16/12/2013 Super League Show


Reflecting on the 2013 Super League season, which saw Wigan produce a record-breaking comeback in which they completed the Super League and Challenge Cup double.

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the World Cup year of 2013 is almost over. It has been an even small 12


months and Rugby League. The players have been fantastic and


understanding in setting goals. Danny Brough was the player of the


season. Trying to play good every week is a tough job. In the past I


have not done that. Warrington's master craftsman has played his last


game, league dryers reflects on an amazing career. It is strange to


know I will not put my boots on to play with league. And Salford have


the targets in the New Year. We have two players we are bringing in. We


have to be looking at progress. There may be a couple of weeks left


of 2013, but we are gearing up 2014 of 2013, but we are gearing up 2014


in the club challenge. It has been some year for the Cherry and Whites


who won the Super League cup and the title.


Blake Green with a try that might just win it for Wigan. It is Wigan


at the double in 2013! An incredible season for Wigan. Has it sunk in? To


be honest, I enjoyed the weekend after. It was a few days after the


Grand Final when I sat back and realised we had achieved something


special. It was enjoyable, not just for me but the staff who have worked


hard. All of the players and the head coach, but a lot of people


behind me do some hard work. It has been a real good season, very


enjoyable and I want to do it again. When you look back at 2012, what did


you take from 2012 and the disappointments to kick you aren't


in 2013? We did not play very well, I looked after the players more in


2013 to make sure they were fresh. I tweaked how we were going to play,


but the players have been fantastic in understanding and setting goals


for us. The way it panned out, it worked really well. How much did you


use as motivation when people wrote you off because of the players you


lost in 2012? Anybody is entitled to their opinion. It was motivation for


me personally. I understand they are entitled to their opinion, and I


understand why they wrote us off, but everything is kept private here


and we knew what we had to do. We had some good performances, and we


had some indifferent performances, but I knew we could perform good


games. Was it a relief when you got the Challenge Cup, you had got that


first trophy? Yes, it was a big day for us, that. Just to get one big


cup, it was good for the players to understand what we needed to do.


cup, it was good for the players to understand what we needed to do We


understand what we needed to do. We needed to complete and end our sets


well. We did that and we come up against Warrington, a great team.


Leeds and Huddersfield, huge games against great teams, but we knew


what we needed to do, keep hold of the ball. It worked. How did you


juggle that because it is difficult to get them to peak for the


Challenge Cup final and then get them to come through for the


Challenge Cup final? I know now why it is so difficult to do the


double! Once we started to get into the play`offs and the must win


games, the players have been great, they understood. Training became


more intense, team meetings, we would video what we wanted in more


detail. The players changed in their attitude. As Leeds proved, you don't


need to finish top to win a copy. We finished fourth and we did OK in


those two big games. It will put us in good stead for this year. How


worried were you at half`time in the Grand Final? Honestly? I felt


confident. I understood we had not played very well but we did get


three tries. Warrington always have a 20 minute spell when they are


unstoppable and they did that in the first half. I went in the dressing


room and said, " is everybody OK, if we get hold of the ball you will get


your rewards". As it happens, it worked out. The feeling of walking


down and knowing we had won the game, after Pat Richards scored it


was one of the best games we have ever had. You could not have written


the script? The way we played the game is what we planned and that is


the most satisfying thing. Pat Richards' last game. I was desperate


to finish with a double. Me, personally I have known them players


for many years and they are close to me, I love them to places, and to


send them away with a ring as well as a medal was very satisfying. You


did not mention losing Sam Tomkins, big names going again? Yes, we will


struggle. He has played some good games. So has some of the others. I


am very happy with the two London lads. We are losing some real


talents, but we need to coach these new players into our system and let


them understand the culture of Wigan and they will be more of an asset to


us. If you combine the players `` combine the lessons you London 012


combine the lessons you London 2012 looking after the players, what will


you take into 2014? You don't have to put your best team out, I want to


see the kids play more. Have a fantastic time together. I am


confident with resting players, putting new kids in and using 30 odd


putting new kids in and using 3 odd players. I will never change from


that, I want to have that same message to all of the players, that


if they turn up and train well, I will give them a place. If they play


well, I will keep them in the team. My stance will never change, and I


have the support of the chairman. Wigan's double success wrote the


curtain down on the domestic season that featured some fabulous tries.


There was controversy. He stuck his hand up and said, I


made a mistake. Some new stars are merged and some old favourites said


good ride. Tony Smith's Warrington made it to the Grand Final with some


eye`catching tries along the way. Running his way through in


electrifying style. Micky Higham hit some Super League tries. Warrington


Wolves took early control in the Grand Final before losing a couple


of players to injury. Warrington finished runners`up for the second


season in a row. There were some tears shed and we are disappointed


for some of the boys that were leaving. But we would rather be at


Old Trafford having lost rather than not be here at all. Saint Helens


enjoyed a slow start under Nathan Brown. A hammering by Huddersfield,


one of two in the opening five weeks. Johnny Lomax emerged as the


successor to Paul Wellens at fullback and then Saint Helens found


their form. Other Saints in the play`offs, but there was a dramatic


game against Leeds. Danny McGuire's drop gold had Saint


Helens stunned. `` drop goal. On the other side, the guys can feel proud


of their effort and commitment to each other. It was a great game,


of their effort and commitment to each other. It was a great game but


unfortunately for us, you lose and you are out and Leeds are


celebrating. The defending champions, Leeds Rhinos finished


third in the table, the highest placing under Brian McDermott. Here


is Callan Watkins. Through the tackle. And now it is about pace.


Callan Watkins just avoids the last`ditch efforts and scores a


wonderful try. Jamie Peacock earned the nomination for man of steel


International retirement allowing him to focus on the league. Some of


the things we did last year were remarkable. He has always had the


ability to do remarkable things. Not many people can do those things on


such a stage. He churned those massive performances out weekend,


week out. It was a memorable year in Huddersfield weather Giants finished


top of Super League in their regular season for the first time in 81


years. They were guided around the field by Danny Brough, who finished


as a man of steel. What about that for a piece of


individual magic? It is a tough job. This year I have knuckled down, had


help along the way and it paid off. He is doing well off the field as


well. I have seen him mature as a player and how he controls the game


now. Obviously I have received some nice passes of him. When you play in


good teams, with good layers around who make you look good as well. Just


to pop up now and again to do something good for the team, it is


good to help everybody along. His temperament has been great. That


could have been under question before, but when you see him playing


well with a nice even keel it is key to his performances. He has found


himself a bit of a home where the crowd loved him. He cannot do


nothing wrong and has lots of stability with long`term contracts.


He has to make the best out of what he has got. A bit more dedication


and wanting to do something all of the time instead of trying one


week. I have knuckled down and enjoyed it. I am in a good place. He


has mature this year and that is vital to his game. He has brought


the team on massively. Long may it continue.


He is an outstanding liar. He has carried us in a lot of games. He


shines out, but there is a lot of hard work that goes on and off the


ball. He is a special player, probably one of the best in Super


League. He is a proper halfback, League. He is a proper halfback


cheeky chappie. He has a good work ethic as well. He has been good for


us this year. He is the centre of everything that is happening. He


keeps us together and it is good for the team. He leads by his


performance on the field and his effort. The great leaders always


lead with the actions. That is why he is in that position. He has


thrived on the responsibility and showed his majority on the field as


well. A great season for the hover ``


Huddersfield Giants, with me is Carol Crabtree. What was it about


Danny Brough? The fact he stepped up. He became our captain and took


the extra responsibility. He realised he had to do something a


bit. I am impressed with the way he adapted in training, so that was


fantastic, he led by example in every game. He went on to win just


about everything apart from an England cap. I think he will be


disappointed with that himself. But all of our fans knew what he is


capable of. Everybody kept saying, at some point it is going to slip,


how much did that motivate you? It was a good motivator. We enjoyed


that position. I like to play along with it. We went throughout the


season thinking we were going to taper off and hoping it didn't. We


proved everybody wrong. We are a good team and we have had a lot of


changes in the past couple of years. We are a team almost in transition


with the players coming in. We talked about that, they wrote us


off. It is nice to stick it to those people, but we were proud ourselves,


we knew what we needed to do to achieve something. What did it mean


to you to finally get your hands on some silverware? It has taken 1


years to win something serious. . It has been a long time coming. At the


same time, I think I was probably the only one in the stadium that


wasn't really celebrating. I did not have this massive euphoria, it was


almost like a bit of relief. I did not even get a photograph in the


celebrations with the champagne I was at the side thinking, " thank


God for that". Now I cannot wait to get back out there with the coming


in this year, which is probably a bit better than last year. 2013


wasn't just about Super League. At the end of the we turned our


attention to the international game Amber Rudd the World Cup.


The World Cup in its glittering glory. `` and the Rugby World Cup.


Miracle pass! One of the greatest tries. Shawn Johnson, with literally


seconds. What a performance. Australia, world`class. The World


Cup went better than anyone could have hoped? Totally agree, it was a


fantastic World Cup and the attendances prove to everybody how


good it was. The Games at times probably weren't spectacular, but we


still got the attendances. It is more than we expected. I thought the


RFL would not do the job properly, but you have to give them credit. I


was part of the promotion team who did everything we could to raise the


awareness of the World Cup. It seemed to work well and I think the


only people trying to jeopardise it where the England team a couple of


times. But even them in the end were superb. What did they do to bridge


the gap with Australia, who were magnificent, weren't they? They were


ridiculous. They didn't even break stride, they just marched forward


and broke teams down so easily. And the Kiwis in the end, superior.


Almost a different level. The only team that tested them and scored


against them were England. Maybe if we look at a fewer little things, I


am sure we will be there soon enough. We are getting closer. This


competition proves that. It is vital the game builds on what has been


such a successful tournament, what would you like to see them do? I


would like to see a new setup, that is missing in the game. A few


differences in the system. If you get to a certain age, you go missing


and it is a massive loss for rugs really. They go missing because they


cannot get into the first team. `` a loss for Rugby League. Apart from


that, keep going and keep everything together and we also need the


support, we need backers and the likes of Bradford and Wakefield who


have been in trouble, having to sell players. We don't want that, we want


people coming into the game and build on what we have done. We got


the sad news that Steve Prescott, the former fullback had died. He


battled a long illness and was just 39. 2006, he was diagnosed with


stomach cancer and given months to live. Five and six years later I am


running marathons and doing endurance events. Take each day as


it comes and keep going and get on with life. To do what he has done,


is superhuman. You have cycled through France, cycled through the


UK to London and wrote the Atlantic and now you have ran a marathon.


What time did you do? I have got a personal best. I think we have


rewrote the running manual. Row the English Channel the day before the


marathon and you run a personal best. He is amazing, and so


inspirational. Lesser people would have dealt with it differently, but


Steve has fought. He is a huge inspiration to everybody. He will be


sadly missed. He was a brilliant rugby league player. I will remember


him in that light. And also the achievements he has created. He has


just pushed him to touch in the corner. A magnificent run from


Prescott. Cancer hospitals need help and support servers that is why I


chose the Christie hospital. They need people like us. I had to do


something for rugs really, it has been my life.


An incredible man who will leave a legacy? I hope so, it is something


rubbed the Leeds needs to make sure of as well. Fantastic achievements


he had over the years, not only on the field, but off the field to


raise money for different charities. Being ill, doing what he


has done under those circumstances, that situation is unreal. We should


be proud of that and it is something we should celebrate. That has been a


lot of talk about changing the man of steel award to his name. I think


that would be a fitting tribute to someone who is so special to not


only Rugby League, but around the world because he is a recognised


face and a recognised figure. Hull FC lost their star signing


before the season even kicked off. But they saved their worst


performances for their biggest games. Beaten 16`0 at Wembley, the


coach left after a play`off defeat at Huddersfield. We have let a lot


of people down tonight. Not only ourselves, but the fans and the


club. It will be a long off`season carrying that around. Catalan had a


new coach. An injury to Brenda Webb gave an opportunity to another


player. But it was Steve Menzies, aged 39 who decided to call it a


day. One of my biggest fears was playing a season too long. Whether I


could play another season, I am not too sure. I don't think I could play


another season. It came at the right time for the kid's age. Hull KR


recovered from an incorrect call at the Magic Weekend and made it back


to the play`offs with some big wins on the road. There were wins in the


South of France and in Headingley, but they will have two do without


Michael Dobson who returns to Australia. I build my career over


here and I have the Super League to thank for that. I will miss it, I


have enjoyed my time here. We have a lot of friends, but on to new


horizons. Francis Cummins took control of Radford and they got off


to a flying start but failed to make the top eight. They are once again


under new ownership, but financial problems still dominate. Not too


many minutes left to play. Look how much that means to all those on the


bench. We had a great start. We said there was no point being third at


Easter and finishing where ever. there was no point being third at


Easter and finishing where ever. But we have that knowledge of where we


were and being more efficient. Probably four or five games we could


of and should have one which we threw away because of a lack of


concentration. We are always learning from our mistakes. When the


2014 season kicks off, there will be someone missing from the Warrington


squad for the first time in 17 years. Labrie is has had to call it


a day and this place will not be the same without him. It is strange


knowing I could never put a pair of boots on again to play rugby league.


I knew it was going to come one day. But you can't prepare yourself for


that day. I was not prepared. Obviously I had the neck injury and


I saw the specialist. He said, you cannot play for three months. We did


different things in rehab and got it right. But I took a whiplash and hit


my head on the floor and pins and needles started again. I noticed my


hands were cramping up. I kept it to myself, let the physio note as much


as he needed to. I played the Grand Final. I went for a scan afterwards,


and on the 5th of November, I got the news that I could never play


again. I broke down and cried. I am not big on regrets, I have got to


look forward and look at the positives in my career. 18 years I


have been playing in the top level, and who would have thought that when


I first started out. Moving to Warrington was the best thing that


ever happened to me. 17 years on, I am still in love with the place. You


have to go through difficult times to come at the other end and be


successful. We have certainly done that. There were times I did not get


paid. Now they are one of the richest clubs in the Rugby League.


The facilities, the staff, the club itself, the supporters it is 1


million miles away. I would not have changed it for the world. The


memories you can look back on and think, that is special. Being


captain of Warrington was an honour. The World Cup for Wales in


2000 was an experience and the Challenge Cup. To win first one was


the best feeling. I had lost in four semifinals before. You are thinking,


when am I going to win one? You never lose a Leali'ifano. I get


goose bumps, I will never replicate that ever again. To win at Wembley


was amazing. The elation after that game was fantastic. What a kick!


Whenever I picked a ball from being a kid I would always be on the field


saying, " Lee Briers has got to make this kick to win at Wembley". I have


been in that situation so many times. I am glad I put the practice


in to be able to do it. I understand there will be ups and downs in my


life. I cannot do it any more. But I have strong people around me the


club. I am really proud to say I have got through 450 games. Here at


Saint Helen 's where Lee Briers started his career. He will be


missed? He will, there are few players who have a natural instinct


to understand the game to find the right pass, the right kick and


create space for his team`mates. Lee Briers has been one of the finest


exponents of those skills. He is a great personality. He has bags of


character, he is not a machine. He has all of the skills are great


halfback should have. He is a great guy to watch on the field. Not so


good to play against sometimes. How will Warrington be with Howard Tim?


In terms of their creativity, he will leave a big hole. And also the


dummy half, whoever that may be. A lot of the organisation and the


talk, the people on the street cannot see his communication


skills, his ability to organise the team. Now that has gone and


everybody will have to pick up the slack. Steve Menzies, Lee Briers,


how important is it for road really to keep hold of those stars?


Retention of the stars and their roles in the game is important. Lee


Briers knows things about the game that need to be passed on to young


coaches and younger players. It is great he can do that. Steve Menzies


has a wealth of experience across two competitions, three countries


and also the ability to adapt his game as time has gone on. Those


skills and experiences need to be passed on to people in the game and


we need to learn from them and encourage them to stay in the game.


No Lee Briers Warrington but plenty of ins and outs as the clubs look to


reshuffle for 2014. MUSIC: "Let Me Go".


Gary Barlow. Obviously a few changes at different


clubs. Let's start with Saint Helens. You have a new player coming


in and a new halfback? Nick Walsh, has been an important part of the


Penrith team. Coming to us, with exchange rates, inflated salary cap


in Australia and to get a player of his quality to come to this country


is a massive boost for the club Luke Walsh is quite small. Looking


at some of the other moves, Tom Briscoe to Leeds is interesting how


Briscoe to Leeds is interesting, how will he get on? He is such a good


carrier of the ball. He is renowned for causing chaos. Making a number


of clean breaks during the game You have Ryan Hall and Tom Briscoe in


the same team, Leeds will be a difficult side to stop getting out


of their half. Just those two alone carrying the ball can cause some


damage to you. It will be a challenge to him because it is a new


club and a new system. There is competition at Leeds as well. A


number of players who can play in different positions. It will be


interesting to see how they fit into the team at the start of the year.


Tom is a class player and someone who has attracted a lot of attention


from overseas. One of the most pleasing thing is for me is Tom


Briscoe has decided to stay in this country. It was here in July that


Saint Helens and Wigan served up what was arguably the match of the


season. It was a dramatic derby with some great moments.


Adam Swift is over. What a return for Adam Swift. They have the chance


to have a go at this Wigan line. to have a go at this Wigan line


Howarth is the man at dummy half. They are looking left and they may


have got some numbers. Lomax creating another one for Adam Swift.


What a night! Two tries already They are looking at the video.


Having a look for the obstruction. Did Lomax take that catch on the


outside shoulder of his man? And was Matty Smith are guilty of moving in?


The try is given. The video referee said it is a try and Saint Helens


are off to a flyer here. Already into double figures and two for Adam


Swift. Wigan are desperate to get themselves on the board. Richards,


in the corner. Wigan have their opening try. One bright start


missing tonight but another in Ryan Hampshire making his debut for


Wigan. They are beginning to build again here. It is a tough tackle


going in. Wigan back to the middle. Smith with the high kick. It has


bounced. There has to be a question here. Who did this hit? Did Josh


Charnley get a hand to this? Let's look at this again. If this angle


gives a clear indication. It looks as though Josh Charnley has not got


a touch so the try is given. Wigan have their second. Much needed as


well. Josh Charnley has been complaining of a hand injury. Logan


Tomkins. Tomkins up at dummy half again. Looking for a bit of space on


this right`hand side. A wonderful pass from Ryan Hampshire. Josh


Charnley scored a scintillating try. Ryan Hampshire is capturing the


headlines tonight. Here he is, try maker with a wonderful pass. Josh


Charnley, as ever, the efficient finisher. Coming through in numbers


again. Lomax trying to create the overlap. The referee is going back


because there has been a shoulder charge, he says on Gareth O'Brien.


You can see that it was a late challenge from Scott Taylor. Gareth


O'Brien might have played his last tonight. Over the kick goes so


another two, for Saint Helens. They find themselves level again.


Pat Richards, what about that! Unbelievable. Pat Richards with a


drop goal to edge Wigan ahead and it came from absolutely nowhere. You


will never see a more splendid drop goal than that. Outrageous from Pat


Richards. What a moment from the Wigan winger. Hammered forward again


by Louie McCarthy`Scarsbrook. Trouble for Wigan because it is


going to be a penalty. Gil Dobson hammering away at Louie


McCarthy`Scarsbrook. You cannot do that. You cannot go beating


someone's on like that. Team warning for Wigan, so they could find


themselves in big trouble. He has pulled it wide. Gareth O'Brien off


the pitch and Tom Makinson missing what could be a crucial penalty.


the pitch and Tom Makinson missing what could be a crucial penalty The


what could be a crucial penalty. The noise is tremendous inside the


ground now. Pat Richards dropped on it, but it is another penalty for


Saint Helens. He has been sent to the sin`bin, Blake Green has two


sent ten minutes in the sin`bin. sent ten minutes in the sin`bin


Because it was a team warning. Jordan Turner, taking over the


kicking duties to give Saint Helens possibly a match`winning lead. Time


in the game yet. Wigan, desperately searching for position. Smith is


well placed. Over it goes! All square again. 16 points apiece.


Where does this game turn next? It is level, it is wonderful and there


is five minutes to play. They will be looking for a big kick. Put Saint


Helens on the back foot if they can. What about this, Turner is quickly


away. James Greenwood has won it for Saint Helens. Unbelievable. Saint


Helens at the last. Fantastic return by Tom Makinson. He was stopped but


eventually out to Joe Greenwood and he scores the matchwinner. How


important is that to Saint Helens? Fantastic game, what are they like


to play in? They are some of the most attended games of the season


and some of the most ferocious. So to play in another cracker of a


derby was a privilege. If you stand out moments, Pat Richards'


intentional drop goal looked to be heartbreaking, but it was one of


those entertaining games where it was always in the balance. When you


look back at 2013, where there are enough close games? For the real


rugby fans out there, every game is entertaining for some reason. But


the neutrals, you have to look at making every game entertaining. Just


looking at the World Cup and how competitive The Games have been in


the World Cup in the group stages, shows that competition and the


closeness of competition creates interest and drama, and stories. If


interest and drama, and stories If you look at the NRL, compared to


Super League, one of the differences is the average points spread over


again tends to be a bigger gap in our games, so there is a lot of


40`10, those type of scores and those of The Games we need to get


rid of. The only way was up the witness who


finished bottom in 2012, but ended this year in ten. A double victory


over Warrington gave them plenty to be happy about. We have been


competitive, some of the highlights of the year, we struggled with our


away form. We have beat Saint Helens away, we have Peter Warrington away


and we have done well on our travels. But again, the consistency


and delivering that to get points on the board of one of those things we


need to keep improving. Whitfield never found the form that took them


to the play`offs in 2012. Some big names have already left, but they


are hanging onto the captain who earned a spot in the Super League


Dream Team. It was a great looking game. He has a great blend, having a


laugh and a joke but knows when to lead by example. Everybody expects


him and every one likes him. We have not been up to the standard we set


ourselves this year and that has been the disappointing thing.


Chase has found the gap. What about that for a pass? He failed to build


on an early win against Leeds. Darryl Powell made the switch from


Featherstone to take over. I am sure I am going to enjoy being here. I


have watched the team in the past and looking forward to the


challenges. The key from my best to make sure the future is strong and


that will be about the job I do partly the way the players go about


their business. If we start getting more people interested in the team


and watching the team, which is a fundamental part of the business,


everything else looks after itself. But they must cope without Chase


next season he left to join Salford. London finished off the bottom but


after an uncertain few months, their future is that last secure. They


have lost 16 players since the end of last season and now face a easy


winter rebuilding. Perhaps the most optimistic team for


2014 is the one that finished bottom in 2013. The Salford City Reds have


been reborn as the Salford Red Devils and they have a new look


squad and they have come to Wolverhampton races for a day out. A


new club and a new group of players, how is it slotting together


so far? Very well, exciting times, lots of new players and coaching


staff. I have been enjoying getting to know my new team`mates. It is


exciting and I cannot wait to get stuck into it. You should be on your


holidays, but you are keen to meet you guys? Yes, I got told I could


come back in January. I thought it would be a good time to have a few


weeks off and it is important to me as a halfback to get in there and


get to know people and get to know the players and things like that.


For me personally, it is important. It must be buzzing, it is a good


squad? Yes, competition for places. There will be lads missing out next


year in games who have been playing regular Super League. It keeps


everyone on their toes. Racing is a sport you know, what was it that got


you into racing? I enjoy coming out on days out like this and seeing my


horses run and having winners. I am a winner. How does owning a rib


league club comply with owning 0 odd racehorses? It is easier because


I can control which was I buy, where I run it and what jockey I want to


choose. With this game, when I came in, I wasn't aware of the


restrictions on who I could buy the amount of money I could spend. So


that is frustrating. My first priority was to build the team in


Salford, a competitive team. When I came I wanted players like Tomkins,


Chase, Morley and everybody was laughing at me thinking it was a PR


stunt. So far we have signed almost everybody we wanted. I would like


Williams as well. But it is not up to me. I have to work within the


salary cap or ask for an exemption from the RFL. They are not willing


to do that. They leave it to the Super League clubs to vote. Last


time it was 11 against three. What do you think if you could bring


Williams in, what could he do? It will cause a reversal of the trend


of the players going over to the other side. If he comes here, he


will bring a few thousand people to watch the match. He is the type of


player Super League is desperate for. You said you were a winner, so


what targets have you set for Brian Noble in 2014? He has to finish in


the top eight, that is the minimum. And with the addition of one or two


players we are bringing in, we have to be looking at the progress. The


new season gets underway on Friday, February the 7th when Wigan take on


hold `` Huddersfield. That has been brought forward a week to give Wigan


a chance to prepare for Sydney. With me is Brian Noble. A lot of


talking to be done about the future shape of Super League, what do you


hope they decide? We don't know The reality is, we don't know what is


happening at the back end of next year whether to will come up or two


will come down. They need to make some decisions and give us an idea


of where we are going to. Make hay while the sun shines, there is a


great momentum in the game. Would you like to see it go down to a


smaller league, less clubs? I think we would all like to see the


competition go to a product that every week probably the result is in


doubt. If we are honest, that has not been the case over the last


couple of seasons. Whilst there has been the odd shot, there has been an


element of predictability we need to get away from. `` shock. The only


way we can do that is reduce the number of clubs or find a mechanism


where we can furnish this amount of players and clubs. You have an


ambitious owner, he wants to change the rules, are you backing him? You


have to look at what it does to the product. Is it a good idea for the


product? Yes. Is it a good idea to get more players into the game and


better stars, so that has to be yes. And stop our biggest stars


going to Australia? Yes and bring some stars back from Rob reunion.


They are good ideas in principle but at least they are good ideas. Are


you optimistic about the future of the sport? I am, we need to sort out


his domestic strife, because we are all in limbo. Then we need to get


back to what we do well, the players. That is just about it for


all look back. We are back in February with the weekly highlights


programme. Have a great Christmas and we will leave use a memorable


moments from 2013. Branches are being thrown here. This


will take some breaking up. Hull Kingston Rovers cannot believe what


has just transpired. It is unbelievable. It is game on now.


has just transpired. It is unbelievable. It is game on now.


They are in the ascendancy now. Absolutely clinical. Sensational


stuff. What a night and what an occasion. They have turned it right


around. Wigan have the double in 2013.


Tanya Arnold and guests reflect on the 2013 Super League Season. Wigan produced a record-breaking comeback in the Grand Final to complete the Super League and Challenge Cup double. Warrington were runners-up at Old Trafford for the second season in a row, and Huddersfield Giants finished as League Leaders for the first time in 81 years.

Salford finished bottom of the table, but the newly named Red Devils have brought in a number of new players and reveal their hopes for 2014.

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