. It has,


knocked on. A mistake has given Huddersfield the possession. A poor


catch, wasn't, it by Frankie. What about this for a first play. Brough


with a kick behind the line. Taken by George. Huddersfield closing in


and crashing over. Keith Mason, the former Saint, is the man who scores


the try. This is brave stuff for a team supposedly lacking in


confidence. First play kick by Brough. Having got as close as that,


they were not going to waste the We got to the half-hour mark and St


Helens are looking for another. Lance Hohaia is enjoying himself at


the moment. That is one of the reasons why. The referee is having


a look at this. The Grandin is OK. Nothing wrong with that. St Helens


McCarthy-Scarsbrooke. He forces his way over, on the last tackle.


Huddersfield defender is there in numbers, but not strong enough.


Worry for Paul Anderson, the new the business. A jagged bounce. It's


going to be a try. Scott Grix touches down. Simply had to be


therein the end, to make that score. That is the boot of Danny Brough


again. He picked his spot superbly. No one within 10 metres was able to


He could keep it alive. The referee says there was a high shot. A


penalty for Saints. Six more tackles to hammer the slime. --


on my crush's face. By another St puts the foot down and he goes to


score himself. Very often, the creator and the architect. This


time, the finisher. They have a look at this again. Was there an


obstruction? That is the question. There is no doubting the sublime


skills of James Roby. Having got through, his pace was electric. The


side. Too easy for Paul Wellens. Huddersfield, losing heart. A very


simple try, despite the slip. Another win for St Helens, another


disheartening defeat for Another rough night for


Huddersfield. Nathan Brown has gone, their coaching staff are leaving,


something's wrong? Sport is about habits. They have got into some


habits now that are spiralling. The amount of points they are conceding,


you wouldn't imagine that in the first half of the season. It's a


chain of events. The coach going, the skipper going to Widnes, next


year. The way that they want to play, they probably have become a


bit Lateral. They lost their toughness. Jimmy Kebe probably talk


about that, without being critical of opposing players. They haven't


had that cutting edge and that tough mentality for a long time.


They are probably in a situation where they get behind, you start to


think, here we go again. Nathan had a great time. That is the right


time for Paul to come in and stamp his authority. Probably to play a


bit like how he used to play, tough, charge the ball into them, be


uncompromising. Do you point the finger at the players? Could they


have done more to stop the rot? There is some blame in their four


players. It's a big game. It's a snowball, rolling, when you get the


lack of confidence. They are only one game away from getting that


back. I think Paul is the man to do that for them. He's gone about it


the right way. Hopefully a win will come for them. Some of their


players are trying really hard but things aren't happening. I feel


sorry for some of them because they are trying hard. And yet, on the


night, Saints were running red hot. Lance Hohaia, fantastic? There will


always get you around the ruck area. He's been in great form. He's


played in numerous positions, fullback, stand-off, hook area.


With imports as well, not all of them shine straight away. It takes


your while to bed into the culture, new team-mates, new competition.


It's usually at the beck end -- back end when you find that. The


style of play, the way they can score points, that makes it harder


for Huddersfield. Also, when you are on the back foot, you concede


some points. You are still trying but things are not happening. I


like the way the Saints are playing at the moment. They are playing


with a smile on their face. The style of play is really good. They


are a real contender for Super League. It's always competitive,


always dramatic and demands high levels of skill and concentration.


Yes, egg chasing is heading for a thrilling climax. London Broncos


are taking up the challenge. This week, the London Broncos take


the a Tasered challenge. They have to jump, duck and weave around this


course in the quickest time possible whilst holding a giant egg


and spoon. The three heroes... Kevin Dixon, we get. Lamont Bryant,


utility. Oskar Thomas, half bank. Jamaica for the Olympics, let's go!


Well, you are not going to get a gold medal for disco dancing. Prawn


sandwiches at the ready. Usain Bolt in the background. Remember, they


are trying to get as low a time as possible. The idea is to keep the


egg honour the spoon. Here comes Oskar Thomas. Carefully does it.


Over the bar. Not the quickest lad. He is at least keeping his eye on


the egg. Slowly around the obstacles. He has let it spill.


Comeback, Sam. You can't do that. I'm not sure that it in the rules


of the game. Lamont Bryant, looking to finish things off. A skipping


action. Around the sticks as well. London is not going to win it, just


in case you were worried. He's not going Teevan finished the course.


He doesn't make it to the end. A cake in frustration. 48.7 p to is


the time. I don't think that Usain Bolt has any thing to worry about.


They find themselves in 9th position. They are not dribbling


Well, it looks like Leeds Rhinos can end up with a wooden spoon. We


caught up with their coach before the trip to Catalan Dragons.


The future of the club is clear. The owner is investing up the


levels competitive with everybody else. That intent is clear. The


reason I am here is that the intent has not been delivered. The first


day we need to work on is that everybody has good habits. There


doesn't seem to be a real problem with liking it Shadow Hand Mara,


teamwork. There is good agility and energy. We have got some good


playmakers that can make some good decisions. We have never walk into


something that is not saveable. It is saveable it just needs pointing


the right direction. London looks to be going the right direction


with a much-improved performance in pegging on. Toby Club opened up the


scoring. The scores were level as the inside man was found. For the


Broncos, with a renewed sense of confidence, they exposed the team


once more. Weeldon was allowed to drive at the back line. Controversy


followed when a try was ruled out for obstruction on the London


defence. That was much to the defence and of -- annoyance of the


home fans. Glenn Fisher went over the post to level the scores at 12-


12. In a closely contested second half, it was a piece of individual


brilliance that proved the difference between the sides. The


Bronco defence was breached by a series of smart passes. Millard's a


superb solo effort saw him dance past five players to score, we did


not of the video referee. -- with the Lord or the video referee. Then


a drop goal in the last five minutes. Much more encouraging for


Now, with just over three weeks to go until the Challenge Cup final,


the RFL are still seeking your opinion on which one Rugby League


Legend should be honoured with a statue at Wembley. Here is a look


at the latest candidate, Billy The ball moves out, Ashton has


Boston. Boston, another left corner! The crowd loved this.


man I shows is the one and only rugby league living legend, Billy


Magnificent women. Occasional centre. -- When a man. He scored a


lot of tries in his career. 405 for Wigan stands as a record. A career


As a legend, still reveal a -- revered. He had a great swathe and


sidestep. He had an aggression which was particularly fearsome


when faced against Australians. He was the first black Briton to play


up on a tour in Australia. 1962, you were involved. Can you remember


much about it? I think it was the greatest set of players I have ever


played with. I thought it was a great side. They were brilliant,


they could fight, they could play rugby if they wanted to play rugby.


He had an aura at Wembley. He was a crowd pleaser of a highest order.


Wembley is a glamour place. I would give up anything to play at Wembley.


Each time you walk out, no matter how meat tends to play there, it is


a great feeling. There are thousands of people, it's great.


Since his playing days, he was always open for supporters to have


a pint with him and trapped about the great game. There is a special


rapport between rugby fans across the world and Billy Boston. This


guy should be remembered in a Billy Boston, one of the true


greats. Here are some more for your Talking of the Challenge Cup,


unfinished business at the end of the month. Next month, should I say.


We are looking forward to it as a team. Last year, we stumbled into


the Challenge Cup final. We want to go into the final would form.


quickly, you know all about Wigan and Saints derbies. Wakefield and


Castleford next? One each this season. We have some injury


problems and they are playing well. Derby's, the form doesn't count, it


is on the day. The emotion might get us through. A big thank-you


Damian Johnson introduces all the action and analysis from Super League XVII as St Helens host Huddersfield Giants, Leeds Rhinos travel to Wakefield Trinity Wildcats and Catalan Dragons meet London Broncos.

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